Transformers. Pokemon journey #1

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    Beachcomber adventure

    On a small planet filled with humans and pokemon they lived peacefully however the piece wouldn't last for long as some new guest are on there where here from out of this galaxy who knows what will happen!

    Characters for this story
    Cliffjumper (G1)
    Bumblebee (G1)
    Brawn (G1)
    Huffer (G1)
    Pipes (G1)
    Bluster (animated)
    Trench (animated)
    Starscream (G1)
    Thundercracker (Cybertron ish)
    Skywarp (animated)
    Slipstream (animated)
    Ransack (Cybertron)
    Crumblezone (Cybertron)
    Main character
    Beachcomber (G1 ish)

    Aaah nature parks are a great way to go into nature and spend time out doors it this is no normal nature park, yes it might look normal but this nature park is home to many mega stones but are illegal to take unless you have a mega stone or your a research, but the rules will get broken...

    Crumblezone: hey ransack I got another! *picks one up* look at it

    Ransack: yeah I see *not looking*

    Crumblezone: hey your not looking!

    Ransack: I don't give a scrap about these stones, Megatron needs these stone things for him to turn into energon, how many do you have?

    Crumblezone: I'm not tellin tell you see the pretty stone

    Ransack: ugh fine you big protoform I'm coming to see *walks up to crumblezone* yes it looks very pretty crumblebrain now put it with the others

    Crumblezone: thanks, I think I got 40 50 stones

    Ransack: no you only got 8 you scrap head, keep searching!

    Crumblezone: yes ransack, doo dee doo dee doo looking for stones~ dee doo dee for Megatron to turn into energy~ oh? *sees a eevee* hey there little organic

    Eevee: eev?

    Crumblezone: come to crumby *reaches out for eevee*

    Eevee: *worried eevee noises*

    Umbreon: umbre!

    Crumblezone: huh?

    Umbreon: umbreon! Ummmmbreeeeeeeon!!! *fires a shadow ball*

    Crumblezone: AGH! Ow that hurt NOT!

    Umbreon: umbre!

    Crumblezone: now then to show you what a real projectile can do *charges his cannons up*

    Ransack: CRUMBLEZONE!!!

    Crumblezone: yes ran?

    Ransack: you can attack these organics later we got work to do

    Crumblezone: awww *follows ransack* I wanted to show that umbre thing who boss

    Ransack: maybe later

    Crumblezone: all right

    The two left leaving a angry umbreon and a confuse eevee, meanwhile

    ???: I found them *peaking throw the bushes*

    Ransack: alright two bags of these stones that should be plenty for megs (megatron)

    Crumblezone: now what?

    Ransack: we wait till those seeker get here to pick up the cargo, and lookie here we got about 50 cycles before they arrive, you know what this means?

    Crumblezone: what?

    Ransack: a good excuse to be lazy *leans on his back* aaah~ I think I might rest the old gears for awhile crumbs you keep a eye on the sack

    Crumblezone: why must I watch them?

    Ransack: 1 I need to rest my gears after that landing its been non stop crazy sense then 2 somebody needs to watch the stones and make sure no one steals them got it?

    Crumblezone: fine oh fine I will

    Ransack: good, now I'm going to rest my optics for a while, tell me when they get here *shuts down*

    ???: scrap 50 cycles we don't got much time

    ???: n now what bee?

    Bumblebee: we need to work fast, we need a distraction!

    ??? 2: on it bee

    Bumblebee: thanks brawn what are you going to do?

    Brawn: watch *picks up a rock and toss it as I made a loud crash*

    Crumblezone: what was that!

    Ransack: go....zzzzzz....check.....fembots....oh yes I......zzzz

    Crumblezone left the area

    Brawn: crumblezone has his brains all crumbled now our chance!

    Bee: OK good, where everyone else?

    Brawn: huffer and pipes are on the other side of this opening, bluster and trench are north of this opening, beachcomber being the coward cyber chicken he is

    Beachcomber: I I'm not *he says getting out from behind a tree*

    Brawn: see what did I tell you?

