Transformers Prime Sequel Quadrilogy

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 55: Raze of Iacon


    The autobots in the government were feasting on energon as the streets of Iacon celebrated victory over the Decepticon attack.

    Hanger docks on the wall

    Fleet Officer: C. D. S Stallion, you may enter the docking hangers.
    Admiral: yes, duly noted.

    Starscream: have you made it in?
    Admiral: yes my lord.
    Starscream: your contribution to the war effort, will never be forgotten.
    Admiral: thank you, my lord.

    The Stallion boarded the hangers.

    Auto trooper: inspection!

    Front Wall of Iacon

    3 bots were making their way to the gate. 4 auto troopers came out, guns in their hands. Then, one of them took out his sword and killed 3, then pushed the fourth one to a wall and crushed him to tin.

    Malgor: shall we?
    Saurok: yes. Let's.

    Night bird nod her head to Lockdown and his friend, Flamewar. Both bounty hunters entered through a hole in the wall. Saurok, Malgor and Night bird entered the hall. They were quickly surrounded by Camien Knights, a dozen cyber ninjas and a few hundred auto troopers

    The hanger

    A few auto troopers entered the Stallion. They saw nothing but raw energon and a green ooze ( synthetic energon).

    Auto trooper: what is this!?!?
    Admiral: DECEPTICONS, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Stallion exploded. The Stallion was packed with so much raw and synthetic energon that it destroyed 20% of the East Wall. The rubble came down and destroyed cars, killed people in the dozens and buildings were destroyed. Autobot high command saw this and were shocked. Rodimus told Ultra Magnus to prepare the army

    Front Wall

    Sir Naares: surrender. You're surrounded.
    Saurok: you were entrusted to defend this wall.

    Lockdown killed 4 auto troopers on the right side and Flamewar on the right
    A Helex gunship came crashing in. It's wings destroyed but the main body, intact. Then, it opened. And inside, red plasma swords started to light up. It was Marauders.

    Saurok: but you were deceived.

    From Vos and Nova Cronum, Windblade and Obsidian saw the destruction of the East Wall.
    Starscream and the Decepticon armada came out from hyperspace. The city Gates opened, vast armies of vehicons, insecticons and zombies came out . Starscream came and transformed, he flew in mid air

    Starscream: we end this war today! For countless millennia we starved and begged, died and uncared, but now we return, THE FAVOUR!
    Decepticons: *cheering*
    Starscream: tell me my brothers, do you seek vengeance, on them? Those who enslaved us!?
    Decepticons: yes sir!
    Starscream: do you want justice on your brothers and sisters who died an unjust death!?
    Decepticons: yes sir!
    Starscream: will you follow me?
    Decepticons: yes sir!!!!
    Starscream: DECEPTICONS, TRANSFORM AND RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The countless vehicons and insecticons transformed and charged at Iacon

    The Front Wall.

    The two groups clashed at each other. Marauders vs knights and ninjas, vehicons against auto troopers.
    Malgor cut a ninja and Night Bird deflected and jumped and kicked an auto trooper. Sir Naares killed 2 marauders and a vehicon. Saurok choked and lifted a knight using his powers and slammed him at a wall. Flamewar used her jet pack and destroyed the bride inside the hall. Saurok unleashed lightning. Lockdown used his flamethrower and burned auto troopers. Malgor jumped and hit the ground, he used his power and sent auto troopers flying away.

    Saurok grabbed a ninja by his neck and broke it. He deflected a sword attack and sliced another ninja to death. Sir Naares charged at him and they dueled. Saurok kicked him but he stood and they fought. Sir Naares dodged a few strikes and he killed a vehicon and a marauder. Saurok threw his sword at him but Sir Naares jumped and Saurok force pushed him. Saurok jumped and struck, Sir Naares crawled away. They dueled again. Sir Naares pinched Saurok and tried to deal a blow but Saurok spun and drove his sword into his spark chamber.
    Sir Naares looked at Iacon and saw a fleet of decepticons bombing it.

    Saurok: you were deceived. And now, the Decepticons have won.

    East Wall

    The Decepticons fired their missiles and artillery. Buildings collapsed. Zombies in large numbers charged as shields. Auto troopers and vehicons and zombies clashed. People were caught in the middle. The Decepticons continued to fire. Machine guns blazing and killing countless.

    In the sky, Lugnut and a few thousand bombers dropped bombs on Iacon.

    With each street conquered, the proud vehicon armies marched, raising their banners.

    Rodimus: there's too many of them. We need to retreat *BOOM* to better positions. Our priorities are the safety of the people. Get as many to Outbound Flight as possible!
    Auto troopers: yes sir!

    Government building

    Many high ranking officials in the government were there, in protection. Ratchet, Green Light, Nautica and Perceptor were there too.

    Nautica: ratchet, what's going on?
    Ratchet: the Decepticons have mounted a full scale assault. Our forces are vastly outnumbered and barely holding.
    Green Light: ratchet, I-

    *boss music in the air*

    Ratchet: what is it?
    Green Light: that music. We have to leave now.
    Nautica: it's the Rains of Tarn and Vos. A decepticon song. We have to leave, now!

    Musicians, in both instrumental and lyrics: and who are you? The proud lord said. That I must bow so low? Only a bot of a different build. That's all the truth I know.

    The doors were shut. The guards there and in the upper and lower floors, took out guns and knives.

    Musicians: in a coat of chrome, or a coat of red. A bot still has his blade

    The guards began to slaughter the officials.

    Musicians: and mine are long and sharp my lord. As long and sharp as yours.

    Ratchet defended the three. But soon outnumbered. Perceptor took out a rocket and fired.

    Perceptor: ratchet!

    Musicians: and so he spoke and so he spoke. That Lord of Tarn and Vos. But now the rains weep o'er his halls with no one there to hear. Yes now the rains weep o'er his halls and not a spark to hear.

    The autobots transformed. They left the building

    Tankor: secure the parliament.
    Vehicon: yes sir.

    The vehicon and his squad entered the parliament. The autobots put strong resistance.

    Vehicon#1: it's too strong.
    Vehicon#2: we need heavier firepower.
    Vehicon#3: how's this?

    The vehicon fired a rocket and autobot machine gun was destroyed. The vehicons climbed up their stairs

    Auto trooper#1: we need reinforcements
    Auto trooper#2: there's too many of them.
    Jazz: we need to retreat to better positions
    Auto trooper#3: look out!

    Decepticon bombers came. The autobot tanks were destroyed. 2 helex gunships came and dropped troops. Then another one came and killed all that remains of Jazz's squad. Jazz knew he was doomed, but he held his ground.

    Jazz took a machine gun and killed vehicons. An insecticon came but jazz shot him dead in a split second. Jazz continued to fire but he was receiving damage. But still he fought.
    He shot 5 vehicons dead and hit a few with his machine gun.

    Jazz: for cybertron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jazz continued to fire, but he received too many shots. He knelt down.

    Vehicon: come on. Bring me that.
    Vehicon#2: whatcha gonna do?
    Vehicon: being cool.

    The vehicon raised the decepticon flag on the parliament. Jazz saw this, with fear in his eyes. A vehicon shot him in the shoulder, and he collapsed.


    Ratchet and his team arrived.

    Rodimus: ratchet, thank Primus you're safe. Bee, get those civilians on Outbound Flight.
    Bee: will do

    Bee and a few auto troopers held the line long enough for the last civilians to made it.

    A dozen auto troopers, along with Sixer were running down a hallway. Then the lights went out. And the door shut.

    Sixer: grrrrrrrr
    Auto trooper: open the door.
    Sixer: I'm trying!

    Then Saurok came.

    Auto trooper: open fire!

    The auto troopers fired but Saurok deflected. He sliced an auto trooper and decapitated another. He pulled their guns. He lifted one and dragged him to his side, cutting his stomach. He pushed another one to the wall, and a vehicon fired. Sixer made it through and disconnected the bridge.

    Sixer: I'm sorry. *sobs* forgive me
    Auto trooper#1: no!!! Open the door!! Open it!
    Auto trooper#2: please!!!!!!!

    Saurok killed them. Sixer heard their screams. He regretted, and he cried.

    Rodimus: we need lift off now!
    Ratchet: all systems check.
    Perceptor: engines ready.
    Nautica: here goes!

    Outbound Flight flew.

    Saurok saw this.

    Saurok: all units, prepare to engage.

    And that's how episode 55 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 56: the second exodus

    Outbound Flight lifted off from Iacon

    Perceptor: all systems, check
    Nautica: engines are steady.
    Ratchet: everyone on board Outbound Flight seems, okay.

    Rodimus entered the room, exhausted. He sat on the captains chair

    Rodimus: report
    Perceptor: everything is a-okay, rodimus
    Rodimus: good. Tell the fleet to enter the docking hangers after we leave atmosphere.
    Officer: sir
    Rodimus: what?
    Officer: vehicons. In the thousands.
    Rodimus: prepare guns and turrets.

    The jet vehicons arrived in the thousands. The guns on Outbound Flight fired but the vehicons too numerous. A few auto troopers walked on Outbound Flight and fought the vehicons with their moral high as Ultra Magnus, his wreckers and Rodimus Prime were there

    Rodimus: there's too many of them. We need to guard the engines and the joints until Jetfire can come
    Ultra Magnus: come on. You heard the man

    Rodimus used his star saber blades and released an energy wave killing hundreds, but more arrived. Then, Ultra Magnus took out his hammer and smashed a vehicon to death. The rest of the wreckers came. Rodimus fired and fired, then he was shot. The vehicon aimed his gun but he was shot from behind. It was bumblebee

    Bee: you didn't think I'd join in the party?
    Rodimus: there's enough for everyone.

    The autobots continued to fend off multiple vehicon attacks. Then, arcee and the rest came. Arcee had a gift for Rodimus

    Arcee: rodimus, here.
    Rodimus: a jet pack?
    Arcee: it's the best we got.
    Ironhide: come on. There's a hive of vehicons

    Rodimus put on the jet pack

    Arcee: think you can fly?
    Bee: try not to crash on your head.
    Rodimus: haha, very funny.

    The jet pack's engines ignited

    Rodimus: I hope this wooooorrrrkkkksssss

    Rodimus flew. It was difficult

    Arcee: can you hear me?
    Rodimus: uh yeah.
    Arcee: use the sticks to go right and left.
    Rodimus: okay. Woaaaahhhh!
    Arcee: rodimus? Rodimus! *BOOM*
    Rodimus: okay I got it. This isn't built in built-in rocket boosters so it's a bit difficult

    Rodimus flew right. Jetfire was surrounded by vehicons but Rodimus came

    Jetfire: wait, you can fly again!?!?!?!?
    Rodimus: I can now.

    Rodimus and the rest continued to fight the vehicons.
    Then, behind them, the Supremacy came.

    Starscream: the autobots last hope, just a few old cruisers and a giant tank. How pathetic! Soundwave, Obsidian, Strika, you will lead the invasion force
    Soundwave, using recordings: as you command, lord Starscream
    Starscream: Saurok, Cyclonus, Windblade, we will lead the space assault

    The Supremacy fired but Outbound Flight's shields were more than powerful enough to withstand the fire. Then, giant worm tubes made of a special metal breached the hulls. The auto troopers opened fire at the decepticons. Soundwave opened a space bridge and opened another one behind the auto troopers. The auto troopers died from their own shots. He then transformed and beheaded two auto troopers and Strika destroyed the wall.

    Obsidian: attack!

    Ratchet: Rodimus, the decepticons have used worm tubes and breached the hulls.
    Rodimus: got it. Troopers, follow-

    Then, Cyclonus and his men arrived on the ship.

    Rodimus: okay. Ultra Magnus, you take your wreckers and secure the hulls.
    Ultra Magnus: *nods*
    Rodimus: bee, get more reinforcements. This is going to get a whole lot of ugly.

    Starscream transformed and faced Rodimus head to head

    Bee transformed and ran inside the cruiser. But he was shot from behind. He transformed and he was tased. It was non other than, Tracer

    Bee: tracer, why?

    Tracer's body transformed into a bigger bot with purple color.

    Tracer: oh bumblebee, my poor friend. I was the decepticon spy all along. Yes, general, right this way
    Bee: but, how? Wasp, he was the spy.
    Tracer: ah yes. Wasp. You see, bumblebee, my t-cog was modified by Shockwave to give me the ability to transform my body into nearly everyone.

    Tracer showed his ability and transformed into different bodies, with voice changed

    Tracer: as a mentor ( optimus prime) a friend ( hot rod) a believer convict ( wasp) and many more
    Tracer: and that's why you fail. Now, I will, simply end your suffering.

    Tracer prepared to fire but then he was tackled from behind by Wheelie and Sixer. Tracer soon got the advantage but then, he was punched, by bumblebee. Bumblebee then pulled out his gun

    Tracer: you wouldn't kill me, right bee? You wouldn't, you wouldn't kill your brother in arms, right?
    Bee: I don't know you.

    An explosion happened. Taking advantage of this, tracer transformed and fled as he fired back.

    Wheelie: we need to go after him.
    Bee: no. We need to bring reinforcements to Rodimus

    Reinforcements came to the top of the cruiser. Vehicons and auto troopers started to battle.

    Rodimus and Starscream were fighting. Rodimus struck but Starscream blocked. He kicked Starscream and fired a shot at him. Starscream prepared another shot.

    Rodimus: do your worst, Starscream. Even if I die, more will stand up to your tyranny.
    Starscream: then, I shall destroy you all!

    Starscream fired his shot, but bumblebee came and took it for rodimus

    Rodimus: NO!

    Rodimus went to bee.

    Rodimus: you know Starscream, after countless lives and endless energon shed, I learned the truth.
    Starscream: and what is that?
    Rodimus: that there will be no peace between autobots and decepticons until one faction is annihilated.
    Starscream: and that will be you!!!!!

    Starscream struck but Rodimus blocked.

    Rodimus: wrong.

    Rodimus punched Starscream. He ran and took his blade out. Both dueled. Rodimus backed and struck. Starscream blocked and opened fire.

    Starscream: your autobots will be destroyed and I will have your head as my trophy
    Rodimus: you're gonna talk, or your gonna fight?

    Starscream attacked but Rodimus uppercut and pushed him to a wall. He punched him and again and again and again until Starscream fired a shot. Starscream transformed into jet vic viper jet mode and flee away. He came charging at Rodimus, firing at him. Then, Rodimus transformed and charged at Starscream. Rodimus transformed and grabbed Starscream's wing sword. He threw him to the ground. Then, both landed and transformed. Rodimus charged at him and Starscream fired. Rodimus transformed and rammed him. Starscream hit 3 bridges and a crane. Rodimus transformed and came down. Starscream kick him and took out his sword. Both dueled again. Then, Rodimus threw his sword away and pushed him to the wall. Starscream took an iron rod and slashed Rodimus. He drove the rod into Rodimus' right arm and tore a few pieces of metal. But Rodimus fired at Starscream.

    The Supremacy fired a shot at the Space Bridge room and reactor. The space bridge portal started to have problems

    Nautica: the space bridge is collapsing in on itself
    Ratchet: all units, retreat back in. The space bridge is collapsing

    Tracer: the bridge is collapsing. It will tear everything that is near it.

    Shockwave: it is the most logical choice that we retreat back.
    Obsidian: agreed.
    Strika: seconded
    Cyclonus: third
    Starscream: no. We will stay and-
    Saurok: no.

