Transformers: Ruins of the Forgotten

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    Back so soon are you? Well I got just what you need. A five part mini series that will be over and done before you know it. This takes place after Scorn of The Star Seekers and before story 6. Let's take a look at our synopsis.

    The universe is an expansive environment with no end to the surprises it contains. But in such an infinite space only a small speck is important. That speck is in the form of a Decepticon on the run named Adhoc. One of the two Shadow Core Decepticons that were inspired by Sixshot to become an Autobot. The tale follows him being relentlessly hunted by two of his former associates to kill him for his betrayal. He finds himself stranded in a rust storm in one of the most hostile deserts. He seeks refuge in some ancient ruins uncovered by the storm with his pursuers hot on his tail. He also must he face off against the guardians that still function, and they don’t discriminate in who they attack. Low on energy, time, and ammo, he has to either elude or defeat his two superiors or die trying. In the end Adhoc makes a horrifying discovery of a piece of Cybertron’s history that was erased for a specific purpose as well as a hint of what’s to come.This is heavily inspired from Cliffjumper’s level in FOC, but with more grounded and personal stakes involved. In the background we also get some scenes that I cut from Scorn of the Star Seekers and a few scenes from story 6 I decided to include here instead. The main idea that you the reader should grasp from this short story is that while there is always a tale that gets the headlines, even the smaller, more obscure events can be just as important in the grand scheme of things.

    So here’s our entire cast.

    Adhoc: (Cybertronian Helicopter) Neath Oum

    Bludgeon: (Cybertronian Tank) Hiroyuki Sanada

    Backlash: Kevin Pollak (Cybertronian Sport Bike)

    ?: David Sobolov

    ?: Wentworth Miller
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    An Arby's parking lot
    Alright I like what I'm seeing so far.
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    Sounds interesting so far. :) 
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    Won't start writing until sometime next week, so in the mean time here are the character bios.

    Guardians: You remember them from Cliffjumper’s level, and they’re just as nasty as they were before. Nothing has changed about them outside why they were lurking around the ruins anyway.

    Adhoc: In a seemingly impossible turn of event we have a Transformers Universe Character taking the lead in this short drama. All Shadow Core Decepticons have a specific specialty unique to them and a nickname. His nickname was “The Loner” because he often did missions on his own, and when he did he often worked with Drift and Bludgeon since they were the martial arts weapon users. Adhoc’s specialty is being a mid to long range melee combat expert. His weapons being the perfect tools to constantly put enemies in a state of panic with his unorthodox fighting style and lighting fast attacks. If someone were able to match his weapon’s range or even get in close then he would find himself in danger. To make matters worse for himself, he is one of the lowest ranked members of the Shadow Core, who are often ranked by strength, intelligence, durability, experience, firepower, versatility, rallying effect, and combat skills. Being in the bottom five was always a hardship for Adhoc, but he always strived to improve himself. He has a high sense of honor, and eagerly joined the Decpeticons because he wanted to help his people be seen as true equals. Over the years he had found himself doubting his cause as it became more violent, and between Tarn and a few others methods becoming more monstrous. It wasn’t until Sixshot the fellow member he admired the most defected, and it was then he knew he had to follow suit. He and Drift left together but got separated when Backlash and Bludgeon began their chase after them. Now all alone he must deal with both of them or end up dying along with his dream to save his people.

    Melee: Naginata, a bladed staff with a curved blade used to stab bash or hook enemies. In the hands of a capable warrior like Adhoc is almost a guaranteed defeat.

    Guns: His sole gun is the A4 Pulsar rifle. The fire rate is atrocious, but those sticky bombs allow a more versatile type of advantage for him since he can let them explode naturally or remotely detonate them.

    Voice used: Ren from RWBY from volume 3 onward.

    Bludgeon: Sorry but this guy is not the Pretender he’s best known as. Not many Decpeticons have the level of respect from his peers the way Bludgeon has. Even Mgatron had appreciated his work ethic and dedication. While normally a stoic warrior he finds himself the angriest he’s ever been. All these betrayals from hs group is unacceptable, and he was more than willing to personally attend to the two recent deserters on Galvatron and Tarn’s behalf. He is the textbook definition of an immovable object. When he starts a mission he will weather any storm, move any obstacle in his way and won’t stop until the job. Just like Adhoc, Drift, and Sixshot, he has a large honor, but unlike them he has the fortitude to stick to his allegene even if they have strayed away from their original intent. His patience is tested due to working with Backlash, someone he has never liked or trusted. The only reasons he hasn’t killed him is because killing allies is immoral and the scarce amount of soldiers left makes it equally undesirable. Lucky for Backlash his talents will quell Bludgeon’s temper for now. Now that they have Adhoc in his crosshairs he knows victory is his. He outclasses him in just about every category. After all, what strength is there to someone who has no honor for their cause? His nickname is “Master of Metallikato”, which is a martial arts based on sword combat. It focuses on precision and power in their strikes. Only the most disciplined warrior can do that with every attack. As for his speciality he is a close to mid range specialist. Adhoc may have a slight distance advantage, but Bludgeon will guarantee that won’t be an issue. His design is based directly from his ROTF toy.

    Melee: As a master of the Metallikato he sports a katana and a tanto. A tanto is a short sword, but Bludgeon uses it like a dagger in case he feels extra vicious.

    Guns: He has the cannon from his tank form one stand by, and if he feels inclined he uses a charge laser rifle which can be fired from far away like a sniper rifle or it can be a short to mid range incapacitator.

    Voice used: He’s the dad from The Wolverine, you know the guy he fought after getting the robot parasite removed from his heart.

    Backlash: Another Transformers Universe character joins the fray, but this one only ever made the concept art stage. Seriously he looks like Prime Arcee and Starscream gave birth to a black Fracture before Fracture was ever a thing. Before the war there were plenty of groups of unaligned Cybertronians. Some for independence and others because they had no respect for laws or authority. Backlash was one of the latter. Before he joined the Decepticons Backlash was part of a tribe of bandits that hid out in one of the deserts. He and his gang would ambush supply vans from anyone who dare wander into their territory and take the supplies for themselves. His days of freedom came to an abrupt end when a supply run with Megatron and the Dreads stopped by. After a humiliating defeat they were at his mercy. Megatron saw potential in the tribe because of their skilled fighting and coordination. He offered them either life at the price of servitude, or death. All the bandits except Backlash killed themselves in defiance. He himself like living and swallowed his pride. From there Backlash was almost immediately placed in the Shadow Core. He later got the nickname “Scoundrel Tracker”. His area of expertise is tracking. He can see and detect paths and changes in the surface. His tech allows him to see differences in heat, x-ray through walls, and can see up to half an hour’s worth of trail from someone’s footprints. The closer he gets the brighter the color on his rader gets. Not to mention he’s one heck of a fighter. He is a self-preservationist at his core, and doesn’t like playing with others. He and Adhoc always had a rivalry, and have sparred in training sessions with each other. Of the ten times they fought Backlash won nine of them This dirtbag looks for weaknesses or something to exploit about the person he’s fighting. Then he loots their body and sells their body parts and tech on the black market. All the other Shadow Core hates him, but since he does quality work they let his antics slide for the most part. He’s ready to go for ten on Adhoc, but he is completely aware that it won’t be a simple cake walk.

    Melee: His sharp claws are his preferred opener, but in case he needs something extra those sharp protrusions sticking out of his spine detached from his back to become a spiked whip/club thing. Imagine getting a porcupine

    Gadgets: In addition to all his trancking tech he uses the wheels on the back of his wheels like bladed boomerangs.

    Guns: He has a pistol cannon that has ten rounds in it per mag. It can be used for long or short range, but does more damage from longer distances. Primarily used for headshots or incapacitating targets.

    Voice used: Fracture from RID
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    I like bludgeons personality the most,fractures VA, and lastly adhocs story so far, good lineup. Now let's see where this goes.
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    Interesting stuff. Adhoc is the one I'm looking forward to the most, as I've always loved seeing bad guys realize the error of their ways and seek redemption. It's an overused cliche, but certainly not a bad one. All I have to say about Bludgeon is that he sounds like he's going to be a badass villain. Backlash is kind of like a cross between Lockdown and Yamcha. A strange combination, but one that works. Can't wait to find out who those two mystery characters are.
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    Your Mind
    Just saw this...watching it now
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    What better way to start the new year then with a new release. Already a fifth of the way done with this thing. Here is Part 1: Into the Ruins

    Cybertron, in an unlikely period of peace. All parties seem to have taken a break from all the endless fighting. Even Quintessa is at piece with Alpha Quintesson actually treating his subordinates like people. Not equal, but people. It’s a start anyway. This little tale takes place three days before the sixth adventure, but not everything you see follows in its footsteps. In a lonely little spaceship made for one passenger, a lone Decepticon named Adhoc. He looks like his concept art but slimmer, and a different head that looks closer in shape to the Japanese straw coolie hat to better fit the eastern warrior theme. The part that would normally conceal his face is broken so it is shown full time. His face is also more humanoid and thin with a sharper angle with blue eyes and an X shaped scar on his left cheek. Based on the coloration this wound was recent. He tries to radio into his fellow turncoat Drift.

    “Adhoc to Drift, come in. I know you made it into Cybertron’s atmosphere a few hours ago. Just know that I’m not too far behind. I think after all this time from being chased we finally lost them.”

    Fate is ever the cruel fiend that revels in the misery of the innocent. Adhoc is instantly attacked by two small Decepticon fighters that damage his ship’s rear engines.

    “I should’ve known it wouldn't work out so well for me!”

    Thankfully the ship isn’t damaged enough to stop working. Adhoc is forced to descend into the lower atmosphere, and based on the geography he’s about to hit one of the largest deserts on the planet known as the Devil’s Breath. It earned the name because it has the most violent and unpredictable sandstorms on the planet. The span of a minute can be drastically different from the next. The most violent of hurricanes on Earth don’t even compare to the power of their rust storms. They can come as quickly as they go do an eerie deafening silence. Cartographers have completely abandoned all attempts to map the area because of the fluctuating weather and constantly changing landscape. It’s a worse case scenario for Adhoc, who has his ship pelted by the incoming rust storm. Tons of rust gets into his engines and jams it forcing him to have a crash landing, but with skill and an iron resolve he manages to stick a mostly perfect landing. At the very end the left wing of his ship breaks off and makes it spin around. Suffice to say the ship serves no purpose to him. He kicks open his cockpit and stumbles out of the ground. The winds are calm for the time being.

    “The two of of you are relentless, but I should expect nothing less from the two of you.”

    The two individuals are in their own respective ships. The first is a black variant of the G1 pyramid seeker vehicles but with spikes decorated all over. The second is more round and had a decorative war paint in the shape of a samurai skull as an homage to Bludgeon’s Pretender shell. Adhoc scrambles and grabs a pipe that came out of the wreckage of his ship and starts running across the sand dunes. He failed to notice that parts of the wreckage perfectly fell into place spelling out Transformers: Ruins of The Forgotten briefly before the winds blow everything out of place.

    Adhoc is busy running as both ships try to shoot him on the ground, but he throws rust into their window to obscure their view momentarily. The pyramid shaped ship quickly turns around and fires dangerously close to him. While the shots don’t actually get him they impact is close enough to get him launched into the air and hit a nearby dune. He forcefully rolls down the dune and he spits out the rust. The ships are coming in hot and Adhoc is running out of options.

    The scene ends abruptly to a transition to somewhere in the universe. This scene takes place one week after Thundertron’s defeat. A random green planet is simply minding its own business until something flashes in its atmosphere. The flash is actually two flashes in the form of two flying figures descending to the ground below. It doesn’t take long for the figures get close enough to be identified as The Fallen and Mindwipe. The two transform before they land with Mindwipe doing a little side spin before he hits the ground. The Fallen looks over his surroundings as the planet seems to be fairly normal with grassy pastures, but the sky is green.

    “Not much has changed since I last stepped foot on this world.”

    “Master, this place is hideous. Why are we even here?”

    “Because this place is known for housing the worst of the worst. The dregs of society clamor to this planet like moths to a light. I’ve befriended a few of the locals. They give me information that may catch my interest, and in many cases potential recruits to our cause. How else did you think I recruited another three Decepticons there were recently outcast? They came here looking for a place to suit their needs and I was their angels answering their prayers.”

    “So are we here because there is another potential recruit?”

    “Indeed we are. A strange newcomer fell from the sky with severe injuries that matched a familiar face we knew of.”

    “How did he survive the fall if he was already so heavily injured?”

    “I’d say the planet’s gravity had something to with it. It’s far more like a cushion in nature compared to Cybertron, Earth, or even the artificial gravity of the Tidalwave. That and this one has a particular strong resolve. He’s the perfect candidate to become a Herald.”

    “What makes you think he would join us so willingly?”

    “Because he has nothing left. That’s how you lure people into a cult. You feed into their insecurities. Make them feel like they’ve gone beyond rock bottom. Feed them the information that they want to hear, the promises of absolution and importance. Everyone yearns for a place to belong. We will present ourselves as the only choice he could make. All his wants and needs can be achieved if he joins us, and that is how our numbers have finally begun to increase.”

    “Or we could recruit him with force. I can simply hypnotize him to do our bidding without fail.”

    “There is no fun in that, mindwipe. Even if you did that with him you can’t control all the new recruits, not yet anyway. You simply aren’t strong enough yet. Your fighting skills have improved significantly since your battle inside Unicron, but you mind control powers hasn’t made the same leaps yet.”

    “I can control more people and have greater lengths than before. They have

    “Significant strides they indeed re, but it’s not enough. We are going against several planets worth of people. We need more.”

    “Then let us free Thunderwing, or is he not that important after all?”

    “Thunderwing is crucial to our plans, and his reality-altering powers would speed things up. We still don’t know where he is, so we have to do it this way until the day of judgement arrives.”

    “Our progress still feels slow. You had only yourself, Thunderwing, and his batch before he was imprisoned Then you found me and my brother ,and then we recruited Sideways with Unicron’s help, and it stayed that way until Sideways recruited the one Autobot and the three Decepticons. Now he’s dead and we got three more members since then. Not a lot of progress.”

    “You are correct, but I will say for the most part the individuals we have recruited are of high quality in both power and dedication to the cause. Enough chatting we have to search for the pub.”

    They teleport around until they see smoke in the distance of the forest.

    “There we are. I don’t remember its exact location, but I know a shortcut.”

    The Fallen’s left hand has two rings materialize around it. He shoots one out in front of them and it becomes a portal. He shoots the other one up into the sky to become the portal that will connect to the first on the ground. They step inside and exit out the second portal where the pub is directly beneath them. They both teleport in front of the native bodyguard, who is a green alien warthog wearing a helmet and armor. His body is humanoid in appearance and fat. Hre has a nose ring and he has a severe underbite. His coworker is off to the side

    Native: -oink- “Get lost, we hate people with different appearances from us.”

    Native 2: “Yeah I hate different.”

    Fallen: “Is that a fact? I remember this place being a melting pot of all types of malcontents. Speaking of which where is Alyx? He was the bouncer here.”

    Native 1: “He died in a botched drug deal, so get lost.”

    Native 2: “Or get shredded toaster man.”

    Fallen: “I implore you to let us in. We won’t be long.”

    Mindwipe: “Or I can make you move.”

    Fallen: “Ah yes, use you mind control.”

    Mindwipe disobeys orders and decapitates the grotesque pig within seconds. His associate is frozen in disbelief. The Fallen is most surprised that Mindwipe made the conscious decision to disobey him,and equally impressive was the speed in which he killed him. If he wasn’t paying even a little bit of attention he may not have caught the whole thing.

    Fallen: -sigh- “So it’s happening this way I see.”

    He snaps his fingers, and a small spark makes contact with the second pig’s skin, and he bursts into flames until he finally dies.

    Fallen: (joshing) “I had no idea bacon and disappointment shared the same scent.”

    Mindwipe: “They annoyed me with their repulsiveness..”

    Fallen: “Why didn’t you just use your powers?”

    Mindwipe: (condescending) “There is no fun in that, master.”

    The Fallen is taken aback by Mindwipe’s sudden increase in bravado.

    Fallen: “While I support your curiosity to take alternative paths I advise you keep to yourself. We are here to make allies not enemies.”

    Mindwipe: “Very well, but I don’t want to be seen as just your attack dog. There is something so gratifying about getting my hands dirty. I almost forgot how good it feels to physically hold dominance over someone else.”

    Fallen: “I see, maybe all this time has softened me up a bit.”

    Mindwipe: (cold) “I share your hypothesis.”

    The two open the door where all sorts of alien scum partake in drinking, dancing, and fighting. It’s your typical bar no matter where in the universe. At the very end of the room there is a lone table where the lights are off, and there is the hand of someone with a drink. The Fallen gestures to Mindwipe that they’ve found their man. Both take a seat on the mysterious individual. A light is seen, but it turns out to be his eye, and just one eye. It’s not centered like a cyclops, but it’s where a left eye would be. The hand itself is green with some bukky fingers. Even his voice is gruff and familiar, with some heavy sophistication behind it.

    ?: “What do you want?”

    Fallen: “I wish to help you.”

    ?: “You’ve done enough helping to me. Or shou;d I remind you what your precious gift cost me?”

    Fallen: “So he told you about me?”

    ?: “When Megatronus, the disgraced Prime of the Thirteen walks into your room offering you the means to destroy your enemies then there is no doubt that information would be trusted with a select few.”

    Fallen: “And what did you think?”

    ?: “I think you can’t be trusted. Your help cost me everything. I would kill you if I could, but I know I am no match for you.”

    Mindwipe: -hissing- “Your disrespect will not go unnoticed!”

    Fallen: “Easy, Mindwipe, we’re here to bring him purpose.”

    ?: “I had a purpose once, but now I am alone and humiliated, and I have no idea what became of the others.”

    Fallen: “I have first-hand knowledge of the events of what happened to your crew.”

    ?: “Tell me everything.”

    Fallen: “That information comes at a price.”

    ?: “Name your price, but don’t lie about the information. I will know.”

    Fallen: “If I tell you then you will hear me out on my offer.”

    ?: “Very well, I’ll indulge your provocation.”

    Fallen: “Sad to say your mission failed. Your engineer was smashed to bits, your ice friend melted away, your shark friend committed suicide, and Lazerback was viciously executed. As for your captain he was defeated by Rodimus but he managed to wound the Prime. Galvatron came and brutalized your dear captain, and he died from the wounds he suffered. Your ships exploded and you are one of four of your crew still living. The others are held captive by Galvatron.”

    ?: (solemn) “My ship is destroyed, my family is gone, my captain is gone, and yet I still live as a broken man. If the rest of my family is alive then I must rescue them."

    Fallen: “You can still save them, but only if you join us.”

    ?: “Why would you help me?”

    Fallen: “Because one day in the near future there will be a universal event that will make all of our enemies progress be all in vain.”

    ?: “Why would I serve a cause of god who died to a mere mortal?”

    Fallen: “If you think death is the end for the god of death then you are haven’t expanded your mind for the greatness that awaits.”

    ?: “I see that I’m left with little choice. My only hope is to save what little remains of my family.”

    “And in that you guarantee your survival and gain a new family”

    The person leads in to reveal himself if the hints haven’t already given him away. With his round, damaged face in full view, the former navigator of the Star Seekers Grimwing has survived and looks to finish what Thundertron started. The Fallen hands him a communicator in the shape of the Herald’s faction symbol.

    Grimwing: “What is this?”

    Mindwipe: (displeased) “For a navigator your deductive skills are quite poor.”

    Fallen: “I’m sure you realize that communication is key to running a cult. You will meet our new recruits, and the natives that will help heal your body. We must go now, but I shall take you there.”

    The Fallen opens a portal that Grimwing reluctantly enters and is closed behind him. He gestures to Mindwipe for them both to leave the bar.

    Mindwipe: “What will we do, master?”

    Fallen: “Now we wait. We have specific tasks to be done, but they can’t be completed until we have the right intel. Come, let us return to Earth and hide for the time being.”

    The two portal back to Earth as we cut back to Adhoc’s situation with his pursuers. He staggers trying to get his footing together. Time is running out fast as the spiked ship is coming at him and trying to ram him. The other ship is bombarding him, and he gets caught in the edge of the ensuing explosion which singes his back Time is running out, but the one advantage he has is the circular ship has a poor turning radius unike the spiked one. The thin ship turns around sharply ready for another run. Adhoc calmly grips his weapon and bends his knees ready to strike. The driver doesn’t seem to notice or care, but instead challenges him to a game of chicken. When he gets close enough Adhoc jumps and flips above the ship and slices off the left wing. Adhoc looks behind him as the ship crashes. The pilot exits the cockpit as the ships is spinning around the rust. He rides the jet like surfboard and seems to be having fun rather than be upset. The rounder ship makes its way trying to shoot at Adhoc, but he throws the pipe in his hand right into the cockpit. The silhouette of the pilot doesn’t even flinch as it barely misses his head. It reaches the controls and it is forced to crash land but it lands correctly.

    Adhoc: “Time for me to take my leave.”

    Adhoc steps forward, but a bullet is shot right in front of him, making him freeze up. The culprit is a black and grey Decepticon with large spike protruding from his back. He has gold highlights on where eyebrows would be, the palms of his hands, his knee spikes, and the parts of his arm from the end of his shoulders to the start of his elbows. He even has a small gold, metallic goatee that has its lower half split down the middle into two thin, sharp, forks. Even his voice makes him sound like a complete dirtbag. He is Backlash the tracker, and this is like a highschool reunion, but with murder being tonight’s special event.

    Backlash: “Well if it isn’t my old buddy Adhoc! You’ve been quite the pest. We’ve been chasing you for almost a year nonstop. I don’t get why you just don’t give up. We might’ve lost Drift, but you are the easier target since you are one of our weakest links.”

    Adhoc: “Just leave me be, Backlash. The Decepticons have lost their way. How can you possibly stick with them with the current state they’re in?”

    Backlash: “As if you needed to ask. I have full permission to sell your parts on the black market. I never really liked you, in fact I quite hated you. Now I finally have a legitimate reason to kill you. What upstanding citizen like myself would pass up on such an opportunity?”

    The real ice breaker occurs when a large fist punches the glass of the cockpit completely off the round ship. The pilot slowly gets up and walks menacingly to Backlash, never averting his gaze from Adhoc. His name is Bludgeon, the master of Metallikato. He is the superior to both Adhoc and Backlash. Without saying a word he unsheathes his giant katana blade. The sparks from his damaged ship make contact with the fuel tanks and it explodes behind Bludgeon. The flames of the explosions is mere centimeters from touching his body. The haunting image of his skull mask face makes Adhoc step back in fear. Backlash snickers to himself knowing that the two of them can take him. Bludgeon finally speaks in his powerful, commanding, and borderline divine voice.

