Transformers: The Future

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    Transformers: The Future.

    Now for this new adventure to begin....

    This story takes place some time after Beast Machines. The Maximals have defeated the Predacons. Peace has lasted for years. This take place after the events of Optimus Primal and Megatron getting killed by felling into Cybertron, thus helping to usher a new dawn for Cybertron. The remaining Predacons and Maximals have joined forces together, to begin something new.

    Little do people know that there are people within who do not share the views of this new era for Cybertron. They have begun to make plans for Cybertron's future. The Maximals have begin to relax and enjoy the peace and have begun to start a families.

    Cheetor who had become leader after the death of Primal, was meant to replace him, if anything were to happen to Primal. Still now after years of being the leader of the Maximals things seem different. He still has doubts about himself, and has question that only Primal and himself can answer.

    He know has a family of his own and his family has learned to trust him and they love him very much. Cheetor has now retired from being the leader of the Maximals, but his son has taken over the leadership role. He has doubts far worsed than his father, ever had. His second in command is Rattrap junior.

    Meanwhile Somewhere on Cybertron, A rogue group of Transformers who were against the agreement have begun the plan. It has been set in motion. They are Predacons who have chosen a new leader to replace Megatron with. His name is Starscream.

    Starscreams Spark had been traveling the stars, but had returned thanks to somehelp from a trader that travelled to Cybertron to deliever goods. He has decided to led these rogue group of Predacons and has modifyed the plan to his bidding.

    He order that a new body be made for him since he was using the traders body. It took almost 3 weeks to build, but it has finally been ready. starscream finally put his plan in motion, his plan was to Resurrect his Former leader. So that he can help Starscream conquer Cybertron, then kill Megatron. The plan is to find Megatron's DNA. They plan to create a clone of Megatron.

    Starscream says: My new body is amazing, feel like my old body, before Galvatron destroyed it.

    He transformers into his jet form and leaves.

    Back at the Maximal base, there have been reports that there aree rogue groups of Predacons working against the treaty. Starscreams travels over the maximal Base to see the base and looked at their defenses.

    The guards watching the base see him and then one leaves to go tell the others what they have seen. the guard see Ratrap Junior and talks to him.

    The Guard say: Sir, we have seen Starscream".

    Ratrap Junior says: Starscream, that impossible, he dead and i have heard the stories about him, are you sure it was him.

    The Guard says:Yes i am sure, it was him.

    Starscream leaves the area, but by the time the Maximals got there, Starscream had lefted and had decided to go to a museam, to steal Megatron's DNA. They plan to Clone him. Once there he shoots the wall and all you here is boom. He then transformers and goes inside and steals the DNA they had of him.

    He then leave the museam and heads back to the base to begin the plan. Things couldn't have been planned better. They had created a cloning machine, they placed the DNA they had of Megatron inside and press on, but little do they know is that the have a spy in there mists. Who works for the Maximals.

    Starscream says: Turn it on now.

    A soldier says: Yes Sir, it's on.

    The device works and out comes the biggest enemy in the universe. Megatron has returned.

    Megatron says: Ha, Ha Ha, I'm back. How long has it been.

    Starscream says: It has been years Mighty Megatron, we are in the future. Welcome back.

    Megatron says: How have i have returned.

    Starscream says: You are a clone sir.

    Megatron says: Yes, very interesting, yes very interesting.

    Starscream turns to leave and mumbles under his breath.

    Starscream says: Soon Megatron, I will command.

    Megatron says: What was that.

    Starscream says: Nothing Sir.

    Megatron says: Better have been Starscream, or else i will eliminated you once again.

    Starscream says:Yes sir.

    Starscream leaves the room and fly's away.

    Megatron says Without Optimus Prime here no one can stop me, ha, ha, ha, ha.

    Megatron now decide what his plans should be now that he has return to Cybertron.

    Megatron says: Guard, please find Starscream for me.

    Guard say: Yes sir, right away.

    The guard leaves the room and fly to the direction when star scream was to talk to him about what Megatron asked him, to do. He sees Starscream and talks to him.

    Guard says: Starscream, Megatron want you.

    Starscream transformers and looks at the guard.

    Starscream says: Megatron wants me, soon he will be gone and i'll be in charge of Cybertron. Thanks you.