    Everyone who heard it had a chill that crawled up their spine. They were terrified.

    Saurok: all units, fall back to the Supremacy. And that, is final

    Starscream: it seems that death is coming for you either way. Bon Voyage Rodimus

    Starscream transformed and flew back to the Supremacy. Outbound Flight entered the portal. It began to have problems.

    Bee: rodimus, aaaaahhhhhhhh

    Bumblebee, wheelie and a few auto troopers were pulled back. Rodimus tried to help but he was too late. Then Outbound Flight started to tear itself apart. A cruiser started to tore off. Arcee on the main fuselage was calling for rodimus.

    Arcee: rodimus!
    Rodimus: arcee! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Outbound Flight was split in two. Rodimus was on a cruiser and it split from the main body. The main body then drifted away.

    The cruiser crash landed on earth. Where the military quickly came via space bridge

    The main body crashed on a mysterious planet

    And that's how episode 56 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 57: aftermath

    It was night. On a jungle, the autobots crashed. Crawling out of the dirt, Rodimus was in pain. He then saw, a mysterious black figure.

    -need a hand?

    The figure said. Then, rodimus collapsed.


    Rodimus woke up on a table.

    Ratchet: it's alright. You're safe. You took some heavy damage but nothing a night of repair can't fix.
    Perceptor: easy, rodimus. You need to rest.
    Rodimus: what, what happened?
    Ratchet: before we entered the portal, the cons fired a shot at our space bridge room. The bridge collapsed and split Outbound Flight in two. We have, crashed on-
    Bulkhead: earth
    Rodimus: bulkhead!
    Bulkhead: haha! Finally have the chance to meet the new prime.
    Rodimus: glad to see you. Who's with us on earth?
    Ratchet: we got the wreckers, the dinobots, a few hundred thousand auto troopers and 2 cruises and a few starships.
    Rodimus: and the rest?
    Ratchet: arcee and the cyber ninjas were split from us.

    Rodimus tried to get up

    Perceptor: easy, easy, rodimus
    Rodimus: uh. Try contacting them.
    Perceptor: I will

    On an unknown planet

    Arcee: is everyone okay?
    Auto trooper: yes ma'am.
    Arcee: good. Tell me if anything is up
    Auto trooper: yes ma'am

    Arcee walked out of the base.

    Arcee: master Dai Atlas.
    Dai Atlas: arcee.
    Arcee: I'm here to invite you in.
    Dai Atlas: I know, but, something calls. And I must investigate. I will return of course. Save some for me.
    Arcee: yes master

    On another mysterious planet

    Bumblebee, wheelie and a few others auto troopers woke up in bar.

    Bartender: no need to worry. You're safe.
    Bee: where are we?
    Bartender: you're in my bar.
    Bee: I can see that.
    Bartender: want a drink? Come on.

    Bumblebee walked over to the bartender and had a drink.

    Bartender: I know what you're thinking. I can assure you that I am not a Decepticon. But neither an Autobot.
    Bee: okay. So, how did I end up here?
    Bartender: you came in from the skies. Crashed in an energon farm. The farmers wanted to kill you. Sell your parts for scrap but my powerful friend said no. And I brought you in.
    Bee: and who's your powerful friend?
    Bartender: he's behind you.

    Bee looked behind and saw megatron. Bee quickly pulled out his guns.

    Megatron: there's no need for that, little bug.

    Megatron pushed his guns aside and sat.

    Megatron: there is no need for violence. Come, autobots. Let's have a drink.


    Starscream: I, Starscream, supreme commander of the Decepticons, sentence you, Edrik of Helex for treason, for siding with the autobots and betraying your brothers.

    Starscream swung his sword and the head rolled down.

    Saurok: now, it's over. We can move on now. To make peace with the Predacons.
    Starscream: yes. Soundwave, open a bridge.

    The bride opened and Starscream and Saurok and a few seekers arrived in the Predacon Pridelands. A desolate field. They were quickly surrounded by Griffins, hydras and dragons.

    Starscream: who's your commander here?

    A 3 headed hydra came and transformed. His name was Marakil

    Marakil: I am Marakil. Commander of the predacon 2nd company.
    Starscream: ah. Tell me, are you proto formed or dug?
    Marakil: proto formed.
    Starscream: ah.
    Marakil: why are you here?
    Starscream: to speak. With your king.

    The decepticons walked to Predaking's keep

    Predaking: speak. For why do the decepticons come to my home land?
    Starscream: I want your allegiance as my loyal bannerman, and the Pridelands

    The predacons laughed.

    Predaking: if you want the Pridelands, you will have to take from us by force.
    Starscream: I know. I know that, war is the only option and my army is exhausted. But I'm here to negotiate a more peaceful approach. I'm going to give you a planet
    Predaking: a planet?
    Starscream: fully cyberformed. A remote planet. For your allegiance, I will give it to you.

    Sky lynx: hmm, I don't trust him.
    Darksteel: but think about. War or peace
    Predaking: tell me, starscream. After all I done to you, why would you give us a planet?
    Starscream: because I know that a war between decepticons and predacons will be devastating and my, friend, tells me that diplomacy with your enemies, no matter the hate, is the best option. So tell me, will you accept?
    Predaking: .................. Yes.

    Starscream smiled.


    Wheeljack: it's good to see your back, sir.
    Ultra Magnus: you too.
    Bulkhead: the wreckers are back together again. Speaking of, where's Springer?
    Moon racer: he's, dead. Died, on the battlefield
    Bulkhead: oh.

    Rodimus entered

    Ultra Magnus: rodimus, you're healed.
    Rodimus: I can walk.
    Wheeljack: that's a good sign.
    Rodimus: so, this is autobot city. Nice.
    Ultra Magnus: as you requested, the city has a factory now.
    Rodimus: good. We can begin production.

    Ultra Magnus was staring at the Mistress of Flame, talking to the Camien workers

    Bulkhead: uh, what's gotten into him?
    Moon racer: a little something called love

    Mysterious planet

    Dai Atlas was driving through rock and sand. Then he transformed. A giant mountain shook. But it was no mountain. It was a Titan. Dai Atlas was shocked.

    Titan: ah you heard my call. Good. Your arrival here woke me from my deep slumber.
    Dai Atlas: arrival?
    Titan: your arrival here is like a storm on this quite world.
    Dai Atlas: your an user of Impetu. But you're not a cyber ninja
    Titan: well done. Ashra-traii and Dagor-ites wield the Ashra and the Dagor, the light and the dark. I am the one in the middle, the Mesaak. What do you call yourself?
    Dai Atlas: Dai Atlas, grand master of the Cyber Ninja guild, the successor to the Ashra-traii order.
    Titan: ah, Dai Atlas, grand master. I have summoned you here to warn you.
    Dai Atlas: warn me?
    Dai Atlas: there is an ancient evil on this planet, west of the mountains. One of your students has her mind clouded with anger and pain. She can be swayed into serving the Dagor if you don't act.
    Dai Atlas: arcee.

    Crash site

    Arcee was in her bed. She was having nightmares. About a bot in a white cloak with a mask, calling her name. She woke up. The voice told her to come to the mountains


    Starscream walked into a room filled with governors of the planets, decepticon generals, dukes and reach lords and Predaking. He saw Windblade standing on the left and Saurok on the right. There in the center of the room was a giant throne made with a thousand swords.

    Starscream sat on the throne. Windblade flew up and placed a crown on his head. She then flew down and stood.

    Saurok: I now proclaim Starscream of Vos, first of his name, protector of the realm, supreme commander of the Decepticons, king of the Old Cybertroni, the Quintessars and the Predacons, King of Cybertron and Emperor of the galaxy!

    Everyone in the room: long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king!

    And that's how episode 57 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 58: Aftermath part 2

    Arcee drove through the night. She arrived at the western mountains. There, was a large and ancient temple. She walked in. She turned on her light saber as she walked. She walked and walked, then through a bridge that swayed and swung. She used Ashra to lift a giant stone. There was black stone and a red, bloody water running through it. She heard a noise. She turned.

    Arcee: who, who are you?
    - too long. Too long in the cold and the dark. I am disturbed again. Oh. Ah. An Ashra-traii. And one, powerful with the Impetu. You remind of someone I knew long ago, so so long ago.
    Arcee: who are you?
    - I, had a name once. Arjunta Sall. Yes that was my name. Arjunta Sall.

    Arcee stepped back. It was the name of the Banished One, the one who started the Second Great Skism, Arjunta Sall.

    Arjunta Sall: I see you are distressed, young one. Maybe, you can give me your name?
    Arcee: arcee.
    Arjunta Sall: so tell me, arcee. What are you doing here in my tomb?
    Arcee: I heard voices. Dreams. They told me to come here.
    Arjunta Sall: ah. That is Dagor. He is telling you to come here.
    Arcee: but why?
    Arjunta Sall: to learn.
    Arcee: learn? What can the Dagorites give me?
    Arjunta Sall: perhaps you can tell me

    Sall put his ghostly transparent hands on her head. He saw her memories. Her time as an early trainee, her training with Master Yoketron, the Purge, the war and Outbound Flight's separation. He felt her feelings, her sorrow, her pain, her suffering.

    Arjunta Sall: oh you poor, poor thing.
    Arcee: what do you want from me?
    Arjunta Sall: no. Question is, what do YOU want from me, Arcee? You lost everything but I sense something you want that I can give you
    Arcee: I want to defeat the Decepticons. But I'm not strong enough. I want to know how to defeat them.
    Arjunta Sall: follow me. I know a place where you can find what you need.


    Ultra Magnus: production of our auto trooper drones is going smoothly. In about a few weeks we can have at least 5 million auto troopers ready for action. In the meantime, we can also focus on tanks and warships
    Rodimus: good. We need as many as we can get.

    An alert was screaming in the base.

    - this is agent William Fowler. I need immediate evac here. I'm surrounded by MECH and Minicons. I repeat. I need immediate evac.

    Bulkhead: that was Agent Fowler
    Wheeljack: haven't seen him for a week and we only got calls. Looks like they need help.
    Rodimus: bulkhead, wheeljack, follow me. Transform and roll out!

    Mysterious planet #2

    Bee: so, past 15 years and you're here?
    Megatron: I've been traveling, fighting, trying to "redeem" myself.
    Bee: tell me, did you ever regret it?
    Megatron: Huh?
    Bee: the war
    Megatron: I don't regret starting the movement. Something needed to be done. My brothers and sisters, dying everyday while the elite and higher class live off our hard work. But I let myself be blinded by my pride, my thirst for vengeance and my hate. I did not regret starting the movement but I regretted starting the war and the slaughter of innocents. And now more die under Starscream. Perhaps I never should've done it. I should've just stayed silent. Drink scout. You'll leave soon.


    Agent Fowler and Jessica Sky were firing bullets while Raf and Jack were running. Jess fired three shots

    Jess: I'm out!
    Fowler: here.
    Jess: thanks.

    Jack: I should help and fight.
    Raf: but Jack, you're still injured.

    Jessica was hit

    Fowler: Jess you okay?

    The minicons and MECH surrounded them.

    Fowler: goddamned it

    Then a shot was fired that killed a ninicon trooper while he was flying on his jet pack. Jack and Raf turned around and saw it was Rodimus and bulkhead and Wheeljack coming from a space bridge portal and they shot the MECH and minicon soldiers. Then Rodimus jumped and transformed in mid air and crushed a mech goon.

    Rodimus: are you okay?
    Jack: hehe, smokescreen
    Rodimus: rodimus. Rodimus Prime

    Mysterious planet #1

    Dai Atlas returned back to the Outbound Flight crash site.

    Dai Atlas: where is arcee?

    The cyber ninjas entered her room. She wasn't there.

    Arcee: where are you taking me?
    Arjunta Sall: a place of power

    Arcee saw a city underneath the surface. The buildings were as black as night with a red glow in the top section. There was a large pyramid in the center of the city with a large red tip.
    They walked through the streets. There were corpses turned to stone and rock

    Arcee: what are these?
    Sall: casualties. Now turned to stone. Come young one.

    They were at the base of the pyramid. Arcee was in awe

    Sall: a place of worship for some. For others, a place if woe. But at its heart, our prize.
    Arcee: how do we enter it?
    Sall: two must do it.
    Arcee: working with a Dagorite. I never thought this would happen
    Sall: to defeat your enemy you must know your enemy. Know them, learn them, even their techniques
    Arcee: my masters wouldn't approve of that last part.
    Sall: then they are doomed to fail.

    Arcee struggled to lift the massive stone boulder.

    Arcee: I can't. It's too heavy.
    Sall: you're anger is power. Use your anger. Your feelings. Use it
    Arcee: I shouldn't. It's not the way of Ashra

    Sall helped her lift the stone.

    Sall: passion gives you strength. Through strength you gain power. Through power you gain victory. You must seize it. Feel it. Let it break your chains. To be too much on the light, to suppress your feelings is to have a suffering. To give in to your feelings is to let it overtake you. Try to find balance, young one.

    Arcee used her anger. Slowly but surely she lifted the boulder.

    Arcee: it's a dead end.
    Sall: focus. Young one. Focus

    Sall lifted the second boulder.

    Sall: release

    Arcee released her boulder and helped Sall in lifting the other one. Then they entered the temple

    Sall: dagor. You see, it let's you takes risks. Do what must be done. There will always be limits to your abilities. Seize the knowledge. Seize the power. Do not become like me, Arcee.

    Then, arcee saw a Pyro-Cron and grabbed it. It glowed red and a shadowy mist started to come out. Arcee's eyes began to go black with a red pupil

    And that's how episode 58 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 59: Aftermath Part 3

    Mysterious planet #2

    A space bridge opened. It was going to earth. Bumblebees team were now going to join the rest of the autobots

    Megatron: there scout. Go. Join your brothers
    Bee: why are you helping us?
    Megatron: oh I'm not helping you. I just want you off my land as quickly as possible.

    Wheelie: come on bee. Let's go

    A space bridge opened to earth. The autobots greeted their comrades

    Rodimus: bee, your back.
    Bee: good to be back. Where are we?
    Rodimus: earth.
    Bee: earth

    Raf: bee?

    Bumblebee turned around and saw Raf

    Bee: hey look at you! Long time no see. We have a lot of catching up to do

    A few moments later

    Bee: minicons!? MECH!? Miko is a MECH cyborg?
    Bulkhead: I know.
    Bee: so, if the minicons and mech control a city, what are we going to do?
    Ultra Magnus: and that is the reason why I'm calling you for briefing. Now.

    In his quarters

    Rodimus: this is rodimus prime. I'm sending this message to the autobots on the second half of Outbound Flight. To you, I say this. We haven't abandoned you. We're doing the best we can and we will bring you to safety soon, we haven't abandoned you. And to Arcee, if you're hearing this, just know, I want you to be safe.

    Auto trooper: Rodimus, sir. Ultra Magnus wants you in briefing now.
    Rodimus: coming


    Ultra Magnus: we will take positions here and a battalion will come in from this side, supported by human infantry. Then we will- Rodimus
    Rodimus: continue.
    Ultra Magnus: take the city from MECH
    Rodimus: hmm, sounds good. Ironhide, Warpath, Bee, Wheelie, and- hmm
    Ultra Magnus: is something wrong, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: oh it's nothing. And a I will take 10 good troops and attack MECH central.
    Ultra Magnus: and I will take my wreckers and fight here in the east.
    Wheeljack: wreckers, fighting together side by side again.
    Bulkhead: just like the good old days.
    Rodimus: autobots, transform and roll out!

