Transformers The Movie 2 - The Last G1 War

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    Until now, Springer had never come face-to-face with the former Cybertronian lord and Decepticon military commander Shockwave before though he heard many stories about him before. Most of which were tyranny and ruthless acts of torture and remodification of both Autobots and Decepticons who refused to comply with him. Yet right now in his new role as Autobot leader, he had a duty to protect the City and his kind from the likes of him and his Decepticon army.

    As most of the Autobots had already been despatched to wage battle against Decepticons in one-to-one or group battles, the only allies he had right now were Elita One, fellow Triple changer Sandstorm who also arrived to help as well as Wreckgar and his Junkion army. But even so, they were still outnumbered and outwitted by the seemingly reborn Decepticon warlord and his new army of troops which they had never seen before; his six new female Decepticon jet warriors and dozens of droids with the same one-eyed face as him.

    This will be the toughest fight of my life, Springer thought as he withdrew his helicopter rotor blades turned sword in ready for the purple cyclops-like Decepticon who was armed with a fusion cannon and sharp carved black blades protruding.

    Initially he was fighting with Elita One and the rest but a change of events forced them to be separated. From the way he saw, it was clear that Shockwave and his Decepticons had already planned all these all along and apparent that they knew more about him and his Autobots than them about Decepticons.

    Now in the Southern expressway which split into two by a series of explosions, he and Sandstorm prepared to fight what most Transformers perceived as the most second powerful Decepticon after Megatron. Even with two of them against him and his troops, it will take more than just numbers and bravery to overcome them and staying alive after.

    Though he had fought in the last Autobot City War and been through series of adventures and war against Decepticons with Rodimus Prime – whom he still saw as Hot Rod since the former had not fully matured despite taking over Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Kup and Blurr, this would be his first major challenge against a high authority.

    In terms of personality, he was always a little different from the rest. He was the type of Autobot who could do anything faster and better than anybody, all the while making it appear so simple that one had to wonder why he had not thought of it in the first place. His comrades Hot Rod and Arcee could testify to that since they had been with him through thick and thin and knew him better.

    Years of fighting against Decepticons and losing so many compatriots in his pre-warrior and early days when he was finally given the green light by Alpha Trion as combat ready soldier had made him more experienced and wiser while also being pessimistic and judgemental as well. That was also what made him capable in most Autobots and human operatives’ view.

    When Ultra Magnus first took over the Autobot Matrix Of Leadership as early successor, his suggestion was to evacuate the Autobot City when it was attacked again by reformed Megatron and his Decepticons – now known as Galvatron and the Sweeps. When that failed, he commanded the emergency separation of the Autobot battlecruiser despite the fact it had enough weapons to counterattack the Decepticons who were relentless in pursuing them. On both occasions, Springer was the first to question his capability as new Autobot leader which were both turned down by Magnus.

    Now that he was in that position having been chosen by Prime, he began to understand why Magnus and even Hot Rod did what they had to despite their decisions being unpopular. The responsibility to protect both Autobots and humans now weighed heavily upon his shoulders even his combat fighter personality remained the same as before.

    Quite simply if he thought anyone he spoke and listened to was wrong; he would not hesitate to tell in his face and offer constructive alternatives. His street-smartness had certainly made him more confident to even worry about whether he would offend anybody or not. Likewise if he saw anyone being hesitant about doing what he felt should be executed quickly in the interest of most Autobots and people around, he would take the initiative to get it done with no fuss and second thoughts. That was how straightforward and decisive Springer could be.

    Which were the same qualities why Arcee preferred him to Hot Rod despite his bluntness and why Optimus selected him as the next successor after the latter. Because with Hot Rod now missing and Optimus and Ultra departing to search for him, he was the next best Autobot to take over the leadership and command of Autobot City should the Decepticons attack again.

    Which was exactly what happened right now.

    As a warrior, he was incredibly strong, tough and versatile enough to adapt to any situation - be it combat or non-combat - in a blink of an eye even if he was not a Triple Changer. That was a complete makeover from his civilian days as Dion and from what he though and how he felt, he assumed that Alpha Trion had given his personality a new makeover besides his wounded body.

    As a Triple Changer, he possessed the capability of interswitching between his three transformations from helicopter to rocket car to robot twice as fast as most Transformers and even his comrades having the same number of modes as him.

    As a helicopter, he utilized the thrusters which enabled him to fly and maneuver like a jet for short distances. On the roads, his rocket car was fully armored like a tank which could travel up to 500mph and mounted with a cannon that could fire blasts or produce powerful wind tunnels. When in his robot mode, he could use his legs to leap up to 5 miles straight up and armed with his helicopter sword - also known as Saber blade - to penetrate and cut through armor, concrete and steel.

    He could have helped Elita One who was in much tougher fight against those new Decepticon jets he and his Autobots had never witnessed before if not for the fact that she was on the other half of the expressionway. However he took solace in that he had given her a new weapon that he was supposed to give Arcee as his blessings and her protection but had forgotten before she left with Hot Rod and the rest for Cybertron four months ago.

    If not for the defeat and demise of Broadside by his Decepticon counterpart Astrotrain, they would have been the complete trio which had never happened before as Springer spent most of his time with Hot Rod and his Inner Circle.

    Nevertheless he and Sandstorm had taken out most of Shockwave’s lesser capable and limited intelligent hover droids who could morph into hoverboard crafts. Now that there were just two of them against Shockwave, it was time to take their skills to the next level of this sterner test as both of them charged towards the Decepticon warlord and Quintesson bounty hunter.

    As the Cybertronian scientist, overlord and military commander for the Decepticons, Shockwave was only the second most powerful individual Transformer after Megatron. But even that was disrupted by Soundwave who possessed the same capabilities as him.

    Unlike most Decepticons, he carried out his tasks with the cold focus, brutal clarity and well-planned perfection that one would anticipate of a pure merchanical being. However, his way was not that of blood lust but rather of a scientist coming up with a solution to a problem which was how he could eliminate the most Autobots and their allies in the shortest time possible?

