Transformers Pen & Paper War Game (me being creative)

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    It has been many years that I have been looking at Transformer tech specs and wondering how I could turn it into a game. Last night i finally felt inspired and thought up the rules. The objective of the rules were to make a fun game using action figures and their tech specs that are simple enough for a ten year old to understand. You will need a few transformers, their tech spec, six sided dice, tape measure, and a field to play on. Since Warhammer 40k is the only table top war game i know, that is what i based these rules on. These rules are far from finished and has yet to be tested. I could use all the help i can get.

    First of all, both players roll dice to see who is player one. Then on paper, write a list of all characters that will be used starting with the character with the highest speed to the lowest. If for example, 4 Autobots and 4 Deceticons all had the same speed, then they take turns starting with player one's, then player two, then back to player one and so forth. After all characters have been played, it concludes a round. The game consists of 5 rounds. You may roll a die to see how many objective markers to place in the field. Which ever player has a Transformer near an objective at the end of the game gains bonus points.

    In the movement faze of a characters turn, the player can chose to have him in robot mode or alt mode. After deciding which mode to be in, the character can move it's speed rating in movement length. Movement length is from heal to toe or bumper to bumper. For example, G1 Optimus Prime has a Speed Rating of 8, so he can take 8 steps, toe to heal.

    After a Character has made his move, he can range attack with a range of two feet, plus the length of his arm and gun. If the character is in contact with the opposing player's character, he must do melee attacks instead. More on attacks later. After a character has done all possible actions, it is the next character in the movement list's turn.

    Tech Spec
    Every character has a Tech Spec and they perform as well as their 8 stats allow; Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Endurance, Rank, Courage, Firepower, and Skill. At times they will need to do Stat Test to see if the pass. For example, a character will need to do an Intelligence Tests to see if they are smart enough to take cover. More on that later.

    There are many uses for Strength. It is used in melee combat to see who will win in a fist fight. The characters will be punching, scratching, biting, kicking, throwing, and even using close combat weapons, like swords. During ether characters turn, after they are close enough to touch, both players role a six sided die. Then the player adds their characters strength to their die and who ever has the most points, wins. the character that lost, takes the difference in damage.

    For example, Ramjet with strength of 8, punches Optimus with a strength of 10 in the face. Ramjet rolls a 5 which adding his strength is 13 and Optimus rolls a 4 adding his strength is 14. Ramjet hurt himself for one point. When it's Optimus' turn, he will still be able to hit back.

    The other use for strength is saving throws. More on that later. Also Strength can be used to see how much a character can carry and Strength Tests.

    Intelligence is to see how smart a character is, for example if hes smart enough to see if he ducks in cover or stands up like an idiot. to do Intelligence Tests (or any Stat Test)take two dice and roll them. if the dice is equal or less then the stat, it's a pass.

    For example, Thundercracker has an Intelligence of 7. He runs behind a building and does the test to see if he ducks or not. The player rolls two dice and gets an 4, 4 is lower then his intelligence so he passes. If he had rolled a 8, Thundercracker would just stand there in the open. Rolling a 2 always passes and rolling a 12 always fails.

    Speed is used for movement and dodging Ranged Attacks. When an attacker rolls to hit, the target has a chance to dodge. Both players roll a die. the attacker adds his character's Skill Stat to his die, while the Target adds his character's Speed Stat to his die. Who ever is higher wins the outcome.

    Endurance is a Characters Hit Points. When it is depleted, the characters is a casualty.

    Courage is to see how much damage a character can take before he decides to retreat. while Optimus has a Courage of 10, he would roll 2 dice and needs a 10 or less Thrust, on the other hand, has a Courage of 4. So when his Endurance is bellow (10 - 4) 6, he has to do a Courage Test. (Thrust only has 6 Endurance so if he gets hit once, hes going to run.) The player rolls two dice and gets a 6, fails and flies towards his base.

    Before the game starts, both players can decide how much points they both will use in their squad, like 20. Then they add up all their characters rank to try to get an even fight. For example Optimus and Bumblebee together have a Rank of 17 and Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback together have a Rank of 19.

    Before a character and wound his target in a Rang Attack, he must successfully hit his target. Both players roll a die. the attacker adds his character's Skill Stat to his die, while the Target adds his character's Speed Stat to his die. Who ever is higher wins the outcome. If it's a tie, the attacker wins. Characters that hasn't moved or is in cover cant dodge, but still the attacker will miss if he rolls a 1.

