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    This is pretty much a rewrite of RID since even though the cartoon is pretty entertaining there's many who don't like it and I have always wanted to write somethign concernign this series as its one of my favorites. So here we go. All of the show characters are here and some US exclusives will be here. Comments are greatly appreciated. BTW, I'm no scientist and there's a small scientific speech, so bear with me as it might not be 100% scientifically correct. :D 

    "CHAPTER 1: The Arrival"


    New York, perhaps the most famous city in the world, was going to be the place where one of the most important scientific speech in humanity's history was going to take place. The man that humanity owed for this discovery is Dr. Kenneth Onishi, a world-renowned scientist. He was about to head straight to the podium from which he would make his speech to the awaiting public, which included some of the world's foremost scientists. Next to Onishi stood his 12 year old son, Koji. Dr. Onishi and his wife had become divorced last year, and his ex-wife had gained custody of the kid. However, Koji had a very close relationship with his father and her mother understood this, so she took him here to New York, to see his dad in his moment of glory.

    "Dad, when are you going to give the speech?", asked Koji, anxious to see his father speak to the public.

    "In about two minutes, Koji.", said Dr. Onishi, looking at this watch nervously. "You don't know how long I have waited for this day. And the fact that you're here makes it even better, my son."

    Koji smiled, not knowing how to answer his father's words. When was the last time he had spoken to him? Face to face, not on the phone or online, but in person. It had actually been 5 months, quite a long time, but to Koji it seemed even longer than that. Years... He wished he could spend more time with his father, but his job left him barely had any time to visit Koji. Exotic, faraway places that he could only dream about. Maybe one day, someday, he'd get to visit all those places with his dad.

    "Well, I'd better get moving, Koji. Stay with your mom, allright? Wish me luck..."

    Koji finally was able to gather up the courage to ask his dad a question that he had wanted to ask since they came to New York. "Dad, when are you coming to visit? We really miss you..."

    "Koji, you know I would like nothing else, but I can't. I'm too busy with this new discovery and..."

    The sad stare from his son was too much for him. He couldn't continue.

    "Here...", he said, untying something around his neck. Attached to the cord was a small communications device, which he used to get in touch with his fellow scientists. It had a private line from which only the scientists involved with Dr. Onishi's project could talk through. The device also had many other utilities such as being able to save data from his studies and also could serve as a web browser.

    "Your communicator?", asked Koji in amazement. He loved playing with this little gizmo, but his dad had told him that he couldn't have one due to the private line. His dad tied it around his neck and then patted him on the shoulder before making his way towards the podium.

    "I can just get another one. This way we'll be able to talk whenever we want. Allright, Koji?", he said.

    Koji once again was at a loss of words. But he managed to say, "Good luck, dad."

    Cameras began flashing as reporters and cameramen ran to get the latest on the exciting news.

    "First of all, I'd like to thank you all for coming to bear witness to this important discovery.", Onishi said into a microphone. "As we all know, fuel and energy as a whole is becoming one of humanity's foremost problems. Whether it be because of the quantity of necessary fuel, or the problems that come with these fuels such as global warming. My team of scientists and I have discovered a new type of fuel source which we shall refer to as "Source X" for the time being. From what little testing we have done on this fuel, there is about 70% reduction of combustion and therefore it means less pollution to our skies. It also appears to be more powerful than plutonium..."

    As he continued his speech, Koji and his mom watched proudly as Onishi continued his speech. However none of them noticed as a giant object flew through the sky, making its way towards them.

    "We are still not ready to use it as a replacement for our current fossil fuels due to it still being in the early testing stages, but we hyphotesize that it might come into use in about--"

    The speech was interrupted as the sound of bursting glass and concrete crumbling was heard throught the entire city, a sound that was all too familiar to the citizens. In the distance they saw a building crumbling to pieces, ash flying everywhere. Everyone was about to run when they noticed something very strange, an object flying through the dust, black and purple not to mention gigantic. The alien looking aircraft made its way towards where Dr. Onishi's speech was taking place, the sharp wings of the craft taking huge chunks out of nearby buildings but luckily it didn't demolish any more of them.

    The object appeared to be mechanic and strangely resembled a winged hand with five digits. Some would have found it funny if it weren't so terrifying. Everyone stared in silence as the object hovered above them for about 15 seconds, then it started moving. Parts and panels began moving and shifting when finally the object took on the shape of a humanoid being, robotic and towering at 30 feet with a huge wingspan of about 40 feet. It hovered closer to the civilians who began running and screaming away from the robot. The giant seemed amused at the sight, when its face turned grim again and it began fixing its stare on Dr. Onishi who was dumbfounded at the creature's awesome sight. Its red 'eyes' turned even brighter upon sighting the scientist and then the robot did something that amazed everyone.

    "Dr. Kenneth Onishi, I am Megatron, Predacon Emperor. From what I understand, you are this planet's foremost scientist concerning energy and fuels."

    It shocked Onishi's mind that this creature knew him, nevermind the fact that it spoke English. He nodded nervously at the so-called Megatron.

    "We Predacons have become interested in this new energy source you have discovered and we need your help in harvesting it. Either you come with us right now or we'll make you. If you aid us, we might consider sparing you. Don't cooperate and we'll exterminate you and your pathetic human race."

    Onishi stared into the crowd and amongst the huge mass of screaming humans, he caught sight of his ex-wife, dragging Koji away. His son was resisting not wanting to leave his father alone with this monster, tears rolled down his face as he called out to Onishi. However, due to the sounds of sirens in the distance and the terrified screams of the civilians he wasn't able to make out what his son was saying. Then with one final tug, his mother managed to drag him away and they ran. At least they were safe for now, but if this robot knew who he was and what his field of research was, then he probably knew where he and his family lived. They weren't safe no matter what, he thought.