    Unfortunately for the Autobots, it was rare that he did not find an answer due to his huge army of warriors and scientists assisting him in coming up with various innovations of weapons, tactics and gadgets. As in Soundwave’s espionage spies which became his mini-army of cassette warriors, the Combiners beginning with Devastator, the Triple Changers of Astrotrain, Blitzwing and Octane and the recent Pretender Monsters – in which they could fight with both their outer shells and inner robots within.

    Unlike most Earthly Transformers, he retained his Cybertronian form be it robot or a 35-foot long ray gun. Whichever form he was, he still had the power of flight and commanded the totality of the electromagnetic spectrum. This enabled him to emit beams of energy in a wide variety of forms. His cannon arm was connected to a nuclear reactor in his torso and had nearly complete control over most forms of radiation.

    From the electromagnetic spectrum to x-rays, inflared and radio waves. He could manipulate these as powerful energy blast, which were magnified even further in his space gun mode. Even in that, he still retained robot-mode size and flight capability.

    That was then before his destruction at the hand of Unicron which dismembered much of him and his once super intelligence. After his resurrection and modification by Quintesson Masters, his alternate mode was a multi-pronged jet fighter designed to resemble the Decepticon insignia which he embodied and remained absolute loyal to.

    Armed with twin concussion beam cannons and multi-blades of purple and black sharp and lethal enough to tear through any being be it metal or flesh, it was enough to be just as deadly and formidable as his once space gun. Especially with the added mode of driller as well to disintegrate the interior of any transport and building.

    Having destroyed the same number of Junkions as his main foes had with his Decepticon drones, they were now on level terms. His single socket eye now flashed with malevolent red instead of yellow as he readied himself with quiet confidence that he could still overcome his enemies even when alone.

    Reconnaissance work attracted two types of merchanoids as in those who did it longer to avoid danger and those who did it because they thrived on it.

    The former were happy with the function because they got to avoid the risks of combat so long as they were competent enough to avoid capture. The latter did it because they obtained the thrill out of the chance they might get caught and had to fight their way out.

    Sandstorm was obviously the latter. He daringly jumped at the most dangerous recon missions simply because he was totally bored by anything less. He would draw as close to the enemy as possible to perform his job and if he had to fight, so much the better.

    In overall personality, he was a confident and capable risk-taker who would not allow his need for excitement interfere with his job since he executed his kicks and flawlessly performed his role simultaneously.

    Like compatriot Springer, he had three alternate forms. As a chopper and dune buggy, he could use his rotors and tires to conjure ferocious storms of dust and dirt, effectively blinding the enemy. In his robot mode, he was armed with a sandblaster gun that fired particles of silicate which erode his targets.

    Which was exactly what he intended to do against Shockwave as they both charged towards him with their weapons firing.

    Appearing to stand still, Shockwave suddenly switched to his lethal jet fighter mode.

    His single-eyed head moved into his upper body which afterwards turned to a 90 degree in alignment with his lower half. Deactivating his cannon gun and blades, his arms were interlocked with his torso and legs sliding inwards as the underneath of his jet hull.

    Once he was in his Decepticon insignia image, he unleashed his plasma cannons. Red bolts of ultra-energy poured forth from the barrels as he aimed them at the orange and yellow Autobot first.

    They proved to be deadly accurate as they easily penetrated the blue beams fired by the Autobot and then his stomach. As Sandstorm groaned in pain, Shockwave intensified his speed at full velocity and drilled the entire Autobot right through with his deadly spike blades protruding from his resurrected body and acting as his jet wings .

    Sandstorm could not believe what had just happened and it was a question he might never had the answer.

    In all his years of fighting and adventure, he had never come across anything like that before. But this was not an ordinary enemy he was facing or any other Decepticon which he could overcome with minimum resistance and his amateur skills.

    This was the second most powerful Decepticon and professional scientist of all robot machinations Shockwave. As the blades withdrew from his fast turning grey body, he fell all the way from the expressway into the deep waters below and to his death.

    No! Disbelief and then anger exploded his mind as he just witnessed the demise of his comrade and friend at the hands of the Decepticon warlord and yet could not do anything about it on time.

    His first instinct was to convert into the helicopter and began blasting away his cannons continuously until his enemy was torn into shreds. But his opponent was alert and counterfired with a much greater firepower that he had never witnessed before and took him out as well. Even as he attempted to reverse and stab his opponent with his rotor blades the same way the latter did with his friend, he was hit again in his pilot cockpit by another blast.

    Just as he was about to crash, he switched to his armored rocket car before accelerating away at maximum speed and releasing two heat-seeking missiles. Expecting to see them hit home and exploded his enemy into flames, he saw them being detonated in mid-air as well by those extraordinary powerful cannons.

    Sensing the other green Autobot’s anger and determination to avenge his friend he had just slain, Shockwave switched to his driller mode and rotated his entire body in spiral pattern to slice through his foe the same way he had to his friend with his lethal black and purple blade wings.

    The plasma cannon under his jet nose also emitted crimson beams as it moved in fast towards the Autobot whom he hardly saw as a threat as say Optimus Prime and Skyfire who were both not around now.

    Such foolish nonsense, he thought as he was about to deliver another death blow that would send the Autobot joining his late friend soon.

    Springer barely reverse engineered his entire vehicle body to avoid his enemy’s death blows having witnessed what those blades were capable of. Having fired all his long-range weapons, he began to realize how futile they were against the new technology his enemy had just employed which was way ahead of his own.

    With no other alternative, Springer reverted back into his robot mode. His front part of the vehicle which also housed the pilot and passenger seats extended and flipped down as his side and back components began extending and rotating to form his arms and legs. In between the front hull and pilot cockpit seat, emerged out his warrior head with the green knight helmet.

    From behind, he withdrew his rotor blades which now formed into his own sword that was now glowing in bright blue with his right arm and with his left, he fired his cannon with the other trigger switch. It produced tremendously strong wind tunnels that halted the Decepticon in his mid-flight spiral drill and then blew him out to the other side.

    Refusing to admit defeat, Shockwave also transformed back into his humanoid robot mode. His upper and lower parts of his body opened up to release his arms and legs which both expanded as his single-eyed cyclops-like head re-emerged from the top of his main body which now joined as one.

