Transformers: Ruins of the Forgotten

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    At long last the conclusion to this little tale is finally over. If feels like years but it isn't at all. The trailer for story six will be posted immediately after so after you're done reading this and posting your thoughts it will be ready for you to check out. But life is full is despair because

    È̴͎̺̤̅̔̏͜v̵̲͐̉̚ẻ̴͈̋r̸͙̅y̸̺̠̩̥̥̻̜̻̣͂̽t̵͔͍̓̈́̂̀̓̉͜͝h̶̡̼̗̖̩̗͖̆̎́̅͌͒́͝i̴̛̫͚̖̟̣̠̟̳̇̈́͂̄̅͐̏͠ṋ̷͚̫͓͓̘͖̣̺̃g̸̹̿̒͛͆̇̑́͆ ̴̛̰̘̾̍͑̇̽̀̾w̸̖̐͑̆ͅi̷̳̐̋̆̄͌͝l̸͇̬̺͍̠̥͇̩̩͋͂̾̈͑́͘͝l̴̰͉̲̖͊͌̀̏͐̎ ̷͓̬̯̦͚͓͙͆̆s̴̲̣̮͕͒o̶̩̱͉̅͌͗ͅo̴̩̪͙͠ņ̸͓̯̎̀͊̿̔̓̾̀̇̚ ̷̢̩̳͇̟̐̾͊b̶̛̙̒ͅę̶̧̗͖̯͈͙̰̜͓͗̀̓ ̴̢̝̤̫͔̥͚͚̗̓̔e̷̡̨͖͓̘̦̖̤͛̾̊́̈́r̴͉̟͍̂͂͊̊͂͑̉͂̕à̸̲̹̰̖͊s̶̡̢͍̙̗̦̻̹̃͆̔̋̇̓̌ḙ̷̖̔͆͋̎̓̑̚ḏ̶̨̢͇̰̳̱̹̗̊́̈́ͅ Here is the finale: The Right Path

    On Charr it is just one week before story six begins. Blitzwing is preparing to leave for his retrieval of the uncaptured Decepticons. Tarn and Swindle have already smuggled the pods of Strika and Obsidian inside the ship. Dirge watches and waves him goodbye as he takes off. Ramjet and Thrust motion for him to join them in a private room.

    Dirge: “What is it?”

    Ramjet: “Hey you know that communicator that we had from you know who?”

    Dirge: “Yes what about it?”

    Ramjet: “Well turns out I knocked the batteries loose. It was never broken!”

    Dirge “You are an idiot!”

    Ramjet: “Blame Thrust!”

    Thrust: “Don’t you dare rope me into this.”

    Dirge: “Are you sure we’re alone?”

    Thrust and Ramjet nod their heads, and Dirge nervously calls the person on the other side.

    Dirge: “Hey it’s Dirge, um, I apologize for the long period of silence. We had technical difficulties.”

    The voice on the other side is screaming at them, and it’s a familiar voice, but it’s still distorted enough to not ascertain their identity.

    Dirge: “Yes yes I know I’m an idiot for keeping you in the dark, but we are still loyal to the cause. What are your orders?”

    It gives him an answer.

    Dirge: “Wait and observe huh? I’ll report any major changes to the status quo.”

    Splicer, Knockout, and Waspinator also watched Blitzwing take off.

    Splicer: “How exciting, we get more friends!”

    Knockout: “You’re desperate for everyone to like you, aren’t you?”

    Splicer: “I won’t stop until everyone is my friend!”

    Knockout: “So Blitzwing is bringing in more of us. I’m sure that’ll do wonders for morale.”

    Splicer: “You don't seem thrilled about that.”

    Wasp: “Elites are always a pain.”

    Splicer: “Oh come on Blitzwing just wants what’s best for the Decepticons.”

    Knockout: “But is what he thinks what’s best for the Decepticons really what’s best for us?”

    Splicer is unable to answer that question, and begins to let the seeds of doubt grow inside of him. On Cybertron Blurr is speed reading through all the archives like how The Flash can analyze books and anything in text. The Flame Bishop happens to be in the building for a visit, and notices Blurr’s late night session. Instead of interacting he has his suspicions and leaves to report his findings to the Cardinal.