    Bludgeon: “Traitor, you have been running on borrowed time,and now it has finally run out.”

    Adhoc: “Bludgeon, I implore you to stop this. You’re a good person I know it. I know you feel conflicted about the changes in our regime.”

    Bludgeon (unphased) “The empty words of a traitor mean nothing, especially from standing on the very ground he desecrates.”

    Adhoc: “I believed in honor and values of virtue, and you once believed in that too.”

    Bludgeon: “I believe in that too. My stance on our faction has not changed. While there are complications that make it harder to follow, I means I must try harder to preserve my loyalty. Every obstacle in my path I have overcome. Any storm I have outlasted, and every fight I ensure my victims are dead or on the verge of it.”

    Adhoc: “You must feel conflicted about how extreme our methods have become.”

    Bludgeon: “No. My opinion doesn’t matter. I am a soldier, and soldiers follow orders no matter how heinous the action. I know my place, and you were foolish enough to believe yourself above us all.”

    Adhoc: “That’s not it at all. I wanted to break free from these chains that made me feel more like a prisoner than a warrior for justice.”

    Bludgeon: “You dishonor us. The Shadow Core’s very name is becoming synonymous with deserters and traitors. To redeem our stolen honor you, Drift, Sixshot, and Fracture must die. Leadfoot is no more, and you’re next.”

    Adhoc: “I don’t want to fight you.”

    Backlash: “Thanks for making it easier for us!”

    Adhoc: “I never said I won’t.”

    Backlash: -grinning- “Even more fun.”

    Bludgeon: “That’s why you didn’t kill me with that pipe. I didn’t move because I knew you lacked the vertebrate to do what is necessary. That’s why you’re one of the lowest ranked among us. It was no accident.”

    Adhoc: “Be that as it may I won’t make that mistake again.”

    Bludgeon: “Your death be so fast your won’t have time to regret your mistakes.”

    Backlash: “Hey make sure to leave some for me!”

    Backlash makes the first move by swiping his claws at Adhoc, who blocks everything but Backlash’s speed makes it difficult to keep it up. Bludgeon slowly walks to the battle, putting himself in an attacking stance. Backlash does a kick to Adhoc’s knee to knock him off balance, and Bludgeon finally is close enough to do an overhead slash so strong it knocks Adhoc on his back. Adhoc rolls backwards and regains his footing as Backlash is jumping around at his sides while Bludgeon presses from the front. All of Bludgeon’s attacks go as he intends it. Adhoc is being knocked around and one of the attacks scrapes the glass on Adhoc’s chest. Bludgeon kicks him to make him fall on his back once more, but this time Backlash jumps and lands right on his chest. The sudden pain makes Adhoc cough up spit. Backlash tries to claw out his face, but Adhoc blocks it with his naginata, and then uses the momentum to roll Backlash over and behind him. Adhoc quickly goes for a sweep of the legs with his weapon, but Backlash hops over it and kicks him in the face. Adhoc gets back up and presses the attack to force Backlash back, and Bludgeon takes the opportunity to attack. Adhoc narrowly avoids a left slash and counters with an attack of his own, but Bludgeon blocks it fast enough that it actually makes Adhoc stumble to the side. It was like hitting a rock. Adhoc tries again and the same result happens, but Bludgeon gives him a hard punch to the stomach, making him clutch it in pain. Adhoc tries to do an uppercut with his blade, but Bludgeon attacks him so viciously it knocks the naginata out of Adhoc’s hands. Bludgeon goes for a stab and manages to pierce a small hole in the upper right side of his stomach, but the wound is superficial. Adhoc falls on his stomach, clutching it in pain. He tries crawling to his weapon, but Bludgeon grabs him by the head and slams him head-first into the ground twice. He picks him up again and looks at him with utter disgust before slamming him down one last time.

    Bludgeon: “You went out as weak as I thought.”

    Backlash: “Let’s finish this. I want his spark to be sold at a premium price!”

    Bludgeon raises his sword to stab him in the chest, but Adhoc proves he is part of the Shadow Core for a reason. He desperately throws two handfuls of rust right into Bludgeon’s face, so he is now blind and misses his attack.

    Bludgeon: (roaring) “You would dare dishonor me further with such cowardly tactics?”

    Adhoc: "You gave me no choice!”

    Bludgeon is still slashing blindly, and that gives Adhoc enough time to grab his weapon and stab Bludgeon above his right ankle. It forces him to go down on one knee so Adhoc can gain distance. Backlash is still close enough to fight him, and they exchange attacks, but they get in a weapon lock together.

    Backlash: "Now that’s more like it! I was starting to think it would be like last time we fought, but you actually want to live.”

    Adhoc: “I’ll do whatever it takes!”

    Adhoc manages to lift Backlash above his head and uses the nagnata to fling him into the air far enough to get the right distance he needs. Backlash lands on his feet, but Adhoc can finally transform into his helicopter form and starts gaining air and more distance. Bludgeon sees that running is no longer an option because of his small injury and transforms into his heavily armored tank. He fires shell after shell but keeps missing.

    Bludgeon: “Backlash, get him!”

    Backlash: “On it!”

    Backlash transforms into a motorcycle and drives in pursuit of Adhoc. The speed of the bike does gain some ground over the helicopter’s slow acceleration, but Adhoc starts gaining a higher altitude and distance.

    Bludgeon: “Shoot him down already!”

    Backlash transforms back and pulls out his gun, a 10 round revolver shaped like a classic SCI-FI death ray.

    Backlash: “Geez, you’re more trouble than you’re worth!”

    He fires most of his clip. The first four shots miss, and then two hit the body of the helicopter. The first sticks in its side while the other one completely penetrates and exits out the other side. Backlash fires one last shot, and in slow motion it takes out the edge of one of the helicopter blades. He comes spiraling down. He transforms back and then transforms again and tries does his hardest to move the rotors fast enough to slow his descent. As unlikely as the idea is it does work to some degree. Adhoc transforms back one last time and shoots something into the ground that Backlash doesn’t notice. Bludgeon has been driving his tank at top speed and almost manages to catch up to Backlash.

    Backlash: “Oh I love it when they fall!”

    Adhoc clutches his arm in pain as he discovers his shoulder got dislocated from the fall. He sets it back in place, yelling out in pain after finishing. He takes a minute to regain his composure and then begins to frantically run. The winds are finally starting but it’s so mild it’s almost impossible to know. Bludgeon transforms back into robot mode as he’s close enough to Backlash to warrant it. Backlash resume his chase on foot.

    Backlash: “There’s nowhere to run now!”

    Bludgeon sees something shining in front of Backlash, who doesn’t notice. Bludgeon realizes what’s going as there is no time left.

    Bludgeon: “Backlash, retreat now!”

    Backlash stops suddenly.

    Backlash: “What are you on about?”

    Backlash sees in the distance Adhoc is holding something in his hand. He recognizes it as a detonator. That’s when Backlash hears something pulsating beneath his feet. A circular blob with a red glowing nucleus that slowly sways on the ground. Backlash retreats, but it’s too late. Adhoc detonates the explosion and Backfire is caught halfway in the blast. It doesn’t kill him, but it does burn his back and sends him right into Bludgeon. Bludgeon is unphased and swats Backlash away like a fly so he doesn’t run into him. Adhoc takes the opportunity to start running again Bludgeon resumes the chase but is interrupted by an angry Backlash.

    Backlash: (bitter) “What was that for?”

    Bludgeon: “You were in my way.”

    Backlash: “You didn’t have to do that. You could've just caught me.”

    Bludgeon: “I chose the path that allows me to continue the pursuit quickest. Helping you would only hinder me."

    Backlash: “You got some nerve, bigshot!”

    Bludgeon: “Are you dead? Are you in a state of complete disrepair?”

    Backlash: “Well no, but-”

    Bludgeon: (sharply) “Then cease your whining and press onward.”

    Backlash: “For a man of so called high honor you sure have horrible manners."

    Bludgeon finally shows some anger and punches Backlash in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. He slams him down on the ground and then picks him up and starts to strangle him with one hand.

    Bludgeon: (menacing) “You made the mistake of challenging my honor when you yourself have been nothing but a self-serving coward. When Megatron found you, you were little more than a rat feeding on the scraps of the giants that towered over you. I never liked you, in fact I hate you almost as much as I hate Adhoc, Sixshot, and Drift right now. All the missions I ever had with you are the ones I hated the most. Not a day went but when I didn’t dream of snuffing you out when we were alone. Your skills are nothing compared to mine. I am the immovable object. My skills have few equals and even fewer superiors. I can’t believe Galvatron sent you to be my aid, but you were all that remains. I should kill you right now. Nobody would question the word of a man of high standing such as myself if I said Adhoc managed to kill you during our hunt.”

    Bludgeon tightens his grip, but Backlash stabs Bludgeon’s hands with all his fingers. He releases him as all the holes on his hand start to bleed. He takes no notice of Backlash and pulls out a giant cloth he wraps around his wounded hand to stop the bleeding.

    Backlash: “Oh yeah? You’re forgetting something about me! You forget why I was picked to accompany you. It was because my tracking skills are second to none. You’re right, compared to you I would not defeat you. You’re one of the best fighters out of all of us. We all have our talents. You don’t have to like me, but you better acknowledge my speciality and use to you.”

    Bludgeon: “Your words are correct. I will admit I would be lost without your direction. I will allow you to lead the way. We were assigned as a team and we will work as one, as long as you are willing to as well.”

    Backlash: “You got yourself a deal, but let’s hurry.”

    Backlash starts running forward, but the legendary winds finally make themselves known and make Backlash go flying backwards. Bludgeon barely stays put and manages to grab Backlash before he flies past him. He starts pulling them both against the current.

    Backlash: “Are you crazy? The winds are too strong.”

    Bludgeon: “We keep moving forward.”

    Backlash: “We’ll never make it!”

    Bludgeon: “I said we keep moving forward!”

    Backlash: “But why?”

    Bludgeon: “Because this may be our one chance to get him. These winds are powerful, but they only delay us for so long. There is no storm that has ever conquered me, and I will press on no matter what it takes. We’re a team, and either we both make it out of this alive or we don’t come back at all. Adhoc will die, and we will make sure of it together.”

    While Bludgeon proves himself a legend by moving against the triple digit speeds of the wind we return to Adhoc, who is still running. A new force of wind knocks him forward, and he is rolled until he reaches a part of the sand area vastly different from the rest. It seems like he’s approaching the beginning of a sand pit. Looking over it he sees that it looks to go on for miles and miles without end. With no choice but to follow the path he slides down several stories of sand onto the flat surface below. When he hits the ground he finds himself hitting a hard surface, an oddity for the texture of the floor to just drastically change. Adhoc kicks some rust over and finds a metallic and stone ground.

    “What is this?”

    He crouches down and wipes more away and discovers the head of a statue sporting the appearance of Megatronus. It’s broken up but still recognizable.

    “A shrine to him? I don’t remember there being many left intact like this."

    The winds kick off revealing more statues of the other Primes like Alpha Trion, Vector, Solus, and Quintus.

    “Incredible, a set of statues forgotten by time, and this is what’s left of where it stood. A marvel to be sure.”

    The desert has more surprises as dunes of rust are blown away by the winds to reveal an entire city buried. Adhoc can’t believe what he’s seeing as something doesn’t seem right by the state it’s in. More statues are topples over and it looks like there are remnants of burn marks and several holes. There isn’t a body to be found. Not even a single spare part. It’s like all the inhabitants fled or vanished from whatever caused this. The city just seems to go on for tens of miles, and now revealed to Adhoc is the opening of a doorway In front of the doorway lays a fountain with an imposing statue of a horned individual sitting in chair with a cruel grin on his face. The thing about the chair seems rather familiar, almost like something was mentioned back in Eradication. Adhoc knows all too well who this is and looks at the statue with disdain.

    “Liege Maximo, the trickster of the Thirteen. The original evil among our demigods. Megatronus may have killed you in cold blood, but you were the reason they all fell from grace. Critics will always point the finger on your brother, but I know you were no hero.”

    His design is exactly as his depiction in Exodius as a robot Loki. Adhoc walks off not even giving the statue a second thought and enters the ruins, closing the door behind him. Adhoc is going through a visual overload trying to understand what this place could be. Descriptions will come next time, but you can use Cliffjumper’s FOC level as the general idea, but with far less metal and more stone and rocks. Adhoc takes the time to remove the bullet in his body and flicks it out, not really paying attention to the blood trail he leaves behind. Soon after Bludgeon and Backlash come across the ruins from the top of the pit.

    “What the heck is this place?”

    “It’s where Adhoc is no doubt hiding.”

    "Yeah but what is this place exactly?”

    “I don’t care what it is. What matters is our objective.”

    “So I take it you have no clue either.”

    “This looks like an early civilization, but we know of all the first cities...and yet.”

    “And yet this is nothing like the texts.”

    “Something horrible happened here. This was no ordinary disaster."

    “Glad we weren’t around when it happened.”

    The two come across the statue of Liege Maximo, and Bludgeon’s tone becomes more reserved.

    “This statue is nothing but an omen.”

    “An omen for what?”

    Bludgeon looks back at him, his eyes becoming far more intense.

    (intense) “Death.”

    (nervously) “Well um, maybe we should let Adhoc fall victim to the omen alone.”

    “No, we must stay the course.”

    “But the omen means death like you said.”

    “Death will not stop me for it is not my time. Together we will make death realize it does not control us, we control it. Adhoc is to die by our hands and our hands alone."

    “You’re quite inspiring when you’re not trying to kill me. Let’s go, champ!”

    Backlash decides to disrespect the statue by mutilating it.

    “That’s what I think of your omen!”

    “Begin the search.”

    Backlash agrees and they enter the same hallways, but they go down a path the ruins did not present Adhoc. The statue had suffered Backlash’s wrath by rotating his horns 180 degrees so it looks like he has head fangs. In fact, it gives off a sense of deja vu. Like it takes the form of something he was known for in another life. The winds pick up more intense than ever as one last frame of the statue is seen before it cuts back to Adhoc.

    “I know they're looking for me, but this place is so massive I doubt they’ll find me.”

    Adhoc is about ten minutes into the hallways of the ruins where he goes past a skinny cycloptic statue. It changes into a first person point of view from the statue’s perspective, but it’s pitch black. Adhoc’s footsteps are long gone, and red text appears on the upper right.

    “Motion sensors triggered, resurrecting mass search protocol.”

    The statue wasn’t a statue at all. It’s a living machine, too primitive to count as real life yet has some level of autonomy. There are hundreds of the same type of robot activating all across the ruins. Adhoc inadvertently made the journey more difficult for the three of them. The robot speaks in a deep and more mechanical sounding voice than current Cybertronians.

    “No survivors, must shroud the past.”
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    A chilling an intense start for sure. Adhoc's really got a lot on his plate.
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    An Arby's parking lot
    Not gonna lie I'm kinda routing for grimwing to get some revenge on Galvatron. Galvatron has it coming.

    What the hell has adhoc stumbled upon?

    The writing has really improved here. It's looking to be the best of the series so far.
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    My sentiments exactly.
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    At long last I finally got another out to be the longest part in this mini arc and part three will be a little shorter than this one. I cover a lot of this time so you're in for quite the experience. O̴n̴e̶ ̴t̷o̸ ̶d̴i̴e̶ ̶f̸o̴r̶. Here is part 2: The Trial and The Guardians

    Current day Cybertron has had a period of repair from the Tidawave’s attack. The areas unaffected by the damage has seen an increase of hysteria because two world ending threats within two years of Optimus’s death and Rodimus’s reign. Some people are beginning to think Rodimus’s reign might be cursed. In other news, some people in the ghettos are reporting sightings of a “ghost arm” crawling all around the cities aimlessly. The Autobot reading the newspaper about it has a helmet in the fashion of a 1940’s sailor hat with a little star off to the side. He’s an older fellow who is taking some heavy drinks from his bottom and is all alone. His drinking is interrupted when he hears the metallic pitter-patter of something scurrying across the road from him. His vision is blurry from the heavy drinking, but he manages to pull it together long enough to see the ghost arm using it’s fingers to dash acros the street. The arm is grey and silver with long, sharp fingers. Something is familiar about it, like he’s seen it many times in one way or another. It vanishes around a corner never to be seen by him again. The Autobot takes a long, hard look at his bottle and then just chugs the rest of it down because the whole world is going crazy.

    Now for a more relevant plot point featuring Rodimus and Ultra Magnus. The trial against the Autobots that are charged in the neglect and starvation of the Decepticons on Charr. Both of them are tasked with carrying out the trial with Ultra Magnus as the prosecutor and Rodimus as the judge. Perceptor is also in the audience for evidence review. Trials on Cybertron are much quicker than human trials because they can go through evidence and testimonies much quicker. There are rare cases of objections as long as there is a level of proof. Evidence can be brought in on the last day before the jury makes a decision. In this case the evidence against the accused is insurmountable that the best they could attempt is a plea. Interestingly enough the accused have decided to not seek a lawyer and are instead representing themselves. The trial begins with Rodimus opening.

    Rod: “On behalf of everyone here today we have a truly disturbing case that we’ve all come to learn about. This trial will beg the question on whether morality truly matters in war or not, and it’s up to you, the jury to decide whether the accused are delivering justice, or the villains they swore to defeat. This trial should take less than 3 days to complete with the evidence and witness testimony provided. The accused will now enter.”

    Three Autobots enter the room that are handcuffed, all in different sizes and colors. One is yellow, robust, and turns into a caterpillar construction vehicle. His head is flat like an anvil. The second is a dark blue Autobot of an average build. It’s hard to tell by the distribution of vehicle parts on his body, but he turns into some sort of truck with a plow on its grill. His head is shaped like G1 Brawn, but the face has three symmetrical metallic creases on both of his cheeks, and he has a much more hardened look like something out of the Bay movies. The last Autobot looks like steps out of the Prime aesthetic with an above average build. He is a lighter shade of blue with yellow stripes around his body. The most notable being on his head and stop right before reaching his eyes. He turns into an Earth Nascar numbered 88. They sit in the defendant’s seat as Ultra Magnus gestures to them.

    Magnus: “Will the accused state their names for the court.”

    The Nascar Autobot in a slick voice responds with “Pitstop.”

    The construction Autobot sounds as deep as his body is large. He answers with “Roadblock.”

    The last Autobot speaks with a grizzly aged soldier type of voice, replying with “Scattorshot.”

    Magnus: “So let’s not waste anymore time. You may answer the questions as you see fit. The three of you were tasked with keeping the rations of the Decepticons in high supply were you not?”

    Roadblock: “That is correct.”

    Magnus: “And you are aware that the evidence on you is overwhelming, correct? There is no way you can prove yourself innocent.”

    Scatter: “We are quite aware.”

    Magnus: “The best you can do is a plea deal, which we are willing to give you.”

    Pitstop: “We’ll plead alright, but we have an even better alternative than just a deal.”

    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus share a confused look at each other before continuing.

    Magnus: “And what exactly is that?”

    Scatter “Complete exoneration of all charges.”

    The jurors start murmuring among themselves from such a bold statement.

    Rod: “Perhaps this is your first experience with legal proceedings. The law doesn’t work like that we-”

    Pitstop: “I’ll stop you right there, pal. We aren’t dumb, we all know the law like the back of our hand. The point we’re making is that while we are undoubtedly guilty, it’s only a matter of perspective.”

    Roadblock: “I say what we’re accused of should be illegal because our motives were to benefit every Autobot living and dead.”

    Rod: “I fail to see where it benefits us.”

    Pitstop “Oh right, I forgot you’re the Prime that cares more about being friends with the Decepticons than helping the rest of his people.”

    Magnus: “You would dare disrespect the Primes in a court of law?”

    Rod: “Let him continue, I want to hear his explanation.”

    Scatter: “What he means is that your methods are not to our liking. Optimus Prime wouldn't hesitate to make them pay for all they’ve done. You on the other hand want to rehabilitateand redeem them all.”

    Roadblock: “Remember before Unicron attacked we were all forced into hiding. Those that were found were killed. Men, women, children, it made no difference.”

    Rod: “It is to our understanding that Shockwave went against orders, the only time he ever disobeyed Megatron.”

    Roadblock: “Be that as it may there are those like Tarn, Shockblast, Motormaster that are still alive. Do you think they would be as generous as you have been?”

    Roadblock: “Then there’s the most powerful Decepticon triple changer still at large. Any idea where he is?”

    Rod: “Not a clue.”

    Scatter: “Until those individuals are dealt with we have to come to the realization that peace is impossible. Starving them is the least they all deserve.”

    Pitstop: “See, your whole legacy is built on undoing everything Optimus stood for. You aren’t him and you’ll never be him.”

    Rod: “You’re correct I’m not Optimus Prime, I’m Rodimus Prime. You can dislike my rule all you like, but that doesn’t change that I’m in charge. I’m not the one on trial here, you are. We'll start with the witnesses.”

    The witnesses that were brought are Mixmaster, Scavenger, and Hightower. Hightower is the first up on the stage. Another difference between Earth’s trial system is that the accused can question the witnesses as well. Ultra Magnus starts his questions.

    Magnus: “Hello Hightower, how are you doing?”

    High: “Doing alright I guess.”

    Magnus: “Can you describe the conditions on Charr?”

    High: “Hot, sweaty, crowded, and violent. We were constantly starving.”

    Magnus: “And we had scheduled fairly regular supply drops for you.”

    High: “So you said.”

    Magnus: “but how often did they come?”

    High: “We were lucky if it was once every two weeks.”

    Magnus: “Amd were the rations to the numbers that would feed everyone?”

    High: “No, they were barely over a third, and many Decepticons died because of it.”

    Magnus: “Do you know how many?”

    High: “Eighty-five I think.”

    Magnus: “No further questions.”

    Pitstop rubs his hands together smiling and begins his questioning.

    Pitstop: “So isn’t it true a piece of the Tidalwave hit Charr, wiping most of the army out?”

    High: “Yes.”

    Pitstop: “So did we do that?”

    High: “No.”

    Pitstop: “Alright, now how many of you died?”

    High: “Nearly all of us. Only 45 are left on Charr.”

    Pitstop: “Forty-five you say? That’s such a horrific number! Now can you once more confirm we had nothing to do with that?”

