Transformers: Operation Lone Wolf

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    Transformers: Operation Lone Wolf


    Zane considered himself to be a lucky person. He had a job he loved and good true friends he could count on. He had a lot to think about recently, and decided to take his “dream” car out on a drive for a couple of days, possibly longer. He had packed some extra water, some food, and even a sleeping bag if he couldn’t find a cheap motel. Zane sometimes liked to go out without any real plan, just seeing the countryside sometimes learning geography the hard way by getting lost a few times. His car had the best navigation system, and communication systems, but he hardly used them unless he had too.

    It was a late night on a remote Arizona state route, and he was clipping along in his white Mazda RX-8 at about eighty-five. He had noticed the 50 miles-per-hour sign, but paid it no heed. He was in a hurry to go nowhere, just sitting in the cockpit of his car, listening to some music cruising along. Zane cursed under his breath when he saw the all-too-familiar red and blue lights flashing behind him rapidly catching up. He knew his car could easily outrun and outmaneuver the familiar outline behind him. With the communication equipment onboard he could even jam the cop’s radio so he couldn’t call out, but chances were the cop had already called it in. He carefully slowed down, and pulled over. To no one in particular he said out loud that they had company. He looked over to the on-board navigation system to see a familiar face wink behind a blue visor before the screen dimmed out. “Don’t you think about trying anything, please,” Zane said out loud to no one in particular.

    The highway patrol officer outside of his window did not look pleased as he asked for Zane to roll down his window. Zane thought about saying some smartass comment, like “What’s the problem officer,” but he knew what the problem was. Upon request he presented his license, registration and proof of insurance.

    “Where you headed in such a hurry, Mr. Smith?”

    “Nowhere in particular, Officer, I just caught up in the moment and I’m trying to get to the next town hoping it has a motel.”

    “Sir, the next town is Kayenta, and honestly unless you had too I wouldn’t recommend staying there. Where you heading?”

    “Like I said, nowhere, I’m just out driving and thinking. I’ve had a lot going on in my life, a lot to let sink in.”

    Zane was trying to focus on the officer, trying, albeit unsuccessfully to talk himself out of a ticket, most likely a very expensive felony speeding ticket. He heard a familiar beep on his subcutaneous implant near his right ear, signaling an inbound radio signal. Not now, I’ll take care of this, Zane thought to himself.

    “Well, son, I hate to say this but I’m going to have to write you a couple of tickets, one for felony speeding and another for reckless endangerment. You’ll have to appear to the court on the date here.”

    The officer was about to walk off when Zane’s cell phone started ringing in its center console rest. Zane picked it up, and hailed the officer down saying it was for him. The officer had a look of doubt on his face as he politely took the phone. Zane tried not to smile as he heard the voice on the phone screaming to the poor officer, using an occasional obscenity improperly. The officer occasionally, when prompted to do so, replied with a “yes, sir,” or a “no, sir.” After about 15 minutes the officer flipped the phone closed and handed it back to Zane. “Sir, I’m sorry for inconveniencing you. Please, ignore the tickets and be on your way. Have a great day!” The officer saluted Zane before heading back to his car, turning around and heading in the opposite direction. Zane waited a minute, smiling, before saying anything.

    “Jazz, what did you say to that Officer to get me out of those tickets?”

    “Who, me, oh ‘I’ didn’t say anything.”

    “Okay, then who did?”

    “Oh, no one but ‘General Faireborne’ himself.”


    “What, ‘I’ didn’t do anything.”

    Zane smiled to himself before putting Jazz into gear and heading back down the dark road.

    “Zane, if you’re done thinking about where you belong, maybe it is time we head back to Nevada.”

    Zane had two days to think things over, and talk it over with his friend and only Autobot confidant, Jazz. He realized the Autobots had helped him get out of prison, and they needed his help. What did he have to lose now? Going back to prison? He had technically served his time, and he already had a radio implant put in by the Earth Defense Command organization upon his “release.”