    Mysterious planet #1

    Drift and Dai Atlas came to the dark city.

    Drift: by the allspark.
    Dai Atlas: yes. An ancient city strong with Dagor. We must hurry, drift. If we are too late, then Arcee will be lost to the darkness, forever
    Drift: then no time to waste. Let's go!

    Arcee climbed the very top of the pyramid

    Sall: yes, young one. This way
    Arcee: what is it?
    Sall: a weapon capable of such mass destruction that it's power will be felt across the galaxy. A weapon, that can be of use to you.

    Arcee's eyes began to glow reddish black. And her blue began to grow dark as night. She put the Pyro-cron inside the temple. The temple started to glow. A computer like screen came out with a map of the galaxy with 'target to destroy' written on it.

    Arcee: thank you, master.
    Dai Atlas: stop this madness at once!

    The cyber ninjas came.

    Dai Atlas: arcee, stop this at once. If you do this, Dagor will take you. If you do this, you are no better than the Decepticons!
    Arcee: don't you see? I lost everything to the Decepticons! My home, my partners, my master, Rodimus. This, is what thru deserve!
    Drift: arcee, please. Don't do this! Vengeance is not the way!
    Sall: it may not be the way of Ashra but it is the way, of Dagor.
    Dai Atlas: arjunta sall.
    Arjunta Sall: come, my apprentice. Let's show them the power of the darkness. Of Dagor.

    All four pulled out their swords and stared.


    A space bridge portal opened and out came Rodimus' squad. The few MECH goons on their primitive Trans-techtors and Minicons on their jet packs were no match for battle hardened soldiers. The auto troopers made short work of the mech-minicon soldiers.

    Warpath: zowie! These little kritters ain't worth a silver star.
    Ironhide: true but don't underestimate them.

    East side

    Another portal opened and the wreckers came out with an entire battalion of soldiers.

    Ultra Magnus: wreckers, lay in some hate!
    Moon racer, Jetfire, Bulkhead, Wheeljack: sir yes sir!

    Mech goon: sir, it seems that enemies have invaded on two sides.
    Mortenson: the military?
    Mech goon: no. It's autobots.
    Mortenson:... We're screwed. Prepare my chopper. Now!

    Mysterious planet #1

    Arcee grabbed Sall's sword and she fought the two masters. She leapt forward and struck. Dai Atlas and Drift had barely time to defend. She attacked so quickly that it looked like flashes of blue and red. She backed. Drift attacked but Arcee blocked and she kicked him aside. She jumped and spun and kicked Dai Atlas but he came back and force pushed her. She pushed in retaliation and got up. But both masters attacked at once and she was pushed to the pyramid centre.
    She choked them and lifted them up and pushed them aside.

    Dai Atlas: this is no use. She's too strong. It's the pyramid. It's draining out strength.

    Drift looked at his arm mounted computer and saw a new message as said by Rodimus.

    Drift: arcee

    Drift played Rodimus' message. Arcee stopped.

    Sall: why are you stopping? Finish the task! Take your vengeance!

    Arcee's mind was struggling. In her mind, she was chained by dark chains. And she was struggling to break them. The mist on her body was beginning to fade. Soon, her eyes turned blue. She struck at the pyramids center. Sall tried to stop her but the blast was so powerful, his spirit form was blasted away. Arcee collapsed.


    Rodimus' team made it to the MECH stronghold. Rodimus flew up and destroyed the helicopters. Ultra Magnus and his wreckers arrived.

    Mortenson: well, that was inconvenient.

    Then, Rodimus made it into the building. He blasted the guards away. Mortenson and Miko took out their guns.

    Mortenson: so, an autobot. May I ask, who are you?
    Rodimus: I am your worst nightmare. Miko, remember me? Smokescreen. Remember the base? Jack, Raf, bulkhead, remember.

    Miko started to have flashbacks. She started to have her memories back.

    Mortenson: shoot him. I command you, to shoot him!

    Miko pointed her gun at him. And in a second, shot Mortenson, and he did the same. Both fell. Rodimus grabbed Miko


    Rodimus: she needs medical attention immediately.
    Ratchet: here.
    Bulkhead: will she be alright?
    Ratchet: she will be alright.

    Mysterious planet #1

    Drift carried arcee on his arms and he walked out.

    Drift: where are you going, master?
    Dai Atlas: I have a friend to see.

    Titan: so, did you save your friend?
    Dai Atlas: yes. I have something for you. A gift
    Titan: oh!
    Dai Atlas: a dagorite Pyro-Cron. Can you keep it safe?
    Titan: oh ho ho. I will I will

    And that's how episode 59 ends
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    Episode 60: Prison Break

    Thrust was being transported on a large ship. The door opened and a bright light had shined.

    Vehicon: come on! Move you filthy ingrates!

    Thrust was pushed out and he walked. Guards of at least 40 were armed in two lines as he and a few hundred other prisoners were walking to the most notorious and dangerous of all prisons on Cybertron, the Sky Calls. Shaped like an upside down pyramid of over 20 miles, this behemoth of a prison stood floating on 5 large engines, one on the bottom and 4 on each side.

    He entered a large hall filled with, as he could see, nearly a thousand prisoners. Then, a fat bot about his shoulder talked to him

    - large hall. Hundreds of prisoners from all across the cybertronian colonized worlds. Thieves, murderers, traitors, autobots.
    Thrust: I didn't ask.
    - oh sorry.
    Thrust: what's your name?
    - list
    Thrust: I'm telling you this, list. If you talk to me again without me asking you, I'm gonna rip your voice box

    Vehicon: you! Come here!

    Thrust was pushed forward and he was beaten. Then his hands were chained to the ceiling and his feet were chained to large heavy balls. The vehicons put on the captions ' P4 7752' on his left arm and he resisted. He headbutted the vehicon and struggled to break his chains, to which the vehicons beated him unconscious.

    A splash of energon hit him

    Vehicon: come on, scum. Wake up.

    Thrust was released and he was thrown into his cell. 'hey' said a feminine voice. Thrust tried to transform but he couldn't. He walked to the large room size hole in the cell and tried to jump but upon seeing the height, fell back.

    Knockout: try jumping. Perhaps you will land on your head and the parasites will munch on your splattered brains.
    Thrust: why, why can't I transform?
    List: they removed your t cog. As did they do with everyone. Oh yes you were knocked out.

    Several hours passed. Then the fembot woke up.

    - anyone want some energon coffee?
    Knockout: sure thing, cup cake
    List: yes
    Thrust: might as well drink myself to death. Sure

    She gave them their mugs

    - so, let's get to know ourselves and why we are here. I'll start first. Names Rain, a mechanic. In for murder.
    Knockout: why hello rain-a-mechaic. Names Knockout, a medic. In for treason
    List: names list. In for, robbery
    Rain: and you?
    Thrust: thrust. Attempted coup, or so they say

    A vehicon opened the door.

    Vehicon: thrust. Your brother in law wants to see you.
    Knockout: oooohhh a brother in law.
    Thrust: shut up

    Thrust: hmm, so, did you get what I asked for?
    Cone head: yes sir.
    Thrust: good. How about our agents in this facility?
    Cone head: awaiting your command, sir.
    Cone head: excellent

    Central control room

    Reek: how are all systems?
    Vehicon: all good sir

    Reeks flashbacks

    Saurok: given our current situation as all officers are needed in the various fronts, I'm entrusting you with the command of the Sky Cells.
    Reek: yes, my lord
    Saurok: do not fail me. Understand that, reek


    Rain: so, what did you and your brother in law talk about? Come on! We're friends, you can share?
    Thrust: an escape plan.
    Knockout: really? I'm listening.
    Thrust: my, brother put in place multiple agents here as prisoners. They will make an cafeteria fight and as the lights go out, prisoners all over this place will be free. During that, I want you to be in the Doctors Room so that I can come and get my t cog in place. Go it?
    Rain: okay
    Knockout: got it, kommandant.
    List: here comes the bullies
    Thrust: all part of the plan

    A prisoner came and spit on Thrusts spoon. Then another taunted him, calling him a traitor and a failed experiment of Starscream. Thrust then attacked him and it turned to a full on fight between prisoner and prisoner. The guards came in but the lights went out.
    Then, the doors of every prisoner were open and the guards scrambled.
    In the cafeteria, the guards and prisoners were fighting.

    Thrust: go now. I'll join you shortly
    List: yes sir.
    Knockout: come on. You can shake in fear later

    Central Control

    Vehicon: sir, all lights have out. Prisoners are escaping.
    Reek: tell guards to be on high alert.
    Vehicon: yes sir

    The trio were running through guards and prisoners fighting each other. Then, they made it to the doctors room

    Knockout: where is it? Where is it!
    List: what?
    Knockout: t cogs obviously.
    Rain: here!
    Knockout: good. Now come on. We have very little time.

    Thrust fought a vehicon bare handed and won. He took his gun and went to the Weapons Room. There, he saw 4 guards then he shot them dead. He went inside and saw a lot of weapons

    Thrust: oh mama.

    Doctors Room

    Thrust came in the room with two seeker null rays.

    Thrust: quickly.

    Knockout and Rain quickly attached the null rays on Thrust and put in his t cog.

    Thrust: I must say, thank you. Now, your usefulness is no longer required.

    Thrust prepared to fire but List hit him and missed. The three bots transformed out. Thrust came out and fired but missed. Then he went on a rampage, killing vehicons and transformed and flew away.

    The trio made it to the space bridge room.

    Rain: do you know what you are doing?
    Knockout: I'm no Soundwave but yes. And there
    Rain: where are we going?
    Knockout: earth
    List: earth?
    Rain: earth? I'd rather rust then go on an organic trash heap
    Knockout: well your funeral. This space bridge won't hold on for much longer. It's your choice, live or die

    Knockout entered the portal and transformed. Both List and Rain reluctantly transformed. Vehicons came in but the bridge was unstable.

    Vehicon: oh, scrap


    Knockout, Rain and List made it to earth

    Knockout: another happy landing

    Sky cells

    The sky cells were in ruin. 40% of the prisoners were dead and half the guards died. But worse of all, was that 4 inmates escaped.
    Then, a squadron of Seekers led by Saurok came

    Reek: my lord, I wasn't expecting you.
    Saurok: I was the only general in the area. And I came to aid. And what's the situation?
    Reek: four inmates, including Thrust escaped
    Saurok: thrust?

    Saurok electrocuted reek. Reek begged for mercy but Saurok didn't oblige

    Saurok: secure the area. While I deal with this, myself
    Reek: no. No!

    And that's how episode 60 and season 2 of Transformers Prime Regeneration ends
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    Episode 61: creature of the dark


    Arcee and Drift were training. With not lightsabers but with large wooden sticks found on the planet.

    Arcee: ha too slow
    Drift: really? Think fast
    Arcee: woah!

    Arcee spun and jumped and kicked and ducked. Drift got up and attacked ferociously but Arcee kicked him.

    Drift: ooohhh. You're getting fast
    Arcee: come on

    Arcee lend him a hand.

    Dai Atlas: good work students. With this speed of training, you'll soon earn the ranks of knight, maybe even master
    Auto trooper: master Dai Atlas, Commando Arcee, we need you now!
    Arcee: what is it?
    Auto trooper: an attack has happened. We need you
    Dai Atlas: alright.

    The ninjas came to the Outbound Flight crash site and to the medical room

    Dai Atlas: what's the matter?
    Medic: an attack.
    Dai Atlas: by a decepticon?
    Medic: no. I, I don't know how to describe it but it looks like the auto trooper is completely drained. Not energon but his spark. It's gone
    Dai Atlas: hmm, I want all troops called back in. Arcee, Drift, we will take a scout party and search for whatever this attacker is

    Not to far away

    Auto trooper#1: eh these scout missions may be boring as scrap, but at least it's the safest.
    Auto trooper#2: yeah. Especially since the Decepts aren't here. Haha
    Auto trooper#1: yeah

    *strange noises*

    Auto trooper#1: who is there? Identify yourself!

    Without warning, the auto troopers were attacked and they screamed.

    The cyber ninjas were walking. They were talking to each other. Chatting about life. Then, Drift saw that the auto troopers were attacked.

    Arcee: what is it?
    Drift: their sparks. It's drained.
    Arcee: do you hear that?

    Out of the shadows, a creature attacked. It was a big 8 tentacled creature with multiple teeth. It's claw like tentacles killed a ninja and it drained it's spark. The auto troopers fired but the creature attacked and killed 2 auto troopers. The creature fled and the auto troopers and ninjas pursued.

    Dai Atlas: no wait!

    In the forest

    Auto trooper: I don't like this.
    Auto trooper: whatever was that thing?
    Auto trooper: shooo

    Then the creature attacked from above. The ninjas and remaining auto troopers were killed one by one. Master Dai Atlas, Arcee and Drift came but the hunting party was all destroyed. Then, arcee lit a light and it fled.

    Arcee: what was that thing?
    Dai Atlas: a shadow viper
    Drift: I thought they were extinct
    Dai Atlas: I'm afraid not
    Arcee: I'm sorry for interrupting, master. But what is a shadow viper?
    Dai Atlas: ah yes. You were young and we couldn't teach you everything because of the purge. A shadow viper is a creature made from black alchemy during the War against Arjunta Sall's followers. They are big and can eat the sparks of any who encounter them. I thought the last of them were killed off but it seems one survived.
    Arcee: how do we kill it master?
    Dai Atlas: I only heard tales from my master. But I know where to get the information necessary.

    They walked to a lonely mountain

    Dai Atlas: Titan, I have something I need to discuss, with you.

    The Titan woke up. Arcee and drift were shocked.

    Titan: why have you awoken me, Dai Atlas, Master of the Ashra-traii? These are your apprentices, I presume
    Dai Atlas: yes. I need your help.
    Titan: oh.
    Dai Atlas: a shadow viper has attacked. We need to know how to defeat them?
    Titan: to defeat a shadow, you must cast a light. Yes. This was how your ancestors did it.
    Dai Atlas: light. We must fight the creature till dawn then. Thank you friend
    Titan: wait! Take this
    Dai Atlas: the Pyro-Cron?
    Titan: the creature desires to make more of its kind. It will be useful when the time comes. Now hurry. Your friends are in danger.

    Auto trooper, through comms: master dai atlas, we are being attacked. We need your help. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh

    The ninjas rushed back to the crash site. The creature ate enough sparks that it's shadowy body was now a physical one. It joined two tentacles together and it unleashed a lightning that destroyed three auto troopers.

    Auto trooper: what in sweet papa Primus is that thing!?
    Auto trooper: I don't give a scrap. Just shoot. Shoot!

    The shadow viper took the auto trooper and threw him away. Arcee transformed and distracted it long enough for Drift and Dai Atlas to made it back.

    Drift: point the search lights on that thing!

    The search lights were pointed on the shadow viper and it was hurt. It threw a ninja at the light but more came. Arcee saw that Dawn was near and she had an idea.

    Arcee: master, give the Pyro-Cron. I'll let it chase me until dawn can fully come
    Dai Atlas: here

    Auto trooper: oh my primus!
    Shadow viper: *monstrous screaming*

    Arcee: hey you. Yeah you big bad ugly scaly son of a scraplet. Know this?