    High: “You are correct.”

    Pitstop: “Last question, if the Decepticons that we starved to death had the food and the piece still crashed, do you think they would’ve survived?”

    High: “Probably not.”

    Pitstop: “No further questions.”

    Pitstop returns to his seat with a smarmy grin on his face. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus whisper to plan their next move.

    Magnus: “I don’t like that guy. There’s something about him I find suspicious.”

    Rod: “He’s quick on his feet. I bet the other two are the same.”

    Magnus: “We will now call the next witness.”

    Next up on the stand is Mixmaster, who has a hard time fitting in the chair due to his long arms.

    Magnus: “Greetings Mixmaster, I hope you’re doing well all things considered.”

    Mix: “Well things have gone well for me and the gang lately since you both helped us out with the mansion and the investigation.”

    Magnus: “So I heard a rumor that one of the Autobots here has a vendetta against the Constructicons, especially you. Have you heard of it?”

    Mix: “Someone hates me? That’s impossible!”

    Magnus: “If one of you have a vendetta against the Constructicons in particular please raise your hand.”

    Roadblock slowly raises his hands.

    Magnus: “I don’t really have any questions for you Mixmaster, so I think it would better help our case if you two interact.”

    Pitstop and Scattorshot look at each other like Ultra Magnus is crazy, but Roadblock is unafraid and begins his case.

    Road: “This is the first time I get to meet you up close. It’s both an honor and a disservice.”

    Mix: “A disservice? Don’t you have any kindness in you?”

    Road: “Do you?”

    Mixmaster pauses.

    Mix: “I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Just who are you anyway?”

    Road: “I can’t blame you for knowing who I am. I’m a hard worker just like you, but where you had all the success in the world I was left in the dust.”

    Mix: “But how do I factor into this?”

    Road: “Before the war I was in the construction business. It was a good honest job, and we were able to have a fairly successful career.”

    Magnus: “And what happened?”

    Road: “The Constructicons appeared out of nowhere and took the world by storm. Their first project was all over the news. Nobody had ever seen such a massive skyscraper of that magnitude done in such an impossible timeframe. It would’ve taken someone like myself half a year, and yet the seven of you did it in less than three weeks.”

    Mix: “Oh yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday. I knew then I had the perfect team.”

    Road: “After that I found it harder to find work because you were always the top choice.”

    Mix: “Well you said it yourself we were the best of the best.”

    Road: “You had a near monopoly on all construction projects. I went out of business because of you.”

    Mix: “Well I’m really sorry about that, bud. We didn’t mean to run you out of business. You could’ve joined us, we could've used the extra hands.”

    Road: “Funny you mention that because I did. You said you didn’t want to split the pay eight ways.”

    Mix: “Well it’s because that’s my money!”

    Everyone in the court reacts negatively to Mixmaster’s greed. Ultra Magnus has his back to the audience and stands in the corner alone. Rodimus covers his face with both hands and slowly sinks into his chair.

    Mix: (desperate) “Wait, that’s not what I meant. I mean, the whole gender pay gap thing is a myth anyway. I don’t think I even pay Hightower minimum wage!”

    High: “I knew it!”

    Scavenge: “Ha! I at least get the minimum wage… wait.”

    Mix: “Oh what could you possibly need all that money for Hightower? You’re a crane with arms and a face!”

    High: “How about to pay for the therapy I need from all the trauma you guys give me!”

    Mix: “It’s not as bad as it looks. Overload didn’t even take money usually. He insisted I find him a collection of used Donald Duck condoms. I didn’t even know those were a thing until we arrived on Earth. He said it would help get one step closer to weaponizing orphan scalps.”

    Road: “So not only are you a conceited idiot you’ve proven to be a cheapskate as well. So have you paid your taxes?

    Mix: “Nope!....Wait, you weren’t supposed to hear that!”

    Road: “No further questions. You know, after all the Decepticon militia was exiled I thought I would be able to find work, but the influx of Junkion immigrants has made it equally difficult from the low cost and large numbers. It seems Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus are friends to all except their own people.”

    The tide of the battles has clearly turned into the accused’s favor. Scavenger is the last one up. Pitstop is the one doing the questioning first this time.

    Scatter: “So how exactly were the rations distributed?”

    Scavenge: “There were hardly any if we ever got them. We were lucky if you guys gave us a quarter of what we were owed.”

    Scatter: “Is that a fact? Now tell me this, who were the Decepticons that were supposed to deliver them to you?”

    Scavenge: “That was Astrotrain and Octane.”

    Scatter: “Astrotrain and Octane? Well it all makes sense now. I’m sure you know Astrotrain is pretty self-centered, and don’t even get me started on Octane.”

    Scavenge: “Even if they witheld some of the rations you still didn’t give us them all.”

    Scatter: “Be that as it may I have proof that we actually provided at least 85 percent of what we were supposed to give. I have records of it.”

    Scattershot hands Scavenger a PDA which holds all the records of the Autobot’s shifts. Scavenger's expression seems to confirm its legitimacy.

    Rod: “If you don’t mind I’d like to have Perceptor take a look at that.”

    Scatter: “Go ahead, but I'm not sure what you’re looking for.”

    Perceptor is handed the evidence and transforms into his microscope form. He scans it quickly before transforming back.

    Perce: “This is legitimate.”

    Scatter: “Well now that that's settled I have one last thing to ask you. You’ve been given many luxuries from the Autobots. What’s to say your entire testimony isn’t already bought?”

    Scavenger pauses a moment to collect his thoughts before answering, and his answer catches everyone off guard.

    Scavenge: “It’s true that they’ve been helping us and they’ve given us many reasons to help them. I, however, look at the bigger picture. They are flawed people that have done wrong and they’re trying to make up for it. We are flawed people as well that has done wrong as well. I’m in a court of law where truth matters above all. Help or not I’m given the opportunity to speak the truth of what is going on. If we really hope to have peace we all have to be honest about ourselves. My boss is cheapskate but he’s not a cold blooded killer. We may have had a monopoly on construction projects but it was never our intention to run Roadblock out of business. We hurt people as Devastator, but it was for our side to win. What you three Autobots did was out of pure hatred. You tried to commit genocidde on your enemy, and that makes you no better than Tarn. You might think you’re the heroes, but I see a bunch of cowards too scared to take us at our best.”

    Scattorshot nearly pops a fuse but Rodimus slams down the gavel before the situation gets too heated.

    Rod: “Order in the court.”

    Scatter: “No further questions.”

    Scattershot returns to his comrades at the seat, and Scavenger is excused.

    Pitstop: “You did fine. That useless runt has quite the mouth on him.”

    Road: “It doesn’t matter. The justice system will prevail. We’re on the right side of history.”

    Scatter: “I know, but I think we all underestimated him.”

    Scavenger reunites with Mixmaster and Hightower, who are both ecstatic from his speech.

    High: “Where did that come from?”

    Scavenge: “I don’t know it just sort of...happened.”

    Mix: “Well I think we finally found your talent, speeches of all things!”

    High: “I think he turned the tide in our favor.”

    Mix: “As a reward I’m upping your pay, Scavenger. Since I’m in a good mood I’ll even promote Hightower to minimum wage!”

    High: “Hell yeah suck it Scavenger!….wait a minute.”

    Since the trial is over and everyone is leaving Rodimus pulls Ultra Magnus and Perceptor aside.

    Rod: “I think it’s safe to say we all slept on Scavenger.”

    Magnus: “My respect for him certainly increased.”

    Perce: “But will it be enough to sway the jury?”

    Rod: “I’m not sure, but something about Pitstop rubbed me the wrong way.”

    Magnus: “Who didn’t he rub the wrong way?”

    Rod: “No not like that. I feel like I recognized him from somewhere before, but I can’t remember it from the top of my head.”

    Perce: “So what do you want out of us?”

    Rod: “I want you to dig deeper into all of their records. I feel like this is more than just three random Autobots hating on Decepticons. They’re hiding something I just know it.”

    Perce: “I’ll look into it for sure.”

    With a new plan in motion we transition back to our main story. Adhoc is exploring his new surroundings while also keeping his guard up from his possible pursuers. Everything he sees raises more questions. On the wall It depicts ancient people with very primitive weapons, and this triggers a spontaneous flashback to Adhoc’s days in the war. Not much is there to make out other than screams in the background and some areas set on fire in an unknown city and a look of horror on his face. It makes a static screen transition where he is alone with Tarn in a confined room. This is the “punishment room” where Shadow Core members that fail a mission are punished with a savage beating by Tarn. It’s Adhoc’s turn as he failed to meet a specific standard. He’s getting kicked while he’s downed and then slammed into a wall. Tarn applies pressure to his head before speaking.

    (steely) “If I apply any more pressure against your head you’ll crack open, and nothing of value would be lost.”

    “Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to-”

    -snapping- “I don’t care what you meant! What matters is what you did, or rather didn’t do. When I tell you to kill someone I expect no hesitation. Bludgeon is becoming exactly what he was destined to be, and you are weak.”

    “I know.”

    “When I first found you all those years ago you tried to end your own life, and I stopped you. Was that a mistake?”


    “Then you better shape up.”

    Tarn lets go of Adhoc but punches him in the chest, making him crumple to the floor.

    “You think they would let you live? They wouldn't. That’s why we’re better than them. We are cleansing our planet from an infection we let run rampant for so long. Maybe you’re infected now and I should kill you while I have the chance.”

    “I promise I won’t fail you again”

    “You better not, and if you do I want you to know that there is no space, no planet, or crevice where we won’t find you.”

    Adhoc monologues to himself.

    “After that I did my best to uphold my promise, but when Sixshot defected I knew it was a promise I could no longer keep. I spent my whole life wondering if I should've just ended it all, but for now I can’t decide when fate is trying to take that decision away from me.”

    His moment of silence is broken when out of the corner of his eyes he sees a discrepancy with the floor. There is so much dust and rest around that a large open space with footprints he doesn’t recognize that cleared a way.

    “These don’t belong to Backlash or Bludgeon. I’m not alone in these ruins after all. Who or what could still be living here after all this time? I don’t think I want to find out.”

    He wastes no time pulling out his weapon, but before he goes any further he notices he’s been bleeding this whole time from the wound Backlash inflicted on him earlier.

    “I better patch myself up quickly. Backlash can track my trail. I need to get going quickly.”

    Adhoc finds the exit and sees the only viable path is another, larger part of the ruins 300 meters away from his position. The storms are kicking up again as he still can’t transform and fly out. While he is working against the storm it transitions back to Backlash and Bludgeon who are searching for their target.

    “So what do you think this place is?”

    “I’m not sure.”

    “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    “Nor I. We must continue.”

    “Right, give me a moment. The bullets I shot him with had trackers. We’ll find him in no time.”

    Bludgeon follows Backlash’s lead and they begin looking for the bullet. Bludgeon takes notice of a wall painting depicting people cowering from what looks like a centipede monster. This triggers a flashback from Bludgeon’s perspective. It starts with Bludgeon’s own creation from the protoform factory. The very first image he sees from awakening is Tarn’s face. The look in his eyes is so soft and loving, which is the complete opposite of what everyone knows him for.

    “Welcome to the world you beautiful masterpiece!”

    (panicking) “What’s going on? What is this? Who are you? Who am I? What am I doing here? What is all this I’m feeling?”

    (tender) “Calm down. You’re on Cybertron, our home planet. You are a protoform given life.”

    “Life? What is life? What is a protoform??”

    “Life is what you’re experiencing here in the protoform factory. A protoform is what you were when you were given life. Now you’re a fully realized lifeform. As for my name. My name is Tarn, and it is such a pleasure to meet you.”

    “Likewise I guess. My name is….it’s… I don’t have a name.”

    “I’ll help you get one. I know when we find it I have no doubt it will fit you perfectly. Come, we must hurry.”

    A loud boom is heard in the background, which frightens the newborn.

    “What was that?”

    “The enemy draws nearer.”

    “The enemy?”

    “The Autobots, ruled by their tyrant Optimus Prime.”

    “What do they want?”

    “They wish for our destruction.”


    “Because they hate those that oppose them. Before the war we were treated as second class citizens. One day a hero rose up, and his name was Megatron. He and a small crew eventually rose to the ranks and led our army of Decepticons against the oppressive regime of Autobots.”

    “Am I Decepticon?”

    “Yes you are, and for that reason alone you have achieved perfection. The Autobots are an invasive species that want to cause our extinction. The only way to ensure our future is to destroy them first. Will you stand with our fellow brethren and stop this injustice once and for all?”

    (inspired) “yes I will!”

    “Excellent! Come outside let’s find a vehicle for you.”

    Outside are a collection of different vehicles for Bludgeon to choose. He fancies a nearby tank but is unsure of what to do.

    “I feel drawn to this one, but I don’t know what you meant.”

    “Take a deep breath, focus on it, and the rest will come to you.”

    Bludgeon trusts him and does as instructed, and he suddenly scans the tank, and tank parts appear on his formerly barren body.

    “What just happened? What are these?”

    “You are now one with the vehicle you scanned. Now try to focus on becoming the tank.”

    Bludgeon hesitates before attempting it, and lo and behold he has his first transformation.

    “You’re a natural my friend.”

    (panicking ) “I’m stuck like this, please help me!”

    “Calm yourself, just do what you did before but in reverse.’

    Bludgeon calms down and returns back to himself.

    (bewildered) “Incredible… what is this?”

    “That is the power of transformation. We all have that ability, and you can do it as many times as you want. Be warned, for the Autobots have this ability as well. They could be any vehicle or electric object, so be mindful of your surroundings.”

    “I will, now let’s go.”

    Both transform and drive off, and Bludgeon narrates part of the flashback.

    “I was so naive back then. Tarn was an expert manipulator who knew just how to sway people to his side. All the half-truths and hyperbole to resonate an emotional response. It was a routine he mastered. I then understood it was propaganda, and not an intentional means to harm me. For that I never resented him, in fact I looked up to him. Meeting Megatron was also like meeting the person one searches their whole life for. Everything he said was poetry, and it filled me with determination. I trained harder than I ever thought was possible. I was born to be a warrior, and since Tarn was a protoform like me I always wanted to know what he was made for. He never gave me an answer. Something was off about how he didn’t respond, but I never pressed because it was clearly something personal to him. One day I finally earned my name after bludgeoning a training partner's head with the hilt of a sword. That’s when Tarn introduced me to my own team.”

    Tarn introduces him to members of the Shadow Core. Present are Sixshot, the Dreads, Buzzsaw, a purple Decepticon with a spiked mohawk, a jet Decepticon colored marine blue with a few gold highlights on his knees, head crests, eyebrows, fingertips, and wings. His cockpit on his chest is dark red and almost concealed by his chassis. The wings of the jet on his back stretch out and bend like the wings of a bird about to take flight. This is the second in command of the Shadow Core, but we haven’t reached the stage of his relevance quite yet. He doesn’t acknowledge Bludgeon and instead sits on the rail of a balcony where a female Decepticon that looks like she transforms into a truck is sitting with him.

    Tarn: “Don't mind them, they only acknowledge the strong. As for the rest of you, meet our newest inductee, Bludgeon.”

    Sixshot instantly comes to greet him and shakes his hand.

    Sixshot: “You must be quite the high caliber warrior to join our ranks. I look forward to working with you.”

    Bludgeon: “It is a high honor to be inducted into the famous Shadow Core.”

    Buzzsaw sneers at him and flies at his face, only stopping mere centimeters from it before immediately putting the rookie in his place.

    Buzzsaw: “To truly become one of us you must live, fight, or die for the greatness of Megatron. Megatron is the Decepticons, and we are blessed to be seen as part of him. If one doesn’t devote their entire existence to serving Megatron, then he is never truly alive.”

    Sixshot: “Easy, Buzzsaw, we shouldn’t pile too much on him all at once.”

    Buzzsaw: -snarling- “I am Megatron’s personal envoy that he entrusted, not you, Sixshot, so know your place! We will never be a perfect as Megatron, but we can all one day gain at least one percent of his greatness.”

    Bludgeon: “If that is what it takes to become one of you I will do it.”

    Buzzsaw: “Talk is tough, you will convince me with action and results. Your life is forfeit, and all that matters is the mission.”

    Bludgeon continues his narration.

    “Not too long after that we were thrust into battle. I studied the ancient art of metalikito, and I became one of the few people in Cybertron’s history to earn the rank of master. Later on I earned the respect of all of my peers. I did my best to live up to Tarn and Buzzsaw’s philosophies that nothing mattered except the mission. I was but a humble pawn in Megatron’s chess game. One fateful night tested by resolve, and set me on the path I’m on now.”

    It flashed forward a few years in the aftermath of a bloody battle in an unnamed city. The entire location is either on fire, smoking, or destroyed beyond repair. Tarn, Sixshot, Bludgeon, Buzzsaw, Adhoc, and two unnamed members of their Shadow Core are finishing off the straggling soldiers. Buzzsaw is biting off the face of an Autobot soldier, and Adhoc looks away before he completely crunches down. Tarn surveys the area and dusts off his hands.

    Tarn: “It looks like this is the last of the resistance. Another successful Autoboy purge.”

    An Autobot comes out of nowhere and nearly blindsides Tarn, but a loud blast is heard and a giant hole is put in the Autobot’s head. Off in the distance one of the unnamed Shadow Core Decepticons fired a sniper shot just in time. It’s hard to make out his appearance outside of him being quite slender with a purple and green paint job.

    Tarn: “Superb punctuality as always.”

    The Decepticon gives him a thumbs up before resuming his scan of the area. The other unnamed member drives by in his vehicle mode, a dark grey car that looks like the equivalent to a Mustang.

    Tarn: “Do one last sweep of the area just to make sure we didn’t miss a spot.”

    The car revs up its engine in response and drives off. A full small murmurs are heard under the rubble and Tarn’s eyes with such fierce intensity it makes everyone but Buzzsaw jump. Two Autobot citizens were hiding underneath a slab of metal from a fallen building. Tarn’s true colors explode out him without hesitation.


    Autobot 1: Please don’t hurt us!”

    Autobot 2: “We surrender!”

    Bludgeon: “Sir, it appears to be two citizens, not soldiers.”

    Tarn: (cold) “I’m well aware of that.”

    Buzzsaw: “We should kill them where they stand.”

    Adhoc: “I see no point in doing it. They pose no threat to us.”

    Buzzsaw: -snarling- “You dare question our authority?”

    Tarn: “There’s no need for hostility, Buzzsaw. Our comrade simply doesn’t understand why they must die. It is our duty as their superiors to educate them, is it not?”

    Buzzsaw’s left eye twitches with a fleshy jiggling noise before he looks away with a look of annoyance.

    Tarn: “Allowing them to live will allow the infection to spread further. You are the cure to this virus. They may be citizens, but even citizens can become soldiers, and citizens are still Autobots. We can't allow a single soul to survive, or we will always be plagued with oppression. Now then Sixshot, would you kindly do the honors?”

    Sixshot pauses before looking around.

    Sixshot: “Do you hear that?”

    Adhoc: “Hear what?”

    Sixshot: “I think there are other survivors.”

    Tarn perks up immediately.

    Tarn: “Really? Where?”

    Sixshot: “I’ll check it out, with your permission of course.”

    Tarn: “Granted.”

    Sixshot transforms into his winged wolf form and flies off.

    Tarn: “Now then Bludgeon, would you do the honors?”

    Bludgeon begins to unsheathe his sword, but looks back at Adhoc, whose eyes beg him not to follow through.

    Tarn: “Do it.”

    Bludgeon fully unsheathes his sword and prepares to swing his blade at the defenseless citizens, but his hands are trembling. Tarn grows impatient from the hesitation.

    Tarn: “I won’t ask you again, Bludgeon.”

    Bludgeon: “Commander, please tell me this is the right thing before I do it.”

    Tarn: “It is the right thing to do. Do you think they would have mercy on you if roles were reversed?”

    Bludgeon: “I suppose not.”

    Bludgeon starts to attack, but the look of terror in the Autobot’s eyes makes it far more difficult Bludgeon’s narration takes over again.

    “This isn’t what I signed up for...but….”

    His hands tremble even more.


    He breathes heavily.

    “Had orders…”

    With one quick slash both of their throats were slit, and they died instantly without suffering.

    Tarn: “Excellent work, Bludgeon.”

    Bludgeon doesn’t say a word and ignores them, looking at nobody but Adhoc as he walks by. Adhoc feels wracked with guilt for not being able to help his friend. Sixshot rejoins them and has his weapons stained with blood and Energon.

    Sixshot: “The deed is done.”

    Only Adhoc and Bludgeon notice Sixshot’s right arm is slightly drooping over his chest like he’s hiding something. Neither make a comment about it, but the narration continues.

    “I knew Sixshot was lying, but I had no way to prove it, and it wasn’t my business at the time. I was still recovering from what I had just done.”

    Tarn motions for everyone to leave, as the battle is finally over. Over. One last narration wraps it all up.

    “On that day I realized the true significance of Tarn and Buzzsaw’s words. I couldn't see Autobots as people, or else I wouldn’t be able to realize my purpose. I pressed onward, and soon I stopped worrying about my own thoughts and carried out every mission exactly as they ordered. I just kept moving forward. Never again would there be an obstacle to impede me or a force that could slow me down. I never looked back like Sixshot and Adhoc did. Sixshot had injured himself to fake the deaths of Autobots who were never there. I took every life I could for the sake of progress. I did it all in the name of truth, in the name of Megatron, for all of us. That is what it means to be a true Decepticon.”

    The flashback is over returning to the present. He and Backlash are at the spot of the bullet, but Adhoc isn’t there.

    “I see he removed the bullet. I’m not sure he realized there was a tracker in it.”

    “You better have another way to find him.”

    “I got so many more ways but that was the most direct. I’ll check for blood trails next.”

    Backlash pulls up a scanner that displays a blacklight setting that finds the trail on the ground. Bludgeon nods in approval and they begin to close the gap. The trail eventually runs out when Adhoc patched it up.

    “The trail ends here, but there is yet another way.”

    A radar pops out of Backlash’s arm is scanning something.

    “Your device, what is it looking for?”

    “This looks for changes on the surface, in this case the footprints of Adhoc. It can track recent heat signatures from up to ninety seconds ago. I just found some but we’re about five seconds from the trail going cold.”

    “Then cease your explanation and press on!”

    The pair wastes no time going at a full sprint to catch up. The timer on the scanner goes up as the footprints become more recent.

    “Only a minute behind.”