    Guard says: Yes sir, your welcome.

    Starscream transformers and heads to the base to talk to Megatron.
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    Next part is coming.
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    Transformers: The future Chapter 2: The Machine get turn on

    B]Chapter 2: The Machine get turn on[/B]

    Starscream returns to the base to report to Megatron. Megatron is in a chair thinking then turns to Starscream.

    Megatron says: Welcome back, i have planned out our plans in my head.

    Starscream mumbles under his breath.
    starscream says: Your plans, what about mine, your only here because of me.

    Megatron says: Pardon! What did you say Starscream, planing to betry me again hey.

    Megatron raises his weapons towards Starscream, but instead turn to a soldier that was standing there and blast him to pieces.

    Starscream says: No, i would never betry you, I need you mighty Megatron.

    Megatron says: Good, see that it says like that Starscream or else. Now go get the troops ready to attack the Maximal base.

    starscream says: How do you know about them.

    Megatron says: I read about them. Go now

    Starscream says: Going be right back Megatron.

    Megatron says: Yes go.

    Starscream goes to get the the troops ready.
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    Transformers: The future:Chapter 3: The attack begins

    Chapter Three: The Attack Begins

    The troops and StarScream goes to see Megatron.

    starscream says: Megatron we are ready, to go attack.

    Megatron says: Ok then, lets attack and make this one to remember as the day Megatron returned.

    Starscream says: Yes trully a day to remember.

    Megartron says: Troops move out!

    The Troops and both Decepticons leave the base and begin there attack on the Maximal Base. They just wait for Megatron to order them to attack. Megatron just looks at his troops then speaks.

    Megatron says: Wait, I will tell u when to Attack, Patience my loyal troops.

    So Megatron and his troops wait for the right moment to attack the base. At the Maximal base, out side the base the guard see the troops and the other two and reconized them. He decides to run inside to tell the leaders.

    Guard says: Sir I don't know how, but Megatron and Starscream are back from the dead.

    Ratrap Jr says: Say what!

    Guard says(Terrified) Megatron is back, but how.

    Cheetor Jr says: Where is he?

    Guard says : Outside.

    Ratrap JR says: Your joking right!

    Cheetor JR says: We need our dads. Guard transformer and go bring them here

    Guard says: O.k right a way.

    The guard leaves the base and head to the homes of both Ratrap and Cheetor's to bring them to them base. They agree to come to the Base. But once there they seen two enemies that they reconize. They all go inside to talk about what was seen.

    Cheetor JR says: Dad, Ratrap welcome to our base.

    Cheetor says: Thanks son, now explain to me how Megatron is alive and Starscream.

    Ratrap JR says: We can't.

    Ratrap says: Why not ask.

    Cheetor says: Yeah, do u want to do that Ratrap.

    Ratrap says: MM, No are you crasy.

    Cheetor looks back at all of the people in the room then speaks.

    Cheetor says: Ok, I will do it.

    Cheetor leaves the room to go outside to where Megatron was to talk

    Cheetor says: Megatron!

    Megatron says: Yes what do you want.

    Cheetor says: We wantto know how you have returned.

    Starscream steps forward to talk, even though Megatron doesn't like it, he just gives Starscream a strange look.

    Starscream says: We found his DNA and cloned him, to help me, to take over Cybertron.

    Cheetor says: Well that won't happen with me around.

    Megatron says: We will see Since there's no Optimus Prime here to stop me. Prepare to Attack.

    Megatron points to where Cheetor is standing and fire's his weapon at him. Cheetor moves out of the way to dodge the attack. The troops see this and begin attacking to. The Maximals fire back at them.

    The Attack on the Maxiamal's has begun...
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    Chapter 4 The first wave begins.

    Megatron says: Attack leave no alive.

    Soldiers says: Yes Sir!

    The Maximals fire back and defend the base from the enemy.

    Cheetor says: What do we do, how do we stop him.

    Ratrap says: Well we could just bring Prime back like Megatron.

    Cheetor says: That not a bad idea.

    Ratrap says: I was kidding, you know.

    Cheetor says: Ratrap I want u to get the DNA of Prime's and take some trops with u and use the dna machine to bring Prime back, got it.