    “Yeah, Jazz, let’s head back. I’ve had enough time to be by myself.”
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    Transformers: Operation Lone Wolf

    Chapter One

    Zane hadn’t seen a woman in seven plus years since going to prison, but hearing what this one had to say didn’t make him think any more. He was sitting in Major Marissa Faireborne’s office at the EDC command center at some secret base. He wasn’t sure of its exact location due to Jazz tinting all his windows to full and masking his engine noise so Zane couldn’t gauge the speed, and in some cases, the direction he was going. Marissa was not happy the Autobot’s had decided to “liberate” some “hooligan.”

    “I cannot fathom why the Autobots wanted you, Mr. Zane ‘Smith.’ Or should I call you by your real last name, Berger. And to just add to it all, your Shawn Berger’s son!

    “Let me just go over some of your highlights. Ten counts of computer hacking, five counts of grand theft auto, ten counts of breaking and entering, fifteen counts of shoplifting, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, plus so many other computer related crimes they haven’t written laws for them yet. To make matters worse, you weren’t ‘scheduled’ for release for, oh, another eighteen years if not more for the crimes you were convicted of. To make things even more convoluted the Autobots hacked the Minnesota’s Department of Corrections systems to ‘up’ your release date. Why the hell did they even bother with trash like you?”

    Zane wasn’t much of a people reader, but it didn’t take much to tell that this lady was mad at him and the situation. Apparently she was a control freak and was not happy when things did not go her way. She was mad, and Zane admired her build through her tight white and blue EDC outfit. He couldn’t deny the fact she was physically attractive, but her voice and attitude were so excessively annoying that they counter-acted any possibility of any sort of overall attraction to her. She kept going on an on, that Zane started to zone her out and just stare at her with an intent look on his face.

    Her screaming at him snapped him out of it “Haven’t you been listening to a word I’ve been saying Mr. Berger? I just asked you a direct question. Can you explain to me why the Autobots would pick you of all people to help them out?”

    Zane couldn’t think of an answer, but the oversized robot who had just walked into the Autobot sized room could, “Well, Marissa, because Zane here not only can get himself in and out of quite a few places, and he isn’t too shabby around a computer either.” Zane smiled his cocky go-screw-yourself smile to Marissa through his beard-covered lips. He had been in prison for seven years before the Autobots got him out, and now that he was out, counting the current day he had been out for about five weeks now.

    Zane and Jazz had developed a strong, but unique, friendship. They were two different species and often argued with each other but when it came down to it they worked together almost seamlessly. Because of his background, and being thrown into boarding schools, juvenile hall, and other places by his own father he had learned to fight hard and dirty and to do what was necessary to maintain his survival.

    At the age of eighteen he had been trying to straighten himself out and was teaching himself how to build and work with computers on his own. He was doing pretty well until one day someone tried to rob the computer shop he was working at, at gunpoint. That was a mistake the robber and Zane would later both regret. He managed with a small struggle to disarm the guy, and later shoot the robber’s arm severing a nerve leaving the “poor” guy’s arm paralyzed from the shoulder down.

    The robber had attempted to make up some story to make it seem like it was Zane who had done it all and instigated it, but the store’s camera’s had captured the whole scene. Despite the storeowner’s efforts to help the employee he cared for and viewed as a friend the court saw Zane and his juvenile record and threw the book at him. They didn’t care what he was trying to do with his life, but what he had done with it until now. He was a 25-year-old man now, possibly with nothing to look forward too. As easily as the Autobot’s had helped him out of prison, they could “fix” his records and get him back in.

    Zane had been at some of the other Autobot facilities, including the medical one where he got his implants five weeks ago. He was rapidly learning their systems and was enthralled with them. Right now he was working out a puzzle in his mind while Jazz and Marissa continued to argue about him. He wasn’t paying much attention, and was zoned out when Jazz tapped his shoulder. Zane looked up to his friend, who even sitting next to him in the oversized chair, towered over him in robot mode.

    “Zane, you understand why you’re hear, right?”

    “Yeah, Jazz, I think so.”

    “What do you mean ‘you think so,’” Marissa snapped at him.