    Onishi was about to submit to the robot's demands, when all of a suden four missiles impacted into Megatron's side. The robot yelled in agony before turning around to see who dared to attack him.

    Amongst the non-moving traffic there was a red firetruck with its ladder aimed at the giant robot. Four missile launchers on top of the ladder reloaded and fired again on Megatron. He quickly moved to one side, the missiles safely zipping right past him and dissappearing into the sky.

    "Who the slag are you?", he yelled at the firetruck, knowing that this was no human vehicle.

    "I'm offended, Megatron. One would think you would have remembered me after all these vorns.", said a voice emanating from the truck.

    Megatron then realized who this was. "Optimus--"

    The front cab of the firetruck separated from the rear section and it unfolded and parts shifted, revealing a red and silver robot with a blue helmet and two antenna on each side.

    "--Prime.", finished Megatron, clearly not pleased with this new robot's presence.

    "This planet is off-limits to Cybertronians, Megatron.", said Prime. "You are under arrest. Now come along peacefully!"

    "Now I'm insulted, Prime.", he responded. "You should know me better than that!"

    The yellow object on Megatron's forehead began glowing, and then suddenly a laser beam shot forth. The beam striked Optimus in his chest, knocking him into the side of a building. He quickly stood up, using his body to guard the humans running below him from the falling debris. After the humans were safe, he took out a handgun and opened fire on Megatron, shooting him in the chest several times. Megatron had enough and took out two red blades with each hand, and flew straight into Optimus. He slashed but Optimus quickly ducked and rolled out of the way. The only thing Megatron's blade came into contact with was the side of the building.

    Optimus fired but Megatron deflected with the twin blades and slashed once again, this time knocking the handgun out of Prime's hand. He slashed again with his other arm and making a gash across Prime's chestplate, a thick black liquid gushing from the wound. Megatron slashed again, but Optimus dodged the attack. He counterattacked with a left uppercut, and then a right snap kick. Megatron smashed into the opposite building and parried with a snap kick, giving himself space. He attempted a stab, but Optimus quickly moved to the side and grabbed his left arm, putting some pressure into the wrist which caused Megatron to drop one of the swords. But the winged robot sank one of his knees into Optimus, pushing him back a few feet and slashed again, this time almost hacking off Prime's right arm but luckily all he got was a small gash.

    Dr. Onishi was awestruck at the titanic struggle. "All this for me?", he thought. Then he noticed that Megatron was so occupied with this new robot that he had completely forgotten about him. It was then that he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to run away, an opportunity he may not get again. Survival instincts kicked in, and he made a run for it. Doing this put not only his family's life in danger, but all of humanity as well. But something told him that chances that this robot would let him walk away with his life were slim to none. He decided to take the risk.

    Megatron noticed Onishi making a run for it, and decided to forget his arch-enemy for now. But as he was beggining to make his way towards Onishi, Optimus tackled him sending them both crashing to the ground and on top of the abandoned cars below them.

    Onishi desperately looked for a vehicle with which to make his getaway. The streets where flooded with cars, all with the keys in the ignition, making an escape ridiculously easy. However, the streets where so riddled with these vehicles that an escape by car would be near impossible. Then he spotted something, a sports motorcycle lying on the sidewalk. He ran towards it and luckily for him, the keys where in the ignition. Besides the bike was the owner, who's head had been crushed in by a piece of fallen rubble. "Poor guy. What are the odds?", thought Onishi. He used to own a bike when he was younger, before he settled down with a family. That was 14 years ago, and he hadn't driven a bike since. Hopefully he still had it in him. He revved up the engine and took off at high speed. He maneuvered through the rubble and abandoned vehicles, and was soon at a relatively safe distance from the battle. But he dared not look back, and kept driving at high speed. He didn't care where he ended up, just as long as it was well away from those two monsters.

    Megatron grabbed Optimus by one arm and slammed him hard into the concrete. The red robot got to his feet and dodged two sideways slashes from Megatron, punching him twice in the face but before he could attack again, Megatron smacked him into a building with the handle of the blade.

    He activated a comlink in his left forearm and tapped into a frequency. "Predacons, Onishi is making a run for it. I'm sending you the coordinates. Find him and bring him back alive!". Patience was obviously not one of Megatron's strong points.

    As he turned off the comlink Optimus smashed a large piece of rubble in his chest, dazing Megatron for a few seconds, giving Optimus the perfect opportunity to punch him several times, knocking Megatron on his back. The Predacon couldn't waste anymore time, and began transforming once again after he regained his footing. When his shifting was complete he had become a huge two-headed dragon, towering over Optimus Prime.

    Onishi was now well away from the battle. He began to ease his grip on the handle, and took a breather as he slowed down and began respecting the traffic laws. What was he going to do now? There's no way the cops would be able to handle those creatures. He doubted if even the army would be of any use. He then noticed three F-22 Raptors flying at high speeds through the clouds and heading towards the titanic battle from which he had just narrowly escaped. Despite how much he doubted they would be of some help, they might slow down the robots and buy him some more time. He revved up the engine once more. He might manage to avoid these robots and save his family.

    However, as he looked up ahead he noticed several cars stopping in their tracks, and watched in terror as two cars were launched into the air, crashing into the side of the surrounding buildings. He wasn't out of the woods yet.

    To Be Continued...
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    I somehow didn't expect you to write a RiD story. (I am a fan of Car Robots :rock )
    Interesting that you started it with a bit of human drama. Looking forward to the next chapter :) 
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    Very intersting. You got really good descripitive paragraphs, which helps the story move at a good pace. Love how you started off with the human side of things. Unique, but it works. Can't wait to read more. :thumb 
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, this is going to be a very interesting fic for me because I've never really had much human interaction in any of my stories and its proving to be a neat experience. Here's the next one.

