Transformers Prime Sequel Quadrilogy

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 16: the academy
    At the Front, hot rod, bumblebee and wheelie were at the Front line. Wheelie was bored. Hot rod came

    Hot rod: hey wheelie!
    Wheelie: hey hot rod.
    Hot rod: what's the matter? You bored?
    Wheelie: kinda
    Hot rod: okay, give me the rifle

    Wheelie gave hot rod the rifle. Hot rod checked if energon was there. There was. Hot rod looked at the scope and shot. He climbed down and scratched a 1 on the wall.

    Hot rod: if I kill one, I'll mark it

    He shot again, he got one. He shot and hit another one. He reloaded it and shot again, he missed.

    Hot rod: get down!

    Wheelie quickly got down and put his hands on his head. A decepticon shell hit.

    Hot rod: phew that was close.

    Just then, a trooper came

    Trooper: is hot rod and wheelie here?
    Wheelie: that's us!
    Trooper: command wants to speak with you.
    Hot rod: okay

    They arrived at the 3rd trench and met bumblebee.

    Hot rod: bee! What's up?
    Bumblebee: I don't know. Command wants to speak with us.

    Just then, a voice spoke. "it can't be" said bumblebee. It was his friend, Tracer.

    Tracer: ah, if it isn't my old friends, bumblebee and Hot Rod
    Bumblebee: tracer, it's nice to see you again. I'm really happy you achieved your dreams. Head of Cybertron intelligence and communication.
    Hot rod: anyways tracer, what's the orders?
    Tracer: oh, yes. Ultra Magnus needs you both to investigate what we believe to be a decepticon energon refinery.
    Hot rod: what's so important about it?
    Tracer: we believe that it's the source of the ammunition of the Decepticon army. You are part of a strike force assembled to destroyed it.
    Hot rod: so, other than us, who's on this strike team?
    Tracer: your team and arcee
    Hot rod: understood.
    Tracer: can you arrive back at Iacon?
    Bumblebee: sure. We'll leave now
    Tracer: excellent. I'll tell high command.

    The briefing was over. The trio left their camp

    Wheelie: so uh, bee, Hot rod, you know that guy?
    Bumblebee: yeah, we attended the academy together after the war. We caught a decepticon spy together
    Wheelie: cool, can you tell me more?
    Bumblebee: sure

    The rest from here is flashbacks

    Bumblebee walked up to a large building, with the captions, AUTOBOT ACADEMY. He met Hot rod

    Hot rod: bee!
    Bumblebee: hot rod
    Hot rod: ready to attend the academy and graduate as a police officer?

    Just then, a green bot came. His name was Wasp. He shared bumblebees model ( WFC/FoC not Prime)

    Wasp: in your dreams, oil leakers. You don't even have the height requirement.
    Bumblebee: you're not so different.
    Wasp: you poor, sad, short sighted bot. It's not the model, but who you know
    Bumblebee: then tell me, Who should you know?
    Wasp: I'll give you a hint, it's not you

    Wasp walked away.

    Bumblebee: what's his problem?
    Hot rod: probably jealous that we know Optimus Prime

    Both laughed and met the rest of their classmates. Along with wasp, included Brawn, a short but very strong bot and Tracer, a big tank

    Wasp was seeing how strong he was by punching Brawn in his hands.

    Bee: can I try?

    Brawn and Wasp laughed. Then suddenly a loud voice was heard. "ATEN-TION! " he shouted. It was Kup, the wrecker now an academy coach. All the recruits stood in a straight line

    Kup: names Kup. But you all energon sucking parasites will address me as sir! Do you get it, you organic bags!?
    All: Sir, yes we get you Kup ,Sir!
    Kup: good. Now, address yourselves before everyone and what you are planning to achieve. Starting with you, shoulder treads!
    Tracer: Tracer, to be the head of intelligence and communications, sir!
    Brawn: to be an Elite Guard commando, Sir
    Wasp: so serve in the Elite Guard, sir
    Bumblebee: to be a police officer, sir
    Hot rod: to be a the head of the police force, sir.
    Kup: you too. You both served under Optimus Prime didn't you?
    Both bee and rod: yes sir.
    Kup: Huh, I can respect that, but don't think you can pass this academy just cause of that. Do you understand me?
    Both: Sir yes sir!
    Kup: now, show me your special abilities.

    Tracer was a tank. The main cannon was on his back and he turned it to his right and the cannon was under his armpit. He fired and destroyed a vehicon like target practice mascot. Brawn was next, he came forward and grabbed the ground beneath him. He lifted one big pile of rock and threw it at a mascot. Next was Wasp. He pulled out his stinger and destroyed a mascot. Bee pulled out his arm cannons and destroyed a moving target. Hot rod used his flame guns and burned the rest.

    Kup: good. Now, go to your quarters. I'll see you in 1 mega cycles

    The recruits made it to their quarters but bumblebee saw wasp go in a shed. He followed quietly. He heard wasp talking to someone. He got closer and saw Wasp talking to Shockwave

    Wasp: I managed to get in.
    Shockwave: excellent. The infiltration worked. We hoped that as our best spy, you'll manage to get in. Now, do well and climb the ranks.
    Wasp: it'll be done

    Wasp walked out. Bumblebee just realized that a decepticon was among their ranks. He needed to do something. He told hot rod

    Hot rod: bee you sure?
    Bee: yes. I saw him talk to Shockwave.
    Hot rod: but we'll need help.
    Tracer: I couldn't help but hear you.
    Bee: tracer, uh uhhhh
    Tracer: no need to say anything. I'll help you expose Wasp.
    Hot rod: what's in it for you?
    Tracer: just helping my home

    Kup came in.

    Kup: all right ladies. Combat simulation will start now. I need all of you to go to the combat area. What are you waiting for? Go, go go!!!

    The recruits went to the combat area.

    Kup: okay, it may just be a simulation but I need you to pretend like its real combat. Your goal is to reach the other side. I'll await you there

    The recruits ran and were on their way to the other side. Wasp threw a bomb at bumblebee, and it exploded realising a goo. And wasp knocked him. "too slow" he said, mockingly. Bumblebee was behind his teammates who left him. Bumblebee caught up to hot rod

    Hot rod: bee, you caught up.
    Bumblebee: yeah. Once I get my hands on that wasp he'll regret the way his spark came online.

    On the towers where the guns were kept, wasp turned them from blank to lethal.
    As hot rod and bee were running to the other side, Wasp came in vehicle mode, above their heads. "slow pokes!" he said. The guns were firing.

    Hot rod: it's okay. It's just blank.

    But the guns were actually firing live energon and were destroying the simulation. The recruits ran for their lives. Brawn was hit in the leg, they hid behind a pillar. Bumblebee transformed and got to the tower, destroying the guns. Brawn was taken to the hospital. The recruits went to their quarters. Bee and hot rod were met by Tracer.

    Bee: tracer, you're okay.
    Tracer: yes, but that's not all. I've managed to get a footage of the guns being sabotaged. It was wasp.
    Hot rod: have you informed Kup ?
    Tracer: no.
    Hot rod: I'll get him. In the meantime, gran wasp

    Hot rod left. Bumblebee and Tracee locked wasp into his locker. Kup saw the evidence and arrested wasp.

    Wasp was sentenced to be executed. He was brought to the public. Many bots and fembots gathered to see his execution. His hands were cuffed, his head was put on a metal box. The executioner was non other than Grimlock. Grimlock transformed his sword. Wasp, did nothing. He just silently prayed and cried. Grimlock cut off his head. The crowd cheered.

    The autobots made it to Iacon

    Wheelie: wow. That was epic.
    Bumblebee: maybe I should tell you more stories
    Wheelie: please do.

    And that's how episode 16 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 17: the refinery
    At Iacon, the trio of autobots made it. Briefing began

    Tracer: bumblebee, Hot rod, you made it
    Bumblebee: so, what's new?
    Tracer: not much.
    Hot rod: anyways, who's on our team?
    Tracer: Arcee. Your friend wheelie. And that's just about it.
    Hot rod: oh.

    The trio met arcee. They walked into a military base. Briefing began.

    Tracer: what we want from you is to destroy a decepticon energon refinery, here in the sea of rust.
    Arcee: how many vehicons are there?
    Tracer: at least 200 at best.
    Hot rod: I like those odds.
    Bumblebee: well then, let's roll out

    The autobots transformed and head out to the sea of rust.

    At the refinery, a seeker named Thrust was talking to Starscream.

    Starscream: thrust, tell me, is the energon harvest going well?
    Thrust: going well, lord Starscream. A new shipment of energon will arrive soon
    Starscream: good. It seems that your not as useless as before.

    Thrust just chuckled. But inside, he was angry. Starscream terminated his transmission. Thrust called a vehicon

    Thrust: tell me, how's the bomb?
    Vehicon: almost ready Sir.
    Thrust: excellent

    The autobots were driving through the sea of rust. Then they stopped. They saw the refinery.

    Arcee: the refinery, it's right there.
    Hot rod: do you see a way?
    Arcee: it seems that energon is carried via air transport. But there's a tube. We can hijack it.
    Bumblebee: look, guards.
    Wheelie: what do we do?
    Arcee: follow me quietly.

    Arcee went quietly and pulled out her shurikens. She killed the two vehicons guarding the tube. Bumblebee and hot rod changed their colors to look like Vehicons and put wheelie in cuffs. Arcee hid inside the energon containers. They went up.

    Hot rod: okay, here's the plan. Bumblebee, you and arcee plant the bombs while I take wheelie prisoner. Got it?
    All three: got it.

    They arrived at the refinery. A vehicon trooper came and asked them .

    Vehicon: halt!
    Hot rod: uhhh, what is it, fellow decepticon?
    Vehicon: why were you late?
    Hot rod: uhhhh, uhhhhh
    Bumblebee: cause we caught an autobot
    Vehicon: uh-huh. Get the autobot to the interrogation room. And the energon to the purification room.
    Hot rod: okay.

    The four left. Just then, they saw Cyclonus, Astrotrain apnd a squad of seekers arrived.

    Thrust: Cyclonus! You have arrived! Oh, how good it is to see you.
    Cyclonus: spare me your theatrics, thrust. Tell me, is the energon prepared? We need it at the Front.
    Thrust: ah yes. Bring it.

    Hot rod arrived at the energon storage room. Arcee came out of the container with the explosives.

    Arcee: ready to do some damage.
    Hot rod: oh yeah

    Vehicons brought the containers and loaded in on Astrotrain

    Cyclonus: I have a message from lord starscream.
    Thrust: yes?
    Cyclonus: you're reassigned.
    Thrust: what? Where?
    Cyclonus: on sector 4. Your expertise is needed for the completion of your project.
    Thrust: no, I will not be going to an organic wasteland. It's below me!
    Cyclonus: say what?
    Thrust: I am a seeker! I deserve to be treated better!
    Cyclonus: you're telling me, you're defying orders, from Starscream?
    Thrust: no.
    Cyclonus: good. Then shut up and do as you're told.

    Thrust murmured curse words at Cyclonus and Starscream. He walked back as Cyclonus, Astrotrain and the seekers left. A vehicon came.

    Vehicon: Sir?
    Thrust: what is it!?
    Vehicon: we have a prisoner.
    Thrust: good. Now we have a test subject.

    Bumblebee and wheelie were bring escorted to the interrogation room. Just then, bumblebee punched the vehicon. Just then, they got a call from hot rod. The bombs were planted. They needed to escape. Just then, a vehicon spotted them and shot. Bumblebee shot through vehicon but he stood up and sounded the alarm

    Thrust: the alarm!? All troops, report now.

    Arcee: that's our cue. Let's leave
    Hot rod: agreed.

    A squad of vehicons saw bumblebee and wheelie. Just then, they were shot dead by Arcee and hot rod. The bombs exploded. The refinery, which stood on 4 pillars was going to collapse. Thrust came. He saw the autobots. He pulled out his gun and shot. As the refinery was collapsing, the autobots tried to make it out by jumping out the wall. Thrust threw a bomb. The autobots blasted the wall but before they could jump, thrust's bomb exploded. Thrust transformed and the remaining vehicons died. He contacted starscream

    Thrust: starscream, I regret to inform you that the refinery is destroyed.
    Starscream: natural causes?
    Thrust: by autobots
    Starscream: how many?
    Thrust: 4
    Starscream: you couldn't even protect your refinery from 4 autobots. Let's hope your project won't be a failure as you.

    Thrust grinned and left

    Bumblebee: this is bumblebee, can anyone hear me?
    Tracer: yes we can hear you bumblebee
    Bumblebee: the refinery is destroyed
    Tracer: good. I'll tell high command.
    Bumblebee: and tracer, can we get a ride home? Hot rod is pretty injured.

    Hot rod was closest to the grenade and took quite the damage

    Arcee: hot rod, stay with me.
    Tracer: sorry bumblebee. Our hands are full on the moment. But I promise that you'll get one as soon as possible.

    And that's how episode 17 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 18: Helex
    The autobots were forced to make their way to a nearby decepticon city, Helex. The autobots changed their colors to decepticon purple, hoping it would protect them. They make it to Helex. It was a filthy city with poverty and corruption everywhere. The autobots made it to a hotel of sorts. They booked a room and waited. Hot rods injuries were to heal if they were to move again.