    It cuts to Adhoc, who uses his naginata as a walking stick to traverse the arid sands to the other part of the ruins. It cuts back again to Backlash and Bludgeon continuing onward.


    They manage to reach the door and make it outside to where Adhoc is going. They see him in the distance as the winds pick up again.

    “We found that traitor. How should we kill him?”

    “As violently as possible.”

    Bludgeon’s right arm transforms into a laser rifle with a round barrel, and the panels of the gun constantly pulsating from the energy barely staying contained.

    “Going in loud I see. Who needs subtlety when you have a giant frickin laser?”

    Bludgeon wastes zero time and attacks instantly. Mere milliseconds before the laser hits Adhoc the reflection of the beam shines off of his blade, and he manages to move aside to avoid getting killed on the spot. He wasn’t fast enough as the laser does graze his side. Adhoc scrambles to keep avoiding the subsequent shots. The winds disrupts Bludgon’s aim, but he fires one last shot that hits Adhoc square in the back, but he has gained a considerable enough distance to only to leave a black burn mark.

    Bludgeon: “The weapon is no more than a glorified matchstick at this distance. Hitch a ride aboard my tank.”

    Backlash: “You got it!”

    Bludgeon transforms with Backlash riding atop the tank and both start shooting Adhoc. None of their shots hit, but the tank shells are close enough to knock them around. Backlash also has his tracker out in full view for Adhoc to see. Adhoc falls suddenly when he runs. He finds himself in an oddly shaped crater. He has no time to question the proportions of is and climbs out, but it takes him several seconds. The camera pans up to show that he stepped into the edge of a massive monstrous footprint. It rivals the size of Devastator's footprints, but this is far more demonic. Even the outside walls of the other part of the ruins still are charred from a powerful fire. A tank shell hits the ruins and some of the stones fall next to Adhoc. Adhoc desperately stabs his blade into one of the stones he’s strong enough to lift and starts swinging it around in a circle.

    Bludgeon: “What is he doing?”

    Backlash: “I think he finally lost it.”

    Adhoc finally forces the stone off the blade mid swing, and it crashes right into Backlash and his scanner, shattering it.

    Backlash: "He broke my scanner! He’s clever I’ll give him that!”

    Adhoc manages to get to the door on the other side and slams it shut. He trips and falls, and finds himself going into what looks like a garbage chute, but instead of garbage he finds himself deeper in the ruins than ever before. Back on Backlash and Bludgeon’s perspective the blow the door open and find Adhoc has completely vanished.

    “Where did he go? We were right on his heels.”

    “There is no hole that insect can crawl in that we won’t find him.”

    “I still have four other ways to find him, but they’re not as direct.”

    Backlash reaches for something behind him and pulls out a flying drone shaped like a wheel and an antenna with a glowing red dot. It ticks three times and lets out a giant humming noise. Off in the distance a figure is highlighted in yellow through several layers of walls crouching down.

    “There he is all the way in the far distance, and he’s crouched down for some reason.”

    “You claim it isn’t a direct method, yet you showed us his exact position. Why didn’t you use this earlier?”

    “A few reasons really. I can only use this once in a great while. The price of such an accurate picture comes at the cost of a long cooldown time. Try again in less than an hour. The second is it can only detect movement, so there is always a chance I’m wasting a charge if he was standing still. And the last and equally compromising is the fact that I can’t use this in a public area. It would pick up everyone walking around and we couldn’t differentiate our target from the rest.”

    “I find your excuses to be...plausible. Then we will proceed onward. This was the direction you found him right?”

    “That’s right, but with all these halls and walls I don’t know the quickest way to reach him.”

    Bludgeon punches a hole through the wall and continues forward.

    “Geez… this guy is one of a kind.”

    Winding the clocks back to the exact moment of the drone’s scan we return to Adhoc, and he was not crouching down. He takes a moment to catch his breath when he picks up a faint sound. At first he thinks he’s hallucinating, but the sounds are getting closer. The footstep’s sounds are rather perplexing because the speed of the steps are disproportionate to the weight behind them. It’s as if all the weight is being put away somewhere else. Adhoc manages to get up high enough on an old pipeline and looks below. He finds himself bewildered as a guardian finally steps out looking for him.

    (To himself ) “What is that thing? This place looks so abandoned, why is it here?”

    Adhoc decides to tempt fate and finds a small stone that had fallen from the rubble and flicks it next to the feet of the guardian. The guardian turns around to the sound, and transforms into its armored form. It blasts the spot of the noise several times before pausing and transforming back into its slender stalker form.

    (to himself) “That thing isn’t here for a benevolent reason. I should get out of here while it’s still distracted.”

    Adhoc slowly walks along the pipes, but his weight coupled with the extreme age of the pipes causes the pipe to fall loose and him, and the pipe makes a loud noise that immediately

    Gives away his position. He and the guardian make eye contact. It’s eye focuses on Adhoc and then transforms, charging its weapons.

    “Intruder! Are you a survivor?”

    “Survivor? Survivor of what?”

    “Insufficient answer, prepare for termination!”

    The guardian blasts at Adhoc, who is able to dodge them all. He attacks it with his blade, and to his surprise he deals more damage than he anticipated. That doesn’t mean the guardian is through, however. It grabs him by the arm and throws him into the wall. It attempts to shoot him down, but Adhoc throws a large stone to distract it. The guardian knocks it a way, but Adhoc lunges in for the kill. It pierces the chest of the guardian, and it falls over.

    “That was easier than I thought it would be.”

    His relief is short-lived as more guardians were alerted to the commotion. They begin shooting at him, but we cut back to Bludgeon and Backlash, who approach the wall of where the scan led them. Backlash pulls out a radar hidden inside his thigh that can detect Cybertroinans from 20 meters away, which would be otherwise useless in any other scenario just like the drone.

    “He’s behind this wall!”

    Bludgeon punches straight through and grabs what is behind the wall and discovers it’s a guardian. The two stare at each other in disbelief as the guardian transforms in Bludgeon’s grip, overpowering him. It shoves Bludgeon through the wall and knocks him down. Backlash jumps to attack but the guardian swats him aside. Bludgeon gets up but the guardian punches him down. It stomps down on his head three times before something falls from Bludgeon’s back. It’s his tanto, a blade too short to be considered a true sword but far too long to be classified as a dagger. Bludgeon grabs it and stabs the guardian in the side three times. It falls back and Bludgeon grabs both of its arms and tears them off.

    (fierce) “Perhaps you didn’t hear me before. I have a mission!”

    Bludgeon crushes the armored head with his bare hands and then tosses the corpse aside.

    “What the heck was that thing?”

    “A corpse now. We must press on.”

    “Aren’t you even curious where they come from?”

    “Such questions don’t help out mission.”

    The two press onward as it transitions back to Adhoc fighting the three that showed up. He slides underneath one while being fired at and sweeps the leg. He flips over and stabs it in the face to kill it. The other tries to swipe at him but he dives over it, rolls, and stabs it from behind his back. The last one is dealt with when Adhoc fires is A4-Pulsar in the face and it explodes. Without wasting time Adhoc runs away before more have the chance to show up. On Bludgeon and Backlash’s perspective they find themselves in an open room where rusts is leaking in from the walls. A guardian appears but this time Backlash takes the stage. His pistol blows through the guardian’s kneecaps and makes it fall over. Backlash reaches behind his back and pulls out the outer trail of spike along his back and it rolls up into a little spiked whip-like club. He swings it into the guardian’s visor and then and then shoots it in the head to finish it off.

    “I wonder where they came from.”

    “Looks like we’ never know.”

    An hour passes and all of them have already adapted to the guardian's investigation patterns. To display this Adhoc sneaks up behind one and decapitates him cleanly while in its stalker mode. Bludgeon tears a head clean off spine and all and tosses it aside, and Backlash gets one’s attention by tapping it on the shoulder. When it looks behind it Backlash stabs its eyes with all its claws and then slices its throat. The two are catching up to Adhoc, but they reach an unexpected roadblock when the ceiling collapses and falls on Backlash. 9 guardians have fallen from there are about to attack Bludgeon, who looks at him with disgust. Backlash goes unconscious, but then quickly wakes up, or so he thinks. He finds a guardian approaching to finish him while he’s still trapped under the rubble. He struggles to break free, but it’s no use. He is about to accept his fate, but Bludgeon appears and thrusts his sword straight through the armored guardian’s chest and then bisects him vertically. Time slows down to see the look on Bludgeon’s face, the intensity of a trained killer, completely focused on the task at hand. Backlash is able to break free, and when the twos’ eyes meet again Bludgeon quickly looks away and dusts off his hands. When Backlash takes a look and sees Bludgeon has some scratches and dents all over his body. Backlash finally understands the true nature of what transpired.

    “ stayed and saved me.”

    (aloof) “I didn’t do it for you”

    “But what about the mission? You said it was more important. You could’ve ran away after killing some of them.”

    “I could’ve, but where would I go? I would be wandering aimlessly and would most likely fail to catch Adhoc. Your tracking skills have proved to be useful.”

    “Did you just give me a compliment?”

    -looking away- “Take it how you like because I don’t care either way.”

    “Who knew underneath that hard exterior was a real softy.”

    (sharply) “Silence yourself or I will do it for you!”

    “Alright alright, have it your way. If it’s all the same to you I’m starting to like you too.”

    Bludgeon doesn’t know how to feel and just lets out a grunt of frustration. Their bonding is interrupted by a still functioning but heavily crippled guardian rolling over.

    Backlash: “Oh looks like you missed a spot there.”

    Bludgeon: “An easily corrected mistake.”

    Guardian: “Intruder! All survivors will be purged.”

    Backlash: “Hold up, let me question him.”

    Bludgeon: “I see no reason to do so.”

    Backlash: “If you let me I think I can get what I want and we help aid the mission.”

    Bludgeon: “I don’t see how this primitive trash can aid us.”

    Backlash: “It clearly knows its way around here. It can point us in the right direction, and maybe it can tell us where we can find Adhoc.”

    Bludgeon sheaths his sword back to his hilt.

    Bludgeon: “Very well, proceed.”

    Backlash: “Look rustbucket, we’re not survivors. What are you even talking about?”

    Guardian: “Even if you aren’t survivors you shouldn’t be here. Leave now and forget you ever saw this place”

    Backlash: “We will leave as soon as we find a red Autobot. Have you seen him?”

    Guardian: “I haven’t seen him, but I have heard reports from some of the other guardians he was seen moving east.”

    Bludgeon: “We have what we came for, let’s go.”

    Backlash: “In a moment, I still have more questions.”

    Guardians: “I have nothing to say to you.”

    Backlash: “You will tell me or I will make you feel fear, you filthy machine. Now what did you mean by purging survivors? Survivors of what?”

    Guardians: "This place is a chapter of history that wasn’t meant to be here. The powers that be were collapsing with each reset, and more places like this were accidental remnants that were carried over.”

    Backlash: “What powers?”

    Guardians: “I can’t answer that.”

    Backlash: “Then what about the survivors?”

    Guardians: "The survivors of this remnant needed to be purged in order to wipe the slate clean. We were under orders.”

    Backlash: “Whose orders?”

    Guardians: “Our creators, and I will not divulge their identity to you.”

    Backlash: “And what is this place supposed to be? I don’t remember there even being a place like this.”

    Guardian: “This was once the first successful civilization alongside the Flame Kingdom. It’s not in your records because it was never part of your history, or at least how it was intended. It’s fate was sealed when we were attacked.”

    Backlash: “By what, that insect monster you depicted?”

    Guardian: (intense) “Worse.”

    Backlash: “Alright I’m intrigued.”

    Guardian: “I cannot divulge this information. Something more powerful than that creature was there, and even worse than that was the culprit that commanded it.”

    Backlash: “Unicron.”

    Guardian: “Thunderwing, Revenant, and their warriors were Unicron’s only sentient creations. He did not create this.”

    Backlash: “Wait a minute Revenant? The warriors? Who are they?”

    Guardians: “That doesn’t matter, but our creators put a stop to them, for now, but it cost them one of their own. Now I have a question for you, lifeform. What year is it?”

    Backlash: “Solar cycle 900 Billion in week thirteen.”

    The guardian tenses up before relaxing.

    Guardian: “Nothing else will matter for what happens in a few years nobody will be able to stop. Enjoy your last moments of life. I have nothing to fear because I am in my final moments. You may ask me one final question, but you better make it count.”

    Backlash: “Since you’ve been giving me such vague answers or outright denied me I guess I’ll ask you what you meant by the reset.”

    Guardian: “Our creators were the strongest and wisest among us, but even they were flawed. They made a mistake and then tried to brush it off. That only made it stronger, and more terrifying. It could’ve been handled before it ever reached the point that it did, but they let their arrogance consume them. So they kept resetting, but it got worse until they did it one last time, but this time one of them was sacrificed to stop it for good. However, that only delayed the inevitable. When everything converges then infinity will ooze out to consume and assimilate all that is not part of infinity. That is the fatal flaw of history. If you never learn from it you are always doomed to….repeat it.”

    The guardian dies, leaving both Decepticons uneasy from what they’ve learned. Bludgeon is the one to break the silence.

    “He said east.”


    Another forty minutes pass and Adhoc is in an open area and finds himself staring at a collapsed statue with the face of Thunderwing the giant.

    “This makes the window of time far more perplexing. Thunderwing is powerful for sure, but worthy of worship?

    Backlash and Bludgeon have finally caught up to Adhoc. They slide down a destroyed column and come face to face with their target.

    Backlash: “Sounds like you’re jealous.”

    Adhoc: “Those mechanical monsters are everywhere.”

    Bludgeon: “You will be buried here with the rest of the past.”

    Rumbling is heard and all of them prepare for the worst. Around fifty guardians come out of a hole in the wall and surround the triad.

    Backlash: “Way too many of them for my tastes.”

    Adhoc: “Alone they’re a minor nuisance but this many is definitely a problem.”

    Bludgeon: :Adhoc, these pests are not part of my mission, so just this once I will allow you to work with us one last time to deal with these pests.”

    Adhoc: “Very well, let’s go.”

    In a stunning display of magnificence the three of them work together to fight the guardians. Bludgeon transforms into his tank and shoots up several right off the bat. Adhoc’s pulsar is able to chain groups of two or three with each shot. Any survivors of the explosion are dealt with by Backlash. Bludgeon transforms back and uses his charged laser to slice up many in a circle. Adhoc stabs at any stragglers while Backlash gives cover fire. Adhoc is grabbed by Bludgeon, who throws him at the Guardians. While thrown Adhoc spins his blade around to tear through seven at once. Bludgeon switches to his katana and makes sushi out of some of the remaining guardians. Backlash uses his spiked club to beat a few to death and then shoots a few others down. It all comes down to two guardians remaining. What none of the Decepticosn realizes is that they are in a very high up building, and all that weight being supported weakened the floor considerably. Backlash and Bludgeon are about to take down one, but the floor gives out and collapses beneath them. They fall into the hole but Bludgeon manages to grab Backlash with one hand and stick his sword into the wall of the hole with the other.

    A guardian is charging up to fire his cannon, but Bludgeon pulls a gutsy move and removes his sword, spreads his legs to both walls of the hole and throws his sword into the guardian to kill it. Adhoc sees this as the opportunity to flee and does so while being chased by the remaining guardian, who he quickly stabs the knee of, and when it falls Adhoc stabs it in the head to finish it off. He makes a clean getaway while Bludgeon’s foot slips and he uses his free hand to grip a loose stone that is sticking out. He looks back at Backlash with a determined, yet calm look.

    “What are we going to do, Bludgeon?”

    “You mean what you’re going to do.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “This stone is going to give way any moment. With that We will perish, but instead only I will die.”

    (nervous) “Quit messing with me!”

    “I was ready to see this mission to the end, and for me the end has come. I’ve lived a warrior’s life, and I made peace that the end would come soon one day. Now the mission is your sole responsibility. You are a Shadow Core member just like me. You earned your place among us.”

    (desperate) “Please don’t do this I want us both to make it out of here!”

    (gentle) “Best of luck, Backlash.”

    Bludgeon throw Backlash out of the hole and into safety, and the stone slips from his hand. Bludgeon calmly embraces his fate and closes his eyes as he falls into the darkness. A drop is never heard because of how far down the hole goes. Backlash is on his knees trembling. He’s on the verge of tears.

    (breaking down) “All this time you hated me, treated me like an inferior man. Then now the moment you decide to work with me you found me not so repulsive. I was only in it to save my own skin, but you saved me and protected me, and nobody ever did that for me before. Is this what having a friend was like? How cruel this world is that I finally get a taste of the beauty it has to offer me only to have it stripped from me almost immediately. You self righteous bastard, Bludgeon! I hate you for making me care about you. I should be relieved you’re dead, but now I only feel guilt for being the survivor!”

    He beats his fists into the floor but finally starts to calm down.

    (intense) “I promise that your death won’t be in vain. I will kill Adhoc for both of us, and I'll make sure you get the highest honors. I can do at least that much. I’m coming for you Adhoc, so prepare yourself."

    This scene takes place one week before story six happens. A lone Autobot cruiser is rapidly approaching Charr, but it’s not here to deliver supplies. The Decepticons take note of this change and have Thrust and Ramjet fly by it. The pilot can’t be seen, so they attempt radio contact with him.

    Thrust: “ Unidentified cruiser you are breaking protocol. Either return to Cybertron or land.”

    Ramjet: “Or let us shoot you down, that’s the more fun option!”

    The ship’s lights start blinking to indicate it will be landing.

    Ramjet: “Scanners indicate there is only one person aboard the ship.”

    Thrust: “Just one? That's weird.”

    The ship lands and both Coneheads transform with weapons pointed at the loading bay of the ship.

    Thrust: “Show yourself and put your hands up!”

    Ramjet: “Or we’ll put you in the ground!”

    The loading bay of the ship opens up, and a lone figure stands there. He walks forward but doesn’t put his hands up but steps into the light. All we see is Thrust and Ramjets reactions.

    Ramjet: “No way!”

    Thrust: “Of all the people to see I just can’t believe this. It’s really you!”
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    Figured it was only a matter of time before there were tensions between Autobots and decepticons even during peace time.
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    An Arby's parking lot
    Christ in a bite where do I begin?
    1)uhm bludgeons past was interesting and it's nice to see his arc and how he turned out the way he did.
    2)I'm really liking bludgeon and backslashes development. They're almost pretty likable.
    3)that trial scene was interesting just because I like the idea autobot nationalism making them into a villain.
    4) admittedly I don't pitstop and his douchey comrades either. I think they're autobots I think, but I think they're using this tension to take down rodimus. Even then something doesn't seem right about them.
    5)Donald duck condoms... thank you overload, very cool!
    6)that lore the guardian dispersed...'s? F#*k it I'm calling game theory. Though there are interesting things proposed here. Ancient, godlike, powerful enough to alter the cosmos, yet not Primus or Unicron and tied to thunderwing. This is fascinating, there's not really anyone I can think of that can match this profile.
    7) mysterious stranger, I'm calling it, it's pitstop!
    8)I'm sorry I've got to call back to that lore explosion. A reset? Is Unicron coming back? Something Unicron created? Megatronus and mindwipes plan comes to fruition? Liege Maximo himself? I wonder if Liege and the fallen could work together? Lot to think about with this one. Yup.
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    Well it’s that time again. This is the last of the long ones as the final two will be significantly shorter. Something to help pass the time in these frustrating months. A̵̖̱̐̉ͅḅ̴́̀s̷̢̘͖̈̄o̸̱͛̂̎l̴͍̫̅̋͠ǘ̵͈̹͗̓͜t̴̡̮̜̀͊̂ẻ̶̻̎l̶̤̘̆͝y̴̮͈̰̚ ̶͔̱́̿͘n̵̫̫̽ó̷̪́t̵̝̲͑́h̸̛̫̏̒í̷̥̲͐͜n̷̯̦̽g̸̜͙̊̈́ͅ ̸̼̖́t̶̥̹͛̿͑o̵̠̤̿ ̵͍̀ͅw̵̻̦̾̈́͝ò̸̟͚̘ȓ̶͚̈́ṟ̸͐ẏ̶̨̹̦̓̒ ̸̭̙̘̓͆͐ä̴̤b̴̫͉͊̌ȍ̸̪u̸̙̯̬͊̂t̷̝̮̙͒̅.̶͙͔͔͝ Here is part 3: The Ambassador and The Bandit

    Now we return to the conclusion of the Autobot trial. Perceptor has done some heavy digging in the past few days, and the discoveries made about the suspects are sure to make devastating ripples, especially regarding one of them. The three of them wait patiently as they are in the penultimate day of the trial. Pitstop has his feet up on the desk while Roadblock looks calmed and determined. Scattorshot is tapping his fingers on the desk in anticipation waiting for the exoneration of all charges. With Rodimus and Ultra Magnus entering the truth is just dying to come out.

    Rod: “My sincerest apologies to the jury for running behind schedule. I can assure you we had a good reason. The evidence we discovered makes your final decision that much easier.”

    Scatter: “With all due respect I doubt the evidence you claim to find will be significant.”

    Rod: “We’ll let the evidence speak for itself, shall we? Let’s start with Roadblock, the most ambiguous evidence. Care to speak of it, Ultra Magnus?”

    Magnus: “Gladly. While we can’t prove any wrongdoings in this case I think we may find a familiar pattern based on his testimony. During The Star Seeker’s war against Cybertron many of our fleets came to aid us, including the planet of Junk and a few from Velocitron. What we found out is that Roadblock here had a ship of his own during the battle. His entire crew was composed of Junkion citizens. While he was defending our home his ship was damaged and the entire crew bar him was killed off.”

    Road: “Objection, none of this is relevant.”

    Rod: “Sustained, please condense.”

    Magnus: “How is it that you survived but your crew did not?’

    Road: "I barely survived that myself. The back half of the ship opened up and they were vaporized by the lasers.”

    Magnus: “A likely turn of events. Yet you still survived.”

    Road: “I’m not sure what you’re looking for.”

    Magnus: “While I can’t prove any wrongdoing on your part I sincerely believe you didn’t kill them. On the other hand I am confident you chose not to aid them. Given your comments about the immigration influx it makes a plausible theory.”

    Road: “Tell me this, if someone steals a few drops from the ocean would anyone notice?”

    Rod: “We did.”

    Magnus: “Moving on to Pitstop, you covered your tracks well, but after pulling some really old files and a complex new facial recognition technology we were able to to discover you’re one of the most wanted swindlers in modern history.”