    "CHAPTER 2: Face Off"

    Onishi looked ahead and saw three strange creatures. All looked mechanic but had a bit of an organic look to them as well. One of them was a red and black toad, the second resembled a skunk, and the third what appeared to be a bue and silver flying squirrel.

    "What the hell...?", thought Onishi, before hitting the brakes and making a U-turn. Even if these things weren't working for Megatron he still knew they meant trouble.

    "He's mine!", said the flying squirrel in a high pitched voice.

    It hopped on top of a car and then on a truck, running over the trailer it was towing. It then hopped again, using its wings to glide. Onishi began driving crazily through the streets, once again ignoring traffic laws and even driving through the sidewalks endangering the lives of pedestrians.

    The toad and skunk gave chase as well, totally oblivious to human lives, as they barreled through the cars and pedestrians, and crushed everything in their path.

    "I suggest you quit running, Onishi!", said the squirrel once again, coming dangerously close. "Megatron isn't what you'd call patient!"

    So Onishi's original hunch was right, they do work for Megatron. Where were all these robots and creatures coming from anyways? He then saw an opportunity: the freeway. He maneuvered himself past a few cars and buses, and entered the freeway. At least here it wouldn't be as difficult making a getaway as in the streets.

    He began to leave the skunk and flying squirrel behind, when the toad hopped several meters and landed right in front of him. Onishi veered a bit to the side and narrowly missed the toad's claws, which cut through the pavement with ease.

    "Slag!", yelled the toad, which appeared to be a sort of curse word to Onishi.

    "Tough luck, Slapper!", said the squirrel to the toad.

    Slapper, as he had just been called then resumed the chase, follwing the squirrel closely. As the skunk began catching up to the chase, it then began trashing its tail blades around, smacking several cars into the air and straight at Onishi.

    The human looked up and quickly hit on the brakes, a car landing just a few feet in front of him. He quickly revved the engine once again since there were more on the way. He drove as fast as he could, barely able to maintain control over the bike as the flying cars landed around him. Then he heard something in the distance, police sirens. He looked behind and indeed there were several squad cars attempting to catch up to the chase.

    "All right, all of you: stop and put your hands up in the air! Now!", said a cop through a megaphone.

    A futile attempt and it would more than likely prove fatal to the officers, but there was nothing that Onishi could do to prevent this, and after coming this far he wasn't about to hand himself over to these monsters.

    Some of the cops then began firing their handguns at the mechanical animals. There was absolutely no effect, the bullets harmlessly bounced off their thick armor.

    "Slapper, Gaskunk, take care of these pests. I'll get the doctor!", said the squirrel.

    Slapper, and Gaskunk stopped in their tracks and turned around towards the incoming police vehicles. One car couldn't stop in time and attempted screeching to a halt but Slapper grabbed it and sent it flying into the air. Before the car landed he transformed and took out a whip like weapon with a spiked mace attached to the end and swung, crushing two cars and the officers inside. Gaskunk followed suit and transformed into his robot mode, and a panel opened in his left shoulder, a laser beam shooting out from the crystal inside. The last remaining squad cars were incinerated in a fiery blaze.

    "Well, that was all of them.", said Gaskunk, transforming back to beast mode.

    "Come on!", said Slapper as he transformed as well. "We can't let Darkscream have all the glory."

    The dragon mode that Megatron had assumed now towered over Optimus Prime. Both mouths opened and flames spewed forth. Optimus barely dodged the flames, rolling out of the way. The gasoline from the crushed cars was all over the streets however and the whole place soon caught on fire. Optimus tried to call out the rear section of his vehicle mode using his comlink, but Megatron smacked him using his tail, crashing Optimus into the side of a now abandoned building.

    "You should have stayed out of this.", said Megatron. "There'll be no glory in this death, Prime. Only agony!"

    One of the heads striked, but its sharp fangs narrowly missed Optimus, who after regaining his footing rolled to the side and then pounced. Despite the dragon mode's power and size, it wasn't very maneuverable and fast so Optimus was able to climb on his back with relative ease. He punched one of the heads and grabbed the other one, trying to pry open its jaws until they were dislocated. However the other one attacked again, biting into one of Optimus' forearms and tossing him aside. Before Optimus could recover, Megatron fired again the flames, striking Optimus in his chest. After becoming drenched in the gasoline, Optimus was caught on fire. Megatron watched with glee as his enemy burned alive. However, he heard something in the distance, and using his long range scanners he noticed human military vehicles approaching their position.

    "On second thought I'll grant you some degree of mercy.", said Megatron with a hint of sarcasm. "I'll let these pathetic creatures which you so eagerly protect finish you off! Can't say its been a pleasure knowing you, Prime."

    He used his wings to take off into the air, and then transformed once he had cleared the tall skyscrappers, this time into what appeared to be an alien jet. He dissappeared into the clouds.

    Optimus only had a a few more seconds, or the flames would engulf him forever. He pressed a few buttons in his forearm comlink and then the rear section of his firetruck mode approached the fire. Two cannons appeared out of the front of the ladder, and fired a foamy substance which began extinguishing the flames. After a minute or so, the flames where completely gone. Optimus was heavily damaged and his armor badly scorched, but he had suffered worst wounds before. After making sure that there were no humans that needed any help he began to transform, hoping to get away before the human military got here but a projectile impacted into his back and he dropped to his knees in pain. Normally a projectile of this kind wouldn't have done this much damage, but due to the wounds he had suffered in the fight against Megatron he was weak. He looked behind and it was too late, the humans had already reached his position.

    "Whoever you are, drop your weapons and stay down!", said a voice through a megaphone.

    "This is bad...", thought Optimus.