    Arcee: hot rod, how's your wounds?
    Hot rod: I'll be fine.
    Wheelie: hey, hot rod, I've been meaning to ask
    Hot rod: yeah, what is it?
    Wheelie: you were a member of the elite guard. Why are you a police officer?
    Hot rod: oh yeah. About that. You see, after cybertron was revived, the Elite Guard was disbanded, cause the public wanted it, thinking the war was over. There's no need for soldiers. So, it was disbanded. But decepticon attacks happened and it was open again.
    Wheelie: didn't you try enlisting again?
    Hot rod: I did. But they wouldn't accept Veterans.
    Wheelie: oh

    Just then, bumblebee entered the room.

    Bumblebee: hot rod, can you walk?
    Hot rod: *struggling noise* yep
    Bumblebee: good. We need to go
    Arcee: what's the matter?
    Bumblebee: they're searching for us.

    The autobots made it down the hall but vehicons were searching the place. Hot rod sat down and ordered a cup of energon. The other autobots did too and arcee took a hat and covered her face, pretending to sleep. The vehicons quickly left and the autobots after having their drinks, too left. The streets were crowded. Hot rod saw a transmission playing from a nearby ordinary citizen. It played a message calling for anyone who sees autobots to report to the vehicons. Arcee saw a bot. He looked like a samurai. It was Drift. He pulled arcee to a dark corner

    Drift: ah. Arcee, it's you.
    Arcee: drift! I thought Night bird killed you that day
    Drift: I was on an energon hunt.
    Arcee: what are you doing here?
    Drift: what does it look like? I'm wondering around doing who knows what.

    Just then, a fat bot came. With a moustache and machine gun on his back. He was Hound

    Hound: hey drift, who's the chick?
    Drift: an old friend.
    Hound: uh-huh. Come on. I think it's that way.
    Arcee: okay
    Hound: hurry up before the cons get 'em all

    The 4 autobots walked down but had to stop before a decepticon squad patrolling the streets. Just then, a bomb exploded. And a band of anti decepticons attacked. The people were running away. The decepticons fired back. The autobots were in the mix and were running. Hot rod shot an anti decepticon grenadier. Then, a decepticon Omega sentinel came and blasted the enemy. Because of this, the anti cons retreated. Arcee and hot rod were cornered in an alley. About a dozen vehicon troopers came. Arcee pulled out her swords and beated them up. She took out her blaster and shot 2 vehicons and bumblebee!

    Luckily it was just a similar model. The real bumblebee came with wheelie

    Bumblebee: did you know that wasn't me!?!?
    Arcee: of course
    Hot rod: no time to talk. Bee, is your cloaker still working?
    Bumblebee: yeah
    Hot rod: good. Mines damaged but yours works. Takes these cuffs and you can escort us out of the city.
    Bumblebee: okay

    Bumblebee cloaked back to a decepticon and cuffed hot rod, wheelie and arcee. They walked out of the alley. But a squad of vehicons were there.

    Vehicon: hey you there! Where are you taking them?
    Bumblebee: uh, uh, uuuhhhhh, escorting the-
    Hot rod: he's escorting us to prison
    Bumblebee: *slaps hot rod* shut up auto scum!
    Vehicon: we'll take it from here
    Bumblebee: no. I escorted them this far, I can take them there if you can guide me.
    Hot rod: not helping bee.
    Vehicon: what's your number?
    Bumblebee: number!? I am a decepticon trooper. I take no orders
    Vehicon: and I am a commander. So I ask again, what's your number.

    Then a voice was heard. "Let them pass in peace" it said. It was Drift

    Drift: let them pass in peace.
    Vehicon: stop right there.
    Drift: I have no fear, for Primus is with me.
    I fear nothing for as long as Primus is with me
    Vehicon: he's deaf.

    The vehicon shot but drift blocked with his sword. The vehicon shot again bit drift ducked and hit a vehicon instead. Drift used his sword to slice 3 vehicons. He beated a vehicon and used his blaster to free hot rod, wheelie and arcee. And stabbed the vehicon. Another vehicon came and drift put his sword into his leg. He then used that vehicon as a shield and another shot his fellow vehicon.

    Another vehicon tried to get up but drift kicked him in the face and jumped and kicked the other vehicon. He spinned and sliced a vehicon and put his sword into the ground and kicked a vehicon in his stomach.

    He decapitated a vehicon and punched another one in his face and drove his sword into him.

    Suddenly an entire squad came but were gunned down by Hound and his machine gun.

    Drift: you almost shot me!
    Hound: you're welcome

    Hound then shot a vehicon. The bots came out of hiding.

    Bumblebee: clear of hostiles

    Hound pointed his gun

    Bumblebee: friendly friendly!
    Arcee: he's with us!
    Drift: they're alright

    A bomb was heard. A decepticon omega supreme was seen flying over their heads.

    Hot rod: we need to get outside the city.
    Arcee: drift come with us
    Drift: hound do you have it?
    Hound: yep
    Drift: okay, lead the way

    And that's how episode 18 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 19: cornered
    A ship orbiting Cybertron was being attacked by Decepticons. It was a Camien ship. The crew were having trouble

    Chromia: this is chromia, can anybody read?
    Ultra Magnus: this is Ultra Magnus. We read you, Chromia
    Chromia: we need help. The decepticons are after us
    Ultra Magnus: we are doing the best we can

    The decepticons sent a squadron after them. On the ground, artillery cannons were firing everything they got.

    Chromia: firestar, report. How's the guns?
    Firestar: not good. I need more power.
    Chromia: nautica, what's your situation?
    Nautica: working on it! I just need more time
    Chromia: we don't have much time.

    The Camien ship was sustaining heavy damage. Then, jetfire and 3 auto jets came

    Jetfire: my name is Jetfire. Crew of the Camien ship, can you read me?
    Chromia: this is Chromia. We read you Jetfire
    Jetfire: good. Now follow me and we'll get you safely to Iacon.

    Decepticon warship
    Random: ooh ho ho look. There, a Camden ship. I've never seen one before. What do we do?
    Lugnut: let's shoot 'em down

    Lugnut and blitzwing transformed. Lugnut unleashed a barrage of missiles, the ship dodged but blitzwing pulled out his fire cannons

    Angry: here, have some heat!
    Lugnut: haha, pathetic autobots

    The ship crashed. The crew survived and got out. A few soldiers, Chromia, Nautica and Firestar.

    Chromia: you guys alright?
    Nautica: *cough cough* yeah, we'll live

    Blitzwing and Lugnut came to the ground. And so did a squad of vehicons who

    Lugnut: surrender now in the name of the glorious decepticons
    Chromia: here's my answer

    Chromia pulled out two blasters and massacred the vehicons. They stood no chance. Nautica was making a gun for herself and Firestar and the Camien soldiers pulled out their guns and shot. She joined her two blasters and made an energy spear. And just Boba fetted them

    She hit a vehicon and the hit shattered the vehicons face, scattering the pieces. She stabbed another one and hit another one in the head. She separated and blasted 5 vehicons

    Lugnut prepared his POKE.

    Icy: lugnut, don't!
    Lugnut: why?
    Angry: we need them!
    Lugnut: oh, yeah I forgot

    Nautica threw a wrench at Lugnuts arm.

    Icy: oh slag

    Blitzwing hid.

    Lugnut: blitzwing, don't you


    Lugnut: oh slaaaaaaaagggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Random: seems lugnut dropped the bomb on himself
    Lugnut: not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blitzwing transformed his arm into his ice cannon

    Icy: it's ICE to see you!

    He blasted at the Camiens, he couldn't hit them but he froze the ground. Then pulled down his fire cannons

    Angry: too cold? Here's some fire to WARM YOU UP!

    Chromia fell down. Blitzwing was about to fire but Jetfire tackled him to the wall. Blitzwing kicked jetfire and shot him. He shot ice at Chromia, suddenly Nautica came and used her new invention to block Blitzwing's ice attack and shot it back at him. Blitzwing froze. A heavy vehicon came and pulled out a dark energon machine gun. The Camiens and jetfire retreated.

    Lugnut got up and received a call from Starscream

    Starscream: lugnut, what is your situation?
    Lugnut: the autobots rescued the Camiens
    Starscream: return back to Kaon.
    Lugnut: but Starscream, I ca-
    Starscream: that is an order
    Lugnut: understood.

    At Kaon
    Starscream: ah, Saurok! I was expecting you.
    Saurok: You, wanted to, see me, lord Starscream?
    Starscream: yes. I want you to hunt down the survivors of a crashed ship.
    Saurok: pardon me, but, aren't Night bird or Cyclonus better for this?
    Starscream: the Camien guard are elite and trained to fight an entire army. Besides, if we instill fear, it'll grow
    Saurok: psychological warfare. I like it. I'll leave immediately

    A squad of vehicons chased the Camiens and jetfire, to the wreckage of ships that were destroyed in a battle. The bots were cornered but were saved when Hot rod's team came. Hound shot the vehicons dead, Arcee pulled out her swords and sliced them.

    Jetfire: hot rod. It's you.
    Hot rod: jetfire? What are you doing here?
    Jetfire: escorting them to Iacon.
    Hot rod: who are they?
    Chromia: my names Chromia from the Camien military. I'm here with my friends, Nautica and Firestar. We were stranded on Cybertronian space after a battle with a decepticon fleet.

    Just then, two jets flew over them. Hot rod told jetfire to get help. Jetfire was reluctant at first, but seeing a massive army just charging at them, changed his mind.

    The autobots and camiens retreated and hid in the ruins of a destroyed warship. An entire army of vehicons approached. Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. At the very front were heavy troopers, raining fire at the autobots. Hound shot with his gun but it wasn't enough. The remaining troopers Then drift and arcee used their ninja training to make a wall, giving their friends enough time to hide.

    The army was still approaching. Then, a jet landed. He transformed. He was Saurok. He put his his three spiked crown on his head and raised his hand. The army stopped.

    In the ship
    Wheelie: they stopped. Go go.

    The bots retreated deeper into the ship.

    Hound: unstoppable. They're unstoppable
    Firestar: never have we retreated from a fight.
    Trooper: this is it. We're doomed!
    Hot rod: our situation is yes, but we must have hope. We are autobots.

    A mysterious voice was heard. It belonged to Saurok

    Saurok: autobots. You are surrounded, your armies, decimated.

    The autobots positioned themselves to ready for an attack.

    Saurok: make peace with the allspark for this is your final cycles left. But know that I, Saurok, general of the decepticon army, shall give you, a warriors death

    Walking noise was heard. It was just one bot.

    Arcee: he's coming alone.
    Drift: something about him is odd. He's no ordinary cybertronian. Darkness, anger, hatred, evil, unimaginable power.
    Trooper: we can't face him
    Hot rod: we must try, soldier!

    Out of fear, an auto trooper ran out. Hot rod chars after him but Saurok jumped and crushed him. He was an imposing figure, towering over every one.

    Hot rod: get back.

    Arcee and drift pulled out their swords. Hound readied his gun, Chromia and Firestar pulled out their energy spears. And waited.

    Saurok jumped. And landed. The autobots quickly jumped away. Saurok pulled out his swords. Arcee, Drift, Chromia and Firestar attacked him. Saurok blocked with his swords. It shocked all 4 of them. No metal could resist the heat of the cyber ninja sabers and strength of the Camien elite fire staff. Saurok jumped and swing his swords. The 4 bots jumped away. 3 auto troopers fired but Saurok turned his boosters and killed the autobots. Arcee attacked Saurok but he blocked. Drift came to save arcee. And so did Chromia and Firestar. Saurok then kicked arcee into the wall. Bumblebee, Hot rod and wheelie shot at Saurok. He spin his swords and blocked the enemy shots. Drift came forward and attacked. He hit there and there but was unable to strike even a scratch. Hound pulled out his blaster. The firing was intense but Saurok escaped. He then walked on the wall. Hound was shocked but kept shooting. The shooting made the ceiling collapse.

    "Hound! "

    Shouted Drift. He leapt forward and attacked. Saurok outmatched him and struck a blow at Drift. Blinding him. Arcee and Firestar attacked. But Saurok quickly overpowered them and struck a blow in their stomachs. He turned to our 3 kid appeal characters. They shot and shot but still couldn't hit him. Bumblebee grabbed a shield and went forward. Saurok hit the shield. But stabbed bumblebee with his other sword. Wheelie fired. Saurok charged and slashed wheelie. Chromia transformed from her vehicle to robot form.

    Her spear and Saurok's sword hit. She then split her sword and joined them again. She tried her best but was outmatched. Saurok kicked her and X slashed Chromia.

    Hot rod took up Drifts sword

    Saurok: you're no cyber ninja or an elite. Just a pathetic bot
    Hot rod: well, this pathetic bot has enough.
    Saurok: well then, you will die, braver than most.

    Saurok jumped forward. Hot rod leapt back. They swung their swords thrice then Saurok spin and struck hot rod in his arm and leg. He started to fear.

    Saurok: so, you do feel fear. Perhaps I was wrong.

    He strike, Hot rod deflected but Saurok was going to hit hot rod with his other sword. Then the two stared at each other. Saurok made an X and slashed at Hot rod. Hot rod blocked. Saurok slashed and slashed until he cut off hot rod's arm. Hot rod, felt defeated.

    Saurok: any, last, words?

    Just then hound fired at Saurok. Saurok went back. Then, Jetfire and a squad of soldiers came. The troopers fired, but Saurok transformed and flew over their heads. He sliced 3 in half. Then the transport fired rockets at Saurok.