    Pitstop: “Oh give me a break. Do I really look like the kind of guy to have a long criminal record?”

    Rod: “Absolutely. We even have the proof of it. Seems you started out a petty pickpocket but as the years went by you started getting more bold and violent. You constantly changed your paint job and vehicle to remain anonymous. I doubt Pitstop is even your real name.”

    Pitstop: “It is my real name.”

    Rod: “Why even keep it?”

    Pitstop: “Because it has value to me.”

    Rod: “What really makes you guilty was your most recent crime a few years ago. An experimental prototype laser cannon was taken from one of our most highly secured facilities. We dubbed the weapon too dangerous for war, and yet you took it almost effortlessly, almost. You bypassed the security but during the escape you ran into some of the guards and killed them.”

    Pitstop: “That was an accident. I wasn’t familiar with the controls back then.”

    Rod: “And what of the lead director of the weapon? He had his whole face shot clean off from the laser.”

    Pitstop: “That one was on purpose. He had it coming for what he did.”

    Rod: “And what did he do exactly?”

    Pitstop looks away and starts acting much more solemn.

    Pitstop: “You wouldn't believe me if I told you.”

    Rod: “If you at least give us the location of the weapon to us I guarantee to have your sentence reduced.”

    Pitstop: “I can’t do that.”

    Rod: “Have it your way. As for Scattershot, well we thought we had seen it all, but this goes beyond your wildest imagination.”

    Magnus: “We thought that such a high ranking soldier with a spotless record would never be capable of something like this. Little did we know even before this happened there was an even darker spot hiding in plain sight.”

    Rodimus takes a deep breath before starting, his expression filled with regret.

    Rod: “As Prime it is my duty to protect the people, even the bad ones who seek to do us harm, I let the entire Dread population get exterminated, and thanks to this new information I have found that I failed yet again.”

    Magnus: “As you all know we had managed to capture two of Megatron’s highest rankings generals, Strika and Obsidian.”

    Rod: “And it is with deep regret that at some point during the process we had them in cryostasis pods since they were too dangerous to keep in regular cells. They were put in a temporary site where only myself Ultra Magnus and a few high ranking soldiers knew about. It was the perfect opportunity for Scattershot to commit the perfect crime.”

    Magnus: What did he do? He essentially made Obsidian brain dead, and Strika is in a coma with currently no way to wake up. She would’ve ended up like him, but it turns out her assailant got sloppy.”

    The jury and audience makes a loud noise of surprise and starts murmuring. Rodimus can’t help thinking he saw one of the jury members smiling from that revelation but he simply thinks he’s imagining things.

    Scatter: “That’s quite the claim to make, but without proof it’s nothing more than a desperate theory.”

    Rod: “We have the proof. Of course it was hard to come across with all the security systems down and destroyed. Thanks to the valiant dedication from Perceptor we found a way to reconstruct the crime scene with holographic imaging and residual energy left behind by his spark.”

    Road: “You mean that technology has finally been developed?!”

    Rod: “It certainly has, and allow me to show you what we found.”

    The lights go out to show a perfect projection of what happened that day. Obsidian and Strika are locked in a circular room unconscious in their pods. Scattershot walks in scanning the room for any remaining surveillance equipment. After he is satisfied he opens the top seal of Obsidian's pod, but he is still unconscious.

    “They say that all are equal under the court of law, but I disagree with that notion. There are those that don’t deserve fairness, and both of you are exactly what I refer to. After all the lives you destroyed there is no way any good samaritan would let you walk away from this. I’m not in this for fame or glory. If people hate me for this then it is a price I am willing to pay to save our future. In time I know the people will eventually see that what I did was the right thing.”

    The entire audience witnesses true cruelty first hand as the see Scattershot cleanly lobotomize Obsidian with a circular saw. He moves on to Strika, who is much more of a hard head, both figuratively and literally. He damages the brain unit, but not enough to seal the deal. Scattershot hears conversations outside and escapes through a hatch. The hologram shows, and in a turn around now Pitstop is slinking in his chair.

    Rod: “You lobotomized Obsidian to the point where he’s braindead. You didn’t succeed on Strika, but there is a chance she will never be able to wake up from the coma you put her through.”

    Magnus: “There you have it, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. This is what happens when three people on the same team with awful thoughts work together. Evil doesn’t just exist within Decepticons and Unicron, but within Autobots as well. The prosecution rests.”

    The next day the jury came to a decision. Roadblock’s situation had garnered some sympathy and he got the lightest sentence, but he was still going away for a long time. Pitstop got ten million years and then another three thousand added with the stolen weapon and the murder of the scientist. Scattershot got life with zero chance of parole. As they get taken away everyone leaves the courtroom. Rodimus finds that one juror looking at him with that devilish smile again. He walks to the Autobot, but a random person walks in between them and the man disappears. Rodimus tries going outside and looks for him, but the trail has run completely cold. Something is going on, he just knows it.

    The Autobot in question is hiding in an alleyway a block or two away. He leans against one of the walls and takes out some sort of communicator.

    ?: “Yes it’s me, the trial went exactly as expected. The seeds of doubt are securing themselves quite well. It went exactly as the boss called it.”

    Another deeper, more masculine voice responds.

    Caller: “Excellent, now then come home. Ditch that hideous disguise you are perfect the way you are.”

    ?: “As you wish, Barricade. I hate looking like these abominations. I’m shedding my skin now.”

    The mystery character tugs on his head crests, and then there is some small steam coming from his body as he starts to shrink down to a figure of Sideswipe’s height, a mere fifteen feet. The transformation moves onto the second stage where white lines appear on his body, and then with an intimidating sound of a high pitched metallic scream that is muffled finishes itself in a timeframe of someone slowly opening a soda bottle after shaking it up. The metal scream finally ends and the full reveal is of a slender black and grey figure with long, sharp needle-like fingers, a mouthplate, two headcrests located just above and past his eyes, and what looks like a giant sniper rifle on his back. Wrapped around his arms are some small chains with an unknown purpose. It’s unknown what he transforms into, but it is definitely a type of land vehicle.

    ?: “Much better. The first stage has been set. Soon Cybertron will be ours again.”

    Something falls behind him, and he sees a random Autobot has seen the whole thing. The villain quitely sees a random Autobot was using the alley as a shortcut to go to work and overheard everything. Barricade heard his comrade’s sigh and calls.

    Barricade: “Something the matter?”

    ?: “Yes I was seen, but that is no problem. I’ll just has to assume his form until I return home.”

    The Autobot runs away, but the man uses his chain weapons which has a blade of some sort stabs him in the back, and he reels him in like a fish.

    ?: “Since you were so keen on seeing my face I’ll let you wear it.”

    The man tugs at his headcrests, and steam falls out as he takes off his entire face like a mask! All that is left are two black, soulless holes that flips the other side of the mask to reveal giant spikes that fit in holes around the empty face.

    Autobot: (terrified) “Get away from me!”

    ?: (sadistic) “Come, wear my face.”

    The man shoves the spiked mask into the Autobot’s face, and the assailant’s body just melts into a pile of liquid that evaporates! The screams of the Autobot go silent as he succumbs to the stab wounds. All of a sudden the body twitches, and the transformation that happened the first time happens, but this time in reverse as the assailant steals his body and identity. He gets up and starts walking away as ordered. A storm is coming, and he most certainly will be part of it.

    Inside of Shockblast’s tower many of the Decepticons who dislike Galvatron are hanging out there. Motormaster, Dirge, Astrotrain, Dead-end, Dragstrip,and Octane are lounging around. Shockblast is busy working on a protoform but doesn’t seem pleased with his current progress. Octane and Astrotrain are busy drinking and laughing about random topics. Dragstrip and Dead-end are playing table tennis at an even rate, and it’s tied. Dead-end’s superb skill is keeping up with Dragstrip’s speed, but it eventually has a breaking point as Dragstrip gets the final point with a hard left swipe.

    Drag: “Oh yeah I won!”

    A loud crunching is heard as Dead-end leaves the room furious, and he punches a wall while exiting. His paddle is lodged in Dragstrip’s forhead, but it’s only skin deep.

    Drag: “What a sore loser!”

    Dirge is sitting next to Motormaster on a large circular couch unsuccessfully attempting to befriend him.

    Dirge: “So I’ve heard you’ve gotten stronger.”

    Motor: “Talk to me any further and I’ll crush your throat.”

    Dirge: -scooting away- “ Understood!”

    Tarn comes through an elevator in the back of the room, but doesn’t say anything.

    Motor: “You’ve finally come out of your hole. This must be quite the occasion.”

    Tarn: “I’m not in the mood to be mocked.”

    Motor: “Not mocking, I’m criticizing you. You’ve let Sixshot control you for too long. What are you going to do about it?”

    Tarn: “I’ll kill him, and thanks to your strength training he won’t escape me again.”

    Motor: “That sounds more like the old you.”

    Tarn: “Anyway, I noticed that you seem displeased with that protoform, Shockblast.”

    Shock: “This one is defective. I don’t know what went wrong but it is of no use to us.”

    Tarn: “It is a Decepticon is it not? It will be of use to someone in the future. Give it a chance.”

    Shock: “Very well.”

    Loud running and panting is heard from outside the doors and gets closer. Tarn and Motormaster prepare for a possible battle while Dirge hides behind the couch.

    The doors open with Thrust and Ramjet trying to catch their breath.

    Tarn: “What is the meaning of this? We could’ve killed you.”

    Motor: “I’m still on the fence, personally.”

    Dirge: “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

    Thrust: “Not a ghost, better!”

    Ramjet: “If you can believe it.”

    Tarn: “Then what is it?”

    Thrust: “We have a glimmer of hope yet.”

    Ramjet: “You won’t believe who showed up!”

    Dirge: “Well don’t keep us waiting. Who is it?”

    A powerful and commanding voice that everyone bar Motormaster and Dragstrip recognizes answers the call.

    ?: “Someone who knows how to make our enemies suffer.”

    The tall figure’s silhouette is juxtaposed to the bright doorway and brightens as he walks closer. He looks like a generic seeker model, but on closer inspection there is far more going on. He is predominantly white with red highlights above his elbows, on his thighs, and his legs are completely red. There are tank treads on his legs, and a tank cannon on his back. His chest, shoulders and arms have jet turbines and a cockpit. There are wings on his back that sandwiches the tank cannon. His hands have heavy metal plating over them but the fingernails are razor sharp. His face looks like the traditional Seeker shape, but what sets him apart is the mouthplate with a flat gasmask design to it. Like Tarn he is a Decepticon of high rank and respect.

    Dirge: “Bless the heavens it’s Blitzwing!”

    Tarn: “I thought you were captured, or worse.”

    Blitz: “No prison can hold me, and no Autobot shall slay me if I have anything to say about it.”

    Tarn: “I am relieved to see you again.”

    Blitz: “And I you, old friend. It has been far too long since we’ve seen one another. I bet we have changed quite a bit.”

    Tarn: “That is a matter of debate.”

    Blitz: “Regardless I wish to sincerely apologize for not being there for you sooner. I was rather busy with other projects.”

    Tarn: “Other projects you say? Of what nature?”

    Blitz: “That is something I wish to speak to you in private. So if you don’t mind I need you to depart for the time being… and hold on, do I know you?”

    Blitzwing refers to Motormaster, who has been impatiently staring him down.

    Motor: “You must either be stupid or too confident to be giving me orders.”

    Blitz: “I don’t recall Tarn having someone like you around before. Are you a new addition to the Decepticons?”

    Tarn: “Oh my where are my manners? Blitzwing, allow me to introduce to you my new friend Motormaster. Starcream created a new combiner team called the Eradicons, and he is their leader. He is quite the powerful specimen. Dare I say he’s even stronger than I am.”

    Blitz: “A new combiner team you say? That is quite useful to our cause, especially in such dire times. What got you to become so closely associated?"

    Tarn: “We started on very rocky terms but we found common interests in personal strength improvement and the absolute destruction of the Autobots. He is a natural warrior just like us, and is the only person other than you that I would trust with my life.”

    Blitz: “Now that is quite the statement.”

    Motor: “Enough about me already I know I am the mightiest Decepticon alive, but what makes you so special? You come from nowhere and everyone treats you like royalty. I don’t know you nor would I ever be a boot licker.”

    Tarn: “Blitzwing here is the most powerful triple changer in the history of Cybertron. His mastery of vehicle to vehicle warfare has given the Decepticons so many decisive victories of the years. He’s one the highest ranked Decepticon generals ever, so much so that he has a place in line for the Decepticon throne should something happen to our leader.”

    Blitz: “Of the eleven Decepticons in the hierarchy I was 7th in line. Due to the demise of Starscream, the betrayal of one of the DJD members, and the capture of Switchblade I’ve moved up to fourth in command.”

    Tarn: “His experience and fierce devotion to the Decepticons rival even my own, and has earned my respect as one of the few people I would trust with my life.”

    Blitzwing extends his arm for a handshake for Motormaster, who is unresponsive.

    Motor: “I only acknowledge the strong.”

    Blitz: “All the more reason to shake my hand.”

    Impressed by Blitzwing’s bold words Motormaster reluctantly shakes his hand. Blitzing eyes up Motormaster before speaking.

    Blitz: “Such an impressive build. Your strength is evident. I see great potential in you. I would love to get to know you better when I get to have the time.”

    Tarn: “So you requested a private audience yes?”

    Blitz: “Right, nothing personal everyone, but this is just high rank business.”

    Everyone, even Motormaster, leaves, but as Shockblast is about to leave Blitzwing stops him.

    Blitz: “Actually this concerns you as well, Shockblast.”

    With everyone gone Blitzwing quickly locks the door behind them. When he turns around his polite mannerism changes into a more sinister and serious tone.

    Blitz: “I’ll get right down to business, I’m here because our mutual ally has come to collect your debt.”

    Tarn: “What mutual ally?”

    Blitzwing puts a small device down on the table that displays the symbol for the hand that Tarn and Shockblast have partnered up with.

    Tarn: “You work with-”

    Blitzwing interrupts him by slamming his fist down on the table.


    Tarn: “Is this really true?”

    Blitz: “He said he would send an ambassador your way, and here I am.”

    Tarn: “I don’t see the harm in speaking his name.”

    Blitz: “He said he planted a miniscule bomb in my head that will detonate if I say his name or if I try to remove it.”

    Shock: “His paranoia is beyond anything I’ve ever heard.”

    Blitz: “Paranoia contains fear, and that man has no fear. He’s just extremely cautious. Galvatron is the only one he perceives as a threat to his ambitions.”

    Tarn: “Then why are you helping him?”

    Blitz: “Because I owe him just like you do.”

    Tarn: “What do you owe him?”

    Blitz: “My life considering he saved it.”

    Tarn: “That must be why you went missing for the last six years.”

    Blitz: “That is correct. I was on an important mission to ambush an Autobot convoy but the Aerialbots ambushed me and all the Decepticons in my platoon. Everyone outside of everyone on my ship was killed off, Our ship crashed in the desert, and for all intents and purposes we were dead. Of course I came back to life because he came.”

    Tarn: “Just how many of you are working for him?”

    Blitz: “Myself and the remaining Decepticons that haven’t been captured yet.”

    Tarn: “So you have a lifetime of servitude, and I am the favor.”

    Shock: “And for me he’s blackmailing me.”

    Tarn: “So what does he want from us?”

    Blutz: “For Shockblast he wants the protoforms you’ve been working on, except the defective one. He’s most interested in the one you’re trying to replicate the eyes of leer with. He’s also discovered some Predacons bones which gave him new ideas. Send the protoforms to my ship and your debt to him is cleared on the condition that you never speak of him to anyone outside this room.”

    Shock: “Very well, but I don’t see how I will be able to disguise the missing protoforms.”

    Blitz: “Simple, blame the defective one as the experiment.”

    Tarn: “As for me?”

    Blitz: “To clear the debt of locating the Star Saber for you he asks that you retrieve two individuals for him.”

    Tarn: “Two?”

    Blitz: “Consider it a search and rescue of sorts.”

    Tarn: “And whom is it that I must rescue?”

    We are not privy to this information as it cuts to Blitzwing finally showing up at Galvatron's castle. Cyclonus and Soundwave are on both sides of him while he sits at his throne. Waspinator is also there. Blitzwing kneels down to respect his leader.

    Galvatron: “Oh my has it been six years already? You made quite the disappearing act.”

    Blitz: “I greatly apologize. I left right where Cybertron was almost completely under our control, and I feel as if I played a part in our current state.”

    Galvatron: “So where have you been, and don't lie, Soundwave will know.”

    Soundwave’s face changes into the monitor from Prime and a single line of audio is making movements.

    Blitzwing: “The desert where my ship crashed along with my crew.”

    Soundwave’s face glows green to confirm he is speaking the truth.

    Galvatron: “If that’s true why were you gone for that long?”

    Blitzwing: “My crew and I were near death, we had to wait until we were in proper condition to return. Rebuilding took quite some time.”

    Soundwave’s face glows yellow. He isn’t lying, but it implies that there is more to the truth.

    Galvatron: “What aren’t you telling me, little Blitzwing?”

    Blitz: “We were nursed back to health by a scientist that evaded Autobot capture. It took forever to rebuild the ship because the parts were almost completely unsalvageable.”

    Soundwave glows green again.

    Galvatron: “This scientist you mentioned, who is he?”

    Blitz: “I’m not sure you know him, but he works on chemical warfare and engineering.”

    Galvatron: “Why isn’t he here with you and the rest of your crew?”

    Blitz: “They wanted to wait till their equipment was finished.”

    Galvatron: “And just how many of your crew are there?”

    Blitz: “There are thirteen of us coming back including myself. We have the scientist, the last remaining triple changer, seven mid level soldiers with a revolutionary technology, and three hard working grunts eager to serve you.”

    Gakvatron: “What is this technology nonsense you speak of? We already have the most advanced technology from our alliance with the Quintessons.”

    Blitz: “They have come up with something that may revolutionize reconnaissance and infiltration forever.”

    Galvatron: “We shall see. Anything else?”

    Blitz: “If I may be so bold to ask why put me on a lie detector? I am a Decetpicon of high repute. My loyalty is to you.”

    Galvatron: “The original DJD were all Decepticons of high repute, and all of them except for Tarn attempted to kill me. Sixshot, Drift, and Adhoc were also of high repute but yet they defected. Maybe I’m paranoid but I find trust hard to find these days. I feel like I can;t even trust the walls of my own castle.”

    Blitz: “It will take about a day before my ship is filled with enough fuel to make the two week trip to the desert and back.”

    Galvatron: “Fine make yourself at home for now. Now then where is Cyclonus, it’s time for you weekly beating!”

    Cyclonus transforms and flies off in a panic with Galvatron flying after him.


    Blitzwing sighs in relief as his cover is still intact. Whether the Decepticons are ready or not he’s here to make an impact. Back on the temple story we have Adhoc and Backlash still playing the game of cat and mouse on one another. It has been three weeks since they first entered. The entire city is like a maze that just has layers and layers that don’t seem to end. It’s as if the secrets inside want to be discovered. Adhoc in isolation has given up trying to find a way out and just sits in a corner. In his depression he flashes back to what led him on this path in the first place. His narration eases us into pre-war Cybertron in a setting most people never considered, the nobility.

    “I was born into a rich noble family before the war. My problems were few and far between, but it wasn’t until I was older that I began to see just how differently Decepticons were treated, even if we were part of the elite class.”

    A much younger Adhoc walks the halls of his estate when he hears a commotion in one of his living rooms. He sees his father Deadlock on the floor with an Autobot over him pressing his foot on his father’s head.

    Autobot: “How many times have I told you not to address me as your equal, you are beneath me!”

    Deadlock: “Please forgive me sir Tracks I had a lapse of judgement.”

    Tracks: “It will be the last time too!"

    Adhoc rushes into the room to interrupt the torment.

    Adhoc “Let go of my father!”

    Tracks: “You insolent wretch, you would give me orders?”

    Deadlock: “Please forgive him, he is still young and doesn’t understand the way the world works.”

    Tracks: “Then you have failed as nobleman and a father.”

    Adhoc: “How could you say that sir, Tracks? My father has been the greatest man I’ve ever known, and you should not treat him so poorly.”

    Tracks: “And why not, boy?”

    Adhoc: “Because you are on a lower branch of a noble family while our family is much higher. You should be giving kindness to us for all we’ve done for you.”

    Tracks lets go of Deadlock and slaps Adhoc across the face.

    Tracks: “You are a disgrace to our entire planet! Deadlock, I will forgive all of your failures if you disown him.”

    Tracks leaves the house and Deadlock is put into a horrible situation.

    Deadlock: “My son you have left me no choice.”

    Adhoc: “How could you let him walk all over you? You’re a noble too! You outrank him!”

    Deadlock: “He is an Autobot, not matter how high the rank you are you will always come second to them.”

    Adhoc: “That’s not fair!”

    Deadlock: “That’s the life we live in. Nothing will ever change that.”

    Adhoc: “We should be equals, not second class!”

    Deadlock: “That's enough. I have to cast you out from our family. You are no longer welcome in our manor. It’s for the best.”

    A storm begins to start and Adhoc looks back at his father for the last time. A drop of rain or a tear rolls down his face, but it doesn’t matter which one it is. Adhoc’s narrative continues.

    “I became disillusioned with the world around me. Everything was out to get you if you were a Decepticon. I spent months on my own in the streets where I had no money or friends to turn to. I remember seeing a poster on a wall that inadvertently started me on the path I’m on.”

    The poster in question is one of the very first pieces of propaganda Megatron ever released that has a drawing of him with his arm up with a bunch of silhouettes of citizens joining him. It says “Rise up against oppression”.

    “At least someone isn’t sitting idly by, but it’s too late now” Adhoc says out loud.

    A montage of Adhoc traveling through different cities comes, and with each change his appearance becomes more filthy and tattered. In the last city in the montage it holds on as he leaves the shot, and a figure is seen emerging from the alley. Adhoc’s narration continues.

    “I could no longer bear living in a world of hate and injustice. I felt like the best option for me would be to end it all. There was one place I knew that could give me the cathartic end I desired. A place where few traveled, but high risk was rumored to have an even greater reward. That place was God’s Zenith.”

    God’s Zenith is the highest mountain on Cybertron. To give a perspective it is five times taller than Mt. Everest. The legend of this mountain is that if one makes a great sacrifice be it a personal belonging or something metaphorical like a lifestyle or beliefs, then in return the mythical presence would grant them a single desire in the form of fate. You could see this as another case of the Valley of the Fallen Angels, but instead a more benevolent outcome. It’s unknown whether it is just coincidence, or if the spiritual energy surrounding both locations truly possess the power to change someone’s destiny. Adhoc stands near the peak where there is enough room for two people to traverse safely. The fog is thick and the air is chilling. He takes a deep breath before proclaiming his wish.