    Upon completing his transformation, he relaunched his attack on the green Autobot he admitted that he had greatly underestimated him. His twin shoulder-mounted cannons as well as that on his arm and blades reformed as he headed towards his Autobot foe soon to be turned prey and next casualty.

    But that never happened. The winds that trapped him were too strong for him to alter his direction. Instead of heading back towards the way he wanted to, he ended up being blown in the opposite direction far away from the Autobot City. The soaring and blowing of the enormous currents became too much for him as other than transforming, he could no longer move anywhere else.

    Springer could have enacted revenge when he had the chance but decided not to having witnessed how powerful and deadly his enemy was in killing off his compatriot and friend Sandstorm.

    Even with his enhanced skills, capabilities and intelligence, he was not at the level as Shockwave to be able to beat him like how his predecessor Optimus did. His appearance let alone his weapons was already a major surprise which he was completely unprepared for.

    So instead of engaging him in one-to-one whom he had no confidence of winning, he decided to cast away his opponent somewhere else instead. There would be another time and in fact plenty to deal with him. Right now he had other more important priorities to look into.

    Such as helping his new Autobot friend Elita One and Wreckgar who clearly had their hands full fighting the new Decepticon females.
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    Despite being outnumbered six to dozens of Autobots and Junkions allied contingents, Malvip One and her Venomcons still outsmarted and proven to be more than a handful for them. Compared to their male counterparts, they were more agile and deadlier with their reflexes, skills and weapons that were more than just firepower. By the way they fought, it was only a matter of time before they despatched the Autobots – not just the ones they fought but all the surviving ones in no time.

    With Shockwave dealing with the new Autobot leader Springer and his other Triple Changer, they were left in charge to deal with Wreck-Gar, his Junkions and their prime target. Initially in their jet fighter modes identical to the new alternate form of Shockwave, they fired their beam guns and cannons which rained crimson bolts from the skies and downing several Junkions who did not have time to react let alone accelerate away to evade those blasts.

    Even so, Malvip and her team members were not satisfied with what they have accomplished. As long as their prime target remained alive and still fighting with them, their mission was not over. Bombarding Autobots in jets were a typical initiative combat protocol for all Decepticons, especially the likes of their predecessors Dirge, Ramjet, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Thrust. Henceforth they considered such victories as cheap and would want to achieve theirs in more unforgettable style.

    Swooping down, they immediately switched to their humanoid robot modes swiftly before renewing and improvising their attack with enhanced firepower and more lethal gadgets all thanks to the brilliant minds and innovations by both Shockwave and Soundwave.

    Despite being antagonists, they fought with the valor and will of the seasoned heroic veterans against the majority of their male Autobots and ultimately the female one who was now clearly alone having lost her entire team to their vicious attacks on their ship heading towards Earth. History was about to repeat itself as they would destroy all her allies and ultimately pounced upon her as a united Decepticon female team.

    Elita One did not expect to see them so soon after their last encounter ended with her team members killed.

    From this whole Decepticon attack on the Autobot City, it was not just a plan to conquer it and eventually the rest of the world but also a plan to find and capture her alive or dead even it mean killing everybody she had known, became friends and fought with. It was obvious that they wanted her to feel bad, demoralized and lose self-confidence so that they could seize this opportunity to eliminate her as well like what they did to Chroma, Firestar, Greenlight and Lancer.

    Minutes earlier, she, Springer, Wreck-Gar and his whole Junkion army were fighting with their backs against each other. They should have won even when they were overwhelmed. But constant bombardment by Shockwave and his new squadron of female Decepticon in their jet modes blew the expressionway into two, resulting in Springer and Sandstorm almost losing their balance but switching to their chopper modes and were confronting Shockwave as their way to divert him so that she and the Junkions could focus on those six jets.

    Unfortunately that only worsened matters as those six jets were just as deadly and more powerful in the way they just took out the first fifteen Junkions with relative ease before transforming into their warrior modes to engage them in ground although Elita was certain they could switch back just as fast as they transformed in the process of fighting.

    Used to be called Ariel working alongside Orion Pax and Dion as Autobot civilian and blue-collar maintenance workers in the warehouse, they were attacked by Megatron and his first new army of military trucks. In a bid to avenge her boyfriend Orion who got shot, she and Dion were wounded as well by his arm-mounted cannon fire.

    Now renamed Elita One, she became the natural commander of the female Autobot band even her team members numbered to just five as compared to the eighteen led by Optimus Prime after being renamed as well. Yet one quality that shined her through was her empathy as in her ability to understand and show concern for others whom she saw needing help more than her and as her priorities more than herself when it came to survival and safety.

    Even when she became leader, she genuinely cared for her members under her command the same way Optimus Prime did. She would never order any of them to undertake a task she would not do or beyond their capabilities although there were times they would volunteer for the greater good of Autobots such as stealing energon from Shockwave’s military warehouse facilities regularly since they were mostly overworked and undernourished.

    When they were captured by Shockwave with the help of Starscream, Rumble, Blitzwing and Astrotrain, Optimus and some of his Autobots including Ironhide came to their rescue. When they were captured as well, Elita sacrificed herself to save them. Upon being revived by Optimus, she was even more attracted to him and all the more determined to find him upon learning of his resurrection.

    Firing her proton blaster, she took out many of the dark Decepticon aerial droids just as her Decepticon counterparts had taken out the Junkions despite of their flexibility to switch to bike and robot modes simultaneously in combat.

    Eventually there would still be six of them and she alone to face them the way the things were progressing right now.


    Once the back-up assistant to the famous magician on Cybertron as part of their entertainment during the Decepticons’ occupation, Fanblade specialized in magic and illusions for a living.

    After her mentor was killed in Unicron’s attack, she plied her trade on the streets before being hired by Quintesson Masters because of her exceptional talent. Being a specialist herself through years of learning and experience, she could create illusions and make them real be it creatures, machines or objects.

    Besides armed with the same weapons and transformation ability to jet modes like her fellow team members, she was armed with metallic fan blades and wheel blades which she just formed and hurled as a blurring giant boomerang that sliced off all Junkions standing in her way, their heads and limbs falling down in a heap with their lifeless bodies.