    As Megatron flew through the clouds he noticed as three human jets began coming his way. He merely chuckled and flew straight towards them. The F-22 Raptors opened fire, but Megatron dove to the side, dodging the machine gun fire. He then fired two missiles, blowing one Raptor out of the sky. The two remaining ones gave chase and each fired a missile. One missile locked on to his right side and another to his left. Megatron's systems managed to detect these missile lock-ons however, and then he quickly executed a snap-roll. This made the missile lock-ons intersect, the missiles harmlessly impacting into one another. Megatron then turned around and fired another two missiles at each jet, to finally get them off his back. They began evasive maneuvers, but these alien projectiles were far too advanced for these human jets, and one finally bursted into flames as the missile impacted into its engine and crashed into Earth's surface.

    The last pilot seemed to know what he was doing and maneuvered his jet so that he was facing the incoming missile. He fired on it, the projectile exploding. He headed straight for Megatron, who was a bit impressed to say the least. The Predacon emperor did the same and flew straight at the F-22. The pilot fired its gatling gun once again, but Megatron dodged the fire and used his wing as a weapon, the razor sharp edges slicing with ease through the F-22's left wing. The fighter spiralled out of control, and the human had no choice but to jetison his aircraft. His pilot seat ejected and the parachute opened in time. Megatron however, wasn't one to let his enemy escape and headed straight towards the defenseless pilot. The last thing the human saw was a black nosecone with red windshields heading straight at him.

    The freeway had now become an open race course of some sort, as all the traffic had stopped, apparently a warning had been given to all drivers to stay clear of the freeway. Onishi's bike was beggining to run out of gas. He obviously had no time to get to a gas station however, and continued at top speed. He looked behind and in the distance noticed Slapper and Gaskunk catching up. His chances of a clean getaway were getting slimmer by the minute. Then he heard something several meters before him, and he looked up ahead to see what it was. Onishi panicked and hit the brakes as a blue Dodge Viper with flame decos headed right towards him. The Viper then transformed into a robot, hopping over Onishi and with a quick flying kick sending Darkscream flying into the pavement. And just when the doctor thought there were enough of these robots to go around, a Lamborghini with a black and white paint job and a police siren on its roof, followed by a grey and green SUV screeched to a halt just three feet from him, and transformed. Onishi had nowhere to go since these newcomers where now blocking his escape, and the other creatures were coming this way. He was trapped.

    "Don't worry, doctor, you're in good hands.", said the black and white robot.

    "You should have stayed with Optimus.", said the green and grey robot, with a strange Texan accent. "Why did you run away anyways?"

    "Opti--mus?", asked Onishi, so many things running through his mind that he had already forgotten the name of the one who had originally come to save him.

    "You know... Optimus. Big red guy.", said the blue and white robot. "Says a lot of corny stuff. That guy."

    "I--I...", but Onishi had no time to answer as Darkscream got back to his feet.

    "You Autobots are going to pay for this!", said Darkscream rubbing his lower jaw. He then transformed. "If its a fight what you want, that's just what you're gonna get!"

    "X-Brawn, take Onishi and get the slag out of here.", said the black and white robot to the one with the 'Texan' accent.

    "But I'm the fastest!", replied the blue one, which was obviously the younger one of the group.

    "Yeah, but X-Brawn's a better driver now shut up!". It was clear that the police Lambo was the bossy type.

    "Allright, partner, time to get out of here.", said the one called X-Brawn as he transformed. He sounded like something out of a bad cowboy movie, Onishi thought.

    Onishi hesitated at first, but the sight of Darkscream approaching them was more than enough motivation to get him inside X-Brawn. He decided to take the risk.

    "There's nothing to worry about, doc. I'm one of Cybertron's best drivers.", assured X-Brawn to Onishi who had no idea what he was talking about. X-brawn's wheels screeched loudly as he took off.

    "What am I doing?!", said Onishi to himself.

    "Allright, Sideburn, get ready.", said the black and white robot to the blue one. "We can't let these Predacons get Onishi."

    "Yeah Prowl, you've told me a thousand times. Now its time to kick skidplate!"

    He took out a missile launcher and aimed right at Darkscream.

    "If you're going to start some slag with me...", said Darkscream. "Then you better be ready to die!"

    Sideburn fired but Darkscream dodged to the side, took out a sword and swung. But Sideburn quickly took out his knife and blocked. Then suddenly the crystal in Darkscream's chest fired a laser blast, striking Sideburn and sending him skidding across the pavement.

    Prowl was about to fire on Darkscream when he noticed Slapper and Gaskunk approaching them.

    "Slag, they're here too!", said Slapper. "And it looks like one of them took Onishi with them!"

    "Listen, I'll use my smokescreen to distract them so you can get Onishi. Don't blow it, Slapper!", said Gaskunk.

    Prowl began firing the two cannons on his right arm, but the Predacons dodged the fire. Gaskunk then spewed forth a type of smoke out of his mouth which not only disorientated his enemies' vision, but also their olfatory sensors. Prowl was blinded for a few seconds and Slapper took this opportunity to jump right over him, chasing after his prey.

    Prowl managed to walk out of the smoke cloud just in time to notice Slapper running after X-Brawn. He quickly contacted him via comlink.

    "X-Brawn, heads up. Slapper is on your--"

    But Gaskunk's tail blade slashed him across his back, knocking him into the ground. Prowl got to his feet and fired several volleys of fire, but Gaskunk jumped up into the air, transformed, and as he was coming down he slashed his tail blade again, but this time the deadly appendage was blocked by the shield mounted in Prowl's left arm.

    "Where are you taking me?!", asked Onishi, not knowing exactly in which direction he should be speaking into.

    "Just take it easy, doc. We're taking you to a safe place.", said the robot's voice, seemingly coming from everywhere inside the car.

    Onishi was now regretting letting this robot take him. He had no idea where he was going and for all he knew this X-Brawn and his friends wanted the same thing as Megatron. He was a prisoner.