    Saurok transformed and retreated. The troopers put the autobots on the ship and left.
    The vehicons saw the transport ship and fired. The transport ship fired back. Destroying hundreds. The autobots made it back to Iacon

    And that's how episode 19 ends
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    Episode 20: the factory

    With no time to rest, Hot rod and his team were assigned on a new mission. To destroy a decepticon factory.

    Tracer: the high council needs you again. We need you to destroy a decepticon factory right here.
    Hot rod: a factory? What does it manufacture?
    Tracer: we don't know, but, we can confirm that it's neither vehicles nor weapons.
    Hot rod: and security?
    Tracer: pretty heavy. That's why we're sending the best of the best.
    Hot rod: my team
    Tracer: yes about that
    Hot rod: what is it?
    Tracer: arcee has suffered too much damage to go with you. But we are sending you with 3 more autobots, Ironhide, warpath and jetfire.
    Wheelie: ah, another mission. We just can't take a day off can we?
    Bumblebee: oh come on wheelie. Cybertron needs us.
    Wheelie: okay.
    Tracer: oh and one more thing. We suspect the decepticons may keep secrets on this particular factory. It used to be a lab for Shockwave and we still believe it may have some secrets.
    Hot rod: Understood.

    The trio met ironhide, warpath and jetfire.

    Ironhide: so, ready for another mission?
    Warpath: oh yeah! Can't wait to blow stuff up!
    Jetfire *palm face*: I should have been in Vos.
    Hot rod: okay. Autobots, transform and roll out

    The bots transformed and a space bridge opened. They headed to the factory. They made it. Bumblebee took out his binoculars.

    Ironhide: what do you see?
    Bumblebee: guards everywhere. This place is loaded with them.
    Hot rod: here, let me see.

    Bumblebee gave his binoculars to hot rod.

    Hot rod: hmm, there seems to be no point of entry
    Jetfire: look there!

    Hot rod looked at the direction hot rod pointed to. It was truck vehicons. They were carrying something. Hot rod looked and it was dark energon.
    Suddenly, an escort was coming. Tankor, the tank general, was overseeing the operations.

    At the factory
    Tankor: have the dark energon escorted to Kaon immediately.
    Truck vehicon: will do general.
    Tankor: how is the manufacturing process? Is it going well?
    Vehicon: yes sir.
    Tankor: good.

    Ironhide: what do we do?
    Hot rod: I have an idea

    Hot rod and bumblebee disguised as vehicons and did the old, wheelie is a prisoner truck. They walked up to the guards. Just then, ironhide blasted ice at the guards. Ironhide transformed.

    Hot rod: good. Now, we'll begin phase 2. Bee, take these grenades and plant them in the harvester. Wheelie, hide in the energon cube and ironhide, transform. Warpath, Jetfire, you know what to do.
    Warpath: oh yeah! Let's do this wrecker
    Jetfire: let's start

    Ironhide transformed and wheelie hid inside energon cubes. Bumblebee separated. An explosion was heard outside the factory. Vehicons scrambled. They walked into the storage compartment just as the vehicons there were leaving. Wheelie got out and ironhide transformed.

    Hot rod: okay guys. Let's make our way into the control room.

    Ironhide took the disguise of a truck vehicon though it wasn't really THAT convincing. Wheelie was a smaller bot than hot rod and ironhide and so hid as a backpack of sorts on ironhide. The bots made it to the control room. They downloaded data. Just then, Hot rod stumbled upon a file. He checked it out and saw weapons being designed by Thrust. Dark energon guns and scraplets were getting collars on them and ate an auto trooper alive. He was horrified. He then saw a recording of Shockwave doing experiments on Green light. Wheelie signalled him. The data download was successful. Hot rod contacted bee.

    Hot rod: bee, we have the data. What about you?
    Bee: I already planted the bombs.
    Hot rod: good. Meet us down on the storage compartment.

    They were walking down the stairs when suddenly a vehicon showed up. The vehicon asked them what they were doing there.

    Bumblebee came and shot the vehicon in the back. They ran. The vehicon, with the last of his energon, crawled to the alarm and pressed it.

    The alarm rang and the bots transformed. Their cloakers were low on energon. As the autobots were outside the factory, vehicons were waiting for them. And even behind them. They transformed and pulled out their guns

    Tankor: autobots! Surrender now, and I may consider sparing your lives, to be shockwaves experiments.
    Hot rod: yeah I'd rather die
    Tankor: fine by me. READY!
    Wheelie: were so scrapped
    Bee: hot rod what do we do?
    Hot rod: I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm thinking
    Tankor: AIM
    Bee: hot rod!
    Ironhide: anytime now.
    Tankor: FI-

    Warpath jumped and sent 4 vehicons flying. He then jumped and fired again. Hot rod and his team fired at the vehicons while they were distracted. Hot rod leapt forward and punched Tankor in the face. The autobots transformed and fled.

    Tankor: copters! After them!

    Helicopter vehicons transformed and pursued. Tankors tank and ground vehicons chased them. The chase was intense. The autobots were following hot rod. They were read to drive over a canyon. Their speed increased. Just then, a decepticon warship appeared, it was on flames. It had just come back from a battle. The captain of the ship told his men to open fire. The autobots went left and the ship opened fire. Jet vehicons from the ship transformed and chased the autobots.

    The autobots were driving as quickly as thru can but the jets cornered them. All hope seems lost

    Just then, jetfire and a squadron of jets came to save them. 3 autobot warships appeared and made short work of the decepticons. The decepticons retreated. Warpath was upset.

    Bumblebee: warpath, what's the matter?
    Jetfire: he's upset he didn't get to blow up anything.
    Bumblebee: here. I have a little gift for you

    It was the detonator.

    Warpath: really?
    Bee: yeah
    Warpath: thank you.

    Warpath pressed it and the factory exploded. The autobots looked on. Amazed.

    Tankor was talking to Starscream.
    Tankor: the autobots have destroyed the factory, as you predicted.
    Starscream: ah yes. Now, our plan will soon begin.

    And that's how episode 20 ends
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    Episode 21: the traitor

    At Iacon, ultra Magnus is having a talk with the leader of the dinobots, Grimlock

    Magnus: you were right, grimlock. I should've been, stricter
    Grimlock: I didn't come here, to listen to your regret.
    Magnus: yes. I need you to go and rescue a decepticon defector
    Grimlock: what's so important about this, defector?
    Magnus: he carries valuable information about the decepticons that may be crucial to winning the war.
    Grimlock: understood. What will you do?
    Magnus: this old man has sat in a chair for too long. It's time, I get out there
    Grimlock: that's the Magnus I remember

    Grimlock walked down the hanger bay. The rest of the dinobots were waiting.

    Swoop: hey grim! What's new?
    Grimlock: we have a new mission
    Slug: yeah, what is it?
    Grimlock: we need to rescue a defector
    Swoop: oh man! Rescuing is not my type.
    Snarl: *slaps swoop* come on this is important. Ultra Magnus wouldn't assign us if it wasn't important.
    Swoop: okay
    Grimlock: we were the only ones available.
    Snarl: oh scrap me and my big mouth
    Slug: come on. Our transport is ready.

    Inside the ship was one of the many defectors before the decepticon attack, the triple changer, Octane. Who was living as a pilot of the cybertronian equivalent of airplanes ( I was lost for words, don't judge me!)

    Octane: everybody in and counted for?
    Swoop: yeah.
    Octane: hold on tight. Cause this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

    The ship flew. And carried the dinobots to the location of the defector, on one of cybertron's moon.

    The ship landed in an open area.

    Octane: this is as far as I can go. I'll wait for you guys after you the defector.
    Grimlock: okay.

    The dinobots walked out of the ship.

    Slug: grim, are you sure you want to trust him? He was a former decepticon, remember?
    Grimlock: if he had any allegiance to the decepticons, he would've left by now. Besides, he knows that if he betrayed the autobots, I'd be the one to maul him.
    Snarl: haha
    Grimlock: swoop
    Swoop: yeah? What is it, grim?
    Grimlock: transform and fly up. Just in case things don't go the way we want.
    Swoop: ugh, okay

    The dinobots arrived at a small town. The people were neutrals. The dinobots walked into a local bar. The dinobots sat down and ordered a drink. Just then, the bartender got a call. The bartender told them that someone wanted to meet them in private. He pointed to a room. The dinobots walked into the room. They met the defector

    Grimlock: so, are you the defector?
    Defector: yes.
    Grimlock: ultra Magnus told me that you carried valuable Intel.
    Defector: yes. You see, the decepticons, they are building weapons. Weapons of mass destruction
    Grimlock: what kind of weapons?
    Defector: from dark energon.
    Grimlock: we already know that. Our scientists are-
    Defector: oh those machine guns are Just, how do the humans say, tip of the iceberg. They are constructing a ship
    Grimlock: what kind of ship?

    Just then, an entire barrage of blaster fire came. Outside, elite silver seekers were shooting at the bar. The defector was hit. Snarl flipped a table as a shield and slug hid on the ground. Grimlock pulled out his shield. But he was too late. Thrust defector was nearly dying.

    Defector: G-g.... Grim...lock
    Grimlock: stay with me. You'll be fine
    Defector: this data... Drive... It *cough cough* contains the... Da-

    The defector died. The enemy gunfire stopped. Just then, an entire squad of vehicons came to the spot. And so did a dozen helicopter vehicons. The vehicon leader, obsidian transformed.

    Obsidian: you have something of ours. You do not know what information it contains but I do. Hand it over to us and we may let you live. You have one astro minute before the dark energon cannon fires.

    Slug looked up.

    Slug: oh there's a lot of them.
    Snarl: what do we do, grim?
    Grimlock: don't worry.

    Obsidian: 40 astro cycles!

    Grimlock: swoop, can you hear me?
    Swoop: yeah.
    Grimlock: we are trapped. You know what to do.
    Swoop: of course. I'll be arriving in 30 astro cycles.
    Grimlock: here's the plan.

    Obsidian: 20 astro cycles. Prepare to fire!

    The heavy vehicon readied his gun.

    Just then, swoop came and dropped a grenade at the vehicons. The helicopters pursued swoop. Just then, slug transformed and rammed a vehicon to the wall. Snarl and Grimlock too came out. Snarl took out 3 vehicons with his tail. Grimlock took out his sword and sliced a vehicon in half. He pulled the dark energon cannon and began to massacre the vehicons. Obsidian transformed into his helicopter mode and started to fire at Grimlock

    Grimlock then began to shoot at obsidian. Knocking him out. Swoop came down and the dinobots retreated. Obsidian got up and a squadron of helicopters pursued the dinobots. Grimlock used the dark energon cannon and destroyed 5 helicopters. But an omega sentinel appeared. Swoop transformed and charged at the sentinel. The sentinel merely shoved him away.

    Snarl: uhh guys, what do we do?
    Slug: look grim. The sentinel has a damaged chest armor. Perhaps we can plant a bomb.
    Grimlock: hmm, understood. Slug, snarl, distract it.

    Slug and snarl transformed. Slug charged at the sentinels leg. Snarl was going to ram it but the sentinel shoved him away. Grimlock pulled out his sword and climbed up a tower. He got to the top. Grimlock jumped and landed on the sentinels shoulder. The sentinel has going to attack but was distracted when the autobot transport came and helped. Grimlock used his sword to carve his way down to the chest. He punched over and over. And tore it apart. He threw a grenade directly at the core. Grimlock jumped and swoop caught him. The transport ship landed lower so that the dinobots can hop on. But a decepticon artillery fire destroyed the transport. The wreckage was burning. Grimlock wanted to save octane but vehicons were coming. They fled underground.

    Obsidian: Starscream. I am pleased to say that there traitor is dead.
    Starscream: excellent.
    Obsidian: though I regret to inform you, that the data drive was in the hands of the dinobot grimlock.
    Starscream: hunt them down immediately.
    Obsidian: one more thing. We have found another traitor, octane
    Starscream: octane?
    Obsidian: yes. Should I, execute him?
    Starscream: no. Bring him to Tarn. We are in need of lab rats.
    Obsidian: understood

    And that's how episode 21 ends
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    This series seems interesting.
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    Thanks man. I really appreciate it.
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    Episode 22: the underground mine

    The dinobots hijacked a decepticon transporter and were being chased by jet vehicons

    Swoop *piloting the ship* : this wasn't part of the plan
    Grimlock: just *boom* find us a safe landing zone

    *Jet vehicon fire intensifies*
    The vehicon general obsidian was on his ship, the Prosecutor

    Obsidian: vehicons, shoot that ship down now.

    *warship and jet vehicon fire intensifies more*

    Slug: I think I'm gonna be sick
    Grimlock: slug, snarl, go the cannons
    Snarl: what will you do?
    *boom boom*
    Grimlock: some technical stuff

    The two dinobots grabbed the cannons and started to fire back. Grimlock grabbed a dark energon missile and a gun. He kicked the back wall open and threw the missile. It floated and grimlock shot the missile. Destroying the pursuing vehicons and entered autobot space

    Vehicon: sir, I regret to inform you that the dinobots have escaped us and are in autobot air.
    Obsidian: chase after them!
    Vehicon: but sir, we will be in range of autobot artillery and the ship has suffered damage
    Obsidian: uuugggh, set for course for Tarn.

    The transport entered Iacon airspace. It was greeted with autobot artillery.