    She showed the Pyro-Cron. The viper was mesmerized. Arcee transformed and headed into the forest. The viper chased her. The viper tore down trees and threw it at Arcee. The terrain was difficult enough for her but the tree throwing made it harder. Arcee drove up the mountain and the viper pursued. It unleashed a lighting and arcee was knocked.

    The viper was going to kill her but dawn came. The creature was suffering immense pain and it was about to flee but arcee grabbed it's tentacle, shooting at its mouth. Then the creature was weak enough for Arcee to let go. It fell, too weak to stand up and Arcee took out her light saber and stabbed it in the head. The viper was struggling but he died as the light now covered it's body and the sparks of those it killed escaped and returned to their hosts

    Dai Atlas: did you do it?
    Arcee: huh. It's over, master.
    Dai Atlas: *smiles in happiness*
    Auto trooper: Sir, we have finally made contact with Rodimus Prime

    And that's how episode 61 ends
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    Episode 62: Zero Hour Part 1

    On a bridge, an auto trooper walked. He saw 2 auto troopers coming. He stood still. He walked to a secret room. He was non other than Tracer and he called Decepticon high command

    Tracer: this is tracer. All hail Starscream, leader of the decepticons.
    Starscream: speak my spy bot. I hope your cover isn't blown
    Tracer: no my Liege. I'm sending my coordinates to you, O great one. One second
    Starscream: with this, I will crush the Autobots to scrap. You have served me well. Continue to hide among them. I will send a fleet shortly.
    Tracer: yes my liege.

    In his bed chamber, Dai Atlas was having a vision. In his vision, he saw auto troopers being massacred, arcee killed by Night Bird and a tall bot with a sword, spiked helmet, sword in his hand and lightning in the other, laughing atop the rusting corpses.
    Dai Atlas was horrified. He rushed to the base

    On the ground, after repair, civilian craft was being loaded with civilians and headed to Autobot City on earth.

    Rodimus: it's good to finally see you, arcee.
    Arcee: same here, Rodimus. Same here. Civilians are being escorted off this world and to Autobot City as we speak.
    Rodimus: good. I'll be waiting for you here on earth.

    Transmission ended

    Dai Atlas came to the base

    Arcee: master Dai Atlas, is something wrong?
    Dai Atlas: I had a vision. A decepticon fleet coming and destroyed us.
    Drift: if your vision is true, then we are doomed
    Arcee: auto troopers, prepare the warships to lift on low orbit. And the civilian craft all loaded and ready to move out in an astro hour
    Auto trooper#1: yes ma'am
    Auto trooper#2: you heard her. Move. Move!

    The civilians were hurrying onto the civilian crafts. Many didn't load as much supplies as necessary. The warships, mostly corvettes, cruisers and a carrier lifted off.

    Arcee: master, where are you going?
    Dai Atlas: getting help.


    Starscream: given our situation as there is a fleet of unknown origin currently attacking our fleet in the galactic rim, I'm sending our best military commander, Lord General Saurok and his Night Wolves to the location of the Autobots.
    Saurok: I am honored.
    Starscream: as such, I want them alive to be used as an example
    Saurok: I disagree. We should annihilate them
    Starscream: are you defying my orders?
    Saurok: no.
    Starscream: then do it

    The autobots civilian crafts took off until there was only one. About 7 corvettes, 9 cruisers and a carrier were on orbit. Then, the Night Wolves came. 14 Vos Class frigates, 7 Tarn class heavy cruisers, 2 altihax carriers and then, in the back and the center was the black dread of the decepticon armada, the fear of all the autobots, the Chimera

    Saurok: all ships await my command.

    The civilian craft entered space bridge but as it entered, it was pulled back

    Arcee: what happened?
    Auto trooper: we don't know ma'am. It looked like the craft was pulled from space bridge.
    Arcee: is that even possible.

    Arcee saw one of the Tarn cruisers had 4 large domes on its surface. It was a special class called an Interdictor Cruiser. The decepticons fired at the ship

    Malgor: but what of Lord Starscream's prisoners?
    Saurok: that, my dear Malgor, is a civilian craft. Autobot leaders don't hide in civilian craft and retreat, therefore the crew is irrelevant. All ships, open fire.

    The autobot leaders, Arcee, Drift and admirals were having a talk.

    Admiral#1: what do we do now? We can't escape
    Drift: I suggest we create an opening by destroying one of those Interdictors so that one ship can escape and call for reinforcements. Arcee, you will go.

    Then, Saurok came in

    Saurok: arcee, drift, admirals. At last we meet in this, theatre of war. However briefly, there is no escape and your forces are badly outnumbered. This, rebellion ends today
    Arcee: we will never surrender to the likes you.
    Saurok: oh I don't want your surrender. I want you to know utter defeat and it is I who gave it to you.

    Arcee: we will proceed as planned.

    The fighters launched.

    Saurok: first wave, prepare to engage.

    The two fleets of Star fighters engaged. Arcee hopped on a star fighter and flew out. Autobot bombers bombed a tarn cruiser.

    Gold leader: gold squadron, regroup for another run

    *jet vehicons coming in*

    Gold 3: I'm hit. I'm hit!

    An autobot cruiser was blown apart.

    Saurok: second wave, reinforce.

    A second wave of jets came out and they destroyed a few more cruisers and corvettes.

    Arcee: all unite retreat.

    On a cruiser, an admiral told his men to evacuate. But 3 on the bridge didn't. As the pods moved out, the autobot cruiser rammed into the interdictor tarn cruiser and Arcee left the system to earth.

    Vehicon: sir, one ship made it out of the system.
    Saurok: one ship. The kamikaze attack was most unexpected but we will continue as planned. Third wave, annihilate them. Altihax carriers, prepare to ground assault.

    The third wave came and the autobots retreated to the surface.

    Drift: prepare the shield!

    Auto technician: aaaahh! Wish someone like Nautica or Perceptor was here.
    Auto technician: oh just shut up.

    The shields opened.

    Drift: master, I suggest you take cover. The decepticons are preparing for an orbital bombardment.

    Night bird: my lord, the remaining vessels fled back to the surface and are under the protection of a localized shield
    Saurok: hmm, noted Asha. All units, prepare for an orbital bombardment.

    The decepticon ships opened fire. Soon, 20% of the planet was under shower, of red, decepticon laser. Dai Atlas was knocked off the road and he was hiding under a rock. The decepticons continued their fire as the autobot shield was failing. The animals were dying, the mountains broke and the rivers were smoking hot. The shield was nearly destroyed.

    Saurok: they've had enough. Cease fire.

    Auto technician: it held! It held!
    Drift: that was a close one. Master, are you okay.
    Dai Atlas: *heavy breathing* I'll be alright.

    Auto trooper: what now?
    Drift: prepare mines and trenches. I hope arcee arrives soon.

    Saurok: Night Bird, you are in charge of the Night Wolves. Malgor, prepare the vehicons and the marauders for an assault. Today, we eliminate the autobots

    And that's how episode 62 ends
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    Episode 63: Zero Hour Part 2

    Arcee had landed on earth safely.

    Rodimus: arcee, you're here.
    Arcee: rodimus, there's no time. We are under attack by decepticons.

    Ultra Magnus: rodimus, I want to help but we must think of an alternative solution. If we send out the fleet, the Decepticons will destroy us
    Rodimus: then we don't send the fleet. We send a few star fighters and jet pack troopers and if we can destroy this tarn cruiser, drifts team can escape. Jetfire, you'll lead the assault.
    Jetfire: yes sir
    Rodimus: what are we waiting for? Let's move.

    Planet 1

    Dai Atlas reached the Titan

    Dai Atlas: Titan? Titan, I need your help
    Titan: you have brought war to my peaceful world, Dai Atlas, master of the Ashra-traii. I will have no part of it.
    Dai Atlas: so, you're just gonna let us die? You think the Decepticons wouldn't kill you too?
    Titan: I am beyond your understanding. I am the one in the middle.
    Dai Atlas: please. My friends are dying. Help us just this once and I promise, we will leave this planet.

    *decepticon ships entering atmosphere*

    Dai Atlas: please!
    Titan: just this once, I will aid you but no more, Dai Atlas, master of the Ashra-traii

    The Titan woke up and he stood. A giant stone of dust appeared and he disappeared in thin air. Dai Atlas transformed and headed back.

    Dai Atlas made it back to base

    Drift: master, you have returned. Tell me, will he help us?
    Dai Atlas: perhaps.

    The decepticon ships landed.

    Saurok: light walkers, prepare to engage enemy.

    The Eukarian walkers came. And the autobot mines destroyed them in seconds. One made it through.

    Drift: fire!

    A rocket hit it and it was destroyed. The autobots cheered.

    Saurok: air fighters, mark mines. Heavy battalions, move in.

    A squadron of 10 jet vehicons fired at the mines. Then, a sound was heard.

    Drift: I know that sound.
    Auto trooper: I hate that sound.

    Fortress walkers came out of the smoke and marched ahead.

    Auto trooper#1: nasty four leggers
    Auto trooper#2: hit them with the detonators
    Auto trooper#3: ain't working.

    The walkers walked right in. 4 auto jets came out to defend the autobots.

    Saurok: air groups, clear the skies of that nuisance.

    A dozen jet vehicons came and they fought. Tanks, spider drones and infantry were running to the autobot base. The autobot defenses fired but the Fortress walkers were too big and their armor thick. The autobots retreated.
    Dai Atlas and Drift came out with light sabers and sliced vehicons. Dai Atlas cut the legs off of a fortress walker and it fell. But the decepticons came in numerous numbers and they fled.


    Arcee came with reinforcements.

    Rodimus: perceptor, jam their transmissions. Let's move out.
    Jetfire: all units, engage.

    Aboard the Chimera

    Vehicon: ma'am, autobot reinforcements have arrived. No capital ships, just star fighters.
    Night Bird: jets, move to intercept. Capital ships, reinforce.

    The auto jets led by Jetfire were in the hundreds and they fought the vehicon jets.

    Rodimus: perceptor, contact the surface to be ready. Strike team, let's move out.

    The hanger opened. Rodimus, Arcee and 18 auto troopers landed.

    Vehicon: ma'am, it seems that an autobot strike team has landed on the interdictor.
    Night bird: send a counter strike team and repel them!

    3 dozen vehicons came out and the autobots engaged. Rodimus used his jet pack and flew up. He released a star saber energy blast which destroyed one dome. Then he was tackled by a vehicon. He killed the vehicon and shot 3 dead. He prepared another energy blast and fired at the second dome but a vehicon came in the range and it only cracked the dome.

    Rodimus: scrap!

    Reinforcements came. The autobots were surrounded.

    At the base.

    Vehicons were shooting auto troopers dead one by one. They closed in ever closer. The ninjas could barely do anything against the marauders.

    Rodimus: does anyone read me?
    Drift: rodimus?
    Rodimus: we are taking out the interdictor
    Dai Atlas: now might be out only chance. Let's move.

    Tracer came out and killed the auto troopers defending the shield. He destroyed the shield. The fortress walkers came and obliterated a few fleeing ships. Then, the autobots were surrounded by vehicons and marauders.

    Saurok: Now, I will accept your formal surrender or you can perish, one by one. I require an answer.
    Drift: you already know our answer.

    Lightning struck. The clouds darken. Dai Atlas was shaking.

    Saurok: you fear a storm, master Dai Atlas?
    Dai Atlas: you should too.

    Lightning struck. And out of the clouds came eyes

    Saurok: what autobot devilry is this?

    Titan: I am the Titan. And I bring forth death and destruction!

    The lightning destroyed a fortress walker. Dai Atlas punched Saurok and the vehicons were shot dead. The marauders were force pushed away. The autobots boarded a ship.

    Titan: leave this place at once. I am the light, I am the dark, I am the middle.

    Dai Atlas: you heard him let's move!

    The autobot ships made it out. Through barrages of lightning, they made it out.

    The Titan fired it's lightning. Saurok unleashed his dark lightning at the Titan and a large lightning battle ensued.

    Saurok: aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! ALL UNITS, CONCENTRATE FIRE AT THE CENTER OF THE STORM!!!!! aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

    The decepticons fired at the eyes and before long the Titan fell from the sky.


    Drift: we made it out. I hope you cleared the path.

    Rodimus saw a few jets coming to him.

    Rodimus: jetfire, bring those jets to dome.

    Jetfire flew left and the jet vehicons pursued. As rodimus expected, they shot the dome and rodimus released a third blast at the bridge of the ship. The blockade fell. The ships opened space bridge portal and left.


    The Titan crashed, it was heavily wounded. Marauders and vehicons surrounded it. Saurok walked to him

    Saurok: what manner of creature are you?
    Titan: one beyond your power to destroy

    *pulls out lightning from hands*

    Saurok: it would not seem so.
    Titan: you cannot see...... But I can
    Saurok: what? What do you see?
    Titan: your defeat. Fire and blood, the dark armies wither away as the night ceases. The sword of time and space, flaming, driven through you.

    Saurok unleashed lightning at him. But he disappeared into thin air. And a strange laugh fill the air.

    And that's how episode 63 ends
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    Episode 64: bug trouble


    Jack: wish you could've been here. *sigh* wish I could've been there, 15 years ago. Maybe, maybe I could've helped you. Maybe if I was a good friend, this couldn't have happened. I hope you can forgive me, Miko. Get well soon.

    Jack was about to walk out on the door, then, a voice called him.


    It was Miko. She was awake. She smiled and Jack sat on the bench.

    Autobot City

    Rodimus was looking at the view. 'lovely' he thought. He was remembering his time with Scarlet.

    Arcee: rodimus?
    Rodimus: oh. What is it, Arcee?
    Arcee: I was thinking perhaps that maybe you would wanna come down and have a drink.
    Rodimus: coming.


    Tar Vartok: tell me scientist, when can the nanobots be ready?
    Scientist: soon, Tar Vartok. Soon
    Mortenson: patience is key to victory, my friend. You must be patient.
    Tar Vartok: Mortenson, how's your wounds?
    Mortenson: eh better everyday.
    Tar Vartok: I hope so. I didn't sign this alliance or risk my hide to save you from custody

    Mortenson had a flashback. He was held in chains then a few minicons rescued him.

    Mortenson: I promise you, my friend. You will not be disappointed. What's the progress, scientist
    Scientist: the nanobots will make this insects cells go out of control and it will grow and feed. If it all goes to plan, we can use it to destroy the autobots for us.
    Tar Vartok: do you have a, kill switch?
    Scientist: yes. In case this creature goes out of control, we can kill it. The test is finished. Quickly now. Put it in the surface.

    A minicon trooper took the insect in the jar and flew to the surface as fast as possible. He reached the surface and dropped the insect. The jar broke and the insect kept absorbing life and matter.

    It enraged out of the forest, now over 20 feet high. The police gathered to counter it.

    Police Captain: alright guys you know the drill. Move civilians away from that, thing and someone slag that overgrown cockroach.

    Swat men came out and opened fire. The cockroach pushed them aside with its tentacle and absorbed two police cars. The fire engines fired water but it did no good.


    Miko: it's so good to see you again, Jack. Where am I?
    Jack: in a hospital. In recovery.
    Miko: I, I remember now. MECH, New York, smokescreen.


    Miko: what's that noise?
    Jack: I'll go check it out. Stay put here, okay?
    Miko: o, okay.

    Jack walked out of the hospital and ran towards the noise. He saw the giant cockroach.