    To Be Continued...
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    Definitely getting heavier then the toon :D  But I hope you could keep a bit of slapstick as well...
    And you introduced the car robo brothers nicely :)  Can't wait to see more characters, but no rush :D 
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    That was really awesome. Keep writing. That story sounds really good.
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    "CHAPTER 3: End of the Road"

    The two tanks aimed their turrets straight at Optimus' chest. This was the last thing he wanted to happen, a confrontation with the humans. How foolish it was of him to think that it wouldn't happen sooner or later. It had come sooner than he had expected.

    "I don't want to fight you!", yelled out Optimus, with his arms still up. "I'm not your enemy... I'm trying to help."

    "Cut the crap!", said the commander from an open hatch on one of the tanks. "Look around you... sure doesn't look like you were trying to help!"

    "I--", Optimus was about to explain that it had been Megatron who caused all this destruction and death, but chances that these humans would believe him were slim to none. He had to get out of this situation, and fast. Human casualties were not an option.

    He quickly pressed a button in his forearm comlink, and rolled to his right, as he was expecting the humans to fire as soon as they detected the slightest movement. Optimus' assumption was correct and they inmediately began firing every available weapon they had. He took cover behind a partly demolished building, but it would only be a few moments before it collapsed due to the heavy fire. A tank took aim, and fired its turret, blowing away a huge chunk out of the building. The projectile didn't hit Optimus directly, but the explosion was more than enough to knock him off his feet and into the hard pavement.

    The rear section of his vehicle mode's ladder took aim and fired four missiles. But these missiles weren't lethal, instead they harmlessly exploded several feet above the soldiers' heads, black smoke spreading across the streets. It blocked the humans' vision, and one of the missiles acted as a sort of electromagnetic pulse weapon, disrupting the electrical output of the weapon systems in the tanks so they wouldn't be able to follow Optimus.

    He gathered all of his strength and got to his feet, inmediately transforming into his vehicle mode. He drove off, leaving the confused soldiers behind.

    As soon as the smoke dissipated the commander called out to a nearby soldier. "Contact the Raptors, they'll be able to catch up to him."

    After a few seconds the soldier turned again to his commander. "Sir, we can't. That robot used some sort of EMP on us."

    "Godamn it!", said the commander, smashing his fist into the tank. His anger far outweighed the pain in his hand.

    As Onishi pondered on his fate he noticed something in the rearview: Slapper, and he was catching up.

    "Uhhmm... whatever your name is...", he said, tapping on the steering wheel.

    "X-Brawn.", replied the robot.

    "Well, we've got company!"

    "Slag. These Preds just don't know when to quit. Hang on."

    He revved up his engines, and soon began leaving Slapper behind. Not even the Predacon's powerful legs could help him catch up at this speed. Slapper realized this and shot out the whip like weapon he had used against the squad cars out of his mouth, the spiked mace in the end anchoring itself on X-Brawn's bumper. The Autobot halted to a stop, and Slapper began pulling. X-Brawn tried again and again to break free of the hold, but the whip would not snap.

    He quickly transformed, ejecting Onishi before he could get crushed by the shifting parts. He grabbed the flying human as he came down with his left arm, and began firing his weapon with the other, the blasts cutting through the cable. The angry Slapper charged at full speed, heading straight for X-Brawn. He pounced, trying to use his razor sharp fangs to bite into the Autobot.

    But with a quick switch of hands, so that Onishi would be safe in his right arm, X-Brawn was able to use his huge left arm, which was much stronger than his other one. He grabbed Slapper by his neck, keeping his jaws at a safe distance, but not his claws, which Slapper began to dig into X-Brawn's chest and abdomen. The Autobot yelled out in agony before tossing the Predacon aside far enough to smash him into a building several feet away.

    "You allright?", he asked to the shaking human in his grip.

    "I-- I'll be fine.", said Onishi.

    X-Brawn was about to make a smart remark about how he didn't look fine at all, but then he noticed Gaskunk and Darkscream coming their way.

    "These guys sure can run!", joked X-Brawn before putting Onishi down and transforming. Onishi quickly got in and they took off. "Don't worry, my brothers will handle them."

    "Your brothers?", asked Onishi, puzzled.

    "Yeah, all three of us were created from the same spark. A sort of division if you will."

    Onishi's scientific curiosity had now replaced fear and he suddenly was fascinated with these beings.

    "A spark?"

    "Sorry, Doc. That will be an explanation for another time."

    Optimus raced through the streets, using his sirens to speed through the heavy traffic. He tried his best to fit in, but with the burn marks all over his armor he wasn't exactly an average looking firetruck anymore. However at his speed not many would have enough time to notice. He made a left around the next traffic light, and since there were no vehicles in this lane he took the chance to contact headquarters.

    "T.A.I., activate the Space Bridge.", spoke Optimus into his onboard computer. "Interlock with coodinates F-36."

    "Understood, Optimus.", answered a feminine computerized voice. "Space Bridge: activated."

    A bright blue vortex emminated several feet before Optimus, making loud crackling noises. He headed straight into it, and as soon as he was completely engulfed by the vortex, it dissipated instantly, leaving many dazed humans wondering what that blinding light had just been.

    Sideburn and Prowl were right behind Gaskunk and Darkscream, and were trying their best to catch up.

    "Sideburn, you slagged things up again!", yelled Prowl.

    "Fine, I did. How many times do I have to say that I'm sorry?!", complained the younger Autobot.