    Back in the ruins the final showdown between Bludgeon and Adhoc is about to begin. The tension is so thick that even the sharpest of blades would be unable to penetrate it.

    “Adhoc, you are the worst of what our kind has to offer. I will not show you any mercy.”
    “I would not expect any less of you. I’ve seen your work up close more times than I wish to remember.”

    “If you know how I operate then you should've let your death be swift and painless instead of agonizing.”

    “I say it because I don’t plan on dying.”

    “You can’t change your fate. Your fate is to die. Mine is to see my mission to completion.”

    “You still have a choice in this Bludgeon, we can both walk away from this.”

    “Choice? Choice!? There was never a choice!”

    “There is always a choice, but you chose to be so short-sighted you can only see what's directly in front of you. If you pause and take a look around you can find that your life has more choices than you can ever ask for.”

    “That’s not what life is about and you know it!”

    “Oh, and what is it, Bludgeon? Blind loyalty?”

    “I am not blind because I am the one who sees through your lies!

    “I have never deceived you!”

    “I know exactly what the Decepticon movement has become, but I stand by my team until the very end. Loyalty was never your strength as it was mine.”

    “I’ll never understand how you could just let this happen.”

    “I don’t expect someone as weak-minded as yourself to get it. When you are tasked with a job you aren’t supposed to ask questions. You see it through no matter what. You let voices outside your own influence you into this disgraceful mess. It’s time to purge you from this world.”

    “Sorry, Bludgeon, but there is a future out there waiting for me.”

    “Agreed, and it’s death!”

    Bludgeon charges with all his might to end this once and for all. Adhoc has little time to react as he rolls out of the way. Bludgeon swings his sword and Adhoc blocks, but the force is so strong he staggers to the side. Bludgeon continues to attack him with an endless barrage of attacks. Adhoc is barely keeping pace. Slowly, but surely, small cuts are being made all around Adhoc’s body. It just takes one more attack to fully breach Adhoc’s defenses. Bludgeon vertically slices upwards, and it’s a perfect cut on Adhoc’s chest. Blood gushes out from him, and Adhoc is forced to jump back. He clutches his chest with Bludgeon never averting his eyes from him. Like a predator stalking his prey, his gaze is unrelenting. Bludgeon knows his sword is soaked with Adhoc’s blood. Without breaking eye contact Bludgeon slides his hand across his blade to clean it off. The droplets of blood whizz past Bludgeon’s face, and Adhoc takes the milliseconds of Bludgeon’s obscure vision to lay on the attack. Adhoc has Bludgeon on the defensive, but is unable to land any hits. Bludgeon counters every attack, but Adhoc is able to hold him back. Adhoc sweeps at his legs but Bludgeon hops over it and slashes down. Adhoc spins his blade around and stabs at Bludgeon. The blade is mere centimeters from Bludgeon’s face, and he’s forced to step back. Adhoc starts using circular swings to bring on the attack, and Bludgeon is tired of these games. When Adhoc thrusts at him Bludgeon sidesteps and smashes the hilt of his sword down on Adhoc’s head. He punches him in the chest hard enough to knock the air out of him, and then grabs him by the back of the neck and slams him on the ground. He starts to crush Adhoc’s head, but in what little vision he has left he regains his composure and makes a cut on Budgeon’s cheek. The mere shock of getting struck break’s Bludgeon’s concentration, and Adhoc is freed and backflips out of the way. Bludgeon briefly touches his cheek and calmly speaks.

    “I see now. Failure means death.”

    “What are you going on about?”

    “I should’ve known better than to take you for granted. I may be your superior, but this is the fight of your life. You’re going to fight harder than you ever have before. I should give you the same level of respect on that front since that is the only action we agree on.”

    “I don’t want to kill you, Bludgeon, but you aren’t leaving me much of a choice.”

    “Exactly as I intended!”

