Illustrations/Digital Models: Transformers Prime Scale Chart (with Screenshot Galleries)

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    I made a comparison for all the characters in Prime so far and their scale/heights. I already modified it six different times based on some suggestions. If anyone is wondering, I found the full body images of Wheeljack, Knock Out, and Breakdown here: Portfolio: Jennifer Hoffman - Transformers Prime Rigging

    Newest version:


    Old version 7:


    Screenshot galleries:
    Shockwave (Out of the Past)
    Cliffjumper (Out of the Past)

    The Human Factor

    Legacy (Part 1)
    Legacy (Part 2)

    Alpha, Omega (Part 1)
    Alpha, Omega (Part 2)
    Alpha, Omega (Part 3)

    Hard Knocks (Part 1)
    Hard Knocks (Part 2)

    Inside Job (Part 1)
    Inside Job (Part 2)
    Inside Job (Part 3)
    Inside Job (Part 4)

    Patch (Part 1)
    Patch (Part 2)

    Regeneration (Part 1)
    Regeneration (Part 2)
    Regeneration (Part 3)
    Regeneration (Part 4)

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