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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 34: plan of dissent

    Trooper: Sir, you have a transmission from Rodimus Prime
    Prowl: I'll take it in the tower

    At the tower.

    Prowl: rodimus prime, do you read me?
    Rodimus: congratulations on your capture of the base, prowl.
    Prowl: there will be plenty of time to celebrate after we capture District Center
    Rodimus: hmm, I'm afraid that might be more problematic then we anticipated.
    Prowl: how so?
    Rodimus: our worst fears have come to life. Some of the militia have allied with the decepticons. Our scouts reported an Altihax class carrier above the skies. If that carrier isn't destroyed, the militia and if reports are true, several battalions of vehicons will have enough ammunition to put up a strong resistance and our supply lines are too stretched thiii-iiii *glitching noises*
    Prowl: rodimus?
    Jazz: can we destroy the carrier ?
    Rodimus: we are tryiiiiii-nnnniiinnnggg. But our *glitch* warships are *glitch glitches glitch*
    Maybe if you can *glitching* near the capital *glitch* and rendezvous with

    Dead, the signal was

    Trooper: sorry sir. I'm trying to get it back on.

    Prowl: jazz, have your men ready to move out in 12 astro hours.
    Jazz: uh yes sir.
    Prowl: I noticed that you find it hard to follow my commands.
    Jazz: sir, it's just,
    Prowl: but you have been loyal and smart enough to follow it. So I want no more questions and prepare your battalion.
    Jazz: *angrily* yes, sir.

    Jazz walked out of the tower.
    In the hanger, the troopers were talking about prowl.

    Chase: what is that prowl has against us auto troopers?
    Dogma: I think you are all overreacting. Do you seriously think prowl wouldn't care about us?
    Tin: no. But he wants victory. And he is blinded cause he cannot see that lives are at stake.
    Sixer: he has no respect for us.
    Jazz: look I don't agree with prowl either but truth is, I don't have a better plan. No one does.
    Chase: what about using these ships to destroy the carrier?
    Jazz: the carrier is as heavily protected as District Capital.
    Tin: we already have their weapons and hardware. We can use them to sneak past the decepticons and blow that carrier
    Jazz: you cracked them open?
    Chase: yeah we already cracked them open to know enough. Thanks to Sixer here.
    Jazz: if we blow that carrier, then there won't be enough arms and District Capital is ripe for the picking.

    At the tower

    Jazz: my men have cracked opened those fighters. We can use it to destroy the carrier
    Prowl: and who do you propose, fly those? Are your, men pilots now?
    Jazz: my men aren't pilots, but they are quick to learn and adapt.
    Trooper: sir, incoming long range missiles.

    Prowl looked out the window. The missiles hit and exploded.

    In the troop quarters.

    Tin: if chase can fly that thing, then why can't we?
    Sixer: ehhh, he wasn't flying, more like, IDK try not crash.
    Chase: we'd be blasted out of the sky before we get to the carrier.
    Tin: come on guys. We're in their ships. No ones gonna shoot at us.

    Dogma entered the room

    Sixer: scrap. Dogmas here. Be quiet.
    Dogma: what is it? What are you guys talking about?
    Chase: oh nothing really. Care to join me for a drink?
    Sixer: sure.
    Dogma: where you going, tin?
    Tin: oh getting a drink.

    Tin met jazz in the other room.

    Jazz: you're trying it, aren't you?
    Tin: I'm sorry. I can't just follow orders when I know they're wrong, when lives are at stake. We're not just numbers. NONE OF US ARE!

    In the hanger bay, Chase and Sixer were testing the ships.

    Chase: oh I can't believe I'm doing this.
    Tin: try one of those.

    The ships floated. But they bumped and the alarm went off.

    Prowl: what is happening down there!?
    Tin: oh it's it's it's it's nothing sir. It's, nothing.
    Prowl: then why has the alarm went off?
    Tin: oh ah it's ah ah ah a safety drill sir.
    Prowl: safety drill? But safety drills aren't till at least 35 astro minutes from now. Who authorized this drill!!?!?

    *bump* *thud* *thoom*

    Chase: oh I'm gonna be sick. *beep* oh no.

    *pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew*

    Chase: where to stop this!?!?!? *beep*

    A sonic missile came out.

    Chase: oh that'sssss gonna leave a mark


    Prowl looked out. Troops came to the hanger.

    Tin: this was a terrible plan
    Chase: hold on, this whole operation was your idea.
    Prowl: you there! Explain yourselves!
    Sixer: uhhh
    Chase: we were deciphering the enemy craft when what appears to be a booby trap went off
    Prowl: really? IS. THIS. TRUE?
    Tin: yes sir.
    Sixer: yes sir. It's definitely what happened. Without a doubt
    Prowl: booby trap eh? See jazz, the craft is unsuitable for flight. Lock down these ships.
    Chase: but sir, we know how they work.
    Prowl: orders are orders. Do them.

    At the troop quarters

    Tin: we saw how those work. I say we go with it. So, you two wanna come?
    Sixer: sure.
    Chase: ah were walking in to a barrage of missiles and blasters. Might as well die in a blaze of glory.
    Tin: okay, the trick is to hit the reactor with as much firepower and it will cause a chain reaction destroying it.

    The trio walked out. Jazz and a half a dozen troopers were doing an hourly walk around the base.

    Tin: I found my pilots.
    Jazz: are you out of your mind?
    Tin: it's the only way.
    Jazz: I can't talk you out of this...... So good luck.

    Tin smiled.

    They made it to the hanger and activated the fighters.

    Chase: this is where the fun begins.

    They prepared to fly. At the troop quarters, Dogma woke up. He saw the emptiness. He woke one trooper up.

    Dogma: shhhh, we both know something. If we don't report their insubordination, we will be court martialed.
    Trooper: then, let's go.

    The trio flew out the hanger, at a distance, jazz smiled. They flew up.

    Chase: this is a terrible idea!
    Tin: well it's better than prowls plan. Oh my -

    A massive space battle ensued. Explosions and bolts were everywhere. They didn't know where to go. They saw a squad of other fighters and followed.

    Tin: I see the carrier. Right there! Follow me.

    At the base.

    Prowl: who authorized this?
    Jazz: I did.

    Jazz walked out of the tower then he saw dogma and a trooper walking.

    Jazz: what is it troopers?
    Dogma: we have to tell prowl something.
    Jazz: why don't you tell me, and I'll tell him?
    Dogma: on second thought sir, it's not important
    Jazz: yeah, that's what I thought.

    The trio made it inside the hanger of the ship. A door was closing.

    Chase: now THAT'S not nice!

    He fired a missile. The door blew open. On the command module, a vehicon commander told his vehicons to open a ray shield. To which the vehicon did. The ray shield was between them and the trio.

    Sixer: fire!

    They fired but it did no good. They were stuck. Vehicons came blasting in.

    Tin: we can't get through that shield.
    Sixer: what are we going to do?
    Chase: it was an honor serving alongside you.
    Tin: chase, there has to be another way.
    Chase: get out.
    Sixer: what is he talking about?

    Chase got out. Took out a missile and walked through the door. The two other autobots ran out. Chase pushed the missile as the autobots made it out the hanger.

    Chase: FOR CYBERTRON!!!

    The carrier exploded.

    Tin: you were a good soldier, and a good brother, Chase.

    And that's how episode 34 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 35: Prowl's betrayal

    Tin and Sixer landed on the hanger. As they left the ships, a few troops came with handcuffs

    Trooper: AT-20,574, Tin, AT-30,555 Sixer, you are under arrest.
    Tin: what?
    Sixer: why?
    Trooper: for disrespecting and defying orders. You are to be handcuffed and locked while your judgement is still in process to be decided. Take them away.
    Tin: this, this is outrageous! It's unfair!
    Sixer: but we just blew up that carrier!
    Trooper: move along.

    At the tower

    Jazz: prowl, you seriously can't think of executing them. They blew up that carrier. They did a great service to the autobots. They are heroes!
    Prowl: the only thing that they are heroes at, is defying orders. Their defiance has undermined my command and will eventually inspire the other troops to rebel against me. So you will do, AS. I. COMMAND!

    At the brig

    Sixer: I don't get it. Why this?
    Tin: prowl has never been the same since the quintesson skirmish, 5 years back. Rumor has it that the quints messed with his brain module
    Sixer: so that's why he's so ridiculously edgy.

    Jazz came in.

    Jazz: tin, sixer, I'm sorry but prowl has ordered your execution.
    Tin: WHAT!? B-BBB-BUT WHY!? He can't do this!
    Jazz: he has ordered your execution due to you defying his orders.
    Tin: I can understand court martial and I'm more than willing to oblige but execution!?
    Jazz: I tried to convince him otherwise but, he wouldn't listen
    Sixer: listen jazz, he knows he can't control us, he's using you.
    Jazz: I'm....very sorry

    Two troopers walked inside and pulled them out.

    Sixer: don't blame yourself. We made our choices. We knew the price.
    Tin: speak for yourself.
    Sixer: I see you still have your sense of 'humor'
    Tin: hahaha.

    On the ground, about 8 auto troopers readied their guns. Dogma was in charge of the firing squad.

    Dogma: bring the prisoners forth.

    Jazz's squad came and brought the duo.

    Tin: well, I've officially lost my sense of humor

    Tin looked up and saw Prowl up in the tower. They were lined.

    Dogma: do the prisoners wish to be blindfolded?
    Dogma: I will take that as a no, then. Ready!
    Sixer: never thought I'd go out this way.
    Dogma: aim!
    Tin: wait! This is a mistake and we all know it! Prowl is making a mistake and he needs to be called out. No trooper deserves this! We are loyal soldiers and we are not a bunch of emotionless unthinking drones! We are cybertronian. We have energon in our veins and sparks in our hearts. We must believe in ourselves to do the right choices especially when the orders we are given ARE WRONG!
    Dogma: FIRE!

    The troops fired. But non hit, they purposely missed.

    Dogma: what? What happened?
    Jazz: the right thing. If this is how soldiers are rewarded for heroics and acts of bravery, everyone in this battalion may face a similar fate. Take them to the brig.
    Dogma: but orders are orders!
    Jazz: good luck in that.

    At the tower.

    Jazz walked in.

    Jazz: you wanted to see me sir?
    Prowl: yes. You defyied my orders for the last time, trooper.
    Jazz: it's, captain to you, sir.
    Prowl: grrrrrrr
    Trooper: Sir, incoming transmission.
    Prowl: put it through.
    Trooper: Sir, the militia have stepped up the offensive. They ambushed one of our scout patrols, stealing weaponry and hardware and are advancing as we speak and disguising as auto troopers. I believe they are preparing for a massive invasion.
    Prowl: looks like you stalled your execution. Lock the prisoners and prepare your platoons to move out. The capital is within our grasps and so is this theatre of war. And Captain, tell your men that the enemy is wearing autobot armor.
    Jazz: I will, sir.

    On the ground, a platoon of over 3 dozen troops were walking through the metal forest of Hive City.

    Jazz: stay alert. The enemy has our armor and they may trick us into an ambush.

    Trooper: careful dogma. I've seen that thing attack tin and chew his circuits out.

    He threw a rock at the creature and it awoke. Raising it's tentacles. The creature went back to sleep.

    Dogma: you saved my life there
    Trooper: no nee-

    A sniper attacked.

    Jazz: enemy fire. Enemy fire.

    Both sides fired. Bombs exploded.

    Jazz: get those mortars up here.

    4 troops brought their mortars and fired. It exploded and scattered the enemy

    Jazz: does anyone have any visual?
    Trooper: nah it's too dark.

    Jazz ran to encircle the enemy. But he heard gasping. He ran towards it. It was an auto trooper scout. He went near him and removed his helmet. It really was an auto trooper.
    Jazz ran out.

    Jazz: stop firing. They're autobots! Autobots!
    Trooper: what?
    Jazz: they're our brothers! Remove your helmets. Show them we are not the enemy!

    Scout: hold up.

    Jazz: don't shoot! Don't shoot!

    The auto troopers stopped firing. They out down their guns. They were confused. They realised that they killed their own brother.

    Jazz: where is that scout?
    Scout: cough cough cough
    Jazz: tell me, Who authorized this?
    Scout: cough cough, p-ppp-prowl or-ddered th-

    Jazz: what happened there, was no accident. Prowl ordered the attack. And we must know why. Any trooper who wants to walk out on this, say it now.

    All troops stood forward.

    Jazz: good.

    All the troops marched upon the tower, all except dogma. Jazz and a few others freed tin and sixer. The troops marched into the room.

    Jazz: prowl, you're relieved of duty.
    Prowl: it's, treason then.
    Jazz: surrender now. Put your hands in the air.
    Prowl: you're commuting mutiny, captain.
    Jazz: explain your actions.
    Jazz: my actions?
    Prowl: for ordering your men to fire.
    Prowl: oh that. I'm surprised you figured that out, for a simple low ranking soldier.
    Trooper: surrender now, prowl. You're outnumbered.
    Prowl: you dare threaten me?

    Prowl pressed a button which released smoke. He then shot twice troops dead. The rest git up. Prowl jumped out the window. He transformed and rammed a trooper, using him as a battering ram to open the gate. Jazz and the rest pursued

    Dogma: hold it right there.
    Jazz: drop your weapon dogma.
    Dogma: I, I, I can't do that..
    Jazz: that's an order.
    Dogma: *heavy breathing* you're all traitors!
    Jazz: I used to believe doing everything by the book was how good soldiers act. But I learned that the book wasn't always the best way, at a high cost.

    Dogma dropped his weapon.

    Jazz: take him to the brig.

    In the forest

    Jazz: men, do you read?
    Trooper: I can't see him sir, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh
    Jazz: trooper! Trooper!
    Trooper: he's, he has the place rigged. He has everywhere I can't see aaaahhhh
    Jazz: stay on high alert men.

    Prowl, in an echoing voice: you should've ve ve listened to the trooper er er from the beginning ing ing ing captain in in. He was right, ight ight. I was using you, using you, using you. Heeehehehahahahahahaha

    A flash bomb exploded. Temporary blinding the troops. Prowl jumped out and started shooting them down. Reinforcements came but were taken out by a grenade. Tin saw the slaughter. But he also saw one of those creatures. He ran towards it.

    Tin: hey you, big fat and ugly. Come here!

    Prowl charged ahead. He awoke the creature and it grabbed on his leg. He raised prowl. Auto troopers started shooting but he was too quick. Prowl shot the creatures mouth. The creature release him and he went on a rampage. Tin shot him. Prowl lay down. Tin walked forward but prowl stabbed him with an energon blade.

    Sixer: no!
    Prowl: how does it feel to die?
    Tin: not die. Sacrifice!

    Tin put a stun grenade inside prowl

    Prowl: you fool! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh uaaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh

    Prowl was unconscious. And tin died.

    At the brig.

    Jazz: why? Why did you kill your own men?
    Prowl: why? Because you are expendable. Inferior
    Jazz: but you're an autobot!
    Prowl: I am not so naive as to believe in their, dogmatic and narrow ways. A new power is rising. The autobots will lose this war. The quintessons showed me. The autobots will be burned from existence and a new power, more powerful than any to have ever existed, will rise and I will be a part of it.
    Jazz: you're a decepticon.
    Prowl: autobot decepticon it doesn't matter. I serve no one side. The decepticons will take this tower back and I will meet my new master.
    Jazz: you're an agent of Starscream!
    Prowl: not yet. But when they retake this tower, I will pledge my allegiance to him and he will take me.
    Dogma: how could you do this? I trusted you! I followed your orders. And you made me kill my brothers!
    Prowl: and that is why you fail. You were the biggest fool on them all, dogma! I counted on blind loyalty like yours to make my plans succeed.
    Jazz: release him.
    Trooper: understood sir.
    Jazz: turn around prowl.
    Prowl: you're in a position of power now, captain. What are you waiting for?
    Jazz: I, I can't
    Prowl: but you'll eventually have to. The decepticons are coming. When they do, they'll slaughter all of you and your corpses shall put on spears to display and you will be hated by future generations! You will-



    Jazz didn't shoot. He looked behind. The shot was made by dogma

    Dogma: I, I, I couldn't. My, my, my brothers,
    Sixer: it's okay dogma

    And that's how episode 35 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 36: caminus

    Ultra Magnus and Rodimus were having a conversation

    Rodimus: I'm sorry for you to have heard that. Luckily, captain jazz has successfully executed the traitor prowl.
    Ultra Magnus: good.
    Rodimus: I know being sent to another planet isn't really the thing you wanted to be assigned but we needed the best of the best to secure the camien front. We cannot afford to lose another front, not since Gigantion has suffered heavy loses and Velocitron barely having enough to hold on. And one of our freighters was destroyed in a bombing. We've identified the bot as a Camien. Is something the matter?
    Ultra Magnus: it's just I can't help but think they that you sent me on Caminus purposely didn't you?
    Rodimus: well your 'history' with the mistress makes you our best bet
    Ultra Magnus: hahahaha, eeeehhhhh. I just hope she's over with the quintesson skirmish 5 years back.
    Rodimus: oooohhhhh, eeeaaah. Well I see you after you land.

