Transformers Prime Sequel Quadrilogy

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    Episode 75: the Requiem Blaster

    Fortress Maximus' ship mode landed in Autobot City's massive hangers. A crowd came to cheer for the return of their leader, Rodimus Prime. Jack met his mom and dad, Fowler

    June: oh Jack. I've missed you
    Jack: I missed you too mom.
    June: now why didn't you tell me you were going on another planet, again? And what's this suit?
    Jack: long story actually.

    Ultra Magnus: it's good to have you back Rodimus.
    Kup: now the cons will wish that they never were born.

    As the crowd chatted, Nautica came bursting in

    Nautica: Rodimus!
    Rodimus: what is it?
    Nautica: you have to see this. The Requiem Blaster. It's here, on Earth
    Rodimus: the Requiem Blaster? Here!?
    Nautica: yes.

    Jack: what's this Requiem Blaster?
    Rodimus: it was the personal weapon of Megatronus Prime, one of the original 13. It was a weapon that had the power of a black hole and it was one of the most powerful weapons in the universe, so powerful that it's gravitational force made an entire planet. It was sent away after the age of primes and the Autobots and Decepticons founded in their struggle throughout the galaxy. Megatron tried to use it but was stopped by Optimus. It was presumed to be destroyed but now.
    Nautica: it was founded on a meteorite that feel last night.
    Rodimus: where is it?
    Nautica: currently it's being transported to Autobot City now by train
    Bee: can't you just, bridge it back here?
    Ratchet: perhaps but the power of the Requiem Blaster is so strong that it makes space bridges go haywire
    Ultra Magnus: I've sent a few auto troopers to protect the Requiem Blaster.
    Rodimus: it won't be enough I fear. The Decepticons will not stop until they get their hands on it.

    Punishing One

    Thrust: the Requiem Blaster?
    Cone head: yes sir.
    Thrust: I may not have the Star Saber but the Requiem Blaster, oooohhhh! I can destroy Darkmount and Starscream in a single shot and with it, I'm unstoppable! Hahahahahaha! Quickly now! Where is it!?
    Cone head: it's currently being transported via a system the humans call, trains
    Thrust: then I better hurry before my train leaves hahahaha!


    Starscream: Shockwave, are the upgrades on Astrotrain done yet?
    Shockwave: soon starscream, soon.
    Starscream: good. If the Requiem Blaster is indeed in Autobot hands, we must hurry. Cyclonus, Scourge, Lugnut, Blitzwing, follow me. Seeker 5th division, take to the air.

    Autobot City

    Rodimus: say ratchet, when you said that the Requiem Blaster made space bridges go haywire, what did you mean?
    Ratchet: our pickup team was sent to the sun.
    Rodimus: oh.
    Ultra Magnus: we're here

    A team of Autobots gathered. Ultra Magnus and his wreckers and Rodimus' team were there. Along with the four humans

    Ratchet: you have 40 seconds. Go go!
    Rodimus: autobots, transform and roll out!

    The Autobots transformed and the ran into the space bridge. They were on the desert. Then, the train arrived and stopped.

    Auto trooper: Rodimus Prime sir.
    Rodimus: trooper.
    Auto trooper: the Requiem Blaster is in the back and we are currently transporting it to Autobot City.
    Rodimus: you did good soldier. Everyone mount up.

    Thrust was flying over the clouds.

    Thrust: oh I can't wait to get my hands on the Requiem Blaster. Hold on, Rodimus!? Oh scrap. I will need backup. Wait is that, Starscream!?!?

    Starscream and a fleet of seekers, at least 200 came in.

    Icy: the Requiem Blaster is in the 7th container Starscream. And Rodimus Prime is there
    Starscream: excellent. He will be my first test subject.
    Cyclonus: lord Starscream, look over there! It's Thrust!
    Starscream: thrust. Seekers, secure the Requiem Blaster. The four of you follow me.

    Thrust: this day couldn't possibly get any worse.

    Starscream appears out of the clouds

    Thrust: scrap. I stand corrected.
    Starscream: thrust!!!!!!

    The four chased thrust.

    Thrust: sorry you must have me confused with some other Tetra Jet.

    A massive battle in the skies ensued

    Ironhide: woah.
    Arcee: Decepticons?
    Rodimus: yes. Everyone prepare for battle!

    The seekers attacked the train. Auto troopers shot a few down but the Seekers were better. Then the Autobots came.

    Ultra Magnus and Bulkhead smashed the seekers. Kup and Moon racer shot them, Jetfire was having an aerial fight. Ironhide and Warpath fired, Arcee sliced the seekers who landed. Jack and that rest mounted the machine guns. Rodimus put on his Powermaster armor and destroyed the last of them.

    Miko: woo-hoo!
    Moon racer: alright!
    Ironhide: up high
    Warpath: down low
    Jetfire: take that Decepti-creeps.

    Starscream and company arrived.

    Rodimus: give it up Starscream. Your army is destroyed and you're all alone.
    Starscream: hahahahahaha. The seekers were there to test you. This, is the real threat. Say hello to, Astrotrain.

    In the distance, a large train with 2 locomotive and in the back, was a huge rail gun like the Schwerer Gustav. Vehicons there mounted the machine guns and attacked.

    Starscream: fall back to Astrotrain!

    The Decepticons made it to Astrotrain.

    Starscream: scrap them!

    The vehicons fired the dark energon-liquid chaos mix and it was devastating.

    Rodimus: backup.

    Just a few hundred meters in front of the train was a battalion of Auto Troopers and 2 omega sentinels

    Rodimus: put up some speed. If we can get get to the backup we might stand a chance

    Cyclonus: our machine guns are out of range
    Starscream: haha, its no big deal. Prepare the Cobalt shell
    Lugnut: yes sir!

    Lugnut loaded a big and heavy artillery shell. Then Starscream sat and aimed.

    Computer: liquid chaos infusion complete
    Starscream: let's see what this baby can do.

    Starscream fired. It was loud. The shell made a dark black lightning and cloud and it hid the auto trooper line. It was obliterated. Troops, tanks, sentinels, all gone.

    Rodimus: that was unexpected.
    Ultra Magnus: brace yourselves!

    Astrotrain hit and the vehicons and autobots fired at each other. The vehicons mounted the machine guns and the autobots train was starting to get torn.

    Starscream: reload!

    Rodimus: get the Requiem Blaster to the front
    Auto trooper: yes sir

    Astrotrain got closer to the autobots train. Then Starscream pointed the railway gun.

    Starscream: goodbye suckers

    The shot removed all the train components from number 4. The autobots train moved a bit forward. Arcee got the Requiem Blaster. Rodimus got up and he jumped. He used the Star Saber and unleashed an energy wave at Astrotrain. He flew back. The autobots cheered. But as a strange sound was heard, the cheers stopped. Astrotrain was in ship mode.

    Miko: that thing can, fly!?
    Raf: oh scrap.

    The vehicons fired. Then, Astrotrain flew away.

    Jetfire: what happened?
    Jsck: why have they left?
    Rodimus: I don't know but keep your eyes peeled.
    Ironhide: rodimus!

    Blitzwing came in and fired ice missiles at the trains wheels.

    Astrotrain was in train mode and it crashed into the autobots train, knocking it off the tracks.

    The autobots got up and saw Astrotrain in robot mode. He was a giant, even by transformers standard and he towered over everyone, including Rodimus at a height of nearly 200 feet tall, armed with dozens of machine guns, he fired. The autobots covered.

    Jack: that thing can transform!?
    Ultra Magnus: it can now.

    Starscream: astrotrain, incinerate them!
    Astrotrain: as, you wish, Starscream.

    Astrotrain fired. The vehicons started to move forward. But then, cone heads started to come and attack.

    Thrust: the Requiem Blaster is mine!!!
    Starscream: over my dead body.

    A cone head grabbed the Requiem blaster in its coffin box and flew up. Rodimus flew up and shot the cone head dead.

    Arcee: rodimus

    *pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew*

    Cyclonus: come here autobots.
    Scourge: reload!

    The railway gun fired and it was catastrophic. The autobots were surrounded on two sides and the vehicons were closing in.

    In the sky, Rodimus, Starscream and Thrust were fighting over the Requiem Blaster. Starscream fired shots, Thrust counter strikes and Rodimus unleashed an energy wave. Then, Starscream did the same and fired. Rodimus was hit in the back by Thrust but he flew. He unleashed a barrage of everything he has in his arsenal.

    Then, the Requiem Blaster fell. Rodimus and Thrust grabbed it. Rodimus kicked Thrust away. Starscream and Rodimus struggled but Rodimus won and he fired it at the vehicons, creating a massive crater.

