Transformers Prime Sequel Quadrilogy

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Okay, I finally decided to write my fan fiction which I call transformers prime regeneration. This will take place in an alternate universe where RiD is not canon.

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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 1: dino trouble
    After the re-energization of cybertron, the autobot refugees hiding in cybertron's underground, protected by Grimlock and his dinobots now awaken. But the energization caused some quakes in the lower levels. Luckily the bots are alive and unharmed. Grimlock tells swoop to scout ahead in case of danger and to report back. Grimlock tells the autobots to calm down, suddenly swoop reported back, telling him he would want to see it. Not knowing what it was, grimlock put the wrecker, Springer in charge, and he went up. To his surprise, cybertron was revived. All the autobot refugees came out and they too were surprised. But suddenly, a gigantic worm like creature attacked. Grimlock told the bots to go back while his dinobots defend. Swoop was absent, likely going to get help. The dinobots, Grimlock, snarl and slug struggled to beat the worm, but then, team prime came to help. The dinobots were happy to see their fellow comrades alive and well. But it's not enough to beat the worm. Grimlock ran into its mouth, and the worm swallowed. But the worm stopped, grimlock had cut out its heart and saved the day. The autobot refugees came out. Springer heard a familiar voice calling out his name. It was bulkhead. The surviving wreckers reunited with wheeljack and their leader ultra Magnus. The dinobots form an uneasy truce with Magnus since grimlock never liked authority figures like optimus and Magnus.

    And that's how episode 1 ends. Not really the best way to start a series I'll admit, but it's much better than cyberverse episode 1. If I can get at least 2 people then I'll post episode 2 called insecticon rebellion
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    Not a bad start
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Thanks man. I'll post episode 2 after some time. Just wish more could see it
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 2: insecticon rebellion
    On cybertron's moon, airachnid feeds on the energon of her insecticons. A few dozen at least are dead. But are not terrorcons cause airachnid wasn't 100% infected. At the same time, an insecticon warrior named mandible talks to his brothers
    Mandible: brothers! Why do we obey this witch? She only uses us as her food, we must resist it.
    A random insecticon: but we cannot. She's too powerful. We can't resist.
    Mandible: we are insecticons! We were recruited by the megatron to be his weapons of war. We are not fodder. We are warriors unmatched in the decepticons. We are a mighty race! We cannot die, obeying a witch!
    2 random insecticon: perhaps the decepticons can help us. We saw activity and the warship on the surface. Surely they can help us to be free of the witches control. If I remember, it was shockwave who gave us the ability to transform. He can help us
    Mandible: I shall go there
    Another random: but alone?
    Mandible: it's too risky to take many with me. The witch will suspect something. I will go.
    As mandible prepared to leave, he looked at his brethren one more time
    Take care, he said, resist the witch as long as you can. I will be back soon

    He flew as fast as he can. Airachnid's power was strong, but he resisted

    In darkmount, darksteel and sky lynx are torturing starscream, who they lock in a cage.

    Predaking arrived. With new predacons who escaped from shockwave's laboratory during the sharkticon invasion of cybertron. They were many.

    Just then mandible arrived. Predaking, proud as ever, called mandible a decepticon dog.

    Predaking: who do you think you are, intruding in predacon territory, decepticon dog.
    Mandible: please help us. My brothers are dying.
    The predacons circled like wolves before the kill
    Mandible explained the situation. Predaking, though looked down at non predacons for being non predacons pitied them. It was no way for a people, predacon or not, to die like that. He gave him permission to use starscream to find shockwave, much to DS and SL's dismay .

    Episode 3: insecticon vengeance

    Starscream and mandible found shockwave's location in the ruins of the amusement park, 6 lasers over cybertron. Just then, mandible went crazy. Airachnid's control was too strong to resist. He crashed in the ground, but he was okay.
    In the underground, they find shockwave. Mandible threatened to kill him if he did not help his brothers. Shockwave gave him, a device which can block airachnid's control. And opened a space bridge on cybertron's lower atmosphere. Shockwave repaired starscream's wings and with the remaining energon, opened a bridge to the nemesis. There they opened a bridge to earth and rescued soundwave from the shadow realm. Starscream told soundwave that megatron has abandoned the cause. He did not believe. Starscream told him to search the records and was shocked to see that he was right. Starscream told him to stop with whatever he was doing and told him he had a task to do

    On the moon, mandible saw the corpses of his mighty brothers. It fueled him with rage. He saw his brothers line up to be eaten. He shouted
    "the insecticons will no longer follow you, WITCH!"
    Arachnid smiled, she tried to control him, but was surprised to find that she couldn't. He challenged her to a fight, which she happily accepted. He fought hard and ferocious, but airachnid was too quick. She landed a blow directly on his chest. He was struggling. "I must not die like this" he thought. Just then a space bridge opened. It was soundwave. Airachnid ordered her insecticons to make way for their guest. She asked" well well well, if it isn't soundwave. Any last words before I slice you to pieces? ". Soundwave played a recording of her voice. " well, it seems my voice is the LAST THING YOU'LL EVER HEAR! "she said. But suddenly she got blasted. It was mandible. He tore all her spider limbs. And without wasting a moment, killed her.
    During this time, starscream rallied the remaining vehicons and several decepticons hiding underground. Luckily the warship didn't suffer heavy damages and they manage to fix just enough to get them to fly. The autobots were too late to discover that the cons escaped. The insecticons using soundwaves bridge, went on the warship. Mandible asked to be the leader of the insecticons. Starscream, the only one with authority, was reluctant. But after seeing airachnid's head, immediately made mandible the leader of the insecticons. The nemesis charted course to the edge of the galaxy.

    Shockwave: starscream, I do not see the logic why we should go to the edge of the galaxy.
    Starscream: after we repaired the warship, I made contact with my seekers, Thundercracker and Skywarp.
    Shocky: Thundercracker and skywarp were eaten alive by sharkticons on aquatron. You yourself documented this. How are they alive?
    Starscream: they were yes. But I managed to save their spark and store it in New bodies. They are now known as Scourge and Cyclonus. After the sharkticon invasion, I told them to go the edge of the galaxy to research a dangerous artifact which I believe it to be a gateway to another universe. I thought they were dead after not establishing contact after all these years, every contact we made was scrapped. But now, they have. And I believe uncovered the secret to the artifact.

    And that's how episode 2&3 come to an end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 4: new beginnings
    At the edge of the galaxy, the crew of the nemesis land on a metal world and meet the research team led by Scourge and Cyclonus, who were once known as Thundercracker and Skywarp. Their commander Starscream was more than happy about the results of their research, the portal to another dimension. On the nemesis, Starscream made an announcement calling all decepticons scattered across the milky way galaxy to send their coordinates so that soundwave can bridge them. Many sent and many were bridged. Among the decepticons bridged were obsidian and strika, blackout, tankor, lugnut, triple changers blitzwing and astrotrain (who is combiner size), informed starscream that the third one, octane defected, and coneheads ramjet, durge and thrust. Windblade (yes she's a decepticon) ninja bot nightbird and more

    They held a meeting.
    Starscream: it pains me to say this, but our leader megatron has abandoned us.
    Strika, in a Russian accent: your lying!
    Icy blitzwing: impossible
    Random blitzwing: ooooh hoho, does that mean I'm the leader now?
    Lugnut: lies! Megatron is glorious! Megatron will never abandon us!
    The decepticons did not believe until soundwave replayed megatron saying the cause is no more.

    The room was quite. The cons were speechless. But shockwave came, asked starscream the formula for creating diluted dark energon since the dark energon from the war is diluted and stronger. Just then, obsidian asked, "what should we do now? "
    Starscream replied, "we shall make an army and navy large enough to conquer cybertron. But to build it takes time"
    "how long?" asked tankor, impatient as ever
    Starscream said, "at least 12 to 15 years"
    Several decepticons, especially hot blitzwing, protected. Soundwave played a bit of Megatron saying "quiet!"
    Starscream made a speech about megatron, the cause and how they were were deceptions. Mandible came,and told them only starscream can lead them, and the rest were, quite reluctant but accepted starscream as their leader.

    On cybertron, the rest of the underground refugees resurfaced. The wreckers reunited with their remaining members. At the same time, smokescreen revealed a secret. His real name was hot rod. He had a friend named smokescreen and he died in combat and to honor him, used his name. Reconstruction of the planet began under bulkhead. Ultra Magnus led his wreckers and a squad to newly made auto troopers to find and kill decepticons hiding in the underground levels. Arcee found it hard to live a civilian life after all she had seen. She was approached by an old bot, and asked if she wanted peace. After a few minutes of talking, agreed to go with him. Bumblebee, smokescreen now hot rod, met prowl and patrolled the streets as police bots.

    On the edge of the galaxy, a large factory was made with the aid of newly made constructicons. Starscream and the decepticon windblade form a relationship. Shockwave restarts the decepticon biological warfare program and upgrades Nightbird to carry cybonic plague infused shurikens in her. Obsidian trains the newly build helicopter vehicons and Tankor trains his tank vehicons. And the decepticons also make plans to make artillery walkers, large spider walkers with a giant gun on their back. Scourge opens the portal to another dimension. Starscream told his decepticons that once he returns, he will be more powerful than any before and lead the decepticons to glory. He bid one last farewell to Windblade. And entered the portal into the Dark Universe

    And that's how episode 4 comes to and end. Next episode will take place after a 15 year gap
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    That was good my favorite part was when starscream told strika, blitzwing, and lugnut that megatron was dead
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 5: new life
    After 15 years, cybertron was rebuilt thanks to help from the colony worlds, velocitron, caminus and gigantia. Ultra Magnus is the leader of cybertron and head of the military, , bumblebee and hot rod are police. With cybertron and the colonies aid, earth colonized all the solar system and made advanced technology. The cybertron federation also made contact with the planet Master, with its leader Fortress Maximus. On a remote asteroid field, a group of cybertronian explorers were mining in deep space, near the edge.