    “Look, Major, I didn’t expect to see sunlight outside of a barb wire fence until I was a middle-aged balding idiot, so if you don’t mind quit getting in my face. As for why I’m here, yeah I understand what the Autobots need me to do for them. I had some doubts because the last thing I want is to end up getting caught and going back to the hell hole in Minnesota where they don’t know what ‘warm’ means.

    “As for you, I don’t like you and you don’t like me. We’ve got that established so you can quit bitching about it. Now, as I’ve been told, I have work to do and I’d like to get to work. Have a nice day, Your High-ass.”

    Zane stood up out of his seat and was walking out of the room, he could hear Marissa screaming very unpleasant things at him and he just smiled. He looked back for a second to see Jazz using one of his large hands to gently keep her back. He knew he had the power to walk away anytime he wanted, and so did Jazz. Marissa could care less, and would probably prefer if he did leave. Zane continued to walk out of the large room and turn right acting like he knew where he was going. Jazz took a few steps and was already out of the door ahead of him.

    “Whoa, Zane, hold up now! I know you don’t like Major Faireborne, and frankly neither do I, but she is the boss-lady around this particular place where you’ll be working for a while. So now that you’re officially on her bad side it may not hurt to get on her good side or try to avoid her.”

    “I’ll just avoid her.”

    Jazz transformed to his vehicle mode and Zane got in the passenger seat. It was an odd sensation to be riding in the passenger seat of a car that was driving all by it’s self, and then to make it even more bizarre and dreamlike they were in some huge underground labyrinth that apparently was enormous in size. They spoke little, mainly about some of the project details they were working on, while Jazz drove them both through various areas. Jazz was moving fast; it was hard to catch the details on anything. Zane looked over at the speedometer to see where it was at to see the digital readout just pulsating at all zeros. This is the point, where if Jazz were a real Mazda RX-8, he would’ve reached the speed limiter and would’ve automatically been knocked down to a reasonable speed. Zane leaned back over into the passenger seat and fastened his seatbelt. Like it would’ve done much good at the speed he was traveling at.

    “Uh, Jazz, why the rush?”

    “Oh, no particular reason why. Concerned about my speed?”

    “Yeah, you could say that.”

    “Hey, if I went any slower we wouldn’t get there as quickly, would we?”

    Zane knew it was pointless to continue any sort of conversation. He knew Jazz well enough by now to know that when he was being vague, he was trying to hide something. He knew there were certain things, especially considering his background; he wasn’t privileged to know yet. He could care less. The Autobots had not only promised him his freedom, but a job and a new life when this was over.

    After a relatively short forty-minute drive at who-knows what speed, they arrived at their destination. It appeared to be a large Autobot sized door that opened up, upon Jazz’s arrival. Jazz turned and drove into what looked like a regular oversized warehouse. Inside he could see various technicians working on various projects, including what looked like a dark green Jeep Wrangler. Jazz drove up to another door, but this one was human sized.

    “Okay, Zane, time to wake out and step out. Behind door number one here, you’ll find a full service Holiday Inn wannabe, but without any maids or rude people at the front desk trying to convince you they have ‘low, low rates,’ not the low, low, ‘rats’ as their sign outside says. Bye!”

    Zane stepped out as Jazz did a quick snap-180, a move that a stunt driver would’ve been envious of as he sped off from the direction they came. He could hear Jazz’s engine purring effortlessly as he sped off with his engine echoing off of the narrow driveway, hallway, or whatever they drove down to get here. Wherever here was now, Jazz had driven off with his duffel bag full of items he had collected while in prison. For a few seconds he was upset, when he realized the last thing he wanted was to be reminded of the place he had recently been liberated from.

    Zane was left in front of the door, looking for a doorknob, reader or some other direct access control mechanism. He looked back to see the technicians working on the Jeep, arguing over what was wrong, and yelled over to them how to open the door. They looked at Zane with perplexed expressions, then to each other and laughed. Immediately they knew he was “new,” and this must’ve been their own little initiation of sorts. If it was, Zane wasn’t amused.

    “Excuse me, but would someone be kind enough to show me how to open the door before I come over there and find out, in a more ‘intimate’ manner?”