    Bludgeon pushes the attack and the two spar at an even rate. Adhoc’s speed makes him more than a match for the shogun. His stabs go for his face and chest, and Budgeon has to counter to prevent him from gaining ground. Adhoc runs along the walls and does a vertical jumping slash that Bludgeon barely blocks. Bludgeon goes for a sweep attack that Adhoc jumps over. Adhoc spins his blade around and manages to cut at Bludgeon’s left leg. Adhoc goes to attack further, but Bludgeon grabs Adhoc’s weapon mid-attack and flings him over his head and slams him down on the ground. Bludgeon attempts to stomp on his head, but Adhoc rolls over and recovers, but he is without a weapon. He punches Bludgeon in the chest several times, but the immovable object does not budge. Bludgeon backhands him with his free arm and then cuts him on his right clavicle. Adhoc is forcibly spun around from the force of the attack and now has his back to Bludgeon. Bludgeon goes for a killing slash, but Adhoc makes an incredible gamble and partially transforms. The rotors from his helicopter mode start spinning faster than Bludgeon can swing his sword. The rotors forcibly disarm Bludgeon, but at the cost of the rotors breaking. All the progress Adhoc made on them regenerating is set even further back down. The kickback from the blades also gets Bludgeon off balance. Adhoc dives underneath his legs to get behind him, and donkey kicks him in the back of his right leg. It hits hard enough for Bludgeon to fall face first into the sand. Bludgeon tries to kick Adhoc away, but he jumps over him and then lands his foot on his face. Bludgeon recovers and swipes at Adhoc who ducks and jumps up with a knee to his face. Adhoc pushes his luck now and does a falling drop kick, but Bludgeon blocks with his arms in an X formation. He manages to grab Adhoc by the ankle and throws him into the wall on the other side of the room. It cracks from the impact.

    Bludgeon fires a shell from his tank cannon that would’ve killed Adhoc if he didn’t start running. He still gets caught in the blast radius. He looks at his pulsar and finds only four shots left in it.

    (to himself) “I need to save this for the right moment.”

    Bludgeon doesn’t give him time to plan his move and fires another shell. Adhoc goes on autopilot and fires the pulsar projectile to intercept the tank shell. It is successful but the speed of the projectiles are vastly different. The pulsar is quite slow compared to the tank canon, and while they negate each other it’s still closer to Adhoc, and the shockwave knocks Adhoc into a pillar. Bludgeon charges Adhoc and starts beating on him at the pillar. His punches get stronger, but slower. Eventually Adhoc manages to slip out of his spot and avoid the punches, which instead hit the pillars. It shatters the pillar, but now Bludgeon is missing. Adhoc jumps on Bludgeon and grabs him from behind by the neck. He starts kicking him in the back. Bludgeon attempts to shake him off by running backwards into the wall. Adhoc lets go at just the right time so Bludgeon is the only one to get hurt. Adhoc is finally close to his weapon and grabs it just in time for Bludgeon to attack. Adhoc doesn’t deal any serious damage but he slices off Bludgeon’s tank cannon. Adhoc attempts to stab him in the chest but Bludgeon uses his laser weapon to burn his beam right on Adhoc’s right side of his chest. He fires again and burns Adhoc’s right leg. The limping traitor does not falter and counters by firing his pulsar right into the weapon. Bludgeon panics but it’s too late. The bomb explodes and the weapon is destroyed, along with moderately damaging Bludgeon’s arm. Thankfully for him it’s not his dominant hand. He finally finds his katana and stares him down. Both fighters that these next moments will decide the battle.

    “You’ve done well, Adhoc. Unfortunately for you your body can’t handle what I've dealt you.”

    “Starting to get sentimental are we, Bludgeon?”

    “Never. It is nothing more than an observation.”

    “You aren’t in pristine condition either. I’d say you’re just as close to being finished as I am.”

    “I will never cease to function until you are finished.”

    “You’re out of both guns. I have the advantage.”

    “You are correct. Yet you have two shots left in your pulsar. A small advantage indeed, but at the end of the day it is small. I still have one last ace in the hole."

    Bludgeon unveils his tanto and wields it in his damaged hand.

    You see, Adhoc, we have fallen too far from the old ways, and it will be the old ways that ensures your demise.”

    “I agree we have strayed far from the old ways, but it is never too late to embrace a new lease on life.”

    “You still lie to yourself, Adhoc, and that is why you lose!”