    A fleet of autobots were making their way to Caminus.

    Chromia: girls, we're going back home
    Nautica: oh yeah!
    Fire star: can't wait. Cybertron was a bore.
    Chromia: oh come on. It wasn't that bad.
    Fire star: eh whatever.

    Kup: so, Caminus Huh?
    Magnus: yeah.
    Kup: come on. It can't that bad.
    Magnus: it's just, I haven't seen her in years.
    Jetfire: umm, who are you two talking about?
    Kup: we're talking about the Mistress of Flame. She and Magnus here have a 'thing' going on.
    Magnus: kup!
    Springer: Magnus and, ooooohhhhhh.

    Moon racer pinched Springer. Jetfire face palmed and muttered softly " I shouldn't have said that". Magnus embarrassingly laughed.

    At Kaon.

    Shockwave: the new supply of energon has proven to be more than enough for our troops in the Front. And I can restart my experiments
    Starscream: I'm glad to hear that, Shockwave
    Strika: thanks to the station, our troops in the Front can now dig in for a long stalemate and we can prevent a famine.

    Scourge and Soundwave entered the room.

    Starscream: ah scourge! Am I glad to see an old friend after such a long time.

    Scourge kneeled down.

    Starscream: oh come on. You're embarrassing me.
    Scourge: I am sorry, starscream. I failed you. The gigantians, they were
    Starscream: it's alright.
    Scouge: oh.
    Saurok: your failure on gigantion wasn't that much of a failure, Scourge.
    Scourge: whot?
    Saurok: failure yes, but look at the bright side. Over 60% of ground forces are dead, 40% of artillery are destroyed, their shields will take time to be restored. You may have failed in taking the planet but you did succeed in destroying much of their defences, making future invasion, much easier than I originally anticipated.
    Cyclonus: lord starscream.
    Starscream: yes, cyclonus?
    Cyclonus: I, regret to inform you that, Governor Arachia has passed away.
    Starscream: oh. Such a shame.
    Ice: you hear that? It means that you the king of rap now.
    Lugnut: hmm, YESSSSS!

    *Awkward silence*

    Lugnut: uh uh uh I meant, rip
    Starscream: I will personally attend her funeral myself. Cyclonus, contact slipstream and tell her to come to Eukaris.

    Autobot side

    Pilot: ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our destination, Caminus. If you look to your left, you will see the beautiful planet in all its glory.
    Nautica: can't believe it. We're home!
    Chromia and fire star: *cheer intensifies*

    Ultra Magnus: *nervous sigh*
    Kup: it's alright.
    Springer: we're here for you sir.
    Ultra Magnus: which is what worries me.
    Jetfire: HA! *daps*
    Ultra Magnus: hahaha.

    The ships from cybertron, an entire fleet, made it to the capital city of Caminus, Lux. The ships docked. The wreckers and those from cybertron were in awe of the spectacle that is the city of Lux. A gigantic city of over a thousand square miles, it's earthly medieval architecture was a stunning site for moon racer.

    Moon racer: oh my primus. Oh my primus. Oh my primus. Can we go out and explore, pleaseeeeeee?
    Chromia: wanna come? We're going to the Grand Bazaar
    Springer: uh I don't know. We are on ord-
    Ultra Magnus: its fine. You can go explore. Springer, go with them.
    Springer: aaaaahhh. Is this because of what happened on the ship?
    Ultra Magnus:.....half
    Springer: oh man.
    Moon racer: come on springy.
    Jetfire: ahahahahahaha

    Ultra Magnus, Kup and jetfire walked into the flaming palace. They walked into the throne room. A beautiful room with shining bright diamond everywhere and silver for floor, it was marvelous.

    Aren zol: I am Minister Aren Zol. I am pleased to meet you, Ultra Magnus. You couldn't have come at a better time.
    Ultra Magnus: why? Are the decepticons advancing?
    Aren Zol: no. The mistress is very, angsty these cycles. And i-
    Mistress: Aren where are y- Ultra Magnus. My shining autobot Knight in shining armour, once again to my rescue
    Ultra Magnus: mistress of flame. Even after all these years, you're even more beautiful than I remember
    Ultra Magnus: kind words coming from the man who accused me of treason during the quintesson skirmish.
    Jetfire and Kup: oooohhh.
    Ultra Magnus: but that was so long ago. I would never accuse you of treason. But one of our ships was attacked by a Camien.

    He showed a hologram of the suspect.

    Mistress: I recognize that armor and signature. It's one of the radicals who follow windblade.
    Alen: but that can't be. We exiled them centuries ago.
    Mistress: perhaps they got. Come Magnus, we'll discuss it in the parks.

    At the grand bazaar

    Nautica: isn't this fun?
    Moon racer: yeah it is.
    Fire star: look at that.
    Nautica: ooooo it's an EMR-17 hydro nucleic acid gun. Oh I want one.
    Springer: uuuhhhh, girls.

    The autobots were walking in the parks.

    Ultra Magnus: hmm, this windblade who is she?
    Mistress: a radical. She opposed my predecessor and her government. Believing that their pacifistic ways were holding back Caminus from its ancestral past and it's future for greatness. Her movement would've started a civil war if my predecessor didn't exile her and her followers to unknown space.
    Ultra Magnus: and now she has allied herself with Starscream and his new decepticon order.

    A bomb exploded. The mistress ran to aid the injured.

    Ultra Magnus: no one is to leave this scene. I want everyone here interviewed and questioned.

    One bot ran away. Ultra Magnus ran after him. The bot ran down a tunnel and Magnus followed. The bot had nowhere to go. He shot at Magnus. Magnus quickly shot his gun aside. The bot ran at him but Magnus tackled him. The mistress came.

    Mistress: stop this!
    Ultra Magnus: stay back mistress.
    The bot, in ancient cybertronian: Caminus shall reclaim it's past glory. All hail Starscream!

    He jumped. Energon spilling on the ground.

    On Eukaris.

    Starscream was in 500 arachnica, the residential house of the Eukarian leader.

    Starscream: I am sorry for your loss.
    Arachnia's great niece: thank you, my lord starscream.
    Starscream: sorry I have to take this.

    He walked out.

    Starscream: yes.
    Cyclonus: I got word that ultra Magnus is on Caminus my lord.
    Starscream: ah! That's unexpected. I'll return to Kaon immediately.

    He offed his comnlinks

    Starscream: slipstream, you are the Regent-Governor of Eukaris now. Do not fail me.
    Slipstream: I won't my lord

    And that's how episode 37 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 38: party at Forgefire

    On Iacon

    Ratchet: you called me, Rodimus? You should know that as a medic my job is outside attending the wounded.
    Rodimus: I know, I wouldn't have called you here if it wasn't important. Tell me, do you know of Outbound Flight?
    Ratchet: outbound flight? Why yes. I was among the team responsible for designing it and building it.
    Rodimus: good. Follow me.

    Both walked to the elevator. It went down below.

    Ratchet: outbound flight is a ginormous cylindrical ship attached to 5 autobot heavy cruisers. It's purpose was to be an autobot exploration craft to explore and possibly colonize planets in the unknown regions and maybe outside the galaxy. It wasn't due to the war. So tell me, what is your curiosity In Outbound Flight?
    Rodimus: I already told perceptor but I want you and the autobot science program to rebuild Outbound Flight to carry citizens for evacuation in the event that we lose this war.
    Ratchet: rodimus, rebuilding Outbound Flight would take months, maybe even years.
    Rodimus: which is why I'm putting it in your hands, ratchet.

    They reached the lower levels of Iacon.

    Perceptor: rodimus, ratchet, as you asked, we have taken to working on rebuilding Outbound flight to carry citizens. But I am afraid we will need more manual labor if we hope to complete it in a month or less.
    Ratchet: huh would you look at that. Repurposed engines from old freighters, a larger dome, larger body in fact and a 2 more heavy cruisers. We can try, but, it will be long.
    Rodimus: we can wait
    Perceptor: well then, let's get to work.

    Decepticon Tarn Class heavy Cruiser, Lusankya

    Windblade was training, destroying drones. She sliced one and blocked blasts from another one. One flew behind her and she jumped. She pulled out a second sword and destroyed both drones.

    Vehicon: ma'am, lord starscream wants to speak with you.
    Windblade: I'll take it in my office.

    At her office

    Starscream: windblade, you are as beautiful as the day I met you. How is your front?
    Windblade: a little resist-y but it'll eventually break.
    Starscream: I'll be sending Saurok and Cyclonus to Caminus. I need that planet to fall immediately.
    Windblade: it will be done.

    The Front.

    Guns blazing and bombs exploding. Both soldiers firing everything they got. The decepticons came with tanks and the autobot defenses were destroyed. But the wreckers and new troops came.

    Vehicon commissar: general, the wreckers are here. What are we going to do?
    Windblade: fall back.
    Commissar: fall back?
    Windblade: it's all part of the plan commissar.
    Commissar: understood.

    The vehicons retreated. The troopers celebrated victory.

    At the forgefire parliament, the government got word that the vehicons were retreating back to the main decepticon garrison, Leo Lapis. The mistress of flame proposed a party be held.

    Kup: you hear that sir? There's going to be a massive attack at Leo Lapis. We're going to be leading it's attack.
    Ultra Magnus: let's hope we can secure this front as quickly as possible. Come on kup, we're late for the party.

    Jetfire, moon racer, Springer, chromia, Nautica and fire star were walking up the stairs of the Forgefire parliament.

    Springer: ha ha very funny.
    Moon racer: oh come on don't be like that
    Chromia: you know you should try-

    Jetfire: Huh?

    Jetfire walked to his side.

    Moon racer: jetfire?
    Jetfire: warn the guards. There's an assassin

    An auto trooper was dead.

    Jetfire: ultra Magnus, do you hear me?
    Ultra Magnus: I hear you. What is it, jetfire?
    Jetfire: there is an assassin here. It killed one of the auto troopers. I've told the guards to keep a lookout. A search party is currently looking for them. Be safe sir.
    Ultra Magnus: will do.

    A guard was searching in a dark room. He pointed his gun at a red glowing lamp. But it was no lamp. It was the assassin, a drone. It shredded the guard in pieces.

    Ultra Magnus: I'm sorry but party's closed.
    Mistress: what does this mean, Magnus? 0
    Ultra Magnus: an assassin has come

    The room was in panic. Suddenly the assassin drone came and attacked. Two guards were dead. It ran at the mistress but kup pushed himself towards the drone and fired with his pistol. It was dead.

    Kup: it's alright femmes and gentlebots.

    But it wasn't over. Mini drones came out from its body in the hundreds and an antenna appeared. Kup and the guards started shooting but they moved too fast. The mistress took out her pistol and fired. Ultra Magnus took out his blaster and too started firing

    At the halls, another drone attacked jetfire and his company. It injured Nautica and fire star. Springer took out his sword and fended the drone. Chromia jumped on top of the drone and used her electro staff to shock it. It was down but it unleashed it's mini drones. Jetfire took out his guns and moon racer took out her rifle.

    At the main guest room.

    Ultra Magnus: do you always carry a stun pistol?
    Mistress: just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I wouldn't defend myself.
    Ultra Magnus: now you sound just like a soldier.

    The drones were all dead.

    Jetfire: this is jetfire, do you read ultra Magnus?
    Ultra Magnus: yeah.
    Jetfire: how are you up there?
    Ultra Magnus: we'll live.
    Nautica: hey guys look here. I know who the assassin is.

    At the main hall, the guests were being escorted home, recovering from the experience of the assassin drone. Ultra Magnus and a squad came in.

    Ultra Magnus: Aren Zol, you are under arrest.
    Aren Zol: what, what is the meaning of this?
    Mistress: Magnus, what are you talking about?
    Ultra Magnus: aren zol is a traitor. He put those assassin drones here to kill you mistress.

    The building shook. 3 decepticon pods attacked. About 100 vehicons attacked. The guards called for aid. The guards were fighting off against vehicons. The wreckers came to help. Taking advantage of the current confusion, Zol took out a pistol and shot the guards. He put his arm on the mistress' neck and pointed his gun at her.

    Aren Zol: don't move filth.
    Ultra Magnus: aren, don't do this.
    Aren Zol: I said don't move!
    Mistress: but why? Aren, I trusted you.
    Aren Zol: because your pacifistic ways have made us weak! We were a warrior race. Unchallenged in combat and forgery. But you and your predecessors have plotted to destroy our culture and history. Windblade was right and the decepticons will lead us to glory!

    On the hallways.

    Moon racer: there's too many of them!
    Nautica: outnumbered, not for long.

    She threw a ball at them. One of the vehicons was curious and grabbed it. He shaked it and released a stunning electricity. Springer and Chromia advanced and sliced vehicons.

    At the hall.

    Aren Zol: don't come any closer. I took a great deal of time and labour to set fill this place with explosives. Come closer and I'll send us all to the Allspark.

    Aren Zol walked slowly

    Mistress: ultra Magnus, it appears I may never see you again. I don't know how to say this but, I've loved you from the moment you came to my aid, all those years ago
    Aren Zol: I can't believe this.
    Ultra Magnus: mistress, this is hardly the time or place to.... Alright fine. Had you said the word, I would've left the autobots for you.
    Aren Zol: this is touching, really. Tears dropping but it's making me sick and we must really be going.
    Mistress: buh! You have the romantic soul of a decepticon!

    She kicked him in the foot. He squealed and the mistress took his gun and pointed it and him.

    Mistress: and decepticons are frowned upon.
    Aren Zol: interesting turnout but even if I'm not able to kill you because HE interfered or I can't deliver you to Lord starscream, I still win cause I blow this piece of junk to scrap metal with the press of this button.
    Mistress: I will never allow you to do this
    Aren Zol: what are you going to do? Shoot me? You will have proven yourself a hypocrite. You would've betrayed your own movement. And you Magnus, you are willing to resort to violence and be hailed as a hero, well almost everyone. Well come on then! Who will strike first and brand themselves a cold blooded kille-

    Someone stabbed him in the back. It was Jetfire. Zol dropped the remote and jetfire grabbed it.

    Ultra Magnus: jetfire
    Jetfire: what? He was gonna blow this place.

    The mistress threw away the gun. Kup and a few troops entered the scene.

    Kup: are you alright sir?
    Ultra Magnus: we're fine.

    Ultra Magnus went to the mistress.

    Ultra Magnus: it's okay.

    She hugged and kissed ultra Magnus to everyone's surprise.

    Springer: are you alright in there, ultra... Magnus?
    Moon racer: what's happening?
    Springer: shhhhh. Quietly go back. Slowly slowly.

    At the lusankya

    Windblade: are you absolutely certain this plan of yours will succeed, lord Saurok?
    Saurok: I would not have issued it if I didn't approve of it, windblade.
    Vehicon: ma'am, the assassination failed. Aren Zol is dead.
    Windblade: he was nothing but a puppet. He outlived his usefulness. We capture Lux tomorrow and close this part of the war.

    And that's how episode 38 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 39: the Camien Plan

    At the Lusankya

    Saurok was training windblade. Blades clashed.

    Saurok: stop using standards and basics, use the unorthodox.

    Windblade's swords moved faster. She clashed here and there. Then spun and jumped and struck. Saurok then bent and put his sword on his back as a shield. He stood up and attacked.

    Saurok: how many times must I tell you? Focus on the central line

    She struck forth.

    Saurok: good. Very good but not enough.

    She charged forward but Saurok used his power to push her aside. She got up and struck. He turned to his left and struck a blow with his hand at her back.

    Saurok: you should know better than to scream when attacking. Silence is an ally you cannot afford to lose.

    She kicked him. He dodged but she quickly struck again. They dueled.

    Saurok: you're holding it too tightly

    He knocked the sword out of her hand and put his swords on her neck.

    Saurok: now too loosely.

    He put both swords behind his back and pulled windblade's sword.

    Saurok: hmm, a new blade.
    Windblade: you're training has served me well. It has awarded me many trophies.
    Saurok: do not let your pursuit of trinkets cloud your judgement. Remember what I taught you. If you are to succeed against the best of the Camiens and Autobots, you must have fear, surprise and intimidation at your side. If any one element is lacking, it would be best for you to retreat. You must break their spirit then you can have your trophies.

    He gave her back her sword. Starscream entered the chat using holo tech.

    Starscream: wise council lord Saurok.
    Saurok: starscream.
    Starscream: how is the plan?
    Windblade: it is going as planned my lord. The autobots will attack Leo Lapis. They will take the bait while my troops attack Lux.
    Starscream: good good. Proceed with the plan.
    Windblade: the Camiens will never see it coming.

    Forgefire parliament, 2 astro hours before the assault on Leo Lapis.

    Ultra Magnus: are you sure this plan of yours will work?
    Chromia: I am certain. There was an underground tunnel leading in and out of Leo Lapis in the case of a siege. We can use it to our advantage.
    Kup: many will die.
    Ultra Magnus: prepare the army to move out.

    Mistress: be careful out there.
    Ultra Magnus: I've been through worse.

    Leo Lapis, present hour.

    Ultra Magnus, Kup, Chromia and a few troops were entering the tunnel.