    Decepticon side

    At the very edge of the galaxy, the decepticon army is ready to strike. There are different types of vehicons. Cars, jets, helicopters, bombers, tanks and artillery, each at a billion strong. The navy numbers over 20,000 carriers and 50,000 destroyers. The decepticons made an alliance with colony worlds Eukaris, animatron, planet x and the dangerous organic world Nebulous and it's empire of 12 world's to act as Master and earth's counterbalance . After 15 years, Starscream returned, with a new body and was more powerful than ever. Windblade was happy for she had a secret relationship with him. He also returned with 4 others, who are servants of the terrors in the other dimension. Their leader was Saurok, a masked bot, with a height of over 30 feet and a jet for an alt mode. But his way of walking and talking made the rest of the cons keep an eye, for he was, creepy. Starscream was pleased to find that his decepticons did indeed build his new army. And made plans to conquer cybertron
    Starscream, as he walked out of the portal with a new body: it is good to be back home
    Windblade: welcome back, starscream
    Shockwave: your new body is impressive.
    Starscream: my powers are godlike levels now. But allow me to present to you, the emissaries of the god beyond, sau-
    Saurok, walking like a pirate: my name is Saurok. Pleased to meet you, decepticons.
    He called all the decepticons in the room by name, they were surprised and creeper out by his voice.
    Starscream: how pleased I am to find that my new army is ready.
    Strika: the leaders of our decepticon allied planets want to speak with you Starscream
    Starscream: it will be my pleasure
    ( the eukarian leader is female. Rest are male)
    Arachnia, the leader of Eukaris: so, you are starscream, leader of the decepticons? You look different
    Kaiser, leader of Animatron: I've been waiting to meet you, starscream
    Starscream was surprised to found soundwave in a new F-22 body sitting at the council. Windblade explained that he killed the planet x leader and took his position
    Lord Zarak, leader of Nebulos: so, what's your plan? I hope 15 years of my time isn't wasted
    Starscream told his plans. Nebulous will take on earth and Master with help of human sized vehicons called pretenders. Planet X will take on gigantia. The gigantians were large, but lacked advanced technology due to their size. Eukaris will take velocitron and Animatron will take on Caminus. The caminus campaign will be led by windblade since she was from the planet. Starscream and a large portion will take on cybertron.

    The exploration crew are having trouble. They have an energon leak and systems are failing. Just then a massive ship appeared. It was cybertronian in design. It looked like help came. But it was a decepticon warship. The crew were captured and imprisoned.

    This and the next episode is just filler. Not really a good episode I know. But the next one will be better
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 6: M. E. C. H reborn
    On earth, at a house, Jack Darby comes home. He is now a secret agent working for the earth federation. As he came home, a manly voiced greeted him. It was Fowler, he married June and now he's Jacks dad
    Fowler: how's your job son?
    Jack: it was fine. Wanted terrorists in the Balkans are captured, drug lord killed, and one less problem in the world. Just another day in the agency
    June, as she prepared dinner: you two can discuss what happened today at dinner boys
    Fowler: yes ma'am

    Elsewhere, the remaining members of terrorist organization M. E. C. H held a meeting with their new leader, Harold Mortenson and an unknown member known only as, the scientist
    Mortenson : we have visuals on our target
    The scientist: who is our target may I ask?
    Mortenson: special agent Jack Darby.
    The scientist: why is he so special? I know he was the first to make contact with the first cybertronians, but the terran federation has made contact and made an alliance with the cybertronians.Why is he so special?
    Mortenson: he is a member of the secret agency, Unit-E.
    The scientist: oh
    Mortenson: he has information about cybertronian technology. The cybertronians may have helped humanity advance but they never gave us their technology. Unit-E has that info. And with it, we can have information to reverse engineer cybertronian technology like space bridges and what not and the technology will be in our use.

    ( the terran federation had complete control of cybertronian tech and only secret organizations like Unit E can use it without permission)

    The scientist: our reversed engineered mech suits are more than capable.
    Mortenson: no.
    The scientist: no?
    Mortenson: the federation council will suspect our resurgence. We can't allow that.
    Scientist: then what do we do?
    Mortenson: we send in, her.
    Scientist: her?
    Mortenson: yes, her. Specially modified with alien technology, she is the perfect super soldier. She will complete the mission.
    *both laugh maniacally*

    Jack Darby had breakfast, fueled his car and was ready to go to Unit-E hq. On the road, it looked quiet. Just then, a car pushed him to the side. Then another and another. They shot him. Luckily his windshield was bulletproof but not his entire car. They left him, due to unit e forces at the road. They escorted him to the headquarters which was a small outpost in the middle of the desert. His secretary, Jessica sky, a blonde eager woman of about 20, greeted him
    Jessica: you hurt Sir?
    Jack: not really. Just some minor bruises
    Jessica: the attackers are bring searched for as we know it.
    Jack: anyways, what's the progress of project hydra?
    Jessica: going smoothly sir. With stable funding from the government and proper manufacturing, it'll be done in-
    Just then an explosion happened at the base. 3 enemy helicopters landed. Among them was a black suited female soldier with a gas mask and a purple eye patch on her left eye and half her right arm was cybernetic. Her squad made short work of the guards. The helicopters provided support and the M. E. C. H squad dominated on the ground. Jack and Jessica needed to contact the nearby base for help. A random guard said, "well cover you sir! Go! Go! Go! ". Jack picked up a pistol, Jessica did too. As they were running for the communications room, an enemy chopper attacked. 2 guards were dead from gunfire. Jack grabbed a rocket launcher and launched it at the copter destroying it. The female leader of the squad, hopped on one, and chased after them. The gunfire from the chopper was intense. A rocket was launched and separated Jack and Jessica. On the comms they said
    Jessica: Jack *cough cough* are you hurt?
    Jack: no. Go to the communications room. I'll draw their fire.
    Jessica: but but...
    Jack: JUST DO IT!
    Jessica: okay.
    He fired several shots. One of them hit the rotor system. It was malfunctioning. The leader jumped out while the pilot crashed and died. She ran after Jack. She kicked him in the face, he tried to punch, but she blocked him. She kicked him in the stomach, and threw him on the ground. She grabbed a pistol. Just then, Jack threw himself, pushing her. They fought hand to hand. He pulled her gas mask off. He was shocked. She was non other than Miko! He was speechless. He stuttered
    Jack: Mi, Mi, Miko?
    Miko punched him. She was quiet. Just then the sounds of helicopters were heard. It was the army, ready to save Unit-E. Miko retreated to her chopper and left. Aid came.
    Jessica: who was that sir?
    Jack : I don't know.

    At the M. E. C. H base, Miko was being repaired. Her eye was removed in favour of a cybernetic one. And her arm too was getting repaired. She started to get flashbacks. About her life, Jack and Raf, team prime and bulkhead

    Miko: that man I was tasked to get, he looked familiar. He looked like someone I knew

    The scientist whispered to Mortenson
    Scientist: she's may regain her memories. What do we do?
    Mortenson: we start over. Wipe her memories and today's engagement.
    Scientist: okay.

    The scientist brought out his machine and placed Miko's head in it.

    Scientist: this won't hurt for long.

    As Mortenson left the room, lights were sparkling and Miko's screams were loud and terrible as thunder

    Back home
    June: oh Jack.
    She hugged him.
    June: I heard what happened today. I was afraid you would-
    Jack: I'm okay mom.
    Fowler: was just in contact with your higher ups. The search for the attackers is beginning.
    Jack: I have something to say
    Both June and fowler: what?
    Jack: it's Miko
    Fowler: let's discuss over dinner

    And that's how episode 6 comes to an end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 7: the new war
    The decepticons readied their fleet and their army. They were ready to invade cybertron

    On the city of Gygax, Ultra Magnus, leader of the autobot government held a party with the high ranking members.
    Ultra Magnus: 15 years ago, cybertron was revived thanks to Optimus Prime. 15 years ago, megatron was defeated and banished. 15 years ago, the great war ended. We celebrate that. Till all are one.
    Everybody in the guest room: TILL ALL ARE ONE!
    Hot Rod: hey bee!
    Bumblebee: hot rod?
    Hot rod: I see you haven't changed.
    Bumblebee: *chuckles*
    Hot rod: anyways here's the newest recruit from the academy. He's a big fan of you. Wheelie
    Wheelie bumblebee!? *anime girl squeak* oh my primus I can't believe it's you! I have so many questions
    Hot Rod: calm down Wheelie. One at a time

    Ultra Magnus: have there been any decepticon activity, in cybertron or elsewhere?
    Wheeljack: no sir. We searched and searched and found nothing.
    Ultra Magnus: you did your best soldier
    Jetfire: the fleet hasn't had any luck too sir.
    Ultra Magnus: we will keep trying. Moon racer
    Moon racer: yes sir?
    Ultra Magnus: how's our auto trooper training program?
    Moon racer: Better than ever sir
    Ultra Magnus: good
    Ultra Magnus and his wreckers chatted and drank energon

    On cybertron's communications satellite, a sneak attack happened, carried out by Soundwave and Night bird. Night bird called decepticon high command
    Night bird: night bird to decepticon high command, do you read?
    Strika: this is general strika. We read you night bird
    Shockwave: how is your attack on the communication satellite
    Night bird threw a shuriken at an auto trooper. The shuriken had cybonic plague on it, and the poor auto trooper rusted to dead
    Night bird: all are dead.
    Starscream entered the chat
    Starscream: Soundwave, activate the space bridge. Bring forth my armada
    Soundwave nodded

    Starscream gave a speech to his decepticons.