    The final stretch of the battle is here with both of them giving their last efforts to win. Bludgeon’s attacks aren’t as fast, but neither are Adhoc's. The added tanto makes it more difficult as Budgeon bridges the gap between them and cuts his chin with his tanto. Adhoc slashes down at Bludgeon’s head, but he blocks with the tanto, spins around so his back, faces Adhoc, and finishes with a backwards stab that manages to pierce the edge of Adhoc’s chest. He is unprepared as Bludgeon makes a perfect horizontal slash across his chest. He clutches his stomach and pain and Bludgeon goes for the killing move. Adhoc desperately pulls out his pulsar, and that makes Bludgeon hesitate to attack long enough for Adhoc to jump back. Both of them realize Bludgeon won’t simply let those shots hit him. Adhoc has to think fast and plants his blade into the debris. He swings it around and fling it at Bludgeon who knocks it away. Adhoc picks up the pace and more and more debris hits Bludgeon. He discards his tanto briefly so he can catch and throw back debris of his own. This is just as Adhoc hoped. He jumps up and starts jumping off the biggest pieces thrown at him like they are stones in a river making a path. He hides behind a giant chunk that he uses all the might in his legs to force it back at Bludgeon, who counters by slashing the debris in half. Adhoc has jumped off just in time, and in slow motion he fires his remaining two pulsar shots into Bludgeon’s chest. They explode, and Bludgeon’s armor is finally erased, putting them on equal ground. Adhoc stabs at him, but Bludgeon continues to block and kicks him back. Adhoc goes for the leg, but Bludgeon attempts to parry, but Adhoc feints and slices his other arm. Bludgeon gets cut several more times from Adhoc’s growing dominance. He gets put down on one knee, and Adhoc is ready to finally end them, but suddenly Bludgeon musters the enough strength to cleave Adhoc’s weapon in two!

    Adhoc gets kicked in the chin and is rolled back. He still has the bladed half of the weapon in his hand. The two go in for once last clash, and Adhoc finally perseveres and stabs Bludgeon completely through the chest with his weapon. Both of them pause, and Bludgeon’s lights flicker on and off. He drops his katana and falls to his knees. Adhoc still is holding on to the weapon and takes three of the deepest breaths he’s ever had in his entire life. The nightmare is finally over… or is it? Bludgeon suddenly reactivates, and is completely enraged. Despite having a weapon lodged in his spark he’s still going. He pulls out his tanto and grabs Adhoc by the neck with his free hand. He starts crushing his neck, and with his tanto he viciously stabs Adhoc three times. First in his side, then his stomach, then his chest. Both of them are one blow away from death. With his neck about to be completely crushed he sees one final bid. Bludgeon’s katana is at his feet. He kicks it up by the hilt, grabs it, and stabs Bludgeon in the chest. The damage of both weapons is too much for the powerhouse, and he drops Adhoc. He falls on his knees next to Bludgeon, who yet still hangs on to life, but it looks like this truly is the end.

    “It’s over, Bludgeon, I am the victor.”

    “So you are.”

    “I didn’t want to do this to you, but this was the only path.”

    Bludgeon eyes are no longer filled with anger, just the opposite. It’s as if he’s finally at peace. He clutches his chest and Adhoc tries to intervene.

    “Hey wait don’t hurt yourself!”

    Bludgeon completely ignores him and effortlessly plucks out both weapons out of his body. He even sheathes both of his weapons. He takes a moment before speaking.

    “Adhoc, I hate you, and I can never forgive you for what you’ve done. With that said, however I understand you and why you did it. You sought absolution and salvation elsewhere when we failed you. It’s not something I could’ve done, but you succeeded.”

    “I never wanted this, I never wanted you to suffer on my behalf. You shut yourself out from everyone else and convinced yourself this was the only action to take. I never lied to myself, but you did to yourself.”

    “I guess you’ll never understand me, and I made peace with that. I chose to believe that no matter what this was the life I was made for. I devoted my will to this cause, and it is the bed I have made. I was always prepared to die on this hill, but now that I’m here I want to keep living. It’s rather pathetic, isn’t it?”

    “No, it’s not pathetic at all. I still admire you even now. You really are a force of nature Bludgeon. In your own way you saved me.”