    Outside of Leo Lapis, the entire autobot army was struggling to march through an area filled with mines and vehicon machine guns were gunning them down. Autobot tanks did almost no good and air cover was struggling to provide cover. Trooper open fired but it was difficult. They fired ropes and claimed but that too was difficult. Ultra Magnus and company made it inside the fortress. They killed the few guards there. They opened the gate and the entire army entered the fortress. Vehicons and auto troopers were slaughtering each other. Chromia took out her electro spear and beated three vehicons and shut down the artillery.

    Ultra Magnus climbed on top of a crab drone and fired at its head. He jumped and hammered a vehicon. He then shot one straight in the head and knocked another one out the window.

    The fighting was over. Ultra Magnus walked over the corpses of deceased vehicons.

    Kup: well that was intense.
    Ultra Magnus: some things not right.
    Kup: what do you mean?
    Ultra Magnus: there's supposed to be more vehicons here. Many more.
    Trooper: Sir! Sir! Look there! Look there!

    Ultra Magnus was horrified. The autobot ships were being destroyed. In the Middle was the Tarn class heavy cruiser, Chimera, Saurok's flagship. A vehicon was struggling to live. Ultra Magnus went to him

    Ultra Magnus: where are they? Where is the rest of the decepticon army?

    The Decepticon army was appearing out of space bridge portals and were marching on Lux. Windblade was riding a giant metal beast and was commanding her troops. She raised her sword. From the Forgefire parliament, the mistress of flame knew Lux was doomed. Over 5 million vehicons were marching to Lux with thousands of tanks and artillery walkers.

    Old camien woman: you must leave Lux now mistress.
    Mistress: I will not leave my people behind.
    The old woman: as long as you live, our people have hope. Now go. Sir Naares will guide you out the city.
    Mistress: what will you do?
    Old woman: face the mistake I made long ago.
    Sir Naares: come milady.

    The city walls were breached. Windblade flew in her jet mode and transformed. Kicking a guard and used him as a shield to land. She took out her swords and deflected the blaster bolts. She unleashed a hurricane blow and sliced guards. Vehicons came charging in.

    Windblade walked up the Forgefire. She went inside a room.

    Windblade: well, if it isn't the former mistress of flame. Now an old bot waiting for her spark to burnout.
    Old woman: windblade. You haven't changed.
    Windblade: where is she?
    Old woman: gone. Far from here.

    Windblade walked away, but the old woman called her. Offered a seat and asked for a game. Windblade sat.

    The mistress along Sir Naares and his companions, 5 knights were driving through the Crassum desert. But a mysterious bot was sharpening his blade. They transformed and pulled out their swords due to his decepticon insignia. He put on his three spiked crown

    Saurok: hello there. You are the mistress of flame I presume. Hmm for someone of such title I expected you to be a bit, taller.
    Sir Naares: who are you, decepticon?
    Saurok: I am Lord Saurok. And I ask only the mistress. Give her and I'll spare you.
    Knight: over our sparkless husks!
    Saurok: I was expecting you to say that.

    Ultra Magnus and the autobots were rushing to Lux but someone shot ultra Magnus in the back. It was the bounty hunter Lockdown. He shot ultra Magnus again and stunning him. The wreckers and autobots rushed to help ultra Magnus but a Vos class cruiser attacked. Releasing it's vehicons and jets. The wreckers and the rest of the autobots were divided by a wall of flame. Jetfire took out a sword and attacked. Lockdown took out a spear and fought jetfire. Lockdown got the advantage and struck a blow at jetfire's back, sending him flying away. Springer came and moon racer readied her rifle. Seeing this Lockdown used Springer as a shield and threw him at moon racer. Kup fought Lockdown hand to hand but the bounty hunter was too powerful. Lockdown dragged ultra Magnus to his ship and left.

    Sir Naares: mistress you're gonna have to leave.
    Mistress: no I want to stay and fight.
    Sir Naares: it's too dangerous. Go. Go.

    The mistress transformed and Saurok transformed but the knights grabbed him and tossed him and they encircled him.

    Sir Naares: you'll not get to her.
    Saurok: I wasn't asking your opinion.

    They pulled out their swords and fought. The knights charged at him. Saurok sliced one in the stomach and he pulled out his second sword and blocked incoming attacks. He twirled his swords and attacked. He walked forward slowly and the knights advanced. He sliced ones throat. The 4 remaining knights attacked and Saurok kept blocking. He kicked one to Sir Naares and sliced his throat. He made an X and struck. Another Knight attacked but Saurok put his sword into his eye and brain. Naares and the other Knight attacked. Saurok kicked sir Naares away and drove his sword into the other Knight in the stomach. Sir Naares breathed heavily. Both of them twirled their swords and attacked. Eventually, Saurok knocked the sword away but Sir Naares fired a blaster bolt at Saurok's energon supply. He shot it again and again until fire was coming out of Saurok's stomach, eyes and mouth.

    Sir Naares transformed and caught up with the mistress of flame.

    Mistress: Sir Naares, are you hurt?
    Sir Naares: I'm fine. Come on let's get you someplace safe.

    But before they could go any further, a chain was on the mistress' neck. Behind was Saurok.

    Saurok: Did you think it was that easy to kill me?

    He pulled the mistress. Sir Naares was about to attack but a decepticon ship came. Saurok used his power to put the mistress to sleep and hopped on the transport.

    And that's how episode 39 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 40: the rescue.

    Lockdown's ship, the Scimitar, was making it's way through deep space. Then, a ginormous ship of titanic proportions appeared. The Decepticon flagship, Supremacy. The Scimitar landed at one of the many hangers.

    Cyclonus: do you have him, bounty hunter?
    Lockdown: you know I do, Cyclony.
    Cyclonus: grrrr, here's your pay.
    Lockdown: pleasure doing business with you.

    At the bridge.

    Slipstream: the factories are producing the war vehicles as quickly as possible my Liege.
    Starscream: excellent but I need more than that to ensure a quick victory.
    Slipstream: I shall double the production speed then.

    Saurok and Windblade entered the room.

    Saurok: my plan worked flawlessly starscream. Lux is now under decepticon control and so is the planet.
    Starscream: any pocket of resistance?
    Windblade: too minor to be of a problem.
    Starscream: ah good.
    Cyclonus: lord starscream, ultra Magnus has been delivered per your orders.
    Starscream: put them in the interrogation room.
    Cyclonus: will be done.
    Starscream: call shockwave here. I need his expertise in extracting the information.
    Vehicon: yes my lord.
    Vehicon: lord starscream, director Thrust wants to talk with you.
    Starscream: uh, that thrust. He's as spilled as he is whiny.

    On Caminus, the autobot army was hiding in a secret fortress in the Alba plateau. Jetfire was looking out through a tightly closed window.

    Jetfire: all clear.
    Springer: we can't stay here long. They'll eventually find us.
    Kup: we can leave once that darn space bridge can be fixed.

    Trooper: augh!!!!!!!! It hurts!!!!!!

    Chromia: Nautica's working on it but the tech is a million years old. It'll take time.
    Moon racer: kup, what about ultra Magnus? We can't just leave him in decepticon hands.
    Kup: I know but until something happens, we'll just have to wait.

    A car was outside the gate. The gates opened. It was Sir Naares. He transformed and collapsed. His injuries were severe.

    Chromia: it's sir Naares. But he was supposed to be here with the mistress.
    Sir Naares: they have her. The mistress. They have her.

    On the Supremacy.

    Shockwave appeared.

    Starscream: ah shockwave. Welcome to the supremacy.
    Shockwave: I see that Thrust is useful for something once in his life.
    Starscream: ah yes. A rare and somewhat sickening site to see. We have captured both Ultra Magnus and the Mistress of flame. We need your cortical psychic patch to get the data we need. From ultra Magnus, the interior of the Iacon walls and from the mistress, locations to secret bases.
    Shockwave: where are they?
    Starscream: in the interrogation room. Saurok is currently torturing them.

    In the interrogation room.

    Ultra Magnus: aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
    Mistress: stop it! Just leave him alone!

    Saurok stopped electrocuting.

    Saurok: now where's the fun in that?

    He continued and Starscream and Shockwave entered.

    On Alba Plateau.

    Sir Naares: so that's the story.
    Springer: now they have both the Ultra Magnus and the Mistress.
    Kup: I have an idea.
    Moon racer: what is it?
    Kup: data shows a decepticon scout party just 10 klicks north of our position. I say we steal their armor and board the nearest transport to the ship.
    Jetfire: crazy. But crazy's what we got.
    Chromia: I'm coming with you.
    Springer: well I ain't getting younger so let's go.

    10 klicks off Alba plateau

    #1 Vehicon: you hear that?
    #2 Vehicon: hear what?
    #1 Vehicon: 17-14s are being replaced with 14-12s.
    #2 Vehicon: oh man. That's just bad news.
    #3 Vehicon: ikr? It's a pile of scrap.
    Springer: hey.
    #1 Vehicon: who are you?
    Springer: no one.
    #2 Vehicon: uh-huh Hands in the air.
    Springer: okay.

    Springer put his hands in the air and moon racer and jetfire fired. The autobots scanned the vehicons and took on decepticon purple-black.

    Chromia: hey! Look here.
    Kup: a helex gunship. Nice

    The autobots then boarded the gunship and flew off.

    Kup: okay. Chromia and moon racer, you will guard the ship while Springer, jetfire and I search for ultra Magnus and the mistress.
    Springer: uhh, kup. You might wanna look at this.
    Kup: blimey.

    The decepticon warship was massive and it was unlike anything the autobots had seen.

    Vehicon: helex gunship 227-592, enter codes so that I may guide you to a hanger.
    Springer: ah sen- sending, sending it right away.

    Vehicon: you may enter hanger 4.
    Springer: ah thank you. Will do.

    The gunship landed at hanger 4.

    Chromia: kup.
    Kup: what is it?
    Chromia: this ship, it's never been seen before. I'll take moon racer and try to get some data.
    Kup: it's too dangerous.
    Chromia: kup, look at it. It's unlike any ship in cybertronian history. If we can get something, it will help us.
    Kup: *frustrated sigh* seeing as your right, you can go but be careful.

    The autobots left the gunship. Kup, disguising as a Sargent, asked a vehicon where they kept the autobot P. O. Ws and where important data was being stored.. The vehicon gave him the location. The autobots departed. Kup, Springer and jetfire went right while chromia and Moon racer went left. The girls stopped at an elevator. They went up to floor 30.

    Chromia: okay it's in floor 30.
    Moon racer: floor 30. Okay got it.

    The elevator opened but windblade, soundwave and a squad of vehicons came in.

    Windblade: ladies.
    Chromia: ma'am.

    At the bridge.

    Shockwave: the info I got from the prisoners.
    Saurok: excellent. With this, I can make a plan to destroy the Iacon walls.

    In the elevator, a female vehicon was staring at Chromia.

    Female Vehicon: I know I'm not supposed to make contact with a captain but, I never took you for Captain material. Aaa save me, that's it high ho.

    *slap in Chromia's butt*

    Chromia: trooper

    The elevator was open. Chromia and moon racer left. Soundwave stopped Windblade.

    In the brig, kup found ultra Magnus and the mistress.

    Ultra Magnus: kup?
    Kup: come on. No time to slag, you and your girlfriend both.
    Ultra Magnus: she's not my-
    Kup: Primus what did they do to you?
    Jetfire: come on its all clear.

    Chromia downloaded the data in her datapad. But vehicons came into the room, along with Soundwave.

    They escorted them to the hanger for execution. Windblade saw Chromia. She slapped Chromia in the face.

    Windblade: you couldn't live with your mistake, and where did that bring you? Right back to me, traitor.
    Chromia: it's not my fault you became too extreme.
    Windblade: firing squad is too merciful for them. Bring in the atomizer axes.

    2 vehicons with axes came.

    Moon racer: why did she call you a traitor? Do you know her?
    Chromia: I used to be part of her movement
    Moon racer: what!? 0

    Kup's company was making it's way through a bridge.

    Jetfire: kup.
    Kup: oh scrap. Jetfire, Springer on my mark.

    Windblade: ready!

    *boom boom boom boom boom*

    Jetfire and Springer were blasting missiles. The hanger was on fire. Chromia took out a pin and freed herself twisting the neck of a vehicon and using his gun to kill another one.

    Chromia: come on.
    Moon racer: okay.
    Windblade: TRAITOR!!!!!!

    Chromia looked behind. Moon racer fired a shot at Windblade but it wasn't enough. 5 vehicons came. But something was blasting them away. Kup had hijacked a quad spider drone. Windblade took out her sword. Chromia took out her spear.

    Windblade: let's dance traitor.
    Chromia: bring it on clown face.

    Chromia ran forward. She hit a vehicon and attacked Windblade. Windblade blocked and both traded blows. Windblade quickly got the advantage and Chromia went back. They hit and traded blows. Chromia spun and jumped and struck a blow. Windblade hit her back. And both traded blows again until Windblade kicked her aside.

    Moon racer: no!

    Windblade took out a pistol and fired.

    Chromia: hey!

    Windblade looked and Chromia hit her in the face.

    Jetfire: come on! We're not getting any younger!

    The wreckers got on a shuttle and flew out.

    At the bridge

    Vehicon: lord starscream, hanger 4 is under attack. A shuttle has left and it seems to be carrying autobots.
    Starscream: tell 2 jets to pursue but not destroy. I'll eliminate them in their own base.

    And that's how episode 40 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 41: massacre

    The shuttle was running out of fuel

    Jetfire: prepare for a crash landing!

    The base at the Alba Plateau was closing it's gate but the shuttle made it inside. Auto troopers were firing.

    Moon racer and Chromia: don't shoot! Friendly! Friendly!
    Sir Naares: seize fire! Seize fire!

    The autobots came out.

    Trooper: sir, as you requested, the space bridge is nearly functional. It's only a few astro minutes before it can be used.
    Kup: good.
    Ultra Magnus: prepare defenses. The decepticons will not be far behi-
    Kup: I know that sound.
    Springer: I HATE that sound.

    An entire army of vehicons were marching up to the Alba base. With a few dozen quad walkers, tanks and 20 fortress walkers. Up the sky, was Astrotrain and inside was Starscream and the rest of decepticon command.

    Starscream: you may fire when ready.

    Vehicons and the walkers and tanks opened fire. Auto troopers manned the trenches and machine guns in the gate. Jets came in and killed auto troopers.

    Kup: we need that space bridge now!
    Nautica: I'm working on it but I need more time.
    Jetfire: *heavy breathing* I'll buy you some time.
    Kup: jetfire, wait.

    Jetfire transformed and flew out. He destroyed 3 jet vehicons.

    Aboard astrotrain.

    Starscream: 6th squadron, blow that piece of junk out of my sight!
    Squadron leader: as you wish lord starscream. Follow me.

    Jetfire and the 6th jet squadron were dogfighting.

    On the ground.

    Vehicons: grond! Grond! Grond! Grond! Grond!

    A gigantic weapon came. It was shaped liked a wolf and 2 massive crab like vehicles were chained to it and it pulled it. It was named Grond.

    Jetfire came in hot.

    Jetfire: ah there's too many of them.
    Kup: you did your best.
    Nautica: the space bridge is open. I just need a location.
    Chromia: hardhelm
    Nautica: hardhelm? Are you sure?
    Chromia: with every drop of energon in me.

    Grond fired and a big hole was in the gate. Starscream and a squad of vehicons entered. But it was empty.

    The autobots landed at Hardhelm. A snowy place deep in the northern mountains of Caminus.

    Chief: chromia, Nautica, fire star, are you okay?
    Chromia: we're fine. Quickly Chief. You must deploy the shields.
    Chief: okay. Deploy the shields.

    The shields opened.

    On the Supremacy.

    Lugnut: I say we attack now!
    Ice: be patient my overgrown nuke bomb friend.
    Shockwave: we do not know their current location.
    Vehicon: ma'am the data you asked has been received.
    Windblade: than you. Ugh, it's as I feared.
    Starscream: what is it?
    Windblade: they are in Hardhelm.
    Lugnut: let's attack then! Um, where is this Hardhelm?
    Windblade: it's in the northern mountains. Parts of Caminus that hasn't been cyberformed.
    Ice: what of an orbital bombardment?
    Windblade: it will do no good. Shields are already deployed. An orbital bombardment might take days and Hardhelm has a working space bridge inside and a few million Camiens are in that place. I suspect they'll attempt to flee to Cybertron.
    Ice: what of a space bridge invasion?
    Windblade: the shields are type E. Only space bridges built in can work.
    Saurok: may I suggest an alternative?

    Saurok walked in the room.

    Windblade: may I ask what this plan is?
    Saurok: an invasion by water. I've been researching the northern mountains and I found a particular place perfect for an invasion. This beach here. I say we use the helex gunships and pilot them a speed so that we may enter the shields.
    Ice: this plan may work.
    Saurok: prepare the army then

    At the beach, auto troopers were setting up defences in the case of invasion. Then to their surprise and horror, saw an entire army of decepticons ready to attack. One of the craft held Saurok and specially modified seekers called Marauders which served as his personal army.