    Ratrap says: Yes Cheetor, but....

    Cheetor says: But what, just get going.

    Ratrap says: Alright i get it, going to the museam now.

    Cheetor says: Good!

    Ratrap and a group of 5 Maximals transform and head to the Museam to Get Prime's DNA. Megatron sees them leaving and order his troops to stop them.

    Megatron says: Stop them! Troops attack, don't let them escape.

    Starscream Steps forward to transform and leave. Megatron sees this and speaks up.

    Megatron says: Starscream where are u going.

    Starscream says: Going to stop them.

    Starscream heads towards the Maximals and fire's at them Ratrap sees them and talk to himself.

    Ratrap says: Why do i always get stuck doing these jobs.

    He transformers and fires at Starscream and hit him in the wing, so starscream turns back and crash's into the ground. He re-transformers and heads back to Megatron.

    Megatron says: Failed again hey, like always.

    Starscream says: Considering who's leading.

    Megatron says: What!

    Starscream says: Nothing.

    He leaves to fight on.

    Meanwhile Ratrap re-transformers and joins his troop at the museam and takes the prime DNA, but now comes the hard part of the mission. Which was to get the Megatron's new base to use the machine to bring Prime back.

    To be continued.... Next Chapter.........
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    Chapter 5 The Return of Optimus Prime

    Ratrap and the other leave the museam and head to Megatron new base. Meanwhile back at the battle the Maximal are holding there own against the enemy.

    Cheetor speaks to the troops again to inspire them to fight on.

    Cheetor says: Maximals, we must hold the line until they get back, no matter what..

    Megatron looked around at the maximals then gets an idea and transforms into his gun form and Starscream takes him and begins shooting at the area where Cheetor was.

    Cheetor ducks as the shots come.

    Cheetor says: Dam, that was close.

    Cheetor fire back and hits Megatron and he then re transforms back into his robot form.

    Megatron says: Ouch, that hurt. Attack them, rush them.

    They enemy goes towards the Maximals and they fight them hand to hand.

    Cheetor says: Here they come stand ready.

    Meanwhile back at the Bad guy camp and they take the DNA and place it on the scanner but little do they know that they have been scene. Starscream sees them and transformers to deal with it. Ratrap knows they have a few minutes to do it so they better hurry up. Ratrap pushes the on button and the DNA gets transformered into the person they wanted.

    Ratrap says: It worked, Whoo. Time to destroy the DNA machine for good. Big Bot is back

    Optimus Prime says: Yes! I have returned, but how.

    He moves towards, Ratrap to talk to him.

    Ratrap says: Everything will be explained after, right now we have to destroy this machine fast, before Starscream arrive.

    Optimus Prime says: Ok!

    He takes his weapon out and shoots it and destroyies the DNA machine. Starscream Shows up as it was destroyed.

    Starscream says: No!

    They all turn around and shoot Starscream and he goes flying, so they all all the maximals and Optimus Prime transform and leave the area. while travelling back Prime talks to Ratrap.

    Optimus Prime says: Can you explain now Ratrap.

    Ratrap says: Yes, the short story is that your a clone of the original and your counter part has returned like you have.

    Optimus Prime says: Megatron! Alright then I will help stop me once and for all.

    Ratrap says: Yes! Thanks Prime.

    Optimus Prime says: No problem, I want to help bring the peace back to Cybertron, This is Cybertron right.

    Ratrap says: Yes it is Cybertron.

    Optimus Prime says: But is is green here like a jungle. Like Earth is.

    Ratrap says: Yes, well thats another story, but for another time. We are here.

    They all transform and the Maximals turn to see the famous leader standing in front of them. Cheetor greets optimus Prime.

    Cheetor says: Optimus Prime on behalf of the Maximals, we welcome you.

    Optimus Prime says; Thanks, but if you can excuse me I have a leader to fight.

    He transformers and heads towards Megatron, he then transformers and comes out behind a building to talk to him.

    Optimus Prime says: Megatron, Time for your games to end!

    Megatron turns to look back at him.

    Megatron says: Optimus Prime! Never!

    He turns to fire on him, but Prime moves out of the way.He then punches Megatron hard and he lands on the floor.

    To be continued...........