    Starscream: our time of waiting and hiding is finally over. For eons we have been forced to work by an oppressive caste system. For too long have our oppressors lived in their halls, with their riches while we struggle to survive in our impoverished districts! The autobots have split from our movement and defended the government that imposed this caste system! But we will finally have what is rightfully ours! What are we!?

    Vehicons: DE-CEPTI-COOONNNNSSSS!!!!!!!

    A space bridge opened in an area where cybertron's planetary system couldn't pick up their signal

    In mere seconds the entire decepticon armada came. As the party was going on and guests were chatting, an orbital bombardment began. The decepticon ships rained fire. In cybertron's underground, decepticons hiding there attacked. Autobot forces were in trouble, they were facing the same problem on two sides, on the surface and in the air. Strika, the decepticon general of destruction led the ground forces while obsidian provided support in the air. Former decepticon cities, Kaon, Tarn, Vos, Helex and more quickly attacked autobot cities as a way to declare their allegiance. In the ruble of Gygax, the autobots struggle. The wreckers save their leader, hot rod and his friends survived and had to find ways in getting out. A decepticon ground forces descended led by Onslaught and his combaticons
    Starscream, sitting on rubble: you search the ground ,Onslaught
    Onslaught: what will you do?
    Starscream: waiting for old friends
    Onslaught to his men and a battalion of vehicons: move out
    Starscream: Saurok, Slipstream
    Saurok: what is it, screamy?
    Slipstream: say it!
    Starscream: take a squadron of seekers and go to Vos. I need you to seize the city
    Saurok: whatever you say, lord starscream. Ahahahahahahaha
    Slipstream: ugh, creep.
    Starscream: soundwave, night bird
    Night bird: yes starscream?
    Starscream: tell our allies to start the war on the colonies.
    Night bird: Sir!

    Ultra Magnus got a call from Grimlock
    Grimlock: Magnus? Do you read? Are you okay?
    Magnus: I'm fine. What happened?
    Grimlock: decepticon bombardment. Our forces are straying to maximum. Former decepticon cities have attacked autobot ones and my dinobots are fighting the ground forces. We need your help magnus
    Magnus: we are currently busy coming out of the rubble. We'll join you as soon as we can.
    Perceptor: ultra Magnus, are you there?
    Magnus: yes perceptor, what is it?
    Perceptor: there is an entire armada and very very large ship outside iacon
    Magnus: anymore good news?
    Perceptor: nope.
    Magnus: tell our forces to fall back and make fortifications
    Perceptor: yes sir.

    The wreckers saw bulkhead stand still, it was strange since it was bulkhead.
    Wheeljack: what is it bulk?
    Bulkhead: him
    The wreckers, Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Springer, Jetfire, Whirl, Kup and Moon Racer were shocked to see Starscream, for he had a new body ( RiD body with Animated arm cannons and bumblebee seeker wings).
    Whirl: what do we do sir?
    Kup: I say we kick his tail pipe
    Ultra Magnus: moon racer, prepare your rifle and go to that position. Jetfire, Whirl, you're our eyes on the sky. Rest of you with me
    Moon racer: yes sir
    Jetfire: you got it sir
    Springer: let's kick some tail pipe
    Kup: yeah

    Moon racer readied her scope, jetfire and whirl transformed and Magnus, wheeljack, bulkhead, Springer and kup slowly walked to Starscream

    Starscream: the wreckers. One of the reasons why the decepticons lost so many battles. I will give you some credit, you were unpredictable, all of you
    Bulkhead: we're flattered.
    Starscream: 15 years I've waited
    He got up and pulled out his swords
    Starscream: 15 years I've trained under the horrors of the beyond
    He assembled them into a double sword
    Starscream: after 15 years, the decepticons will have what rightfully belongs to us.
    Ultra Magnus: now!

    Moon racer shot, but starscream blocked with his swords. They were shocked. The wreckers charged, wheeljack aimed for the head but starscream dodged, he kicked Magnus to the side, and grabbed wheeljack by his leg and hit bulkhead with him. Changing tactics without Magnus' say, Bulkhead and wheeljack charged at starscream, Springer transformed and Kup grabbed his side, providing cover. Starscream blocked with his sword and fired his arm cannon. Springer reacted and flew to the side. Wheeljack transformed and Bulkhead threw him in the air. He grabbed his katanas and was about to slice starscream. But starscream blocked with his arm and kicked wheeljack to a nearby pile of rubble. Bulkhead transformed his arm to his metal wrecking ball and punched starscream in the face. At the back Magnus hit him with his war hammer and starscream fell to the ground. Bulkhead was about to attack but starscream punched him in the stomach and sent him flying away. Ultra Magnus dropped his jaw at the strength of starscream since bulkhead was the heaviest among his wreckers. Jetfire and whirl came in. Starscream shot whirl with his arm cannon. Jetfire was still flying. "Jetfire, my old friend," said starscream and he transformed into his jet mode and chased after jetfire. They fought viciously, jetfire thought he lost him but starscream came from above him and punched him. Starscream using his swords summoned a dark energon lightning and sent jetfire crashing to the ground. Starscream landed. Just then moon racer came and fired a shot at starscream. It was not enough but it caught his attention. "puny pest" he shouted and fired at moon racer. Moon racer was quick but she stumbled. Starscream grabbed her and pummeled her to a wall. Springer attacked, he and starscream fought sword to sword, Springer was out matched by starscream. Starscream puched Springer and he lied on the ground. Kup shot at starscream but his armor was too thick. Starscream grabbed his sword and slashed at kup. Kup grabbed a shield but starscream continued to hit at kup. The shield slowly broke piece by piece. Starscream punched him unconscious. Jetfire hurled himself at starscream. Starscream joined his fists and hit jetfire. He defeated the wreckers. But just then, grimlock and his dinobots appeared with reinforcements. Starscream knew he couldn't take on the dinobots since his diluted dark energon was low. He transformed and retreated.

    At a secret medical facility, the wreckers awake
    Ultra Magnus: where am I?
    In a secret medical facility, said dinobot swoop
    Ultra Magnus: where are the wreckers? Are they fine?
    Dinobot Swoop: your team took some heavy punishment. But you'll survive.
    Ultra Magnus: where's grimlock?
    Swoop: oh grim, he's leading the troops against the cons
    Ultra Magnus: what's our current situation?
    Swoop: some cities sided with the cons. The cons have aerial and space superiority. Our troops are struggling against decepticon artillery. We still have control over most of the planet.
    Ultra Magnus: so, the new autobot-decepticon war begins

    And that's how episode 7 comes to an end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 8: decepticon day
    After the orbital bombardment of cybertron, the decepticon city of Kaon was attacked by auto troopers. The decepticon battalions under their fearsome general of destruction, Strika successfully repelled the autobot army.

    The decepticons carefully calculated their move. They attacked just 2 days before decepticon day. The day Megatron founded the decepticon movement. At the decepticon fortress Darkmount, the leaders gathered and appeared before the public for the first time in 15 years. A massive military parade was to be held, overseen by Starscream himself and the rest of the decepticon generals. Starscream made a speech when in the outskirts of Kaon, an autobot army was marching towards the city.

    " comrades, brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the decepticon movement. This day, many countless eons ago, our great leader, founder and my predecessor, the mighty Megatron, founded this movement. We celebrate the legacy that our glorious leader has made. "

    The crowd cheered

    "15 years ago, Megatron has abandoned us, but we have never abandoned his cause that we are fighting for. For 15 years we've laboured, building an army to fight the autobot tyrants. 15 years you've struggled, to survive, living off of scratch from the autocratic tyrants who rule in their towers! For 15 years you've waited, and for your patience, we are grateful. We will finally get our revenge the autobots. For too long have they ruled us, they make themselves rich while we struggle to survive in the pits, for too long have they had their fill of energon while we starve in our impoverished states! For too long have we waited! And now, we will finally have what is rightfully ours! "

    The crowd clapped and cheered, they chanted the "all hail Megatron! All hail Starscream! ".