    “That’s a first, me being a hero. I was anything but. I thank you for your kind words anyway. I don’t want you to mourn me. There is more out there for you than sorrow.”

    “I don't want to leave you alone in this forgotten land.”

    “Someone like me deserves to be forgotten. It’s a fitting grave, now go, Adhoc. You were the justice I could never find. Do whatever it takes and live.”

    Bludgeon gets up and starts walking away despite being moments away from death.

    “Where are you going, Bludgeon?

    “The only place I can go...forward.”

    Bludgeon confidently strides his way across the room. He makes it about halfway there before collapsing and falling on his stomach. He died as he lived, an unstoppable force of nature. Adhoc looks back at his former ally before his calm exterior finally shatters. He throws his weapon across the room and cries his eyes out. He blames himself for Bludgeon’’s death.

    Amidst the tears something is bothering his eye. He looks up and sees a small ray of light shining through. Grabbing his weapon he limps his way to the top and breaks through. The outside at last! He takes one last look at the ruins, and a rust storm picks up and the city becomes engulfed by it just to remain buried until the end of time. Adhoc wanders the desert for what feels like days.

    (to himself) “Is this what it was like for you Bludgeon? Having to walk this path? It must’ve been so lonely.”

    Adhoc finally collapses on his side and goes unconscious. It’s not known how long he’s out, but he does start to wake up. The winds are almost nonexistent, and he hears the faintest noise coming his way. A very small trail is getting kicked up and the closer it gets he hears a vehicle’s engine. An armored hummer with a giant gun on its roof approaches him and transforms. On both the vehicle’s side and on this man’s shoulders are three silver symbols. He is without a doubt an Autobot. It looks like the paint on his symbol has eroded, but it is odd that he never got it fixed. He helps revive Adhoc. He is voiced by Wentworth Miller, but his voice is reverberated because his face is like a helmet.

    “Hey, buddy, are you alright?”

    “Who are you and how did you find me?”

    “My name is Brawn and I picked up that distress signal you sent out. What the heck are you doing out here?”

    Brawn’s design is an exact copy of the ROTF design.

    “It’s a long story. My name is Adhoc. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    “Likewise. I got a ship just a mile out. I would’ve brought it here to you but the storms usually don’t go past this point.”

    “I understand. I need to see Rodimus Prime as soon as possible. I have information he needs.”

    “What kind of information?”

    “You wouldn't believe me if I told you.”

    “Try me.”

    “Get me to the ship first and we’ll converse about it later.”

    They make it two third of the way there and Adhoc can see the ship. He can’t make out any details of it other than it is big, round and black. Feeling talkative he tries to get some info on his savior.

    “So Brawn what is it you do?”

    “Oh well believe it or not I’m one of the Wreckers.”

    “A Wrecker really? There aren’t that many of you left.”

    “Sure aren’t. Five of us is a pretty lonely number.”

    “Right. You know I was one of the Shadow Core.”

    “No kidding? Never met you.”

    “Same, but there were a bunch of us, but I’m glad we’re on the same team now.”

    “Same here. I’m sure you got some juicy intel for us.”

    “Hey I don’t mean to sound rude but earlier something didn't seem correct. I think I’m remembering now. It was a vague memory.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You’re a Wrecker alright, but there’s only four of you left according to my knowledge. There’s Ultra Magnus, Springer, Roadbuster, and a fourth whose name escapes me.”

    “You must be thinking of me.”

    It can’t be because from what I heard you weren’t on that four man list.”

    Brawn stops walking.

    “What are you trying to say?”

    I do remember your name, but I heard from an official report that the Wrecker named Brawn died in a fire according to a report by his partner Springer.”

    “You must be hearing things.”

    “Impossible. That information came from Soundwave, and he doesn’t make mistakes.”

    Brawn doesn’t face Adhoc, but instead looks back.

    “Get to the point.”

    “Brawn the Wrecker was reported dead, so who or what exactly is standing right in front of me?”

    Brawn just sighs before speaking up.

    “I am Brawn, and I am a Wrecker, but you’re also completely correct!”

