Transformers: Purification

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    This story is not connected to any official continuity, I decided to start fresh with an original story. I've only completed one chapter thusfar, but let me know what you guys think of it so far, thanks! :) 

    Transformers: Purification
    Chapter 1
    An alarm sounds as the Elite Cybertronian Armed Forces ready themselves. "What's this all about?" asks a rookie Cybersoldier. The soldier preparing next to him replies, "This is the most important mission you will ever be a part of." As the troops in front of him enter the warp gate, the rookie can't help but wonder where they'll arrive. Usually the soldiers are briefed before a mission, but this time is different. Everyone in the room just seems to know what to do and where they are headed. They all have a certain urgency about them. The rookie enters the warp gate and suddenly finds himself standing in front of a large building within the slums of Cybertron.
    Cybergeneral-19842 commands the troops in front of him, "Cybersoldiers 17889 through 17901, you will enter through the front. Cybersoldiers 17902 and 17903, you will enter on the left side. Cybersoldiers 17904 and 17905, you will enter on the right side. Cybersoldier 17906, you're on your own in the rear. Your orders are to elimate anyone and anything in site. We have an undercover agent in there but the mission is more important than a single soldier. That data chip, and anyone with the knowledge of its contents, must be destroyed." With that, he gives the signal to commence the operation.
    The rookie makes his way to the rear of the massive building, and spots a robot dashing out the back door with something in hand. "Halt!" Cybersoldier-17906 yells as he points his cannon arm at the fleeing bot. The robot stops dead in his tracks as the rookie moves towards him, cannon drawn. "Hand it over," he screams. The robot, with no other options, hands over the data chip to the rookie.
    At this moment, the operation begins and the other soldiers begin firing into the building. The shots startle the rookie and the robot takes the opportunity to flee. As he runs off he yells, "Keep the data chip! Purify Cybertron!" The rookie's curiosity outweighs his better judgement and he stuffs the chip into a compartment in his leg. Fearing he may be found out, he shoots into the building briefly before the rest of the firing dies down.
    As they all enter the building's different rooms, one soldier yells, "We got him!" The general enters the room and stares at the mangled metal in front of him. "Damn it!", he screams. "This is our undercover agent!" With no other bodies in sight, he concludes, "That son of a bitch must've suspected our guy was undercover and killed him. He was probably long gone before we even made it here. Soldiers, we're returning to base." With a look of pure disgust on his face, the general throws down a portable warp gate and steps through. The rest of the troops follow him, single file.
    Once back at the base, Cybersoldier-17096 asks one of his fellow soldiers, "What happened back there? What were we there for?" The soldier replies, "A very important data chip. The owner of the data chip thought our guy was there to be recruited." "Recruited for what?", asks the rookie inquisitively. "Some kind of army. I've heard the owner of that data chip says he wants to 'purify' Cybertron, whatever that means.", says the soldier. "I don't get it. Where does the chip fit in?", asks 17096. "They won't tell us, but you know how the Cybertronian history chips only go so far back? Well, rumor has it that the chip we were after was left here by some ancient Cybertronian group known as the Decepticons, and that the data on the chip details our dark past, along with containing a few...unwanted side effects.", says the soldier. "How do you know all this?", asks the rookie. As he walks away, the soldier replies,"You know what? I've probably said too much, I'll catch you around."