    The decepticon anthem played

    Instrumental : glory to our homeland, the flames of freedom

    United forever in friendship and labour
    Our mighty empire will ever endure
    The great decepticon movement will live through the ages
    The dream of a people, their fortress secure

    Long live our great motherland
    built by the people's mighty hand
    Long live our People's United and free

    Strong in our friendship tried by fire
    Long may our great flag inspire
    Shining in glory for all bots to see

    Through days dark and stormy, where great Megatron led us
    Our eyes saw the bright sun of freedom above

    And Starscream our leader with faith in the people, inspired us to build up the land that we love

    Long live our great motherland, built by the people's mighty hand
    Long live our People's United and free

    Strong in our friendship tried by fire
    Long may our great flag inspire
    Shining in glory for all bots to see

    We fought the future, destroyed the invader
    And brought to our homeland the laurels of fame.
    Our glory will live in the memory of planets
    And all generations will honor her name

    Long live our great motherland, built by the people's mighty hand
    Long live our People's United and free

    Strong in our friendship tried by fire
    Long may our great flag inspire
    Shining in all glory for all bots to see

    We fought for the future, destroyed the invader
    And brought to our homeland the laurels of fame.
    Our glory will live in the memory of planets
    And all generations will honor her name

    Long live our great motherland, built by the people's mighty hand
    Long live our People's United and free
    Strong in our friendship tried by fire
    Long may our great flag inspire
    Shining in glory for all bots to see

    As trumpets sounded, thousands of vehicons marched upon the street. They faced the direction of their great generals and leaders. All of them were marching directly at the autobot army, they were all going to die, but they did not care. They were built for it, they trained for it, programmed for it. Normal infantryman marched, but alongside were tanks and the giant artillery walkers. In the sky, hundreds of jets and helicopters flew over the crowd. The crowd was amazed. It was a military parade they had never seen before

    Autobot side

    Kup: the cons are fighting better than before. My men couldn't survive the carnage. We need better weapons, Magnus
    Follow me, said Magnus.
    Kup was shocked. He asked, "are you sure this will win us the new war? "
    Magnus: it is the only way

    That's how episode 8 comes to and end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 9: secrets
    The new war was waging. The decepticons controlled the space and skies of Cybertron. On the ground, the vehicon legions were steadily marching closer and closer to Iacon. It was brutal. Both sides suffered tremendous casualties. Machine guns, artillery, tanks, jets, both cons and bots threw everything they had at each other.

    An autobot dropship landed. Among them was Ratchet. Assigned by ultra Magnus to rescue an intelligence officer carrying vital information that could be their only way to victory. As ratchet got out of the hideout he was horrified. In his optics, he saw auto troopers get blasted by enemy fire. Explosions here and there, vehicons were fighting ferociously, the auto troopers fought hard but were unable to survive the carnage that the decepticons gave them. An auto trooper called ratchet
    Trooper: Sir, the intelligence officer you seek is 1 klick in that direction. We'll cover you sir, go go go.

    Ratchet transformed and drove. The enemy fire was intense but he made it.
    Ratchet: where is the intelligence officer?
    Trooper: my men and I were escorting her out, but the cons ambushed us
    Ratchet: is she alive?
    Trooper: yes sir, but she is in enemy territory. My men will take you there

    Ratchet and half a dozen troopers went to save the officer. They located the officer and ratchet attacked, pulled out his swords and sliced a vehicle's arm off. The troopers fired and the 4 vehicons guarding the officer were dead. The officers name was green light. She carried valuable Intel that not even ratchet knew. She was damaged
    Green light: something's wrong, doc.
    Ratchet: ow! For one, your arm is in shock
    Ratchet quickly repaired her arm when an auto trooper called him
    Trooper: Sir! Enemy fighters inbound! You need to get the officer out of here!
    The trooper died from enemy sniper. Among the enemy fighters was Cyclonus. He transformed and pulled out his energy swords and cut an auto trooper in three. Ratchet took green lights hand and fled. Cyclonus and his men pursued. The last remaining auto trooper sacrificed himself by pulling his grenade.

    Cyclonus: hail lord starscream. Leader of the decepticons
    Starscream: did you retrieve the intelligence officer, cyclonus?
    Cyclonus: no lord starscream. They retreated back to their stronghold. I request reinforcements to storm their base.
    Starscream: I'll see what I can do.

    Ratchet and green light made it to the autobot stronghold. The auto trooper commander there told ratchet that ultra Magnus wanted to talked to him

    Ultra Magnus: did you rescue the intelligence officer, ratchet?
    Ratchet: yes ultra Magnus.
    Ultra Magnus: good. I need you to escort her safely back to autobot hands. The data she is carrying is too important to fall into decepticon hands.You must protect her at all cost
    Ratchet: understood.

    Just then, a loud shrieking was heard. It was insecticons, hoards of them. They shrieked and transformed and charged at the autobots. But it got worse, their transport ship was destroyed by Cyclonus and his seekers.

    Ratchet: green light!
    Green light : yes doc
    Ratchet: we need to go under.It's the only way. Do you trust me?
    Green light: I do

    An auto trooper was grabbed by an insecticon and was ripped in half. Green light was shocked since this is the first time she saw action, and horrified by it. They managed to make it underground. Cyclonus was angry. He failed starscream again

    Starscream: cyclonus, what's your situation?
    Cyclonus, the base is destroyed.
    Starscream: and what of the officer?
    Cyclonus: she escaped, with the medic, ratchet. I will search them myself
    Starscream: no need. I need you at the hydrax plateau. I have hired someone to get the officer for us.

    As ratchet and green light were driving through the lower levels, the sound of a third car was heard. Ratchet transformed and took out his swords but he was shot. He was nearly unconscious. Green light was calling him, but he couldn't get up. She picked up her pistol, but was shot by an electric blast. Ratchet looked at the attacker, and the attacker punched him, knocking him unconscious. Really this time

    Ratchet woke up. He was tied. So too was green light. The attacker came out of the shadows. He wore an insignia on his chest, it was not an autobot nor a decepticon or a predacon symbol. It was the insignia of the trans galactic bounty hunter guild. He tried to transform his sword. But it didn't work. His energy cuffs prevented that

    Ratchet: who are you, bounty hunter?
    Names Lockdown, he said. And I'm hired by Starscream to get that data on your pretty head, he said looking at green light.

    Ratchet tried again to transform his hand to sword.

    Lockdown: you can try, but the energy cuffs will stop you.

    He got a call from Starscream
    Starscream: do you have the intelligence officer, bounty hunter?
    Lockdown: have them right here.
    Starscream: bring me the code, and I'll pay you extra. You can have them for, spare parts. My troops will arrive shortly
    Lockdown: you got it

    Green light signalled ratchet. She threw a knife at him and ratchet grabbed it. Ratchet hid it behind his hand, and started to cut the energy cuff, it's source anyways. Lockdown pulled out a machine. It was a device that could take the data out of green light. "this will be painful " lockdown said, "but it'll be short". The transfer was painful. She screamed and screamed, all the while her brain module was starting to decay. Ratchet finally sliced through the cuff and punched lockdown. He pulled his sword, and freed his other arm. Lockdown punched him and the two exchanged fists. Ratchet freed green light but the data extraction left her as a shell and ratchet carried her body and ran. Lockdown transformed his face into a rifle and shot at the retreating bots. As he was going to pursue them, he saw that ratchet planted a bomb. His hideout exploded. Ratchet attempted to repair green lights mind, but was unsuccessful. Just then, an autobot ship came and escorted them to Iacon

    Cyclonus appeared with a squadron of seekers
    Cyclonus : do you have it?
    Lockdown: first my pay.
    Cyclonus ordered his men to give him his pay. It was 6 cannisters of dark energon
    Cyclonus: now
    Lockdown: here
    Cyclonus checked: there's only half the code, where is the rest?
    Lockdown: the autobot medic known only as ratchet managed to escape with the officer, before I could extract the second half.

    Cyclonus left, having a bitter grin on his face
    He contacted starscream.
    We have the code, said Cyclonus
    Excellent ,said starscream
    But it's only half, and the officer is at Iacon said Cyclonus
    Starscream: we shall improvise then. In the meantime, I'll be sending you to Kalis. Help Blitzwing and Lugnut take the city

    At Iacon
    Ultra Magnus: we are glad to know you are alive, ratchet
    Ratchet: what of green light? The officer?
    Ultra Magnus: our best scientists are working on ways to restore her mind.
    Ratchet: if I may ask ultra Magnus, what does she carry that is so valuable?
    Ultra Magnus: you'll see
    Ratchet was in a room, a very large room. He dropped his jaw at the site he saw.

    The autobots were cloning omega supreme.

    Ultra Magnus: we have been working on ways to clone omega supreme. In hopes of using him as our weapon to hunt down the decepticons. Work began 5 years ago. And the officer you saved, carried the codes to activate them.
    Ratchet: are you sure this will win us the war, ultra Magnus?
    Ultra Magnus: it is our only choice

    And that's how episode 9 comes to and end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 10: survival and infiltration

    At Iacon
    Magnus: we've managed to extract the code, properly this time.
    Ratchet: and of green light? The officer? Will she be safe, ultra Magnus?
    Magnus: our best scientists are working on it. Though if she can live is not yet known, I promise you, I will not allow it to happen.

    The omega sentinels had awaken. One of them spoke
    " status: online. Awaiting orders"

    Magnus: omega sentinels, I need you to transform and destroy the decepticon forces.

    Sentinel: orders: given. Mission: destroy decepticons

    The sentinels inflicted heavy damage onto decepticon forces. Killing them in the hundreds. The decepticons retreated back but the fighting continued as decepticon warships covered their retreat and destroyed 7 sentinels. A stalemate occurred.

    Hot rod and bumblebee managed to dug wheelie from the rubble.

    Wheelie: oh thank primus. I thought you guys were scrap.
    Bumblebee: it'll take more than that to kill us
    Hot rod: ready, 1,2,3 pull!