    Saurok: marauders, my brothers in arms, I have never seen nor would I have the fight alongside you then any army of millions. Let no bots forget how menacing we are, we are the marauders.

    *cheering intensifies*

    Saurok: do you know what's there? Beyond that beach? Fame, glory, immortality. Take it. It's yours!
    Marauders: yeah!
    Saurok: what are we?
    Marauders: decepticons!
    Saurok: louder!
    Marauders: DECEPTICONS!
    Saurok: louder!

    The ship landed at the beach. Auto troopers were firing. Several fell but the surviving formed a shield wall.

    Saurok: steady. Steady. Release!

    Saurok released a blast of lightning. Dozens died. The marauders broke off and took out their swords. They slaughtered the auto troopers. Saurok took out his sword and slashed a trooper. He stabbed an auto trooper and decapitated another. He kicked one to a stake.

    On one of the nearby ships was Lugnut and Blitzwing. Lugnut used his one eyes built in binoculars.

    Lugnuts: faster! Decepticons are dying!

    Several ships landed. Lugnut came charging with his ginormous axe. He killed an auto trooper with one slice. Blitzwing shot his freeze rockets and fired fire at the troopers. The rest of the ships landed.

    Starscream: your plan succeeded.
    Saurok: now we can begin phase two.
    Starscream: I have a special plan in mind.
    Saurok: do tell.
    Starscream: you see those corpses?
    Saurok: yeah.
    Starscream: I'm gonna use them
    Saurok: the dead wouldn't mind.

    At Hardhelm

    Rodimus: I'm sorry to have heard about Lux milady.
    Mistress: it's fine. At least the people are safe.
    Rodimus: I want to discuss something with ultra Magnus in private if it's possible.
    Mistress: I'll wait outside.
    Ultra Magnus: what is it?
    Rodimus: I decided to convert outbound flight to a refugee ship.
    Ultra Magnus: outbound flight? I don't know. It's main purpose was exploration and possibly colonize.
    Rodimus: I know but it's our only choice.
    Ultra Magnus: *frustrated sigh* okay.

    *strange sound in the distance*

    Rodimus: ultra Magnus *glitch* I'm losing *glitch* nal. Ultraaaa-raaaa-rarararaea magnnn *glitch* nus.

    *signal dead*

    Ultra Magnus: Rodimus? Rodimus!?

    Ultra Magnus went outside. A giant avalanche was happening. Ultra Magnus focused his optics and saw a hoard of undead zombies charging at them. The guards at the gate closed the gate, leaving a few thousand people left to be slaughtered.

    Ultra Magnus: what are you doing? Open the gates!
    Trooper: it's to dangerous sir.
    Ultra Magnus: those are innocent-

    The screams of the Camiens were heard. It was silent. Then the zombies attacked. Some climbed up and attacked. The auto troopers reacted and fired.

    Kup: ultra Magnus, what's happening?
    Ultra Magnus: get those people to that space bridge now. Wreckers, troopers, prepare to fight.

    The zombies broke the wall and auto troopers started firing but the zombies numerous in number. Ultra Magnus took out his hammer and beated the living scrap out of a zombie. Saurok, lugnut and blitzwing appeared. Lugnut took out his axe and attacked ultra Magnus.

    Saurok: well well well, I've been eager for a fight. Let's hope you can give me one.

    Sir Naares, Chromia, Jetfire and Springer, the top swordsmen attacked. Saurok let out lightning at Chromia to which she deflected but she struggled at it. Sir Naares, Jetfire and Springer were shocked but attacked.

    Lugnut threw ultra Magnus aside and Saurok beated the autobots. The mistress of flame and a few dozen troops attacked and provided cover but zombies were advancing. The autobots retreated to the last ship. Ultra Magnus looked behind and saw Starscream.
    Starscream gave him a smile and held his hands high. He raised the slaughtered bots back to life as zombies. The autobots entered the space bridge and into Iacon

    And that's how episode 41 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 42: Hope and despair

    In Iacon, arcee and drift were meditating.

    Drift: remember your training arcee. You must look into Impetu. To Ashra.

    Arcee saw a vision of Master Dai Atlas in the underground levels.

    Arcee: drift, I saw master dai Atlas.
    Drift: where?
    Arcee: in the underground levels.
    Drift: if master Dai Atlas is alive, there may be hope for us after all.

    At the Chimera

    In a room filled with smoke, night bird received the vision. She walked out and into Saurok's room.

    Night bird: I felt it too, my lord. A disturbance. A vision.
    Saurok: a master of the order lives. The followers of Primus, the descendants of the Ashra-traii order lives. You have failed me
    Night bird: I only ask you-

    Saurok choked her. Then released her.

    Night bird: you are the darkness in which all life will die. Life in every dimension lives only to sacrifice themselves to you. Please my lord, end my suffering, let me die.
    Saurok: not yet. I still have need of you. Admiral Pallorax, you are in charge of the Chimera while I'm away.
    Admiral Pallorax: as you wish my lord.
    Saurok: Brother Malgor, assemble a hundred of the best marauders, we have a massacre to start
    Malgor: as you wish my lord.

    In Iacon, arcee and drift were walking down the halls. But bumblebee and wheelie saw them.

    Bumblebee: arcee, drift, where are you going?
    Arcee: oh uh nowhere.
    Bumblebee: really.
    Hound: drift, you ready? What are you two doing here?
    Drift: it's fine. They can come along.

    They hopped on a transport and went into the underground levels.

    Bumblebee: so, where are we going?
    Arcee: level 1313.
    Bumblebee: and what's down there?
    Drift: some friends.

    A space bridge portal opened.

    Night bird: it's, the valley of shadows. The resting place of the ancient dark lords.
    Saurok: and, our short cut

    In the surface level, a pod was launched from the Chimera. The pod held a unique variety of vehicons.

    Auto trooper: what the?

    A vehicon killed him and used his armor.

    Vehicon: open the door and jam the alarms.
    Vehicon: roger roger

    The door opened and the vehicons opened fire. The auto troopers there tried the alarm to no avail. The vehicons opened the door and the auto troopers made their way out through a vent

    Vehicon: some auto troopers escaped
    Vehicon: they don't matter
    Vehicon: admiral Pallorax, as you ordered the data of the supply lines will be sent shortly.
    Admiral Pallorax: excellent.

    A shuttle landed outside.

    Ironhide: you know you should try doing things on the easier path, uh less explosions, especially on a date warpath.
    Warpath: okay, I guess.

    A trooper came out but in truth it was a vehicon in disguise

    Vehicon: greeting Ironhide and Warpath. As you see the base is fine and we wish you a safe journey back.
    Ironhide: I will see your commander
    Vehicon: roger roger

    Trooper: we have to warn them.
    Trooper: but how? Comms are dead?
    Trooper: I have an idea.

    A flare was seen.

    Warpath: a flare?

    Ironhide killed the vehicon

    Warpath: ironhide!? What in the allspark did you just do?
    Ironhide: relax. As I thought. It's one of those commandos we've heard from in the battle of Technahar.

    A wave of commandos came out and they bots were forced off the bridge. They met the survivors of the outpost. And made plans.

    In level 1313, the autobots founded Dai Atlas and his students

    Drift: master Dai Atlas
    Dai Atlas: I see you have received my call. It's good to know that I am not the only one who survived the purged.
    Wheelie: what purge?
    Arcee: I'll explain.

    In the outpost, Ironhide walked up to a vehicon in disguise and killed him.

    Warpath: okay, let's go.

    The troopers were hiding in front of the wall. Ironhide put on the helmet.

    Vehicon: VC-59,602, is everything clear?
    Ironhide: roger roger.
    Vehicon: your voice sounds strange. Is something wrong with your voice box?
    Ironhide: roger roger
    Vehicon: take off the helmet and let me see your face.
    Ironhide: roger roger

    Warpath: I hope this works

    Ironhide put up the vehicon's head. The door opened.

    Vehicons: autobots!
    Ironhide: ro-ger, ro-ger

    In the underground levels

    Arcee: 3 years back, one of the students in the order betrayed us and started a purge with the help of bounty hunters.
    Dai Atlas: but some survived, keeping the legacy of Ashra alive.
    Night bird: only to die by my hand.

    The bots saw night bird along with a hundred marauders and Saurok.

    Night bird: Master Dai Atlas. So this is where you've been hiding.

    The marauders pulled out their red blades. The ninjas pulled theirs out and dueled.

    Saurok unleashed lightning and the marauders charged at them. Red vs blue. The space of the empty level was live with the duel of the ninjas and marauders. Night bird killed a few and dueled Arcee.
    Arcee got the upper hand and used her powers to push night bird away.

    Saurok killed 3 ninjas. Arcee jumped and ran towards him. She killed a marauder and Saurok took out his sword. They dueled but Saurok was too powerful. Dai Atlas appeared and dueled Saurok though he too was quickly defeated by Saurok. Arcee used her powers and pushed Saurok to a wall. Dai Atlas and Arcee focused and unleashed a wind blast at Saurok.

    Saurok unleashed lightning at the ninjas but seeing as his marauders were outnumbered, he ordered a space bridge and retreated.

    Arcee: you can stay here.
    Drift: she's right. They will back, in greater numbers and weapons.
    Dai Atlas: then, I shall follow you.

    The outpost was secured.

    Ironhide: well, we finally got it back.
    Trooper: oh that's bad. Very very bad.
    Ironhide: what is it?
    Trooper: the decepticons have the locations of our supply lines.
    Ironhide: contact rodimus immediately

    And that's how episode 42 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 43: breakout

    2 weeks after the incident

    Miko was walking through a forest and up in a hill with nothing but an iron rod and a pistol. A squad of MECH soldiers were arriving at her location. They encircled her.

    MECH goon: put your hands in the air! Now!

    Miko slowly put her arms in the air and a MECH goon came closer but Miko took out her pistol and shot the goon and quickly running to him, using him as a shield. The goons fired.

    Commander: careful! We need her alive!
    Goon: sorry sir.
    Commander: what are you? Blind!? After her!

    Miko hid between a giant stone. A goon came closer. She pulled out the iron rod and hit him. Twisting the neck of the soldier. More came. She fired her pistol, killing 2. She ran. She saw a goon and jumped, hitting him in the head, blood came out. Another one came behind her, but she hit him in the head. She then put the rod on another goons chest, pushing him to a nearby stone. One of the goons was struggling to get up. Without wasting a moment, Miko came to him, and struck a blow that killed him.

    She was running but another goon shot a stun blast. 4 more goons came with electricity rods. They pinned her down. She struggled but it was over. Miko was unconscious and a helicopter came.

    At a secret MECH base

    MECH personal: it's been 2 weeks already since Mortenson's failed attempt to capture the capital. I hope your plan will work.
    The scientist: it will. It will. The girl is our only option to rescuing our leader.
    Personal: I lost a good amount of men just to capture her.
    Scientist: don't worry. It will work.
    Personal: and our alliance with the aliens?
    Scientist: oh, soon to come.
    Personal: excellent.

    In a secret military base, hidden in the mountains, Autobot City

    Jack: so, this is Autobot City? Huh nice
    Bulkhead: haha! If it isn't Jack.
    Wheeljack: well thanks for the compliment
    Raf: Jack! What brings you here?
    Jack: to bring you and Jessica back to HQ. We are to guard Harold Mortenson during his interrogation.
    Jessica: okay sir.

    A transmission was coming.

    Raf: what is it?
    Wheeljack: it's a transmission. From Cybertron.
    Rodimus: is this, is this thing on? Bulkhead, wheeljack.
    Bulkhead: it's hot rod.
    Rodimus: it's Rodimus Prime now
    Jack: smokescreen?
    Rodimus: Jack, look at you. You've grown.
    Bulkhead: where's ultra Magnus?
    Rodimus: in the Front.

    They chatted until Rodimus was called to attend a meeting.

    Jack: right then. I'll leave you two. Jess, Raf, if you follow me.

    The trio landed in Unit E HQ. They met Fowler

    Raf: agent Fowler? What are you doing here?
    Fowler: I've been asked to be one of the 3 for Unit E. I accepted.
    Raf: nice.
    Jack: he's here.

    An armored truck came. A dozen guards were escorting Harold Mortenson.

    The trio and Fowler were in a room. And Mortenson was kept in a room with armed guards.

    Interrogator: so tell me, me Mortenson, when did you became leader of MECH?
    Mortenson: about, uuhhh, 15 years back. After the original leader, Leland Bishop or as you know him, Silas died.
    Interrogator: what was your life before joining MECH?
    Mortenson: oh ah, a lieutenant in the Spanish army. Was an UN peacekeeper, saw service in Africa.

    The lights began to dim and die. In the gate, a car was running at full speed.

    Guard #1: a car is running straight at us
    Guard #2: halt!

    They saw it had no driver. The car rammed the gate down. It hit the door of the HQ, then it exploded.

    MECH goon: it's clear.
    MECH driver: let's move in.

    An armored personnel carrier truck came and the goon fired. Unit E guards were waiting for them behind the door. Then, 4 bombs were shot in. They exploded and released smoke.

    Out of the smoke came Miko. She back hand punched a guard and shot him. She shot 4 guards dead then threw a bomb killing 6 more. She put out her left arm, which had a hand missile launcher. It released 2 missiles. She walked forward. She punched a guard and shot him. She fought 3 and killed 2. She twisted the neck of another guard and shot another guard in the stomach. She put her arm and hit it on her other arm in a cross way and shot a guard dead, she then put out her boot and it released 2 missiles.

    MECH goons were coming in. Unit E guards took position in the stairs and were shooting them down but Miko released a grenade and it blew them. Jack came charging at Miko.
    Miko punched and kicked him. Jessica came and fought Miko. Miko used a plate and hit Jessica and used her legs to scissor lock Jessica on the ground. Jack got up and attacked but he was knocked out.

    In the interrogation room, Miko was outside. She fired a missile from her boot and it blew the door. She shot the guards and interrogator dead.

    Mortenson: took you long enough.

    They both ran outside and into the truck. Jack went outside, shooting the truck to no avail. The sound of a car was heard.

    Jessica: what are you waiting for? Hop in!
    Jack: right.

    The truck jumped off the road. It was a nearby train. One of the cargo haulers opened. Mortenson and Miko hopped on the train. The truck was blown to bits by a rocket.

    Jessica: great! They're on a train! Jack? What are you doing?
    Jack: something crazy.

    Jack jumped. He was walking up the train. He shot a goon dead. Another goon shot at him. He warned the rest but Jack shot him. Jack walked in. He killed a few guards. Then, a giant goon came and knocked his gun out of his hand. They fought hand to hand. The guard was big but Jack faster and more skilled and choked him. He was inside Mortenson's room.

    Jack: your hands in the air.
    Mortenson: why sure. You know, I admire people like you. Not stopping until the goal is finished. You remind me of me when I was younger. Now!

    Miko came out and took away Jack's gun. She kicked him to a window and Mortenson shot him 3 times. Jack fell down into the river.

    Mortenson: I will be sure to send your family some gifts personally Mr Darby, ahahahahaha.

    Jessica, Raf and Fowler founded Jack.

    Jessica: he's barely breathing.
    Fowler: we need to get him to a hospital immediately.
    Jessica: the nearest hospital is miles from here. He'll die before we even make it half way
    Fowler: then what are we supposed to do?
    Raf: desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Jack was waking up.

    Fowler: Jack, Jack, son.
    Jack: Fowler.
    Fowler: thought I'd lost you.
    Jack: where am I?
    Jessica: in a minicon refugee city.
    Jack: minicons?
    Raf: thought I'd never have to share it but we're human size cybertronians living here on earth to escape the war
    Jack: so you're telling me, that you are cybertronians living here on earth?
    Jessica: pretty much.
    Jack: that explains it.

    And that's how episode 43 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 44: the underground battles

    A council of decepticon leaders was held. Starscream, Saurok, Strika, Obsidian, Tankor, Slipstream, Windblade and Thrust attended

    Obsidian: our supply lines are getting thin my lord. Without any relief our troops in the Front may collapse.
    Starscream: I know I know, I'm doing everything I can.
    Strika: it's not enough. We need more vehicles
    Slipstream: I assure you, my workers are doing everything they can at making-
    Windblade: then why does the front still stand? Our troops are dying while the autobots are reinforcing their supply lines. Our banners would've been on every front by now if your war drones arrived.
    Saurok: enough!

    The room was silent.

    Saurok: it is clear. We have gained much territory and our supply lines are stretched... thin. We need a new way to supply our troops or else the Front is at risk.
    Saurok: I propose using an underground way.
    Strika: an underground way?
    Saurok: the lower levels are free of autobots and we can use it, but, the problem is it's inhabitants. They're wild.
    Thrust: then I propose we exterminate them.
    Saurok: ah! There's the problem. You see, the underground levels are filled with metal mountains and we know nothing of its surroundings whereas the tribes folk do. I've sent a few battalions and NONE returned
    Starscream: the risk is a bit too much. Isn't there any alternative way?
    Saurok: the only other road is the Pride lands, infested with Predacons. We'll lose our entire army and not even gain a quarter of the land
    Thrust: then we send in... MOOORE to the underground levels
    Saurok: is your pistons screwed loosely? The tribes folk have decimated the battalions and we don't know anything about the surroundings. And I hope you read my report cause I'm gonna ask you a question. Who are the tribes folk allied to?
    Thrust: well uh, *breathes in* ummmm uh

    Saurok, loudly and angrily: TO ULTRA MAGNUS AND THE AUTOBOTS OF IACON!

