Transformers Strike

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    this is a story i have been writing, hope you like it.

    Chapter One: Rekindle the Fire

    Peace has finally been around long enough for Planet Cybertron to regain its golden age. Every human who sees it’s sight were simply amazed and in awe. It was just a beutify as Earth

    On the surface, two cybertroians play together just outside Iacon City they near an abandon memorial to honor those who were in the Great War.

    The Cybertroians, one a flame coloration in vehicle mode, the other an ash coloration in jet mode, chase down one another in the forgotten memorial. Soon, they transformed. The ash colored mech did a full body tackle on his flame twin, but the flame mech grabbed his brother and tossed him at the memorial.

    “Ouf…” someone grunted as the ash mech crashed into him, causing both to crash into the ground.

    The flame mech raced over and picked up his brother, then offered a hand to the cloaked figure on the ground. The mech took it, reveling a red arm with blue hand, scared with age.

    “Sorry about that, didn’t know you were there.” the flame mech said.

    “Well bro, might’ve helped if you didn’t toss Me.” the ahs mech called back.

    “It’s alright, I didn’t see you until collision.” the mech’s voice was firm and soft, was caring and understanding. The brothers laugh at that, this mech had a sense of humor.

    “Hey, let’s hit Iacon bar, bro.” the ash mech said

    “Mind it I tag along?” the older mech asked.

    “Not at all, come on, let’s walk.” the flame mech said, heading to the city on the west horizon.

    As the trio entered Iacon, they were stopped just outside the bar. Mechs who wore an ancient purple symbol quickly surrounded them.

    “Yo bro, isn’t that the legendary Decepticon symbol?” the ash mech hissed

    The gold visor of the flame mech rippled like water as he read the energy readings the mech that surround them had. “Must be, their cores have been altered to evil.” he stated.

    The ash mech slapped his forehead. “Right, I keep forgetting you can’t exactly see.” he said softly.

    The cloaked mech stared at the robots that stood there. His icy blue Optics looked at each one. From his subspace, he pulled out two guns, hidden under his cloak, and then he turned to the brothers.

    “Here,” he said, tossing the guns to them, “you’re going to need these.”

    “Since when did you carry weapons?” the ash mech asked as they caught the guns.

    “Since the end of the first Golden age.” the mech said.

    The ash mech looked at the cloaked one, a look of surprise on his face. ‘First golden age? That’s putting on age.’ he thought. He held his gun firmly in his hands.

    The cloaked mech drew out a double bladed ax, yellow in color, and held it firmly in his hand. The flame mech raised his fun and aimed it at one of the Decepticons.

    “Let’s party” the cloaked mech said, charging at the enemy and cutting many in two.

    The flame mech started to fire round after round of his gun’s ammo at the enemy. His brother on the other hand, just stood there, looking at the sky. He saw many seekers readying to come down and fire upon them. He backs up so he was back to back with his brother.

    “I have an idea, our friend seems to have things under control down here, let’s go up and take care of the seekers. Unless you’ve rusted up using a sword.” he calls to him.

    “Long sword mode bro, time to clip those wannabes.” the flame mech said, grabbing his brother’s gun and placing it in his leg compartment in his left leg, his gun in the right. They then jumped into the air, the ash mech changing shape to a long, heavy sword.

    Grabbing the sword handle, the flame mech charged and attack any seeker stupid enough to challenge him, slicing many wings while he was at it.

    The cloaked mech continued to slice many of the Decepticons. In his free hand, hidden under the cloak, he held his gun. He was looking for the leader of this little ambush. ‘Only because all three of us were traveling together, should’ve know better then to go with them.’ he thought, remembering how things worked on this planet now.

    Suddenly, instincts told his to duck. He quickly obeyed, and then in his squat pose, he turned around and pointed his gun at his attack. Before any one could say it was over, all the Decepticons dropped their guns and all seekers stopped charging at the brothers in the air. The sword transformed back into robot mode, and the ash mech hovered close to his brother.

    “Looks like I found the leader.” the cloaked mech noted.

    “Decepticons, back to Darkmount.” the black and gold mech said, and the streets emptied.

    The ash and flame mechs came down and landed next to the cloaked mech. They watched as many cybertroians come out and gather up the guns.

    The cloaked mech looked at the brothers as they silently watched the inhabantes go about their normal lives, like this srmish never happened. “You two still want a drink?” he asked

    The flame mech looked up, his gold visor rippling with joy. “Thought you never ask.” he said.

    The ash mech busted out laughing as they entered the bar.

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    Transformers Stike

    Chapter Two: Names and allies

    Many mechs and femmes gave curios looks at the trio as they walked into the bar, fresh from the battle just outside the door. The bartender quickly notices them and calls over to them.

    “What would you like?”

    “Mediums” the cloaked mech said.

    “You guys find a seat, I’ll bring over the drinks.” The flame mech said.

    The ash mech nodded and lead the cloaked mech to the back, they settled in, ignoring the others as they passed. After a few minutes, the flame mech came over and place the drinks down.

    “One of you have a cube you can lend to me?” the cloaked mech asked, “and maybe tell me your names.”

    The ash mech smiled lightly, and pass over a cube, “my name is Shadow Wisher.” he said, watching as the cloaked mech poured half the cube into his drink and stirred it.

    “And I’m Flameshield.” the flame mech said.

    Nodding, the cloaked mech continued to stir his drink. “You have a story, don’t you Flameshield.” He asked.

    “How’d ya know?” he asked, shocked.

    “Shadow Wisher mention that you cannot exactly see, what did he mean by that?” the cloaked mech asked, letting his drink settle.

    “Well, some seeker stabbed me in the optics about a thousand years ago.” Flameshield explained, “and some medic name Red Alert fixed me up, he’s pretty good too.”