    As well as her wrist mounted blade that she proceeded to cut down upon drawing closer. Then switching back to her jet mode, she ejected a yellow metallic disk which transformed itself into a merchanical serpent Drillbite.

    With lightning speed, the serpent lunged forth, coiled around and bit several of them. The result was their bodies disintegrating and scattering into gold dust particles.


    Once among military scientists working under Shockwave, Writher was badly damaged and disfigured during Unicron’s attack on Cybertron.

    Now converted into Venomcon, she was the most heavily loaded and manipulative warrior. Yet she still remained loyal to Malvip One. Being a plant specialist, she possessed the ability to make organic plants grow and blossom or writher and die. She could also do the same to all living flesh and metallic creatures after being rebuilt by the Quintesson Masters.

    Besides the same weaponry and transformation capability like her team, she could combine her wrist blades into javelin spear which she now produced in full effect against the Junkions, taking down several of them off their bikes.

    Switching back to her jet mode, she ejected a green metallic disk which configured into a green merchanical serpent Replica which moved in rapidly and caused the Junkions to age and perish fast as their bodies decayed rapidly upon being bitten.

    If there were plants around them, she would inflict even greater damage by directing them to attack as well as camouflaging and blending in with their colors to deliver the final death blow when her opponents least expected it.


    Extremely calculative and vain, Acida was very conscious of how she looked and what others thought of her. For she aspired to be highly complimented and yet refused to accept critics.

    Being sensitive as well, she got jealous of those better than her easily and got what she wanted badly. Because of that, she would do anything to dispose them. If not for the fact that her commander Malvip One - whom she became dependent on – saved her life and threatened to destroy her several times for non-compliance, she would have left the group.

    Her rebellious attitude made her the female version of the late Starscream who tried to usurp Megatron but with little success. The latter’s final act was to take over as the new Decepticon leader after hurling the latter and several seriously injured Decepticons from the last Autobot City but only to be destroyed by Megatron’s reformed version as Galvatron.

    Like Shockwave and her team, her jet fighter was almost a splitting image of their Decepticon insignia. Beside air, she was able to travel underwater as well due to the fact that she was experienced in naval warfare. Armed with multiple blades, twin-mounted turret guns and heat seeking missiles, she could travel over great distances and adapt to any combat situations against most foes.

    Having destroyed the first row of Junkions with those in her jet mode, she configured into her humanoid warrior mode and then swinging the mace, she destroyed them with several blows and cutting down the second row with her twin curved wrist blades as well. Her other wrist was armed with the same turret guns used in the jet mode that she also used to full effect.

    Switching back to her jet mode just as quickly as she did into her robot mode, she ejected her own blue disk which morphed into a blue merchanical serpent Evaporator. Also known as ice cobra, it lived true to its names by freezing several of her opponents with her death touch of coiling and biting before shattering them into scattered pieces.


    Second-in-command to Malvip One, Rattletrap enjoyed exploiting others for her entertainment and gain at their expense.

    Such as taking on the likeliness of Arcee – the female Autobot she came to hear about but yet to meet. That almost memorized and fooled the Autobot commander Springer and the rest momentarily which gave Shockwave and her team members to split the expressionway into two minutes ago.

    Like all Venomcons, she possessed a trio of transformation, weaponry and special capabilities she was proud to exploit to her fullest even though she had yet to meet her match. That were what made her team difficult to beat even though they were all females.

    She was also responsible for killing one of Elita One’s members Firebolt with her blasts while Acida, Writher and Fanblade put an end to Chroma, Greenlight and Lancer’s lives.

    In her first attack wave as jet, she just took out seven of those miserable rugged Autobot bikes calling themselves Junkions. In her second as a warrior in her knight armor with spikes protruding from her shoulder and wrists, she tripled that number with her wrist-mounted plasma cannon and retractable dark blades to ensure they turned into junk which was more to her liking.

    Reverting back to her fighter mode, she ejected her red disk which morphed into another merchanical serpent called Rattlesnap. The latter lived true to its name by biting through more of those Autobot bikes, infecting them with its venom and snapping their main circuitry to render them permanently disabled.


    Manufactured by the Quintesson scientists with the support of both highly-intelligent Decepticon second-in-command to Megatron – Shockwave and Soundwave, Venomcon commander Malvip One was based on the Autobot female Elita One but moulded as a darker, deadlier and better-equipped killing machine.

    She was specially designed to eliminate Elita One and her band before taking over as the new female force serving Decepticons instead of Autobots. She might not have the strength of Megatron, Galvatron, Shockwave and Soundwave but she had the guile and shrewdness of what she defined as feminine touch she could exploit at will by turning into her most lethal poison and venom that defined her and her subgroup.

    Earlier as a heavy assault jet fighter, she decimated twenty of the Junkions with her twin-mounted semi-automatic energy cannons and six heat seeking missiles that she could fire per trigger in one go. Now as a battle robot warrior, she ran rapidly with the stealth and swiftness of a ninja and took out even more with her twin-bladed saber spear.

    She then proceeded to configure back into her jet mode before releasing a purple metallic disk that uncoiled into a purple serpent called Viper. Hissing like his earthly counterpart, it hissed and paralyzed its opponents she terrified and had bitten. Which gave her sufficient time to deliver her killing blow to the opponent.

    Having destroyed all the Junkions effortlessly with ease, she and her team now had only their useless leader Wreck-Gar and prime target Elita One left to deal with.

    Wreck-Gar’s personality was as much of a collection of mismatched parts as was his body. Much as his armor was forged and modified from using whatever raw materials appeared on his world of Junk.

    His mode of speech had been formed by watching and listening to all of the junk that was floating through the universe. Being scatter-brained occasionally, he would tune in to all the televised broadcasts from Earth whether it be variety shows, pop music, movies, dramas and documentaries. Therefore most of what he said was learnt from the numerous hours he invested in those programmes even if much of what they contained were to convince others they were true for those entertainment companies’ profits.