    Captain: okay, that didn't work. Bring out the big guns. Ready? Fire!!!

    The rockets fired and the cockroach exploded. The people cheered. But then, the destroyer mass began to return back to its original state.

    Jack: I better call in some backup. Bulkhead, Wheeljack, I need your help

    Bulkhead and Wheeljack came

    Bulkhead: that is one big bug.
    Wheeljack: bulkhead, I need your help.

    Bulkhead tossed Wheeljack and he took out his katanas and sliced tentacles. Bulkhead started to pound the insect but the insect grabbed both and threw them away.

    Wheeljack: this is a bit tougher than I expected.
    Bulkhead: Jack, call for some backup. This is way out of our league.

    Autobot City.

    Bee: oh come on! 5 silver stars for a loaf of energon bread!?
    Cater: hey supplies are low so of course things ain't cheap. Now you gonna pay or not? Come on, I have an army to feed.
    Bee: alright. Alright. You know what? Give me 3.

    Bee sat with Wheelie, Ironhide and Warpath

    Bee: things getting less and less cheap every week.
    Ironhide: come on bee. Cheer up. At least you have money to buy a loaf. I don't even have one. Haha
    Bee: really? Here.
    Ironhide: oh come on. I can't accept.
    Bee: I insist.
    Ironhide: alright.

    Rodimus: mind we join?
    Bee: not at all. Come on.

    Rodimus: so, how's work?
    Bee: fine
    Wheelie: oil refinery and transports not really my thing
    Ironhide: not as fun as security but alright.
    Warpath: less explosions. Not really fun.
    Wheelie: at least you don't have to scrub the backs of workers.
    Bee: hey!
    Ironhide: gross!
    Warpath: I'm eating here!
    Rodimus: hehe

    Rodimus got a call.

    Jack: rodimus, are you there?
    Rodimus: what is it, Jack? Is something wrong?
    Jack: I don't know how to put this but a giant insect just came into the city. We need your help.
    Rodimus: team, we have some work to do

    Space bridge and Science Room

    Ratchet: Huh. I have never seen this before. I will bridge you into the city but I doubt you can defeat, whatever this thing is. I say you bring me a sample so that I and Perceptor can develop something.
    Rodimus: will do ratchet. Autobots, transform and roll out!

    The space bridge opened and the autobots made it to the city.

    In the hospital, Miko saw from the news and she got up.

    Wheeljack: the cavalry has arrived.
    Rodimus: autobots, attack!

    The autobots attacked. Slicing it's tentacles and shooting. Rodimus saw that it regenerated. He grabbed a sample and told ratchet to open a portal. Rodimus threw the sample into the portal

    Ratchet: come on Percy. Let's get to work.

    Bulkhead charged at the cockroach but it's tentacles grabbed him. Rodimus and Wheeljack helped him and Arcee cut it's tentacle. But another tentacle grabbed arcee and it absorbed her.

    Rodimus: arcee, no!!!! Ratchet, Perceptor, can you tell us how to defeat that thing?
    Perceptor: it seems that its overgrown state and strength is attributed to it being infected with minicon nanobots. We are currently working on a way to disrupt the signal.
    Rodimus: well, I suggest you hurry it a bit.

    Warpath: zowie! This things hide is tougher than steel. What in the seven spires of Master?
    Ironhide: not even my ice ray is slowing it down. Gonna have to turn up the heat.
    Bee: wheelie, watch out!
    Wheelie: woah! Nice save bee.

    Ratchet: rodimus, I'm sending you the kill drive. But the nanobots are so primitive that you will need to upload it, manually.
    Rodimus: got it. Someone small and fast needs to do it.
    Wheelie: why's everyone looking at me?
    Rodimus: you're the only one who can do it wheelie.
    Wheelie: you know, scrubbing workers back isn't so bad after all.

    Wheelie ran at full speed. Avoiding the tentacles. Rodimus and the rest provided fire and support. But then, the tentacle attacked wheelie and threw him aside. He dropped the kill drive.

    Rodimus: how did that thing know? No. Everyone, silence your-aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    The insect grabbed the autobots. Ready to devour them. Then, in the back, a black figure hopped on a bike, grabbed the kill drive and drove straight into the mouth. The insect exploded.

    Bee: well, that was a close one.
    Rodimus: is everyone alright? Arcee?
    Arcee: *cough cough* I'm alright.
    Jack: you guys alright? Who are you?

    The figure removed it's helmet. It was Miko.

    Miko: hey guys.


    Aboard the tarn class heavy cruiser, Punishing One

    Come head: sir, we have located the energy signal as you said. It's on earth.
    Thrust: earth, eh? Then, we're just gonna have to go there, heh.

    And that's how episode 64 ends
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    Episode 65: just some fun

    Town hall

    Mayor: as the mayor of New York City, I want to thank the Autobots for saving this city and extend a hand of friendship to Rodimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots

    Rodimus walked forward and bent down. He put his finger out and he and that mayor shook hands

    Mayor: now if there is anything you need, you just need ask. New York City will provide it
    Rodimus: now that you said it, Autobot City is a bit cramped.

    The Punishing One

    Cone head: Sir, we have hidden in this moon and we have begun installing cloakers.
    Thrust: excellent. Once I have what I need, I can overthrow starscream and the Decepticons will follow me.


    Traffic jam

    Random New Yorker: hey, get a move on. I might as well be walking here.
    Bulkhead: hey, that's a good idea.

    Bulkhead transformed and walked through the traffic.

    Central Park

    New Yorker: hey look. It's one of those autobots.

    Arcee was admiring the scenery and Dai Atlas was meditating, being disturbed by those nasty pigeons.

    A police officer put some tags on an ambulance. It was no ambulance but Ratchet. Ratchet transformed

    Ratchet: can't a bot get some sleep around here!? Primus and they call me rude.

    Ultra Magnus hauled in a tanker containing oil.

    New Yorker: thanks dude. Couldn't have done it without ya.
    Ultra Magnus: no need to say thank you. If you need me, just call me
    New Yorker: awesome.

    Perceptor was teaching in a school

    Perceptor: if you divide a square by b square then you will get *math math math*

    Bumblebee was driving Raf and Jessica in a drive through.

    Raf: bee, I gotta order something. I'm starving. Okay I will take a *something something*. Thanks.

    In a science fair, Nautica was participating. She won First Class with a new invention

    Ironhide was hauling in some construction material at a new building currently under construction work.

    Ironhide: where does this go?
    Construction worker: down to the left just there.
    Ironhide: okay.

    The wreckers ( except Ultra Magnus, he's busy) were having a chat in the harbour.

    Kup: so, this is the human wrecker eh?
    Moon Racer: ease up on the new member okay kup?
    Wheeljack: trust me, she's more than capable of handling cons like a wrecker. I speak from experience and first witness.
    Jetfire: Huh, an insecticon, 2 seekers and Starscream? Nice!
    Kup: welcome to the team newbie
    Miko: thanks. Pleasures all mine.


    Rodimus was hanging out with Jack in a park.

    Jack: so smokescreen, I mean I mean
    Rodimus: rodimus
    Jack: what did you do after cybertron was revitalised?
    Rodimus: police work.
    Jack: really?
    Rodimus: yes. You wouldn't believe the amount of criminals I caught in just 15 years. Bumblebee was jealous that I became Cop Of the Year for 10 years straight.
    Jack: nice!
    Rodimus: tell me Jack, I'm cybertronian that means I'm living metal. But you're organic. How are these little organics come from?
    Jack: *whisper whisper whisper*
    Rodimus: 0_0


    Rodimus: sounds like trouble. Better check it out.

    A building was on fire. Arcee, Ironhide, bulkhead, Rodimus, and some fire engine autobots were there.

    Ironhide: do you have a fire extinguisher?
    Rodimus: Percy gave me an upgrade. Just a second. There!

    Rodimus and Ironhide were pouring water at the flaming building. Arcee used her powers to lift rocks away from the people, bulkhead grabbed and put rocks away. Soon, the fire was contained

    News: we're here downtown as the Autobots have proven that they are New York's new cybernetic superheroes.

    *people cheering*

    Punishing One

    Thrust: heroes? Pfft. Enjoy it while you can, heroes. You're about to take, a massive fall from grace. Hehehahahahah

    And that's how episode 65 ends
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    Episode 66: cone attack

    Mayor: this fully transit train capable of going from Seattle to New York in less than 20 hours. I want to thank the science department for building this train, special agent William Fowler for personally finding this project and out city's cybernetic superheroes, the autobots.

    *people cheer*

    Wheelie: if humans want to move so fast, why don't they invent wheels on their legs?
    Bee: you know their techs not advanced yet.
    Ironhide: I never enjoyed such spotlight before.
    Warpath: just smile and wave, hidey. Smile and wave.
    Arcee: might as well wear capes from now on.
    Rodimus: hehe.

    Miko: woah. Agent Fowler funded a train project?
    Jack: he retired not long after we finished Megatron. Funded projects to help the country advance more.
    Miko: nice.
    Raf: hey Jack!
    Jack: Raf! You're here. Jess, you too?
    Jess: we're here as soon as we could but traffic in New York is a killer.
    Raf: Miko? You're finally healed!
    Miko: Raf? No time no see.
    Jess: hi. Names Jessica Sky. Jack's secretary.
    Miko: guess that makes us best friends
    Jess: guess so

    Autobot City

    Ratchet: perceptor, are you seeing this?
    Perceptor: what is it ratchet?
    Ratchet: cybertronian signal entering earth's atmosphere.
    Perceptor: but neither Rodimus or Ultra Magnus issued orders for scouts.
    Ratchet: I didn't say anything about Autobots. It's a decepticon.
    Perceptor: 0o0


    6 jets were moving to intercept the UFO

    Pilot: unidentified flying object entering US Air space. Identify yourself or you will be treated as a hostile.

    2 laser shots were fired. Then out of the clouds came Thrust.

    Thrust: you haven't seen hostile yet.

    Thrust fired 2 other shots and destroyed two other jets. It flew atop one and activated his thrusters and the jet blew up. He releases missiles and destroyed another jet

    Pilot: Mayday Mayday.

    The jet flew behind and fired.

    Thrust: this is getting annoying.

    Thrust flew behind and scanned the jet

    Thrust: seekers, alter alt modes to these. Best to continue our search in disguise. Hehehehe


    Mayor: if you look overhead to the aerial performance of, the Crimson Wings!

    6 red jets flew over the crowd and it was a spectacular performance. Then, another jet came in

    Mayor: that's strange. I thought I ordered only 6 jets.

    The jet flew towards the crowd.

    Bulkhead: is that guy nuts? He's headed straight for us.

    Thrust transformed and fired. He came out of the smoke and landed. The crowd scattered

    Jack: dad!

    Jack rushed to save his father, Agent Fowler. Raf and Jessica followed. Miko stayed behind, wanting to help the autobots.

    Thrust: greetings autobums. Mind if I crash the party? Names Thrust. Most heroic warrior, brilliant scientist and rightful leader of the decepticons!
    Wheeljack: so, he's basically a starscream wannabe but with a traffic cone for a head?
    Thrust: silence auto filth!

    Thrust fired at Wheeljack and he fell back. Bulkhead helped him. Thrust readied another shot and Arcee charged at him, firing her blasters at him. Thrust flew right and charged. Arcee jumped and she was on his back. She tried to cut him in half with her light saber but thrust was moving too quickly. He dropped Arcee and then transformed into jet mode. His thrusters sent arcee falling.

    Rodimus used his jet pack to pursue thrust but thrust was too quick and agile for Rodimus. Thrust fired his lasers at Rodimus' jet pack, destroying it. In a last ditch effort, Rodimus fired a grappling hook and tried to fire at thrust. But thrust, rammed Rodimus onto a building, then the road and then another building. He fired a shot and Rodimus fell. He drove his sword into the building as he fell and managed to save himself.

    Thrust: I expected more from such, brave heroes.

    Bulkhead and Wheeljack came.

    Thrust: ah wreckers eh? Did your friends tell you what happened?
    Bulkhead: what?
    Thrust: about Springer? How it was a shot made by me that penetrated his spark and he fell as nothing but a rusting corpse. Hahahahaha!
    Bulkhead: why you little scrap pile!

    Bulkhead charged but Thrust punched him in the stomach. And wheeljack was about to surprise attack him but thrust grabbed his head and threw him aside. Arcee got up and bumblebee and wheelie rushed to help Rodimus.

    Wheeljack: cybrakasi?
    Thrust: hahahaha. I learned your tactics from my time with little Springer. That and my training in 4 different martial arts is more than enough for you. Hahahahaha!!!
    Rodimus: what do you want, thrust?
    Thrust: the key.
    Rodimus: what key?
    Thrust: don't play games with me, Rodimus Prime! You know as well as I what lies in your autobot stronghold here on earth. I require the key to activate him.
    Rodimus: I don't know what you're talking about.
    Thrust: liar! I'll just have to kill these innocents for no good reason then.

    Thrust fired a shot at the civilians. The mayor, Fowler, Jack, Raf, Jessica and a guard were running into the train. Thrust was going to fire a shot at Raf

    Bee: Raf!

    Bee stood in the way.

    Raf: bumblebee!!!!

    Thrust grabbed a guard as he was pleading for mercy. Then, 4 jets came out and transformed into cone head seekers.

    Thrust: no more Rodimus Prime. You will give me the key in 1 astro hour or this train and it's components will suffer the SAME FATE LIKE THIS!!!!!
    Rodimus: no thrust!
    Guard: help. Help please no no no!

    Thrust crushed the guard in his hand. Blood began to pour from his hands.

    Thrust: 1 astro hour, Rodimus. One ASTRO HOUR!!!! Drones, form a protective circle. If you don't give me, I will kill these hostages and exterminate all live on this world, till I find it!!!!!

    Arcee: what are we going to do, Rodimus. That traffic cone has our friends.
    Rodimus: don't worry. I have a plan.
    Miko: can I help?
    Bulkhead: miko? I don't think,
    Rodimus: even if I say no, you would still do it. Okay, here's the plan. I'll bring in a fake one. Arcee and Miko will sneak in and get the hostages out while the rest of us fight Thrust and his cone drones. Got it?
    Everyone: got it.

    Rodimus: thrust! I have that which you ask.
    Thrust: give it to me now or the hostages suffer!
    Rodimus: give us the hostages or I destroy this key.
    Thrust: you're bluffing.
    Rodimus: am I?

    *pulls out sword*

    Thrust: wait! Let's not be hasty here.

    Arcee: hold on.

    Arcee grabbed Miko and they flew up.

    Fowler: what's going on out there?
    Miko: a rescue. That's what.
    Jack: miko? But how did you?
    Arcee: same way you're getting down.

    Arcee grabbed Fowler and the mayor and flew down. Miko put an energon shard inside bumblebees spark and he woke up.

    Raf: bee? You're awake.
    Bee: I'm up. What's going on?
    Miko: no time to explain. I need you to transform.

    Bumblebee transformed and the 4 hopped in.
    Arcee landed on an airship.

    Thrust: someone tampering with my hostages? Why you little!
    Rodimus: ironhide, warpath, now!

    Ironhide fired some water at thrust and warpath fired a round at thrust.

    Thrust: drones, help me!

    Cone head drones came down. Rodimus landed on one and they fell. Bulkhead and Wheeljack fought two more and then bumblebee came down and wheelie and arcee prepared to fight.