    He landed and so did Starscream. Rodimus pointed it at the decepticons

    Starscream: retreat!

    Thrust: fall back!

    The autobots cheered as gunships arrived to carry them home

    And that's how episode 75 ends
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    Episode 76: decoy in Micron

    Dream and memory

    Yoketron: peace. It's often at time that peace requires great suffering.
    Arcee: optimus would agree.
    Yoketron: ah yes. In this war, you have suffered much. I will teach you. Observe

    Yoketron lifted the furniture with no hands. The furniture then flew across the room and down.

    Arcee: woah how did you?
    Yoketron: Ashra.
    Arcee: ash-ra?
    Yoketron: it is the light side of Impetu. A force. Eternally at odds with its dark counterpart, Dagor. We exterminated the last of its followers long ago. Here is your dormitory. Your new classmates
    - hi.
    - how are you?
    - a new classmate!?
    Night Bird: great. More sheep
    Yoketron: Asha. We talked about this.
    Night Bird: sorry master
    Yoketron: get some rest, all of you. First lesson starts in 1 astro hour.

    Jack: arcee? Arcee!
    Arcee: wh, what? Oh. Sorry Jack.
    Jack: we have to find the cons. Who knows what he could be doing down here in Micron.
    Arcee: then, hop on.

    Arcee transformed and drove.

    Rodimus: this is Rodimus to Arcee. Do you read?
    Rodimus: scrap. Ultra Magnus, do you read?
    Ultra Magnus: yes Rodimus. I'm afraid I don't have any luck.
    Rodimus: grimlock.
    Grimlock: no luck Rodimus.

    Rodimus: what could those decepticons be up to?
    Bee: probably digging graves.
    Wheelie: yeah. You have the Star Saber and the Requiem Blaster. Even Unicron would scrap his tailpipes.
    Rodimus: what about you, Ironhide, Warpath, Ratchet?
    All three: no luck.
    Rodimus: let's move there.
    Bee: Rodimus, I have to ask. Is sending Arcee along with just Jack alone, won't make them an easier target?
    Rodimus: you know Arcee, Bee.

    Arcee's side of the story

    Arcee saw Night Bird above a cliff.

    Arcee: night bird.
    Night bird: go.

    Night Bird jumped and pulled out her light saber. Arcee and Night Bird fought. Night Bird threw cybonic plague shurikens and Arcee fired. Then Night Bird attacked. Both of them fought at such quick pace it looked like flashes. Then, Arcee was punched, Night Bird put her sword in her neck but Jack fired. Night Bird didn't had time to react properly and Arcee kicked her and pushed her light saber away.

    Night Bird: I surrender.

    Arcee put Night Bird in chains.

    Night Bird: so, this is the human you often talked about. Wonder what would've happened if I, stepped on him.
    Arcee: shut it, Night Bird.
    Night Bird: oh, still haven't forgotten hmm?
    Arcee: Rodimus, I caught the decepticon assassin Night Bird.

    Rodimus: alright. I will meet you at the rendezvous coordinates.

    Night Bird: ah, Rodimus Prime. The one who used his friends name as a way of honoring him. Is he, honoring you like he did his friend.
    Arcee: shut it Night Bird.
    Night Bird: anger I see. Didn't master Yoketron teach you-

    Arcee pushed her and pointed her gun at Night Bird.

    Jack: arcee, stop. Remember the mission.

    Arcee pulled Night Bird up and pushed her.

    Arcee: go.

    Jack: the way she talked, she knows you. What's between you two?
    Arcee: it's a very long story. But to put it simply, after the war, I met a stranger named Yoketron. He helped me find peace as well as train me as a cyber ninja. Night Bird was, a rival student. Both of us good and promising, but Yoketron saw a darkness in Night Bird. She was rough around the edges but a natural nonetheless


    It was training. Arcee and Night Bird dueled. Night bird lost. Arcee offered a hand but she refused

    Night Bird: again

    Night Bird lost again

    Night Bird: again!

    Arcee struck and Night Bird blocked. Night Bird used powder and kicked Arcee. She then struck and struck and punched and landed a hit. She was about to kill Arcee but Yoketron saved Arcee and beated Night Bird

    Yoketron: you must remove your anger and hatred from your spark, Asha

    Night Bird got up and struck. Yoketron deflected and deflected. He then pushed her and unleashed a force wind.

    Yoketron: forgive me Asha.
    Night Bird: I don't need you. I don't need anyone. I will succeed and be the best and I will not be stopped!

    Arcee: Overtime, she secretly learned the dark side, Dagor that the cyber ninjas wanted to stop. She unleashed a purge that killed nearly every cyber ninja. I and a few survived.

    Jack: wow.
    Arcee: yeah. What are you doing here Night Bird?
    Night Bird: hunting.
    Arcee: for what?
    Night Bird: traitors.
    Arcee: you can't even stop your own soldiers from deserting, what makes you think you can a war.
    Night Bird: we have plans within plans within plans.
    Jack: ooookay.

    Rodimus and his team was waiting for them at a stadium.

    Rodimus: arcee, you arrived. Is this the prisoner?
    Arcee: yes.

    Then they were attacked by vehicons. Night Bird freed herself and sliced Arcee. She used a force wind to throw Rodimus aside. Bee, Wheelie, Ironhide and Warpath were outnumbered and worse of all was Night Bird. They fought

    In her mind, Arcee had another flashback

    It was dark. Rubble, fire and smoke everywhere. Arcee struggled. She saw a classmate get killed.

    Night Bird: move out.

    Arcee crawled forward to Yoketron, who was dying.

    Arcee: master Yoketron
    Yoketron: arcee, *cough cough*
    Arcee: master, *sobs* if only I could've done something.
    Yoketron: you did all you could. Here

    Yoketron struggled but he removed his helmet

    Yoketron: take my helmet. Wear it. Promise me, that you will keep the legacy of Ashra alive. Promise, me, Ar-cee *dies*

    Then, Arcee saw the ghost of Yoketron.

    Yoketron: wake up, young one
    Arcee: master.
    Yoketron: it's not your time yet. Go, Arcee. Your friends need you.

    Arcee got up and she unleashed boulders at the vehicons. She got her light saber

    Arcee: this is between you and me, Night Bird.
    Night Bird: revenge is not the way of Ashra
    Arcee: this isn't revenge. I'm not fighting you as a cyber ninja but as an Autobot.

    Night Bird attacked. Arcee blocked with her Targetmaster and light saber. Night Bird struck and pushed her back. Both stopped, then Night Bird stuck, Arcee blocked.
    Night Bird attacked again and Arcee blocked but Night Bird pushed her. Then Arcee kicked her and jumped and struck her blade and targetmaster.
    Arcee fired and Night Bird blocked. Night Bird rushed forward and Arcee blocked and Night Bird struck again, Arcee blocked with her Targetmaster. Arcee then struck her and Night Bird attacked but Arcee pushed her light saber away and put hers on Night Bird's neck.

    Night Bird: hehehehe hahahaha! You thought the Decepticons wanted to do anything with Minicons? You're mistaken
    Rodimus: what are you talking about?

    A portal opened and out came Malgor firing. Night Bird kicked Arcee and she grabbed her light saber.

    Night Bird: I was the distraction. Sayonara losers

    Rodimus: distraction. But that would mean, oh scrap. All units to Autobot City. Now!

    Autobot City

    Autobot City was under attack. Astrotrain fired shots and killed Auto Troopers.

    Hot Shot: fall back men!

    Astrotrain fired a shot that killed Hot Shot
    He tore the walls and in came Starscream, Cyclonus and Scourge. A vehicon presented the Requiem Blaster to him

    Starscream: finally. The Requiem Blaster is mine!

    Rodimus and the rest came to Autobot City.

    Rodimus: the Requiem Blaster!
    Starscream: not one step closer, Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus and the autobots held ground.

    Starscream: let's test this baby shall we?
    Rodimus: no!

    Starscream fired but Brawn came in front of the fire. Brawn's spark was destroyed.

    Starscream: such power.
    Shockwave: starscream, an uprising has happened. We need you.
    Starscream: ugh. Astrotrain transform
    Astrotrain: your wish, is my command.
    Starscream: I will accept your surrender or your extinction tomorrow Rodimus Prime.

    And that's how episode 76 ends
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    Episode 77: battle of New York

    Rodimus was in a room. Perceptor and other scientists put in energized energon into the Forge of Solus Prime

    Perceptor: it is done, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: good.

    Ultra Magnus entered the room

    Rodimus: Ultra Magnus.
    Ultra Magnus: you called me, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: yes. I want you to prepare every autobot ready for combat in 2 astro hours.
    Ultra Magnus: yes sir.