    “I give my life in order to obtain my wish! All I ask is that somehow, someway, my death will wind up being a big help to someone who needs it.”

    Adhoc prepares to jump off, but an arm grabs him and pulls him back. When he turns around he sees that Tarn is the one that saved him. This is Tarn in his earliest days in the Decepticons. He already has a Decepticon mask on his face, but it’s a low budget that looks like a cheap halloween dollar store knock off. It barely fits, but despite Adhoc’s initial instinct to laugh he manages to refrain himself when he sees the look in his eyes. Most surprising of all is the reveal that Tarn’s eye color was actually yellow before they became red.

    “Who are you and why did you stop me from jumping.”

    “I sincerely apologize for intruding on something that wasn’t my concern. I saw you pass by a few days ago and I have been tailing you ever since. Something about you made me want to follow, and I’m glad I did. A life like yours is too precious to end so abruptly.”

    “And what about my life is so precious?”

    “You are a Decepticon are you not? By default your life is precious.”

    “Autobots never saw it that way.”

    “They never will until someone takes action. My name is Tarn by the way, and I never caught yours.”


    “I am part of the new revolutionist movement, A few close compatriots of mine are planning on making a sub faction called the Decepticon Justice Division, or DJD for short. Our mission is to root out Autobot evil and give us the justice we deserve. You should at least join the movement.”

    “I don’t know, I don’t think I can trust someone hiding behind a mask, no offense.”

    “Oh, the mask startled you? Here take a look.”

    Tarn takes off the mask, but we only get the back of his head which is very round while Adhoc gets an eye full. Adhoc’s narration begins anew.

    “Tarn later on kept his true face hidden away a few years after that. To him the mask was his true face, a fitting choice for the person he really was. Tarn is a liar who never sought justice, only genocide. Megatron was his meal ticket, and he would stand by him to accomplish his personal goals. He never expected the other DJD members to turn on Megatron, but his loyalty was rewarded with a second chance. Thus the Shadow Core was born, and I joined the ranks since he still trusted me. While my talents were great I was still one of the lowest skilled members. Being among the worst of the best was never a title I sought after. Now here I am alone and afraid. Perhaps this is what I deserve for not seeing the mistakes I made sooner.”

    The flashback ends as he looks into the perpetual darkness with no way to escape. The scene transitions to Backlash, who is growing more frustrated in his pursuit of Adhoc. He presses something on the palm of his hand, and it transforms into a three color coded bar. It is yellow, orange, and red respectively. It’s a thermal detector. He waves his arm around to see differences in temperature, but it's just pure cold as far as the eye can see.

    -spits- “Curse you, Adhoc. I was doing just fine up until you ruined everything. You should see that you won’t survive this. It’s about looking out for number one. I understood that’s how life works right off the bat. Why is it so hard for everyone else to get that?”

    He finds a wall painting of figures with sticks fighting the same centipede monster from before, and this triggers a flashback of his own. His narration begins with a bitter tone.

    “Come to think of it, life was much easier back before I joined this shitshow. I lived the way I wanted to, and nobody could tell me any differently. Back then I was a king, or as close as you could be to one.”

    The setting takes place at least a third of the way through the war. Cybertron has a few deserts, and there is one other notable one where the land is vast, and this is a place called Scoundrel’s Paradise, a fitting name considering the people who decided to live there. Unlike our current setting this is more of the rocky kind of desert akin to the Grand Canyon on Earth meets Mad Max with the roads it has. Tribes of bandits usually live in these sand and stone houses integrated into land. Some are small like huts, and others as large as a three story house. Such is the one Backlash lives in, as he himself is the second in command of this tribe of two hundred bandits. They don’t align with any faction due to their natural defiance to authority. The war is a great annoyance to them, so everyone is a target to them. For decorations are different faction flags, vehicle parts, and even a few heads on pikes. Their favorite activities are ambushing conveys, killing the crews, and taking the loot for themselves. Backlash and a few others have just returned from ambushing an Autobot convoy.

    Bandit 1: “Backlash, you made it back!”

    Backlash: “It’s like the Autobots aren’t even trying anymore.”

    Bandit 2: “What’s the haul this time?”

    Backlash: “A few weapons, some Energon, and a few containers we can use to stockpile our overflow of ammo.”

    Bandit 2: “Sounds like a boring find.”

    Backlash: “It was.”

    The captain comes out, and he is a fairly bulky individual who transforms into some sort of medium sized Mad Max truck. He wears a brown tattered poncho and speaks in a grisly but warm voice.

    Backlash: “Contrail, I got the goods.”

    Contrail: “Good work, these upper crust idiots think they can travel on our turf? I don’t think so.”

    Backlash: “I’m glad they never learn it’s a good business for us.”

    Contrail: “May it never change.”

    Later that night Backlash clocks it in early and goes to sleep, thinking about how wonderful life is, but his narration interrupts the peace.

    “We were invincible, but the next day I learned there would always be someone stronger than me.”

    It’s the early afternoon and everyone is just lazing it up until the proximity alert goes off. Everyone gathers outside to find out what the commotion is.

    Backlash: “Our motion sensors are triggered, what is it?”

    Contrail: “It looks like a Decepticon convoy according to the footage, but there’s something off about it.”

    Backlash: “How so?”

    Contrail: “There is one one supply truck, not three or more like usual.”

    Backlash: “Just one?”

    Bandit 1: “They must be running low thanks to us.”

    Contrail: “I don’t like this, so take Scratch, Gyro, and Bandit 2.”

    Bandit 2: “Hey I have a name!”

    Contrail: “And I don’t give a shit. Go!”

    For some details Scratch transforms into a Mad Max style motorcycle with spiked wheels and is rust colored. Gyro turns into an off roader car with big tires and the driver's side is caged. The tragically unnamed Bandit 2 transforms into a black Cybertronian version of a vintage South African GP Alfa Romeo. The four of them drive off to hijack the convoy, and a few miles away it is just as Contrail said. One lone truck, but it is a big one. Scratch and Bandit 2 sandwich the truck, and Gyro drives up front to force it to slow down, but the drivers are none too pleased. They are two Vehicons that start opening fire on them. Backlash drives out of the way while Scratch gets close to the side of the truck and damages part of one of the tires from the spikes sticking out from his own. It swerves but the driver manages to keep it from crashing and keeps going. The Vehicon on the passenger side presses a button that deploys several sentry guns that fire on the four bandits. Bandit 2 is shot twice while driving but is otherwise alright. Backlash effortlessly dodges every shot. One shot hits Stretch’s front tire and he flips and crashes. He transforms back into robot mode and Gyro is forced to turn around to pick him up.

    Backlash transforms and jumps on Bandit 2’s vehicle while he's driving. Together with his steering and Backlash’s aim all the sentry guns are destroyed. Gyro and Scratch manage to catch up, and Gyro once again tries to slow it down up front. Scratch shoots at the drivers but misses, and the passenger Vehicon manages to shoot Scratche’s eye out, and he falls forward and off of Gyro’s vehicle. The truck crushes Scratch’s neck when it runs him over with its tires.

    Backlash: “SCRATCH!”

    Bandit 2: “They want blood do they? Let’s give it to them!”

    Backlash manages to jump on the tail end of the truck and starts making his way across. Gyro decides to transform and jump with his back facing the front of the truck. His bulky frame hits the window and attempts to shatter the glass, but he only cracks it. He manages to hitch a ride up top with Backlash and the bandit.

    Gyro: “That glass is sturdy.”

    Backlash “Then we will just have to go right for the source.”

    Two more Vehicons emerge from the back of the trailer to fight them.

    Bandit 2: “Look out!”

    One of the Vehicons pulls out an energy LMG and riddles Gyro with bullets, and one shot grazes Backalsh’s left cheek. Gyro is bleeding out, but the other bandit throws a knife into one of the Vehicons’s heads and he falls off the truck dead.

    Bandit 2: “Go, I got this!”

    Backlash wastes no time and swings his way through the glass and opens with a kick to the passenger Vehicon’s face. The Vehicon has him win an arm lock and manages to overpower him and shoot at him. He misses and Backlash slashes his face and stabs him through the neck to kill him. The driver tries to shoot him but misses every shot. Backlash tackles the driver and opens the door. He applies his foot on the gas pedal and holds the door open. He holds the Vehicon down while still driving, and forces the Vehicon’s face to make contact with the ground while the truck is still moving. The Vehicon is torn up on the road until his head is completely gone. Backlash had won, but the cost was high. The bandit drags Gyro in but he’s bleeding out.

    Gyro: (weakly) “I messed up really bad.”

    Backlash: (nervous) “Hey don’t worry about it. We’ll get you all fixe up when we get back just hold out alright?”

    Backlash drives the truck back as quickly as possible, but it is too late. Gyro succumbs to his wounds. Backlash and the bandit emerge from the cab to show Contrail what happened.

    Contrail: “Great work out there. Where are Scratch and Gyro?”

    Backlash: “Scratch died in battle and Gyro just bleed out from his wounds. That convoy put up a stronger fight than expected. We’re lucky to be alive.”

    Contrail: “We’ll be sure to give them both a proper memorial for their service. On the other hand I must pay respects to the soldiers you fought for fighting until the end. Loyalty like that is hard to come by these days.”

    Backlash: “What I want to know about is why there was so much resistance for one truck.”

    Contrail: “It better be worth the losses.”

    Bandit 1: “Let’s find out shall we?”

    The bandit breaks the lock and opens it up. It’s fairly dark inside as it looks empty.

    Bandit: “It’s completely empty!”

    Contrail: “You must be joking.”

    Backlash: “That doesn’t make any sense. Why fight for something with no prize? Did a different tribe steal from them and they didn’t know?”

    Contrail: ”Well I reckon I’m pissed off.”

    The bandit squints his eyes because he sees something in the very back.

    Bandit 2: “Hold on I see something there.”

    He finally sees what is going on and draws his weapon.

    Bandit 2: “Who are you!?”

    The bandit gets his answer with a laser blast so powerful it blows his entire face off. His body lands in front of Backlash and Contrail. All the bandits arm up in preparation to battle this new threat. Something large and quadrupedal comes out to startle the tribe. It’s Hatchet, and soon all of the Dreads hop out. There is a fourth one with them. He looks like Crankcase but is greyer, and has more nose rings. There is a giant red X painted on his chest.

    Contrail: “Oh great, Dreads. I don’t know if I find them or Seacons to be the more appalling scum.”

    Crowbar: “You’ll really want to see the lord today don’t you?”

    Crank: “That's enough, Crowbar.”

    Contrail: “State your business here.”

    Crank: “We normally don’t engage with such low-tier trash, but our great leader took interest in your group.”

    Backlash: “If your leader was so interested he would’ve shown up himself.”

    Another presence is heard from inside the trailer, and this one is far different from the others. It has a much more powerful and commanding presence Out from the shadows appears Megatron. His Fusion Canon is still smoking, which confirms he fired the shot that killed the bandit.

    Megatron: “And interested I am.”

    Contrail: “So who are you exactly?”

    Megatron: “Who am I? Don’t tell me you have never heard of Megatron, the greatest leader the Decepticon’s history.”

    Backlash: “We don’t follow politics.”

    Megatron: “Fair enough I suppose. I have come here because I am currently winning the war and have free time to participate in this grunt work. The Autobots have been pushing back lately and I am losing control of territories. So to counter that I created a group of elite Decepticons to counter this. I call them the Shadow Core. These four Dreads here are part of that group. We have not come here to kill you, but to recruit you.”

    Contrail: “And why exactly do you want us?”

    Megatron “After witnessing how you handled the convoy I see limitless potential.”

    Contrail: “You allowed four of your soldiers to die just to watch? I can’t imagine a good leader ever doing such a thing.”

    Megatron: “If I interfered I would’ve never found your base. Four easily replaceable grunts is a worthy sacrifice if two hundred elite soldiers are the end game.”

    Contrail: “A leader willing to sacrifice even one of his men for his own gain is not a leader at all. We are a team, a family here, even if we are a rotten lot.”

    Megatron: “So honor among thieves is not a myth after all. Whether you like it or not you’re coming with us. The only other option is death, so I suggest swallowing your pride or else.”

    All the bandits start laughing, and Crankcase starts to get agitated. Megatron simply puts his hand on his shoulder to calm him.

    Backlash: “Oh that’s rich. Five against all of us? That’s a pretty unfair fight for you!”

    Megatron: “How right you are. You’ll need several hundred more to stand a chance against me!”

    The Dreads start laughing at the bandits, and at that point Contrai’s temper finally reaches its breaking point.

    Contrail: “Alright everyone take the Dreads down, I’ll take down this trash myself.”

    Megatron: “Many have said the same, and all fell easily.”

    Megatron prepares to attack, but Contrail surprises all the Decepticons by showing the power of an old fashioned western. He quickdraws a quadruple barreled shotgun and blasts Megatron right into one of the houses, and it collapses on top of him.

    Crank: “Only kill most of them. Leave enough alive for our leader to be satisfied!”

    A massive battle erupts with the remaining 197 bandits vs Megatron and the Dreads. Crankcase makes the first move by going dual full auto on his SMGs. He successfully mows down six bandits a while everyone else in his line of fire either gets grazed or gets out of the way. Hatchet dives into a crowd and whips his tail into a few nearby bandits. He shoots out the metal shards at the tip of his tail and to skewer three in his path. He then fires missiles into a group and takes out another four. Berserker throws a barbed grenade into the back of a bandit, and as his friend tries to get it off the grenade explodes and kills them both. He then starts brutalizing anyone nearby. He tears out throats, snaps necks, and shoots them in the face. Crowbar knocks a few bandits aside with his tendril dreadlocks, but before he can kill anyone Backlash does a spinning kick right into his jawline. It’s strong enough to knock Crowbar to the ground and spit before recovering.

    Crowbar: “Cheap shot!”

    Backlash: “Fight bandits and you get the royal treatment, ugly!”

    Crowbar attacks with his tendril and Backlash barely avoids them all he gets in close enough to punch him right in the nose. Crowbar clutches his face and lashes out blindly, but Backlash punches his throat and then does a kick right into his chin. Crowbar spins around with his tendril hairs that manages to smack Backlash aside. He stays on his feet but has to keep his distance. The tendril lashes out, but Backlash pulls out his pistol and shoots off the tips of three to reduce their range, but the rest still hit him, and he finds himself getting smacked around. In a last ditch move Backlash slides underneath all of them and slashes Crowbar in the knee. While he’s down he gets behind him and leg drops Crowbar in the back of the head directly in front of a boulder. Crowbar’s chin hits the edge of the rock so hard it knocks him out instantly.

    Crankcase comes to aid him but Contrail reveals a trick his shotgun has. He can charge the shots where they have range comparable to a sniper. It also increases the spread of the shot. Crankcase gets out of most of it, but he still gets hit by a third of the shot, which does moderate damage to his back. He stumbles trying to attack Contrail, but Contrail hits him with the handle of the gun and kicks him to the floor. In the background the rubble of the destroyed house begins to move. Contrail has Crankcase pinned down and has the gun to the back of his head charging the shot to execute him. Contrail fails to hear something burst from the rubble due to the sound of the shotgun charging. Megatron gets revenge on Contrail by firing his fusion cannon, successfully saving Crankcase. Megatron grabs Crankcase by the head and forces him back on his feet.

    Crank: (ashamed) “I’m so sorry, master, I let him get the drop on me.”

    Megatron: (snarling) “You think I care for the excuses of a pathetic weakling like you?! I should finish you off myself!”

    Crank: (groveling) “Please let me redeem myself for you!”

    Megatron: “You want redemption? Then take this one out. He beat Crowbar.”

    Crankcase eagerly attacks Backlash while Contrail recovers from the surprise attack.

    Contrail: “I suppose we’re even.”

    Megatron: “This is your last warning, succumb to your fate or die as scrapmetal.”

    Contrail: “The free spirit is the most powerful force in the universe, and you will not claim mine!”

    Contrail has another trick up his sleeves; bladed piledrivers that launch Megatron back. He stays on his feet and starts going hand to hand with Contrail. Megatron missed his first two punches and Contrail goes in for an uppercut. When staggering back Contrail goes for an overhead smash, but Megatron gets him in an arm lock. Contrail redeploys his piledrivers to stab at Megatron’s wrists, and the pain distracts him long enough for Contrail to knee him in the stomach, get behind him, and suplex Megatron.

    On the other side of the battle Hatchet is captured by several bandits covering him in an electric net. Berserker is busy tearing up anyone unfortunate enough to get too close. A few bandits transform into motorcycles for their comrades to ride. They fire harpoons at Berserker from a distance to incapacitate him. He is still alive and roaring out in rage. Another two harpoons hit him in the back.

    Crankcase and Backlash go at it like champions in a perfectly even match. Backlash gets first blood with a jab to the face, but Crankcase is far from finished. He counters Backlash’s next punch by grabbing his wrist, and then cartwheels off to the side, forcibly twisting Backlash’s hand all the way around! Backlash screams out in pain and Crankcase kicks him right in the chest and then hard in the face to knock him to the ground. Backlash rolls back and forces his hand back into place. He reaches for his own ankles where his motorcycle wheels are located, and removes them from his body. A push of a button reveals them as throwable blades weapons. The first one is thrown and slices the side of Crankcase's stomach, but he dodges the other one. Crankcase doesn’t realize they work like boomerangs and both embed themselves into his back.

    It looks as if the Decepticons are losing as Hatchet is still captured and eight harpoons are now inside of Berserker. Megatron lands a punch to Contrail's stomach to force him back, but Contrail gets close and stomps on Megatron’s foot. He gets a left hook to the face and gets a charged shot from the shotgun to the chest. There are some burn marks on Megatorn’s chest and some smoke coming out of the wounds, but Megatron doesn’t seem too upset.

    Contrail: “Looks like we’re ending the war ourselves. I’ll make this quick.”

    Megatron looks at him all confused and then starts laughing.

    Contrail: (annoyed) “Care to share before I blast you?”

    Megatron: (amused) “Don't get me wrong, your skills were a welcome surprise to me, but you were never going to win.”

    Contrail: “You’re knocking on death’s door.”

    Megatron: “And he is too afraid to meet me.”

    Contrail: “Arrogant trash, I’m sick of you!”

    That moment of Contrail losing his cool was all Megatron needed. In blinding speed he grabs Contrail’s shotgun and crushes it with his hand. Megatron pulls out the arm blade hidden around his Fusion Cannon and slashes Contrail’s face. It goes from his forehead and across his nose. He screams out in pain loud enough for all the bandits to stop what they’re doing for just a moment. That lights a fire in the Dread’s souls, and they begin to turn the tide of the battle. Hatchet gets up while still being electrocuted by the net and starts running, which drags the bandits that captured him with him. Hatchet saves Berserker by mauling a few bandits that were holding him with the harpoons Berserker tears off the rest of them and joins Hatchet in the carnage. Backlash is thrown into the window of one of the houses and gets out just in time to see about a dozen of his comrades come to Contrail’s aid while Megatron is savagely kicking him while he’s down. The first bandits slashes at Megatron, but Megatron steps back and pierces his neck with his blade, and he struggles before dying out. Backlash’s narration briefly takes over.

    “It was at that moment I understood why these Dreads worshipped their leader so much. He was fierce, powerful and indomitable. Every move he did was methodical and went exactly the way he wanted it to go. Contrail was a great street fighter, but this guy had fought people stronger than him on a constant basis and won until he became the one on top. It was breathtaking, he was the embodiment of perfection, beautiful and unrelenting.”

    Megatron shoots the next bandit to pieces, and the third jumps at him. He catches him and smashes him head first into the ground. The next one lunges at him, and in slow motion Megatron spins around and grabs him by the head, and decapitates him like he’s unscrewing the cap of a bottle. The fifth is bisected cleanly with a vertical slash. The sixth and seventh are grabbed and crumpled into a ball of metal part. The eighth is torn in half movie Jazz style. The ninth gets Megtron’s elbow smashing down on his head and the internal damage painfully kills him slowly. The last bandit that went to aid Contrail mages to jump behind Megatron and grabs him by the neck. Megatron doesn’t even shake him off. He just takes a deep breath of annoyance, lightly touches the bandit’s arms, and then rips them both off like the savage he is. The bandit has no idea what to do, and Megatron playfully flicks him in the face to knock him to the ground before executing him with a gory stomp to the head.

    Crankcase takes out his SMG with the grabby claw and launches it out at Backlash, and it takes out a piece of Backalsh’s side. Backlash goes for a desperate punch, but Crankcase stops him mid attack and breaks his arm! Backlash then gets a knee to the face and is punched everywhere by Cranckcase’s unrelenting barrage. While Backlash is losing the battle, Megatron starts to taunt Contrail.

    Megatron: “How funny you question my leadership when you let yours die in front of you like that!”

    Contrail punches Megatron in the face because Megatron let him. Megatron doesn’t even flinch, and responds by stabbing Contrail five times in the chest. He continues with two hard punches to his face. The warlord then does a barrage of fifty punches all across his face and body and then concludes the flight by picking him up, uses his jet thrusters to fly them high in the sky and then when he’s high enough he hovers in the air. Contrail’s face is cracked and dented all over.

    Contrail: (weakly) “What are you going to do?”

    Megatron: “Make an example out of you.”

    Megatron lets go of Contrail into a free fall, but not before firing one last Fusion Cannon shot into Contrail’s chest. It isn’t fatal, but it’s enough to make Contrail fall faster to the ground and makes big dust cloud when he makes impact. Megatron spins around and does an Iron Man landing next to the defeated Contrail.

    Contrail: “That’s enough we surrender!”

    Everyone stops fighting, and it looks like Backlash was about to even the fight with Crankcase, but both of them begrudgingly end the fight. Both of them are heavily bruised and dented. Only 55 bandits are alive from the devastation Megatron and the Dreads caused.

    Megatron: “I was hoping half of you would still be around, but it’s too late for regrets.”

    Contrail: “So you want us to be your slaves?”

    Megatron: “Slave is such a crass term. I prefer to call me my life-long indentured servants.”

    Contrail: “Well we may have lost the battle, but we won the war.”

    Megatron: “You won nothing but a lifetime of servitude. I suggest pledging your allegiance for your men’s sake.”

