Transformers: Sentinels

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    Transformers Sentinels
    Chapter 1: The Fighter Within

    January 21st - 2021
    New York City Beta

    Samuel "Spike" Witwicky hung up the phone in disgust. He had tried to call his aunt and uncle to tell them that he had arrived safely, but all the lines were down. He felt frustrated. They were his family! No, they were more than that. They were his parents.

    After his mother died, his father had simply dropped him off at his relatives' house and left, saying he no longer had a use for his own son. It had hurt Sam deeply, to the point were he could no longer stand the filthy name, and started calling himself "Spike." He knew he wasn't being true to himself, and he didn't care that his father left him...

    Until recently.

    Three months ago, his father had sent him a note that read only: Come to New York Beta. Urgent. It was signed by Ron Witwicky and Commander Ryu Hikari. Spike didn't know who the last guy was, but he didn't care. He was given an order, so he should obey. Besides, he didn't want to pass up a chance to flip his dad off after what he did.

    Suddenly, he felt small seismic shock-waves. Looking up, he saw several attack choppers fly away from a giant robotic dinosaur.

    "RUN!" He could've sworn someone yell, "It's Mecha-Godzilla!"

    "Well..." Spike looked at the beast rampaged, "... crap."

    "Do not worry."

    He turned around to see a little girl, perhaps 5 years old with blue eyes and red hair behind him. She was in a yellow-orange dress, and an aura of unsettlement seemed to cloud her.

    And as soon as Spike saw her, she vanished in a mere blink of an eye.

    "Who was that?" Spike asked himself, but no answer came to him. He then noticed a car heading towards him, and jumped out of the way as it skidded to a stop, right where he had been standing moments earlier.

    The driver, a black haired woman opened the passenger door so they could see each other. "Sorry about that, I'm still not used to the steering. Are you Sam Witwicky?"

    "I was, but now it's Spike," Spike answered.

    "EDF Taxi Services, ready to roll! Get in!"

    Spike opened his mouth to protest, but hearing another explosion changed his mind.
    The Decepticon known as Tankor wasn't known for his intelligence. He was known for being a brawn to brains like Shockwave. However, his mind was also calculating, which is why he knew this was the location of the object the Decepticons have been working so hard and so long to find.

    'Heh heh heh,' Tankor smirked to himself, 'Stupid humans. Don't they learn? My armors harder then the tank armor they expect it to... Why are they pulling back?'

    Looking up, the tank-dinosaur saw a bomber fly overhead. A single shot from the primary cannon on his back was all it took to destroy the Nuke.

    'Loser,' Tankor thought to himself and continued on.
    Down below New York Beta where the headquarters of the Earth Defense Force was located, the Generals of the UN Army stared in shock.

    "It destroyed our Nuclear bomb, BEFORE we could drop it!"

    One of the generals sighed, "Very well, Hikari. You have the green light."

    "Thank you," Ryu Hikari said, standing to leave for the command center. "Perhaps next time you will listen to the orders you are given by the Secretary of Defense."

    Pressing a button, Ryu spoke, "We've been given the green light. Project SENTINEL is active!"
    "Sam, what you are about to see is completely classified."

    "It's Spike, but yeah. Understood," he said. They had been walking for a long time, seemingly getting nowhere till they got to this door. It opened slowly to reveal a room full of people working in, on, or around what stood proudly at about 10 ft. tall in the center of the back wall. "What is that?" Spike asked, his eyes widening.

    "This is our last defense against the enemy that is currently above us," Chief Scientist Alexis Roades said. "This is the Humanoid Battle Robot Sentinel-B."

    "And what does this have to do with me?" Spike asked.

    "Unfortunately, the Sentinels can only be piloted by people with a specific genetic code," Alexis answered. "We don't know why, we only know that that's the way it is. You are one of those few people."

    "So," Spike growled, "My father called me here just to pilot this?"

    "Correct," said a voice. They all looked up to the observation deck where Ron stood. "It has been a long time."

    "Not long enough!" Spike yelled. "You bastard! Do you honestly think you can dump me and then call me back like some dog? You have no right!"

    "An attitude?" Ron raised an eyebrow, "Listen, son, it wasn't my decision."

    "I'm no son of your's, Witwicky," Spike growled, "I refuse."

    After flipping his dad off, he turned on his heels, walking away, "I'm leaving."


    He turned, surprised, "Huh?"

    There, in the corner, was the same girl he saw right before the car almost ran him over. "You are the only one. Sentinel-B will only work for you. It will work for no one else."

    "How can I pilot it? I've never even seen it before!" Spike protested.

    "Trust in Sentinel-B. It will protect you," the girl answered. "Please do it, before we all die. Please."

    He hung his head. Even though he didn't want to, here was a little girl, asking for his help. How could he say no? "Okay, I'll do it."

    "Thank you."

    "Sam, who are you talking to?" Alexis asked.

    He raised his head and pointed, "I'm talking to..." He stared for a while. "There was a girl right there. Where'd she go?"

    "No one was standing there the entire time..".

    I could have sworn I saw someone, Spike thought, but he had no time to think on it as he was led away to be prepared for battle.
    "A backbone, huh?" Ryu Hikari raised an eyebrow, "I thought you raised him in isolation to better control him."

    "Hey, I wasn't expecting that, either," Ron replied.

    "Sir!" an operator yelled, "NBE 03 approaching!"
    As Spike entered the cockpit of the machine, he felt uneasy.

    "Great," Spike sighed, "I'm piloting a 10-meter-tall robot, under my father's orders. I hope to Primus, this doesn't kill me..."

    He paused at that thought. Who was Primus?
    As Tankor continued forward, he raised an optic ridge when he saw a humanoid robot rise from a hole in the ground. This mech has bright yellow armor with some black parts, and a pair of horns extended from the head, above glowing orange optical sensors.

    Was this an Autobot?

    No, there was no spark signature reading. It was the last defense the humans were sending against him: a piloted mech.

    'Okay, this is new,' Tankor thought to himself, opening a channel to Decepticon Command, 'Tankor to Base. Come in!"

    'This is Shockwave. Report.'

    'Apparently, the humans have a piloted mech,' Tankor replied, 'What I do?'

    'What you do best. Destroy it.'


    Tankor let out a mighty roar, ready to face the piloted mech head on.
    "Bring it," Spike spoke with an alien confidence, and charged to the Tank-Dinosaur. The Tank-Dinosaur responded by spinning and whacking Sentinel-B into a nearby building, which collapsed on him almost immediately.

    'Too easy,' Tankor thought, and continued on his way.
    Everyone at the base stared in shocked silence.

    "We're doomed," Ryu finally said.
    Spike felt unconsciousness fill his head... only for something else to fight back. His eyes snapped open, turning from their original brown to a shimmering blue.

    As Sentinel-B stood up, everyone was surprised.

    "Sentinel-B, report!" An operator spoke through the comlink.

    The response was both confusing and mind-numbingly chilling...

    "I'm Bumblebee now."

    To Be Continued...

    Hello, I am Stonecrusher, Author of TF Nexus. After seeing an Evangelion Abridged Series, I got inspired to created a TF version of Evangelion. Hence TF Sentinels. Read and Review, Plz!