    Thrust grabbed the container and flew.

    Thrust: I got the key! I got the key! Soon, the decepticons will obey my command, hahahahahahahaha!
    Rodimus: that is, if you can survive.
    Thrust: what? No. No!

    Rodimus pulled out his sword and it glowed blue. Thrust knew what was going to happen.

    Thrust: retreat! Retreat!

    Thrust and his drones fled back.

    Rodimus: you guys alright?
    Jack: yep.
    Raf: been through worse.
    Bulkhead: tell me Rodimus, why the struggle for a fake?
    Rodimus: I thought it pulled a more, 'convincing' act

    Punishing One

    Thrust: with the key in my hands, not even Starscream can stop me and all of the galaxy will be mine, FOREVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    Drone: ah, sir?
    Thrust: what!?

    Thrust saw the container was empty and he saw only a tablet that said ' Fooled you ha ha ha ha'

    Thrust: RODIMUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that's how episode 66 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 67: humanized

    A space bridge portal opened in deep space. Out came a drone. It flew past satellites and into the earth's orbit. It opened a portal as it entered the atmosphere and it landed on the surface. It transformed. It was non other than Soundwave. Laserbeak came out and Soundwave pulled out his tentacle. Soon, laserbeak came from a drone to a human ( in outside appearance only) with purple black tuxedo and a sunglass.

    Rodimus was patrolling the streets of New York City.

    Rodimus: rodimus to arcee, any sign of MECH or minicon militants?
    Arcee: non whatsoever, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: rodimus to Ultra Magnus, have you any sign?
    Ultra Magnus: no Rodimus.
    Rodimus: Rodimus to Jetfire, are the skies clear of any traffic?
    Jetfire: you can bet a hundred gold dragons on that, Rodimus. Not a single Ice cream cone in sight.
    Rodimus: rodimus to Ironhide, is the moon clear?
    Ironhide: Huh let me see. Is everything clear?
    Warpath: my sectors clear
    Brawn: mine too
    Hot Shot: same here
    Red Alert: just some rocks. Not much.
    Ironhide: that's an a-okay, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: got it.

    Rodimus got a call from Bumblebee.

    Bee: rodimus, you're still patrolling?
    Rodimus: just in case either Mech or the cone heads come back.
    Bee: I thought you might wanna come to Town Hall. The mayors hosting a party in your honor for saving the city.
    Jack: yeah come on Rodimus. The party's waiting for ya.
    Rodimus: okay. I'm coming.

    Town hall.

    The party was wild. Many government officials joined. Rodimus,Bee, Wheelie, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, The mistress of flame, Chromia, Fire Star, Dai Atlas, Drift, the wreckers attended it.

    Autobot City

    Perceptor: ratchet, I thought you were attending the party.
    Ratchet: busy patching up some wounded. I'm even more surprised Grimlock and the dinobots didn't attend it.
    Perceptor: you know what happens when the dinobots get too wild.
    Ratchet: oh yeah. The winter party. Don't remind me of that, ever again.
    Perceptor: I won't.

    Nautica: it's so amazing! Earth may be primitive but it's technology is, fabulous.
    Green Light: I'm sure it is.

    The party

    Kup: oh. Earth sure knows how to throw a party!
    Jetfire: I'm flying but I can't see my thrusters. Is that normal?
    Moon racer: I can shoot, a cyber deer from 10 miles away, blindfolded

    Bulkhead: hehe, oil must be potent like crazy.
    Wheeljack: sure is.

    Raf and Jessica were dancing in the hall. Miko was arm wrestling against a big man and she won. Jack and Fowler were having a chat.

    Ultra Magnus had a problem. The mistress was drunk.

    Mistress: hey big boy.
    Ultra Magnus: uh, I see that you're uh, okay.
    Mistress: I never said this before *hiccup* Magnus, but, I always liked big boys like you.
    Ultra Magnus: I feel like this is hardly the place to- hmmmnm


    Arcee and Rodimus were dancing in the hall.
    Laserbeak came closer to the oil bowl and he poured in something.
    Then, as the guests started to leave, the autobots, except for the 3 wreckers cause they're all drunk and sleeping and Dai Atlas and Drift sleeping cause they're tired, gathered around for a drink.

    Rodimus: don't know what else to say, for the autobots.
    Everyone: for the autobots.

    Rodimus: woah that is some drink.
    Bulkhead: my processors never felt this good in like ever.
    Arcee: that is some drink.

    Ultra Magnus: better get you to sleep now.
    Mistress: wanna join me, magny 'ol boy hmm?
    Ultra Magnus: 0-0

    Jack: where are you guys going?
    Rodimus: sorry guys but, *yawns* I better take a nap real quick.
    Jack: good night guys.
    Rodimus: good night.

    Bee: hey wheelie
    Wheelie: yeah bee?
    Bee: see you in the morning.
    Wheelie: you t- *snores*

    Bumblebee woke up.

    Bee: what? Something doesn't feel right. My hands woah!

    Bumblebee fell down. He looked at the mirror. He was a black man with yellow brownish hair

    Bee: by the Allspark. Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone woke up. Some of the bots turned to humans.

    Ratchet: hey wake up.
    Kup: what? Who goes?
    Ratchet: I wanna speak to Rodimus. It's important.
    Kup: *yawns* I think he's there.

    Wheelie was a kid of about 15-16.

    Bee: wheelie!?
    Wheelie: bee!? You're hideous!
    Bee: we're all hideous

    Chromia looked Hispanic with blue hair

    Chromia: hey!

    Bulkhead, a big tall man and Wheeljack, an average human

    Wheelie: bulkhead, wheeljack, you're so small.
    Bulkhead: at least I'm still bigger than you.
    Arcee: what happened?

    Arcee was a pretty girl with blue and white hair

    Bee: arcee? Wow, you're so, *swoon* pretty.
    Arcee: eh thanks.
    Ultra Magnus: alright, what's the ruckus here?
    Bulkhead: Magnus?

    Ultra Magnus was a tall man, with large muscular shoulders

    Ultra Magnus: holy Primus!
    Fire star: can't people get a nap around here, woah!

    Fire star was a bit old with brown hair and the mistress looked like Satine Kryze

    Mistress: Magnus?
    Magnus: mistress?
    Arcee: what happened? How are we, human?

    Jack: they're just here. They were woozy after a drink. And-
    Jess: 0_o
    Raf: OoO
    Miko: what!?
    Ratchet: by the Allspark!!!!!!

    Ratchet: there's no mistake. You all have become, 100% human.
    Ultra Magnus: but how?
    Ratchet: I don't know. But perceptor and the rest of the science division will work on finding a way to return you to cybertronian as quickly as possible.
    Arcee: where's Rodimus?
    Jack: he's not in his room. I checked.

    They rushed out. Rodimus was outside. He was pale in skin and had dark hair with blue crystal eyes.

    Bee: rodimus! Woah!
    Wheelie: aaaahhhhhh!!!

    They slipped and fell.

    Wheelie: I think humans call them, legs
    Rodimus: it's something I always thought about, and now, it's real.
    Jack: what will you do in the meantime?
    Ratchet: IDK maybe take them out. Show them what its like to be a human living an everyday life.
    Jack: great idea!
    Ratchet: wait I didn't-
    Perceptor: they, already left.
    Ratchet: I know that!

    Miko, bulkhead and Wheeljack were walking down the street. When bulkhead suddenly got hungry.

    Miko: okay, I'll pay.

    Bulkhead chowed down.

    Bulkhead: wow this is delicious. Aren't you eating Jacky?
    Wheeljack: I'm in no hurry.

    Bumblebee, wheelie, Raf and jess were chatting as they went along.

    Bee: 10 artillery shots and I survived. The vehicons came in the hundreds in a blink of an eye, the ground was nothing but corpses.
    Raf: woah. Can't believe you survived that
    Wheelie: oh trust me, living in those moments was the hardest thing in my entire life.

    The mistress and ultra Magnus were talking in the base.

    Mistress: really? That's going to leave a mark on my career.
    Magnus: I promise I won't share.
    Mistress: thanks ultra Magnus.

    A fire broke out. Rodimus and arcee were the only ones there.

    Rodimus: we may not have our original bodies. But that doesn't mean we can't help.

    Rodimus rushed in and he helped a woman get out but a child was screaming. Arcee ran upstairs. Rodimus came out.

    Bee: rodimus, you okay?
    Rodimus: I'm fine but *BOOM* arcee!

    Arcee jumped out and spin and she landed on her feet.

    Rodimus: that was a close one.
    Arcee: nothing a cyber ninja can't handle

    Then, missile fire was heard. In the air, Thrust transformed into his robot form and landed.

    Thrust: foolish organics! Now you're faith is sealed hahahahahaha!! Now the Auto fools will know my wrath!

    And that's how episode 67 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 68: grand invasion


    There was fighting on the moon. Cyclonus flew in jet mode and sent the autobots flying away. Then out of the smoke, Strika and Night bird were coming. Strika was firing lases at the autobots. Brawn pulled out a boulder as a shield. Warpath fired a shot. Hot Shot used his missiles to block the shots but one made it through and injured him.

    Hot Shot: medic!

    Red Alert came to the spot.

    Red Alert: alright let's patch you up and get you ready for battle.

    Strika transformed and she threw night bird. Night bird used her rust shurikens to kill the auto troopers.

    Ironhide: brawn, warpath, Hot shot, Red Alert, fall back now!

    Cyclonus came down raining fire and he transformed and pulled out his swords. His slash sent the 4 autobots flying away. Scourge then fired paralyzers at them. Then, Strika punched Ironhide in the face

    Strika: strika to shockwave, we have captured the space bridge on the earth sector
    Shockwave: excellent. The army will be ready to move out shortly


    Thrust: hahahahaha, run cannon fodder run.

    Bulkhead came and punched Thrust in the leg, but it hurts

    Bulkhead: oh ah. Bad idea o bad idea
    Thrust: you dare touch me insolent flee?
    Wheelie: hey! Pick on someone you're own size!

    Wheelie jumped on Thrusts leg

    Thrust: get off me you parasite!

    Wheelie was shoved away.

    Thrust: why you little!

    Thrust was about to grab them but Rodimus came and attacked thrust with an axe. Then thrust shoved him away.

    Arcee: rodimus!
    Thrust: rodimus? I thought you're voices were familiar. Hahahahahahaha it seems that you've spent so much time with these pests that you've become them hahahahaa. Wait, where are you? I can't tell the difference between one insect and the other. Oh well

    Thrust started to blast randomly. The three wreckers came out to fight alongside Dai Atlas and Drift

    Thrust: drones! Come out and help me

    Autobot City

    Grimlock: ha! Haaahahahahahahaha
    Dinobots: hahahahahaha
    Ratchet: we are serious.
    Grimlock: *wheeze* you're telling me that Rodimus and his team are human, for real? Aaaaahahahahahaha
    Ratchet: look, Thrust had attacked New York City and they need your help. Now come on!
    Grimlock: okay okay, Dinobots, let's go!

    Arcee dodged blasts and Rodimus and the rest tried to fire bullets at Thrust.

    Thrust: flees! You think you're small size is enough to hide you from me? And what about you old fart?
    Kup: well this old fart is putting a much better fight than expected right, squid head?
    Thrust: arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Thrust punched Kup in the stomach. A truck came and hit Thrust. It's driver was Ultra Magnus.

    Ultra Magnus: come on soldier. Get up.
    Thrust: you persistent pests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thrust fired at the truck which exploded. Then the space bridge opened and the dinobots came out. Grimlock transformed into T-Rex mode.

    Jack: you have dinosaurs!?
    Rodimus: yep.

    Grimlock bit off a cone head in two and fired fire at another one.

    Thrust: dinobots. Ferocious but I have superior numbers


    Strika: soundwave, you came. Now, insert the codes so that the decepticon army may arrive.
    Soundwave: *nods*

    The space bridge opened and out came a large ray of white light. The white light went to Times Square

    Thrust: no. It can't be! Retreat!

    Rodimus: no.

    The white light revealed a large fortress that looked like Darkmount. Then, warships came out and jet vehicons rained fire and missiles onto New York. Suddenly, Starscream and a fleet of decepticon seekers came out

    Starscream: citizens of earth, bow down before your new leader, Starscream.

    Starscream looked down and saw Rodimus.

    Starscream: ah. Rodimus Prime.
    Rodimus: starscream. This is your doing isn't it?
    Starscream: yes. Turning you into humans would've made my plan to invade this organic trash heap much easier. Now, my brothers, begin the invasion!

    And that's how episode 68 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 69: escape to Autobot City

    Starscream: our little time together was enjoyable while it lasted. I will miss you, not hahahaha!

    Before Starscream could fire, Grimlock attacked Starscream.

    Grimlock: run rodimus, run!

    Jack visited his mom

    June: Jack, you're here
    Jack: hurry mom, we have to go. The city's not safe.
    Miko: come on Jack.

    Rodimus and arcee ran away from the spot. Civilians were fleeing away as the Decepticons opened fire. Omega Sentinels appeared out of the sky and fired. The omega sentinels beam killed humans in an instant. Rodimus and Arcee ran and ran, through the crowds of fleeing humans. Grimlock was fighting a few seekers and Rodimus saw bumblebee, wheelie, Raf and Jessica.

    Bee: what do we do!?!?!?!?
    Rodimus: I don't know, just, try to escape. There's a car right there. We'll use it to get to Autobot City.
    Bee: okay.

    Autobot City

    Ratchet: a decepticon invasion!?
    Fowler: them cons have attacked New York City in a full scale invasion. I managed to escape but I don't anything about Rodimus or the others. Now, as the representative of earth, I ask, will the Autobots join us or not?
    Ratchet: the answer is yes.

    Grimlock: ratchet, I need a space bridge immediately!

    The space bridge opened and the dinobots came in with grimlock coming in with fire on his back.

    Ratchet: someone extinguish that!

    The auto troopers extinguished the fires. Then, the wreckers came in and a truck full of the Autobots turned humans were there.

    Ultra Magnus: we barely escaped.
    Ratchet: is everyone alright?
    Wheeljack: we'll live doc
    Ratchet: where's Rodimus?
    Ultra Magnus: last I saw him, he was running away from decepticon attack.
    Ratchet: let's just hope he's okay.

    The car was running and soon, it was out of New York City. Raf looked back at the city, which was smoking and Decepticon Warships were in the air. The car drove and drove. It drove for a day

    Bee: what are we gonna do when we arrive in Autobot City, Rodimus?
    Rodimus: I just hope ratchet and perceptor find out how to turn us back to normal.
    Bee: can't you call Autobot City?
    Rodimus: I lost my comm link back in the city
    Bee: eh so did I

    The car stopped at a diner.

    Rodimus: anyone hungry?
    Bee: I can take a bite.
    Wheelie: sure
    Raf: okay.

    They went inside the diner and ordered some food.

    News: we are here downtown New York as there has been intense fighting between the US military and the Autobots against the Decepticons. The fighting here has ravaged the city and it seems that neither the military nor the autobots are winning.
    News#2: it seems it's not just New York but central USA, half of Europe, some of Africa and Asia have been under attack by these, 'Decepticons'. Casualties are high and multiple governments have mobilised their armies with a large refugee crisis currently undergoing. We'll get back to you after a short break

    Arcee: you okay, Rodimus
    Rodimus: I'm fine.

