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    MUSHing. You may have heard of it, you may not. Its a form of online Roleplay that really has the best of both worlds - it is in real time, so you can interact with people and play around them, and it is text based with different rooms, characters, commands, weapons etc.

    There's still lots of MUSHes about, but if you want a Transformers one with more than 3 people on it, you'll want to play on 2k5. Its the oldest Transformer RPG still running (13 years strong) and still as good as ever. It's set post (original) movie, so you don't get Optimus Prime (DON'T CRY) but you do get Wheelie (I used to play Wheelie! :v:) 

    We have a wiki you can look at for information at


    Connecting couldn't be simpler. There's a fuller guide here ( ), with different alternative ways to connnect, but the best way is via a dedicated MUSH client

    There's several out there, most people use them, and they are easy to use. Download one of the ones below, and connect to port 5555. In Mushclient, either click on 'new world' or 'quick connect'. In SimpleMU, select 'New Connection Wizard' from the menu, and enter the site address and port number.

    MUSHclient -
    SimpleMU -

    You'll be greeted with a login screen. Just type connect guest and you'll be on!


    The following commands will keep you in good stead on all MUSHes.
    who - who is on
    +where - where people are
    l name - look at someone
    ic / ooc - hop In Character or Out Of Character
    +gu text - talk on the guest channel
    "text - say something in the room
    :text - make a pose starting with your name
    @emit text - Emit a pose!
    +icfinger name - the In Character information on a player
    +oocfinger name - guess
    +bg name - The background on a character


    Type ++avail for a list of all available characters!

    There are currently several levels of characters. You can apply for a feature character. Alternately you can make up your OWN character (how exciting is that!) You can transform and everything!

    Applying for characters can be scary and hard. Luckily some characters are app free (These come under AFC on ++avail) to help you get a foothold on the MUSH. That is, if you want, you can automatically get one. You can be Gears or Eject or Ratbat!

    So starting couldn't be easier! Give it a go today!

    Check out some current logs here, and see what you're missing!
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    Heh, nice to see 2k5 is still going.