    Saurok: but don't worry. For the last two days, I've been working off my back to forge an alliance with them and luckily I've succeeded in forming one with a ruling house. Lugnut and Blitzwing are already at the camp and once I give them the order, they'll attack. I just need a few more battalions.
    Starscream:... Done.

    At Iacon

    Ultra Magnus: we've been making progress in the Front. Had about 38,000 pows.
    Rodimus: well that's good to hear.
    Ultra Magnus: and of outbound flight?
    Rodimus: it's still a work in progress. I've decided to send Ratchet to the underground levels, our medics are good but not that good. As for outbound flight, we'll just have to wait and see

    The underground levels

    Ratchet: hang on soldier, I'll get you fixed.
    Auto trooper: will I live, doc?
    Ratchet: you can bet on it

    Auto trooper: sir, scouts report the decepticon camp about a few clicks east of here.
    Captain: then, prepare the troops for an assault immediately
    Auto trooper: yes sir

    Decepticon camp

    Tribes leader: we are beyond happy to be fighting for your banners Lord Starscream, Lord Saurok.
    Starscream: I am glad to hear. You'll be commencing the attack then.
    Tribe leader: on one condition. That the one eyed beast of Tarn and his 3 faced friend fight with us.
    Lugnut: haaa, I will.

    They walked out.

    Lugnut: tribes folk gather around. Yes yes come here you you you and you. Cave dwellers, scavengers, thieves, savages, grok herders, that is what the autobots calm you. It's true it's true. But we will prove them wrong! I will lead you to victory and the ETERNAAAALLLLLL glory of the decepticon name!

    Tribes folk: one eye beast ! One eye beast ! One eye beast ! One eye beast ! One eye beast!

    Captain: it's an ambush! Defensive positions!

    Lugnut: attack!

    The tribes and the vehicons attacked. Ratchet was running but a bomb blew near him and blew him away. He was waking up. But he saw Lugnut and Blitzwing

    Blitzwing: ze autobotz medic
    Lugnut: ha! My axe will destroy you!

    Vehicon: Huh
    Vehicon: what?
    Vehicon: the controls are not respon-diiiiiIiIiiiiiiiinggggggg

    A fortress walker attacked the decepticons.

    Ice: walker stand down!

    Female voice: ratchet, run. Now!
    Ratchet: that voice, green-
    Female voice: hurry run! Run!

    Ratchet ran and into a space bridge portal with the surviving auto troopers and tribes folk.

    Angry: what are you waiting for? An invite? Do something!

    Lugnut threw his axe destroying the walker

    Starscream: blitzwing, lugnut, report
    Ice: we've successfully captured the hills as per your strategy
    Starscream: good. With that we can strengthen our supply lines without having to waste troops and resources trying to get in the Pride Lands. You've served me well

    And that's his episode 44 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 45: mental breakdown

    Vehicon: sir, the experiment can commence per your orders.
    Shockwave: begin.

    In the room

    Octane: what are you doing? What is that thing?

    Shockwave: ready, 1, 2, 3, begin

    Octane: *intense painful scream*

    A great white light was shining through the glass. Shockwave saw with his own optic. The experiment worked. Octane was now human.

    Vehicon: it's a success sir. You did it!
    Shockwave: indeed. Tell lord Saurok that it is done. And escort the prisoner to Nebulous.
    Vehicon: roger roger.

    At a castle ruin in Nebulous

    Octane was getting tortured. He was beaten, then electrocuted. He was tied to an iron X.

    Nebulon #1: *wag* how you like that, traitor? *wag*
    Octane: ( screams in agony)
    Nebulon #2: *wag wag wag wag wag* that's more like it, traitor scum. *wag*
    Nebulon #1: say, let's get something to eat?
    Nebulon #2: yeah. We're gonna have more fun torturing this guy after a full stomach

    They blindfolded him. Octane was crying, the bruises he got was severe.

    In the distance

    Nebulon: oi what are you doing here? Don't, don't! ( death sound)

    Someone entered the room. He untied Octane's blindfold.

    Octane: who are you?
    - I'm an autobot. And I'm here to rescue you.

    He cut the ropes that held Octane to the X. He gave Octane some water

    - hurry. Come on

    They left the room. They walked up the halls and stairs.

    - shh back back

    ( distant chatter)

    - follow me. Come on.

    They climbed up their stairs. The guy choked a guard to death. They went out and to a mechanical horse

    - can you ride one?
    Octane: uh
    - go east. Follow the sun. Autobots are there. I'll meet you

    Octane was riding the horse. He rode for hours. It was morning. Suddenly a shot was fired. 4 Nebulons were charging at Octane. He ran to the forest east. The Nebulons were shooting but missed. Then, one shot his horse dead. Octane fell. He tried to get up but a Nebulon put his feet on his back.

    Nebulon: let's get him back to the castle.

    Someone from afar shot the Nebulon dead. Then eventually shot the other 3 dead. It was the rescuer.

    - Come on. More will come.
    Octane: what is your name?
    - you'll know later. Come on.

    Both ran deep into the forest. Stopped at an underground tunnel.

    - this tunnel will lead us to the Autobots. Follow me
    Octane: I never said this, but thank you. For, freeing me. The horrors, the torture, it's finally over.
    - and now, you can join your autobot brothers.
    Octane: thank you, brother
    - ... Brothers need not say thank you

    They walked and walked. And into a dark room

    Octane: where are they?
    - shhhhhhhhhhh

    He bent down and lit a torch. There was the X. It was the same room.

    Octane: no. No!
    - he killed the guards. I've brought him back.

    2 guards came. One punched him in the stomach. They beated him. They pulled him and tied him back.

    - put him back, where he belongs.

    The guards tied him. They beated him. Octane was screaming in pain.

    Octane: why? *sobs* just kill me
    - where's the fun in that? And you asked me, which I was. Let me tell you, I'm not an Autobot, no it was a lie.
    Octane: you, are a decepticon
    - bingo.

    He put out an electric Rod and tazed him.


    A loud horn was blowing. Octane woke up.

    - oh, I'm sorry. Did I disturb your sleep?
    Octane: ( thirsty noises)
    - oh, you want some water? Hmm?

    He put up a bottle and poured it on the floor.

    - wish I had some for you. Hahahahaha. I'm getting bored, so let's play a game. You're probably wondering who I am, where you are, why I'm torturing you. Tell me, which body part do you need the least?

    Octane: please.
    - please is not a body part.
    Octane: I need everything.
    - ah so, everything eh? ( laughs) this, will, be FUN.
    - so here is how we'll play it. I will ask a question, and you try to guess its answer. You win, I'll give you food and water, you get it wrong, I cut your fingers.
    Octane: if I win, you'll let me go.
    - if you think has a happy ending, you're not paying much attention

    - so, where are you?
    Octane: um earth?
    - wrong.

    He pulled out a nail and started to hammer it, slowly and softly, blood started to pour out.

    Octane: ( screams in pain)
    - no. Try again.
    Octane: master?
    - wrooooonnnnnggggg

    *nailing intensifies*

    Octane: ( even more painful scream)
    - try again.
    Octane: nebulous.
    - ah b-b-b-b bingo! Isn't this fun?
    Octane: please, just kill me
    - I haven't tortured someone in weeks and you, are the only pow. I'm gonna savor every last moment. Now, try to guess who am I.
    Octane: starscream?

    *nailing begins*

    Octane: aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - try again.
    Octane: astrotrain?
    - wrong
    Octane: uuuuggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop it.
    - alright.

    *nailing on feet*

    Octane: blitzwing?
    - do I look like a three faced creep?
    Octane: ah!
    - my name, is Saurok.
    Octane: ( intense screaming)
    Saurok: I will ask you 2 questions. Tell me, and, I'll let.. You go :) 

    Saurok: how heavily defended is the wall? How many men protect it?
    Octane: at least 270,000
    Saurok: ah! And, do the autobots have any suspects? Anyone they believe to be a...spy?
    Octane: no. No.
    Saurok: you, win, the game

    He sat down. Looked down and toyed with that needle

    Saurok: oh one thing. You forgot to ask if I'm a liar!

    He stabbed the nail in the finger. And he teared it, slowly.

    Octane: aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Please! Cut it off! Cut it off! Cut it offfffffd!!!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

    Blood began to pour.

    4 days later.

    Octane was untied and put on the ground but it wasn't men, but two beautiful girls. They were seducing him. One of the girls stripped the other's clothes. Octane was happy

    * HORN BLOW*

    Saurok: sorry my bad my bad. Terrible timing I know.

    He pulled out a knife.

    Octane: please, mercy
    Saurok: oh I'm not going to kill you. Guards, chop it off.

    The guards tied him back and pulled down his pants. They chopped his part off.


    Saurok was eating dinner. His food was sausage, some vegetables and some wine.

    Octane: *stares*
    Saurok: oh. I know what you are thinking. It's called a sausage. I'm not a savage. You don't have to worry.

    *eats sausage and drinks wine*

    Saurok: I'm sorry. My mentors taught me it was bad manners to make jokes on dinner. But, they did taught me to hit a target where it hurts.

    He walked up to him

    Saurok: you are not octane anymore. *sniffs* you don't even smell like a cybertronian anymore. You, REEK! Of rotting meat. You REEK of it. Ha! That's it! Reek! It's, perfect!

    Saurok: what's your name?
    Octane: octane


    Saurok: what, is your, name?
    Octane: octane.


    Saurok: WHAT IS YOUR NAME!?!?
    Octane: octane


    Octane: *softly* reek.

    Saurok grabbed him on his hair.

    Saurok: louder
    Octane: r-reek
    Saurok: louder

    Reek: my name is, reek.
    Saurok: good *evil laugh*

    And that's how episode 45 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 46: a night in Tarn

    In Iacon

    Nautica: get the pile of Rodinium Rods to the left and bring the energon crystals to the right for liquidation
    Worker: yes ma'am *struggling noise* come on boys
    Perceptor: Nautica, have you seen ratchet anywhere?
    Nautica: no. He only told me that he would return in 12 astro hours.
    Perceptor: I hope he's back sooner than that
    Trooper: sir, our sensors picked up Ratchets signal. I don't think you want to know.
    Perceptor: hmm let me see


    Perceptor: get Rodimus. Now!

    A bus was driving it's way to the city of Tarn

    Driver: here you are boys and gals. Tarn in all its glory. Step out before the auto scum fire their bombs. Oi! You there!
    Ratchet: me?
    Driver: yeah you. I haven't given you your pipe back
    Ratchet: oh you can keep it.
    Driver: really? Thanks man.

    Ratchet walked down the bus. He was inside the walls of Tarn. The streets were filled with rubble. People were sleeping in racks and very few stores, mostly bars were open. Ratchet walked down the street.

    Green light: so you finally made it.
    Ratchet: it would've been sooner if that driver didn't need help.
    Green light: walk left.

    Ratchet walked left.

    Ratchet: am I close to the Dome?
    Green Light: just a few steps. I'll guide you there. It's not everyday when you finally get saved.

    At Iacon

    Rodimus: Tarn. Are you certain?
    Perceptor: the guys been having problems ever since Green Light got kidnapped
    Nautica: I'm sorry I don't follow what you are taking about. Can you please explain?
    Rodimus: a few months back, ratchet was sent to rescue an intelligence officer named Green Light. The mission was a disaster and the decepticons took her.
    Perceptor: since then, ratchet has been blaming himself.
    Rodimus: grimlock, do you read?
    Grimlock: what is it Rodimus? 0
    Rodimus: I need you and your team for a special mission.
    Grimlock: I'm listening

    In the hanger, the Dinobots were making their making their way to a ship.

    Swoop: so, Tarn Huh? This will be fun
    Sludge: nothing's fun walking into a decepticon city.
    Slug: just go
    Swoop: aaaaaannnnddd away WE... GO!

    In the Dome

    Shockwave: are you certain?
    Icy: yes. I've traced the signal to this Dome. Whoever tried to use our own weapons against us is from this Dome
    Shockwave: then I shall working.

    Ratchet walked down, covered his face as a 3 dozen vehicons and an omega sentinel were patrolling the streets, then proceeded to walk again. He saw a large crowd gathering. The crowd was screaming. Then a truck of autobot P.O.Ws came. They were put on a stage, blindfolded. A decepticon came and punched one. The crowd cheered. The decepticon shot him. The crowd cheered more. The decepticon shot another one dead. Even children were cheering.

    Then, ratchet saw a vehicon truck and went there. He was hiding. Then he slowly walked and into the truck. Hiding in the supplies.

    The truck entered the Dome. Ratchet got out, took on a decepticon purple color.

    Green Light: okay, take the stairs
    Ratchet: gotcha
    Green light: now, it's straight ahead. After you walk through 3 rooms, they'll be an elevator. Take it.
    Ratchet: understood.

    Ratchet walked through the first door. He saw vehicons getting drunk. As well as Lugnut and Blitzwing singing.

    Random: aaaand so he spooooke and soo he spoke
    Lugnut: that lord of taaaarnnn and
    Icy: Vos
    Lugnut: but now the rains
    Random: weep o'er his halls
    Lugnut: with no one there to hear
    Random: yes now the rains weep o'er his halls
    Vehicons, Lugnut and Random: and not a SpaAAArk to heaaaaaaarrrrr!

    Ratchet walked through the second and third doors. He saw an elevator.

    Green light: okay, floor 16
    Ratchet: floor 16 got it.

    Vehicon: unidentified craft identify yourself
    Swoop: oh we're a ship sent for supplies
    Vehicons: but there's no order for a supply ship.
    Swoop: oh we are, uh
    Grimlock: we were given orders late but we have arrived.
    Vehicon: what is your rank?
    Grimlock: commissar
    Vehicon: sorry commissar. Proceed to enter dock

    The ship docked. 2 vehicons were waiting outside

    Vehicon: inspection
    Grimlock: swoop, sludge, me and slug will hide in these containers. Trick the decepticons into loading us in the storage area. Put on your cloakers
    Swoop: you can count on us grim

    Vehicon: yeah that girl was wild.
    Vehicon: it's open.
    Swoop: hey mind giving us a hand?
    Vehicon: no problem.

    The vehicons and dinobots escorted grimlock and slug to the storage area. Grimlock got up and crushed their heads.

    Grimlock: let's find ratchet. And get the spark out of here. Slug, what does your data pad say?
    Slug: he's in floor 16.

    Floor 16.

    Ratchet got out of the elevator, then walked left, and right. He was in a room. What he saw shocked his mind. Green Light was attached to wires and horrible experiments were done.

    Scientist: what are you doing here?

    Ratchet didn't answer. He draw his sword and sliced him. He killed the other scientists as well

    Ratchet: this is a bit complex.
    Green Light: okay, just follow my instructions

    Ratchet pressed and the wires dropped. Green Light was gasping as if she returned to the surface after a deep dive.

    Green light: ratchet
    Ratchet: you're safe now.

    One of the scientist crawled. He got up and pressed the alarm. The alarm rang. Troops hurried to the scene.

    Swoop: uh oh
    Grimlock: double time double time

    Ratchet and green light got out. But vehicons were there. Then grimlock slaughtered them.

    Ratchet: grimlock?
    Grimlock: I'm here to take you back. Who that?
    Ratchet: a friend

    The bots made it to the hanger, blasting their way through. Then an omega sentinel came, but a bright red light was shining from the head. It was Shockwave

    Shockwave: surrender, autobots. You are most illogical
    Slug: over my sparkles husk

    Slug transformed and charged, knocking Shockwave over. The bots made it to a shuttle. The door was closing. But Green Light came and put out her hand. The door was slowing.

    Swoop: how?
    Green Light: just go!

    The sentinel has grabbing the shuttle.

    Green Light: I can't, hold on much longer.

    Grimlock: shockwave! Take this!

    Grimlock threw a bomb and the sentinel exploded. The shuttle made it out.

    And that's how episode 46 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 47: battle at the Star Forge

    Ratchet: how are you feeling?
    Green Light: I'm, fine.
    Swoop: say, how did you it?
    Green Light: what?
    Swoop: stopping the door. How did you do it?
    Green Light: I've been tapped on the decepticon network since my capture. I've learnt to control it and tried contacting ratchet, which I succeeded.
    Grimlock: might be useful later on.
    Green Light: ... I need to speak to Rodimus

    Green Light: the decepticon refineries are dried but their energon comes from a different source
    Rodimus: what source?

    Green Light put a wire on her head and a picture showed.

    Green Light: this.

    The Star Forge showed.