    Before Adhoc can do anything Brawn pulls out a taser and zaps him. He is knocked out cold.

    “The thing is that death can be quite convincing if you know how to pull it off!”

    He drags Adhoc’s body to the ship. The captain of the ship calls him on the comm link before taking off.

    “Yes the target is secured. Can’t wait to see how much money we make off of this one… Lockdown.”
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    Here is the trailer for story six. Note that this very first scene may not make it into the final version.

    In a young girl’s bedroom she goes to sleep with her stuffed animals by her side. Many hours pass, but a drip of water wakes her up from her slumber. She looks over and locates the source of the dripping to her right. Water is leaking, but something is off. The water isn’t dripping down, but rather it’s coming from the floor and dripping upwards. It’s going into the ceiling, and the ceiling has this giant puddle on it. The puddle is strange, like it is alive. Something begins to emerge from the puddle. A body covered in a bondage of wires starts to emerge from it, but there are so many wires it’s impossible to see what is being covered. A disgusting black atrophied hand reaches out to her. It cuts away before she screams.

    Next Rodimus finds himself in some strange land. He’s floating in a dimension with no solid ground as far as the eye can see. It’s just dark purple, glowing, almost oozing in a weird pattern. He finds himself instantly falling into the endless abyss until he sees the red spiral galaxy once more. A massive shadowy hand reaches out for him and crushes him, and he then wakes up sweating from his dream. He drags his hands across his face in exhaustion.

    The next scene has him on the balcony of his residence watching the twin sunrise. Arcee is there as well.

    “You had another bad dream again didn't you?”

    “It’s been happening almost every night now. I can barely sleep.”

    “Maybe you need time off.”

    “No, with the way it’s happening I know the Matrix is trying to tell me something.”

    “How do you figure?”

    “These dreams are more prevalent, more detailed. It’s like a warning of some sort of danger.”

    “Something is coming our way soon?”

    “I’m not sure, but with the frequency that I’ve been getting these I’m starting to believe that whatever this threat may be, it’s already here.”

    It goes black, and then Ron Perlman’s voice enters. He’s doing Slade’s voice from Teen Titans.

    “Why did you create me, father?”

    Music begins playing. It’s like when people put their fingers around the tips of glass bottles to make sound, but it’s far more distorted.

    “Is it because you wanted to feel safe? Well you’re anything but safe now.”

    The scene picks up with three humans in a military bunker. The one in the middle has a burlap sack over his head and is being dragged with his knees hitting the floor. Another scene has Perceptor and Ultra Magnus looking outside to see one of the cities is one fire. The voice continues.

    “Ice that melts the flesh away and fires so cold it burns. I can feel the terror in your veins.”

    Inside presumably in the same bunker but in another room is a giant glass containment unit. Some tall, slender figure has it’s back to the audience outside of it, but a blue fire emerges from inside and surrounds the figure slowly. Despite the fire’s light all that can be seen is the figure still completely darkened, but the eyes are so red and hateful as it looks back.

    The next scene has Rodimus in what looks like he’s at an Aztec temple in Mexico, but something just doesn’t seem natural. At the top of the temple’s staircase is the top half of a strange body impaled on a wooden pole. The body is like flesh with the structure of a skeleton but the face looks like a metallic skull with two completely black eye sockets, an open mouth, and Maleficent style horns. It cuts to black briefly, and it returns to a horde of black insects emerging from inside the body and swarming Rodimus before they all transform into a black liquid he finds himself drowning in. The voice returns again.

    “There is no afterlife, it’s just endless darkness. Nobody will remember you.”

    A familiar evil in a different realm bends the knee to an even greater power. Three flesh like creatures with eyes made of stitches in a red realm appear with no mouth. They all grab knives and stab themselves where their mouths would be, and create their own, and they all have twisted, bloody smiles. Another shot of the villain who is still hidden is facing a mirror, and trying to tear off his own face!