    The troops prepared. A forging sound was heard

    Arcee: where's Rodimus?
    Ultra Magnus: I don't know. Said he was, making something

    Rodimus appeared with a golden colored shield.

    Arcee: wow
    Bee: what is that?
    Rodimus: I call it the Skyboom Shield. After Perceptor re-energized the Forge of Solus Prime, I made this shield to combat the power of the Requiem Blaster. Let's hope it does the trick.

    War Room

    Rodimus: how many are we?
    Ultra Magnus: 2 million in infantry, about a million tanks, 1 and a half million jet auto troopers and 100 omega sentinels.
    Rodimus: hmm. And the Decepticons?
    Ultra Magnus: they outnumber us 4-1
    Kup: then it is an even fight.
    Rodimus: Ultra Magnus, you and the wreckers will take the 5th and 6th army here in the Eastern Side. Grimlock will take the 7th and 9th army here. The 10th and 11th army will fight in the Front. I will fight Starscream. Our biggest threat is Astrotrain's railway cannon and the Requiem Blaster. Be careful. Dismissed.

    Outside, Rodimus met Perceptor

    Rodimus: perceptor, I want you to work with the rest of the science division and Hi-Q on this.
    Perceptor: what is this, may I ask?
    Rodimus: let's just say, something that will help us win this battle

    Punishing One

    Thrust: we are gathered here today to witness my glorious rise to power as the true leader of the decepticons. You all are my instruments of destruction and today we will annihilate Starscream's retched spark from existence and help me assert my rightful place. To victory!

    The cone heads flew off to earth

    Rodimus stood on a stage with hundreds of thousands of Auto Troopers in front of him.

    Rodimus: today we are gathered here to defend our second home. We lost many brothers in arms. We lost homes, family, and especially our planet, Cybertron. But today, we fight for our second home, Earth. Today, at the edge of our hope, at our extinction, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves but in all of us. There is not a soldier, bot or femme here that shall stand alone. The Decepticons are the monsters that stand at our door. And today, we will answer that call and fight for our home. Today, we are cancelling our extinction!

    Auto Troopers: yeah!

    The autobots prepared. The space bridge opened.

    Rodimus: autobots, transform and roll out!


    Windblade: as you requested, a legion of Camien Knights are here my lord
    Starscream: good. Ah Shockwave, have the rebellion leaders been executed?
    Shockwave: yes starscream.
    Starscream: good. Prepare my army for a second assault at Autobot City.
    Vehicon: lord starscream. Autobots have attacked.
    Starscream: here!?
    Vehicon: yes my lord.
    Starscream: ugh Soundwave, open the space bridges and bring my army, Saurok, I need your marauders, Lugnut, Blitzwing, prepare Astrotrain. We annihilate them now!

    Auto troopers came in blasting. The vshicon fortifications had barely time to prepare. The Decepticon tank and cruisers came out of the space bridges and fired.

    The Wreckers came aboard an Omega Sentinel and they wrecked the Vehicons

    The Dinobots came out and transformed into dinosaurs. The vehicon machine guns barely held them back.

    The Camien army too came out, led by the mistress of flame.

    Knockout and Red Alert came to attend to the wounded


    Knockout: hey! I'm a doctor!
    - sorry! My bad.

    And omega sentinel came and punched one Decepticon omega sentinel. The Decepticon one fell back and the Autobot omega sentinel punched and punched. But it was sniper shot with a cobalt from Astrotrain.

    Astrotrain fought 3 omega sentinels. It punched one and ripped the spark of another and shot it from the inside. Blitzwing then used the railway gun to hit an omega sentinel and shot it.

    Icy: lugnut, reload
    Lugnut: hey, it's very heavy.
    Icy: vehicons, man the machine guns, astrotrain, transform into ship mode
    Angry: and then we can cruzh ze auzobotz
    Random: oh and maybe we can sing a song while Luggynut carries a cobalt ahahahahaha!

    Astrotrain transformed and wrecked havoc.
    Cyclonus and Scourge came with reinforcements. The railway gun then fired at an omega sentinel and it was destroyed.

    Random: oh la-la that was awesome! Reload!
    Lugnut: oh come on!

    On Darkmount, Saurok saw that the situation wasn't in Decepticon favour. He made a spear out of lightning and threw it

    Arcee: watch out!

    The lightning struck and the autobots were pushed. Then, Saurok appeared before the wreckers, Arcee and Chromia, Jack and the rest of the humans

    Jack: arcee, you know this con?
    Arcee: yeah. His name is Saurok. He's not to be messed with.
    Saurok: you autobots are persistent, I will give you that.
    Wheeljack: how tough can this scaly scrap heap be?

    Wheeljack attacked but Saurok merely slapped him

    Saurok: is that the best you can do?
    Wheeljack: okay. He's a bit tougher than I expected
    Arcee: everyone, we attack at once

    Windblade saw the Mistress of Flame and she transformed and attacked. She transformed and both femmes fought.

    Starscream came with the Requiem Blaster

    Starscream: prepare to die, auto scum!

    He fired the Requiem Blaster at autobot omega sentinels and ships. He then blew several buildings. Then, Rodimus Prime in his Powermaster armor was there

    Rodimus: that's enough Starscream!
    Starscream: Rodimus Prime. Let's see a weapon of the primes kill a prime, shall we!?

    Starscream fired at Rodimus

    Starscream: hahahahahahaha wait what!

    Starscream: but how!?
    Rodimus: you like it, Starscream? I call it the Skyboom Shield. Specifically made to resist the blast of the Requiem Blaster.
    Starscream: but do you have enough for everyone!?

    Starscream fired at random. Starscream killed a few but Rodimus managed to save a majority.

    Starscream: let's do this, the old fashioned way. Soundwave!

    A space bridge portal opened and Starscream threw the Requiem Blaster in. He pulled out his swords and attacked

    Rodimus pulled out his and blocked. Then Starscream flew back and released a red energy X. Rodimus blocked with the Skyboom Shield but he was pushed back. Starscream's swords began to glow black with a red edge

    Starscream: you know, it's funny. I always thought that dark energon mixed with other chemicals during the Great War was the ultimate ammunition and firepower but Liquid Chaos, untainted, hehehe. One barrel of it is worth more than an entire mountain!
    Rodimus: are we talking or fighting?
    Starscream: if it's your wish I will grant it

    Starscream fired a shot from his null ray cannons and Rodimus fired. It exploded. Rodimus unleashed an X and Starscream did too. It exploded again but Starscream fired another one. He transformed and searched.

    Starscream: where are you Rodimus Prime! Show yourself!
    Rodimus: right here!

    Rodimus pushed Starscream into Darkmount. The vehicons fired but Rodimus fired at them, killing them. Both took out their swords but the roof exploded. Thrust and cone heads were there

    Thrust: starscream, my old friend. And you, Rodimus Prime, thank you for weakening yourselves and making my job easier hahahahahahaha!

    And that's how episode 77 ends
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    Episode 78: liberation

    Thrust: concentrate fire on Starscream!

    Starscream blocked.

    Starscream: I need backup at once! Somebody? Anybody!?
    Thrust: don't bother Starscream! You're all alone. Now stand still so that I can kill you!
    Starscream: it would take more than a few worthless traffic cones to kill me, Thrust!

    Windblade heard the call but was tackled by Fire Star

    Saurok heard it but was kicked in the head by Arcee.

    Cyclonus: astrotrain, get to Darkmo-

    *boom boom boom boom boom*

    The omega sentinels and human jets fired on Astrotrain

    Starscream blocked. Rodimus used the Skyboom Shield to defend himself and he saved Starscream

    Starscream: well you're the last person I'd expect to come to my rescue
    Rodimus: oh I'm not saving you

    Both fought against the cone heads

    In the ground, Fortress Maximus came with Masteri reinforcements but were met by Scorponok and Nebuloun Venomtroopers.

    Fort Max: I don't have time for you, old man
    Scorponok: you will have plenty of time in the afterlife

    The cone heads attacked. Then, Thrust fired a shot. Starscream kicked Rodimus to throw fire and he was unconscious

    Thrust: using an autobot as a shield? Why doesn't that surprise me?
    Starscream: and you know what's more unsurprising? You hiding behind cheap knockoffs.

    Thrust fired and fired until he fired Starscream's sword away. Then, the cone heads grabbed him. Starscream saw Soundwave and Shockwave. Soundwave nodded.

    Thrust: don't worry. I'll tell them you died valiantly. This will be painless. Now, name me your successor!
    Starscream: oh, puh-lease

    Starscream threw a cone head away and fired another one

    Starscream: now!