    He occasionally exhibited slight xenophobia because of his protection of his fellow Junkions although he was quick enough to warm up. Beneath his diverse speech and tough exterior, he was kind and helpful being as well as loyal ally.

    A good example was when he first encountered Ultra Magnus and his fellow Autobots on his planet. As they did not have visitors for a long time, he and his team assumed them to be enemies and attacked them in order to defend their territory and kind though they might appear to be aggressive at first glance. But when Hot Rod and his other group of Autobots and Dinobots appeared later, Wreckgar was immediately warmed up by the former’s universal greeting – learnt from older Kup which failed on Quintessons – and became friends and allies with them.

    Especially helping them to repair Ultra Magnus and fight Unicron, Galvatron and his Decepticon Sweeps in order to reclaim the Autobot Matrix of Leadership Galvatron had taken from Magnus before ordering the Sweeps to blast him into pieces. He also played a pivotal role in helping to revive Optimus although that attempt was unsuccessful since it required more than just repairs.

    As a battle-hardened warrior and veteran, Wreck-Gar possessed tremendous courage, endurance, intelligence and strength. He was also a highly professional mechanic who could construct and reconstruct complex machines with a bare minimum of materials at his disposal. In motorbike mode, he could accelerate up to 160mph while as a robot, he wielded a decelerator laser that delayed his opponent’s cerebral function, an energy axe and a shield. In both modes, he had a great resistance to damage.

    However that was then. This was now. Despite rallying his troops on, Wreck-Gar and his team proved to be no match for the new Decepticon jets which turned out to be female warriors in disguise proving to be even more formidable than their male counterparts they had grown accustomed to battling over the years. Given the fact that all his Junkions were destroyed quickly and easily by their full arrays of fighting abilities and weapons they had just unleashed.

    Fantasy vs reality. Learning from entertainment media vs learning from real masters. Besides learning the importance of not underestimating his enemy having had his entire army eliminated, Wreck-Gar was about to learn that those sentences had a completely different meaning the hard way as he was about to fight their leader one-to-one despite Elita One urging him not to be rash.

    Converting into his motorbike, Wreck-Gar began charging with the intention of ramming the Venomcons off the expressway and if he could not do that, he would switch to his robot mode and fight them to death.

    Grief-stricken by the deaths of his compatriots he had fought and been with for decades, he was no longer thinking logically. Instead whatever positive strengths he possessed were now turned into negativity and dark vengeance he harboured against them. Win or lose, he would not let them die in vain.

    Unfortunately for all his experience and talents, he was still a lone amateur against them being proficient even though they had joined the ranks of Decepticons recently shortly after being created and completed to be battle ready. Despite him firing his laser beam guns repeatedly, four of them switched to jet modes and easily evaded his collision.

    That left with just their commander who stood firm and confident to deal with him. Which was fair enough as one-to-one was much better than their six-to-one.

    Without even moving away from where she stood, Malvip One suddenly ejected her metallic disk once again. For the second time, the disk configured into a merchanical serpent Viper which came flying with its open mouth revealing fangs towards the Autobot bike.

    Two blue blasts shattered the reptile into pieces as the motorbike continued its advance. Realizing that this Autobot was smarter and more alert than his men, Malvip began activating her saber and blaster which she fired rapidly. This time she had no intention of configuring into jet mode and preferred to counterattack in her robot warrior form.

    Wreck-Gar came leaping into the air and as he did so, he transformed into his warrior mode before closing in with his battle axe whose size and speed was sufficient to take her head off her shoulders.

    Yet again she was well-prepared to anticipate by blocking with her saber javelin and sweeping the axe away. With her other arm, she fired her laser beam blaster which was well-shielded by the Junkion leader. As the latter renewed his axe attack, she suddenly evaded herself quickly from where she stood and allowed her other four team members to finish the job for her.

    Or rather four serpents which suddenly ejected from them again unexpectedly. One bit Wreck-Gar in his left leg, the second in his right arm, the third in his stomach and the third in his chest. By magic, her shattered purple serpent Viper suddenly reformed again as new and delivered the final death blow by implanting into his face.

    As the four serpents released him after biting for a while, Wreck-Gar’s entire body turned cold purple and then dark grey before eroding into fine powdery dust that she kicked away with ease.

    “Well, well, well, Elita One,” Malvip One finally spoke her first words and with confidence as she looked up at her pink and white Autobot counterpart. “Looks like it is you and us again. And this time we’ll finish where we left off.”

    Elita One narrowed her eyes as she was about to face her most formidable foes ever in her combat history and experience as female Transformer. Having witnessed first-hand what they had done to her team and now Wheel-Gar and Junkions, she became more apprehensive in what she would do next even though she had no plan as to how to defeat them.

    The yellow Venomcon called Fanblade took the first initiative by launching her deadly name-sake weapons. As if by magic, the four black blades seemed to have a mind of their own as they suddenly diverged upon being launched into the air. One came towards Elita directly while the others aimed towards her from above, below and from behind.

    By the looks of it, she was clearly at a major disadvantage even when dealing with her arch-enemy’s subordinate who was clearly moulded and well-equipped in their sinister and deadly image

    Her first reaction was to leap and configured into her armored battle car mode which used to be a speed racer but was now modified specifically for her voyage to search for Prime. Her body opened up to hide her head as her arms and legs folded and slided inwards as part of the car components out of which emerged wheels. A double-barrelled missile launcher appeared from the top of the battle car as another two cannon beam guns came out from the side which were her robot wrists.

    The pink and white missiles destroyed two of those deadly dark blades while a further firing of cannon bolts detonated the other two within its heated blue fire intensity.

    Upon seeing her weapons destroyed, Fanblade immediately configured into her drill jet mode and fired her four turret machine guns from above.

    Rapid bursts of crimson rained upon her Autobot lone warrior which swerved and shifted gears to avoid being hit. Smiling with glee, she signalled to her serpent Drillbite telepathically to deliver the same blow it had on the Junkions.

    Her yellow serpent flew towards the Autobot vehicle with lightning speed with the aim for shattering through the front windscreen window before corrupting the rest of the body and parts with its gold dust venom.