    Grimlock: this is Grimlock. We have hijacked the decepticon transport ship. Seize fire!

    The autobot bombing stopped. But the ship was too damaged. Swoop did the best but it had to crash land. It landed at a street.

    Swoop: Huh, another happy landing
    Slug: there was nothing happy abou- *vomits energon*
    Grimlock: uuhhhh, team, get up.

    The team got up and headed out. An autobot gunship arrived, carrying Ultra Magnus.

    Magnus: grimlock, I see that you are alright.
    Magnus: what of the defector?
    Grimlock: dead, the decepticons knew he was selling them out.
    Magnus: oh, that's a shame. Did he say anything of value?
    Grimlock: not much except that the decepticons are building a ship.
    Magnus: a ship?
    Grimlock: yes, but he died before he could tell us. He gave us this data drive.
    Magnus: hmm, I'll have my scientists look into it. In the meantime, get some rest. We'll need you soon.

    Ultra Magnus told his scientists to look into the drive.

    Magnus: what information does it contain?
    Perceptor: It seems to be encrypted in multiple languages. It will take time
    Magnus: can you decipher some of it?
    Perceptor: oh uh yes. This part right here is ancient cybertronian. It says that there is an underground mining facility.
    Magnus: where?
    Perceptor: 140 earth miles behind enemy lines in Kalis.
    Magnus: is it stated what is there?
    Perceptor: seems to be energon. Though it's purpose isn't written. It could be anything, fuel, ammunition.
    Magnus: I will send a strike force immediately

    At Tarn

    The Prosecutor made its way to the decepticon high command dome in Tarn. It was under constant bombing since it borders Iacon, though a decepticon invasion from Tarn was likely impossible due to the fortifications made. The governor of Tarn was it's most famous decepticon who hailed from Tarn, Shockwave.

    Shockwave: obsidian, I was expecting you.
    Obsidian: where is Starscream?
    Shockwave: in my office.
    Obsidian: so he hasn't left yet? How touching
    Shockwave: it would be illogical for Starscream to leave when he wants to meet you.
    Obsidian: transport the prisoner to the holding cells
    Vehicon: yes sir

    The two made it to Shockwave's office.

    Starscream: ah obsidian! What is your result?
    Obsidian: the dinobots managed to take out my fighters and made it to autobot airspace
    Starscream: not surprised considering their reputation for ferocity.
    Obsidian: they managed to have the drive
    Starscream: not a problem.
    Obsidian: pardon me Lord starscream but what?

    Because it is encrypted in multiple languages

    Said a voice that was smooth but struck fear into those who hear it. It was Saurok

    Obsidian: multiple languages?
    Saurok: I suspected a traitor among our officers that why I had Shockwave encrypted the data with multiple foreign languages and ones only few can read. The encryption would ensure that only those who are fluent in the languages will be able to decipher them. The drive is useless to them.
    Obsidian: clever
    Saurok: you flatter me general. Now the next step of my plan can begin.

    After the engagement with Saurok, drift was blinded. He was meditating, using the power of the allspark to "see"

    Arcee: high command wants us on a mission.
    Hound: what do you say?
    Drift: what are we waiting for? Let's go

    The trio met our kid appeal character trio and ironhide and warpath

    Hot rod: arcee, drift, hound, you ready?
    Hound: yep
    Arcee: what are we waiting for?
    Drift: let's go

    The team went underground. They drove for cycles. They finally reached their destination. It was indeed a mining facility. Mining natural liquid energon from a reservoir 140 earth miles from Kalis.

    Hot rod: alright team, let's destroy this mine

    And that's how episode 22 ends
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    Episode 23: battle at the mine

    The team saw a large mining facility. It stood on 4 massive pillars, above a natural energon reservoir underneath cybertron's surface.

    Hot rod: bee, what do you see?
    Bumblebee: about a hundred soldiers and miners. Hot rod look, it's the same machine that turns energon to dark energon.
    Hot rod: it is.
    Bee: look. It's her, the same decepticon who infiltrated Iacon
    Arcee: night bird.

    Drift put his hand on her shoulder

    Drift: arcee, remember your training. Don't let anger and hatred get into you.
    Arcee: I know.
    Wheelie: what's the plan?
    Hot rod: okay, listen here. Hound, Ironhide, warpath , you will attack from the eastern side. You're our heavy guns, draw them away. The rest of you, with me. We'll destroy that mine

    At the mine

    Night bird: get those cubes to the dark energon machine now! We need it at the Front asap.

    On the eastern side.

    Miner vehicon #34661: what do you think of our new commander?
    Miner vehicon: #34669: yeah, she's much stricter than our previous commander but let's not kid ourselves, she's the whole package.
    Miner vehicon # 34661: hahaha

    *boom boom boom*

    Miner vehicon #34661: what in Primus was that!?!?
    Miner vehicon #34669: autobots!
    Miner vehicon #34661: autobots!? Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!

    Warpath: *boom* haha yeah! Get some decepti-punks!

    *vehicon walking sounds*

    Ironhide: I think that caught their attention
    Hound: let's blow some tailpipe
    Warpath: now you're speaking my language

    Dozens of vehicons came marching down the tube bridge. Warpath fired a round at the vehicons killing half a dozen.

    The remaining autobots split in two groups. Hot rod took bee and wheelie on the northern side while arcee and drift took the southern side. They climbed on an elevator.

    Hot rod: remember guys, these types of mining factories require substantial amounts of energon to run. If we place a charge in each of the 4 energon posts, this factory will explode.
    Arcee: got it.
    Drift: this hot rod, I sense great potential in him. There is no doubt that Primus has for him, a bright future.
    Arcee: he always was something special. We're here.
    Drift: remember, we do not want to spotted.
    Miner vehicon #34661: ah autobots! It's them!
    Miner vehicon #34669: oh no.

    The two cyber ninjas pulled out their energy swords and killed them.

    Drift: where is the energon post?
    Arcee: up there.
    Drift: let's go.

    On the ground, the trio were having trouble with the vehicons. Ironhide was injured, hound was running out of ammo and warpath was barely holding.

    Warpath: I don't think I can hold on much longer.
    Ironhide: ugh! We need to fall back

    Vehicon: go! Go! Go!
    Another vehicon: PUSH THEM BACK!

    Vehicon fire intensified. The three bots tried to fall back but helicopter vehicons blocked their way with their missiles.

    Hot rod: bee, wheelie, did you do it?
    Bee: yeah. The western energon post is done.
    Wheelie: what about you?
    Hot rod: done the northern one. I'm heading to the eastern one.
    Ironhide: hot rod, do
    Hot rod: what is it ironhide?
    Ironhode: we need help. The vehicons are *boom*
    Hot rod: ironhide? Ironhide!? Damn it.

    Hot rod transformed and rushed to the eastern side. He called autobot high command.

    Hot rod: can anyone hear me? This is hot rod.
    Ultra Magnus: this is Ultra Magnus. We read you hot rod. What is your situation?
    Hot rod: we are surrounded sir. We need help.
    Ultra Magnus: I'll do what I can

    Hot rod made it to the eastern side. He ran over a miner vehicon. He saw a dark energon machine gun. But a vehicon came and punched him. 2 more vehicons came. Hot rod and the vehicons exchanged fists. Hot rod, user his flamethrower and managed to burn a vehicon. He then shot the other two dead. He then used the dark energon machine gun and massacred the vehicons. The three autobots escaped though suffered heavy injuries. 4 jet vehicons transformed and ran at hot rod

    Hot rod shot the vehicons. He shot one and ceased into another one. But the other two jets started shooting and hot rod leapt away. The vehicons transformed and pointed their guns at him. But bumblebee and wheelie saved hot rod in time.

    Hot rod: phew, thought I was a goner
    Bumblebee: friends don't abandon friends.

    Suddenly, bumblebee was shot in the back. Hot rod and wheelie turned and it was night bird. She jumped forward and punched wheelie. Hot rod retaliated by firing his flamethrower. Night bird did a triple back flip. Hot rod started shooting. She pulled out her energy sword and deflected. She eventually deflected one directly on hot rods shoulder. She put sword near his neck.

    Hot rod: what are you waiting for decepticon scum? Do it.
    Night bird: hmm, as pretty as you are, your capture will certainly earn me a reward.

    Give it up, night bird!

    Night bird turned and it was Arcee.

    Night bird: this, will be fun

    Arcee pulled out her energy swords
    Night bird pulled out another one and joined them to one.

    And that's how episode 23 ends
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    Episode 24: destruction and plans

    Night bird and arcee stared. Then, arcee jumped. Night bird deflected with her sword and the two dueled ferociously. Arcee attacked but night bird blocked. Arcee kept on attacking and attacking and attacking. Night bird jumped. Night bird twirled her double bladed sword and kicked arcee. Night bird slowly walked back. Night bird jumped back. Arcee followed. Their swords clashed. Red glow vs blue glow. With what little remained of his strength, Hot rod saw the fight but he saw flashes of red and blue glow instead. Night bird split her sword and attacked arcee. Arcee had barely enough time to defend herself. Night bird landed a fatal blow on her knee. She kicked arcee and slashed her.

    That's enough.

    Drift said. Night bird looked at Drift. Two vehicon guards were sent flying away. Night bird whispered "processor over matter "

    Night bird: master drift. You survived.
    Drift: surprised?
    Night bird: I heard you were injured with your confrontation with Saurok.
    Drift: merely a scratch.
    Night bird: you're arrogant, master drift. I have learned the unorthodox. Forbidden techniques. Trained by the same bot who defeated you. Now, experience the full power of the unorthodox

    Night bird used the processor over matter technique and pushed drift to the wall. Drift got up and did the same. Night bird tried to walk away. But drift landed in front of her.

    Drift: If you are so powerful, then why retreat?

    Drift pulled out his sword. It glowed a bright green color.

    Night bird: you cannot stop me. The decepticons will win this war.
    Drift: faith in your armies you have. But you misplaced me. As us your faith in your new training.

    He twirled his sword. Then attacked. Both battled in a classic light saber duel. Both were quick, their swords as Swift as lightning. Night bird jumped. She used processor over matter and controlled her surrounding rubble and tossed it at drift. He ducked. Night bird threw a large chunk of metal. Drift also used processor over matter and started to spin it. He threw it back. Night bird jumped down. She looked around. Drift appeared. She used processor over matter and threw drifts sword away. Drift and night bird were using processor over matter push. The force pushed them away. A dozen or so vehicons came and fired. Drift deflected the blaster bolts. Night bird used her powers to bring down a tower. Drift was worried. But luckily arcee was using her ability to hold of the tower. Then, Hot rod, bumblebee and wheelie got up and started shooting back. The vehicons hid. Hot rod got the detonator and pressed it.

    Suddenly, 3 autobot transport ships arrived

    The 4 pillars exploded. The energon that flowed through them that kept them standing still from the extreme weight and collapse from rust was ignited. Night bird ordered her vehicons to retreat. The mine was collapsing. Hot rod was too weak. He grabbed on to arcee's hand.

    Arcee: hot rod, don't let go!

    Night bird was escorted to safety. She grabbed a rifle and aimed. She shot at hot rods arm. Hot rod fell into the Dark energon processor machine. Arcee tried to jump and grab but drift pulled her. The factory exploded and crashed. The transport ships landed. Arcee and the team searched desperately. They found hot rod. Gravely damaged. The dark energon has infected his systems

    Drift: quickly. We must get back to Iacon, immediately.

    The autobots hopped on. The transport ships flew.

    Night bird: lord starscream, I regret to inform you that the underground mining factory and reservoir is destroyed.
    Starscream: this was unexpected. A temporary setback. The good thing is that you are still alive. Return back to Kaon.
    Night bird: yes my lord

    At kaon
    Saurok, strika, obsidian and other decepticon commanders entered the room.

    Starscream: it seems that our underground reservoir of energon has been destroyed. But no matter. Our plan still stands. Prepare the army for a full scale assault, on Kalis. You will lead the first wave, obsidian.
    Obsidian: as you command my Liege.
    Starscream: Saurok, I have to something to discuss. Rest of you leave.

    The generals left. Saurok came closer.

    Starscream: are you sure you're plan will work? Facilities, factories labs, burned and destroyed by autobots. Your plan has costed us a valuable amount of resources.
    Saurok: ah, forgive me but I remember, not everyone appreciates art like I do.
    Starscream: art? Art!? Art!?!? You call the destruction of my facilities and the death of my men, art?
    Saurok: If you want to win a war, know your enemies. Their tactics, philosophy, nature, how they'll react in a certain situation. That's why so many dimensions have fallen into my masters control.
    Starscream: and what is it that you know?
    Saurok: that autobots have adopted peace. Their military isn't as effective as it was 4 million stellar cycles ago. And in the 15 year absence, they had to quell rebellions *pours energon drink* their public popularity is all time low. *gives starscream drink* they're desperate. To end the war and have also guerilla tactics from the earth allies. That's why I told you to move all equipment to tarn and Kaon.
    Starscream: go on
    Saurok: they're desperate to end this war. To get the public to like them. They make silly decisions. What they believe by destroying your facilities, they move one step closer to achieving victory. But I use that desperation. Their belief and strength and ego into weakness. With various facilities destroyed throughout cybertron, they will attempt to break the stalemate in one big assault but, if we were to say, attack at the precise location, at the exact time, we will deal a crippling blow to them. Iacon will be open, and the war, will be won in YOUR favour.
    Starscream: *evil laugh*

    The autobots made it to Iacon. Hot rod was taken to emergency. Arcee and the rest waited anxiously. Ratchet came out

    Bumblebee: ratchet, is... Hot rod okay?
    Ratchet: he'll live

    The team thanked Primus and made a huge sigh of relief.