    Hot rod and bumblebee pulled wheelie out of the rubble. Wheelie asked what happened, to which hot rod pointed at the smoking ruins of the Gygax. Wheelie dropped his jaw at this site. But hot rod quickly pointed out that the city is infected with vehicons and need to escape before they were caught. They managed to make it to the streets but many civilians died from decepticon bombardment. Wheelie, who had never seen action like many on cybertron, was horrified. They kept walking, wheelie was scared but kept his cool. He was with 2 war veterans and both served under the great optimus prime. Hot rod knew a secret path from where they could get to Iacon quickly as possible

    At Kaon, Starscream was having a virtual conversation with all the decepticon generals.

    Starscream: how's our campaign on our many fronts?
    Windblade: half of Caminus is under our control, lord starscream
    Saurok: the skies are under our control, loooord starscream, he said with a smile that annoyed starscream
    Zarak: my legions have control of 3 colony worlds of Master. The earth campaign will start soon
    Arachnia: the velocitronians are putting up a better fight than expected. Our troops have prepared trenches for the upcoming stalemate.
    Scourge, who lead the gigantion campaign: we've quickly had air superiority, but our soldiers are struggling against the giants.
    Strika: our troops are steadily gaining more and more territory. But the autobot sentinels are making it harder
    Starscream: you all did your best. Shockwave will be delivering new supplies of cybonic plague and diluted dark energon in the hopes of giving us an advantage.

    Night bird came in.

    Starscream: this meeting is officially over
    Night bird: you wanted to see me, lord starscream?
    Starscream: yes. Our spy in the autobot ranks informed me that a trio of autobots were making their way into Iacon using a secret passage that is not on our maps. But we have their energy readings. You are our best assassin and fighter. I need you to follow them and infiltrate Iacon and get that intelligence officer.
    Night bird: as you wish

    Hot rod and his team were traveling in the secret passage. It was a subterranean road connecting city to city.

    Wheelie: so, hot rod, how do you know of this path? I've never seen it on the map
    Bumblebee: yeah, hot rod, how did you know of this?
    Hot rod: I've stumbled upon it during the Great War. Wasn't too sure about traveling it, afraid I would get lost. So I researched it on the Hall of Records, found nothing. Alpha Trion said that not even he knew of its exactly origins but he gave me a map and I've been using it ever since cybertron was restored.
    Bumblebee: so that's how you managed to capture 10 criminals with ease. You've been using these tunnels

    Hot rod laughed. Just then they were attacked by a masked bot. Wheelie jumped to aid but the mysterious bot kicked him aside. Hot rod and the bot were fighting, but then, bumblebee pointed his guns and lights at the bot. The bot was a femme and blue. It was Arcee.

    Bumblebee: arcee?!
    Arcee: bee? Hot rod? Sorry, I thought you were decepticons.
    Hot rod: what are you doing here in these tunnels?
    Arcee: helping refugees get to Iacon
    Hot rod: okay. But how did you know of these tunnels?
    Arcee: long story. Who's him?
    Bumblebee: oh this is wheelie. Newest recruit from the academy.
    Arcee: sorry about that. No hard feelings?
    Wheelie: it's okay

    The autobots arrived at Iacon. Arcee looked back.

    Bumblebee: is something wrong arcee?
    Arcee: it's nothing.

    Night bird followed them. Using her ninja training, she turned herself invisible and followed them.
    At Iacon, ultra Magnus greeted them

    Magnus: it's good to see that more autobots are alive and well. If you need medical assistance, ratchet is there.
    Bumblebee: thanks, sir.

    Just then a trooper came and informed Magnus about something

    Magnus: get some rest, all of you. I'll see you in 12 mega cycles ( 12 earth hours)
    It's good to see your still alive, said ratchet.
    Haha! Bee! Roddy! Said Bulkhead as he hugged them.
    Nice to see you too, said hot rod.
    Ratchet: arcee? Is that you?
    Bulkhead was surprised. It was the first time they had seen her in 15 years.
    Bulkhead: you're here! Finally! After 15 stellar cycles.
    Ratchet: where were you the last 15 stellar cycles
    Arcee: I'll explain later

    Just then an explosion happened. The alarm sounded. Arcee ran to the direction of the explosion, followed by the rest of team prime.
    Arcee arrived at the spot. Smoke and ash was everywhere. An auto trooper collapsed to the floor. He rusted to death. Infected with cybonic plague. The room so happened to have green light, who the autobots were guarding. Arcee saw night bird. Arcee pulled out her guns and shot at night bird. Night bird drew out a laser katana. She blocked and fired back.

    Arcee pulled out her swords which she modified with energon to resist laser swords. The two fought.

    Arcee: night bird! You'll pay for what you did that day!
    Night bird: as much as I would enjoy killing you, arcee, I have a mission to accomplish. And after I finish it, maybe I'll kill the last surviving student, YOU!

    She shot at arcee. Luckily arcee moved. But then, night bird threw 3 shurikens at her. Arcee managed to shoot 2 before 1 hit an auto trooper who came to aid. The rest of the former team prime arrived. Ratchet came and pulled out the shuriken, and managed to give the trooper the cure. He saw that night bird had green light. "Green light! " he shouted. He pulled out his swords and said " let her go, decepti-creep! Before I slice to pieces". Just then another explosion happened. Outside the room was a space bridge portal and a transport ship. In that ship, was at least 4 vehicons and shockwave and fired at the autobots. The autobot team hid. Arcee and ratchet were blocking enemy fire with their swords. Shockwave threw an energy rope at Night bird, and she carried Green light and grabbed the rope. The transport ship flew back to the portal. Ratchet was angry. Not only did he fail to protect Green light, but he also failed to keep the decepticons from the codes. Now the decepticons had the code and could clone their own omega sentinels.

    At Kaon

    Shockwave: the extraction was successful. Cloning procedure will now begin.
    Starscream: excellent. With the major industries at our side, and our vast numbers of warships, the balance will tip in our favor

    And that's how episode 10 comes to and end.
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    That was a good ending I can’t wait to see where this goes
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 11: Kalis
    Hot rod, bumblebee and wheelie signed on to become soldiers. As thousands of young bots all across autobot cybertron signed up to fight for their homeland. As the new recruits marched through the streets of Iacon, the crowd cheered. Many of these young recruits didn't know the strength of their enemies or had enough knowledge about them, but signed up still. Who would fight but not them? Who would defend their homes but them?

    Bumblebee: okay wheelie
    Wheelie: yeah. Just nervous
    Hot rod: don't be. Stay with us and you'll be safe.

    Starscream: what's your status?
    Icy blitzwing: ve have half ze city in our control.
    Angry: who cares? I'll crush ze puny autoscum so hard that they'll need a thousand solar cycles of repair
    Starscream: Cyclonus will be arriving shortly with new troops. And a battalion of heavy troopers, armed with the triple barrel dark energon fusion cannon.
    Random: oooooooh hoho. Are they fresh from shockwave's lab like his pets? Can I pet them? Can I? Can I? Aaaaaahahahahah
    Lugnut: we will use it wisely and destroy the autobots in the name of the glorious decepticons!

    Cyclonus arrived with new troops. And prepared plans

    The autobots arrived at Kalis. Just as they walked out of their transport ship, they made it to the front line. The city of Kalis was in ruins. To many of the new recruits, they were just silent. Horrified at the things they saw, an endless barrage of enemy fire, artillery fire, cybonic plague, it was terrible. Just then hot rod got a call from the high command.

    Trooper: Sir! We have orders from high command.
    Hot rod: what is it?
    Trooper: we need you to go behind enemy lines and get an autobot commando named Ironhide.
    Hot rod: why's he so important?
    Trooper: he has data about something important. I don't know but you need to go get him!
    Hot rod: okay. Bumblebee, wheelie! You're with me.

    Just as the left, a squad of auto troopers charged at the enemy lines. The vehicons on the other side, readied their guns and waited for the enemy to appear. As the auto troopers came out of the smoke, the vehicons fired. A heavy trooper walked up his position and revealed his triple barrel cannon. He fired killing scores of auto troopers.

    Hot rods team found themselves in a tough situation. They were caught. Just then, Ironhide jumped out and destroyed the vehicons. The autobots met

    Hot rod: what's your name?
    Ironide: names ironhide.
    Bumblebee: do you're the commando.
    Ironhide: yeah. Any reasons why y'all looking for me
    Bumblebee: high command said you have something important.
    Ironhide: oh yeah.
    Bumblebee: then let's go back

    Just then, in the sky, Cyclonus, Blitzwing and Lugnut spotted them

    Random: over zhere. Ze auzobotz.
    Cyclonus: we can't let them live. Destroy them.
    Lugnut: for the glory of the decepticons!

    Lugnut transformed and fired his missiles. The autobots were scattered, Just then, blitzwing transformed his arm to an ice ray gun and froze wheelie. Bumblebee pulled out his guns and fired at blitzwing, to which blitzwing retaliated by firing his fire cannons which were on his back. Cyclonus pulled out his energy swords and hit the ground, realising an energy wave that sent bumblebee flying. Ironhide fired oil at Cyclonus and Blitzwing. He told hot rod to fire. Which hot rod gladly did and set the decepticons on flames. They freed wheelie and picked bumblebee. Lugnut was about to do his signature attack, the POKE.

    Ironhide: let's get out of here boys
    Hot rod: agreed

    The POKE, which had the blast force of an atom bomb, exploded and created a giant hole.