    But Elita One was equal to the task. Just as the snake closed in fast, she instantly converted into her humanoid mode as fast as she did the other way round seconds ago. It was a new skill she learnt from Alpha Trion who might no longer be around physically but was still spiritually and guiding her every step of the way.

    Arming herself with the same missile launcher she used in vehicle mode, she loosened those missiles which hit the serpent, causing it to be shattered and disintegrated instead of her.

    Angry at being outwitted the second time, Fanblade launched her third lethal weapon in the form of giant four-bladed boomerang which came spinning and swirling towards her Autobot foe.

    In most circumstances, it would have made short work of slicing and cutting its victims’ bodies and limbs in seconds but yet again, her opponent had another trick in her arsenal as she continued firing her missiles which also seemed to take on a life-form of their own as they reacted in the same pattern as her boomerang before destroying it like how they destroyed her blades and serpent.

    Switching to her humanoid warrior mode, she lunged towards Elita One in mid-air with her wrist-blades. As she did so, her mouth was covered with dark metallic plates, making her look like a traditional ninja. She intended to aim for the latter’s throat and then chest as her opportunity to impress her commander and team mates.

    But that never happened as one laser cannon blast from Elita One’s gun was all it took to hit her in the lower wrist with precisely accurately and bring her down to ground back to reality.

    Writher was the next Venomcon to engage her. Like Fanblade, she initiated her attack as a jet fighter, firing her four turret machine guns but as the Autobot female aimed her missile launcher towards her, she quickly evaded and configured into her robot mode.

    As she did so, she did it her style. In one rapid jump, followed by a series of somersaults, she began releasing her deadly ring of throwing dark stars - also known as Shuriken. They were created as a result of Quintessons’ fascination with the Japanese ninja’s traditional mini-handheld weapons that were initially designed more for distraction than killing enemies although more often than not, that theory was usually overruled by action in the heat of the moment.

    Her opponent again fired bolts of plasma energy from her wrist-mounted cannons which did not affect her balance nor aiming despite her also carrying the missile launcher. Those bright blue bolts shattered those stars into scattered shreds of blades or whatever they were left of.

    Activating her wrist blades, she began going in for her kill. Yet again she had underestimated her foe who aimed for those blades with her cannons and cut them off from her waists with blue bolts.

    Angry at being outwitted as a jack of all weapons but master of none as compared to the Autobot who used only two weapons, she signalled to her green serpent Replica to strike. The latter obliged by launching itself into the air and lunging for her opponent, with her jaws wide open with rows of poisonous needle sharp fangs.

    Having dealt with the yellow serpent, Elita released another heat-seeking missile which was all it took to destroy the almost green reptile. A sphere of explosion that erupted below her and foe did little to lift her spirits as she readied herself for the green Decepticon executing another somersault jump and going for her throat with her double-bladed javelin spear.

    Determined not to waste too much energy until the closing stages, Elita aimed her cannons and unleashed another range of bolts which destroyed the green female Decepticon’s weapon and injured her weapon arm as well, resulting in the latter falling out of the skies.

    Seeing Fanblade and then Writher being down, both Acida and Rattletrap joined forces as a duo to take on Elita-One. In both their jet modes, they began firing their turret and semi-automatic laser machines hoping their combined bombardment would take her down the same way she brought down their comrades.

    Yet again the female Autobot proved why she was unbeatable in the air even though she was ground-based in both vehicle and robot mode. Her continuous counterattacks with cannons and missiles again forced them to change flight course and then into their robot modes as they did not want to be destroyed without transforming into their battle warrior modes.

    And while doing so, they signalled their serpents to attack her simultaneously.

    As Evaporator and Rattlesnap came lunging in to wreck their own powers of destruction, Elita One unleashed the last two missiles from her launcher which hit them with bull-eye accuracy and turning them into two more fiery balls of flames. Even she herself was amazed at her own strength and capabilities which she had not exhibited for a very long time since retiring from active combat. Especially her ability to stay afloat in the skies for so long despite not being designed as an aircraft nor for flights.

    With their mouths covered by plates, both the blue and red Decepticon female warriors came attacking with their chain maces and wrist-blades as well as their wrist-mounted beam guns and cannons. Dropping her now empty launcher, she focused on firing her own cannon blasters which rapidly took both of them out of the skies before they could even touch her.

    “Is that all you got? Decepticon Highness?” Elita looked down upon their purple and black commander. “Or should I call you Malvip One, leader of the Venomcons?”

    Strangely enough, even as she spoke, it was at that very moment she recovered her full strength and memory from the trauma she suffered in her last encounter with them. The only difference was she was much better prepared now.

    Having overcame her opponent’s team members.

    “No, Elita One. Not yet.” Having said that, their commander immediately took to the skies and configured into jet fighter mode before firing her semi-automatic energy guns and heat-seeking missiles towards her.

    Running out of energy, Elita reverted to her battle vehicle mode before landing and taking to the roads. Turning and twisting to her left and right to avoid being hit, she made a reverse U-turn before turning back to face her foe who kept firing continuously.

    Yet that did not deter her as fear completely evaporated from her mind which was now filled with knowledge and better understanding of what she was facing even though she was unable to comprehend the logic why. As she configured into her humanoid robot mode, she decided to use one last weapon having spent her hand blaster, cannons and missile launcher on four of her main opponent’s subordinates.

    From her right leg compartment, she produced a pink and white shaft. Then using her own telepathy imparted by Alpha Trion, she began activating the hilt out of which a blue shimmering light poured forth. When it was gone, it became a long semi-carved battle. Just as Springer had said, it was a traditional samurai sword otherwise known as katana she now held up to prepare herself even though she knew she might not stand a chance now that she was devoid of all firearms which her opponent were unleashing in full upon her.

    Despite having an edge in her jet fighter mode, Malvip One could not help feeling that she would be fighting dirty even if she continued to attack this way. Especially her opponent who clearly now yearned for a one-to-one duel as displayed by her pose and new pink and white sword she had never seen before.

    The front part of her jet nose initially opened up as her back components slided down to reveal her arms and legs.