    The alarm was going off. All troops were to go to Kalis immediately.

    And that's how episode 24 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 25: battle of Kalis part 1

    The autobots boarded their transport ships and flew to Kalis. They were met with heavy fire from decepticon ground artillery. Jet vehicons were heard screaming in the air.

    Ironhide: I know that sound.
    Hound: I hate that sound.

    Jet vehicons screamed towards the transports. Shooting them down.

    Jetfire: I'll see you on the ground!

    Jetfire opens the door and jumped. He transformed and joined the fight. A nearby transport ship was blown to bits.

    Hound: we won't survive this darned onslaught. We need to do something.
    Drift: arcee, you know what to do
    Arcee: ready to go?
    Bumblebee: what are you two planning?
    Arcee: I'll see you on the ground.

    She jumped.

    Warpath: did she just jump without a rocket booster?
    Ironhide: yep.
    Warpath: She's nuts.

    Arcee landed on another transport and took out her sword. The jet vehicons began to fire. Arcee deflected and ran towards them, cutting them. She jumped again. This time inside a transport ship. Inside the ship, the 4 vehicons quickly reacted. They began to fire. Arcee kicked one off the ship and sliced 2. She punched one used him to fly to another ship. She kicked the vehicon away and did a double back flip an landed on another ship. The ship was heavily damaged. The pilot was having trouble getting out. She put her sword in the control pod. "thank you commander" said the pilot as he ejected. The transport was shot by vehicons and arcee jumped and landed on a nearby building. The vehicons stationed there reacted by firing at her. She deflected with her sword. Another transport ship came, with Ultra Magnus, the dinobots and fresh troops. They quickly helped her. The transport ship landed.

    Ultra Magnus: troops, secure the area.
    Auto troopers: roger that sir.

    Other transporters quickly landed at the building and nearby ones.

    Arcee: I see you had a safe flight.
    Bumblebee: haha, very funny.
    Ironhide: what now?
    Auto trooper: excuse me but are you arcee

    The autobots made it inside. Ultra Magnus was briefing them all on a full scale assault at the Front.

    At Kaon

    Starscream and Saurok were discussing the battle plans along with the decepticon leaders. A vehicon came in

    Strika: what is it that you want, soldier?
    Vehicon: I'm sorry ma'am but I came here to inform general Saurok that the painting he asked for was successful acquired from the auction.
    Saurok: ah yes. Bring it to my ship, the Chimera.
    Vehicon: yes sir.
    Obsidian: I don't understand why you waste our energon on paintings and artifacts.
    Saurok: let's just say, I have good taste.
    Starscream: continue, saurok
    Saurok: the autobots will be attacking in approximately 40 astro cycles.
    Tankor: how do you know this?
    Saurok: I got reports saying the refueling towers in Kalis were seized from our hands. With this, the autobots think that victory is in their hands. I've carefully calculated that the destruction of our facilities the autobots will think, of making a full scale invasion to gain territory. And tell me, where were most of the attacks made?
    Strika: near Iacon
    Saurok: exactly! And the nearest battle front?
    Starscream: Kalis
    Saurok: with the destruction of our facilities the autobots have attacked Kalis and thus a large portion of their forces are there. We just need to eradicate them there

    At Kalis

    The autobots landed on the ground. Wheelie was nervous

    Bumblebee: what's the matter wheelie?
    Wheelie: it's just... I wish Hot rod was here.
    Ultra Magnus: so do I.
    Wheelie & bee: ultra Magnus sir,
    Ultra Magnus: it's alright. I understand what's worrying you. He was a good soldier, but also a good friend. I saw great potential in him.

    But they couldn't talk anymore. Bombing and heavy enemy fire started to rain.

    Ultra Magnus: this is ultra Magnus. To all units, follow me.

    Every autobot battalion made it to the front. Heavy bombing killed dozens and destroyed many land vehicles.

    The autobots made it to the front line. Heavy shelling and firing from the decepticons, it was a nightmare. About 10,000 or so auto troopers made it and were stretched thinned throughout the front line.

    Kup: ultra Magnus sir *boom* we haven't been able to *boom* breach the front lines sir. *boom* *boom* *boom* the decepticon fire is * boom* *pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew* is too intense.

    Ultra Magnus looked up.

    Ultra Magnus: understood kup.

    Ultra Magnus was having a last minute thought. He knew that if he was to lead his men into a large scale assault, thousands will die. But it was what was needed to breach the enemy lines.

    Chaaaaarggggggeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! He screamed. All the auto troopers heard. At first about a hundred or so followed. Mustering his courage, an auto trooper stood and shouted "FOR CYBERTRON!!! " and charged. One by one, everyone charged. It was absolute carnage. Decepticon machine guns and artillery killed dozens of them. But still they charged. Arcee and drift took out their swords and deflected the blaster bolts. Grimlock took out his shield and sword and charged at a pace 2x faster than normal.

    Grimlock reached the front. He sliced a machine gun and kicked a vehicon. He sliced 2 more vehicons. Other vehicons fired back. Grimlock transformed into his T Rex mode and went on a rampage. The auto troopers reached the front. Soon the front was overwhelmed with auto troopers and the vehicons retreated.

    Over 3,500 auto troopers had died from enemy fire. Though it was a victory, it came at s costly price.

    Ultra Magnus: set up defences and tell the pilots to get supplies.
    Auto trooper: yes sir.

    Ultra Magnus: will I be able to live it?
    Kup: pardon me, sir?
    Ultra Magnus: nearly 4000 men died. Will I be able to live with it? Knowing, they died under my command?
    Kup: I'm afraid I can't help you with that, sir.
    Ultra Magnus: thank you for your time, kup

    At Iacon
    Hot rod was in the medical bay. He was recovering from the dark energon infection.

    Hot rod. Hot rod. Said a familiar voice.

    Hot rod looked around. It was optimus prime.

    Hot rod: optimus?
    Optimus: hot rod.
    Hot rod: am I, one with the allspark?
    Optimus: no. I called you here for a purpose.
    Hot rod: what is it?
    Optimus: journey to the core along with the star saber.
    Hot rod: to, to, to the core?
    Optimus: you will know when you get there.

    Optimus started to glow. He was disappearing.

    Hot rod: wait, optimus. Wait wait!

    Hot rod woke up. Breathing heavily. He knew what he had to do.

    And that's how episode 25 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 26: the battle of Kalis part 2

    Ultra Magnus was having a talk with Kup and Grimlock.

    Magnus: our transport ships have gone back for supplies. Let's just hope that the decepticons will not invade anytime soon. Have we established aerial superiority yet?
    Kup: not yet sir, but Jetfire will eventually give us the results we need.
    Mgnus: good. Grimlock, I need you and your team to-

    Decepticons started to shell the autobots. Marching of vehicons was heard. All the auto troopers rushed to face the enemy head on. The trio rushed to see

    Kup: they're back!
    Grimlock: we never should've sent those ships back.
    Kup: it wasn't my idea to send the ships back.
    Magnus: enough. We'll talk about this later. But now, we have to fight. You there! Trooper!
    Auto trooper: yes sir!
    Magnus: tell the soldiers in the back to set up the cannons.
    Trooper: yes sir!

    The autobots rushed to the defensive fortifications they made. An entire army of tens of thousands of vehicons were matching straight. Provided cover by the 4 legged, Eukarian spider, a non transforming drone that killed thousands of autobots in Eukaris and it's many fronts. Behind were the large tanks. Inside one was Tankor who was leading the assault.

    The autobots hid behind the rubble and fortifications. The vehicons rained death on the autobots. The sheer sight of the 4 legged spider walkers from Eukaris sent shivers down the auto troopers.

    Arcee: it's those creepy crawlies from Eukaris
    Magnus: I can see that.
    Bee: where is our air support?
    Kup: too busy. Their fighting decepticon warships.
    Grimlock: anybody got some ideas?

    Drift looked up. But he looked for about 2 seconds because a decepticon artillery was attracted to cyber ninja.

    Drift: yes.
    Kup: what is it?
    Drift: I will take a small force and attack from above. Directly at those walkers. Attack after we give you the signal.
    Kup: what signal?
    Drift: you'll know it. Arcee, ironhide, warpath, bumblebee, wheelie, follow me.

    The fighting raged on. The Eukarian walkers had a bulbous head with 3 rotating dark energon heavy cannons. Each cannon with each eye, directed shot at certain auto troopers and it made looking up, kinda stupid.

    At Iacon

    Hot rod got out of the hospital. He walked to the Iacon museum. And saw the star saber.

    Back at Kalis

    Grimlock took out his shield. Behind him, Ultra Magnus and Kup were shooting down vehicons. Ultra Magnus looked behind and out up his hand. He let it down and shouted "Give it to them!".
    The autobots fired their artillery. Soon, vehicons were downed by autobot shells.

    Kup: they should've attacked by now.
    Magnus: don't worry. They know the plan
    Grimlock: take cover.

    *boom* Grimlock transformed into his T Rex mode and went ape sh*t on the nearby unlucky vehicons. The wreckers, Springer and moon racer and the dinobots too came out.

    Magnus: what are you doing here?
    Springer: fighting, with our leader.
    Moon racer: were not abandoning you, sir.
    Magnus: attack!

    The auto troopers stood up and ran towards the front. The autobot artillery fire harder than before. The autobot strike team made it to the top of a building.

    Wheelie: what now?
    Drift: follow me.

    Drift jumped.

    Arcee: what are we waiting for?
    Warpath: yeah, time to blow stuff up!
    Ironhide: finally some action.

    Bumblebee grabbed wheelie.

    Bumblebee: come on.
    Wheelie: aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    Drift landed on top of a walker. Arcee and the rest landed on the ground and just obliterated the surrounding vehicons. The nearby walker saw an autobot on one of his brothers and targeted, said autobot. Drift pulled out his sword. The walker started to fire and drift deflected, though the blast force was much stronger than standard infantry. Warpath blew 7 vehicons away with one blast. Ironhide froze one of the walkers leg. And bumblebee and wheelie started shooting at the walker joint. Arcee took out her sword and cut the walker which was frozen, and it fell. Drift continued to deflect and jumped down on one the walkers cannon. The walker which targeted him stilled kept shooting. The walker which drift stood on faced the other direction and the other walker destroyed his brother. The autobots then destroyed the remaining walkers.

    Seeing this, Ultra Magnus raise his hand again and shouted " unleash hell! ". The autobot artillery fired and auto troopers started firing fiercely now that the walkers were destroyed.

    On the back, on one of the tanks, Tankor was taking to the front vehicon commander.

    Tankor: why are we stopping?
    Vehicon commander: the Eukarian walkers are destroyed and we haven't been able to get through their cannons
    Tankor: cannons? This will not do. Fall back. I will request reinforcements and we will set up our deflector shields.

    *boom* *boom* *tank explodes* tankor went inside his tank and shut the hatch.

    Vehicon commander: you heard the general. Fall back!
    Vehicon: copy that.
    Vehicon: copy that.
    Vehicon: copy that

    The vehicons retreated back. The auto troopers cheered. The transport ships returned as well as Jetfire's forces. Inside the transport ships were supplies and about a battalion of soldiers, along with the Camiens

    Arcee: chromia? I thought you went back to Caminus
    Chromia: well, ships are occupied and thought, might as well join the fight

    At the enemy camp, Tankor was having a conversation with Starscream and Saurok

    Saurok: why have you stopped? My calculations were precise, you should have won.
    Tankor: the autobot artillery has stopped us from advancing any further.
    Saurok: cannons? That was unexpected.
    Tankor: I have set up my deflector shields and am ready to strike now
    Starscream: good. The sooner the better.
    Tankor: but-
    Starscream: but what!?
    Tankor: a large portion of my forces are destroyed in the fighting. I request reinforcements.
    Saurok: not to worry. The Chimera will be coming shortly.
    Tankor: thank you.

    The autobot victory was short lived. The decepticons attacked again. This time, they set up their deflector shields. The autobots fired everything they had. Guns, bombs, artillery, all useless. Just then, a decepticon ship appeared. It opened fire and destroyed the autobot artillery. Out of the smoke, Starscream appeared. Laughing in the most sinister decepticon way possible.

    At Iacon

    Hot rod walked down a secret path, carrying the star saber on his back. He looked back one more time, before transforming and driving down the core of cybertron

    And that's how episode 26 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 27: the battle of Kalis part 3

    Hot rod reached the core. A voice was heard, it was Primus. Primus told him, he was chosen by optimus to be his successor, he was to be Rodimus Prime

    At Kalis

    Starscream: surrender autobots for death has come for you!
    Kup: we will never!
    Starscream: silence filth!

    Starscream shot at Kup. He then flew a little higher and took out his wing swords. He used the dark energon in those blades to make dark energon lightning and came crashing down. Auto troopers started to fire but were killed by the lightning.

    Ultra Magnus: autobots! Attack!