    Angry: I told you once, I told you a thousand times, WARN US BEFORE YOU USE THE POKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lugnut: or what, ice for brains
    Angry: before i-
    Random: express my feelings in song. The big fat lugnut tried to eat a pie. He lifted it and hit his eye instead. He just shou-
    Lugnut, while strangling him: FALL!!!!! FALL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vehicon: sir, the enemy front is nearly reached. But our energon supplies is low
    Cyclonus: use what remains to keep the autobots in their place. I'll ask Starscream for more.
    Vehicon: sir!

    And that's how episode 11 comes to and end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 12: old friends part 1

    On Earth, two weeks after the attack on the Unit E hideout, a goon from the attack was interrogated. The federation now know that M. E. C. H resurfaced. Their worst fears realised as M. E. C. H possessed reversed engineered cybertronian technology, the council quickly ordered an investigation to destroy M. E. C. H once and for all. About the same time, the council got word that Ultra Magnus would be sending 2 of his most trusted friends to earth. They would explain the rest. The council used this as an opportunity to strengthen ties with cybertron and use the autobots to help them destroy M. E. C. H

    Ultra Magnus ordered Wheeljack and Bulkhead to go to earth. And prepare the autobot city, which acted as the cybertron's embassy, secret city, and what not. A space bridge portal opened. And both wreckers transformed on a remote location. A small military force picked them up.

    Jessica: it's okay boys. You can put down those guns. Follow me
    The soldiers put down their guns. And the autobots followed the blonde girl

    Jessica: You're.... Bulkhead and Wheeljack aren't you?
    Bulkhead: yep. Say, how do you know our names?
    Jessica: names Jessica sky. Unit E class B agent and secretary of Jack Darby.
    Bulkhead: Jack? Where is he?
    Jessica: let's just say, meeting an old friend.

    Los Angeles
    Jack arrived at a hotel. He walked up to a staff member

    Staff member: do you have any luggage, sir?
    Jack: no.
    Staff member: room number then?
    Jack: no, I'm searching for, Raf esquivel.
    The staff member whispered to his ears
    Staff member: need identification, name and rank agent
    Jack: special agent Jack Darby, class A
    Staff member: right this way, sir.

    They walked to the elevator. The staff member showed his watch to an AI. The elevator moved downwards.

    Staff member: so, you are the one who captured the mafia leader in the Balkans?
    Jack: yep.
    Staff member: and assassinated the terrorist leader in Afghanistan? And foiled a bombing at the United Nations meeting?
    Jack: yep.
    Staff member: so you are THE Jack Darby.
    Jack: heh, never knew my work was that known.
    Staff member: on the contrary, you are one of the best agents in the history of Unit E. We're lucky to have you. Anyways, here's your stop, sir.
    Jack: thanks

    Jack walked and opened a door. On the room he opened, there was Raf. Raf was thrilled to see Jack. Both haven't seen each other since Jack imprisoned the Balkan mafia 3 years earlier

    Raf: Jack!

    Both hugged each other.

    Raf: I can't believe it. It's you. After 3 years. What is is this time?
    Jack: no. We finally found her.
    Raf: miko?
    Jack: wait a minute, I'm getting a call.
    Raf: is it Jessica?
    Jessica: sir.
    Jack: what is it, Jessica?
    Jessica: the autobot wreckers, bulkhead and wheeljack have arrived.
    Jack: good. I picked up Raf and we'll be arriving shortly.
    Jessica: Raf? Can you tell him I said hi?
    Jack: sure.

    He closed his phone.

    Jack: she said hi.
    Raf: really?
    Jack: yeah you lucky son of a gun. Come on, we have old friends to meet.

    At a secret base

    Jack and Raf came out of a helicopter. It was raining. Just as they arrived out of their helicopter, a soldier came out with an umbrella and escorted them inside.

    Jessica: Sir. Raf.
    Raf was silent. He had a secret crush on Jessica and was nearly swooning. Then was disturbed by Jack
    Jack: earth to Raf. Are you there?
    Raf: uhh, yes.
    Jack: good let's meet bulkhead and wheeljack
    Jessica: follow me.

    As they walked into the room, bulkhead, as usual, shouted in excitement.

    Bulkhead: haha! If it isn't Jack and Raf!
    Wheeljack: special agent Jack Darby, I heard of what you did. Pretty amazing.
    Bulkhead: you did grow up, Just like optimus said. Where's Miko?
    Raf: oh yeah. About that
    Wheeljack: What happened?
    Jack: you see, 15 years ago, after you left, Miko went to Japan to see her parents. But was captured by the remnants of M. E. C. H. We searched for years, but we never found her. Thought she was dead. Turns out, M. E. C. H experimented on her, turned her into a living weapon.
    Bulkhead: it's all my fault. I never should've left.
    Wheeljack: it's not your fault, bulk
    Raf: wheeljack's right bulk. Cybertron needed you.

    Jessica came rushing in

    Jessica: sir. An attack at a research center. It's M. E. C. H
    Jack: prepare a ground bridge. You guys wanna come?
    Bulkhead: without question.
    Wheeljack: well then, let's roll out

    And that's how episode 11 comes to and end
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 12: old friends part 2
    At a research center, M. E. C. H attacked. Led by Miko, the M. E. C. H squad stole data about alien species and secret weapons developed by Unit E. A ground bridge opened. Wheeljack, Bulkhead and Jack as well as a small group of soldiers came out. The M. E. C. H forces retreated. They got on their cars and drove. Bulkhead transformed his arm into his gun and shot at the cars. He missed twice but the third one hit and destroyed one of the cars. Wheeljack and bulkhead transformed. Jack hopped onto a bike and pursued the M. E. C. H squad. The three remaining cars split off on their own. Wheeljack went left, bulkhead went straight ahead and Jack went right. Wheeljack and the car were pushing each other. The car drove beneath a bridge and into a tunnel and wheeljack followed. The car ambushed wheeljack and one of the M. E. C. H goons fired. The tunnel was dark and luckily there were almost no humans. Wheeljack transformed and sliced the car in half.

    Bulkhead's side.

    At a busy street, bulkhead was chasing the M. W. C. H car. People were driving their cars here and there. A goon threw a grenade at bulkhead. Back at the research center, Raf was trying to establish contact with the autobots using their comlinks.

    Jessica: Raf, can you do it?
    Raf: it'll be done in about.......... Now!
    Jessica: excellent. Now, put me through to the autobots.
    Raf: wheekjack, can you hear us?
    Wheeljack: yeah. What is it?
    Jessica: just stay put. We'll be sending a team shortly.

    The goon threw a smoke bomb.

    Bulkhead: I can't see anything
    Raf: bulkhead can you hear us?
    Bulkhead: yeah, what is it?
    Jessica: listen carefully, I have a plan

    Bulkhead drove back

    Goon: we must've lost him.
    Driver: good. Let's head back to base.

    The car ran down a tunnel. As it drove, it seemed silent. Then, Wheeljack came and shot the wheels. The driver and goon tried to run towards the entrance but bulkhead was waiting, with a small squad of Unit E agents

    Jack's side.
    Jack was chasing the car when suddenly, a smoke bomb exploded and it drove faster. As Jack was catching up to them, Miko fired a rocket. Jack jumped but the blast force pushed him. He hit his head and he was unconscious.

    He woke up on a mysterious place. He was greeted by Mortenson

    Mortenson: so, you are special agent Jack Darby of Unit E. I must say, after reading your profile and your history, it's quite an honor. Balkans, Middle East, South Asia and North Africa, what you did was impressive. Still not as impressive as your predecessor agent Fowler but impressive nonetheless.
    Jack: who are you?
    Mortenson: names Harold Mortenson. The current leader of M. E. C. H.
    Jack: what did you to do to Miko?
    Mortenson: oh we saved her. Made her better. You see, she met her parents, but, her parents rejected her. They didn't want her. As she was on her way to the Tokyo airport, she met an accident, fell down a cliff. We saved her, made her better.
    Jack: you turned her into a mindless weapon!
    Mortenson: from a certain point of view, yes. But how I see it, we saved her, and she's just paying back her debt to us.

    Jack was disgusted.

    Jack: what do you want from me?
    Mortenson: your fingerprints. And the only thing a class A agent like you can give us. Project hydra. Ah, it's done. We thank you for your service, special agent Jack Darby.
    Goon: what do we do with him, sir ?
    Mortenson: he's usless to us now. You can-

    Bulkhead came charging in.

    Bulkhead: are you ready to rumble?
    Wheeljack: with the wreckers?

    Both the bots thrashed the M. E. C. H soldiers. M. E. C. H did their best but couldn't beat the wreckers. As more M. E. C. H men came to reinforce, Unit E forces were waiting for them.

    Goon: sir! Unit E forces are here.
    Mortenson: but how?

    Then he saw that Jack's watch. It had a homing beacon.

    Mortenson: you?!
    Jack: yep.
    Mortenson: at least I'll have the satisfaction of killing you.

    But the rooms wall was torn apart by bulkhead. A M. E. C. H guard stated shooting but bulkhead just grabbed him and threw him. Mortenson, out of fear ran. He made it to the roof top and hopped on a helicopter.

    Pilot: sir! Do we head back to HQ?
    Mortenson: no. Take me to New York. I have a meeting to attend.