    Contrail: “The thing about my men is that they’re all ride or die just like me, and I’ll show you the latter right now. You will never claim us!”

    Contrail bites down on something, and Backlash starts screaming out.

    Backlash: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!”

    Loud sizzling coming from inside Contrail’s mouth alerts Megatron and the others to what he was talking about. Contrail’s eyes turn red and shatter and the top of his head blows up.

    Megatron: “Burning Energon capsules, how pitiful.”

    Burning Energon is the Cybertron equivalent of a cyanide pill. It is the only artificially created Energon outside of toxic Energon. Just like toxic energon its uses are quite limited. Burning can only raise the temperature of the body, and it was rather useless when weaponized. It’s nothing more than a glorified suicide ticket. One by one all the bandits die out except for Backlash and the first bandit.

    Backlash: (desperate) “Stop this already! Just give up and live, don't die!”

    Bandit 1: “Just join us, we're all going out together.”

    Backlash: “What kind of leader would tell his followers to kill themselves? I never thought he would do that.”

    Bandit 1: “Beats the alternative.”

    Soon it’s just Backlash and the other talking bandit still alive. The bandit can’t help but insult Megatron for going out.

    Bandit 1: “You thought we’d ever listen to you. We’ll never listen to someone as ugly as you!”

    The bandit is about to pop the tooth but Berserker smashes his head in with both hands. He speaks for the first time and it’s the most monstrous of all the Dreads.

    Berserker: -snarling- “Did you have any objections to my interference, master?”

    Megatron: None whatsoever.”

    Crowbar finally wakes up and notices the destruction.

    Crowbar: “Well shit you guys went off while I was out.”

    Megatron smacks Crowbar into a wall.

    Megatron: “I would kill you but these piles of junk have ruined the mood for me. Now what about you, last one? Will you join them in their little death parade?”

    Backlash’s narration returns.

    “The man I idolized all my life showed his true colors as a coward. I couldn't believe he would brainwash us into forming a suicide pact.”

    Backlash: “No, I won’t. They might not have had the strength to give up, but I do. I will gladly join you. Take me away from the disgraced soil.”

    Megatron: “That’s the problem with world leaders. Unless they’re me then they will never hope to be perfect. Welcome to the Decepticons. What is your name?”

    Backlash: “My name is Backlash.”

    Megatron: “Well, Backlash. Your skill is impressive .I think you’ll do well in the Shadow Core. Don’t fret about your arm. I have access to the best doctor on Cybertron. Just don’t tell him I said that.”

    Crowbar drives with Crankcase riding shotgun. Megatron willingly stays in the trailer with Hatchet, Berserker, and Backlash. The shot focuses on Backlash’s angered expression with his narration concluding the flashback.

    “From that point on I never trusted anyone again. Everything I knew was a lie. There is nobody but to believe in but myself. The only one capable of greatness was myself. Even though I was part of a team that worked quite well together, I never quite fit in. Most of that was my own fault of course, but I was too bitter to let anyone in. I especially hated Adhoc. He was always a noble prick in my eyes, and I a filthy bandit could never work with him unless specifically ordered to. Now here I am hunting him down, and for a brief moment I opened up to someone and began to trust him as a comrade, and perhaps even a friend. Because of my own weakness I couldn't save Bludgeon, but I will make sure Cybertron will never be safe again until Adhoc dies. That is a bandit’s promise.”

    It cuts back to the present day with Backlash kicking over a statue of Alpha Trion. According to the tracking tech that still functions he is quite close to Adhoc, but the thermal isn’t picking anything up. Adhoc himself is in what looks like the perfect place for a battle to happen with its open area and many pillars. Torches are still it even to this day to give it a more tense setting. Backlash unleashes his final tracking technique. His eyes go from red to static like a television screen that isn’t working. A scan of an orange radius expels itself from Backlash’s body and extends over thirty meters and Adhoc is just in the max of its range. The trade off is that with this method if a target is in the range they are made aware because the scan is visible to anyone in its range. Adhoc gets put on guard immediately and Backlash shoots down the wall to find him.

    “I finally found you, traitor!”

    “Backlash, I don’t want to fight you, this is all pointless.”

    “What’s pointless is your very existence. The fact that you still live while Bludgeon died disgusts me.”

    “I didn’t want him to die, and I don’t want that for either of us.”

    “Funny, because all I want is you to die.”

    “Forget Galvatron’s orders, just escape with me. We can honor Bludgeon’s memory by following our own path.”

    “Screw that lunatic’s orders! I couldn't give less shits about him! This is personal. I always hated you, and I won’t be content with sharing the same home with you.”

    “If I have to fight you then I will, but I won’t hold back.”

    “Fine with me you’ve only beat me once in a sparring match, and the other nine were my wins. Our last fight is going to be with me having a perfect ten.”

    “I only have to win one more Backlash, and I feel a comeback.”

    The two fight with all the fire two elite warriors like these can muster. Backlash does not give Adhoc an inch, constantly attacking and never tiring. His claw attacks are so fast that Adhoc can barely block them all. Eventually one attack scratches his shoulder. The moment his guard breaks Backlash slashes his chest. Adhoc thrusts his naginata, which is inches from Backlash’s face. Backlash ducks under it and stabs him in the chest with all his fingers. He starts constantly poking him like a sewing machine, riddling him with small punctures. Adhoc gets disarmed when Adhoc goes even more intense with his attacks, spinning around like the Tasmanian Devil. The spinning slashes finally gets Adhoc’s left forearm, and forces him to drop his weapon. Backlash aims right for the head with both hands, but Adhoc manages to hold him back. One of the few advantages he has over Backlash is his larger frame and his strength. He throws Backlash over his shoulder and into the stone wall. The wall cracks from the impact with Backlash hitting it back-first before eating a face full of sand. Adhoc fires a shot from his A4 Pulsar cannon that sticks to the wall. Backlash easily runs forward and is disgusted by such a primitive move, not knowing Adghoc’s true intentions. Adhoc remotely detonates it, and the wall explodes behind Backlash. Part of the wall hits him in the back of the head, and the rest obscures his vision with a dust cloud. It allows Adhoc to get in close and punch Backlash so hard in slow motion it knocks out one of his teeth. Backlash is knocked into a stone pillar. Adhoc attempts to beat him down, but Backlash evades hit so two holes get punched into the pillar instead. Backlash grabs Adhoc by the arm, flips over him and kangaroo kicks him in the back so Adhoc hits the pillar face-first. It hits him hard enough that it makes a miniscule crack on his visor. Backlash jumps backwards and opens fire on him with his pistol. All the shots hit Adhoc, and one shot shatters the helicopter cockpit’s glass, and the other makes a hole in his right shoulder. Adhoc manages to retrieve his blade and go into close combat again. Backlash starts scratching his knees, but finally Adhoc gets a key hit in when he throws rust in Backlash’s face. Adhoc slashes at him, and he manages to sever Backlash’s left pinky and destroy his pistol. He yells out in pain and does a giant backflip to the other side of the room.

    “Damn you, Adhoc, you’re just living on borrowed time.”

    “I intend to live, Backlash. I don’t care what state I’m in as long as it happens.”

    “The only state you’re going to be in will depend just how many pieces of you will have me satisfied!”

    Backlash deploys his boomerang tire blades at Adhoc who has very little trouble dodging them. They’re mainly used as a distraction for Adhoc to get in close and punch Adhoc in the face. The blades come back from behind and slice at Adhoc’s sides. Backlash kicks him in the chin and then dives underneath him, and then slashes all his fingers down Adhoc’s back. Adhoc elbows him in the face while he’s still behind him, and then he grabs Backlash and slams him hard to the ground to where he spits out fluid in pain. Backlash quickly gets up but Adhoc discombobulates him by clapping his hands on both sides of his head simultaneously. He punches him in the stomach and then roundhouse kicks Backlash to the floor. Backlash does a swift kick followed by several low spinning slash attacks to force Adhoc back. Adhoc starts shooting at him with his cannon again, but Backlash easily runs along the walls and jumps from pillar to pillar with ease to avoid 9 shots. Backlash jumps and does a dropkick to Adhoc. They exchange punches but Backlash attempts to slash his face again, but this time Adhoc rolls back and manages to retrieve his weapon. Backlash reaches behind his back and reveals his final weapon: he has a spiked whip/club made from the spikes running down his spine. He swings it around and smacks Adhoc in the face, and it punctures his lower chin. Backlash continues attacking and more hits land, but Adhoc still does not relent from fighting back. Adhoc willingly takes a hit to the chest so he can counter attack by stabbing Backlash’s hand straight through. With him screaming out as a distraction Adhoc takes the blade out of his hand, and then hits him in the face with the pole side of the weapon hard enough to knock him to the halfway part of the room.

    “That hurt, but I don’t think you know how much I want you dead.”

    “You’ve made it painfully aware, trust me. You really are incredible, Backlash.”

    “Save you compliments for the afterlife. Your aim couldn't help you.”

    “You keep thinking you were the target. Take a look around, Backlash.”

    Backlash looks up at the ceiling and the pillars. To his dismay all 9 shots are on the ceiling, the pillars, and one beneath his feet. The first one at his feet explodes, launching him into the air. The rest explode afterward, and the ceiling and pillars all collapse around him, seemingly crushing him. Adhoc has won, and he takes a moment to catch his breath. He begins to limp off, but the rubble starts moving and Backlash breaks out of the debris, more pissed off than ever.


    Backlash has gone completely wild and is slashing and Stabbing Adhoc with such ferocity he’s become almost completely helpless. The kicks, stabs and cuts jet keep adding up, and the battle comes to a climactic end when Adhoc gets stabbed in the chest with all his fingers. He is brought to his knees as Backlash gloats.

    “You see now? You were always going to lose this fight. I am a killer, and you are a beast that lost his fangs along ago.”

    Adhoc takes a deep breath and looks him dead in the eyes. He headbutts Backlash to make him let go, and with all the fury he has left he makes one final slash, and the wound is deep gash all across Backlash’s chest. He’s bleeding out heavily, and he clutches his chest to hold in as much as he can. He staggers backa fair distance, and Adhoc stands tall, but he himself is mere moments from collapsing. Despite the horrendous damage done to him, Backlash still stands rearing to go.

    -hissing- “I'll kill you Adhoc, you won’t stop me!”

    “Stop this, Backlash. Look at yourself. If you push yourself any further you’ll kill yourself.”

    “And what about you? You’re at your limit too. You’re just afraid of what will happen next.”

    “You’re right I am afraid of what will happen to me, and you.”

    “I don’t care what happens to me anymore. My whole life has been nothing but a joke this whole time. Just when I finally find meaning someone takes it from me. This time I’m going to be the one that takes.”

    Backlash starts to laugh, but it slowly devolves into crying as he has finally broken down.

    “Backlash, I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I want the best for both of us.”

    -snapping- “You’re just a traitor!”

    “I chose a different path. You still have time. You are who YOU choose to be.”

    “No, not me, not anymore. It’s too late now. I already made my choice. I choose to be the guy that kills you. I don’t care if I die because at least I did something to make my life have meaning.”

    (begging) “Please don’t do this!”

    “I don’t care what you want!”

    Something comes out from the hole in the wall behind Backlash. Five guardians are approaching him, and Adhoc attempts to warn him.

    “Backlash look out!”

    “Yeah good one!”

    “I’m serious!”

    Backlash sees that Adhoc isn’t joking and looks behind him. The first guardian goes to attack but Backlash quickly stabs it through the head. The second is pierces through the chest. The three remaining guardians transform into their armored modes. Backlash gets knocked around, and as much as he tries to fight back he’s just too wounded to get away. He gets grabbed and one tears off his right arm. Backlash starts screaming out for help.


    Adhoc steps forward to help, but he is paralyzed in fear. He knows he’s too hurt to help him. If he tries he’ll get

    (quitely) “Backlash, I’m so sorry.”

    Backlash begins crying even harder with his screaming.


    Adhoc runs away and looks back before seeing both of Backlash's legs get torn off as he’s pinned down. Backlash reaches out with his remaining arm just crying out in pain and anguish. The middel guardian tears his head off his body, but it’s still connected to his spine. He died the way he lived; alone

    Adhoc runs for it and falls down a slope that takes him even deeper underground. It is not known how long he went down, but he eventually falls face first unconscious into another sandpit, but it looks as if he’s at the foot of an entrance. Two statues are on both sides of the door. They aren’t just any states because they are the very same statues of Primus and Unicron that were seen in Rodimus’s vision when he was in the hospital. The eyes of the statue glow, and the door begins to glow blue. The door transforms into a magic portal, and something comes out of it. We only see the feet and the shadow of the figure. It glows a dark blue and glitches in and out as if it isn’t supposed to be here. It takes out something that is ticking and then discards it, as if all of this is planned. The figure drags Adhoc into the portal and disappears once he’s inside. A bright white light envelops the room until we see Adhoc still on the ground. The bright sunlight and chirping of birds slowly wakes him up. He gets up and finds himself in a place he’s never been before. He is on a mountain, and there is a stone spiral staircase that wraps itself all the way from the bottom and top of it. In the distance is a lush amount of trees and more and very few structures. It’s beyond beautiful scenery. He sees a basic layout of the land and it seems familiar. It’s the exact same layout of this lost city.

    “What’s going on? Where am I?”
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    A brutal chapter to be sure.
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    An Arby's parking lot
    Well shit. Backlash is dead,brutal.
    Meh the trial was okay.
    But the whole thing with barricade and this mystery boss is far more interesting.
    God the lore from adhocs journey is the real highlight of this story for me.
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    N̷̞͈̔õ̴̯͐w̵̱͔̉͝h̵͙͂͐ë̵͙̠́r̴̗͔̉͝e̶̙̗̋ to go from the pandemic? Well as I promised the wait would not be as long for this one, and the finale should take even less time than this one. F̵͙̣͕̖̠͂̾̐͛ö̷̡̝̼́̇̿r̴̖̪̳͂̃̾̕ once it feels like the creative process is going smoothly for me. Ẏ̶͙̖̹͉o̶̯̠̒́͆u̵̞͐͛̿́ may think it's easy, but it's like pulling teeth without actually pulling teeth.

    T̷̝̊̒͐̄͝ǒ̶̞̾̈́̍ get back on track let's see if discovering the truth can help Adhoc s̸̞̭̪̯̫̬͛̓͂͊͆͂u̸̯̔̑̽͗́̆̀̿̕r̵͓͑͆̏͠͝͝vĭ̴̯̒v̷̢̡̰͎͖̦̯̲̐͜e̸̤͗̑͐̽͌̆̂͊͠ Here is part 4: Chapter Black, the Fragmented Past

    On Cybertron a lone convoy travels on the highway to an unknown destination. The Autobots driving it are completely unaware that a cloaked Decepticon dropship has ambushed them from behind. There are four Decepticons inside the ship. A pilot and three passengers in the hangar. Thrust is the driver. The hangar door reveals Tarn, Ramjet, and Swindle preparing to do battle.

    Tarn: “Now if you would, Swindle.”

    Swindle: “‘Yes of course!”

    Autobot 1: “How did our scanners not pick them up?”

    Autobot 2: “We need to call for backup.”

    Swindle: “I think not!”

    Ramjet transforms and flies into the rear doors of the convoy to slow it down. Swindle throws something circular on the convoy that sticks to it. It starts to glow with an electric aura that explodes. The truck comes to a complete stop.

    Autobot 1: “What’s going on?”

    Autobot 2: “All the power went out!”

    Swindle: “Here is my new patented sticky EMP on display for your eyes. You like it? Well you can have it too for a modest price of $386.47 a piece!!

    Ramjet transforms back into robot mode and continually beats his hard head through the doors of the truck until they burst open.

    Tarn: “Excellent work Ramjet.”

    Ramjet: “It’s about time I got some excitement. Thanks for giving me a chance to give these guys some head… literally!”

    Tarn: “I’m happy to have the talents of both you and Swindle here to aid me.”

    Ramjet: “When you asked if I wanted a chance to ruin somebody’s day I just had to do it.”

    Swindle: “He paid me to be here.”

    Thrust: “Thanks for inviting me too. Glad I didn’t have to fight because you know how I am in fights.”

    Ramjet: “Crap, yes we know.”

    Thrust: “Rude, but you’re right.”

    Tarn: “One moment please.”

    Tarn deals with the Autobots inside by blowing the tiniest hole into the second Autobot’s head with his palm laser. He grabs the first one through the glass and holds him by the neck.

    Autobot 1: (desperately) “You don’t have to kill me, I’m no threat to you!”

    Tarn: (menacing ) “You’re right about that. The only problem is that you’re an Autobot, and I will never rest until all your lights are snuffed out.”

    Tarn slowly slits the Autobot’s throat with his machete, and then when he gets bored with watching him bleed out he tosses him aside like trash. Tarn makes his way into the back of the pods to reveal to whom exactly Tarn was tasked with rescuing. They are the pods of Strika and Obsidian.

    Thrust: “Whoa that’s who we were breaking out? I don’t see any reason for it outside of giving them a proper funeral.”

    Ramjet: “Aren’t they brain damaged, like more than me?”

    Tarn: “Both of your assessments are correct. Even I’m not entirely sure why Blitzwing wants me to deliver them to him.”

    Thrust: “Blitzwing wants them? He must have a good reason. He’s a lot like you, a guy who we can all rally behind.”

    Tarn: “Your words warm my spark. I must ask all of you to keep this mission a secret.”

    Swindle: “My secrecy comes at a price.”

    Tarn: “Money will not be an issue.”

    Swindle: “Splendid, then my lips are sealed!”

    Tarn and the others discretely return to Charr while Galvatron is on his throne bored with his current predicament. Soundwave enters to try and break him out of his situation.

    “A leader of your caliber should not find boredom over his dominion.”

    “My dear Soundwave, is that brown on your nose?”

    “An opportunity to inflate your ego seemed like a logical solution.”

    “You know if you weren’t my greatest friend and ally I would’ve shot you for that.”

    “Perhaps I feel like dying today.”

    (laughing) “The most robotic of us all still has a dry wit I never tire of.”

    “It pleases me to see you return to your old self, albeit with your newly acquired madness.”

    “I find myself beginning to question the legitimacy of my own Shadow Core individuals. Half of them are imprisoned, and all the others are either dead or traitors outside of Tarn. I often wonder if it’s just a matter of time before he turns on me as well.”

    “Perhaps you should’ve sent him or the Predacons after Drift and Adhoc.”

    “Perish the thought! They are my elite guard along with Cyclonus. They are all that keeps the others from turning on me. I need to figure out how to quell these treacherous flames without killing them.”

    “Allowing potential threats to live has always come back to haunt you like Optimus and Starscream.”

    “Both are dead, and I will do the same to Ultra Magnus, Grimlock, and Roachamus Mcwhatever the hell the new Prime’s name is.”

    “I’m sure somewhere in your boundless cunning you will find the solution.”

    “Yes...I’ve just realized I’ve been handling the traitor problem the wrong way! I know what will catch Drift and Adhoc, or rather who.”

    “You do? Who?”

    “Oh, I think you know.”

    Back in Adhoc’s bizarre adventure he scans the area completely lost on where he is. He wanders aimlessly. The air feels cleaner than even before, and with all the forestry and foliage one would think he’s found himself on an organic planet. He moves around some of the dirt and finds patches of metal randomly throughout. It's not fully organic, but calling it metallic would be inaccurate as well.

    “This is strange, it’s like both machinery and organic life have become one in this world. Even though I don’t recognize this place I’m getting hit with the strongest feelings of Deja Vu.”

    With no sense of direction he continues onward until he hears something being struck in the distance. With no other option he runs to the noise. At long last he finds he is not alone. It’s a robot like him but far more primitive looking. It still bears enough resemblance to his people that he begins to connect the dots. The man in question is plowing a field.

    “That looks like one of us, but that isn’t possible…. Is it?”

    He pauses before attempting to strike up conversation with the random worker.

    “Excuse me, but where am I exactly?”

    The man does not answer, and continues to hum a joyous tune to himself.

    Adhoc puts his hand on the man’s shoulder but his hand phases right through him!

    “What is going on? Is he an illusion? No, it can’t be. The detail is too precise. Did I die and this is heaven? No, that wouldn’t make sense either. I would be able to interact with them if that were the case. So this means I’m on another planet that I can’t interact with, an alternate reality, I’m in between realities, or I’m in the past.”

    Rumbling is heard up top and one of the mountains has some rocks fall off of it heading toward a small civilization. Some of the villagers are bound to be crushed by this.

    Villager 1: “Rockslide!”

    The boulders are a few hundred feet away, but suddenly a sharp sound like thunder materializes out of thin air. Three objects come in at a godly speed to meet the boulders head on. The first one is a green man with no legs, but with many tentacles who is floating on his own powers alone. With a simple motion of his hand he uses telekinesis to stop several rocks from hitting the citizens. Adhoc immediately recognizes him.

    “Incredible, it’s Quintus Prime!”

    Quintus is designed exactly from the Exodus novel. The second object is a portly looking robot with what might be four eyes and two different colored arms. The second set of eyes are placed diagonally adjacent to the main eyes. The right arm and both right eyes are colored blue. The arm seems to be radiating with some sort of white element. The left arm and eyes are colored orange. The left arm is emitting heat from itself. Adhoc too knows the identity of this savior.

    “Alchemist Prime as well?”

    Alchemist uses his right hand, which reveals itself to be using ice. Giant shards of ice shishkabobs the rocks in their tracks. As impressive as it is there's still some that he missed. The final Prime needs no introduction as a giant ball of fire suddenly dissipates to reveal The Fallen inside and use his pyrokinetic powers to explode several boulders. Even more disappear through portals he creates above the citizens. He misses a spot as one is about to crush the first villager. He teleports to his position, grabs him and teleports them just out of the boulder’s range. The villager opens his eyes and finds him hugging The Fallen, who doesn’t seem bothered at all. Interesting to note is that Avarice and Lost are not equipped with him.

    Villager 1: “Oh my you saved me Megatronus! Thank you!”

    The Fallen’s tone is much gentler and far more noble than his current self. It’s like he’s a completely different person.

    Fallen: “My dear citizens it is my duty. There is no need to thank me for doing what is expected of me.”

    Villager 1: “But you risked your life to save ours. We are simple mortals and you are our gods.”

    Fallen: “We may be gods, but we are still servants of the people. We want the civilization we created to thrive. Your lives are more important. We simply provide help when needed.”

    Villager 2: “When your civilization is finished we want to live there!”