    Sideburn was a great fighter for his age, but very reckless and for the lack of a better word, stupid. In their battle with the Predacons, he had managed to pin down Darkscream, but as soon as he saw Gaskunk approaching his kneeling brother for a killing blow with his tail blades he forgot his adversary and ran to the rescue. Sideburn fired a missile at Gaskunk but before the missile connected, Prowl executed a quick sweepkick, knocking Gaskunk on his back. However as soon as he looked ahead he was blasted by Sideburn's missile right in the chest. It didn't inflict a mortal wound but it was enough to keep him knocked out for a few minutes. Darkscream took the opportunity to kick the off-guard Autobot off him and with a quick laser blast, knocked him out of the fight.

    "Its a wonder we managed to catch up to them considering how long we were out.", said Prowl, angry.

    "Allright give it a rest already!". Sideburn admired his brother but wished that he wouldn't be so strict. Its at times like this that he would rather team up with X-Brawn, who was way more easygoing than Prowl would ever be.

    Then Prowl deviced a quick and simple strategy. One that would hopefully help them gain the upper hand in this chase. "Transform and hop on top of me. I'll use my jet boosters to catch up to them, and you take out Darkscream."

    "Got it. Anything as long as it gets me away from your nagging!", said Sideburn as he transformed, and with a quick jump, landed on top of Prowl's roof.

    Two jet boosters mounted on Prowl's spoilers blasted at full power, inmediately catching up to the Predacons. These boosters overheated really quickly unfortunately, so Sideburn wasted no time and hopped off. He grabbed the gliding Darkscream by his tail, and slammed him into the pavement. Prowl drove into Gaskunk, causing the Predacon to roll over his windshield, roof and then into the pavement.

    Prowl transformed but he was still dazed thanks to Sideburn's missile and wasn't quite ready to fight. His chest beared the wound inflicted by his brother. His internal repair systems had already stopped the flow of mech fluid, but the gaping hole in his armor made Gaskunk realize that Prowl wasn't in peak condition at the monent, so he decided that the quickest way to lose him was by using his smoke breath, and then blast him. He opened his jaws and spewed forth the smoke, but Prowl, being a tactician anticipated his enemy's move and inmediately fired his jet booster cannons. The flames reacted with Gaskunk's highly flammable smoke, and the explosion sent the Predacon flying into the opposite direction.

    Sideburn spinned Darkscream around several times by his tail and then released his grip, sending him skidding across the pavement. Darkscream was furious and transformed, sword in hand.

    "That's it . I've had enough!", he yelled, his optics burning with rage.

    But he quickly realized how ineffective his threats were, as both Prowl and Sideburn took aim with their guns and fired, blowing Darkscream away.

    "See, now that's teamwork.", said Prowl, pleased with how they had managed to regain the upper hand, but with a weakened voice due to the wound. "Come on, we gotta catch up to X-Brawn. The Space Bridge is right up ahead."

    Sideburn was about to insist that he stay back due to the wound, but Prowl was very stubborn when it came to these things.

    "We're almost there, Doc.", said X-Brawn.

    However, instead of easing Onishi's worries all this statement did was make them worse.

    "You look worried.", said X-Brawn. "Mind telling me what's the matter?"

    Onishi was planning to stay quiet about this, but he couldn't keep it inside anymore. "Honestly... I don't trust you. For all I know you want the same thing as that Megatron guy and those three monsters."

    "Whoa, have you got it all wrong.", laughed X-Brawn. "We're the good guys, you can trust us."

    "Somehow, I'm finding that a bit hard to--"

    Onishi's comments were cut short as a laser beam struck X-Brawn's front left tire, making him spin out of control. He transformed, ejecting Onishi first, and catching him with his left arm.

    As he reached for his rifle, Slapper appeared before him, grinning.

    "I swear you Preds are the most annoying pieces of slag I've ever encountered!", said X-Brawn before taking aim.

    Slapper in return aimed the energy crystal hidden beneath his beast mode head which was now his right shoulder. But before they both traded fire, Sideburn and Prowl arrived in their vehicle modes, transformed and aimed their weapons at Slapper as well.

    "I suggest you just give up, Slapper.", ordered Prowl, his voice still weak. "Your friends are out for the count."

    "Actually, make a move. Please...", said Sideburn, always eager to engage in a fight. It was this attitude that always put him at odds with Prowl, who preferred to act by the book, always following Autobot protocol. Strange that they both always ended up working as a pair, with X-Brawn way ahead of them. Maybe it was because X-Brawn was the smart one and tried to keep his distance well away from these two.

    Slapper stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what would be the best course of action. Unfortunately, they might all lead to him being blown to scrap.

    Then, just when all hope seemed lost for Slapper, a black and purple jet arrived on the scene and transformed in midair into Megatron. Onishi couldn't believe it, after all the trouble he had gone through to get as faraway from this monster as he could, there he was again, smiling... mocking Onishi.

    "Slapper, you mean to tell me you fools still haven't caught this human?", yelled Megatron as he landed.

    "Uhmm... you see, we ran into these Autobots and--"

    "No excuses. Take him now!"

    There was nothing in this universe that Slapper feared more than Megatron, so he did as told despite the heavily armed Autobots surrounding him. He charged X-Brawn, but they all quickly opened fire and blasted him away, causing heavy damage and sending him into stasis lock.

    Megatron had had enough and the crystal in his forehead fired an energy beam, blasting Prowl and sending Sideburn flying in the opposite direction. He was lucky though, as the shot didn't strike him at full force. Prowl however, was heavily damaged and knocked out. X-Brawn was spared however, due to Onishi being in his hand. Megatron began making his way towards them and X-Brawn fired, but Megatron quickly drew his sword and deflected the shots.

    X-Brawn put Onishi down as he kept firing, and told him to run. He did as told, but as soon as he looked back he saw Megatron kick X-Brawn right in his chest, crushing most of his upper torso, and sending him flying off the highway and into the side of a building. Onishi turned around, running as fast as he possibly could. But with a few giant strides, Megatron began catching up to the scientist, when suddenly Sideburn interrupted the chase and swung his fist at Megatron. The Predacon however, simply grabbed Sideburn's fist, and slowly crushed it before he tossed him aside with ease.