    And that's how episode 12 ends. Stay tuned for episode 13 and 14, old friends part 3&4
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 13: old friends part 3
    At a hotel owned by Unit E
    Jack: M. E. C. H didn't just attacked the center randomly, they attacked it for the data it stored
    Raf: what data?

    Jack looked at Jessica, to which she nodded.

    Jack: about project hydra
    Raf: what's project hydra?
    Jessica: it's top secret. We need to discuss it, in private

    The trio walked to a room. Locked it from the inside, and checked if anybody was there

    Jack: what I'm about to tell is classified top secret information. If you tell anyone, I'll be forced to extract your brains. Can you promise me you won't tell anyone?
    Raf: *gulps* sure
    Jack: project hydra is a weapon. 10 large ships able to go to air and space without refueling. But what's worse, is it's energon super cannon. It can wipe out an area the size of New York with just one blast.
    Raf: why would you create something like that?
    Jack: we needed it to protect our planet in the case of a decepticon invasion.
    Raf: but a weapon that powerful?
    Jack: it was the only logical choice.
    Jessica: and now M. E. C. H has the data to locate one of the ships. All they need now, is the activation codes.
    Raf: do we have the activation codes?
    Jessica: no. It's stored in a chip. Onboard a Navy warship. Hold on.

    Jessica got a phone call. She seemed scared at first, then she just said "understood" before closing it.

    Jessica: sir, it seems that the ship carrying the data chip is under attack.
    Jack: prepare a ground bridge. I'll go there
    Jessica: but what of the autobots?
    Jack: Raf
    Raf: yes?
    Jack: I'll let you handle this.

    They opened the door, but we're surprised when bulkhead and wheeljack were there.

    Bulkhead: Jack, where you going?
    Jack: uh, I have a meeting to attend. I'll see you after its done

    Bulkhead just smiled. But as Jack left, his smile turned upside down. He knew something was up.

    Jack put on a special Unit E battle suit, a standard battle suit, equipped with an arm built in rope gun. He was bridged to a military base that was closest to the carrier. The government was planning a rescue mission. The team comprised of Commandos, 7 of the best in the military currently available. The commander leading the mission was waiting patiently for Jack.

    Commando: Sir, we're already prepared. What are we waiting for?
    Leader: a special agent. From Unit E.
    Commando: I'll be in the plane then.

    Just then, a space bridge portal opened and Jack came out.

    Leader: are you the special agent?
    Jack: yeah. Where's your squad?
    Leader: right there.

    Pacific Ocean

    The plane took off. The briefing for the mission happened in the plane.

    Leader: so, what's an Unit E agent like you doing here?
    Jack: I don't get your meaning?
    Leader: on a rescue mission. Unit E does more classified jobs, so what's an agent like you doing on a rescue mission.
    Jack: well it's classified. But I can tell you it ain't a person. How many are we expecting?
    Leader: at least 30
    Pilot: alright boys. You can drop in 20 seconds. I'll open the back fuselage.

    The back fuselage opened. Jack got up, pulled out his pistol, and added on a silencer. And jumped out

    Commando: was he wearing a parachute?
    Leader: nope.
    Commando: guys nuts.

    Jack jumped and hit the water near the ship. He used his rope gun to climb on the ship. He saw a goon, he walked closer to him, then covered the goons face with his hand and slit his throat. And threw the body off the ship into the ocean.

    Below deck, Miko was holding the crew hostage. She had no intention of trading the crew, she just wanted the chip.

    Miko: where's the chip? And I may consider sparing your lives.
    Crew member: don't fall for it!

    Miko stared at him.

    Crew member: they'll just kill us all anyways.
    Miko: let's make an example of you shall we. Bring him

    Two goons brought him to her. She put on a rubber glove. On of the goons brought a metal box full of water. The goons put him on a chair, tied him. Miko dropped two chargers. The crew member screamed and screamed. Until he died.

    Miko: if nobody is telling me, I'll do it again.

    The crew didn't say anything.

    Miko: that one, bring her here.

    A goon brought a female crew member. She pleaded, begged for mercy.

    Female crew member: please, I have a family. Who would take care of them
    Miko: I miss the part where that's my problem

    As the goon was about to do the same to the female crew member, another crew member stood up.

    Crew member: stop! I'll give you the disc. Just spare her
    Miko: tell me.
    Crew: release her first.
    Miko: eh, do it.

    The goon released the female crew member, and led Miko to the bridge.

    Jack shot a goon dead, then he landed as quietly as he can and shot another one dead. The next guard saw him and punched him, and as the guard prepared his gun, he was shot dead from the commando leader.

    Leader: well well, it looked to me like you needed me
    Jack: I guess. Come on, we have to secure the rest of the ship.

    The leader took out his radio telephone
    "move out, secure the ship, kill all the goons you find"

    At the bridge, the crew member took out the data chip. Miko examined it using her right cybernetic eye. It was the right chip.

    Crew: I upheld my part of the deal. Now do yours

    Miko just smirked at him. She called one of her men

    Goon: what is it ma'am?
    Miko: we have the chip. You know what to do.

    The crew member gave a sigh of relief. Just then, he was shot in the chest, by Miko

    Miko: kill 'em all.
    Goon: yes ma'am.
    Crew: you, you lying bi-

    Miko put her boot on his throat. She pointed her pistol at him. "thank you for your service " she said, and shot him in the head. She opened a built in box in her stomach and stored the chip in it.

    Goon: prepare your guns.

    The crew were begging for their lives. They pleaded. "please don't shoot" said some, "we have families" said others. But the goons fired and slaughtered them all.

    On the deck, a goon saw on his friends die. Then a commando arrived at the spot. He saw the commando and shot. The commando hid but the goon sounded the alarm. Miko heard the alarm and told her men to meet her on the starboard side.

    Jack: scrap! Commandos, double time!

    2 commandos made it to the bridge, but we're killed by Miko. She walked out of the bridge

    Jack took one of the goons guns and managed to kill about 3. But had to hide behind a wall due to intense enemy fire from 4 goons on a bridge ( a normal bridge, not the bridge of the ship) . On the other side was the commando leader

    Leader: they know we're here
    Jack: like it ain't obvious
    Leader: you make a run for the bridge, I'll cover you. In 3,2,1 go go go!

    The three goons, after killing the remaining crew, fled. 2 commandos saw them, they managed to kill one before the other 2 ran away

    The commando leader draw the enemy fire to him and Jack made a run for the bridge. One of the goons saw him and told his friends. They prepared to fire but the commando leader managed to shoot them all. Both were walking to the bridge, Just then, he was informed by his men that the crew were all dead. They heard walking sounds. Just below, Miko and the remaining 2 goons met on the starboard side. Jack signalled the commando, he whispered softly, we jump in 3. 3,2,1

    Both jumped, the leader twisted one of the goons heads, and Jack KOed the other one. Miko pulled out her pistol and tried to shoot Jack. Jack pushed her arm, but Miko punched him with her other arm. The commando leader readied his fists

    Leader: I don't want to hurt you lady
    Miko: see if I care

    The leader came forward and punched. But Miko dodged, she put her hand on his head and pushed him to the wall

    Leader: you're a tough one. I like that

    Jack screamed and tried to body slam Miko, it didn't work. He tried to punch her, but Miko kicked him in the stomach, and did it again twice. The leader rushed and punched Miko on the face. He tried to do it again. But she jumped and kicked him in the head. The leader fell on the rails. Jack aided the leader. A commanding came and threw a grenade. Miko was caught unaware and ran, but the blast force pushed her, over the railings. She grabbed onto the railing with her left hand. Her hand slipped. Jack grabbed her

    Jack: Miko! You don't have to do this. Remember me, it's Jack. Your friend.
    Miko: I don't know you

    She pulled out a knife and cut her hand.

    She fell to the ocean. She was suffocating, drowning. Her cybernetic parts made her too heavy. But luckily for her, a submarine came. She was pulled inside by the diving crew. Mortenson was there

    Mortenson: Miko! I was waiting for you. Tell me, do you have it?
    Miko: yes sir.
    Mortenson: good.

    On the ship, the military came and regained control of the ship.

    Leader: so, now that the ships in our hands again, what will you do now?
    Jack: go home

    Both just laughed and Jack called for a bridge. As he walked out, he saw bulkhead and wheeljack. As well as Raf and Jessica looking very nervous

    Bulkhead: you'll tell me everything, that I need to know. Now

    And that's how episode 13 ends
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 14: old friends part 4
    Jack: bulkhead, I can explain
    Bulkhead: explain what? That you went on a secret mission, and M. E. C. H was there ?
    Jack: oh yeah. About that, I'm, very sorry.
    Bulkhead: next time, tell me everything.
    Jack: I promise

    Jack, Jessica and Raf walked away to a room.

    Jack: phew that was close. I thought he was talking about project hydra
    Jessica: luckily the only thing he asked us was where you were going.
    Raf: anyways, what's the situation, Jack?
    Jack: M. E. C. H got the data chip. They can activate and use any ship they want. Luckily, it takes three S class Unit E members fingerprints to grant access to it.
    Jessica: Jack, isn't a meeting between the highest ranking Unit E members taking place tomorrow?
    Jack: yes. That's it! They attacked us, so that they can get the data to activate the ships, and get the fingerprints.
    Raf: what meeting?
    Jessica: to discuss about project hydra. They've been anxious about it ever since the government has not given us proper funding and the attacks. With the heads of the government
    Raf: where and when's the summit taking place?
    Jessica: New York, tomorrow at 11: 00 am
    Raf: which is 10:00 hours from now.
    Jack: *yawns* I'm too tired. I'm taking a short nap. Just call me if you need. Oh and Jessica
    Jessica: tell them to double the security at the building. And, try not to have too much fun
    Jessica: yes sir.