    Soundwave and Shockwave came with a new batch of vehicons. Soundwave had the Requiem Blaster and he killed cone heads, Shockwave fired at the cone heads. Then, a space bridge opened and out came Slipstream and more vehicons.

    Thrust: no. No! You're ruining everything!
    Starscream: thrust.
    Thrust: no please. Spare me!
    Starscream: oh I will but that won't. Soundwave, now!

    Soundwave opened a space bridge portal and Starscream kicked Thrust into it. On the other side was a black hole. Thrust was being pulled in

    Thrust: no! All power to the thrusters!

    After some time, Thrust managed to get out of the black holes pull.

    On Earth

    Starscream: hahahahahaha, foolish moron. Ah, Rodimus. I almost forgot you were here. Now, prepare to meet Primus.

    Starscream grabbed the Requiem Blaster and fired but Rodimus blocked with the Skyboom Shield and flew away.

    Rodimus: Perceptor, when can it be ready?
    Perceptor: soon Rodimus soon. We just need more time

    Starscream: rodimus!!!!!!

    Starscream unleashed an energy X but Rodimus blocked. Then, Soundwave was in his back and fired the Requiem Blaster while Starscream fired his null ray cannons. Rodimus blocked the Requiem Blaster blast with the Skyboom Shield and the null ray with his star saber blade. He transformed into flying truck mode and flew away. Starscream and Soundwave chased after him and Slipstream followed.

    On the ground, space bridges opened and Eukarian spider drones walked out. Shockwave jumped and landed and transformed.

    Windblade punched Fire Star and kicked her and unleashed her signature move, the hurricane winds. The mistress was alone

    Grimlock tore a vehicon. Spittor, the Decepticon frog former attacked. He ate some corpses and released them. They exploded. Grimlock went into dinosaur mode and attacked. Spittor jumped and kicked but Grimlock unleashed fire on him and tail kicked him and tore his body apart.

    The wreckers and Arcee and throw humans were beaten by Saurok, though he too suffered tremendous damage

    Saurok: *pant pant pant*
    Grimlock: we're here to help

    The Dinobots came to help the autobots.

    Saurok: scrap this.

    Starscream, Soundwave and Slipstream pursued Rodimus. Rodimus flew and flew but was cornered by Seekers and Astrotrain. Rodimus unleashed a star saber energy blast which destroyed the seekers and he fled. But Astrotrain fired his lasers and Rodimus was wounded.

    Starscream: there is no escape Rodimus. Death is your only choice.
    Rodimus: even if I die, more will take my place and-
    Starscream: oh just shut up! I have the Requiem Blaster. I have the largest army and navy in galactic history. No one will rise up against me!

    Then, a space bridge portal opened and out came a giant Autobot ship. But it was no ordinary autobot ship. It transformed and it was, none other than, Metroplex.

    *play Narnia battle theme*

    Starscream had a flashback to Metroplex smashing Megatron on Cybertron.

    Rodimus climbers onto Metroplex's shoulder

    Metroplex: Metroplex heeds the call of the last Prime.

    Warpath: oh yeah. Metroplex!
    Wheelie: by Primus.
    Arcee: wow
    Jack: oh my,
    Miko: incredible

    Knockout: impressive

    Shockwave: impossible.
    Lugnut: 0_0
    Scourge: big
    Cyclonus: load cobalt now!

    Metroplex: awaiting orders, Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus: Percy, ready.
    Percy: yes
    Rodimus: Metroplex take this sword

    Metroplex grabbed a train from a space bridge portal and it transformed into a sword.

    Rodimus: and destroy the Decepticon fortress in the center of the city
    Metroplex: as you wish.

    Starscream: Decepticons, fire!

    Troops, tanks, walkers, cruisers did nothing. Metroplex stepped on the tanks, including their general Tankor.

    Metroplex rushed to Darkmount. Auto troopers had hope in them back again.

    Astrotrain fired the cobalt but Rodimus blocked it with the Skyboom Shield and Metroplex punched Astrotrain away.

    Rodimus flew up. Then, Starscream fired from behind.

    Starscream: get away from my fortress of mass destruction.

    Starscream fired and Rodimus blocked. Jetfire tried to help but Starscream kicked him away.

    Ratchet: Ultra Magnus, do you read?
    Ultra Magnus: yes. What is it Ratchet?
    Ratchet: we are sending you force field generators. Surround Darkmount with it for in the case that it was destroyed, it will take all of the island
    Ultra Magnus: understood ratchet

    Starscream fired and Rodimus blocked.

    Starscream: I will destroy you and the autobots and then, the galaxy will be mine!
    Rodimus: oh just shut up

    Starscream fired but Rodimus pushed him to Darkmount. Metroplex came near Darkmount

    Starscream: if I cannot save my life fortress, at least I'll have the satisfaction of killing you, Rodimus
    Rodimus Prime

    Ultra Magnus: force field 1 complete
    Arcee: force field 2 complete
    Jack: three done
    Grimlock: 4 is finished

    Metroplex struck Darkmount at its core. Darkmount was exploding. Then, he punched Starscream and grabbed Rodimus.

    Starscream: noooo!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Darkmount exploded. The Decepticons retreated.

    Rodimus was safe and the autobots were coming to him. Then, lasers were fired. It was Starscream in his jet mode

    Starscream: you have interfered with my plans for the last time!!!!!

    Metroplex tried to grab Starscream but he was too quick. Starscream unleashed dark lightning which attacked anyone. Rodimus grabbed the Skyboom shield and attacked. He punched Starscream and shot his wings and thrusters. Starscream fell

    Starscream: what are you waiting for, Rodimus Prime? Do it.

    Rodimus destroyed his null ray cannons

    Rodimus: that would be the easy way out, Starscream. You don't deserve it

    And that's how episode 78 ends
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    Episode 79: the trial of Starscream

    Rodimus: trial. Do we really have to do this?
    Jack: earth wants it and whether I like it or not, it's gonna happen.
    Rodimus: alright. Ironhide, how's the security?
    Ironhide: pretty tight, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: let's go, Jack.

    A large ship was above New York. It was Metroplex. There, the trial of Starscream was to happen. Metroplex landed near Liberty Island.

    A small group of auto trooper guards came to Starscream's cell

    Auto trooper#1: this, my friends, you shall always remember as the day I caught the Decepticon leader, Starscream.
    Auto trooper#2: wasn't that Rodimus Prime?
    Auto trooper#1: you see, I did all the work and he took all the credit.
    Auto trooper#2: riiiight.
    Auto trooper: you see, friend I, heroically stopped this menace, once and for allll-

    Starscream grabbed him and hissed. The guards pointed guns at him.

    Starscream: guard, I wish to send a message.

    A ship landed at Metroplex's bay. Auto troopers and human soldiers came out. And along with them came Starscream, in chains.

    Female auto trooper: Rodimus Prime sir, a message has come from you.
    Rodimus: Huh really? From whom?
    Femme auto trooper: from Starscream.
    Rodimus: starscream!?
    Femme auto trooper: yes sir.

    Jack: what could this be about?
    Rodimus: let's take it in

    Rodimus walked into the room filled with autobot leaders. Ultra Magnus, Kup, Dai Atlas and more

    Rodimus played the message

    Starscream: I am afraid that my trial here on earth will be met with biased and lies on me and thus I can't get a, fair trial. As such, I ask that Rodimus Prime speak as my defense. After all, in my experience, only a friend or a rival can know you as much as yourself *evil smile*

    Ultra Magnus: he cannot be serious.
    Rodimus: I don't know what Starscream is up to, but I'm sure he has a plan. Ultra Magnus, increase security. We'll play your game, Starscream.

    The trial

    Starscream walked to the stage. The people ( cybertronians, humans, minicons) there whispered and murmured. Ironhide, Warpath, Bee, Wheelie, Arcee and Drift acted as his guards. Rodimus spoke to him.

    Rodimus: are you sure about this, Starscream? You really want me, the bot who captured you, as your voice of defense?
    Starscream: oh please. I don't give a quintesson's scrap about who my defender is but my concern is that anti Decepticon propaganda has been bombarded at the people and my trail will be a, how do the humans call it, a sham I think. And I know that you are trying to live up to Optimus Prime's example and from reports I can gather that you are noble enough to ensure that the process is done, properly. Despite your, personal feelings towards me, hehe

    The trial commenced

    Judge: Starscream of Vos, you stand accused of crimes against Cybertron, Earth, Velocitron, Caminus, Eukaris, Animatros, Gigantion, Planet X, minicon moon and the many other planets and civilizations of the Milky Way Galaxy in the First Autobot-Decepticon War and the current Second Autobot-Decepticon War. Your charges include but not limited to, mass enslavement of at least 6 different species including Cybertronians and humans, force sterilization of the planet Cuzano and it's inhabitants, use of illegal arms and poison gases, betrayal of the leader you swore to protect, Sentinel Zeta Prime, illegal drug trade, use of human and cybertronian POWs as shields and cannon fodder, experimenting with unsanctioned and dangerous material such as Nucleon, Dark Energon, Liquid Chaos among others, genocide of over 10 species and the total annihilation of 30 planets and a dozen stars for material as your war machines.
    How do you plead?