    Perceptor: by the Allspark. What is that thing?
    Green Light: they call it the Star Forge. It's a weapon capable of making any type of fuel that whosoever controls the station wants. Starscream controls it. And this is the source of the fuel the decepticons use.
    Ultra Magnus: do you know, where thisssss, Star Forge is?
    Green Light: currently it's in the center of the galaxy, harvesting a star for energon.
    Rodimus: how heavy is it's defenses?
    Green Light: a few turbo laser turrets and about 6 squadrons of vehicons.
    Rodimus: Ultra Magnus, prepare the fleet to go. We need to destroy that station.
    Ultra Magnus: understood rodimus

    The fleet prepared. A few hundred ships were ready to take off.

    Green Light: wait. I'm coming with you.
    Ratchet: but green light, it's not safe.
    Green Light: I have a connection to the decepticon mainframe. I can help
    Rodimus: she does have a point. You'll be in my ship, you too ratchet.

    Briefing room.

    Rodimus: okay, what's the interior?

    Green Light showed a hologram of the interior of the Star Forge

    Green Light: right here is the main control room and this is where the controls are kept. To get here, you'll need to take this hanger.
    Rodimus: hmm, not as difficult as I thought. I'll take a strike team.
    Ultra Magnus: who?
    Rodimus: bumblebee, wheelie, Arcee, Drift, Hound, Ironhide, Warpath, you're with me.
    Bumblebee: you can count on us Rodimus.

    The team boarded a transport.

    Through hologram

    Mistress: be careful out there
    Ultra Magnus: I will.

    The Autobot fleet arrived to the Star Forge. It was guarded by 5 Tarn Cruisers, 10 Vos Frigates and 2 Altihax Carriers. The transport lifted off and flew to the Star Forge.

    The fleets opened fire.

    Aboard a cruiser

    Admiral: this is admiral Gorgai.
    Starscream: what is it, Admiral Gorgai?
    Admiral: an autobot fleet has attacked the Star Forge. We're heavily outnumbered. I request reinforcements.

    Starscream: are you blind!?!? Open a bridge!!!!!

    An entire fleet of decepticon warships, along with the Supremacy came.

    Ultra Magnus: all ships, focus shields on the front to create a shield

    Rodimus' team crashed into the hanger. They came blasting in. Rodimus shot 3 dead, Arcee came and sliced another one

    Bumblebee: come on. Right this way.

    On a ship

    Officer: sir, the shields have closed.
    Ultra Magnus: then, all units, focus all attacks on the larger ships.

    Rodimus and his team made it to the control room.

    Rodimus: bumblebee, wheelie, get the controls. Rest of you, let's kick some tail pipe
    Green Light through comms: okay follow my instructions carefully


    Thrust: I volunteer to go with my seekers, my lord.
    Starscream: the Star Forge is the only way we get fuel and I did not spend lives and good soldiers only to let you have your greasy wings on them.

    *Grabs wing*

    Thrust: ow! Ow!
    Starscream: I will personally deal with them, MYSELF.
    Thrust: I just buffed that.

    Starscream walked and the door opened. Thrust came

    Starscream: what do you want now, Thrust?
    Thrust: *attaches device on back* only to wish you luck, my lord.
    Starscream: I don't believe, in luck. *transforms*
    Thrust: neither do I

    Wheelie: uh guys. Something big coming our way.
    Rodimus: starscream. Close the doors.

    Starscream transformed, he destroyed the door and flew in. He kicked wheelie away and back slapped bumblebee. The autobots saw his towering figure. He took out his sword

    Ironhide: we're so
    Warpath: screwed.

    Ironhide, Warpath and Hound fired, but Starscream took it like it was nothing. He fired a shot. Arcee and drift attacked but Starscream shook drift away and pushed arcee to the wall.

    Rodimus came but Starscream punched him. Rodimus got up and took out his star saber blades. He attacked. Both dueled ferociously but neither held the advantage over the other. Then Rodimus made an X and struck an energy blow and Starscream, sending him flying away but Starscream transformed and unleashed lightning at him.

    Starscream: my armor can withstand the power of a supernova. It'll take more than that
    Rodimus: oh yeah? How's this!?

    Rodimus took out his jet pack and attacked Starscream. Both battled outside the Star Forge

    Green Light: can anyone hear me?
    Bumblebee: this is bumblebee. What is it, Green Light?.
    Green Light: I can help Rodimus beat Starscream but I need you to follow my instructions carefully
    Bumblebee: okay. Relay it to me.

    Rodimus got a call.

    Green Light: Rodimus, I need you to push starscream to the Star.
    Rodimus: to the Star?
    Green Light: trust me.
    Rodimus: okay.

    Starscream: rodimus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rodimus was pushed by Starscream's blast

    Starscream: thrust, where is my fleet!?
    Thrust: getting reinforcements my Liege. *drops comm* now I'll just set the timer

    Rodimus tackled Starscream

    Rodimus: a supernova Huh? Let's test that theory shall we?

    Starscream wanted to attack but an explosion happened on his back.
    Rodimus pushed Starscream to the Star.

    Starscream survived, managing to not reach the stars surface.

    A space bridge opened

    Green Light: get on in. Hurry!

    Rodimus got in the space bridge and into a room with the team.

    Rodimus: hey guys what going on?

    The Star Forge fired a laser at the star. The Star exploded. A ginormous supernova went off. The blast force destroyed the nearby decepticon fleet and a few others autobot ships.

    Ultra Magnus: all units report in.
    Officer: sir, the structure, it still stands.
    Rodimus Prime: what!?
    Arcee: how much more can that thing take?
    Ultra Magnus: all units prepare to fire.
    Ship Captain: don't worry si-


    In the left side, the Chimera came out of a space bridge portal and opened fire on the ships.

    Ultra Magnus: where are the shields?
    Officer: Sir, the shields are dead. From the Star blast.

    Saurok: fire. Fire everything we have.

    The Chimera opened all its turrets and missiles. The autobot ships were being destroyed.

    Rodimus: Almost units fall back. Fall back!

    Space bridge portals opened. Less than half of the autobot fleet survived.

    Saurok transformed and flew out the Chimera. To the Star, now a black hole. He found Starscream. He brought him back to the Chimera

    Saurok: admiral Pallorax, chart a course for Drahcos immediately.

    And that's how episode 47 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 48: coming of the storm

    Mystery bot: I am pleased to hear that Lord Starscream is recovering but I fear that Thrust, of all people has taken power. Shall I-
    Saurok: no. As soon as they hear the decepticons will fall into even more infighting than there already is. We will see how Thrust handles the situation. Until I give further orders, you are to maintain your position and be silent.
    Mystery bot: yes o great one

    *end transmission*

    Saurok: ah Shockwave
    Shockwave: with the injuries and harmful amounts of radiation, I fear it will be a few solar cycles before Starscream is fully repaired.
    Saurok: we must wait then.


    Windblade's quarters

    Thrust: I know how hard it must be for you accept that Starscream is dead.
    Windblade: *sobs* and is that why you're here? We have a war to win
    Thrust: I figured, now that I am the leader, perhaps, a someone, ferocious and beautiful like you *touches windblade's face* would-
    Windblade: no!

    Thrust grabbed Windblade and he put his hand on her neck. Thrust kissed Windblade and she struggled. But Cyclonus came in

    Cyclonus: get away from her!

    Cyclonus ran and punched Thrust

    Thrust: you would punch your own leader!?
    Cyclonus: my leader, is Starscream
    Thrust: yes. You always were his pet.

    Cyclonus pulled out his sword.

    Thrust: afraid to fight without tricks?
    Cyclonus: oh it would be my pleasure *drops sword* *pulls out fists*

    Cyclonus punched Thrust and again and again. Thrust punched Cyclonus and kicked him.

    Thrust: you will be executed for this!!!

    Cyclonus pinched and punched him. Thrust could not keep up. Thrust punched but Cyclonus attacked, then did an uppercut. Thrust got up and kicked Cyclonus. But Cyclonus punched him in the stomach and punched him in the face again and again and again. Then he grabbed Thrust's leg and chest and lifted him and threw him at a table

    Guards came in.

    Guard: Sir, are you-
    Thrust: *coughs energon* arrest him!

    Windblade shot the guards dead and shot the window.

    Windblade: Cyclonus, follow me

    Both transformed and flew out.

    Cyclonus: where are we heading ma'am?
    Windblade: to the Red Keep

    At Iacon

    Rodimus: how is Outbound Flight, tracer?
    Tracer: going as planned Rodimus. An interesting pair I must say

    Nautica: come on! Get those pipes to the 3rd cruiser
    Green Light: and those cubes to the tankers

    Perceptor: ratchet, perhaps the alloy should be used on the engines
    Ratchet: you're probably right. Hey! Hey! Hey! I needed that!!!!
    Trooper: oops! Sorry

    Tracer: rodimus, bumblebee is calling.
    Rodimus: what is it, bumblebee?
    Bumblebee: we need reinforcements here at Tyrok Minor. We need reinforcements now!
    Rodimus: I'm on my way. Tracer, get ultra Magnus and his wreckers now.

    Tyrok Minor

    Vehicon: focus fire right there!
    Vehicon: get some autobot scums!

    Wheelie: where is *loads gun* Rodimus!?!?!?
    Bumblebee: he will *boom* come
    Wheelie: but we *boom* need reinforcements *boom* now!
    Trooper: Sir, half our men are dead and-

    Vehicon: hey I got one!
    Vehicon: nice shot!

    Bumblebee: hey! I say we retreat to the rocks. Establish a-

    An omega sentinel appeared. It took an auto trooper and ripped him in half.

    Omega sentinel: autobots, surrender now or be exterminated, painfully.
    Vehicon: watch out!

    An autobot omega sentinel came and punched the decepticon one and destroyed 2 decepticon machine gun ports. The autobots came and blasted the decepticons.

    Rodimus: you called?
    Bumblebee: I knew you'd come sooner or later

    Vehicon: retreat back to Raven Point

    After the battle

    Rodimus: have we heard from the scouting party Ultra Magnus?
    Ultra Magnus: no. I've sent another team with Springer and Moon racer. They'll report in once everything is known

    Moon racer: this is moon racer, come in ultra Magnus. Scrap. Something's jamming out comms.
    Springer: it's probably nothing. I mean, ultra Magnus would

    *pew pew pew pew pew pew*

    Trooper: it's an ambush!

    Vehicons came out and fired. 3 auto troopers died.

    Springer: there's too many of them. Moon racer, go back. I'll hold them off.
    Moon Racer: no. I won't leave you.
    Springer: enough of the 'I won't leave you' scrap. Just go!

    Moon racer transformed and retreated while Springer did a last stand. He was shot

    Springer: do it, Decepticon scum.
    Vehicon: no. *knocks*

    Raven Point

    Vehicon: Sir, we caught the wrecker known as Springer.
    Thrust: really?

    The vehicon presented his wrecker badge

    Thrust: oh. Now this, is a surprise

    Thrust hologram: meet me on the Red Fields in exactly 10 astro hours. Don't keep me waiting or else I'll skin Springer.

    Rodimus: We have no choice.
    Tracer: I advise against this Rodimus.
    Ultra Magnus: Springer is there. I won't-
    Tracer: I'm not saying we abandon him but Thrust is known for his lies.
    Rodimus: and what would you have me do?
    Tracer: Iiiiiiiiiiiii, don't really know.
    Rodimus: prepare the army to move out in 10 astro hours. Ultra Magnus
    Ultra Magnus: yes rodimus?
    Rodimus: I'll need you to contact your girlfriend. Tell her I need her knights
    Ultra Magnus: she's not my, uhh

    And that's how episode 48 ends
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    Hot head prime We think too much and feel too little

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 49: Storm of Swords

    The two armies were on opposite ends of the Red Fields. Both put in places artillery and had a bike regiment.


    Rodimus was walking to the front. There, Ultra Magnus and his wreckers, The Dinobots, and his team ( Bumblebee, Wheelie, Arcee, Drift, Ironhide and Warpath) along with 30,000 auto troopers were there


    Thrust was the only commander along with 2x the autobot forces.

    The body of Autobot P. O. Ws were burning as they were hanged on iron Xs

    Thrust came to the front line with Springer. The autobots were waiting. Then, Thrust presented a ball, it was Springer's T Cog. He dropped it and crushed it. Rodimus was angry but he calmed. Then, Thrust put out a knife. Rodimus ran 5 steps up but Thrust cut Springers energy bondage.

    Thrust: do you like games, little bot?
    Springer: confused staring
    Thrust: run. To your leader. The sooner you make to him, the sooner you're safe

    Springer slowly ran. He looked back.

    Thrust: no. You have to run remember. Those are the rules.

    Springer slowly ran but looked back. Thrust took a rifle and loaded it. Springer was in fear. Now he ran as quickly as possible

    On the other side, Rodimus saw this and transformed.

    Thrust fired. *BOOM* the shot was loud, but it missed. Thrust purposely missed but he reloaded again. He cocked it and fired.


    He then fired another one, it missed. Thrust smirked. Rodimus went turbo. Springer ran faster. Then, boom.

    Springer was shot through the spark. He fell down. Rodimus screamed 'NO!' as he transformed and walked to his side.

    Moon Racer screamed in fear and horror. Ultra Magnus' energon was boiling with rage. Springer dies. Rodimus is enraged. Without any thought, he transformed and ran straight at Thrust.

    Ultra Magnus: no Rodimus!

    Thrust: as I expected. Draw!
    Vehicon: prepare artillery!
    Thrust: on my command.

    Ultra Magnus: autobots! Follow your leader. With me!

    The autobot forces charged. Rodimus was running.

    Thrust: LOOSE!

    The decepticons fired their artillery and over 30 shells were fired. They flew, soaring, screaming in the air and hit the ground. The shells pushed Rodimus away as they destroyed Springer's corpse. Rodimus was down.

    Thrust: hmm, first wave, you may begin.
    Vehicon: charge!

    The decepticon speeders charged straight at Rodimus. Rodimus got up and saw thousands charging at him. He pulled out his sword and waited.

    Then the Autobot speeders clashed with the Decepticon speeders. Hundreds fell in the blink of an eye.

    Kup: draw!

    Thrust: ready! Draw!

    Kup: we'll just kill our own men. Stand down!

    Thrust: LOOSE!

    The shells were fired. And they hit the ground, killing autobots and decepticons alike.

    Rodimus dodged 5 attacks. He shot a vehicon down and went to him, slitting his throat. He dodged another attack. He fought a vehicon one to one and sliced his head clean off. A jet vehicon came in and killed dozens. He walked to his left and killed another vehicon. Then another barrage hit. A vehicon attacked and Rodimus and an auto trooper killed him.

    Rodimus: we need to-

    The trooper died from a sniper shot. He saw 2 vehicons killing an auto trooper and he went. He stabbed a vehicon and drove his sword through the others optic. He attacked another one but a speeder ran him across. He shot a vehicon

    Vehicon: no. No! No!

    Rodimus killed him.

    Thrust: LOOSE!

    Bodies began to pile up.

    Kup: might as well be taking a scrap. Follow me!

    Thrust: loose!

    The shells exploded. Thousands died. Soon, the combatants weren't fighting on land, but on piles on dead corpses.

    Thrust: LOOSE!

    Rodimus killed dozens and dozens of Vehicons. And soon, soldiers of both sides were fighting on the piles of corpses, killing their respective enemies.

    Thrust: you may begin.

    Insecticon: who owns cybertron!?
    Vehicons and insecticons: we do!
    Insecticon: who owns cybertron!?
    Vehicons and insecticons: we do!
    Insecticon: what are we!?
    Vehicons and insecticons: DECEPTI-COOOOONNNNNNNNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The vehicons and insecticons charged at the autobots. Rodimus killed and killed until a vehicon knocked him down. But Ultra Magnus came and knocked his head out of his body with his big hammer.

    Ultra Magnus: hey! *bro pat*

    The rest of the autobots came and an Omega sentinel punched a vehicon off of his speeder.
    His team came to his side

    Bumblebee: rodimus, you okay?
    Arcee: you look injured.
    Ironhide: come on Chief, can you still fight?
    Warpath: uh guys?

    The decepticons came and encircled them in a ring. The set up shields about 50 feet high.
    Then they put out energy spears. The few thousand autobots were cramped. Then up the pile of corpses, a few hundred vehicons and insecticons came down.

    Grimlock: attack!

    Rodimus, Grimlock, arcee and the rest of team prime and a few auto troopers fought the attackers. Ultra Magnus tried to break out but got an arm scratch. He saw the back enemy and charged. Soon the entire autobots were cramped even more. Rodimus was down and soon corpses came mounting down on him. He tried to get up but the corpses too heavy and fighting above him intense. He finally got up. The Omega sentinel was fighting. He man handled a vehicon and tore him apart. But an insecticon destroyed his arm cannon, but he did not need it. Ultra Magnus was fighting the insecticon, and losing.

    *horn blow*

    The sound of horns could be heard. Ultra Magnus bit the insecticons neck and stabbed him with a knife.

    In the distance, thousands of knights of Caminus, led by Sir Naares, were charging at the Decepticons, with the Mistress of Flame on top of a cybertronian horse.

    Thrust: prepare artillery! Infantry, form flanks!

    The vehicons created a shield wall and the artillery was firing, but the Mistress pulled out her staff and it emitted a bright glow that blinded the Decepticons. The knights then rampaged the vehicons and insecticons. Sir Naares soloed multiple vehicons with 2 spears and threw it at an insecticon. Then the decepticon artillery was fired upon by tanks.