    Megatronus’s cheeks flash with fire to imply that he’s blushing.

    Fallen: (bashful) “Oh your words warm my fiery spark. I must depart before I explode from embarrassment!”

    Villager 2: “You guys are the best!”

    The Fallen waves them goodbye and opens a portal for the three Primes to disappear.

    Adhoc: “So it appears I’m in the past. It’s unreal that I am in the presence of three of the original thirteen Primes. Quintus and Alchemist died far before any of us were born.”

    Adhoc’s journey takes a turn when the sky turns dark blue, and the entire environment looks like it’s on a high speed train moving forward, yet he himself is standing completely still. It sounds like a clock is ticking rapidly as the environment is now at some sort of temple. It is clearly made exclusively for the Primes as statues of all of them are present throughout. Stained glass depictions of them are all over the windows. Magic torches light the way. There are twelve high chairs in a circle like how the leaders of the Green Lantern Core all debate with one another. Only The Fallen, Quintus, and Alchemist are currently inside. The doors open up and reveal a fourth Prime. His cape, fu manchu, and long beard immediately gives him away as Alpha Trion, who like Quintus and Alchemist are designed right from Exodus. He is the twelfth Prime created and the weakest of them all. His mortality is the reason Tarn and a few of the Shadow Core Decepticons were able to kill him. He became the leader of the thirteen Primes after an undocumented event. That time has not happened quite yet. George Takai reprises his role.

    Trion: “Brothers, what a beautiful day Primus has blessed us with.”

    Fallen: “May the next day, the day after, and all our days be blessed as well.”

    Trion: “Yes our god and home is thriving, and Unicron is paving the way for the rest of the universe to be born.”

    Fallen: “The empty void of the universe brings me fear, but Unicron’s resolve is something worth respecting.”

    Trion: “Indeed. The others are helping around Cybertron. I have no doubt our future will be prosperous.”

    Adhoc is taking in all of this information and begins to figure out what is going on.

    “So I can’t interact with them, and I’m getting snippets in chronological order. It’s as if someone is trying to tell me something, but the file is damaged and missing vital pieces.”

    Adhoc’s suspicions are confirmed as time fast forwards again. This time he’s outside in a pasture where Megatronus is conversing with the Flame Bishop and Cardinal. In the distance is a twelve story giant with magic powers altering the terrain. It’s Thunderwing, Unicron’s first creation. Some consider him to be the fifteenth Prime, but he is something else entirely. The Fallen watches him before continuing his conversation.

    Fallen: “I’ve tried being friends with him. But he’s a real loner type.”

    Cardinal: “Some people’s nature can’t be changed. You already have a good example of that.”

    Fallen: “Right…. hope we never see that again.”

    Those very words are cursed as something makes a noise that sends a shiver down the entire universe’s spine. Everyone looks up, but Adhoc is unable to see what is going on as the memory is damaged. He can only see Megatronus’s eyes widen with complete fear.

    Fallen: (horrified) “I thought we handled this? How has he returned?!”

    Cardinal: “Looks like we have to make sure we take care of this for good.”

    Everyone flies up and the memory fast forwards to the battle. Fourteen beams of light go to fight the mysterious entity. In the background are two huge planets transforming, which are Unicron and Primus respectively. The extra two lights with the twelve Primes are Thunderwing and a ball of fire representing the Mistress of Flame. It shows Alpha Trion getting knocked back but he is saved by Megatronus.

    Fallen: “This isn’t working, let Vector, Unicron, Primus, and our brave leader do what must be done.”

    A giant swirling light engulfs everyone, and it fast forwards to The Fallen in a slightly more updated version of the temple with happiness in his eyes. He shows off to the Cardinal and Bishop his iconic sword and shield.

    Fallen: “Isn’t it perfect?

    Bishop: “Such fine craftsmanship!”

    Cardinal: “Tailored to match its user’s glory.”

    Fallen: “My love is a miracle worker!”

    Bishop: “The other six creations she made forged are equally impressive.”

    Cardinal: “I’m most interested in that trinket of light. What was its name again?”

    Fallen “It’s called the Matrix of Leadership.”

    It flashes forward again and this time we are greeted with a new guest. Alpha Quintesson is in a primitive lab helping give new life to the people of Cybertron. New species are becoming prevalent as a few Minicons are stepping down and getting right to work. Alpha Trion walks in to check on his progress.

    Trion: “Is all the progress going well?”

    Q: “About as well as it could. I'm finding success with most of these. We got Minicons from Micronus, Transmorphs from Amalgamous, and more Flame residents are born each day. It’s just the Seacons I find difficulty with.”

    Trion: “What kind of difficulty?”

    Q: “See for yourself.”

    Alpha Quintesson pulls a lever which generates energy to create new life, a single Seacon. Based on his appearance he looks like he transforms into a jellyfish of sorts. It goes feral and tries to attack Alpha Trion, who pulls out a sword to knock it back into a wall.

    Q: “See what I mean? It’s like Liege’s evil essence is too strong for these creatures.”

    The Fallen kicks down the door and incinerates the Seacon. His demeanor is far more bitter. It seems like we are in the early stages of his descent.

    Fallen: (cold) “How fitting of his descendants to be equally rotten.”

    Q: “Many thanks, Megatronus!”

    Fallen: “Of course, my friend.”

    Trion: “How are you feeling?”

    Fallen: “How do you think I’m feeling? I’ve been betrayed! How could she do this to me? How could Liege stab me in the back?”

    Trion: “It’s true what they did was wrong, but there is one silver lining to this.”

    Fallen: “And that is?”

    Trion: “We’re getting a thirteenth Prime!”

    Fallen: “The lineage is tainted.”

    Trion: “Perhaps, but they will be a blessing to all of us, even you.”

    Fallen: -sigh- “We shall see.”

    It flashes forward again to the main temple from earlier where the thirteenth Prime is born. Everyone is there including the Mistress of Flame, The Cardinal, the Bishop, and Alpha Quintesson. The twelve Primes are bearing witness to the creation of the thirteenth Prime. A woman's scream followed by a ball of light manifesting itself creates a four legged centaur like being. He is the thirteenth Prime. Alpha Trion proudly proclaims the name the other Primes agreed to.

    Trion: “Behold Onyx Prime!”

    Time goes forward again with Megatronus and Alpha Trion helping the people further develop their civilization. There are even giants roaming the landscape, which indicates how far ahead this takes place.

    Trion: “Onyx has certainly taken a liking to you.”

    Fallen: “He spends more time with me than his own parents. They were unworthy of him anyway.”

    Trion: “You should not speak so poorly of your fellow Primes.”

    Fallen: “Try to change my mind just like Unicron.”

    Trion: “Unicron should not feel so distant from Primus. They are equals in this beautiful universe.”

    Fallen: “Unicron has a compelling argument that Primus refuses to acknowledge.”

    Trion: “The rules of the universe are set in stone. We all have our rules. Primus is light and creation, Unicron is darkness and destruction.”

    Fallen: “Is it wrong to yearn for more?”

    Trion: “I’m not sure whether I am qualified to answer that.”

    Fallen: “Then who among us is?”

    The sky turns an eerie blue color, but light itself seems to be disappearing from all of Cybertron The Fallen’s fiery eyes are the only source of nearby light.

    Fallen: “Interesting choice of skyline from Primus.”

    Trion: “I don’t think he’s doing this. I’m checking his vitals, and he’s paralyzed.”

    Fallen: “What? How? Where is Unicron?”

    Trion: “I don’t know!”

    Ungodly noises are heard which then are overrun by people screaming in the distance. They see another another light, a disturbing mix of white and blue light scurrying across the ground. It stands up to reveal itself as the centipede creature depicted on the walls. It shines light from its eyes that flickers like an old school camera has a villager completely mesmerized. It inches closer, and both Primes watch in complete horror as the centipede lunges and puts the entire top half of the village’s body in his mouth before closing his jaws and killing him instantly.

    Trion: “We have to kill it!”

    Fallen: “We need more light.”

    Megatronus lights his entire body with fire to give them more visibility, and what they see goes beyond everything they believe. There are hundreds, no, thousands of giant floating asteroids in the sky, but they aren’t real asteroids at all. They are living beings with drill-like tentacles over their body. The surface is a hybrid of rock and metal, something so otherworldly that it’s difficult to comprehend. Their surface color is black but the tentacles are colored red. They have a single, fleshy eye that glows pure white. An even larger one is present among them, undoubtedly their leader is hidden in shadow behind them. He’s far different in appearance as it looks like he’s entirely metallic. He even has two rectangular red eyes and more tentacles all over him. Even more creatures appear as a large monster stomps its way across Cybertron it makes a footprint in the exact shape that Adhoc and everyone first encountered at the ruins, It has a head shaped like a hammerhead shark, and three eyes, The third is much larger on top of the forehead and is colored red while his other eyes are yellow. Adhoc can’t get a good look because of his position, but he does get a full view of the monster's mouth as it glows a very peculiar shade of purple when it roars at everyone. It moves in to attack but a powerful blue aura flying at subsonic speeds stops the beast in its tracks. Thunderwing has arrived to the rescue. Six balls of energy appear around him. Five on his left shoulder and one on his right. They materialize into something but we don’t get to see what they are. All Adhoc can see now is all the powers of the Primes blasting wildly at whatever other threats are looming. Time accelerates again. The Fallen is not pleased with the results of the battle.

    Fallen: “I thought we destroyed him, and he is back again and even stronger this time!”

    Trion: “I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong. Now he has allies with his creations. We must find a way to weaken or silence him for good.”

    Fallen: “Amalgamous told me he noticed something strange in the last battle. I’ll ask him more about it later.”

    Trion: “Right, for now let’s try and recover.”

    Time moves forward again but this time everything goes completely black before popping up like nothing even happened. The Fallen and Alpha Trion are surveying the area, and the expression on their faces are of frustration and confusion.

    Fallen: “What in the blazes is going on? What is this city doing here? It’s not supposed to be around yet!”

    Trion: “It seems that the powers of the first two Primes are weakening with each time they combine their powers. At this rate we won’t be able to do it.”

    Fallen: “I just don’t understand his powers growing while they become weaker. Is he feeding off them somehow?”

    Trion: “Now we have these remnants from a forgotten age. How many times must we relive this part? I want to progress.”

    Fallen: “As do I, but our enemy always comes out when we least expect it, and even more powerful than before.”

    Trion: “We don’t know where he came from. All of the gods had their roles about creation and destruction...and…”

    Alpha Trion’s face says it all. He has come to a horrifying realization.

    Trion: “I’ve figured out how his powers work, and it’s even worse than I even imagine. How could we have been so blind?”

    Fallen: “Well tell me, how does it work and how do we kill him?”

    Trion: “I don’t think we can kill him. I think he’s beyond our power now. As for how he got stronger, well we need to talk to Liege-”

    The file is corrupted. Adhoc begins to lose his patience.

    Adhoc: “Just what is all this about? Who are they even talking about, and what am I supposed to learn?’

    Adhoc gets his answer as he finally gets a full view of just who is the true enemy of everyone. Adhoc is at a loss of words. His body begins to shake in fear beyond all possibilities. The more he looks, the more mad he is driven.

    “How…. how is this possible??!! There is no way you could be the one they spoke of. I always believed Unicron was the devil, but I see he is a mere insect to you…. How could you exist? Nothing makes sense anymore!”

    Adhoc can’t comprehend what he’s looking at, and his body starts convulsing, giving him great pain. It’s like that even making eye contact with this unknown evil is so strong that even past footage of him causes someone to have a mental breakdown. Before the damage becomes permanent time moves forward. It seems like the Primes won because all the citizens are cheering, but from The Fallen and Alpha Trion’s faces it looks like something happened. Twelve balls of light disperse to the corners of Cybertron except for the two of them. They talk to one another in private.

    Trion: “We did it.”

    Fallen: “But look what it cost. The first of us, our eldest and most powerful Prime is gone, gone forever. He sacrificed his life so that life itself would survive.”

    Trion: “We must continue for his sake. We should wipe the memories of the citizens. I want this black chapter of our history to be forgotten just like that evil.”

    Fallen: “We’ll need Vector for that.”

    Adhoc: “They could alter memories?”

    It fast forwards, but only briefly. It must’ve been like a few days or a week.

    Fallen: “Unicron is acting strange lately.”

    Trion: “How so?”

    Fallen: “The moment anyone mentions the Matrix he gets rather fearful. He won’t even get near it. What’s even stranger is that his blood has turned purple.”

    The Fallen shows off a shard of Dark Energon. Alpha Trion is just as curious as he is. It fast forwards again, and this time the tone is much more aggressive. The fallen and Alpha Trion are in a bitter argument, and we have finally reached the beginning of Megatronus’s fall.

    Fallen: “If I am to be exiled then so be it! You’ve all grown weak lately!”

    Trion: “You’re lucky we don’t kill you where you stand.”

    Fallen: “I’m stronger than most of you. If you tried I would no doubt take some of you li

    Trion: “Just like Liege Maximo?”

    Fallen: “After everything he did to us, to me, he had it coming.”

    Trion: “You truly are even worse than he is.”

    The Fallen explodes in anger.


    Trion: “All I see is a murderer.”

    Fallen: “It was a mercy killing. You saw what happened.”

    Trion: “You’ve wanted him dead for years, and you finally got an excuse to make it happen.”

    Fallen: “Without his evil influence we may finally prosper.”

    Trion: “Leave now! Never return!”

    Time fasts forward again, and Adhoc witnesses the final battle between Unicron and Primus. Thunderwing and The Fallen have both aligned with the god against Primus and the other primes. Unicron faces Primus, four of the remaining Primes and the Mistress of Flame. Thunderwing faces off against Onyx, who has fully grown to look like his Exodus depiction. Quintus faces off against some sort of humanoid robot with the face of a demonic goat like how satan is depicted in certain cults. The Flame Bishop and Cardinal are assisting another Prime with the power to change the position of his body parts at any moment against five strange opponents whose appearances are completely obscured. The Bishop fights with a flaming mace and the Cardinal brandishes a fire staff.

    Unicron: “This universe will be consumed!”

    His hand pulses with purple energy and transforms into a magical spiked club and strikes the obscured Primus. Primus’s hand grabs Unicron by the head, and both of them are falling endlessly across the galaxy. While in their arm lock they collide and destroy several planets in their way. The Fallen fights the three remaining Primes and seems to be on equal ground despite being outnumbered. He blasts two of them away and manages to throw his shield right into Alpha Trion’s chest. He has him pinned to the ground and is about to execute him.

    Fallen “It’s time for a change, Alpha Trion. It may be personal, but not with you. You are the only one I still respect, and that is why you must die first. With you gone I will finally be free from what little guilt I feel.”

    Adhoc: “I find it Ironic that Alpha Trion who was the first true target of Megatronus wound up being the last surviving Prime. To think that he would fall at the hands of a mortal, and just had to be Tarn.”

    Someone knocks The Fallen off of Alpha Trion, and the four do battle. All that can be seen are three balls of light constantly clashing with a sphere of plane all throughout space. Time fast forwards again until it looks like the aftermath of the great battle. The Primes have won, but at a cost. Alpha Trion looks around at the damaged surface of Cybertron. He converses with Alpha Quintesson, who is revealed to be the creator of the guardians.

    Trion: “Unicron is slain, Thunderwing and his minions have been sealed deep beneath the surface of Cybertron, and Megatronus still lives. May the greatest warrior among us succeed with hunting him down.”

    Q: “Poor Primus, he sacrificed his ability to transform for our sake. Is he dead?”

    Trion: “Comatose is more like it. Instead of living his own life he gave all life here a chance to survive. We are wounded because we will never be able to achieve the true final step in our species' evolution.”

    Adhoc: “Final step?”

    Q: “That sister planet of yours, where is it?”

    Trion: “Probably destroyed, or at best somewhere far, far away from home.”

    Adhoc: “We had a planet similar to us? The planet of Junk perhaps? Velocitron?

    Trion: “The people are somehow remembering what happened in the other points of our history. Alpha Quintesson, I give you full permission to terminate this city’s inhabitants. Continue searching for any survivors or those unfortunate enough to stumble upon this place.

    The guardians begin shooting up all the innocent civilians to wipe their slate clean. Adhoc just helplessly looks on as he witnesses a genocide.

    Adhoc: “You monsters, are there no good people among the Primes? Was Megatronus right all along? I know I don’t have the full story but seeing them in this light doesn’t not bode well. What will everyone think when I share this information? Will they believe me?”

    Time skips very far ahead, and this time it’ of a more recent memory, but not of the Primes, this one is about Adhoc. It shows him inside his old mansion, and he is greeted by Tarn, whose eyes are red now. His mask is now a prototype of the current one he wears, but he seems to be right in the middle of the height of his power. Based on the badge on his chest this was when he was still in charge of the DJD.

    Tarn: “Look, friend, I come bearing gifts.”

    Tarn’s gift isn’t flowers, chocolate, or even a new gun. It’s the body of Tracks, stabbed with so many holes you might’ve mistaken him for a cheese slice.

    Adhoc: (horrified) “What is this?”

    Tarn: “This is the noble you spoke of is it not? I gave him exactly what he deserved.”

    Adhoc: “I wanted equality, not his demise.”

    Tarn: “Have you learned nothing? Autobots, especially the Primes and nobles will never want that for us. The only option left is to kill them all.”

    Present day Adhoc has had enough of the flashbacks.

    “That’s enough! I wish to end this!”

    The divine presence complies and Adhoc is back in the current day ruins, but not the same room that he was last in. Something blinking on his arm distracts him from observing his surroundings. It’s a miracle, he finally has a signal! He wastes no time calling a frequency that Autobots use in S.O.S situations.

    “If you’re getting this frequency my name is Adhoc. I am a member of the Shadow Core. I am joining Sixshot in defecting to the Autobots. There is another one of us called Drift. We both are en route to Cybertron. I am in need of immediate assistance as I am low on reserves and Energon. Trace this signal for there is no time. After getting pickup I will cooperate in any way you ask. I simply request an audience with Rodimus Prime and Sixshot. Please hurry. I also have first hand knowledge of Cybertron’s missing history!”

    Adhoc ends the message and finally takes a look around. He’s in a place with a giant mural and something in the center that is still functioning even after all these years. He realizes it’s some sort of calendar. There is a circular wheel with glyphs on it. Out of curiosity he spins the wheel, back, and the mural responds to that. It shows stone figures highlighted on the mural that depict certain people like Unicron and the Primes. There are tiny blue lights all around the mural that are symbolic of stars. Adhoc pays attention to the blue text on the calendar and sees that the date isn’t correct at all.

    “Wait a minute...this is a countdown.”

    Before he figures out what the countdown means he spins the wheel as far back as it goes, and a small presentation on the mural flights up. It depicts something like the earliest cosmos. It looks like a giant face, and the wheel moves forward to highlight what looks like a dispersion and many hands chasing something. Next to be revealed is Primus and Unicron, and then all thirteen Primes are shown in a divine pose, and in the order they were created. The Fallen is shown to be the third Prime ever created. It shows them all facing an image of a figure in a chair, and the figure has horns curving downwards around his head. The wheel continues to show Thunderwing and the Mistress of Flame along with the Flame Residents. Thunderwing has both his hands out and is holding people in it. On his right hand is five people, and on his left is one. It’s unknown who they are and what their connection to him is still a mystery. That third eye of Unicron appears on the mural’s depiction of his planet form. The eye separates itself and moves to a depiction of that monster with the flat head.

    “Just where did you come from?”

    The mural also depicts the seven weapons of the Primes. The Matrix, the Star Saber, Liege Maximo’s trident, Avarice, the Apex Armor, the Forge, and something that looks like a laser cannon. Above them seems to be another trinket, almost like a second Matrix.

    Adhoc may or may not have been given an answer depending on one’s perspective. The countdown shows off that red galaxy that has been seen many times now.

    “A galaxy? Is this what you’re after? What secrets does it hold?”

    The presentation ends abruptly. Desiring more answers Adhoc spins the countdown to its destined date. What happens next is a darkness that covers the entire mural and every star is extinguished. Adhoc understands what this means for everyone.

    Adhoc: (dismal) “So that’s it? We all die to an evil whose powers can’t be stopped. I guess that is the fate of a universe as tainted as ours. It’s completely pointless to try and change the inevitable.”

    Adhoc is so busy being depressed that he fails to notice one little star still was not taken by the darkness. A little glimmer of hope may yet remain if the right hand is dealt.

    He does snap out of his funk when he hears noises from the other side of the wall. The wall explodes and Adhoc is caught under some of the debris of the explosion. The dazed and confused Adhoc pulls off the slab of debris that was burying him as he tries to assess what just happened. Through the dust and smoke is the outline of a tank, and the tank transforms. The red eyes pierce through the smoke and clears a path to the face to reveal that it’s Bludgeon, who is very much alive.


    “I finally found you, traitor!”

    How are you alive and how did you find me?”

    “I found you by mere coincidence, or was it fate? As for how I survived I was able to break my fall with debris in the hole. There were legions of those machines down there, and I had slight difficulty fighting without my sword, but I made due with what I had. You should’ve known that there is no force great enough to stop me from hunting you down.”

    ‘Listen, Bludgeon, I’ve discovered something you wouldn't believe-”

    “I don’t care what you say to me! You’re stalling!”

    “I swear I’m not!”

    “Whether you’re lying or not isn’t a factor in this situation. I have a mission to complete. For both Galvatron and my deceased partner Backlash, you will die.”

    “I told Backlash I didn’t want to fight him, and I’ll tell it to you as well.”

    “I don’t care what you want. All that matters is the mission. This is the path I walk. This is the correct path, the only path for me. Your fate is death. So either make it quick and painless, or resist and I will make you suffering feel like it will last forever.

    “I refuse to let my past define me like you did. You drowned yourself in it while I look to the future.”

    “Don’t ever compare yourself to me! You are a self entitled traitor that just looked his whole life for an easy ride. Here I am with a fatal reality check.”

    “If you think this is the right path for you, then I guess I have no choice but to fight.”

    “The winner of this fight will be who is truly correct. I hope you’re ready to admit defeat.”

    “I will, but you’ll have to kill me first.”

    “Then let this be our final showdown!”

    It all comes down to this. It’s not just their lives on the line, but their pride and entire belief system as well. The battle between two elite warriors is sure to leave a mark on Cybertron’s history no matter who the victor is. The only question is there really a winner in this tragic tale?
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    What a lot of revelations to take in!
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    My head hurts. Jesus Christ that was insanely epic.