    Starscream: not guilty

    The crowd erupted in anger. Many threatened him, some called him names, some pulled out guns but the guards stopped them.

    Judge: order! Order in the court!!!

    Starscream: fellow cybertronians, human and monicons and all the other races here in this court and those listening on the news networks, you have heard much today about this so called 'evil' but do you ask yourself why I do this? Millions of years ago, Cybertron was a jewel in the galaxy, a vast empire shining throughout the cosmos. But after the rust plague spread, the Age of Rust had started. People starved in the streets, dying an unnecessary and needless death while the higher ups and elites drank in their halls of gold, a caste system was put in place and we were divided! We were a shadow of our former glory and power! My predecessor, the great and mighty Megatron, founded the Decepticon movement to eradicate this caste system and bring Cybertron back to the days of colonization and expansion but the council under the weak, Sentinel Zeta Prime, a false Prime was against us! And the Autobots defended these weak councilmen while your ancestors, starved to death!

    The crowd started to be divided. Some were swayed by Starscream while others didn't believe him.

    Starscream: all I seek is a safe and prosperous future for my race and I am stripped of this power and brought before you thus.

    Ultra Magnus: what's all this hubbub about? 0
    Rodimus: oh scrap. Remember the Secret Speech, Ultra Magnus?
    Ultra Magnus: yes. What about it?
    Rodimus: before the start of this war, Decepticon sympathisers put in speeches of Megatron to the southern cities and some in the northern ones. For 15 years, bots have heard of this, 'Secret Speech' and with the sanctions and curfews the government put in before the war, this is the effect

    Judge: order! Order in this court!
    Ultra Magnus: yes, quite enough.

    In the streets, at point black, a space bridge opened and out came an artillery shots

    Starscream: hehehahahaha!
    Rodimus: what's so funny?
    Starscream: I was merely stalling for time, Auto fools.

    The shot exploded. A red black storm appeared. People fled. The guards readied.

    From the smoke, out came Strika, Obsidian, Cyclonus, Scourge, Sky byte and a few vehicons

    Strika: in the name of Starscream, our leader, attack!

    The autobots and decepticons fought.
    A small Decepticon named Scalpel came and freed Starscream and Strika and Sky Byte came to give him his new null ray cannons and two Chaos Sabers

    Starscream: thank you Scalpel. You have done well, Strika, my general of destruction. Now.
    Scalpel: bitte schön, mein kommandant
    Strika: my pleasure, my lord

    Sky byte: autobots, fear now.
    For your doom has come at last
    Starscream has risen now!

    Rodimus: autobots, roll out!
    Starscream: Decepticons, rise up!

    The Decepticons were vastly outnumbered.

    Starscream: gimme that!

    Starscream grabbed a gattler infused with liquid chaos.

    Starscream: sayonara auto bitches!

    Rodimus: everyone, behind me. Now!

    Starscream fired as he laughed like a madman. The gatler killed auto troopers and wounded many more. The Skyboom couldn't hold it off.

    Then, Starscream looked out and saw that autobot ships and human military was coming.

    Starscream: did you plan for this?
    Obsidian: yes my lord. Soundwave. Uh, Soundwave?
    Cyclonus: the place is rigged with space bridge signal disrupters.
    Scourge: what do we do!?
    Tracer: follow me, my Liege

    The Decepticons followed Tracer to a room.

    Tracer: in the case that Soundwave's space bridge couldn't work, Lord Saurok told me to do this.

    Tracer loaded a liquid chaos vile and cocked a pistol. Bumblebee came in but Tracer shot him. Then, Tracer fired at the ground the Decepticons stood and hopped in. A black hole started to appear. Rodimus came in.

    Starscream: now that I am free, I will lead my armies again and conquer the galaxy. After that, I will destroy this pitiful organic wasteland and there is nothing you can do to stop me, Rodimus Prime!
    Rodimus: noooooo!!!!

    Starscream and the Decepticons left and landed on Astrotrain.

    Lugnut: welcome back o glorious leader
    Icy: it is good to see your back.
    Starscream: the welcoming can wait. Tell me, is Astrotrain loaded?
    Soundwave: *nods*
    Starscream: fire at that city. I want Rodimus to know my wrath.

    The guns fired and many buildings were destroyed. Starscream personally fired the Railway Gun and it's explosion destroyed many buildings at once. Then, a space bridge portal opened and Astrotrain left.

    Wheelie: what do we do now?
    Rodimus: Percy, try to find Starscream's signal. No more. No more lives will be lost. This was my mistake. No more trials. When I meet Starscream again, I will not hesitate to eliminate his spark, once and for all.

    And that's how episode 79 ends
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    Episode 80: Ceres

    Autobot City

    Perceptor: Rodimus, I tracked Starscream's signal. He is in the planet called Ceres
    Rodimus: Ceres?
    Ultra Magnus: wasn't that the planet where a large portion of the autobots navy and army are stationed?
    Rodimus: army and navy in Ceres, Ultra Magnus?
    Ultra Magnus: yes. Before the raze of Iacon, the autobot admirals and generals captured the planet Ceres and it's system for it's strategic location. After the raze, I told that admirals and generals to stay put. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier.
    Rodimus: it's alright. Percy, are the long range space bridges ready and operational?
    Perceptor: yes Rodimus.
    Rodimus: then, we better get prepared to go and help the autobots on Ceres.


    A large fleet of Vos Frigates, Altihax carriers and Tarn Cruisers were there. And in the center, was the Supremacy.

    Starscream: we attack, now!

    The Decepticons opened fire. The autobots fired back.

    On the ground, Strika and Obsidian and new tank general, Onslaught attacked

    Obsidian: spare no auto trooper.
    Onslaught: combaticons, to me!

    The combaticons combined into Bruticus.

    Bruticus: bruticus, online.

    Bruticus destroyed the autobots artillery and tanks, giving room for troops to arrive in overwhelming numbers.

    In the air, Starscream, Windblade, Soundwave, Cyclonus and Scourge destroyed the jet auto troopers.

    Starscream: soundwave, throw me the Requiem Blaster.

    Soundwave threw the Requiem Blaster and Starscream destroyed the autobot warships.

    Starscream: hahahahahahaha! Die Autobots!

    On the ground

    Astrotrain landed and unleashed hell on the autobots. With the ships falling from the sky, an autobot general told his men to me ready

    General: retreat is a sign of betrayal. There will be no mercy for cowards. For cybertron!
    Auto troopers: for cybertron!

    The auto troopers charged and were met by heavy gun fire and artillery strikes.

    *pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew*

    One by one, the auto troopers fell to vehicon fire, their energon spilled across the field.

    Auto trooper: it's useless comrades. Go back.
    Auto trooper: retreat!

    Auto trooper: no good
    Auto trooper: get back. Get back.

    General: what are you doing!? Charge!
    Auto trooper: go back.
    Auto trooper: traitors!
    Auto trooper: not one step back!
    General: no mercy for cowards! Shoot!

    The autobots fired on their own. Traitors, cowards, they were called.

    Autobot City

    Fowler: rodimus Prime, I want to speak with you.
    Rodimus: what is it, agent Fowler?
    Fowler: earth has made a decision that it will send it's armies to whatever planet and slag those cons.
    Rodimus: agent Fowler, I must protest against this.
    Fowler: it's not my decision, it's the councils decision and earth's, whether you like it or not.
    Rodimus: alright then.

    The autobots, humans and minicon ships flew off from Autobot City. A space bridge opened and the ships flew in. They arrived at Ceres.

    Aboard Metroplex bridge

    Jack: man. The planets beaten up.
    Bee: rodimus, you came. What's the plan.
    Rodimus: it's too risky to land our forces on the surface. Bee, you and wheelie will land and look for survivors. Ironhide and Warpath will follow and I, Arcee and Drift will follow soon after. Give the 5th scout company permission to go. Until I give further orders, there will be no landing.
    Ultra Magnus: but Rodimus, what if-
    Rodimus: I know the risks Ultra Magnus. That's why I'm sending a scout party first to check. Promise me, old friend
    Ultra Magnus: I will.

