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    Transfomers: Resurrection Episode One: Resurrection

    The year is 2057. Many years have passed since the time of the Great War between Autobots and Decepticons. Peace has finally fallen upon Cybertron and has been restored to its second Golden Age. Now both sides have put their differences aside and have begun to explore and colonize other planets. Together the Cybertronian Defense Force, which both Autobot and Decepticons are part of, protect their home world and their growing empire. A new Defense Force chairman has been elected; a Decepticon named Novablaze, the first Decepticon chairman in the history of the Cybertronian Defense Force. He was narrowly elected but a recent turn of events on a distant planet called Earth have discredited the former chairman, Epsilon, and have brought him to trial.

    (At the Great Hall on Cybertron Novablaze discusses his election and the events that happened on Earth)

    Novablaze: First I would like to express my deepest regrets to the people of planet Earth. The attacks ordered by my predecessor will not be taken lightly and he will be punished for the dark deed he commited. Secondly, to my fellow Cybertronians, I pledge to continue the peaceful ways of the hero of the Great War, Optimus Prime. The ideas he fought for have come true and today I reaffirm his dream and pledge to continue it. I thank you all for this opportunity and I shall not fail you.

    (As he walks away a Pressbot fills his place and he is taken into the Hall of Leaders to be sworn in, as he is walking through he sees the statue of Megatron. As he looks at the former leader of the Decepticons he thinks.)

    Novablaze:Your dream shall come true my lord. I shall bring honor and glory back to the Decepticons. The Autobots will be gone soon.

    (He then laughs and continues on his way)

    After he is sworn in, Novablaze walks into his chambers where he is expecting a report from one of his operatives, Gouger. He begins to familiarize himself with his new office when he receives a communication from Earth.

    Mysterious Voice: My Lord, Operation Resurrection carried out successfully. The Earth Federation believes the Autobots have destroyed their moon base.

    Novablaze: Excellent news Gouger! Watch your back and keep me posted.

    Gouger: Yes sir!

    (As the transmission ends Novablaze relaxes in his chair and laughs)

    The following day Earth Federation officials have apprehended the Autobots that committed the attack on the moon base are being put on trial. Epsilon has also been put on trial by the Earth Federation. As the trial progress they are found guilty and are ordered to be deactivated. They are sent back to Cybertron where Novablaze awaits them in the Great Hall.

    Epsilon: You bastard! How could you do this to us!? Soon everyone will know that you’re behind this and you’ll pay for it!

    Novablaze: Don’t blame me for this Epsilon. This is solely your doing. You have had this distrust for us Decepticons your entire existence. When will you learn that times have change and that the Decepticons are different now? You are a disgrace to all transformers everywhere and terminating you will be a pleasure!

    Epsilon: You may kill me Novablaze but another Autobot will take my place and will discover that you are the one behind this! And when that happens Novablaze seeing your termination will be a pleasure, you fucking piece of junk!

    (Novablaze does not react to that and pulls out his sword. A slight flick of the wrist and it becomes a fiery weapon and widely considered the most power weapon in the galaxy. He moves towards Epsilon who has accepted his fate and stands proud knowing that his death shall be honorable. Novablaze then slashes him across his waste and again down the center. As Novablaze stands over the remains of Epsilon he says to himself)

    Novablaze:They’ll never find out what my true intentions are. I have eliminated the biggest obstacle in my path. Epsilon will be the last leader of the Autobots....I’ll make sure of that.

    Let me know what you guys think. This is my first attempt at something like this I really would like your input.
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    Transformers: Resurrection
    Episode Two: Looming Shadows

    (Novablaze returns to his office after carrying out the order to terminate the criminals who attacked the moon base. He is busy writing a speech for the Earth Federation and Cybertron about what happened while sentence was carried out. But he is interrupted with an incoming communication from an operative within Autobot headquarters.)

    Voice: My Lord, the Autobots are electing a new leader and have begun an investigation into the attack on the Earth Federation moon base. How would you like me to handle this?

    Novablaze: Hmmm they’re moving along faster than I had expected. This will change the time table. Let them carry out their election and inform about the new Autobot leader. If they elect who I think they will our plan will become much more difficult. You understand Lockdown?

    Lockdown: Yes my Lord, but do you think they’ll elect Wing Warrior?

    Novablaze: I’m almost certain they will. If they do you contact me immediately Lockdown.