    He walked up to room and lied down at his couch

    At a secret facility, M. E. C. H pulled a surprise attack. Carried out by Miko, they made it to the control center. The guards fought bravely but were quickly made short work of.

    Miko: Sir, we've have control of the ship
    Mortenson: good. Activate it as soon as we get the fingerprints.
    Miko: understood.

    A guard grabbed hold of Miko's leg. "no" he said softly. Miko pointed her pistol at him. "such heroic nonsense" she said before killing him.

    Unit E hq, 7:30 am

    Jack woke up. Jessica came in and gave him a cup of coffee.

    Jessica: morning sir. Here's your coffee. How's your sleep?
    Jack: *yawns* good good. Say, have unit e doubled the security?
    Jessica: yes sir.
    Jack: good. I'll see you at the hall

    Jack walked down to the hall. He was greeted by Raf, bulkhead and wheeljack who were in a secret room.

    Raf: Jack!
    Jack: hey Raf. So, you guys did anything last night?

    Just then, an explosion was heard. The electricity was damaged. The ground bridge could not work without electricity

    At Unit E HQ, the three S class members, Nicholas Grey, Anita Gould and John Cage were talking. Preparing themselves for their meeting with the government heads
    A truck was driving at the Unit E HQ. The guard put up his hand and said stop. The truck didn't obey. It came faster. It rammed through the front gate and into the front door. In its trailer, a squad of M. E.C.H goons cane out and started shooting. Miko and 2 men rushed to the stairs. Unit E men tried to stop them, but weren't enough. Miko made it to the floor where the S class members were. Just then, a helicopter landed. Out came Mortenson.

    Jack got word of the attack. He needed to do something.

    Jack: bulkhead! Wheeljack!
    Bulkhead: yeah
    Wheeljack: what is it?
    Jack: Unit E HQ is under attack. Our ground bridge can't work. I need you to transform and take me there.
    Bulkhead: sure thing.

    They transformed. Jack hopped onto Bulkhead and bulkhead drove.

    Unit E HQ
    Mortenson: ah if it isn't the S class members. How nice to finally meet you.
    Nicholas Cage: we know what you want, Mortenson. You'll never get it.
    Mortenson: hmm, I'm a patient man. I can wait. Bring us the tea in the helicopter, eh?

    One of the goons quickly did. 3 cups were filled.

    Mortenson: you know what I want. You can give it to me, or I'm forced to use, less civilized means.
    Anita: your talking is already torture enough.

    John laughed.

    Mortenson: if I needed only your fingerprints, you would be dead by now. But no. I also need your identification. By your voice. Do it

    One of the goons took their fingerprints. Then the goons forced opened Nicholas Cage's mouth and poured the tea in it. They released him.

    Cage: what did you do to me?
    Mortenson: we gave you tea.
    Cage: what was in it?
    Mortenson: a drug.You'll feel so happy that you won't even care about saying your name.
    Anita: Cage, you have to fight back.

    Cage felt dizzy. He felt happy.

    Mortenson: ah, it's already working. So tell me, Mr Cage, can you say your name please.
    Cage: sure. It's Nicholas Cage.
    Mortenson: did you get it, scientist?
    Scientist: yes. All we need is the other two.
    Mortenson: do it.

    On the ground, Bulkhead and wheeljack transformed. The New Yorkers panicked and ran. Bulkhead grabbed Jack and put him on the ground.

    Jack: thanks bulk.
    Bulkhead: no worries. Just finish your job
    Wheeljack: ready, bulkhead
    Bulkhead: let's kick some tail pipe!

    Jack walked up the stairs and took down goon after goon.

    At the floor where the S class members were held, Mortenson got the last name. He heard gunfire. Miko was about to go but Mortenson stopped her, saying its a waste of time. They hopped on the chopper. Jack was too late to save his bosses and stop Mortenson from escaping.

    Mortenson arrived at the Grand Canyon.

    Mortenson: can you activate it, scientist?
    Scientist: yes sir. The ship is in ready to follow commands.
    Mortenson: excellent. Prepare it to take flight.

    And that's how episode 14 ends. Episode 15 is the last episode taking place on earth in this season and episode 16 is back to cybertron
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    Moraband, formerly known as Korriban
    Episode 15: old friends part 5

    Unit E got word of one of the ships being activated. They were informed that a military base was attacked

    At the ship
    Mortenson: head straight to Washington DC after we finish here
    Scientist: what good will that do?
    Mortenson: think. If we destroy it, the federation will know that we are near unstoppable.
    Scientist: yeeessss.

    Unit E HQ
    Jack: I need you prepare a strike force.
    Jessica: but sir, you could die.
    Jack: if so, at least I die trying to save the world
    Jessica: okay then.
    Jack: raf
    Raf: put on something. We will need you.

    As a squad arrived, among them was Jessica in a Unit E standard battle suit. Bulkhead and wheeljack were also ready. They transformed and the squad sat, tightly in their seats. A ground bridge opened. Bulkhead and Wheeljack ran straight and landed on the ship
    Mortenson ordered his men to attack the intruders. And to activate the battle mecha. Bulkhead and Wheeljack landed, they opened their doors and the squad attacked.

    Mortenson: what's the situation?
    Goon: sir, a squad of unit e agents and two cybertronians have attacked. I don't know if we-
    Mortenson: hello? Hello, can you hear me?
    Another goon: he's dead sir.
    Mortenson: get me Miko
    Miko: what is it?
    Mortenson: we are under attack. We need you
    Miko: understood.

    She climbed on a jet and flew. At the ship, M. E. C. H goons stood no chance against the autobot wreckers. Miko came flying in a jet. And she shot. Giving M. E. C. H time to prepare. 2 more jets came, attacking Miko, but she outsmarted them. And managed to destroy one. The other one managed to shoot her. As Miko's jet was about to crash, she jumped out and killed that pilot. She landed on the ship. Seeing Bulkhead and Wheeljack, her memories started to pop back. Bulkhead saw her. He ran to her, but was stopped when a rocket launcher at him. Jack called Raf.

    Jack: Raf, Jess, we need to stop this ship.
    Raf: but how?
    Jess: below, there's the control center. You can hack it and land it. But we'll need a data chip
    Raf: but where is it?
    Jack: follow me

    The ship flew away. It was over a city and river .Suddenly, bulkhead got up. He saw Jack and his team go to the door where Miko went. He pulled out his cannon and shot the door down.

    Bulkhead: promise me, you'll bring her back.
    Jack: I promise.

    They went inside the room. They were walking to the control room. Just then they saw Miko.

    Jack: I'll handle her. Go to the control room
    Raf: but but jack
    Jack: just go.

    He pulled out his fists and so did Miko. Raf and Jessica made it to the control room. Jess shot through guards dead and koed the scientist, Mortenson took out his pistol but was shot by Jess. He fell to the ground and Jess walked up to him and Ko-ed him. She told raf to steer the ship away. But Raf couldn't. The only choice left was to crash land it into the river.

    All while it was occurring, Jack and Miko were ready to fight

    Jack: people are gonna die. I can't let that happen. Please don't let me do this.

    He charged at Miko. Miko took out a pistol and shot at Jack. Jack deflected it using his armor but he knew it couldn't take more. Miko pulled out a knife and tried to stab Jack. He dodged it and she tried again and Jack pushed her arm away and punched her in the stomach. Jack tried to punch her again but she grabbed his hand, and twisted his hand. Jack let go of her arm and punched her in the face. He ran to the room and grabbed the chip. Miko grabbed him by the neck and threw him aside. Jack kicked Miko and ran to the control room. But Miko grabbed his leg and began to hold it tight, to the point of bleeding. Jack screamed. Jessica heard his screams and ran to Jack. Jack kicked Miko in the face and ran. Jessica came. Both ran to control room, but Miko grabbed Jack and threw him on the wall. Jessica was about to attack but Miko kicked her aside. Miko took out a pistol and was ready to enter the room and kill Raf. But Jack pushed himself towards her and hurled her to the wall. He gave the chip to Jess and told her to go. Miko got up and Jack wrestler her to the ground. She shot a bullet at the wall and Jack put his arm on her neck but Miko used her elbow striker Jack at his rib, causing Jack to release her. Miko punched Jack thrice in the face but before she could punch him a fourth time, Jack spoke, calling her name. She started to get flashbacks. Just then, Bulkhead peeked from the door. She remembered more.

    On the control room, Jess gave Raf the chip and he overrided the controls. The ship was to crash at the river. The ship turned and crashed into the river. Jess and Raf managed to break the glass and swam. Bulkhead and Wheeljack got the Unit E squad and got to shore.

    Wheeljack: you guys safe?
    Unit E agent: yeah.
    Wheeljack: good.

    Jess and Raf made it to the river shore

    Bulkhead: where's Jack?
    Raf: *cough cough cough* he's not with you?

    On the other side, Miko dragged Jack to the river shore. Jack, before losing consciousness, saw Miko walk away. On the next day, he woke up in a hospital.

    And that's how episode 15 ends