    The autobots attacked Starscream. Ultra Magnus attacked with his hammer, Starscream fired with his arm cannon. Arcee and drift dueled starscream with their swords, but Starscream was bigger and much more skilled. He made short work. Ironhide froze starscream's leg and warpath, bumblebee and wheelie attacked at once. Starscream freed himself by firing at the ice with his arm cannon and unleashed lightning. He grabbed ironhide and hit warpath. He grabbed bumblebee and wheelie by their heads and threw them away. He shot the wreckers awake with his arm cannons. The dinobot swoop distracted Starscream and slug rammed him. Sludge hit starscream with his tail and Grimlock punched him. Arcee and Chromia were fighting Starscream along with the dinobots. Starscream was overwhelmed and would've lost but Saurok came in the nick of time.

    The decepticon duo rag dolled the autobots. Saurok vs arcee and chromia and Starscream was having a fight with Grimlock.

    Chromia: I have trained for this. My ability has become more powerful than the last time we met
    Saurok: good. Twice the pride, double the fall

    Chromia charged at Saurok. Saurok had a special ability up his sleeve. He let out lightning from his hand and sent chromia flying away. Seeing this, Arcee went into defensive position.

    Saurok: as you can see, my dark powers are Far beyond your capabilities.

    Saurok let out a stream of lightning which arcee blocked though it was hard. Saurok took out his sword.

    Starscream and grimlock stared at each other

    Starscream: the mighty grimlock. Let's see if you can live up to the reputation my troops have been telling me.
    Grimlock: you talk too much.

    Arcee strikes first. Saurok blocked and both traded blows for a few seconds

    Saurok: why you dissapointed me.
    Arcee: how's this for disappointment?

    She attacked. She attacked fiercer than before. But Saurok smiled and attacked with even faster blows. He kicked arcee away and electrocuted her.

    Starscream wrestled grimlock. Grimlock punched him and the two traded blows until grimlock eventually won. Starscream cheated ( duh) and shot at grimlock. He got his swords and so did grimlock. The two dueled ferociously.

    Drift took out his sword and was in front of Saurok. Ready for a rematch. He pulled out his sword and attacked. Both dueled as fierce as Yoda and Dooku. But Saurok managed to get the upper hand and electrocuted drift.

    Grimlock punched starscream.

    Grimlock: give up now starscream.
    Starscream: hehehehe, no. Fire!

    At the back, tanks fired. The dinobots and autobots retreated.

    Starscream: saurok, let's finish them. Split them apart.
    Saurok: chimera, open fire.

    The decepticon Tarn class heavy cruiser, the Chimera opened fire. The autobot forces were split in two. Drift, arcee, chromia, bee, wheelie, warpath, ironhide and a few auto troopers went in the left. And ultra Magnus took the wreckers and dinobots on the right to Kalis' central square.

    Starscream: you there, vehicon commander!
    Vehicon commander: yes sir?
    Starscream: take a battalion and destroy those insignificant pests.
    Vehicon commander: yes sir.

    An insecticon swarm came. Led by mandible

    Starscream: mandible, let's have some fun.
    Mandible: yeeesssss.

    The autobots ran up the stairs of a military building in Kalis. They arrived at the fifth floor. And readied for a last stand. The decepticon battalion broke off from the main army and we're heading towards the autobots. They were running up the stairs.

    Wheelie: bee?
    Bee: yeah?
    Wheelie: it was an honor serving with you.
    Bee: likewise

    Chromia: at least we die, with honor.
    Arcee: with honor.

    Ironhide: never thought I'd die fighting side by side with a tank.
    Warpath: how about side by side, with a friend?
    Ironhide: aye. I could do that.

    The autobots readied for their last stand. Marching of vehicons were heard. Just then, an unidentified craft flew into the hanger.

    Bee: it looks like an autobot
    Chromia: just one? Great, we're saved.
    Bee: unidentified craft, identify yourself.

    No response. Bee looked at another camera. It was a cloaked bot. Bee looked at another camera. And there, he saw the cloaked bot fighting against the vehicons. Deflected the blaster fire with his arm swords which resembles the ones optimus prime used.

    In the hallway.
    The cloaked bot was deflecting blaster shots. He cut a vehicon's arm off. And breaded another. The one armed vehicon grabbed him on his shoulder and the cloaked bot cut him to pieces. He walked to another room. The blades glowing a blue light. A sniper fired but the bit deflected and took out his gun and shot at the sniper. He kicked a box at the nearby vehicon. He sliced another ones head off. The vehicon was struggling and was firing back. The bot drove his sword into his throat.

    From the CCTV, Bee saw that he was walking up the stairs.

    As the autobot was waking up the stairs, a vehicon came and pulled out a grenade. The bot shot his face off. The vehicon fell and the bomb exploded. The remaining vehicons waited. The cloaked bot came and the vehicons opened fire. The cloaked bot just deflected like a Jedi. He pulled out his gun and killed 2. He continued to deflect with his swords. He punched a vehicon and used him as a shield against the vehicon fire. He then threw the corpse at them. A vehicon came to attack him. But the cloaked bot used his flamethrower and burned the vehicon. At a nearby corridor, vehicons were waiting with a bazooka. But the autobot fired at the bazooka and the room exploded. A dozen vehicons remained. They were slaughtered. Sword deflected blaster bolts. Slashing them, blasting them, the vehicons stood no chance.

    Inside the room

    Bee: this level of skills. The elegance, speed, I've never seen anyone fight like this since
    Arcee: optimus

    The door opened. The bot put his swords away. And unveiled his face. He was hot rod.

    Arcee: hot rod?

    "yes". "hot rod. That was my name. Call me, Rodimus Prime" he said

    And that's how episode 27 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 28: The battle of Kalis part 4

    The other autobots were making a last ditch effort to get back to Iacon. Jetfire and the jet autobots were busy providing cover and dog fighting against the decepticon jets which outnumbered them 5-1.

    Ultra Magnus: jetfire *boom* we need more cover! *boom*
    Jetfire: no can do sir! We're pinned! They have us outnumbered 5-1. I don't think we can last any longer. *boom* aaaahhh
    Ultra Magnus: jetfire? Jetfire!?

    The decepticon tanks were driving their way through the rubble. They were firing their heavy cannons.

    Tankor: attack!

    The auto troopers were gunned down one by one. Decepticon artillery was powerful and loud. Inch by inch, the autobots fell back. Eukarian 4 legged walkers were attacking again. Grimlock and the dinobots transformed into their dinosaur modes and massacred nearby vehicons. Grimlock managed to topple a nearby walker with his brute strength. Copter vehicons were coming to the front. Their missiles were more than capable of dealing damage to the auto troopers. Springer and moon racer were soloing vehicons. Springer was killing them with his sword and gun and moon racer was using her rifle.

    Springer: 21! 22! 23! I'm on 23 moon racer!
    Moon racer: pathetic. I'm on 40.
    Springer: what!? I'll have no femme out scoring me! 24! 25!
    Hound: 55!
    Springer: *angry screaming*

    Magnus: all soldiers fall back! Fall back!
    Springer: but sir, we can fight!
    Magnus: no. We're too outnumbered. We have to fall back.
    Moon racer: understood sir.
    Springer: yes sir

    The autobots transformed and fall back. The incoming barrage of enemy fire, artillery and missiles were too much. Iacon was just a few miles away. But decepticon Vos class frigates were blocking their way with their turbo lasers. And on all 4 fronts, the autobots were surrounded

    The decepticons made a shield wall. Starscream was hovering above them.

    Starscream: oh what a sight. To see the autobots trapped like that. Ready!

    The vehicons readied their guns.

    Kup: ultra Magnus, it was an honor serving with you.
    Ultra Magnus: you too, kup

    Starscream: aim!

    Just then, one of the Vos class frigates was destroyed and a number of explosions were happening and killed hundred of vehicons. A fleet of autobot jets came flying forward and destroyed jet and helicopter vehicons and the surrounding ground vehicons, tanks and artillery

    The autobots looked back. And saw a small army. And from their rubble stood, Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus: Starscream! This is your only warning. Turn back now end this war.
    Starscream: says who?
    Rodimus Prime: says me, Rodimus Prime
    Starscream: you? A prime? Hahahahaha

    The decepticons laughed but rodimus opened his chest and revealed the Matrix of Leadership. Starscream was shocked.

    Rodimus: I am Rodimus Prime. I have been chosen by Primus to be the new prime and I will ask this only once, Surrender now!

    The decepticons were a bit afraid. Of facing a Prime.


    Rodimus: so be it. AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!

    The two armies clashed. Vehicon vs auto trooper, artillery vs artillery, warship vs warship. It was epic and a complete nightmare. The wreckers and dinobots continued their rampage on unlucky vehicons. Jetfire and his forces started to fight against the remaining decepticon warships. Tankor and his tanks were obliterating the auto troopers.

    Starscream and Rodimus were facing each other. Starscream fired a shot at Rodimus, to which Rodimus deflected. Starscream flew towards him and grabbed his sword. He attacked first. Rodimus took out his sword and blocked. He got up and both traded blows. Each blow was as powerful as a bomb and both could barely handle each one. Rodimus stood still. The swords on his arms were glowing. He then unleashed an energy wave at Starscream. Starscream too unleashed a dark energon one from his swords. Starscream flew up. Rodimus pulled out his rocket boosters and chased Starscream.

    Starscream got behind him but Rodimus tried spinning since its a good trick. Both were shooting at each other but neither gained an advantage over the other. Starscream then tackled Rodimus to a building. Both wrestled each other.

    On one of the Vos class frigates, a mysterious bot came to the bridge and slaughtered it's staff. He then used the ship to ram at the building where Starscream and Rodimus were fighting. Both starscream and rodimus flew away.

    Tankor: my lord. We can't hold on our positions any longer. We have to retreat.
    Starscream: no! Stay your ground!
    Saurok: he's right, Starscream. Our soldiers can't hold on any longer. We have to retreat.
    Starscream: GAH! Fine, all units fall back.

    The autobots cheered. Victory was finally theirs. The decepticons retreated.

    Starscream: we had them in our grasps! We could've had the city!
    Saurok: the city was never our objective. It was to deal a crippling blow to them. And we did.
    Starscream: meaning?
    Saurok: their early victories made them egotistic and arrogant. And made a full scale assault on Kalis. A large portion of their forces were destroyed. Now, we can focus on other fronts.
    Starscream: you are clever, aren't you, Saurok?
    Saurok: what's more important is we find whoever hijacked the Vos class frigate and set it to destroy you. Someone within our ranks wants your power.
    Starscream: that can do later. Now we have to focus on the other fronts. Let's start with Caminus.

    And that's how episode 28 ends and so does season 1 of Transformers Prime : Regeneration
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Season 2

    Episode 29: landing at Hydrax Plateau

    At Iacon

    Rodimus Prime, the new leader of the autobots was having a conversation with Ultra Magnus.

    Rodimus: it is imperative that we secure the Hydrax plateau from decepticon hands. We need to shut down their bio weapons facilities if we are to make any further advances in the Front
    Ultra Magnus: I understand. I'll take my wreckers to Hive City. With any luck, we can seize it back. Is something wrong, rodimus?
    Rodimus: no. It's just, last time I was in the Hydrax Plateau, I was nearly eaten by a giant worm while catching a criminal
    Ultra Magnus: that.... Sounds horrifying.
    Rodimus: well, guess this is my stop. I'll see you after this.

    Ultra Magnus saluted. Rodimus walked into the gunship. The gunship took off into an autobot warship. Rodimus landed and walked out of the gunship. Rodimus was talking to the other autobots using holograms

    Rodimus: so, who's here?
    Warpath: alright! Now the cons are in trouble
    Bee: if it ain't the new prime.
    Rodimus: aaaaahehe
    Wheelie: sir
    Rodimus: I like the new paint job
    Ironhide: rodimus, sir. I'm here to brief you on the enemy line.
    Rodimus: shoot it.
    Ironhide: the decepticons have control over the entire plateau. They have set up base at Fort Scyk. Our forces will land about 6 miles away from Fort Scyk. We have a landing zone prepared called Point Rain
    Rodimus: how heavy is enemy fortifications?
    Ironhide: pretty heavy.
    Rodimus: understood. Here's the plan, I will take arcee along with 1/3 of the gunships.. Bee, you take wheelie and the other 1/3. Ironhide, Warpath, you take the rest. Land, and meet up at Point Rain
    Ironhide: sir yes sir.
    Warpath: oh yeah!
    Bee: ready wheelie?
    Wheelie: built ready.
    Rodimus: autobots, roll out!

    The autobots boarded their transport ships and flew off. The first wave led by bumblebee and wheelie, about 12 gunships flew off. At first it was quiet. But an entire swarm of jet vehicons came soaring at the autobot gunships. Autobot jets and the warships provided cover but the vehicons were too many. Decepticon artillery fire was intense. Autobot bombers came soaring from the skies and dropped their bombs at the decepticon artillery. The gunships barely held of jet vehicons and jet autobots were outnumbered.

    On a gunship

    Auto trooper: good thing those cons can't aim.

    *BOOM* the gunship exploded

    On the 2nd warship.

    Rodimus: ready?
    Arcee: you know me rodimus
    Auto trooper: sir, bumblebee and wheelie have already engaged the enemy.
    Rodimus: then were just gonna have to catch up.

    On the third warship

    Autobot admiral: good luck sir.
    Ironhide: thank you, admiral

    The 2&3 waves flew off. Jet vehicons screamed as they attacked. The autobot gunners aboard the gunships were shooting them down. Gunships were blown to bits by enemy fire. The gunship carrying Rodimus Prime was down and crashed.