    Onishi's escape came to a stop, as Megatron in a single bound landed just a few feet before him, blocking his path. Megatron's landing made the ground shake, knocking Onishi off his feet.

    "I must admit, Onishi, I severely misunderestimated your abilities. You managed to elude us for quite a while... much longer than I thought possible. But eventually I get everything I want, and soon you'll learn that lesson... the hard way.", said Megatron as he approached.

    He looked behind and saw as Gaskunk and Darkscream made their way towards him. Late as usual.

    "Megatron!", said Gaskunk, surprised. "We almost had him and--"

    "Silence!", yelled Megatron before he transformed into his jet mode. "It doesn't matter anymore. Put him in the cockpit."

    Gaskunk grabbed Onishi and placed him inside Megatron's canopy, apparently Megatron had made it specially for Onishi. The hatch closed and Gaskunk and Darkscream then placed the wounded Slapper on top of Megatron, before hopping aboard themselves. Once they were all ready, Megatron took off. He managed to get a glimpse of a red firetruck arriving on the battlefield, but it was already too late. Megatron already had what he had come for. He contemplated turning around and bombarding the firetruck with his missiles, but he had better things to do.

    To Be Continued...
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    Great! I like Car Bros very much and your writing about them is so good. I really enjoyed it, even when you called Sideburn stupid :lol 
    Now hurry up and write the next chapter!!

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    This is awesome so far... :D  Please Update soon!
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    Phew finally the new chapter. Sorry guys. I've been really busy with school and stuff. First however, two things.

    *Dio helped with describing the Predacon throne room since for some reason I couldn't get my idea across. Thanks Dio.

    *I don't have the slightest idea where power plants/dams and stuff are located so excuse me if any locations are totally wrong. :) 

    "CHAPTER 4: Prisoner of War"


    Onishi awakened slowly. He felt a strange stinging sensation inside his nostrils as well as a splitting headache. The last thing he remembered was being trapped inside Megatron and watching as they took off into the skies. He also remembered a strange gas being released inside the alien canopy, and that's where his memory stopped. Apparently he had been drugged on the way here. Wherever 'here' was.

    The room was pitch black, and he appeared to be lying on the floor. As soon as he got up he began inspecting the room, but due to the darkness there was not much to see. Then his hands felt something-- a wall. He searched for a door but there was nothing. He then continued feeling his way around the whole room, which seemed to be rectangular in shape. He was beggining to lose hope, when he felt a crack on the wall. This was probably the door, but there was no doorknob, computer panel, nothing that may open it. More than likely, it could only be opened from the outside.

    Suddenly the whole room lit up, the lights blinding Onishi's eyes. After a few seconds, the lights became slightly bearable and he managed to get a quick glimpse of the room. His guess was right, a rectangular room, the walls made of metal and there was absolutely nothing inside it. Just him and the lights. Then he heard the huge door behind him opening, and he was greeted by none other than Megatron, with the other three Predacons standing right behind him.

    "Welcome to our humble ship, Onishi.", said Megatron.

    Slapper then entered the room and grabbed Onishi, and carried him down a hallway. The whole place was strangely designed and was eerily dark, but with still enough light to see several feet ahead of you. Onishi had also noticed how all the wounds the Predacons had sustained in their last battle had healed completely. They then entered what appeared to be some sort of throne room, large and expansive. The long path, lined with columns, lead to a raised dais, upon which a large throne chair sat. Behind it was a large computer, from where Megatron could control every single square inch of the place.

    Loud footsteps echoed as he walked up the stairs and before the chair rotated, the computer screen raised itself back into the wall to make room. Megatron took a seat and then stared quietly at Onishi for several seconds before addressing the nervous human.

    "You're probably wondering what we are and where we come from.", said Megatron. Onishi was too nervous to respond. "We're from a race called Transformers. We hail from the planet Cybertron where we and the Autobots have been fighting a civil war for several vorns, or years as you humans call them. However, the Autobots have managed to gain control over most of the planet, and they have gained a technological advantage in the last vorns. Our side has suffered an energy crisis, and we have no sources due to the Autobots having control over all the energon manufacturing plants."

    Onishi began understanding where this conversation was going.

    "We began to send out probes, to seek out planets with high energy sources. This planet was bountiful with them, so we travelled over here in secrecy. We used this ship's stealth systems to sneak into the planet and after extensive research, all sources led to you as the foremost expert this mudball had to offer."

    "Why exactly do you need me?"

    "Its quite simple really: since we are so new to this planet's energy sources we need your help to pick out the most efficient fuel and then turn them into energon. But this new energy source you found is the main reason why we hunted you down. First we'll gather that new source down and harvest it into energon. Then we'll drain the remaining sources dry."

    Onishi knew this meant a disaster for his planet and its inhabitants. There was no way he could agree to these terms. "This is ridiculous. I refuse! I won't help you destroy my own planet!"

    "Did you forget our original terms? Perhaps I should be a bit more specific..."

    He turned the chair towards the keypad behind him and punched several coordinates into it. An image appeared on the large computer screen. Onishi realized it was a satellite image-- an image of his wife's home!"

    "If you don't comply to my demands right now, I will send Skybite over there to incinerate your family right before your eyes", he said as he pointed behind Onishi.

    Onishi turned around and saw a tall, grinning robot enter the room. He was blue, silver, and yellow, and had what appeared to be a fin on top of his head. Another strange feature was his relatively huge left arm, with four blades at the end.

    "You son of a bitch!", cursed Onishi, all of a sudden realizing that he was in no position to shout, let alone curse at these giants. He paused for a few seconds and finally came to a decision. A momentary one anyway. "I'll-- I'll help you. But you must promise you won't come near my family."