    The beat gets more intense as the music is a distorted guitar hanging on for a note way too long. It shows Quintesson ships approaching Cybertron en masse, and a new scene which reveals Silas and MECH making a full return. MECH hunts down a new Autobot driving away with three new human made Transformers. Miko is armed with the Circuit Breaker cybernetics and blasts out energy at Autobots. It cuts back to Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, and Sonar frantically driving away from the Earth team. It cuts back to the villain whose appearance is still unknown on top of a tall rocky peak. It’s storming outside but the lighting is purple. It flashes briefly to show that his arm is covered in gauze and bandages. He also has a cape. It cuts again to a human who is bruised looking horrified at him.

    “What are you?”


    He touches the human and he begins to glow purple and he starts to melt.

    Everything starts to speed up with the stars in the night sky turning and the entire sky is starting to rotate like a fun house. Las Vegas is where the finale will be and hordes of man made creations are destroying the city. Bumblebee and Swoop are fighting Stinger and a flying MECH Dinobot across all the hotel rooftops. The voice continues.

    “Humanity is a disease, and you just created the cure.”

    On Charr Splicer is fighting back Ramjet while Knockout is facing Dirge. Blitzwing is viciously fighting a new Autobot Another scene with Tarn, Motormaster, Blitzwing, Predaking, and a new Decepticon are walking down an ominous hall ready for a massive battle. Smokescreen and Steeljaw have their backs to one another preparing to do something. The Fallen and Mindwipe are fighting fiercely against someone who is making them both go all out. It all comes to a head with a giant ship flying over the sky. Lockdown has arrived, and he’s not alone. Fracture finally enters the fray and backflips in the air and transforms to drive off. Springer and Brawn are one ziplines shooting at each other at the Mandalay Bay. A sphere of darkness engulfs the city and strands of shadows are pulling humans into it. Lockdown is facing Rodimus, Springer, Sixshot, Kup, and Ultra magnus to a near standstill. Arcee and Springer get pulled away by the darkness, and Rodimus is at his breaking point. Two large, shadowy wings energy from the dome of darkness. The trailer is at the end with the final few scenes of a new red female robot antagonist joining hands with the villain, her lover. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus are having what they think might be one of their last conversations.

    Magnus: “You know you can’t beat him. It's impossible.”

    Rod: “I know, but this is the only choice for me to make.”

    The final scene has Rodimus alone prepping his staff and a wave of shadows begins to enclose itself upon him. The villain speaks one final time.

    “Don’t be afraid, it’s only the end.”

    The title card appears out of black abyss and reads Transformers: Desolation

    Well that’s it for now. I’m taking a break from Transformers and I’m finally ready to begin the three part pilot of the Invincible Spiderman’s first season. Message me for details.
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    WEEGEE Cringe memer

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    An Arby's parking lot
    1)*tears* bludgeon and adhocs battle was hopeless from the start. Adhoc had his principals and bludgeon had his, it's sad but unfortunately it was the only realistic conclusion. Sucks because I liked bludgeon and backlash.
    2)*BOOM*this whole ancient evil things gonna be huge I just know it.
    3)*BOOM*still wonder what blitzwing is planning. Is it connected to lockdown? Are they working for the same thing?
    4)the trailer really makes me believe this next story is gonna be a major turning point in the series. Y'know something to change the status quo.
    5) surprised to see the quintessons so soon.
    6)I'm fucking pumped for MECH I love them and cemetery wind, I wonder if they can be reasoned with. I think Miko can. She's acting on hurt so maybe she can be reasoned with.
    7)I wonder if these demons, the ancient villain, and the dragon have anything to do with unicrons master or his newly revealed history with the primes.
    8)autobots and decepticons working together, neat.
    Well, see you next story.
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    A bittersweet ending to a personal battle if there ever was one. Also the horror vibes in your trailer are strong.
  5. TLK Barricade

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    I've FINALLY finished reading it! Sorry I took so long. I've been meaning to read this for some time, but I kept getting sidetracked. Anyway where do I even begin here? The writing is arguably tied with Scorn of the Star Seekers for best in the series so far, the characters are well-developed and memorable, the fights are epic, the deaths are heartbreaking, the new lore we're learning is very interesting, and this mystery threat is absolutely TERRIFYING!!! A being so powerful that even the combined might of Primus, Unicron, and the original Primes wasn't enough?! What hope do the Autobots and Decepticons have?! Can't wait for the next one! Keep up the good work!
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