    Lockdown: Yes sir!

    (He continues to write his speech but then stops and walks into the Great Hall and thinks)

    Novablaze: This is going to complicate things….Wing Warrior is very powerful and is the only one capable of learning the truth……I’ll stop him by any means nessary Even if I have to do it myself.

    (The time has arrived for Novablaze’s speech and he is approaching the podium. As he gets things ready for himself there is an explosion at the podium and he is severely damaged. He is quickly surrounded by his security but he refuses to go and have his wounds treated. He then beings in his weakened state)

    Novablaze: (painfully) My….fellow Cybertronians…I have come to tell you about the sentences…..that were carried out yesterday. I (he breathes in a heavy and forced breath) tired to reason with Epsilon before his sentence was carried out….but…(coughs)….he would not hear my offer. He then tried to assault me but….he was not successful…(another forced breath)…I had no choice but to terminate him myself.

    (At this moment one of the security personnel quietly tell Novablaze that the explosive device is commonly used by the Autobots and that the Autobots are more-than-likely behind the assignation attempt.)

    Novablaze: I have just been informed that the explosives used here to take my life are made by commonly used Autobot components. I am hereby ordering that all Autobots entering the Great Hall be screened for weapons and all Autobot staff are relieved of their duties. Also, all Autobot vessels are to immediately suspended their current operations and return to the nearest spaceport. Thank you for your time everyone.

    (Novablaze walks away under his own power until he is out of sight where he immediately collapses. His aids help him up and he is escorted to a nearby medical facility. While en route he thinks to himself)

    Novablaze: Lets see how you handle this Wing Warrior. The Autobots credibility is severely shaken and no one will believe any Autobot now. The bomb I planted worked better than I thought it would. My injuries will heal soon. But the Autobots shall never recover from this!

    (Later that day an announcement is carried out by Autobot Headquarters announcing their new leader Wing Warrior, who is discussing the most recent events)

    Wing Warrior: First I would like to express my best wishes to the Chairman and hope he recovers quickly. Secondly I have all available staff looking into this apparent string of attacks carried out by Autobots. I have no idea what is going on here but I shall resolve it as quickly as I can and punish those who are responsible for these terrible crimes. I am ordering that Autobot Headquarters be locked down and no one is permitted to enter. The Chairman has ordered that all Autobot vessels suspend their current operations. However, I am using my special authority as commander of the Autobots that they not enter spaceports. Having all our ships in a few locations is a serious security threat. I wish I could continue things here but I am transferring to Earth for meetings with the Earth Federation and for my personal security. This situation has put us in the negative spotlight but I assure you all that no such orders have come from me and I am looking into Epsilon’s records to determine what happened. Thank you.

    (He then goes to a waiting shuttle where he requests to be taken to see Novablaze. The shuttle lands near the hospital and Wing Warrior is allowed to enter the room which Novablaze is recovering in)

    Wing Warrior: Novablaze how are you?

    Novablaze: I’m managing Wing Warrior. What’s going on over there at Autobot Headquarters?

    Wing Warrior: I have no idea. I wish I was elected under better circumstances and at a less chaotic time. I’m putting every resource at my disposal to find the truth here.

    Novablaze: What do you think is happening… Epsilon loyal terrorist group?

    Wing Warrior: That’s one possibility we’re looking into but I can’t say for sure. You know I am heading for Earth later Novablaze, right?

    Novablaze: No, I wasn’t aware of this…the Earth Federation summon you?

    Wing Warrior: Yes, It’s normal for the new Autobot leader to head there. I’m not looking forward to it. But it’s something I have to do. I’m not really enjoying my new position at the moment.

    Novablaze: Don’t think about it…just handle things as they come and I’m sure you’ll handle it well. You better head to Earth now.

    Wing Warrior: Yeah, thanks Novablaze, and take it easy. I’ll return in a few weeks and we’ll discuss the future of Cybertron.

    (Novablaze nods and Wing Warrior leaves. Novablaze closes his eyes and becomes upset and throws a piece of medical equipment and say under his breath)

    Novablaze: Damn him! I can’t touch him while he’s on Earth. This plan is starting to fall apart! I was hoping he would request to stay here but that Autobot pride gets in the way! No matter. I’ll just trap him on Earth and finish him off there. I’ll have to wait a bit longer to rule the galaxy!
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    we should continue this forgotten thread!