    Rodimus, Ultra Magnus and the Omega sentinel got up.

    Thrust: retreat back to Raven Point.

    They followed Thrust to Raven Point.

    Thrust: bar the gates. Open a bridge.
    Vehicon: but sir, we have Raven Point.
    Thrust: IT. WON'T. MATTER.

    The door was being attacked

    Vehicon: fire! Fire!
    Thrust: where is my bridge!?!?!?

    The omega sentinel opened the door and Rodimus and Ultra Magnus came in. The vehicons attacked but were no match. Thrust fired a shot at Rodimus, but he deflected. Rodimus punched and punched Thrust, but vehicons from a space bridge attacked and he retreated.

    To commemorate their victory, a feast was held in Iacon

    Rodimus: today, we won the Storm of Swords
    Auto troopers: aye!
    Rodimus: a toast, for, Springer.
    Auto troopers: for Springer!

    And that's episode 49 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 50: battle at 2 fronts

    There was fighting outside Kaon

    Obsidian, Strika and Tankor were running to the top of the tower.

    Obsidian: thrust, you are relieved of duty
    Thrust: oh I don't think so

    Behind, his loyal seekers electrocuted the 3 generals


    Starscream was screaming in pain. He was put on a table, restrained. Painful surgeries were being done on him

    Doctor #1: bring the energon. He needs it now
    Doctor #2: where's my knife, I need to cut this wire
    Doctor #3: come on. I'm not losing him.

    Saurok: starscream, I know you can hear me.

    He put his hand into his ribs

    Starscream: *painful screeching*
    Saurok: focus on the pain.
    Starscream: make it stop. Make it *painful scream*
    Saurok: recollect your past memories, the anger, the hate, the jealousy, the abuse, focus on it

    Starscream remembered the times Megatron abused him, the times both the autobots and autobots made fun of him. Saurok put his hand deeper

    Starscream: *angry scream* I HATE YOU!!!!!!!
    Saurok: focus! On the pain and the anger! Focus on it!
    Starscream: *pain and angry noises*

    Saurok: do it!
    Doctor: Sir?
    Shockwave: yes now.

    A blast of dark energon was fired on Starscream. Soon he broke his restraints and got out and grabbed the heads of two doctors. They begged for help, saurok smiled and starscream crushed their heads to tin foil

    Starscream: where, am I?
    Saurok: Drahcos
    Starscream: why am I here?
    Saurok: to recover from your last engagement. You would have died if not me.
    Starscream: what has happened in my absence?
    Saurok: thrust has taken power.

    Starscream was angry. He pulled out his sword and destroyed some hardware.

    Starscream: prepare, to go to Cybertron. I have a speech to give.

    The vehicons there were preparing to take off. Starscream was talking with Saurok

    Saurok: my spies informed me that Windblade and other loyalists are in the Red Keep. I'll take a few thousand troops and rescue them from the autobot invasion. Meanwhile you go to Kaon and teach Thrust a lesson his proto state will remember
    Starscream: very well then.

    The Chimera lifted off and opened a space bridge to Cybertron. Starscream and 200 Helex Gunships took off from its hangers

    At the Tower

    Thrust slapped obsidian in the face

    Thrust: I will not tolerate treason.
    Obsidian: treason? You were the one who took power by force!
    Thrust: enough of this. Soundwave, execute them

    Soundwave hesitated

    Thrust: what are you waiting for!?
    Soundwave, using recordings: starscream, is alive
    Thrust: starscream, IS, DEAD!!!!!!!!!
    Seeker: sir

    A jet was flying on a straight path to the tower

    Thrust: it can't be

    Soundwave slapped thrust and fired a shot that sent him to a chair, he then used his axe to free the 3 generals.

    Then, the jet fired and killed 2 seekers and transformed

    Starscream: decepticons! Your rightful lord and master, has returned!
    Thrust: no. I am your rightful leader!
    Starscream: you? Thrust, leader? This is bad comedy.
    Thrust: decepticons, attack!

    Seekers attacked Starscream, but he, soundwave and the three generals made short work of them. Starscream walked up to thrust

    Thrust: cowards! Will no one challenge this, this pretender
    Starscream: thrust, your joke of a leadership, IS OVER!

    Thrust fired a shot from his arm cannon. But Starscream deflected and fired a shot back. He then unleashed an wave of dark lightning.

    Thrust: I still function
    Starsceam: guards, send him, to the Sky Cells

    Starsceam: decepticons, rejoice for your leader, Starscream still lives. Thrust's leadership has been a disaster and resulted in the deaths of our brothers, but I have returned! I will lead you to victory and we will cast down the chains of autobot oppression and crush all who stand in our way!

    The red keep

    Autobots were ready for an invasion. They jumped off their boats and charged

    Vehicon: loose!

    Artillery fired but the autobots came charging.
    They were bringing in ladders and tanks. Then, a squad of decepticons came with Lugnut and Blitzwing

    Blitzwing: any vehicon here dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his rusting corpse!

    Both armies attacked each other. Lugnut and blitzwing were killing auto troopers in the dozens but a second wave of auto troopers arrived. A tank fired at Lugnut, wounding him. But Lugnut got up and punched it, destroying it but another tank fired and Lugnut got speared from behind

    Blitzwing: come on kugnut. You're safe

    Cyclonus: retreat! Back to the keep!

    The auto troopers fired their artillery and the vehicons on the walls were dead. They retreated to the Keep. Cyclonus was wounded and the auto troopers were surrounding him

    Then an army of vehicons were charging at the auto troopers from the Helex gunships

    In the Keep

    The decepticons, Windblade, Scourge, Lugnut, Blitzwing and 6 vehicons were there

    Blitzwing: lugnut, here
    Lugnut: what?
    Blitzwing: to our friendship. May we be friends in the next life
    Lugnut: *sobs* *drinks*

    The door was opened but to their surprise, it wasn't autobots but decepticons. Cyclonus was coming in with the reinforcements and behind was Saurok

    Windblade, in a happy voice: saurok, you returned

    Saurok: the battle is over. We have won!

    And that's how episode 50 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 51: scout mission

    At Iacon

    Ultra Magnus: we got word, that there was an energon lake here in level 3022. We will need more fuel for Outbound Flight. I dispatched a few men to talk but we got only their severed heads with ' the King-of-Ice sends his regards' on them
    Rodimus: I'll take a few men and scout.
    Ultra Magnus: rodimus, I advise against this
    Rodimus: don't worry. I'll be okay, besides, I have you to run the place in my absence.

    Level 3022

    Pilot: this is your stop. Good luck out there sir.
    Rodimus: will do.

    Rodimus and 4 auto troopers jumped off the gunship.

    Rodimus: okay men, the lake is about 200 clicks north of our position
    Auto trooper: sir if you don't mind me asking, why can't we just take a transport to the lake or a space bridge?
    Rodimus: cause this is uncharted territory and we only picked up the lakes radiation, too small to be traced.
    Auto trooper: understood. Guess we'll just transform now.
    Rodimus: no the condition here is too cold. We'll freeze if we go into vehicle mode.
    Auto trooper: you mean we have to walk, 200 clicks? I hate this level.

    The autobots walked through mountain and snow. The auto troopers were mad but hid it.

    Auto trooper: *singing*
    Auto trooper: quiet quiet!

    They hid behind a rock. A scouting party of about 9 came.

    Auto trooper: uh Sir?
    Rodimus: the inhabitants of these lower levels. They've been isolated from the rest of cybertron for many millennia. They call themselves Free Folk
    Auto trooper: probably a scout party. Just give me a moment.

    The auto trooper fired and the rest attacked. The scout party was attacked. Rodimus killed 3. A free folk scout was running for a weapon but Rodimus attacked and pinned the scout on a rock. He unveiled the scouts hood, it was a girl

    Rodimus: a girl
    Auto trooper: a free folk. A savage
    Rodimus: we could question her.
    Auto trooper: hmm, yeah you could question her if her tongue isn't as rusted as her blade
    Rodimus: what's your name?
    - Scarlet
    Auto trooper: make sure you answer all his question or I'll put this axe in your skull.
    Scarlet: I give you my name
    Rodimus: rodimus
    Scarlet: you burn what you kill.
    Auto trooper: why? Got more friends in the area?
    Scarlet: so that their mothers won't see their dead sons.
    Auto trooper: what's beyond the ridge?
    Scarlet: free folk.
    Rodimus: how many?
    Scarlet: tens of millions
    Rodimus: your people killed our scouts. Why?
    Scarlet: cause we have powerful allies and we don't take orders from you.
    Rodimus: they may mean to march on Iacon.
    Auto trooper: I heard enough. *draws blade*
    Rodimus: no. I'll do it. Go make camp

    The auto troopers left.

    Scarlet: you never killed a femme, have you? You don't have to. The king can use men like you. He'll reward you grea-
    Rodimus: turn around

    She turned around. Rodimus pulled out his sword.

    Scarlet: what are you waiting for? Strike hard and true, Rodimus! What are you waiting for, bastard?

    Rodimus struck but missed on purpose. Scarlet kicked him and ran. Rodimus chased her. Finally, Rodimus caught up with her.

    Scarlet: a blizzard is coming.
    Rodimus: we'll settle here for the time being.

    Rodimus tied Scarlet and tugged in.

    Scarlet: sleep well, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: hmph

    After hours

    Rodimus woke up and so did Scarlet

    Scarlet: you put your knife in me when I slept?
    Rodimus: let's move

    Rodimus checked her for weapons.

    Scarlet: how old are you?
    Rodimus: I'm an autobot
    Scarlet: You're a boy who hasn't been around girls are you?
    Rodimus:................................. Move!

    They walked.

    Scarlet: you got a girl?
    Scarlet: no wonder why you're all so miserable.
    Rodimus: will you just shut up!?
    Scarlet: will you just shut up

    Rodimus pulls her

    Scarlet: you think you're better than me? I'm a free femme
    Rodimus: you're my prisoner
    Scarlet: I may be your prisoner but I'm a free femme
    Rodimus: if you're my prisoner, that means you're not a free woman, that's what prisoner means.
    Scarlet: you think you're free? You swore some stupid oath and now you can't touch a girl.
    Rodimus: it was my choice!
    Scarlet: so you don't like girls?
    Rodimus: of course I like girls.
    Scarlet: so you took an oath never to touch them.
    Rodimus: a price you pay for being an autobot.
    Scarlet: so instead of settling down and getting a nice girl, you come here and invade our lands?
    Rodimus: free folk invaded our lands, killed dozens of my brothers.
    Scarlet: it's not your land. We've been here long ago and you sided with them Quintessons.
    Rodimus: my ancestors were old cybertron.
    Scarlet: then, why are you fighting us?
    Rodimus: move.

    They walked again, until Scarlet kicked Rodimus and ran. Rodimus chased after her until he saw, that a band of Free Folk were there, awaiting him with one auto trooper
    . They chained him.

    Rodimus: where are you taking us?
    Free Folk: to the King.

    Rodimus: where's the rest?
    Auto trooper: dead.

    Scarlet: we will be there by sunset. *wacks rodimus head*. Not taking eh *wacks*

    Rodimus ducked

    Rodimus: like a baby playing with a rattle
    Auto trooper: enough

    The auto trooper elbow strike the free folk scout and pulled his sword. He attacked Rodimus.

    Auto trooper: aaahhhh! You traitor! You dare sell our your own brothers for an invitation to join the King? *winks*

    Free Folk captain: let them fight.

    Rodimus got a sword and they fought.

    Auto trooper: ah you little scrap eater


    Auto trooper: did your father teach you that, you bastard? Or your whore mother?
    Rodimus: aaaaahhhhhh!

    They fought fiercely but Rodimus won, stabbing him through the heart.

    Auto trooper: *softly* we are autobots

    Scarlet: hope that qualifies enough
    Free folk Captain: release him.
    Scarlet: welcome to the Free Folk, Rodimus.

    They walked until they reached the village. It was filled with camps and they walked. The children were calling him Quint slave and throwing rocks.

    Rodimus: what that for?
    Scarlet: stories. Children hear stories of quintessons and how they enslave. Don't look so grim rody, if the King likes you, you'll live another day.

    The Kings camp

    Free folk Captain: this guy killed his own.
    Scarlet: wants to be one of us.

    A big bot got up and walked to Rodimus. He was at least a head taller than Rodimus.

    - my name is Giantsbane

    Rodimus knelt to the bot

    Rodimus: you're grace
    Giantsbane: your grave? *laughs*

    *everybody laughs*

    Giantsbane: looks like all of you have to kneel before me if I drink now, HAHAHAHA!
    - stand boy. We don't knell for anyone here. I am the King. So, what's your name?
    Rodimus: rodimus
    King: Rodimusssssssss, what?
    Rodimus: pardon
    King: what's your last name?
    Rodimus: pax. Rodimus Pax
    King: a bastard son huh? Thank you for the gift, you may leave.

    The free folk left except the King. Scarlet looked back

    King: the girl likes you and you like her back. Tell me, why? Why do you want to join us?
    Rodimus: I want to be free.
    King: if it's freedom you want, it's freedom you'll get. Drink, sleep. Giantsbane, tomorrow, you'll go. Rest now, Rodimus, for you are, a Free Folk

    And that's how episode 51 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 52: the wall

    Rodimus woke up in the middle of the night. He was sleeping with Scarlet and besides him was Giantsbane. He heard noises from the other room. He looked out

    King: we have already pledged allegiance to you, what more do you want?
    Saurok: the location of your mass graves
    King: what?
    Saurok: tell me, now
    King: fine

    - Rodimus

    Rodimus was startled but it was Scarlet.

    Scarlet: are you okay?
    Rodimus: uh yeah.
    Scarlet: come on. Get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow.


    Ultra Magnus: no nothing?
    Auto trooper: yes sir.
    Kup: I don't like this
    Ultra Magnus: let's hope he's alright.


    Rodimus, Scarlet, Giantsbane and few other Free Folk were greeted by the rest of the clan.

    King: I, the King-of-Ice, in my power, I now pronounce you, Rodimus Pax, as one of us. Wear this cloak, and rise, as a warrior of the Free Folk!

    Then, they started walking to the upper levels. Through ice and snow, through stone and Mountain, they walked.

    Free Folk: we made it! Level 1
    Scarlet: what's the matter, Rodimus? Not glad to be home?
    Rodimus: no it's just, ah it's nothing.
    Giantsbane: where are we?
    Rodimus: earth sector
    Giantsbane: uh-huh, which way.
    Rodimus: *confused staring*
    Giantsbane: the wall.
    Rodimus: east of our current location.
    Giantsbane: well then, let's go.
    Scarlet: perhaps when we have time, I can teach you how to do it
    Rodimus: I know how to do it
    Scarlet: you know nothing, Rodimus

    They walked and walked. Then, Scarlet saw a turret

    Scarlet: is that a castle?
    Rodimus: no it's a turret
    Scarlet: turret. Who built it? Some king?
    Rodimus: just the folk here
    Scarlet: must have been great builders. Able to build such a tall structure.
    Rodimus: iacon has buildings three times that size
    Scarlet: oh I'm Rodimus Pax of Iacon. My father was a lord that lived in Iacon with towers that touched the sky
    Rodimus: if you're impressed with a turret, you'd be swooning when you see one of the Great Towers.
    Scarlet: what's swooning?
    Rodimus: fainting.
    Scarlet: what's.. Fainting?
    Rodimus: when a girl sees spilled energon from a bot an collapses.
    Scarlet: why would a girl collapse from seeing energon spilled?
    Rodimus: well, not all girls are like you.
    Scarlet: girls see more energon than boys
    Would you like girls who swoon, Rodimus? Oh an insecticon, please save me rodimus.

    *spins and rodimus grabs her*

    Scarlet: my cloak is made of the finest metal from Tralalalala land
    Rodimus: I'd like to see you in a nice suit.
    Scarlet: would you?
    Rodimus: *grabs* so I can tear it off ya
    Scarlet: you tear mine, I blacken your optics

    They walked

    Rodimus: maybe one day I'll take you to the most beautiful places in Cybertron
    Scarlet: or I'll take you there, after we take our land back
    Rodimus: scarlet...... You won't win.
    Scarlet: *confused staring*
    Rodimus: you people are brave, no one denies that.
    Scarlet: then you know nothing
    Rodimus: 3 times, in the last 15 years, a king has United the many isolated tribes in the lower levels and waged war against the upper levels. 3 times they tried and failed
    Scarlet: how do you know that?
    Rodimus: because I fought them. I killed hundreds. Thousands, slain by own hands. The 4th won't be any different.
    Scarlet: the new king is different.
    Rodimus: you don't have the discipline, you don't have the training. Your army is no army. You don't know how to fight in a group.
    Scarlet: you don't know that
    Rodimus: I do. I know it. If you attack the wall, you die, all of you.
    Scarlet: all of us?

    She pushed Rodimus to a pile of rubble and kissed him

    Scarlet: you're mine. And I'm yours. If we die we die, but first we live
    Rodimus: yes. First we live.

    Giantsbane: come on, I found a place.