    The space pods launched off. From the surface, massive attacks occurred. The ground fortifications opened fire and artillery filled the skies with explosions.
    A wave of jets vehicons came attacking. Many escape pods were destroyed.

    Rodimus and a few pods escaped.

    Rodimus: by Primus, it looks like a disaster. Has anybody else landed?
    Bee: this is bumblebee. We're fine but I don't think me and wheelie will be flying anytime soon
    Ironhide: ironhide here. Me, warpath and a few dozen scouts landed but we received severe damage.
    Rodimus: call for some medical assistance. Rest of you who can walk, transform and search the area.

    Wheelie: can anyone hear my voice? Hello!
    Bee: to those of you who can hear me, fear not. Rodimus Prime has returned to liberate those who stand for truth, justice and freedom

    Above the sky, a fleet came. Starscream stood on Astrotrain's railway gun, the very tip. He aimed the Requiem Blaster.

    Starscream: say your prayers, insects!

    Starscream fired the Requiem Blaster. Rodimus flew up and blocked with the Skyboom Shield.

    Starscream: damn it! I forgot about that blasted Skyboom Shield. But no matter. Everyone, unleash hell!

    The Decepticons fired everything.

    Rodimus: ratchet, release my trailer.
    Ratchet: you got it Rodimus.

    The trailer flew to Rodimus. Rodimus combined with it into Powermaster Rodimus Prime. He pointed all his guns at the Decepticons and fired. He then unleashed several star saber strikes. A few Vos frigates and Tarn cruisers were destroyed

    Rodimus: I'll hold them off. You guys get to safety
    Arcee: no. I'll not leave you
    Rodimus: no arcee. It's not safe. Just go!

    Arcee and Drift reluctantly transformed and fled but were forced to fight when a group of seekers came.

    Bee punched a vehicon

    Wheelie: on your left
    Bee: thanks wheelie.

    Ironhide flamed a vehicon and warpath fired at another.

    Ironhide: take this, decepti-punk
    Warpath: kablam! Boom!

    Starscream: give it up, Rodimus. You're surrounded and outgunned. Surrender is your only choice.
    Rodimus: never starscream. You're no Megatron.
    Starscream: *angry screech* destroy him!

    Jetfire and a battalion of jet troopers came in. Ultra Magnus and Grimlock came with reinforcements

    Rodimus: I thought I told you to await my orders.
    Ultra Magnus: not the first time someone refuses an order.
    Rodimus: haha

    The Decepticon forces fell back

    Rodimus: to all autobot survivors who can hear me, help us defeat the Decepticons

    Out of the ground, autobot ships came out and armies came out of hiding. The Decepticons started to fall back. Their ships started to be destroyed.

    Starscream: fall back. Fall back!

    The Decepticons retreated.

    Rodimus: we have victory!
    Autobots: yeah!

    And that's how episode 80 ends
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    Episode 81: behind enemy lines

    A submarine was in the deepest parts of an ocean in Ceres.

    Human General: we are sending you and your team to a an artillery emplacement. We need you to destroy it so that they army can make a move. It's heavily defended, mostly by Nebulans but you're being sent to the coastal area where it's less defended. Defended by mostly MECH and minicon renegades that recently aligned with the Decepticons
    Jack: understood sir, but is Rodimus Prime involved?
    General: no. We are doing this behind his back and you will keep it that way, understand?
    Jack: yes sir.

    Mini submarines of 4 left the big one

    Jess: up ahead.
    Raf: scout drones

    The 4 submarines opened fire. The drones were destroyed and they went higher. The door opened and the 4 came out.

    General: don't worry about any collateral damage to the city. Do what you need, to complete the mission.
    Jack: roger that, sir.

    Miko: Jack, over there
    Jack: I see it. The artillery emplacement. We use the explosives we have to blow it up and after that, the army can sweep through it. We just have to be alive by then
    Raf: you can count on us.

    Jack used a rope and climbed. He knocked a mech goon unconscious.

    Jack: remember guys, failure is not an option

    Jack walked forward and he shot a MECH guard dead. Miko shot the other dead. Jack walked up and killed another guard

    Jack: quickly Raf. Check for a shortcut
    Raf: on it. Got it. We just walk up straight and then left. Relaying data to you
    Jack: okay. Let's go.

    The Front

    Many bombs went off. Soldiers and tanks charged to the enemy defenses. Jets screamed in the air as warships were burning.

    Rodimus: keep going men.
    Ultra Magnus: we need to destroy the artillery emplacement or else we are just wasting troops
    General: I have a team working on that. They'll handle it or die trying
    Rodimus: alright. Let's move to Sector 7.

    Jack looked and he signalled. Jess came and followed by Miko abs Raf.
    Jack prepared a grenade and fired at Mech goons. Miko came and fired at them. The alarm system was triggered

    Jack: quickly. Double time. Double time!

    The humans ran up a bridge. Then, heavy firing was stating. Jack jumped down and shot them. Miko provided cover then Jess and Raf jumped off. Jack hid behind a wall and threw three grenades. He jumped and fired a guard dead.

    Jack: come on. Let's pick up the haste.

    Miko then fired another one dead.

    Raf: we just need to get to the other side. There we can take a train and head to the control room.
    Jack: got it. Jess, use the electro grenade.
    Jess: you got it

    Jess used the electro grenade then Miko and Jack came out and opened fire. They arrived at the train station.

    Jack: Raf, can you hack it?
    Raf: sure. But it'll take some time.
    Miko: you might wanna, hurry it up.

    Mech goons stormed the area. Miko, Raf and Jess entered the train. Jack was fighting the mech goons. Then, the train started to move

    Raf: Jack, it's done!
    Miko: hurry Jack!

    Jack jumped and landed on the top of the train. He went inside.

    After some time, the train stopped.

    Jack: alright, what does your map say?
    Raf: we arrived at the control center. We just need to get to the top.
    Jack: alright, let's go.

    The humans walked out. They readied their guns and walked.

    Jack: back it, back up.

    Mech#1: you know, working with Decepts ain't so bad.
    Mech#2: it's just the red liquidy stuff.
    Mech#1: glugh, that thing gives me the creeps

    Jack: do we have a shortcut or anything?
    Raf: there's an elevator just behind that door
    Jess: let's go then.

    The humans walked to the elevator and left.

    Jack peeked out. He gave the signal to go.
    They were in the command module.

    Jack: okay Raf. Your time to shine

    The artillery went off

    Vehicon#1: what the?
    Vehicon#2: what's going on?
    Vehicon#3: somebody's gonna get hurt

    The Front

    Vehicon:,where's our artillery?
    Vehicon: don't know

    Rodimus: charge!!!!!
    Auto troopers: uraaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Command module

    Raf: okay, I set it to explode. We have 2 minutes
    Jack: let's go let's go!

    The place was crumbling. The humans went to the elevator. They were outside the artillery emplacement as it exploded. But were caught by vehicons

    Vehicon: going somewhere?
    Jack: uh, no
    Vehicon: prepare to- ah!

    Bumblebee rescued them just in time

    Bee: you guys alright?
    Raf: we're fine, Bee

    And that's how episode 81 ends
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    Episode 82: trapped

    The Punishing One

    Cone head: Sir?
    Thrust: not now, soldier. I'm formulating a plan
    Cone head: but sir, we are receiving a message.
    Thrust: really? From whom?
    Cone head: from an unknown source. He tells us to go these coordinates. Saying that we will find great power.
    Thrust: let me see. But this is, well well well. Set course for these coordinates. We are going to party with the gods

    Decepticon fortress

    Female vehicons provided drinks and food, but Starscream shoved them away.

    Starscream: no. I'm not hungry
    Windblade: but my love, at least try to eat some. Your armies can't be commanded by a starving leader
    Cyclonus: o_0
    Scourge: 0_o
    Lugnut: 0-0
    Blitzwing: •_•

    Starscream: what are you malfunctions staring at!?!?
    Cyclonus: nothing!
    Scourge: oh it's that the weather is-
    Lugnut: just nothing
    Blitzwing: hehe just thinking small in a small brain

    Starscream: where is Saurok?
    Cyclonus: he's, off somewhere
    Starscream: my greatest military fighter and tactician is away, the artillery emplacement is destroyed, our troops are deserting on mass and non of you have any plans whatsoever! Grrrr.
    Obsidian: my lord, forgive me for interrupting you but I have reports that Rodimus Prime is currently stationed in the western lake, 40 klicks from here.
    Starscream: hmm, perhaps we can ambush them and end this conflict.


    Thrust flew in and grabbed a canister that held a purple energy. It was Unicron.