    When they aligned with her main robot body out of which emerged her head in starfish designed helmet, she began to produce her own weapon as well. A red energy beam flashed in the dark purple hilt she produced from within her fist, becoming an almost identical semi-carved samurai blade ironically as she landed right before Elita.

    But unlike her other four warriors, she did not immediately charged in to attack blindly out of rage. Instead she moved her blade in a rhythm to signal her serpent to attack first. Viper obliged by throwing itself towards her opponent with his teeth and tongue hissing with hunger and lust as it went for her energon.

    However in one swift stroke, Elita One sliced the purple serpent into two fragments which dropped to the ground in dead heap. Despite of this, she remained calm and composed as though fighting these was her daily routine even though this was her first official battle in years.

    The Venomcon commander now made her move by executing her high jump and somersault in a ring around her. A hail of dark throwing stars - identical to the ones fired by the green Decepticon - were thrown towards Elita who easily cut them down with her new Samurai sword designed with her colors and name.

    As her dark opponent landed, she extended her wrist arms which released and propelled a pair of dark blades towards her. Those blades suddenly split from two to four in mid-air, forming a boomerang like the one executed by her yellow team member Fanblade – and launched itself towards her.

    A laser lighting formed around Elita’s blade as it poured forth in intensity and countered the deadly multi-bladed weapon which was spinning and swirling fast. It cut through the boomerang, causing it to turn into another sphere of heated explosions.

    Her opponent came at her again, pouncing upon from the air with her sword now turned to swinging mace which extended from the chains. Upon looking closer, Elita could see those deadly sharp black blade spikes protruding and approaching her in threatening way.

    Yet the mysterious force -– which she could not comprehend -– guided her to swing her sword and slice off all those spikes with ease before dispersing the useless mace into fragments.

    Despite possessing and attacking with the combined arsenal of all her four members’ weaponry, Malvip One still could not bring down her prime target. Beginning to feel indignant and puzzled by the way her opponent defended and feed off her attacks with consummate ease, she was just as determined not to reveal her feelings as doing that would certainly jeopardize her mission entrusted by bounty hunter Shockwave.

    Now converting her weapon back to saber mode, she activated another blade which emerged from the other end of the hilt and became a double-bladed saber javelin. Then she charged and lunged at Elita One to deliver her own personal blow when her serpent and weapons failed. It was not just because of her mission but also because of her ego that she would not allow anybody to diminish.

    Still yet again, the last Autobot female warrior and survivor from the Cybertron-based anti-Decepticon rebellion blocked the javelin blade firmly with hers. However hard Malvip attempted to twist and turn her weapon, she could not as she found herself blocked by a seemingly impregnable force radiating from Autobot’s sword. One that even she and the wielder herself were unable to comprehend.

    All they knew was that the mysterious force was on the Autobots’ side.

    While still blocking the weapon, Elita One executed a round-horse kick which sent the Decepticon and Venomcon leader falling backwards but with her weapon still firmly held by her hand.

    Then advancing forth, she decided it was her turn to launch her own attack.

    Recovering and attempting to get hold of herself to continue the fight, Malvip One decided it was time to unleash her team’s final and most powerful weapon ever since she and her members could not overcome Elita One individually nor as a pair as demonstrated by Rattletrap and Acida.

    “Venomcons, transform and merge into -“ She commanded. Even when she did not complete the sentence, her team understood exactly what she wanted them to do.

    With her team members now behind her facing the Autobot female warrior, they began their third form of transformation.

    Both the heads of Writher and Fanblade slided into their bodies while their limbs were interlocked for the purpose of forming what looked like huge blocks. So did Malvip One before joining them as main gigantic body.

    On either side of the main body, Rattletrap and Acida joined their bodies into what resembled arms. A pair of foot stands appeared as if by magic below Writher and Fanblade while black fists emerged from both ends of Rattletrap and Acida. Additional wrist protection armor with four spikes covered those fists even if the left one wielded a white shield with the dark serpent and Decepticon insignia embedded on it and the right holding the same colored serpent sword with the white reptile’s spiked body as the hilt.

    Finally her head appeared top of the main body where Malvip’s head was seconds ago. A pale face with helmet whose spikes were protruding from all ends and long locks of hair coming down from behind her head.


    “INFINITY!” The new and first ever female gestalt warrior introduced herself as her eyes flicked open with malevolent red as she was successfully formed from all five Venomcons combined together.

    Both the white and black serpents launched themselves as her way of first attack and signal that Elita One must overcome them first before fighting her one-to-one. Just like those five serpents, the deadly duo ejected by themselves and lunged in for her throat and chest.

    By this time, Elita One began to feel tired as she had spent almost all her strength fighting all by herself against their five. Despite being aided by the mysterious force, she knew there was a limit to what it could do to guide and protect her. Yet she knew if she could not bring herself to overcome the enemy, her team members would have died in vain and she too would perish to join them.

    Just as she was about to fend for herself with what she knew was her half-hearted attempt, the green Autobot Springer suddenly appeared right in front of her cutting off those serpents with his chopper sword. However while he displayed his act of valiantly, he was immediately cut down in his chest by the giant sword held by the white apparition-like giant warrior.

    The blow brought him crashing down on the expressway. As he did so, the blue light from his eyes were gone and he just lay down lifelessly.

    Taking advantage of Elita One’s momentary shock and distraction, Infinity came towards her with the intention of eliminating her the same way she did with that Autobot commander with the giant blade.

    Yet when she drew closer, her head suddenly ejected and transformed into a smaller and yet more agile battle knight lunging towards Elita with his black battlesword.
    As other Autobots Blaster, Jazzblade and Perceptor tried to intervene as their way of offering assistance, they were instantly turned to stone as the giant blade pointed towards them.

    This time, the Autobot female could not defend herself on time as the white knight stabbed her heart with his blade. As he did so, she dropped her samurai sword and her entire body hanged in suspense while being impaled by what appeared to be the lethal weapon.

    By right, Elita One should have died upon being fatally impaled by the blade wielded by what appeared to be the sixth Venomcon warrior that appeared out of the blue which took her by surprise and she was completely unprepared for.

    But she did not.