    On ironhide and warpath's gunship

    Auto trooper: were going down. I repeat, we're going dow-
    Auto trooper: Rodimus' ship is down.

    On Rodimus' ship

    Rodimus: come on men. Get up!

    Rodimus opened the door. The auto troopers went into defensive positions as vehicons were raining down fire upon them. Rodimus pulled out his swords and charged. He sliced a vehicon in half and another one. And used his gun to destroy the machine gun.

    Arcee: they're falling back. Come on!
    Auto troopers: chaaaaarrrrrggggeeeee!

    On Ironhide and warpath gunship

    Ironhide: get those tanks on the ground now!


    Auto trooper: commander bee, get those tanks on the ground now.

    Bumblebee: copy that. Pilot! Land us down here.
    Pilot: copy that commander. Have fun down there.

    The gunships landed in a circle. The troopers got out and battled the vehicons. Bumblebees gunship was in front of the author circle.

    Ironhide's gunship landed.

    Warpath: come on. This is no place to die.
    Ironhide: uhhhhh, how badly hit are we?
    Warpath: pretty heavy. Bumblebees team might be the only one to land safely. What do we do?
    Ironhide: proceed as planned. Meet up in Point Rain

    Ironhide and his team made it to Point Rain. It was an absolute nightmare.

    Ironhide: troops! I need you to go to that gunship and check for survivors.
    Auto troopers: Sir yes sir!

    The troopers ran straight to the gunship.

    A vehicon was hit

    Vehicon commander: use the spear head formation! Charge straight at them head on.
    Vehicon: yes sir.

    The vehicons were charging. Even under intense enemy fire, the auto troopers made it to the gunship.

    Auto trooper: why do we always get the fun jobs?
    Auto trooper: oh this isn't fun. Getting back to the circle is

    They opened the door. Only bee, wheelie and 2 other auto troopers survived.

    Bee: I'm afraid we few are the only survivors
    Trooper: were glad to see you still alive sir. The vehicons are pushing us and ironhide has made a circle as we speak.
    Bee: good. *cough cough*

    The troopers carried bumblebee and the rest to the circle.

    Trooper: they got the commander, sir.
    Ironhide: good. Tank 4420, provide cover fire for the survivors.
    Tank 4420: copy that sir.

    The tank provided cover and the autobots made it back to the circle. Vehicons transformed into car mode and were making a straight run on the autobot positions. Warpath fired a round at the incoming vehicons, giving bumblebee and wheelie a chance to survive.

    Ironhide: are you injured bee?
    Bee: *cough* I'll live.
    Ironhide: we underestimated them. They were more than ready to face off against us.
    Bee: well I'm sure Rodimus will eventually come to our aid. We just have to make sure that WE are still alive

    Vehicons were circling around the circle. Shooting and distracting the side gunners while the front vehicons were advancing. One of the autobot gunners were dead. Helicopter vehicons were swarming in on the offensive. One managed to get on top of a tank gunner. The ground forces provided cover. Tank vehicons were blasting. The front was blown open.

    But just then, a bomber came and destroyed the vehicons. Rodimus and his team finally came and so did a fresh squad of auto troopers. The auto troopers cheered. The vehicons retreated.

    Bee: were glad you made it. We won't survive another second.
    Ironhide: what now sir?
    Rodimus: now we move on the offensive

    And that's how episode 29 ends.
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 30: long lost secrets

    At Kaon

    The decepticon military commanders were having an argument.

    Obsidian: we cannot move any further, Starscream! Our energon reservoirs are low and our troops are starving! The people are upset. We cannot make a move without risking protests and riots.
    Starscream: I barely have any energon to drink. Do you think I wouldn't know!?
    Obsidian: forgive me, lord starscream but-
    Strika: we can't make any more advances in the Front. Our energon supplies are low.
    Starscream: what do you think, shockwave?
    Shockwave: I was doing a bit of research. Then I came to the only logical conclusion I can make.
    Tankor: that is?
    Shockwave: all energon comes from the core of cybertron. And the timing of the depletion is the same as the arrival of Rodimus Prime. I believe this is the work of, Primus
    Tankor: impossible!
    Obsidian: PRIMUS!?!?
    Starscream: what of your synthetic energon, shockwave?
    Shockwave: I lack the materials needed to make more than a cruisers fill
    Obsidian: you're telling me you can't make more!?

    The generals were throw a tantrum. But it stopped, when Saurok entered the room.

    Starscream: saurok, you finally came. We were just discussing about-
    Saurok: the energon depletion?

    Starscream stared at Saurok in a oddly manner

    Saurok: oh yes I know. But not to worry.
    Obsidian: not to worry?
    Saurok: yes. Tell me, do you know of the Dre'kari?
    Tankor: dre what?
    Strika: we are not here to listen to your fairy-
    Starscream: silence! Let him speak. Continue
    Saurok: the Dre'kari are an ancient alien species. They're... Not from around here. From, someplace else. They're a highly advanced technological race going from universe to universe, conquering, enslaving and killing countless trillions. They came to this universe billions of years ago but were, forced to left due to a virus.
    Obsidian: may I ask what is so important about these.... Aliens?
    Saurok: before the virus started spreading on mass and were forced to leave, they left behind their technology. One such is a station that can drain the power of a Star and turn it to any type of fuel that whosoever controls the station, desires.
    Shockwave: this may be the logical choice
    Saurok: it's...problematic. The Dre'Kari left behind artifacts. I've managed to locate them and use their knowledge. However, I need more. I've sent Night bird to retrieve one which I believe is in the Hydrax plateau. Once she returns, I may be able to decipher it's secret and uncover a Pyro-cron, a device which can locate the station.
    Starscream: good.

    At the Hydrax Plateau

    On a mountain, miners were digging for the artifact that Saurok needed.

    Nightbird: put your back into it! The faster the better.
    Vehicon: ma'am. I regret to inform you that the base is currently attack.
    Nightbird: prepare defenses. I want that artifact unearthed as quickly as possible
    Vehicon: yes ma'am!

    On the ground, autobot gunships were landing. It was dusty as decepticon artillery was intense. Rodimus and the autobots made to the base of the mountain. The decepticons started firing again.

    Vehicon Captain : focus fire on sector 11274265.
    Vehicon Sergent: sector 11...3...7 what was that again?
    Vehicon Captain : just fire right there!!

    Rodimus: ironhide! Where's our air support.
    Ironhide: Sir, the enemy drones and vehicons are shooting down our air support. We can't call in a strike team!

    Vehicon Sergent: I can't see them.
    Commander: where did they go?

    The Sergent fell. And hit the ground.

    Sergent: oh my Pri-

    His binoculars hit him on the head.

    Captain: GET BACK HERE SERGENT!!!!!

    *boom* *boom* *pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew* *boom*

    Rodimus: okay. I got it.
    Bee: yeah.
    Rodimus: okay. We will attack the enemy straight on. Get those tanks to walk on the mountain side. We will climb this mountain.
    Warpath: Sir yes sir!
    Rodimus: race you guys to the top.
    Arcee: I'll give you a head start.
    Rodimus: your mistake

    The autobots climbed up. Decepticon crab drones fired their sonic boom and dark energon laser bolts. The autobots fired back. Autobot tanks were walking up, firing as they go. Arcee jumped on a tank and deflected enemy fire. One of the crab drones managed to destroy a tank. It was a difficult situation. The autobots lost many auto troopers in the climb.

    Inside the mountain.

    Miner: ma'am! We've uncovered what we believe to be the artifact.
    Nightbird: where!?

    Nightbird looked at the artifact. It matched what Saurok said. A crimson knife, with scribbles of an ancient language.

    Nightbird: good. Captain, open a ground bridge to Kaon
    Captain: sorry ma'am but were low on energon. You'll have to take one of the shuttles.
    Nightbird: grrr, fine. Prepare one.
    Captain: yes ma'am.

    The fighting still raged on. A tank fired and destroyed a part of the mountain side. A vehicon came down. Rodimus sliced him in half. One of the crab drones fired a sonic boom at the tank. It hit one of the tanks leg. It was leaning but it managed to get back. Vehicons riding 6-17 EHS bikes ( Eukarian hover speeder) we're coming in and slaughtering auto troopers. Rodimus jumped. He landed on one. He cut down the pilot and did the other 3. He jumped and landed on the last one.

    Vehicon: Huh?

    Rodimus twisted the vehicons neck and rode his bike.

    Rodimus: see you at the top!
    Arcee: hey no fair! Get this thing moving.

    Rodimus: ironhide!
    Ironhide: Huh?
    Ironhide: why so slow?
    Ironhide:......... *intense angry screech*

    Rodimus shot down the crab drones, giving the autobots a chance. He crashed the speeder on a tank vehicon and landed. He was surrounded by vehicons.

    Captain: surrender now, auto filth!

    Rodimus took out his blades and sent an energy wave that sent them flying. Rodimus walked. Suddenly, energy cuffs caught his hands. 3 vehicons carrying dark energon machine guns appeared.

    Rodimus: oh scrap!

    Just then, a tank fired and saved him.

    Arcee: I'm always here to save your back.
    Rodimus: haha

    The shuttle was ready for launch. Nightbird quickly landed and flew off to Kaon.

    Miner: did she just left us!?
    Other miner: yep.

    Auto troopers: put your hands behind your back.
    Miner: oh noooooooo

    At Kaon

    Saurok: ah, nightbird! You retrieved it my most loyal servant.
    Nightbird: yes master.
    Starscream: can you decipher it?
    Saurok: yes.

    Saurok: hmm, it seems that the Pyro-cron is in Hive city, sector 7
    Starscream: good. Obsidian, prepare an army to move out to Hive City. We have a Pyro-cron to get.

    And that's how episode 30 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 31: the Star Forge

    At Hive City

    The decepticons attacked Hive City. It was populated by cybertronians who were looked down upon by the rest of the planet due to their, primitive and isolationist ways.

    On the ground, grew a type of metal plant that fed on energon. The vehicons were fighting against the common folk. Vehicons weren't doing much since they never knew the city or had any knowledge of it whatsoever. The common folk were armed with normal melee weapons. The vehicons weren't doing much.

    Just then, from the sky, Starscream came down.

    Starscream: people of Hive City, I am Starscream. Leader of the Decepticons. I ask only of the Pyro-cron. Give it to me and I shall spare you.

    It was silent. But one person spoke.

    Hive city militant: we made your army retreat. It's you who should ask mercy.
    Starscream: fine. I never wanted to spare you anyways.

    He took out his sword and unleashed dark lightning on the militant.

    Starscream: we are decepticons and know now that YOUR time has come, for extinction! Decepticons, rise up!

    Finding new moral, the vehicons charged and fought harder than before. Tanks came in and jets screamed above. Starscream walked and sliced a militants head off. He began to massacre the militants. He ran forward and sliced one, then another. Another militant charged at him but was punched and starscream shot her in the face. Behind, another militant was about to attack but was electrocuted by Saurok. Decepticon reinforcements arrived. The militants stood no chance. Starscream drove his sword into the chest of one militant. He back slapped one and started punching him. He then put both his legs onto his shoulders and ripped out the head. Starscream then threw it at another militant. He shot another militant straight in the head. He walked slowly and sliced one militant from his shoulders. Two came to attack but Starscream put his arms into an X and shot the militants. Another one came to punch him, but Starsceam grabbed his hand and started punching him in the stomach. He then shot the militant, sending him flying away.

    Starscream: find the Pyro-cron by any means necessary.
    Saurok: men, into that temple.

    In the temple.

    A militant came rushing in. Panting. The temple priest was a bit shocked.

    Militant: they are coming. In vast numbers. They know of the Pyro-cron
    Priest: they will never find it.

    Tank noises were heard. The door was blown. The priest managed to survive but the militant died. Vehicons came rushing in.

    Vehicon Captain : search the area! Search the area! You there! Grab that old bot!
    Vehicon: yes sir!

    The vehicons were trying to open a tomb in the middle of the temple.

    Vehicon commander: open it! Open it!

    3 vehicons struggled.

    Vehicon Captain: quickly before he gets-

    Saurok entered the room. Walking past the rubble.

    Saurok: it has taken quite some time to discover this place. And to think, the location of the Pyro-cron is here. My my, you were a terrible friend.

    Saurok pushed the grave top. Inside revealed nothing but a rusted old bot.

    Priest: I don't know what you are searching for, but you'll never find it here. We are innocent people just living our lives in peace. We are neutral.

    Saurok dismissed it. He took out his sword and started to cut it. He cracked the whole grave and kicked it aside. The vehicons and priest moved back as the rubble came down.

    Inside the grave was a golden colored square. He pulled it out and it was the Pyro-cron. It had a pyramid shape and had an emerald green glow.

    Priest: you cannot control the power that it holds.

    Saurok's voice changed. It sounded different.

    Saurok: I've searched my entire life for these. I know how to use them.
    Priest: that voice.....Dak? Is that you?

    Saurok electrocuted the priest.

    Saurok: he is long dead. I killed him. And now, there is only ( in his regular voice) ME

    Saurok unleashed dark lightning and the priest turned to dust.

    Saurok: starscream, we have the Pyro-cron.

    At Kaon

    Shockwave was examining the Pyro-cron.

    Starscream: have you extracted the information about the station?
    Saurok: yes. It's here in the double helix nebula. Near the center of the galaxy.
    Starscream: give me the coordinates. I'll fly there and bring the station out.