    Thrust: lord unicron, I shall set you free

    Thrust brought him to his ship and released him. The energy took on a smoky mist form

    Unicron: why have you released me?
    Thrust: to serve you, lord Unicron as your loyal servant.
    Unicron: my last servant, Megatron betrayed me! How do I know you wouldn't?
    Thrust: if I would've, would I have freed you? Both the Autobots and Decepticons are fighting in a system that you can use as your new body. My cone heads have created a device that will allow you to control the systems planets as if they were your own, my lord.
    Unicron: very well then. Go, my new servant.

    Autobots Base

    Rodimus: the artillery emplacement is destroyed and our troops are currently attacking the Decepticon 4th army and 6th tank division
    Ultra Magnus: if we can-

    A giant storm emerged out of nowhere.


    Arcee: was there supposed to be a storm
    Bee: I don't know.

    Medical bay

    Ratchet: a storm?
    Green Light: that's weird. I calculated that the day would be normal as usual. Something's gotta be wrong.

    Knockout: no driving out for me.

    Then, bombs exploded. Auto troopers were alerted. But vehicons came rushing in.

    Rodimus: get to defensive positions. Now!

    Ratchet, green light, perceptor, Nautica and knockout cams running out. The 4 fired at vehicons

    Green Light: scrap, I'm out!
    Nautica: hey, knockout. Where's the ammo?
    Knockout: hey hey hey! I'm a doctor not an ammo supplier

    Arcee shot a vehicon dead

    Arcee: come on. We need more cover.
    Wheelie: more cover!?

    *machine gun sounds*

    Wheelie: okay okay let's go let's go

    Windblade came down and kicked Chromia and fired at the Auto troopers.

    The vehicons were encircling the autobots. Then Starscream pulled out the Requiem Blaster and killed many auto correct before Rodimus came with the Skyboom shield.

    Starscream: give it up, Rodimus. You're surrounded.
    Rodimus: a logical solution, where it not for

    Then, Kup, Jetfire and Grimlock came with reinforcements.

    Core of Ceres

    Thrust and a few dozen cone heads journeyed to the core of Ceres. There, the cone heads launched dark energon rays at the core, then it started to grow purple vine like things.

    Unicron flew into the core

    Unicron: soon, my power will reach every corner of this planet, and with your minions, this whole system will be my new body. But I need one more thing
    Thrust: what my lord?

    And that's how episode 82 ends
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    Episode 83: warped

    Unicron: but I need one more thing
    Thrust: what my lord?
    Unicron: in order to speed up the metamorphosis, I need powerful artifacts and weapons. Luckily for me, I sense 3 very powerful artifacts here that will speed the process. Go and find it for me!

    Surface of Ceres

    Saurok: it seems that you need my help
    Starscream: saurok! Where are you!?
    Saurok: I am five clicks from your current position. Fall back to higher ground, now

    Starscream: Decepticons, retreat.

    Rodimus: kup, Grimlock, I'm glad you arrived just in time before we got slagged.
    Kup: you can always count on us, Rodimus
    Grimlock: Rodimus, the Decepticons aren't retreating. They're meeting up with a massive army just 5 clicks from here.
    Rodimus: no time to waste. Let's go.

    Core of Ceres

    Thrust appeared out of a space bridge portal.

    Thrust: lord unicron, the weapons you seek are the Star Saber, Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster. Getting the shield and blaster I can do, but the saber is a different story. Luckily, I have an alternative. Behold, the Dark Star Saber

    The cone heads came out with the Dark Star Saber.

    Unicron: excellent work, my servant. Now go and retrieve the other 2.
    Thrust: yes my lord. Follow me

    The Front

    Auto troopers held a trench. They fired their machine guns and artillery as the vehicons were on the other side

    Starscream: where were you?
    Saurok: I'm sorry I can't always be there to fight your battles but this war has more than 5 fronts. I recently just won a battle for you in the 5th planet.
    Starscream: grrrr just get to work
    Saurok: all units, prepare liquid chaos infusion for an immediate bombardment. 7th tank divisions, get ready to charge

    The Decepticon bombardment began. The bombing destroyed the trenches

    Saurok: charge

    Vehicon: charge!!!!!!!!

    The vehicons and tanks charged at full speed towards the now destroyed autobot fortifications.

    Auto trooper: fall back comrades. Fall back comrades!

    The autobots retreated but artillery fire and jets cut of half from retreating. The vehicons rounded them up and slaughtered them.

    Autobots gunships and transports flew in.

    Rodimus: we need to break the stalemate at the Front asap quickly as possible. That's why I'm bringing in the big guy.
    Ultra Magnus: hold on!

    Ground artillery fired. The autobots were flying through the Decepticon warships

    Rodimus: aim right at the middle. It will sever the fuel
    Pilot: yes sir.

    The gunships fired their missiles at the neck of the Tarn Cruisers. The wreckage fell and hit enemy fortifications. The gunships landed.

    Auto trooper: Sir, as per your request, the ships can begin bombing.
    Ultra Magnus: good. Let's light up the show

    Rodimus: arcee, take the cyber ninjas and 5th division to the left. Ironhide, take the 6th division to the right. Bee, you're with me. Dinobots, go in that gunship and take a few men behind enemy lines.

    Two armies clashed. In the Decepticon side, thousands of vehicons came rushing forward, missiles blazing.

    Starscream flew and fought Rodimus.

    Metroplex transformed.

    Vehicon#1: what the hell is this guy?
    Vehicon#2: artillery fire!

    Decepticon artillery did almost nothing on Metroplex.

    Starscream shot and unleashed energy slashes

    Starscream: you are persistent I'll give you that Rodimus.
    Rodimus: and you're talkative as ever.
    Starscream: *screech*

    Then, Thrust and a hoard of cone heads in the millions came down upon the battlefield.

    Thrust: I will ask only once. Surrender to me, the Requiem Blaster and the Skyboom shield or I will pulverize you to scrap!
    Rodimus: whatever traffic cone
    Thrust: your funeral. Attack!

    The ground started to shake. Giant bursts of people flame began to flare up at random. Many died and dozens of warships on each side were destroyed.

    Saurok: thrust was unexpected but I'll move as planned. All Decepticon units, fall back immediately. All machine guns and artillery, fire at these coordinates.

    Thrust fired a shot and Starscream fired back. Starscream's was much stronger and it destroyed Thrust's null ray and damaged his arm

    The Decepticons fired all their Liquid Chaos ammo at the sky

    Auto trooper#1: what are they doing?
    Auto trooper#2: they must be nuts

    Then the ammo started to spin in a circle. A red black storm and then, a black hole emerged. It swallowed up thread Autobots ships and troops.

    Rodimus: what have you done, Starscream!? Look at this madness! Stop this at once!
    Starscream: it will stop after I send you into it.

    Then, Metroplex came in. Rodimus put stasis cuffs on Starscream and send him into the black hole

    Starscream: nooooooo!

    Then, Rodimus pushed Thrust in

    Thrust: why!!!!!!!!!

    Rodimus: metroplex.
    Metroplex: go, Rodimus. I will absorb the gravitational pull
    Rodimus: no. I didn't bring you back just to lose you again
    Metroplex: I was made to ensure victory for my allies no matter the cost. I thank you for reviving me, the last Prime. Till all are one

    Metroplex got sucked in the black hole as Rodimus and the last of the Autobots made it to safety.

    Rodimus: till all are one, Metroplex

    And that's how episode 83 ends
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    Episode 84: enemy in the Titan

    Somewhere in space

    Thrust, now unable to use his arms was picking away pieces of Starscream's stasis cuffs bolt by bolt, piece by piece with with teeth

    Starscream: thrust, you incompetent son of a scraplet, your utter failure and incompetence has reached astronomical proportions!

    Thrust: maybe I would have better luck removing this stasis cuffs if you haven't destroyed my null rays and arms and maybe if you hadn't created that black hole in the first place! Are you sensing a pattern here? THIS. IS. ALL. YOUR. FAAAAUUUULLLLLTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Starscream angrily hit the stasis cuffs on Thrust's head and it was broken.

    Thrust: ow!
    Starscream: free at last.

    Then, Metroplex came

    Thrust: metroplex? We're scrapped. Please! Don't shoot. He's the one you want!
    Starscream: silence you incompetent traffic cone

    Starscream grabbed his swords and flew up. Metroplex's power was out

    Starscream: the black holes liquid chaos energy must've fried his circuits. Things always happen in a way that works for me, hehe.

    Thrust came in, butting his head

    Starscream: I said silence you incompetent traffic cone!

    Starscream walked into the bridge. His theory was correct. The power was out. He carefully restarted it but didn't awaken Metroplex.