    Bee: brawn please

    Brawn: oh alright

    Bee: who ready for this

    Huffer: this is a waste of time bee we should go back to prime and tell we failed

    Pipes: yeah I kinda agree with huffer on this one

    Bluster: me and trench could go but I'm worried about us getting into a fight and the seekers would show up

    Bee: scrap, there only one bot we can use

    5 seconds later

    Beachcomber: why does it have to be me!

    Bee: just go ransack sleeping this is our one and only chance

    Beachcomber: oh alright *begins sneaking towards the two bags*

    With every step beachcomber took he made sure it was quite as a cyber rattata as he grew closer to the bags and the napping ransack, ransack almost woke up twice, it looked like all was good until...

    Crumblezone: AUTOBOT!!!

    Ransack: AAAAAAH!! Crumblezone!?! I was having a good dre- AUTOBOT!! Slag him!

    Beachcomber: aw scrap! Run!

    Ransack: get him!

    Bee: not today decepticons, team bee charge! *bumblebee and his team charged into battle*

    Ransack: this has to be a joke!

    Trench: this is a no joke deception scums *whacks crumblezone with a wrench*

    Crumblezone: AGH!!!

    Pipes: seekers incoming!

    Starscream: autobots!

    Ransack: forgot us there a Autobot escaping with those stone things!

    Starscream: what! Seekers after that Autobot

    Skwarp: c cant I just stay here

    Starscream: NO YOU COWARD!

    Skywarp: a alright


    Beachcomber: OK I think I'm in the clear no decepticons *phew*

    Starscream: wrong Autobot! You will never be in the "clear" when starscream and his seekers are in the air

    Thundercracker: that's a good motto screamer partner, we will SEEK this Autobot! *drums*

    Starscream: ugh I hate you and your puns thundercracker

    Thundercracker: what? I'm trying to: send the bad moves flying ahah!

    Starscream: ugh, let's get this over with

    Thundercracker: what wrong starscream buddy old pal are...
    Starscream: don't say it!
    Thundercracker: my puns getting "rusty" ahah!

    Starscream: AGH

    Beachcomber: got to hurry *transformed*

    The chase was on as many pokemon watched the minibot pass them being chased by the starscream and his seeker friends, the chase went on for a long time as skywarp and slipstream shot each other when trying to pin him only to fail as thundercracker did almost nothing

    Starscream: thundercracker! Why are being a lazy co!

    Thundercracker: what? I can't help it if...
    Starscream: no don't say-
    Thundercracker: my fighting a little "rusty"
    Starscream: AAAAAAH! FINE! I'll do it my self!

    Starscream flew down and tried to grab beachcomber only for him to quickly transform and dodge him as he ran beside a river as his arm got stuck on a tree

    Starscream: slag! I'm stuck! After that Autobot scum!

    Beachcomber: oh bot oh bot oh bo- woah! *stops as a cliff* t that's a long way down

    Slipstream: oh it is huh? Let's prove it! *she giggled as she blasted the area around beachcomber causing it to begin to crumble and fall

    Beachcomber: aaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA.....

    Slipstream: aaaand... *hears a loud thud* oh not as deep as I expected oh well

    Starscream: you idiot slipstream! He still had those mega stones on him

    Slipstream: oh! Well scrap

    Starscream: find his remains before I report your failure to Megatron and he might think about demote you you all

    Slipstream: fine alright *flew down followed by skywarp*

    Starscream: arnt you going?

    Thundercracker: nah I rather not, besides I'm a close friend to megs and that's how I got to work at the energon bar in the nemesis screamer

    Starscream: ugh! I'll go my self!

    Down at the bottom

    Slipstream: I found the bot, you found the bags?

    Skywarp: n no I can't find them

    Slipstream: this Autobot might be offline and-

    Starscream: did you find it?