    They walked. To an abandoned hotel

    Giantsbane: we rest here for the night.

    Scarlet: come here

    Rodimus and scarlet went to a tub, and they get it on.


    Giantsbane: come on you two love birds. The walls not waiting for us.

    The Free Folk and Rodimus walked and walked. Then bombs were heard.

    Scarlet: what is that!?
    Rodimus: bombs! We're in the middle of a battlefield. Follow me.

    The free folk followed Rodimus, avoiding bombs. Then, a few vehicons came. Rodimys charged and killed them. Then a few more came and the Free Folk fought.

    Rodimus: follow me

    The Free Folk followed Rodimus. They were out of the battlefield. Rodimus saw 2 auto troopers

    Auto trooper #1: hey it's Rodimus. Where you been?
    Rodimus: you have to leave. Now!
    Auto trooper #2: but why? The battles just won.

    Then an arrow was hit and the first soldier was dead. The second soldier prepared to fight but Rodimus shot him and he fell. Rodimus pulled out his sword.

    Auto trooper: Sir, please. Don't. No. No!

    Rodimus killed him. He let out an angry scream. The Free Folk came.

    Rodimus: the wall, it's just there.
    Free Folk: you did good.

    Rodimus got angry. He punched the bot and pointed his sword at his neck

    Scarlet: Rodimus!
    Free Folk: I was just complimenting you.
    Rodimus: there is NOTHING to be complemented on by killing your own brothers! Talk like that again and I'll shove your voice box in your tail pipe!

    The Free Folk and Rodimus reached the Wall.

    Free Folk: put these on. It makes climbing easier.
    Rodimus: thanks. You done this before?
    Scarlet: no. But I clicked mountains at an early age.

    Giantsbane: hey. Promise yourself one thing
    Rodimus: what?
    Scarlet: don't scream. You don't want that to be the last thing she hears from you, now would ya?

    They climbed the wall. Tall, treacherous and cold. It was difficult but they continued.

    Scarlet: you staring at me ass, rodimus?
    Giantsbane: look out!

    Some metal fell off.

    Scarlet: you alright!?
    Giantsbane: just seeing if you can take a hit lad. Hahaha!

    Then, a part of the wall collapsed and the other 2 lines were dropped. A Free Folk bot screamed 'NO! ' but couldn't do anything. Then, their part of the wall was collapsing. Giantsbane used his strength to hold on. The Free Folk man tried to cut the rope. Rodimus swung and swung, then put his sword on the wall, the rope was cut and Scarlet fell but Rodimus grabbed her.

    Then they resumed the climb. They finally made it to the top. Scarlet saw the lands and thought it was beautiful. Rodimus pulled her up, and he showed her, the City of Iacon. It's beautiful golden buildings, it's silver streets, it was beautiful beyond anything she saw. Then they kissed, as the sun sets

    And that's how episode 52 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 53: the dead and the civil war

    The Free Folk and Rodimus hid in the energon farms. They attacked a farmer. The farmer tried to leave but Scarlet shot an arrow at him.

    Free Folk: kill him before he alerts the autobots
    Giantsbane: I hope you understand. It'll be painless
    Farmer: at least, let me stand. Die, with honor and dignity
    Free Folk: come on. You're an autobot. Prove you're one of us

    Rodimus pulled out his sword. He was hesitant

    Farmer: at least I'll die, knowing I have met the new prime. Even if he is the execute me
    Free Folk: what? What does he mean, new prime?

    Rodimus pulled out his guns and killed 2 Free Folk. He then told the farmer to run. Then he and the Free Folk were on a standoff.

    Then, he knocked Scarlet and fought the Free Folk. Giantsbane tackled Scarlet to the ground

    Giantsbane: I won't kill you, but I'll kill him
    Scarlet: over my dead body!

    Scarlet bit Giantsbane and they fought.
    Rodimus fought the Free Folk, he stabbed the captain through his heart. Then took a horse and ran. Scarlet saw this and she chased him

    Rodimus was resting. Then he saw Scarlet. She was pointing her bow and arrow at him.

    Rodimus: scarlet, you know I didn't have a choice.
    Scarlet: *draws bow back*
    Rodimus: you always knew who I was. What I am. I have to go home now. I know you won't hurt me
    Scarlet: you know nothing, Rodimus.
    Rodimus: *looks at sky* I do know some things. I know I love you
    Scarlet: *sobs*
    Rodimus: I know you love me, but I have to go home now.

    Rodimus walked to his horse but Scarlet shot him in the back. He screamed and struggled to get on the horse. He got on but Scarlet shot another one at Rodimus. He mounted the horse and fled. Scarlet shot another arrow at his back.

    Rodimus got to Iacon City. He fell off his horse. Bumblebee and Arcee came

    Arcee: rodimus, can you hear me?
    Bumblebee: I doubt he can see us
    Rodimus: bee...... Arcee.

    Minicon city

    Jack: so, you're telling me, all this time, you are cybertronian?
    Raf: our ancestors were from one of cybertron's moon. They escaped the war and landed here on earth
    Jess: through time, they later developed tech that allowed them to mate and breed with humans.
    Jack: tell me, why didn't you ever tell me?
    Raf: it wasn't until I was 20 that my parents told me about this
    Jack: ah.


    Starscream: I hope your plan will work, Saurok. I have spent my own treasury to fund this war
    Saurok: don't worry Starscream. It will work.

    A female scientist entered the room. A pretty femme

    Starscream: ah Ashara you came.
    Ashara: yes my lord. As per your orders, it can begin.
    Starscream: saurok, I want you to meet-
    Saurok: Ashara Dayne
    Ashara: oh general Saurok. This is our first time meeting together. I must say, it's an ho-
    Saurok: you're as beautiful as the day I last saw you. A beautiful night, with a bottle of energon before my departure.
    Ashara: I'm sorry but-
    Saurok: *in a different voice* how long I waited to hear your voice
    Ashara: that voice,
    Saurok: *in his normal voice* I'm sorry. As I was saying, it will work, Starscream. I'll immediately go there. Night bird, Malgor, come with me. Miss Ashara, join us. I'll show you a miracle of science
    Ashara: oh uh, okay


    Mortenson: I am pleased to meet you, Tar Vaktor.
    Tar Vaktor: me too, Mr Mortenson. As you requested, my forces will move out.
    Mortenson: excellent excellent! Now a toast. To our alliance
    Tar Vaktor: to our alliance

    The Free Folk attacked a local space bridge portal tower. They took a scientist hostage

    Giantsbane: shhhhhhh, shhh shhh shhhhhhhh. I promise you, you ain't gonna die
    Scientist: *crying with fear* uh-huh
    Giantsbane: as long as you do, as I say.

    A space bridge portal opened and out came Saurok, Night bird, Malgor and Ashara.

    Saurok: I promised you a miracle, and I give you one!

    He let out his hands and a large wave of purple lightning came out from his fingers. The lightning hit the ground, and soon, zombies rose from the ground.

    Ashara: amazing.
    Saurok: I told you, a miracle. Completely obedient to my every command. Malgor, are the Free Folk now with the dark energon cloakers?
    Malgor: yes my lord.
    Saurok: tell soundwave, open a bridge. The dead are impatient


    Fowler: okay thank you. June's safe. She's in New York
    Jack: ah, that's good to hear

    Jessica came in

    Jess: you have to follow me.
    Fowler: why? What's the matter
    Jess:MECH, they're coming for us.
    Raf: but how?
    Jess: Tar Vartok. He betrayed us
    Jack: who's he?
    Jess: no time to explain. Just-

    Knocking sounds were heard on the door. 2 mech goons. Jessica shot them dead. Then they walked out. They hijacked a space bridge and escaped. The four got to the surface but saw it was in flames. Minicon soldiers were firing rockets, and MECH soldiers were coming in with tanks

    Jack: hurry. We need to go to Autobot City


    Rodimus: yeah I'm fine.

    Ultra Magnus entered the room

    Ultra Magnus: ah Rodimus, glad to see your still alive
    Rodimus: ultra Magnus.
    Ultra Magnus: I have urgent news.
    Rodimus: what is it?
    Ultra Magnus: scouts report, that zombies are marching on Iacon
    Rodimus: *chokes on drink* zombies?
    Ultra Magnus: zombies
    Rodimus: when will they arrive?
    Ultra Magnus: by nightfall
    Rodimus: we have 3 astro hours. Prepare the defenses

    And that's how episode 53 ends
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    Episode 54: battle at the wall.


    The wall was preparing it's defenses. People were bring evacuated to the inner city and to Outbound Flight.

    Wheelie: zombies. Of all things, it had to be zombies. Ever faced them before?
    Bumblebee: well, not directly at least.
    Wheelie: well THAT'S good to hear
    Rodimus: look sharp boys. Let's greet 'em with a smile
    Bumblebee: really?

    Dogma: you hear?
    Sixer: yeah. Zombies. What do you think, Pep?
    Pep: don't really care. Just want some action.
    Dogma: we're at castle black. Seems like you chose the wrong place
    Dogma and Sixer: *high five*

    The wall was silent. Everything was silent.

    At Kaon

    Saurok: shall we begin?
    Starscream: yes. Soundwave, open the bridges.

    Space bridges opened and soon, zombies, in the hundreds of millions, came out.

    Wheelie: ooooooooohhhhh scrap.
    Arcee: I didn't they'd be even this many
    Warpath: more for me to blow up!

    Zombies marched and marched.

    Rodimus: snipers ready, guns hold, artillery wait for my command!

    The dead marched, Free Folk and vehicons were screaming 'death!' to the autobots, and war machines in the hundreds marched along. Then, they stopped.

    Rodimus: hold!
    Auto trooper: no!

    An auto trooper dropped a bomb.

    Rodimus: I said hold, you scrap heaps!
    Ultra Magnus: Does hold mean defy my orders?
    Auto troopers: no sir
    Ultra Magnus: does hold mean to drop?
    Auto troopers: no sir!
    Ultra Magnus: are we planning to die tonight!?
    Auto troopers: no sir!
    Ultra Magnus: then hold! Loose!

    The autobots fired sniper shots, machine guns and artillery. Dozens died in a second.

    Then, a space bridge inside Iacon opened and Free Folk came out. They charged at castle black.

    Dogma: loose! Fire! Fire!

    The auto troopers fired but Free Folk were numerous.

    Auto trooper: Sir, Free Folk are attacking Castle Black.
    Rodimus: giantsbane.
    Ultra Magnus: I'll take a few men.
    Rodimus: be safe.
    Ultra Magnus: I will. You, you, you, you 5, you and you, follow me.

    Saurok: charge.

    The zombies attacked the wall and Free Folk and vehicons fired at the autobots on the wall.

    Scarlet fired 3 arrows and killed 3 auto troopers.

    Sixer: did you get one?
    Pep: no. Grenade!


    Pep: think we're gonna die?
    Sixer: assuming we will

    Ultra Magnus and his men arrived.

    Ultra Magnus: 3 times, the isolated tribes have attacked. 3 times they tried, and they failed. For 15 years, against armies larger than this, we fought them and won! They decorate their swords, and tents with skulls and parts of those they killed. Tell me, are you, gonna be a savage's trophy!?
    Auto troopers: NO SIR!
    Ultra Magnus: tonight we stand! And when Dawn comes, I promise you, Castle Black and the wall, shall STAND!

    The gate broke and the two armies clashed

    At the wall

    Rodimus: ready! Loose!

    The artillery fired. Hundreds died. The zombies then bumped at the wall and started to climb.

    Rodimus: prepare guns! Ready! Fire!

    The auto troopers and autobots pulled out their guns and fired at the zombies. Artillery and bazookas fired. They exploded. A vehicon sniper tried to fire but missed, then an Eukarian Spider Drone came and fired. The first shot missed. Rodimus looked out and he told his men 'back!'. The spider fired and it hit an auto trooper. The auto trooper soared through the air and hit the ground, sending a shiver across another auto trooper.
    Gunships flew out and killed zombies trying to climb the wall and had to deal with helicopter vehicons

    Castle Black

    The Free Folk slaughtered auto troopers and vice versa. A free folk came out a door and killed an auto trooper, he climbed down and killed another one.
    Scarlet shot and killed an auto trooper. She fired another one and took cover.

    Sixer and Pep walked up the stairs. Pep fired and shot one dead

    Pep: I got one!
    Sixer: nice

    But Pep was shot in the neck by an arrow and he fell. Sixer grabbed him. 'you'll be alright' he said, as Pep was struggling to breathe and talk, as energon poured from his neck. Sixer tried to get help, but Pep grabbed his arm, and died. Sixer was devastated. He took Pep's rifle and fired.


    Rodimus: now!
    Bumblebee: NOW!!!!!!

    Bombs dropped and hundreds more died.

    Rodimus looked down. He called Dogma

    Rodimus: dogma, the gate won't hold. Take 5 men. *grabs dogmas arm* hold the gate
    Dogma: you can count on me, sir. You, you, you, you 2, follow me.

    Castle Black

    Ultra Magnus crushed a free folk. He saw Giantsbane and climbed the stairs. They fought. Giantsbane blocked multiple strikes and kicked Ultra Magnus but Ultra Magnus charged and pushed him out the window. And punched him but a free folk attacked and auto troopers saved him. Sixer got on the elevator.

    The zombies broke the gate. Several few made it in. The bombs were dropped but a they made it in.

    Rodimus: we need men down there.
    Sixer: Rodimus, sir. We need more troops down in Castle Black. It's being overrun.
    Rodimus: arcee, drift, ironhide, warpath, take some men and kill those zombies.Cannonmen, create a circle of fire.Cannonmen: yes sir.
    Arcee: rodimus, permission to bring in cyber ninjas
    Rodimus: granted. Bee, wheelie, follow me. Kup you're in charge.
    Kup: yes sir. Loose!

    Beneath the wall.

    Dogma and his men were preparing a machine gun

    Auto trooper: we can't win against them. It's no use.
    Dogma: we hold the gate.
    Auto trooper: Frag the order
    Dogma: listen to me! Night has come, my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall hold no lands. Take no wife. Father no sons and win no glory. I shall not leave my post. I am the sword of the darkness, the shield that guards the realms of autobots and defends this planet and the galaxy from evil, the spear of justice,
    All: the horn that wakes all bots. I pledge my life to the wall. For this night, and all the nights to come! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    Rodimus opened the door as the elevator was in mid air and jumped. He took out his sword and killed 3 free folk soldiers. He shot a vehicon dead.
    Rodimus killed another free folk soldier. Seeing this, the Free Folk who broke through the door, attack rodimus. Scarlet jumped down and walked to another wall. Giantsbane barely held it together as he took multiple shots.
    Wheelie got a bow and arrow.

    The gunships carried Cyber Ninjas. The gunships destroyed multiple spider drones and descended. Arcee, Drift, Hound, Ironhide Warpath and auto troopers and ninjas got out and attacked the zombies and free folk.

    Kup: loose!

    The artillery fired. A circle of fire was created.

    At Kaon

    Saurok: I see you arrived, bounty hunter. It seems we need your help once more. And you've brought a friend.
    Lockdown: my pleasure doing business with you, Lord Saurok
    Saurok: shockwave, has the Stallion been loaded?
    Shockwave: loaded as requested.
    Saurok: good. Night bird, Malgor, with me. All zombies, retreat back.

    Arcee and her teammates were surrounded. Then the zombies turned back. The Free Folk there were stranded and surrendered.

    In castle back, another space bridge opened and Tracer, Ratchet, Chromia and more reinforcements came

    Wheelie: tracer
    Tracer: the cavalry has arrived

    Rodimus fought the free folk but he was too strong. The free folk pushed rodimus to a chair. Rodimus got up and attacked but the free folk punched him in the stomach. The free folk pushed him through fire and put rodimus on the wall. Rodimus spit energon at him and drove an axe right through his head.

    Then he saw Scarlet, pointing an arrow at him. Then, an arrow hit scarlet right through her heart. Rodimus looked right and saw that it was Wheelie. Wheelie gave him a bro nod. Rodimus rushed to her side.

    Scarlet: rodimus
    Rodimus: shhhh, don't talk.
    Scarlet: remember that, abandoned hotel?
    Rodimus: *sobs* yeah
    Scarlet: that tub? We should've stayed there.
    Rodimus: *crying* yes. Yes we should've

    Scarlet died in Rodimus' arm. He cried and screamed as the auto troopers were winning the battle

    The cyber ninjas were escorting the P. O. Ws through the gate. There, Dogma and his squad lay dead, defending their post.

    Kup: drop the scythe boys!

    The scythe dropped from the wall and it killed all the Free Folk climbers.

    Giantsbane came down, falling from the stairs, still fighting.

    Rodimus: giantsbane, it's over. Let it end.
    Giantsbane: it will end, when I kill you all!

    Rodimus shot him in the leg. Giantsbane tried to attack Rodimus but Rodimus blocked and gave him an uppercut

    Rodimus: put him in the prison cells
    Giantabane: I should've thrown you off the wall boy! I should've killed you!!!!!!!!!
    Rodimus: aye.

    Rodimus looked at the sunrise and sat.

    And that's how episode 54 ends