    Starscream: Huh. It seems that my theory was right. The energy emitted by the Liquid Chaos fried his circuitry. All the better for me.

    Starscream walked into the space bridge room.

    Starscream: oh scrap! I need more power to create a space bridge large enough to transport this hunk of junk to Ceres, but how?

    Thrust came it.

    Starscream: bingo
    Thrust: wait, what?

    Autobot Base

    Rodimus: what's the situation at the Front?
    Ultra Magnus: we lost the 8th infantry division and the 9th infantry division needs backup at once
    Rodimus: then, we will go reinforce the 9th army.

    A space bridge opened and out came Metroplex. Rodimus and the gang came out

    Rodimus: metroplex, your still alive.

    Metroplex fired.

    Rodimus: take cover! Metroplex, what are you doing!? Don't you recognize your allies!?

    Metroplex transformed and landed

    - question is, do you recognize your enemy?

    It was Starscream!

    Rodimus: starscream.
    Starscream: so you do. Now, perish in my hands!

    Metro-scream attacked the autobots. Bulkhead stood and tried to fight but the autobots pulled him away.

    Starscream: how does it feel to know that the source from which the Autobot exodus was possible in the great war and their victory in earth will now deliver their, ANNIHILATION!

    Rodimus: we need to get Metro-scream out of here or else he'll destroy the army. Okay, listen up. We need to draw Metroplex away from the army so that they can move to higher ground
    Ultra Magnus: you're not suggesting we kill Metroplex
    Rodimus: I'm hoping we don't have to. Ratchet, Green Light, Nautica, Percy and Knockout, help in the evacuation. Rest of you, transform and roll out.

    They transformed and moved out. They were inside the river. Metro-scream came.

    Starscream: damn the moisture on this planet. It's interfering with their energy signatures!

    Rodimus: we need to break Starscream's control of Metroplex
    Bee: but how can we do anything against a bot with the body AND firepower of a heavy cruiser!?
    Arcee: if I can get inside, I can use my cyber ninja training and free Metroplex
    Rodimus: it's our only shot. I'll keep Starscream busy. Rest of you, keep Metroplex distracted.
    Bee&Wheelie: it sure is nice being decoy

    All of the autobots fired at once. Metro-scream fell down and they fled from the river

    Starscream: you think you can stop me that easily, Auto losers?

    Metro-scream fired and fired. Dai Atlas and Drift appeared and saved them

    Drift: go! We'll, hold this off.

    Rodimus and Arcee made it inside.

    Arcee: the power core is right over there.

    Then, Metroplex's defense system was alerted.

    Rodimus: go. I'll hold them off.

    Decepticon reinforcements came.

    Cyclonus: attack!

    Auto troopers too came and the two fought. Fortress Maximus came to fight Metroplex but Metroplex was 2x the size of Fort Max.

    Arcee made it to the core and plugged herself in.

    Arcee: metroplex, my name is Arcee. I'm a friend of Rodimus Prime and I've accessed your internal processor.

    Starscream appeared.

    Starscream: unfortunately for you, Arcee. So have I!

    Starscream fired and slashed. Arcee jumped

    Arcee: metroplex, join with my spark and be free from Starscream
    Starscream: what's going on?

    Starscream was being beaten by Metroplex

    Metroplex: I am Metroplex

    Outside, the fighting ended. The autobots cheered.

    Starscream: obey me, you hunk of junk!

    Rodimus shot him.

    Starscream: it seems you and I are destined to be enemies
    Rodimus: bring it on
    Starscream: since you insist

    Starscream attacked Rodimus. Both fought fiercely but Metroplex moved. It attacked both autobots and Decepticons.

    Fort Max: what's going on!?

    Cyclonus: lord Starscream, are you okay?

    Arcee: someone else has taken control of Metroplex
    Thrust: me!

    Thrust attacked autobots and Decepticons.

    Rodimus: Metroplex, listen to me. You have to fight him.
    Metroplex: I, can't. Thrust, too, powerful.
    Rodimus: you are stronger Metroplex. You can do it.

    Metroplex stopped moving.

    Thrust: obey me!
    Rodimus: not so fast, thrust.
    Thrust: no!

    Rodimus attacked Thrust. Starscream sneaked behind but Arcee tackled him. All four were then ejected. Rodimus grabbed Arcee, Starscream was caught by Astrotrain

    Cyclonus: lord Starscream, are you okay?
    Starscream: I'm fine Thrust. Let's get out of here

    Thrust landed and cone heads grabbed him and left.

    And that's how episode 84 ends
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    Episode 85: theft

    Core of Ceres

    Thrust was being brought to Unicron.

    Unicron: you have failed me!
    Thrust: please my lord, forgive me.

    Unicron electrocuted him.

    Thrust: please Lord Unicron. Give me one more chance. I beg of you!
    Unicron: I shall give you one last chance. But no more. Fail me again and your spark shall be in eternal suffering!
    Thrust: I promise you, my lord. I will not fail.

    Autobots base

    Metroplex was down. He was being fixed by the science division.

    Percy: don't worry, Rodimus. Metroplex will be up and running in no time
    Rodimus: good. The sooner the better
    Arcee: Rodimus. You have to see this now

    Rodimus came to a place

    Rodimus: what is it?
    Ratchet: look at this

    Rodimus was horrified. Dark Energon came out of the ground

    Rodimus: dark energon? But, how?
    Ratchet: I don't know but I will say this. Something unnatural is happening to this place and I would be cautious about the next move if I were you.
    Rodimus: I will keep that in mind.

    Then, Thrust attacked the autobots. He wrestled Rodimus to the ground and purple vines grabbed him. The 4 humans tried to help him but were dragged to the ground. Thrust grabbed the Skyboom Shield

    Thrust: yes!

    Arcee: rodimus!

    Thrust: adios auto losers!

    Thrust flew away.

    Ratchet: quickly perceptor. To the lab. We must find Rodimus before something terrible happens to him or the humans
    Percy: right.

    Decepticon fortress

    Starscream: dark energon? Seeping through the ground?
    Shockwave: yes. The radiation has caused widespread mental illness and stress to our troops.
    Starscream: put in fortified drones. Try to make a vaccine and get to the top of this asap

    Thrust sneaked into the room. But Soundwave alerted Starscream

    Starscream: thrust!
    Thrust: •o•

    Thrust revealed himself and the Decepticons were on alert. Starscream grabbed the Requiem Blaster and blasted but Thrust blocked with the Skyboom shield and fired dark energon lasers at the Decepticons and grabbed the Requiem Blaster and fled.

    Starscream: thrust! Grrrrrrrrr, Shockwave, take command of my army. I'm chasing that incompetent traffic cone headed traitor and annihilate him once and for all!

    Starscream chased Thrust in the sky. Thrust flew down a hole and Starscream followed. Starscream landed and chased Thrust.

    Rodimus woke up. He saw the humans with him.

    Rodimus: you guys okay?
    Jack: we're fine. Where are we?
    Rodimus: I don't know. All I know is that we fell. Come on, stick with me. I see a light, follow me. Wait, where are you going? Jack! Miko! Raf! Jess!

    The humans ran to the opposite direction

    Starscream walked and walked.

    Shockwave: starscream, are you sure you want to do this, alone?
    Starscream: I'm certain
    Shockwave: but what of the Dark energon?
    Starscream: I may not have developed 100% immunity like Megatron but I'm immune enough to resist it, longer than most
    Shockwave: okay

    The humans ran into a huge bug. Miko and Jack fired but it did nothing. Raf was grabbed and nearly eaten but Rodimus shot the creature. He cut out its tentacle and grabbed Raf and then killed the creature.

    Rodimus: what did I say? Stick with me
    Jack: Rodimus, I'm sorry but we heard-
    Rodimus: no excuses! What I say is final!
    Jack: Rodimus, please. Listen to me, we-
    Rodimus: no! For once, you listen to me! Open your eyes and look around you! There is Dark Energon everywhere and you know what happens to a human after it comes in contact! And I am sick of humans defying my orders and advice! You listen to me!

    Rodimus punched the ground and saw that the humans were terrified. Rodimus was, also in fear.

    Rodimus: I'm, I'm sorry. It's this place. It's the Dark Energon. It's corrupting my circuits.
    Jack: it's okay.
    Rodimus: come on. Get in

    Rodimus transformed and the humans went inside the trailer.

    The drove and drove until Rodimus stopped

    Jack: rodimus, why have you-
    Rodimus: get out now and find cover. Quick!

    The humans got out and saw Starscream. Rodimus transformed and they stared at each other

    And that's how episode 85 ends