    They drove and drove until they ran out of gas. They went out, Rodimus, angry, took it out on the car

    Rodimus: useless, stupid, piece of scrap!
    Arcee: Rodimus, calm down.
    Rodimus: *kicks car*

    They walked and saw refugees.

    Refugee: have you seen my son? He's a 6 year old boy and he needs his medicine.
    Jess: I'm sorry I haven't.

    Doctor: unless you are blood O positive or AB negative, we are very thankful but we have enough blood.

    Rodimus and his team were walking then a burning train was running. Then they proceeded to walk again.

    They were on a river where a ferry was boarding civilians. Rodimus' team were in the back, not on board the ship but Jack, June and Miko were in the Front of the ship.

    Captain: engines nearly ready Mr government official
    Jack: thanks captain. You okay, mom?
    Jack: I'm fine Jack.

    Raf met a neighbor named Mrs Smith on the harbour

    Mrs Smith: Raf, is that you? Long time no see.
    Raf: you too, Mrs Smith. Is that your daughter, Sharon was it?
    Sharon: yep.
    Mrs Smith: so, this is your girlfriend huh?
    Raf: *awkward laugh*

    *strange noises*

    Out of the forest came out an omega sentinel and a Vos Frigate. The people started to flee.

    Captain: close the ramps!

    Bee, arcee, wheelie and jess were already on the ferry. The soldiers were guarding the ship but after seeing the omega sentinel, fled back and closed the ramp. A few, including Rodimus climbed up their ramp. Bumblebee helped him to get up. An omega sentinel sank the ship. Rodimus' team was swimming away.

    Miko and June were swimming

    June: where's Jack!?
    Miko: I don't know. Jack!

    Jack was being grabbed the sentinel along with many more. Jack pulled out a grenade

    Jack: I hope this works!

    Jack threw a grenade directly at the sentinels neck and it exploded.

    Rodimus' team was on shore

    Rodimus: is everyone alright?
    Bee: yep
    Wheelie: clear
    Arcee: safe and sound.

    Jack, June and Miko too washed up ashore and began to walk.

    Rodimus' team was on a hill. Then, jets came soaring in, firing their missiles and auto troopers were coming out of space bridges.

    In front of Rodimus, an auto trooper fell and died. Rodimus used the troopers comms.

    Rodimus: ratchet *boom* ratchet!
    Ratchet: rodimus? Where are you?
    Rodimus: we are here in a hearted battle. We wouldn't last any longer. I need a space bridge.
    Ratchet: alright.

    A space bridge opened and ratchet a 2 auto troopers came out and escorted them back to Autobot City

    And that's how episode 69 ends
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    Episode 70: sacrifice


    Ironhide's team was captured. Then, ironhide nodded to them and Warpath fired a shot at the vehicons. Red Alert released gas and Hot Shot ignited it.

    Strika: capture those Autobots, now!

    Vehicons came down raining fire. Ironhide made a wall of ice

    Strika: foolish autobots.

    Strika began to smash. But it was too late. The autobots escaped on a ship

    Strika: cyclonus, scourge, you know what to do

    Cyclonus and Scourge transformed and chased them.


    Ratchet: it took some time but Percy, Nautica, Green Light and I managed to come up with a way to make you cybertronian again.

    Bulkhead: it's good to be back in your original body.
    Wheelie: you said it

    The alerts screamed

    Rodimus: what is it?
    Perceptor: an autobot ship is under attack
    Rodimus: ironhide. Jetfire-
    Jetfire: I'm on it Rodimus.

    Scourge: die auto fools!

    Scourge and Cyclonus shot the ship. Then, Jetfire came and blasted both away.

    Scourge: hey no fair!
    Cyclonus: we need a bridge now!

    A space bridge opened and both retreated. The autobot ship quickly made it to the city.


    Starscream: so, this Autobot City is here in these mountains?
    Cyclonus: yes lord Starscream.
    Scourge: I saw it with my own optics.
    Starscream: what do you suggest, Saurok?
    Saurok: draw the forces out with an invasion while the cannons on the citadel here destroy the city.
    Starscream: excellent strategy. What's this? Huh, humans. Obsidian, lead a few copter drones and draw them out. A land army by Strika and Tankor will follow shortly.
    Obsidian: yes my lord.

    Rodimus was cybertronian again.

    Rodimus: nice


    Rodimus: what's that?
    Ratchet: decepticons. Wait a cycle. Is that, Jack and Miko!?
    Rodimus: scrap. Ratchet, bridge now!

    Obsidian and his copter drones were chasing Jack, June and Miko in a car. Then he flipped it.

    Jack: mom, miko, are you okay?
    Obsidian: say your prayers insects. Aaaahhhhh!!!!!

    Rodimus came out and kicked Obsidian.

    Rodimus: you messed with the wrong humans, obsidian

    Then, arcee, bumblebee, wheelie, ironhide's team, the wreckers, the dinobots and a few thousand auto troopers came out.

    Obsidian: jokes on you Rodimus. You fell to right into our trap

    Then behind Obsidian, a space bridge portal opened and out came decepticon warships and an army. The two armies clashed. The warships began to bombard autobot city

    Ratchet: we are under some serious bombing.
    Perceptor: the shield won't respond.
    Nautica: come on, I need some help.

    Rodimus: Jack, get to the city.

    Cyclonus, Scourge, Obsidian, Strika, blackout, and a battalion of vehicons attacked Rodimus

    Arcee: Rodimus!
    Night Bird: your opponent today is me Arcee.
    Arcee: night bird.

    Cyclonus pulled out his swords and charged at Rodimus. Rodimus pulled out his and engaged. Obsidian's copter hands struck Rodimus in the back and Blackout grabbed Rodimus and tossed him. Strika opened fire but Rodimus dodged, Scourge tried to punch him but Rodimus kicked him in the mouth. Then, Cyclonus attacked once again and Obsidian landed a hit, Strika fired at him and Blackout punched him. Rodimus got up and charged but Scourge punched him in the stomach and Blackout grabbed him. Rodimus shot blackout but obsidian wounded him and Cyclonus came and slashed him. Strika then fired a shot at him

    Obsidian: it is useless, Rodimus Prime. Give up now.
    Rodimus: you aren't defeated, until you accept defeat.

    Rodimus then charged at Cyclonus, kicking him in the face and punched Scourge. He grabbed blackouts arm and jumped and shot him in the shoulder. Strika tried to fire but only hit Cyclonus and he jumped on Obsidian and shot his wings, which sent him crashing onto Strika. Rodimus jumped and blasted an energy wave at the vehicons.

    Starscream: rodimus!
    Rodimus: starscream.

    Rodimus flew up and fought Starscream.

    Shockwave: starscream, the cannon is ready to be fired per your command
    Starscream: excellent Shockwave. Rodimus Prime, with this cannon, autobot city and you will be nothing but dust in a blink of an eye. Fire the cannon now!

    Ratchet: rodimus, the amount of dark energon in that cannon is enough to destroy 1/3rd of this planet. You must do something.

    Rodimus: huh. Better late than never.

    The cannon fired it's purple ray. Rodimus flew up and formed an X with his star saber blades. The ray was held back.

    News: we are live here in New York City where it seems that Autobot leader, Rodimus Prime is fighting against some sort of Decepticon super laser. According to scientists, this ray has enough power to destroy 1/3rd of the planet. I just hope Rodimus Prime can hold it.

    New Yorker#1: do it Rodimus Prime!
    New Yorker#2: I believe in you!
    New York: Rodimus! Rodimus! Rodimus!

    Starscream: fool. You'll be incinerated

    To the surprise of everyone, human, Autobot, Decepticon, Rodimus held it.

    Jack: you can do it Rodimus. I believe in you.

    Rodimus began to go white

    Rodimus: just a little more.
    Optimus: do not be afraid, Rodimus
    Rodimus: optimus?
    Optimus: you were destined for greatness Rodimus and I have always been there with you. Now, just reach out

    The ray began to go back

    Shockwave: this is, this is illogical

    Scourge: I cannot believe my optics! He's, he's
    Cyclonus: holding it back

    Staracream: impossible.

    Rodimus: Matrix of Leadership, I call upon the power of the primes, to light, OUR DARKEST HOUR!!!!!!!!!!

    A blue energy X pushed the dark energon ray back. It destroyed the citadel tower and many decepticon warships.

    Jack: rodimus, you did it

    Suddenly, Rodimus' body began to wither. It became white dust. The Matrix fell but his body disintegrated into thin air

    Arcee grabbed the matrix.

    Arcee: rodimus!!!!!

    Starscream: decepticons, retreat at once

    News: it seems that to save both the autobots and earth, Rodimus Prime gave his life to save us. You are a real American hero, Rodimus Prime. *weeps* I salute you

    And that's how episode 70 ends
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    Episode 71: shard of hope

    Arcee slept in the night. But she couldn't sleep. Rodimus was in her head. ' could I have done more?' she asked herself.

    -arcee. Arcee

    Called a familiar voice in her dreams. It was Rodimus.

    Arcee: rodimus? But how?
    Rodimus: you must help me, arcee. I need you
    Arcee: wait, Rodimus!

    She woke up, panting heavily.


    A war council between the Decepticon leaders was occurring.

    Starscream: we lost a large chunk of our fleet and army in that battle. But at least we accomplished one thing. The death of Rodimus Prime. Tell me, Slipstream, when can I get the new badge of drones?
    Slipstream: I'm afraid it'll take another month.
    Starscream: ugh. Shockwave, what about naval production in Drahcos?
    Shockwave: we must wait a month or two until we can recover lost numbers.
    Starscream: ugh. We hold on to what we have now. Until then, you're all dismissed.

    Autobot City


    Wheelie: bee, I know this is hard for you to accept but-
    Bee: ah! We're just standing here doing nothing while the Decepticons are out there, drinking themselves in their victory! We need to pay them back!
    Raf: bee, revenge is not the way.
    Bee: argh! I just, I just wish I could've done something.
    Raf: bee, there was nothing any of us could've done.


    Warpath: doesn't feel right.
    Ironhide: what?
    Warpath: there's this, hole in my spark now that, I just don't know what it is.
    Ironhide: I can understand that.


    Ultra Magnus: all troops to the front now!

    Soldiers arrived out of space bridges. A battle had ensued between Autobots and Decepticons.

    Training ground.

    Dai Atlas: I am surprised you are not in through front, drift.
    Drift: forgive me master, it's just that-
    Dai Atlas: I understand that Rodimus' death is hard to accept. But, you mustn't let that cloud your judgement.
    Drift: I understand that master, I-
    Dai Atlas: I sense it too. Quickly!

    They moved to Arcee's room. There, she lied with a drug.

    Medical bay.

    Dai Atlas: ratchet quickly. She needs help.
    Ratchet: what happened to her.

    Dai Atlas showed him the bottle

    Ratchet: parasix?
    Dai Atlas: will she live?
    Ratchet: yes. In one, two.

    Arcee woke up.

    Dai Atlas: are you alright, arcee?
    Arcee: till all are one.
    Ratchet: what?

    Perceptor: ultra Magnus, I think you would want to return back ABC hear something.
    Ultra Magnus: alright perceptor.

    Ratchet: wait, you're telling me, Rodimus is still alive?
    Arcee: his spark is in the Matrix. He just needs a new body.
    Perceptor: that is easier said than done. You see, Rodimus had immense power from the Star Saber and his body could barely hold in the power. He needs a new body, one that is strong enough to withstand the power of the star saber.
    Ultra Magnus: then, what do we do?
    - perhaps I can help.

    They turned and saw a human.

    Ultra Magnus: I'm sorry, who are you?
    - my name is Fortress Maximus III.
    Ultra Magnus: the prince of Master
    Fortress Maximus:I'm sorry I didn't reveal my identity earlier, I had my reasons. Back to the topic, I know a scientist on Master who may be able to build a body powerful enough to withstand the power of the star saber.
    Ultra Magnus: then, we leave for Master
    Ratchet: only problem is that the Decepticon bombing destroyed much of our long range space bridges. Out space bridges can go at least the Solar System but Master is near the galactic rim.
    Arcee: we take a ship. Go to Master.
    Ultra Magnus: then it is settled.

    A cone head drone was peeking from the shadows. It relayed the message to Thrust on the Punishing One

    Thrust: so, Rodimus Prime is alive? But the Star saber energy, oooohhhhh. If I can get that along with whatever new body in Master, I can challenge Starscream and win! Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Arcee saw the drone and fired. The drone panicked and transformed and flew out

    Arcee: scrap.
    Bee: what was that?
    Arcee: cone head.
    Ultra Magnus: we can't waste anymore time. Perceptor, prepare a ship. Arcee, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ironhide, Warpath, Bee, Wheelie, you will go to Master. Rebuild Rodimus Prime and return as quickly as possible. That is an order
    Everyone: sir yes sir.

    And that's how episode 71 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 72: depart

    The Autobot ship was ready to depart

    Bee: Autobot ship Axalon, ready to take off in 3,2,1

    The ship flew off the large hangers of Autobot City. It flew above the earth's atmosphere. It left

    Ironhide: look alive warpath. We're leaving earth.

    Wheeljack: all systems check. This is Captain Wheeljack of the Axalon. If you look behind, you will see the blue marble known only as Earth.

    Wheelie: woah! I never knew earth was this beautiful.
    Bee: I know.


    Vehicon: lord Starscream, an autobot scout ship has left Autobot City is currently outside of earth
    Starscream: hmm, probably nothing but send in a seeker to investigate, quietly.

    Punishing One

    Cone head: Sir, it seems that an Autobot ship has left earth's orbit.
    Thrust: ah. It seems that they are going to Master sooner than I expected. Move to intercept at the 6th planet. We will ambush them there. Hehehehehe


    Ironhide: uh arcee, we have some stowaways.
    Arcee: what?


    Miko: hey let us go!
    Warpath: now just calm down!
    Arcee: what's the matter?

    Arcee, Fort Max, Wheeljack, Bulkhead, Bee and wheelie entered the cargo room. Jack, Miko, Raf and jess were there

    Bulkhead: Miko? What are you doing here?
    Miko: don't look at me. It was Jack's idea.

    Arcee: Jack, how did you get here?
    Bee: I, might have smuggled them onboard one of the cargo haulers.
    Arcee: bee, you know we can't bring humans to planet Master.
    Jack: arcee, please. I don't know if you will believe me but Rodimus told me to come with you.
    Arcee: alright fine. Just, don't do anything without Ironhide or Warpath's permission.

    Ironhide: ah come on.
    Warpath: I'm not programmed for baby sitting.
    Arcee: do, it.
    Ironhide: alright
    Warpath: fine.

    Jess: woah is that engine capable of-
    Ironhide: light speed engines ma'am.

    Miko: wow. Nice
    Warpath: I see you like your guns. That's a minicon gun capable of killing cybertronians in a few shots. Slug throwers they called it.
    Miko: cool.


    Arcee: what was that?
    Wheeljack: it seems like a Tarn cruiser.
    Arcee: I know those markings. It's Thrusts ship, the Punishing One. All hands to deck. We are under attack

    Ironhide: stay here. Don't do anything.

    Punishing One

    Thrust: seekers, begin the assault.

    Cone head drones began to attack. Arcee pulled out her guns and light saber. Raf and Jess were firing their turrets. Jessica managed to shoot 1 drone down. Miko and Jack came out with suits and Slug Throwers.