    The two minds: aw scrap

    Skywarp: n no s sir w we couldn't

    Slipstream: w we think we went further d down this way and-

    Starscream: stop! No more lies! Once we get back to the nemesis I will ask Megatron to demote you both

    Sometime after the two left

    Beachcomber: *gasps* I I still function! Thank primus I do! Wait what about the stones! *opens his chest and there were the two sacks* good there still here now where I'm I? Beachcomber to bee do you read? *all he got was static* anyone? *still static* OK don't panic don't panic maybe I can use my trackers to find them, and trackers don't w work, let's do a quick check up and- oh not good, my tracker broke, my intercom doesn't work, my transformation cog crack, they don't know where I I'm and I don't know where they are! *panic attack began* I I m must stay c calm and- huh? *looks up to see slipstream* AAH SLIPSTREAM! *gets up* s stand back I I warn you

    Slipstream only grin odd, she grew closer!

    Beachcomber: I I warn you *does a weak punch* AGH! Huh!

    Beachcomber arm went throw slipstream like nothing

    Beachcomber: hey what's going on?!

    Slipstream?: hehehe I guess you know *goes up in a cloud of smoke*

    Beachcomber: w what s she gone and what does she mean by now y you know?

    ??? (Female): cause I'm down here goof ball

    Beachcomber: huh? *looks down* what

    Beachcomber saw a little zoura as she giggled

    Zoura: I got you good! *giggles*

    Beachcomber: w who are you!

    Zoura: I'm zou the zoura nice to meet you~

    Beachcomber: ugh yeah my name beachcomber

    Zou: where you heading?

    Beachcomber: why should I tell you!

    Zou: cause

    Beachcomber: why?

    Zou: because I want to

    Beachcomber: don't you have a mother or someone?

    The zoura then frown and begins to cry

    Beachcomber: what's wrong?

    Zou: I lost mommy and daddy and I'm alone

    This gave beachcomber flash backs and not very good ones

    Beachcomber: I can help you I can a father to you

    Zou: r really!

    Beachcomber: yes

    Zou: oh thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Beachcomber: p please calm down

    Zou: sorry new dad

    Beachcomber: just hop on

    Zou: OK new dad *hops on*

    And so began the hike to the ark, it wasnt a easy trip but they were making process until

    Beachcomber: we should be nearly the- *ground gives way* -EEEEERRRREEEE!!! *falls into a cavern*

    The two: ow, oof, doh, ow, mmf owch, agh

    Zou: t that hurted

    Beachcomber: agree, where are we?

    Zou: look! *points to a big opening with flowers and a huge tree with rainbow colored leafs

    Beachcomber: woah dude

    Zou: I know this place, its the tree of life! This is where xerneas lives

    Beachcomber: who xerneas?

    ???: that would be me

    Beachcomber looked over amazed at the big four legged pokemon in awe

    Xerneas: I see I have a chance to meet a visitor from another planet arecus told us about

    Beachcomber: arecus?

    Xerneas: arecus is our god! He created all you see on this planet!

    Beachcomber: oh man but be hard playing god

    Xerneas: it is, now what shall my guest be- *notice zou* oh hey again

    Zou: ugh heheh hey

    Beachcomber: you two know each other?

    Zou: yeah sort of

    Xerneas: I see the little troublemaker got a new friend

    Zou: be quite!

    Beachcomber: oh she told me her parents went down

    Xerneas: oh and you taking care of her?

    Beachcomber: yep

    Xerneas: how rude of me I didn't tell you my name, I'm lancer

    Beachcomber: beachcomber

    Lancer: what a nice name that is

    Beachcomber: t thanks, well we must be off

    Lancer: good bye!

    The two: bye!

    Soon by nightfall they reach the ark

    Zou: what's this big place?

    Beachcomber: this is the ark were my Autobot friends hang out, oh there coming! Hide!

    Zou quickly hid

    Brawn: beachy we were worried about you!

    Beachcomber: yeah I was too about you all

    Trench: you should have scene us kick ransack and crumblezone tailpipes back there

    Beachcomber: yeah

    Later that night

    Beachcomber: zzzzzzzzzzz...huh *opens his optics to see slipstream* AAAAAH

    The minibots: what is it beach- A SEEKER

    Slipstream?: ohohoh~ *poofs into zou*

    Zou: got you~

    The minibots were confused but beachcomber was well...

    Beachcomber: ZOU!!!

    The end
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