    The cloaked mech took a swig of his energon, and gave a soft sigh. “Think he would join us as we ready to cause a rebellion?” he asked.

    “Maybe…” Flameshield said.

    “And I could probably get Landmine, our teacher,” Shadow said, gesturing Flameshield and himself, “to join to keep us in shape for battle.”

    “… But why cause a rebellion?” Flameshield asked

    “So all cybertroians can talk freely in the street with as many friends as they wish, instead of only one friend.” the Cloaked mech said, taking another swig of his drink.

    “Well, when you put it that way, I’ll see what I can do.” Flameshield said.

    “And I’ll get Landmine and take a look at the city’s armory, see what we can get for weapons.” Shadow said

    “Good, good.” the cloaked mech said, finishing up his drink.

    The brothers followed in suit, chugging their drinks and started for the door, right behind the cloaked mech.

    “I need 100 credits my friends.” the bartender called.

    Flameshield and Shadow stared at one another, they forgot their money altogether. The cloak mech notice that, then pulled out the 100 credits, and tossed them on the bar counter.

    “Paying for all three of you, huh, didn’t think anyone had that kind off money on them.” the bartender said.

    “When you’ve work all you life like me, you tend to get a lot of money you may never use.” the cloaked mech said.

    The trio walked out of the bar after that, and headed out of Iacon. They came across a hill not to far out, on the top it was flat, big enough to have a good size home on it. They all sat down, Flameshield looking at the guns he had while Shadow and The cloaked mech watch the sun rise. When the sun was past the horizon, the cloaked mech stood up.

    “Flameshield, go and find Red Alert, Shadow Wisher, get Landmine, meet back here.” He finally declared.

    “Sure thing.” they said in fusion.

    Shadow Wisher took on vehicle mode and headed to Iacon, while Flameshield took on the form of a jet and headed south, the cloaked mech noted that was the direction of Diamond, a small town that was very advanced.


    Shadow zipped through the streets of Iacon, looking for the training academy. He knew that would be where he would find Landmine, probably training some youngster who has asked for it. After a few minutes he transformed and entered the academy. He walked though the familiar hall and entered a large space. The yellow body of Landmine was noticeable quickly, training a blue and purple robot. Smiling, he snuck over, always making sure he was facing Landmines back.

    “Close one, but Bash, kept those movements so they are no noticeable until last second.” Landmine said.

    Shadow smiled, and did a roundhouse kick and hit Landmine in the arm, Landmine crashed to the ground, and slid a little ways.

    “Gah, who did that?” Landmine demanded.

    “The master of shadows, the sneakiest around, seeking help for a friend who wants to create a Rebellion against the Decepticons.” Shadow responded, holding out his hand for Landmine to grab.

    Landmine took the offered hand and hauled himself up, then looked at Shadow. “Looking for some Cybertroians to join a rebel group sounds Dangerous.” Bash said, walking over to them.

    “Well, I’d rather face them then spend my life following their stupid rule. And your coming Bash, you wanted the training.” Landmine said.

    “Well, before we met our friend, let’s make a quick stop by the armory, we need some weapons.” Shadow said, leading the way out.

    The trio, walking about ten feet apart, walked over to the armory about five minute away form the academy. Shadow walked in and grabbed two small guns and placed them in his leg compartments, just as Flameshield did in the battle outside the bar, and grabbed two sniper guns, one for him, the other for his brother. Landmine and Bash also walked in, each picking up a good size gun for them to carry, and then headed outside.

    “Now where?” Bash asked, a little nervous

    “To the hill, follow me.” Shadow said, transforming into his vehicle mode again, and headed off to where the cloaked mech wanted to meet with them.


    Meanwhile, Flameshield flew to Diamond, where he once lived and where Red Alert spent most of his time. He neared the tow, and transformed into robot mode. Diamond was only big enough for walking about, not that it bothers the inhabitants. It was home to about a hundred cybertroians, and had a small medic center that about ten medics and scientists work in. he walked in and walked up to the front desk.

    “Flameshield, can I help you?” asked the Femme behind the desk.

    “Yes, I came to talk with Red Alert.” he responded.

    “Okay, follow me please.” she said, and walks out from behind the desk.

    They walked down the hall. Two minutes later they stopped in front of a close door. The femme gave a knock and waited a few moments.

    “Who is it?” a voice called out.

    “Someone wishes to speak with you, Red alert.” she called back.

    “I’m a little busy.” Red Alert called back.

    “Then I guess you don’t need my help, or want to help me.” Flameshield called this time, before the Femme could respond back.

    Silence, and footsteps. After a moment, the door opens, revealing the blue and white medic and scientist, Red Alert.

    “Please, come in Flameshield, didn’t think you’d be coming back.” Red Alert said.

    Flameshield walked into the crowed room. Junk filled it and there was hardly any room to move. Finally, Flameshield hear the door close, and turn to face Red Alert.

    “I came back because I’m part of a rebel group now, and the team needs someone like you, a scientist and a medic, you don’t have to fight, just patch us up.” Flameshield said

    Red Alert thought for a moment, and then picked up two Data Pads. “Alright, I’m game.” he said, “Lead the way.”

    They both walked out of the medic center, and slow made their way to the exit of the town. “What was on that Data-pad you grabbed?” Flameshield asked

    “Eh, nothing to much, just trying to figure out how to adjust the monitors and data-pads for mech like you to see what is on them, so that Shadow doesn’t always have to be with you.” Red Alert said.

    “Thoughtful.” Flameshield agreed, then transformed into vehicle mode, “now follow me, and you can met this mech.”

    “Can’t wait.” Red Alert said, transforming and followed Flameshield out of town, north to the hill.

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