    Instead blue intense light suddenly appeared from her heart and began to shone and surround her completely. Large long blue wings suddenly poured forth from her body as the familiar voice began to ring in her head and mind.


    “Alpha Trion…” She stammered upon finally realizing why he recreated and renamed her Elita One in the first place. And why she along with Optimus Prime were always special to him and other Autobots as well.

    Her heart -–which should have been badly damaged and killed her - began to light up and split to reveal the second Autobot Matrix Of Leadership. The very same one Optimus Prime passed to Ultra Magnus only to be activated by Hot Rod who became Rodimus Prime and the next Autobot leader as a result.


    And right now at this very moment, the same thing was happening to her but in a more sophisticated and powerful form. Her armor began to morph with additional layers of protection. A double-barrelled plasma beam guns appeared and mounted on her left arm wrist while the samurai sword returned to her right hand. But those were nothing as compared to those gigantic blue wings whose feathers were growing from her back and illuminating.

    All of a sudden, she began transforming herself into a large pink and white phoenix - a new form that resulted from her heart matrix being activated. Then encased and becoming one with the blue light, she immediately penetrated through the white knight who stabbed her, destroying him instantly

    With her head destroyed, Infinity also ceased to function let alone continue fighting properly as a warrior even with all her other parts remaining intact. She remained motionless as Elita-One’s new Phoenix - which began expanding into the same size -– tore through and break her whole into several fragments within its blue huge sphere.

    When the sphere was gone, Malvip One and her Venomcons disappeared as though they never existed and Elita One emerged victorious instead of perishing like her team members.
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    25 - FINALE

    Having lost the war once again to Autobots this time on Earth, the Quintesson Master-One realized his time was up. Not only had he lost the respect of most Decepticons who blamed him for their defeat despite having killed their fair share of Autobots, he was also betrayed by his very own creation he and his fellow Masters and Judges had painstakingly rebuild and modified just to prepare for the day like this.

    Shockwave barely got out of the wind tunnel that trapped and intended to teleport him far away, possibly in the outer reaches of space. But now that he - along with Astrotrain, the Decepticon jet brothers Darkwing and Dreadwing and Death Lynx had returned, he began to recover his memory and everything from the past to the present was beginning to make sense to him.

    While he was relieved to be alive once again, he had no intention to be under somebody’s control again to be a bounty hunter or anyone else. The only being he would stay and remain loyal to was Megatron whom he now realized had morphed into Galvatron. Having won those Decepticons over to be on his side on their way back, he gave the Quintesson Master-One no chance to say his last words and instead blew him into shreds with his explosive laser cannon blast before ordering their remains to be hurled into the seas.

    Now taking over as the temporary Decepticon commander, he began to direct Death Lynx -–now in his space shuttle mode - to direct him and his surviving fellow Decepticons in search for Galvatron and the rest whom he believed strongly to be still alive.

    They might have lost the Autobot City War once again but in time to come, he and Galvatron would rebuild the new Decepticon army which would rise even stronger and better than before to destroy their Autobot foes and regained both Cybertron and Earth again. As they headed out into outer space from Earth, he began wondering if Galvatron was still the same Megatron he once faithfully served and fought for.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to stay with us?” Springer asked. “Optimus might be back any moment and I certainly hated to see you missing him again.”

    “As much as I love to, I can’t,” Elita Prime answered sadly but with a strong conviction in her tone. With her new power came greater responsibility and after helping to defeat the Decepticons and protect Autobot City despite barely recovering, she had to move on to a more important task Alpha Trion had instructed her mentally. “I received a higher calling requiring my help. If Optimus returns, just tell him I came here and no matter where he is, he will always be in my heart.”

    “I wish you all the best then,” Springer offered his hand and she shook it. “For your help, I have prepared your ship that you can leave anytime you want.”

    Looking at him and all the Autobots comprising of Omega Supreme, Jazzblaze, Blaster, Perceptor, Aerialbots, Protectobots, Technobots and Trainbots, she nodded at them with a smile and expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

    They might have lost Skyfire, Sky Lynx, Broadside, Sandstorm, Wreckgar and his Junkions as well as the age old Dinobots but their deaths were not in vain as they fought valiantly to ensure that Autobot City and Earth remained safe from both Decepticons and Quintessons.

    She then turned back and headed towards the ship The Ark III they made specially for her. Even though she was alone physically, the spirits of her mentor Alpha Trion and her team members would always be there spiritually to guide and help her.
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    Although I did not get to see and be united with Optimus, my time on Earth is still a challenging, fruitful and memorable one.

    Not only I got to know several new Autobots including their leader Springer even though our friendship was short, I fought with them and began to realize their determination of defending Earth was just as strong as me and my team defending Cybertron even though Earth was not their homeworld.

    Three times I could have died but three times I was saved by the spiritual hand of Alpha Trion whom I didn’t realize had been with me all this while until the defining moments when I realized that the second Autobot Matrix Of Leadership was inside me through my heart upon activation by accident and how important I was like Optimus was to him and the rest of Autobots.

    Even though the war had ended on Earth with the Autobots emerging victorious once again, the war on Cybertron was far from over. In fact according to Alpha Trion, a much bigger threat would arise and endanger our entire homeworld and species whether Autobots or Decepticons.

    Much bigger than the centuries of civil war between the two factions and even the attack of Unicron that claimed so many lives.

    So there I am on my way back to where I came from.

    My name is Elita One.

    This is my destiny.

    My life and –

    My story.

    Optimus, if you are listening to this message right now, I hope you can respond and provide your support if necessary.

    As long as I am alive, I will be waiting.

    Meanwhile the planet of Cybertron began transforming and shifting its components which resulted in massive tremors, earthquakes and deaths of several inhabitants whether they were Autobots or Decepticons.

    When it was finally completed, Cybertron was no longer a round circular planet that many became accustomed to seeing. But a gigantic super robot who had once been proclaimed as God with his sworn brother and chaos bringer Unicron.

    After centuries of lying in slumber, Primus had finally awakened.

    The only difference was instead of blue, his eyes were now menacing red and also instead of coming to restore peace, he was now out for destruction.

    Of any planet that he would wreck havoc and swallow as his next meal.


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