    Ironhide: I thought I told you to-
    Miko: yeah yeah yeah we know. But what you don't know is that we both know how to take care of ourselves more than capable of destroying deceptibums.
    Wheeljack: I can vouch for her.
    Warpath: incoming!

    *boom boom boom boom boom boom*

    Ironhide: come here you little punk!

    Arcee sliced a cone head which attacked and shot another one. Bulkhead and Wheeljack were firing, Warpath and Ironhide did too.
    Then, Fortress Maximus transformed into a head and fought too but the cone heads were too numerous

    Arcee: everyone, duck!

    Arcee spun and then she released a massive force energy that broke the cone heads.

    Bulkhead: why didn't you do that earlier?
    Arcee: because I can only use it once a day and it drains my strength away.

    Thrust: surrender Autobums. I outnumber you and I have the superior firepower here. Give up now hahahaha!
    Arcee: never to a traffic cone like you
    Thrust: my name is THRUST! T H R U S thrust! Is that so hard to memorize!?!?!?!?!?
    Wheeljack: yeah I'm just gonna stick to calling you traffic cone
    Ironhide: whatever squid head
    Thrust: *angry screech* attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cone heads attacked in greater numbers. They were badly outnumbered and outgunned. Then, Jack saw something

    Rodimus: Jack
    Jack: rodimus?
    Rodimus: use the matrix in the engines Jack. Use it. The power of the star saber inside will guide you to Master
    Jack: alright.

    Jack entered into the ship. He grabbed the matrix. He entered the engine room

    Jack: okay Jack. Just remember what ratchet taught you. This goes here and this here and that will go here and Wooooaaahhhh!

    The engines began to go stronger.

    Jack: everyone inside the ship now. Trust me.

    The autobots entered the ship and it went to hyper space.

    Thrust: what happened? Where are they!?
    Cone head: it seems they're heading to Master, sir.
    Thrust: what are you bunch of malfunctioning idiots doing!? To the ship!

    Seeker: lord Starscream, the Autobot ship and the Punishing One were engaged in combat until the autobot ship fled, I presume to be a FTL engine.
    Starscream: Huh interesting. Thrust wouldn't attack until there was some value to the ship. Shockwave, can you scan where the autobot ship is going?
    Shockwave: looking at its path, it's logical to assume Planet Master
    Starscream: Cyclonus, Scourge, Lugnut, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, you will take the 7th army and 13th armored divisions to Master. You will find out what the Autobots are up to and annihilate them.

    Arcee: team, we have arrived, to Master

    And that's how episode 72 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 73: Master


    Lord Zarak: why have you called me here, Starscream?
    Starscream: because I got word that a team of autobots are in Master, and according to Intel from my spy, the last heir of the Maximus line is with them.
    Lord Zarak: oh.
    Starscream: you wouldn't miss out on the chance to obliterate your family's long hated enemies now, would you?
    Lord Zarak: I shall mobilize my army immediately then.
    Starscream: wait, Lord Zarak. I have something I wanted to show you

    Saurok entered the room and behind him, two vehicons carried a box.

    Lord Zarak: what's this?
    Saurok: the latest in a new batch of machinery and firepower. Tell me, do you know this?

    Saurok put up in his hand, a vile containing red liquid.

    Lord Zarak: no.
    Saurok: Liquid Chaos, as I call it. My science team under the beautiful Ashara Dayne has come up with a way to use this, toxic material with dark energon to combine a deadly firepower. Observe

    He took out a pistol. Loaded a barrel with purple light in it and put the vile in the top of the pistol. He cocked it and fired at an auto trooper POW. The auto trooper was hit and a small red storm encompassing all of his body was created. Soon, he was nothing but dust

    Lord Zarak: incredible.
    Starscream: bravo. When can we expect full production?
    Saurok: we've created a few divisions worth, and soon, an entire army.
    Starscream: excellent. I want the first live combat testing to be done on Master. Cyclonus, prepare to go.
    Saurok: starscream, may I suggest that one of my associates, Malgor Steele accompany the strike force.
    Starscream: done.


    The ship landed at Master. Fort Max walked out and saw the scientist, Hi-Q. A sweet looking old man with a red cloak

    Hi-Q: ah Fortress Maximus. You've returned
    Fort Max: Hi-Q, old friend. It's so good to see your again.
    Hi-Q: and your brother and father?
    Fort Max: *glooms*
    Hi-Q: oh, I'm, I'm sorry.
    Fort Max: at least they settled their differences between them before they died. Now, I need your help.
    Hi-Q: what is it?

    The Autobots came out.

    Hi-Q: I've made and seen Trans-techtors but never cybertronians. Fascinating.

    *horn sounds*

    Hi-Q: quickly now. We must get it.

    The Autobots made it in.

    Hi-Q: oh where are my manners. Hello everyone, my name is Hi-Q but you can call me Q.
    Arcee: hi. My name is Arcee. This is Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ironhide, Warpath, Jack, Raf, Miko and Jessica.
    Miko: hi.
    Hi-Q: ah, first time seeing humans. Tell me Max, are they, you know
    Fort Max: oh shit I forgot. No
    Arcee: what is it?
    Fort Max: it's my fault. I forgot the atmosphere here on Master is toxic for non Masteri. I'm afraid your human friends will need to be, robotised.
    Hi-Q: follow me now

    Jack lied on a table while the rest of the humans were in a room with oxygen.

    Hi-Q: here take this. I'm afraid it'll hurt
    Jack: then I'll scream
    Hi-Q: it's gonna be, really painful.
    Jack: then I'll scream louder.
    Hi-Q: be ready. One, two
    Jack: *screams in intense pain*

    Jack had a new suit of armor which was now his body. Then he saw the other three come with their own armor

    Raf: Jack, look at you.
    Jack: look at you Raf
    Miko: well you boys done looking at yourselves?
    Jess: hehe.

    Hi-Q: now that's that, tell me, what is it that you need of me?
    Arcee: my friend, our leader, Rodimus Prime's spark in this matrix along with the vast cosmic powers of the star saber. Fortress Maximus told me that you have a body that can withstand the level of power.
    Hi-Q: ah right this way.

    They entered a room where there were parts of armor, big ones

    Hi-Q: powermaster I call it. It can contain the power of a small star, can withstand the power of an exploding planet and has enough guns to fight a small army on its own. Yes, it's very capable of handling the power. I will get to work, in the meantime, dooooo, whatever it is you want just don't touch anything that looks valuable.

    Jack: these new bodies are amazing. I feel better than ever.
    Raf: I feel like I can fly woah!

    Raf flew up with rocket feet.

    Raf: okay I wanna go down woah!
    Miko: awesome! I wonder if

    Guns pop out

    Miko: sweet!

    Arcee looked out the window. Fire came out of a black object just outside the horizon

    - 5 forts.
    Arcee: woah! Hi-Q, you scared me there.
    Hi-Q: sorry, force of habit. What you're looking at is the 5 forts that separate Master from the Northern Ice desert. Made entirely out of a mysterious substance called Black Stone, it predates the first Masteri colonization. Nobody knows who built it or why, or even when.
    Arcee: oh. Wait, Hi-Q, I thought you were making the powermaster body?
    Hi-Q: yes. I was wondering if you could help me, bring this stuff. I need it.
    Arcee: sure.

    Hi-Q: thank you Arcee. Wait, I see in your eyes and the sound of your voice, that you love this Rodimus Prime don't you?
    Arcee: I, I, I, I uh I-
    Hi-Q: don't worry. It's safe with me.


    Ironhide: what's the matter?
    Hi-Q: we are under attack. By, flying traffic cones?
    Arcee: thrust. We need to fight him
    Hi-Q: wait! You're heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Take these.

    Hi-Q revealed a room and human sized drones came out

    Hi-Q: we call them Targetmasters. They bond with Headmaster Trans-techtors as weapons. They will provide you a boost in firepower making up for your lack of numbers

    Ironhide took 2 which transform into 2 arm cannons. Warpath took one which transformed into a machine gun platform. Wheeljack's was a hand cannon, bulkhead's was 2 which transformed into bigger clubs. Arcee's targetmaster scanned her light saber and gun and transformed into a laser Baton.

    Jack: can we help?
    Fort Max: yes. I need your help. Follow me


    Thrust: come out and play Auto-idiots. Papa Thrust doesn't like to wait.
    Arcee: you should know better than to disturb out afternoon break, thrust
    Wheeljack: especially for someone with a traffic cone for a head!
    Warpath: *chuckles*
    Thrust: I'm gonna teach you some manners that even your blood and bones will remember!!!!!!! Attack!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that's how episode 73 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 74: Return of Rodimus Prime

    A battle had ensued between the cone heads and the autobots.

    Thrust: fire numb nuts. Fire!

    Ironhide: time to see what these targetmasters can do.

    Ironhide fired a shot that killed a cone head seeker

    Thrust: what?

    Ironhide: nice!

    Far away

    Jack: excuse me Fort Max, but what we we doing here? Fighting over there
    Fort Max: we're getting reinforcements. You see that? Connect it to that. And you, get that thing to that.
    Raf: okay

    Fort Max: it should be done in, 3, 2, 1. Yes!
    Jack: what is it?
    Fort Max: to put it simply, I'm a Titanmaster. Meaning a headmaster who forms another head. Ah, Grand Battlestation 1. Passed down from generation to generation of Maximuses for millions of years, and now, it's mine. I wouldn't let you down, father, and brother. Now come on! They need our help. Man the vehicles.

    The autobots targetmasters were more than capable of handling the cone heads. Bulkhead smashed cone heads as Wheeljack fired. Warpath and Ironhide fired as Arcee beated a cone head

    *boom boom boom boom boom*

    Thrust: what's this?
    Malgor: surprise?
    Thrust: Malgor Steele!?!? Lord Saurok's right hand man!?!? Here!?
    Malgor: I'm flattered, Squidhead. Now, I will ask this only once, surrender now or face oblivion.

    Arcee: we'll take the latter

    Malgor: I was hoping you'd say that. *loads liquid chaos* FIRE!

    Thrust flew up.

    Malgor jumped and briefly fought Arcee before she retreated

    The shots were red and black and it was more devastating than any ammunition seen before

    Ironhide: what was that!?!?

    Malgor: you like it? It's something we call Liquid Chaos. Lugnut, Blitzwing, now

    Lugnut: hiding behind cover and no bombs makes Lugnut a dull boy!

    Lugnut unleashed 4 barrages of missiles.

    Icy: have some dark ice auzobumz.

    The ice was dark and was as sharp as a hundred knives.

    Bulkhead: we don't have enough firepower to deal with that.
    Arcee: Hi-Q, is the process nearly finished?

    Hi-Q: working on it. Just a few more minutes. Firedrive, come here! Get the Protoform. We need to work faster

    *boom boom boom boom boom boom boom*

    Malgor: this is getting nowhere. Get me the gatler!

    Ironhide: oh scrap.

    Malgor laughed like a madman as he fired the gatler.

    Malgor: haahahahahahahaha!!! Cyclonus, Scourge, bring in the cavalry.

    Cyclonus: you heard him men. Char-
    Scourge: charrrrrgggggeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vehicons came in the hundreds and Thrust brought in more cone heads

    Thrust: die, traitor-cons!!!!
    Malgor: atta-
    Scourge: attaaaaaccccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

    Vehicons and come heads battled each other.

    Arcee: we need a new plan. We have to fall back to the citadel. Warpath, make an opening.
    Warpath: on it.

    Warpath fired and the Autobots came out firing everywhere. Then, were surrounded by vehicons in the right and cone heads in the left.

    Wheeljack: oh scrap

    Then, lasers came in and in the sky, a flying ship came out. And it transformed into a large robot.

    Fort Max: this is Fortress Maximus. I will kindly take your surrender and we'll call it a day.
    Thrust: never! Attack!
    Fort Max: your funeral.

    Fort Max fired the many guns on the large Titan. Then it slapped Thrust away

    Thrust: aieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

    Malgor: now!

    Then, out in the blue, a large scorpion emerged and transformed into Scorponok.

    Fort Max: Zarak.
    Scorponok: fortress maximus I assume. I killed your father and your brother. Today, I wipe out the last of my family's ancient rival, House Maximus once and for all!
    Fort Max: keep dreaming leaf breath. Your family couldn't win the war back on the original homeworld. You won't make a difference.
    Scorponok: we shall see!

    Fort Max and Scorponok battled. Both grabbed each other and then, Fort Max fell and threw Scorponok. Scorponok got up and fired shots.

    Fort Max: why you cheating piece of Gorgan slime! Take this on for size!

    A barrage of missiles were fired.


    Jack and threw rest came in, rescuing the Autobots.

    Cyclonus: fire!

    At the base

    Hi-Q: just a few more seconds and the protoforming state is complete. Almost. There.

    Scorponok pinched Fort Max. Fort Max punched him but Scoroponok unleashed dark missiles on Fort Max and he fell.

    Lugnut walked over the Autobots.

    Lugnut: hahahaha! Foolish autobots. Now, face your death at the hands of the glorious Decepticons!

    Then, a truck crashes into Lugnut and crushed a vehicon. It was red with flames as its main coloring scheme. It was Rodimus Prime, rebuilt

    *play armada music*

    Rodimus: stand down Decepticons.

    Arcee: rodimus
    Ironhide: you're back
    Warpath: zowie!

    Cyclonus: Rodimus Prime? You're alive!? Impossible
    Rodimus: and yet here I am. Right in front of your optics Cyclonus.
    Cyclonus: doesn't matter. We outnumber you ten to one and not even you can beat us.
    Rodimus: try me. Rodimus Prime, Powermaster mode!

    Firedrive transformed into an engine and sat in Rodimus' chest. Rodimus legs were joined and his arms too. Then, his trailer turned into an armor and it combined. Rodimus was nearly 50 feet. His new Powermaster armor now had a built in jet pack, 3 arm cannons as smoke stacks on his arms, two large guns on his shoulders and 2 leg missile launchers on his legs.

    Malgor: fire!

    The vehicons fired but Rodimus pulled out his guns and fired back.
    Fort Max got up and punched Scorponok
    Scourge tried to punch him but Rodimus jumped and kicked him in the face. Then, Blitzwing came and fired dark ice

    Icy: have some dark ice!
    Angry: too chilly for you? Have some black flames!

    Blitzwing fired black flames from his back cannons. Rodimus freed himself and fired fire. Rodimus' fires beated Blitzwing's

    Random: schnitzels!!!

    Malgor pulled out his light saber and Cyclonus pulled out his energy swords. Rodimus pulled out his energy star sabers and blocked both. Then, he pushed both aside. Lugnut came in with his nuclear axe.

    Lugnut: die autobot die! No one has ever resisted my nuclear axe
    Rodimus: until now
    Lugnut: Huh?

    *TFP theme*

    Rodimus blocked the nuclear axe with his bare hand.

    Lugnut: im, impossible!
    Rodimus: sleep well, lugnut

    Rodimus punched Lugnut so hard that he flew miles into the air

    Lugnut: aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Cyclonus: decepticons, retreat!

    Rodimus: ironhide, warpath, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Jack, you're all here. Is Arcee with you?
    Arcee: here Rodimus.
    Rodimus: arcee, I'm glad that you were able to-


    Jack: OoO
    Raf: shhhhhh

    Arcee: I like the upgrade.

    Ironhide: this is Ironhide to Autobot City. Rodimus Prime is back

    Autobot City: *cheers*

    And that's how episode 74 ends