    Megatron merely smirked. "Very well. We'll stay away from them... just as long as you cooperate. Don't cooperate and we'll find the next best expert, and after we bleed the planet dry of energy we'll exterminate your race! Understod?"

    Onishi merely nodded.

    "Excellent.", Megatron pressed another key in his computer and the satellite image dissappeared.

    "Gaskunk there is our expert in energon. He'll fill you in on the small details.", said Megatron.

    "Come along, human.", said Gaskunk with a hint of disgust, as well as a lack of enthusiasm.

    This was going to be some tough partnership, thought Onishi as he followed the Predacon out of the room.

    "You see Onishi?", called out Megatron to Onishi who stopped and turned around. "I always get what I want."

    Anger boiled inside Onishi, but there was absolutely nothing that he could do right now. He swallowed his pride and turned the other cheek, then followed Gaskunk out of the room.

    "Slapper, Darkscream, leave us.", ordered Megatron.

    As soon as the two Predacons left, the door closed shut. Nothing could be heard from outside the chambers now.

    "Megatron, I do wish you'd have let me come along with you.", said Skybite as he approached the dais, his footsteps echoing across the entire room. "I could have caught Onishi faster than those three idiots and--"

    Megatron's cold stare was enough to silence him.

    "I already told you it was Prime and his Autobots who nearly ruined the whole thing. They were easily dispatched but no doubt more might be on their way from Cybertron. How could they have known?", he said as he smashed his fist into the throne's armrest.

    "How long have they been here?"

    "Possibly as long as we. Someone must have told them about our plans, a spy amongst our ranks. There was no way they could have known about us coming here otherwise. Now the question is who was it?"

    "And we don't know the location of their base. This will make it more difficult."

    "Yes. But fortunately neither do they, or they would have made their move much earlier than this. We have the upper hand now since Onishi is in our possesion. Once we have all the necessary energon, we'll return to Cybertron and we will reclaim what rightfully belongs to our race."


    It had now been two days, and nine hours, or megacycles as they're called in Cybertron, since Onishi's capture. Optimus stood before T.A.I. (Tactical Artificial Intelligence), which was their ships's onboard computer system. It controlled everything in their ship and relayed information to the Autobots. It was thanks to T.A.I. that they were able to respond quickly to Onishi's abduction. Its systems which are capable to hack into any type of Earth computer, allowed T.A.I. to control traffic therefore allowing easy access to the Space Bridge. Unfortunately, it had not been enough.

    "Don't be so hard on yourself, Prime.", said Prowl as he walked into the room, followed by his two brothers. "It wasn't your fault."

    "If I had just gotten there a few cycles earlier I could have stopped Megatron... prevented human loses...", he said. "Now Onishi's life is in jeapardy."

    "Hey, we'll get him back.", said Sideburn. "We just need to track down their base and tear them a new tailpipe."

    "Its not that easy, Sideburn.", said X-Brawn. "We lost track of their ship as soon as they entered this solar system. It was only because of that anonimous tip that we learned about them coming here."

    "I still can't believe we bought it.", said Sideburn. "It could have been a Predacon trick for all we knew."

    "Luckily it wasn't.", said Prime. "Besides, Cybertron is in Stormjet's hands and he's more than capable of handling whatever happens back there. Right now our main priority is rescuing Onishi and drawing the Predacons off this planet."

    "Easier said than done.", said Prowl. "At least the Space Bridge is gonna give us an edge over them."

    "So how's Heavy Load and his team doing? Any new links?", asked X-Brawn.

    "They just reported about two megacycles ago. They're finished installing it in a place called 'Africa'. Heavy Load said that they'll place a few more Space Bridge links here and there, and that once they're done they'll move on to another continent."

    "I think we should save a few links just in case.", asked Prowl. "We can't exhaust our resources so early."

    "You're right, but don't worry, as soon as we get some more reinforcements from Cybertron we'll recieve more materials.", said Optimus.

    "That reminds me...", said Prowl. "Onishi's family worries me. The Predacons might try something. We should create a perimeter around their house just in case."

    "I was thinking the same thing.", said Optimus. "T.A.I., I need you to hack into every airline in New York and see if Onishi's wife has booked any flights back to Chicago. Or if she's already there."

    T.A.I. did as told, but then suddenly an alarm began blaring, and the computer screen showed a map of the entire planet. T.A.I. zoomed up on the United States, showing a red dot on the state of Kansas.

    "The Predacons are attacking a power plant in Kansas.", reported T.A.I.. "Number of Predacons: four. Human presence: about 87 workers."

    "How far is the closest Space Bridge link?", asked Optimus.

    "49 clicks from power plant. Space Bridge is now online.", responded the computer program.

    "Autobots, roll out!", ordered Optimus as they ran towards the Space Bridge chamber.

    The interior of the ship had a strange look to it, just like the Predacon ship. However unlike the Predacon's, it was brightly lit and lacked its gloomy and threatening atmosphere. On the opposite side of the Space Bridge chamber, was what appeared to be an arch to the entrance of a tunnel, however there was no tunnel inside the arch, just a solid wall. Attached to this arch by several wires was a machine which after receiving the coordinates from T.A.I., activated the vortex. Optimus and the Autobot brothers transformed and one after the other drove into the vortex. Once they were all inside, the Space Bridge dissipated and once again the Autobot base lied in silence.

    To Be Continued...
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    Well, at long last :D 

    Good reading, and different from previous chapters. You used the conversations more to describe the situation. I think that is just fine, you have moved the story forward in this chapter.
    I am interested in Dr. Onishi in your story. He's certainly given more life here than in the show.
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    You need to update man. I like to read your storys.
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    Nice job! Interesting turn of events... the battle sure was longer than in the first episode!