    For example Optimus has a Skill Stat of 10 and rolls a 3 which is 13. Kickback has a Speed Stat of 4 and rolls a 6, which is 10. Kickback isn't hard to hit.

    Firepower is the damage a character can do in a Ranged Attack. The attacker rolls a die and adds his characters Firepower Stat to wound the target, while the target rolls a die and adds his characters strength to see who rolled the highest and wins the outcome. If it's a tie, the target wins.

    For example Optimus rolls a 5 plus his Firepower of 10 is 15. Shrapnel has a strength 9 and rolls a 4 is 13. Shrapnel takes 2 damage to his Endurance.

    Special Skills
    Special Skills are abilities that that enhance a character in combat. For example, to do abilities like duel welding, leg sweeps, healing, and planting proximity mines, the character must pass a Skill Test, where the Skill Stat must be higher then the two rolled dice.

    I have no idea what Special Skills each character should have.

    In Cover
    Characters in cover cant dodge Ranged Attacks, but does get a bonus in Strength for purposes of blocking damage. So Optimus, who is hiding behind a wall, who has a Strength of 10, now has a Strength of 11.

    Melee Weapons
    Swords, staffs and other melee weapons give a bonus to Strength for purposes for blocking damage from melee and ranged attacks.

    If a Character fails his Courage Test, he must transform and retreat toward the edge of the table or home base at his top speed. On each of his turns, he can try to pass his Courage Test, even if he is off the table. If he never does successful pass the Courage Test by the time the game ends, he is a casualty. When retreating from melee, both players roll for highest speed. if the one retreating fails, he becomes an instant casualty as he gets stabbed in the back.

    In the beginning of every characters turn, the player can choose which mode to put that character in. each mode has it's advantages and disadvantages. Vehicles must be always moving and cant go in cover.

    Cars and Trucks: Cars and trucks can travel further then they could in robot mode, but get a penalty in skill for purposes of ranged attacks. They get no ranged attacks if they have no visible weapons. (Same with animals.)

    Jets: Jets can usually travel the furthest, must travel their max distance, and can't fly backwards.

    Tanks: Tanks can't fire and move in the same turn, but get a bonus in Firepower and Strength for purposes of ramming and blocking damage.

    Miscellaneous: No idea about cassette players and cameras.

    Ramming is like a Melee Attack, but in vehicle mode during the movement faze. If you chose to ram, you can't range attack afterwards. When a vehicle runs over his target, both players roll a die. The attacker adds his characters Speed stat to his die, while the target character adds his strength Stat to his die. who ever loses, gets damaged by the difference.

    For example, Kickback rams Optimus. Optimus has a Strength of 10 and rolls a 2, which is 12, while Kickback has a speed of 4 and rolls a 6, which is 10. Kickback fails to run over Optimus, gets damaged by 2 for trying, and Optimus is now in melee range. Hypothetically, if he had succeeded, he could have passed Optimus after knocking him on his butt.

    Masterpiece Optimus and Rodimus Prime have the longest reach and biggest vehicle length. I'm going to have to penalize them. First off, trailers don't count on movement length, though they make good cover for allies. To measure their distance length, you measure from front axle to mid axle

    Game Over
    The winner after 5 rounds (or how ever many) is the player that has the last transformer standing or has the most points. Points are calculated with each objective captured by the end being a point and each casualty being a point. Who ever has the most points wins.
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    an example of a round after both players have decided which characters they are using. Jetfire vs Dirge.

    Jetfire has the Highest speed rating so he goes first. he transforms to jet and moved 10 movement Lengths.

    He sees Dirge but still out of range.

    Dirge runs up behind a wall moving his 8 movement Length. He rolls a 4 on his Intelligence Test to see if he ducks. his Intelligence is 8, so that was a success.

    He sees Jetfire is 2 feet away and fires. He rolls a 3 and his Skill is 9, which together is 12. Jetfire rolls a 1 and his Speed is 10, which together is 11. Dirge's blast hits Jetfire.

    Dirge rolls a 5 to wound. His Firepower is 8, which together is 13. Jetfire's Strength 6 and rolls a 4, which together is 10. Jetfire takes 3 damage, so his Endurance goes from 4 to 1.

    his Courage is 9 so he needs to take a Courage Test. He rolls his dice and gets a 10, he fails. He already is in jet mode, so he moves his 10 Length Speed to the table edge.