    The Chimera came near the nebula. Starscream jumped and flew off into the nebula. He flew at a pace most flyers couldn't reach. He had to dodge clouds of ionized gas. He went left, then right then straight at the middle, right, then left and straight. A probe managed to spot him. It alerted the drones to defensive positions. The drones fired at Starscream.

    Starscream fired a missile which exploded. The drones believed he was dead. But behind one, Starscream came and ripped it half. The drones were alerted but starscream shot them down one by one. Starscream came out of the nebula and saw the Forge. A large gigantic space station of over 20 miles. He made in inside. The systems which had been shut down for billions of years was finally awake. It took about a minute but a probe came out.

    Probe: intruder alert! Intruder alert!

    Hoards of drones came out, guns cocked and ready to fire. But Starscream took out the Pyro-cron. A lone probe came out

    Probe: Pyro-cron identified as command class. Seeing as all Dre'kari are dead, will YOU
    like to take command?
    Starscream: oh I would very much love to, yes.
    Probe: great! Please put out your arm so that I can take your blood sample and solidify your control of the Star Forge
    Starscream: star Forge? I like it.

    Starscream pulled out his arm. The probe took a sample.

    Outside the nebula, on the Chimera, the decepticons were waiting for their leader.

    Obsidian: when will he come?
    Tankor: This is a waste of time
    Saurok: patience. He's coming.

    The Star Forge appeared out of the nebula

    Starscream: generals, thank you for your patience. Now, we can make as much energon as we need. *evil laugh*

    And that's how episode 31 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 32: landing at hive city

    The autobot wreckers were planning for the invasion of Hive City.

    Ultra Magnus: my battalion and I will take the northern part of the city. Springer, Moon Racer and jetfire and the rest will follow us after we destroy the ground artillery . We will need to get to District Center, the capital
    Kup: the biggest problem is the local militia. They have armed themselves and have used the natural surroundings to their advantage. Jazz will be assisting the first wave, Now with the new batch of sentinels, it'll be easy
    Jazz: ready to do my job, Kup.
    Ultra Magnus: alright let's go men

    The troopers were pumped up. They boarded the gunships and left for Hive City.

    The militia fired.

    Kup: woah. That's some heavy fire.
    Jazz: noting we can't handle sir.

    A gunship exploded.

    Pilot: ultra Magnus sir, I'm gonna have to land you here. The enemy fire is too intense.
    Ultra Magnus: understood pilot. Land us down right here. This is Ultra Magnus to the rest of the battalion, all auto mechs, it's time to land.
    Trooper: oh yeah. Time for some action!

    The auto trooper wore the mech suit. The backdoor opened and the mech dropped and landed. The trooper pulled out the guns and fired.

    Trooper: eat some of this you pile of scrap eaters!
    Trooper: yeah get some!
    Trooper: come on!
    Trooper: give it to them!

    The gunships landed. Some of the gunships transformed into the sentinels. The enemy fire was more intense than they had anticipated. The mechs manage to destroy some of the tanks. The first wave advanced. The sentinels gave support while some charged ahead.

    Kup: we have to take the ridge just ahead of us.
    Ultra Magnus: good idea. We can use it as a staging area

    The auto troopers advanced and the militia retreated back to the ridge. Many died as the very city was dark and infested with metal trees. Enemy artillery destroyed the sentinels and dozens of auto troopers

    Trooper: come on boys! Let's charge!!!!
    Trooper: I can't even see the enemy
    Trooper: that's why they're called shadow people trooper.
    Trooper: watch out for those vines.

    A creature with 5 tentacles attacked the auto troopers.

    Trooper: what in the allspark is that thing!?
    Trooper: IDK but attack!!!!!

    The troopers fired. The tentacle creature attacked and grabbed 2. It hit one auto trooper twice in the ground before eating him.

    Trooper: no!!!!
    Trooper: this is NOT okay.
    Trooper: try this on for size you overgrown quintesson scrap heap!

    The trooper threw a grenade. The creature swallowed and the bomb exploded, releasing the trooper.

    Trooper: nice work trooper.
    Trooper: thanks. Names Chase
    Trooper: names Tin
    Trooper: come on you two. Stop slacking around. We have more time fight

    The autobots managed to reach the ridge. The tanks were destroyed

    Militia *in an unrecognizable language* : move back. Move back!

    The autobots were resting. Ultra Magnus was looking through his binoculars.

    Kup: what do you see?
    Ultra Magnus: hard to tell. Hive City is unlike any other city on Cybertron. It's... Strange.
    Trooper: the battalion is ready to move sir.
    Ultra Magnus: good. Get some rest
    Trooper: I'm fine sir.
    Jazz: ultra Magnus gave you an order, sergeant dogma
    Trooper: understood sir.
    Kup: dogma, loyal and brave but takes things by the book.
    Ultra Magnus: he kinda reminds me of you.
    Kup: perhaps, back in the day.

    The militia circled around the autobots. One of them released a small drone which can electrocute. It electrocuted one of the troopers, whose screams alerted the rest.

    Trooper: shoot that thing! Shoot! Shoot!

    The militia fired. The auto troopers were in defensive mode and one was boarding his mech


    Trooper: they circled behind us!
    Trooper: defensive positions!
    Trooper: hurry men!

    Tin: come on chase!

    The autobots were cornered and surrounded.

    Kup: ultra Magnus, I called in an air strike. It'll *boom* arrive in approximately *boom* 2 astro minutes.
    Ultra Magnus: *boom* understood kup. I believe it's time we abandon this ridge.
    Jazz: agreed. All units fall back.

    The autobots left the bridge to far enough.

    Tin: think those bombers will come?
    Trooper: I hope so.

    The bombers arrived and smoked the militia

    Chase: oh yeah!
    Trooper: that'll teach you to mess with us!

    The reinforcements arrived. The wreckers reunited and the troops were having a rest. A gunship appeared with two sentinels. The gunship had Prowl

    Chase: Prowl is here?
    Tin: something big must be going on

    Ultra Magnus: Prowl, thanks you for the air support.
    Prowl: indeed ultra Magnus. The local militia is more resourceful than expected.
    Ultra Magnus: but that's not why you're here, is it?
    Prowl: no. The high command wants you and your wreckers to go to Caminus. Secure the front.
    Ultra Magnus: what? But why?
    Prowl: I'm afraid they didn't tell me enough. The command was issued by Rodimus Prime himself. I simply believed that they needed the best of the best time secure a larger threat.
    Ultra Magnus: but I can't just leave.
    Prowl: I will lead in your absence
    Jazz: we'll handle things from here. Next time you hear from us, this city will be under autobot control in no time.
    Ultra Magnus: this is jazz. You'll never find a trooper more loyal and finer than him
    Prowl: good to hear that.
    Ultra Magnus: wreckers! With me.

    The wreckers boarded the ship and left

    Jazz: your reputation proceeds you, Prowl
    Prowl: I find it intriguing that, you know an effective command from an ineffective one. Maintain attention while I speak, soldier.

    Jazz maintained attention

    Prowl: your flattery is duly noted but it will not be rewarded. There is a reason my command is so effective and that is because I do things, by the book. Have all troops ready to move out immediately, that is all.
    Jazz: sir what's the plan of attack?
    Prowl: you and your men will take the road to the military command base here.
    Jazz: but wouldn't using the road expose us? Ultra Magnus' plan was to-
    Prowl: are you defying my orders?
    Jazz: no
    Prowl: good. You will use the road and go through it and if you meet resistance you will go through it no matter the size until YOU REACH THE BASE
    Jazz: but sir, we don't
    Prowl: do not question my command or my strategy, AT-7702. Now move out!
    Jazz: yes sir.

    And that's how episode 32 ends
  20. Hot head prime

    Hot head prime We think too much and feel too little

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 33: the base

    The auto troopers walked and walked. Some of them began to question the decision made by Prowl.

    Tin: I don't like this plan
    Jazz: so do I but orders are orders

    As they walked, a mine exploded. Then another

    Jazz: don't move! Don't move!

    Everybody stood still.

    Jazz: check the wounded.
    Trooper: dead, sir.

    Jazz took out a mine detector.

    Jazz: okay, follow me.

    The troopers began to walk towards the enemy base. Then, the militia attacked. They opened fire. The auto troopers were completely surrounded.

    Chase: we're exposed!
    Tin: there's too many of them!
    Trooper: what are we going to do, jazz?
    Jazz: fall back and regroup.

    The autobots were trying to regroup through intense enemy fire. Some of the militia attacked. One charged at jazz. Jazz punched him and shot him in the face. A militia bomb exploded. The autobots regrouped.

    Chase: yeah!
    Jazz: we are completely surrounded. We are requesting reinforc *bomb*

    Prowl: incompetent fools! Go! Save their energon worthless necks.

    About 2 dozen auto troopers and 5 mechs walked out. They killed the enemy and some retreated.

    Prowl: jazz, do you read me?
    Jazz: uh yes sir.
    Prowl: continue with the plan.
    Jazz: but sir, we're too exposed. If we do that then-
    Prowl: THAT, is an order, AT-7702
    Jazz: yes, sir. Move out men.

    Tin: you cannot be serious.
    Jazz: what? Orders are orders.
    Tin: I wasn't sure if whether prowl is insane, but now I'm certain, with every drop of energon.
    Jazz: optimus prime's early decisions in the first war were rash, so is rodimus' and even ultra Magnus' orders. But they work!
    Tin: yes but you know why? Cause they think about our lives. We're not disposable cannon fodder to them AND they lead their men, IN the front NOT behind!

    The troopers started to raise questions, concerns.

    Jazz: you're not seriously thinking, of defying orders, are you?
    Tin: look at our casualties! There are more casualties in these few astro hours then any of our other engagements.
    Jazz: everybody, move out now.

    The troopers walked through vines and dead bodies, through smoke and ash.

    Chase: watch your step everybody.

    The ground began to shake.

    Trooper: I have a bad feeling about thissss!

    The trooper was grabbed by a giant centipede monster.

    Chase: what in Primus is that thing!
    Tin: IDK, but shoot! Shoot!

    The troopers fired. It didn't do anything. The creature looked at its enemy and struck, killing two. A trooper fired a rocket directly at its mouth, killing it. But two more came.

    Trooper: fire! Fire! Fire!
    Chase: it's not working!
    Trooper: what are we going to do!?

    Jazz looked.

    Jazz: men, fall back to that treeline. We will set up explosives.

    The troopers fell back. And set up bombs. The creatures pursued, killing at least 5 and a mech. Finally, the creatures came and jazz detonated the bombs. The creatures were dead, but they lost many.

    Jazz: men! Move out.

    Jazz heard an explosion and saw it. He looked through his binoculars. The militia were running away from gigantic spiders. One of the spiders aimed it at jazz with an exploding web

    Jazz: look out!


    Prowl saw that the troops were not on the path.

    Prowl: jazz, why are you staying from the path. I ordered you to go!
    Jazz: apologies Sir. But some spiders-
    Prowl : I gave you an order to charge straight no matter the resistance. So DEW IT!

    The troopers were massacred.

    Jazz: you heard prowl. Let's move on.
    Tin: you are kidding me. This strategy is flawed. We cannot make them head on. I wasn't even willing to think of it but now I'm certain he just hates us auto troopers.
    Dogma: the captains right. Let's move.
    Tin: jazz, think of the men. The casualties.
    Jazz: attack!

    The troopers attacked. One fired a rocket. It did nothing. The spider fired at him with its web.

    Jazz: give it everything you got!

    Four rockets fired at the spiders. It did nothing. Jazz and a few took cover behind a tree.

    Jazz: leave the wounded. We go with the plan
    Tin: we can't leave the wounded.
    Jazz: that's an order.
    Tin: you're starting to sound like Prowl.
    Jazz: listen tin, it's better to save yourself right now. You can patch up the wounded later.
    Chase: look.
    Jazz: what?
    Chase: see those fighters? Maybe we can use them.
    Jazz: ugh fine. You there, trooper, what's your name?
    Sixer: sixer, sir.
    Jazz: go and get those fighters while we distract those scrap eaters.

    Jazz: prowl, I dispatched two troopers to hijack the enemy fighters and use it against these fighters.
    Prowl: your battalion can't win against these spiders?
    Jazz: our rockets don't work on these things.
    Prowl: you will stick to the plan and launch a forward assault immediately!
    Jazz: but sir-
    Prowl: that is an order. Obey it or you will be relieved of duty.

    The two troopers placed a bomb at the tree and it exploded. The tree fell and destroyed the energy fence. The militia were alerted and went straight to the location. The troopers made way to the fighters. It was empty.

    Sixer: how in primus do these things work?
    Chase: let's see.

    Chase sat a chair and it made a blue bubble.

    Chase: woaaah. Easy there. Sixer, get on one.
    Sixer: I'm gonna regret this aren't I?

    The two floated. The militia saw and opened fire. But the two made it into the fighters.

    Sixer: how do we fire?
    Chase: just start pressing buttons, I guess.

    Chase hit a button that released the missiles. Both tried their best not to crash. They managed to fly. They got over the spiders and rained fire. The troopers won.

    Prowl: hmm impressive. Send in the rest of our forces. Attack the base!

    At the base.

    The troops rounded up the militia.

    Jazz: despite defying "orders", you saved us all
    Chase: just doing our duty, sir.

    And that's how episode 33 ends.