Transformers: Spark (2014)

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    This fan fiction of mine in regards to Transformers is meant to act as a show. I plan for this "show" to be about 65-100 episodes at least. These episodes may serve as about 10 pages per episode. My main intent is for this fan fiction to reach out to both fans and to captivate new viewers. This fan fiction will have a more darker and realistic tone while having comedy in it as well. This show will have humans (Yes for all you haters it will :p ) so people can relate to some of the characters. It will have robot to robot interaction and you may also relate to the robot characters as well.

    How You Guys Can Be A Part
    I would like as much fans to provide their opinions on what they think so far and what ideas they would like to see incorporated. I will also like the fans to tell me what they like so far and what they do not. If you would actually work with me on this project please feel free to PM me and share your thoughts.

    The first "season" will be about a small rag team of Autobots that have survived the Great War. They can not work as a team but over the season they develop and learn to put their differences aside in order to defeat the Decepticons and protect the humans of Planet Earth. This show will pull together the best that Transformers has to offer and make references to several other Transformers series as well.

    Release Date

    This show or fan fiction is meant to be release sometime during the Fall of 2014.

    Episodes Link (TBA)