    The response Zane got was one he was not expecting. The Jeep spoke up this time. “Sorry there, Zane, my friends here have a disturbed sense of humor. All you have to do is say ‘open sesame.’ It should recognize your voice.”

    “Uh, thanks, Jeep.”

    “I’m not ‘Jeep,’ that was Popeye’s magic dog! The name’s Hound.”

    “Sorry, Hound. Kind of new here.”

    “No problem, Zane. Go on in and the robots inside will show you to your room.”

    Zane walked up to the door and tried to say “open sesame” quietly, but the door didn’t apparently hear him. He tried a bit louder each time until he practically had to shout it loud enough for the technician’s to hear him and chuckle as he walked through the door.
    Inside, as Jazz mentioned, looked surprising like a Holiday Inn. There was the front counter, standard cramped lobby area and the other amenities such as coffee to help complete the illusion. He walked up to the counter and rang the bell, expecting someone to come out to greet him and help him.

    Instead a voice from a loud speaker, a not too pleasant voice, in a booming baritone told him to go down the hall to his right to the tenth door on his right which would take him to a hallway. From there his room would be the third one on the left. He followed the instructions and went to open the door when he noticed it didn’t have a doorknob or any sort of reader. He tried the “open sesame” trick again, but it didn’t work. He took a step closer to the door and it slid open like those on Star Trek did. Inside was a modest room, sparsely decorated. There was a nice comfortable queen sized bed, and at the foot of it a large forty-two inch flat screen television mounted on the wall with a wireless keyboard and a 3D floating mouse next to it on a long, low contemporary dresser. On each side of the bed was a nightstand and on the one closest to the door was the remote for the television sitting in the docking cradle. The light in the room came from recessed and diffused lighting mounted in the ceiling. There weren’t any lights anywhere else in the room.

    As he walked further in the room, past the door where the bathroom was, he noticed that on the other side of the wall as a kitchen opposite of the bed. It wasn’t a kitchenette type space, but a full kitchen with nice poured concrete counter-tops sealed with a gloss look over the gray counters. The cabinets were a pure white, as were the appliances. Zane was a bit hungry and looked in the refrigerator to see if there was anything to eat. He checked and noticed there was a loaf of bread, some turkey, beef, ham and chicken deli slices along with various cheeses. He noticed there was some beer back there was well, but he didn’t drink. Even through his wild teenage years of drug abuse, he never drank alcohol.

    He found some mayonnaise and made himself a halfway decent ham and cheese sandwich on white bread. He found in the fridge some cans of Pepsi, and grabbed one. He walked over to the remote control and pressed the button next to where it said in the screen “Watch TV.” He sat on the edge of the bed eating his sandwich, watching some Animal Planet special when he realized how tired he was. He finished his sandwich and took off his shoes and climbed into bed. He was asleep within a few minutes.
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    Transformers: Operation Lone Wolf

    Chapter Two

    Zane had a strange dream that night. He had one dream he remembered of a cold, distant mechanical planet with no sun but generated its own heat. On this gold covered planet were large mechanical beings, some with a humanoid shape others very alien looking. It was a peaceful planet, strange, but peaceful.

    Some of the mechanical beings were working on a new building, others were carrying on with vary mundane human tasks. There were sanitation workers cleaning of what looked like pieces of metal, others painting a building in the distance and doing other similar tasks. What caught Zane’s attention were large domed shaped buildings and the roar of incoming jets. He saw from his third person perspective some of the mechanical beings running frantically moving large glowing cubes about, apparently trying to hide them from the incoming jets. Zane looked back over his shoulder to see the jets were not what they sounded to be, but flying mechanical beings!

    They did not share the same appearance as those below him he was observing. They had various weapons mounted in various positions on their bodies. One, who appeared to be the leader, had a menacing grimace on his face and a large cannon on his right arm. They proceeded to land by the group below, and the leader of the fliers was talking with a smaller being before he took a step back and fired with his arm mounted cannon, easily disemboweling the robot in front of him and cutting him in half. Even though he was watching mechanical beings, the site wasn’t any less gruesome then if it was a human. The mechanical being’s blood, or whatever it was, was flowing out forming a dark brown puddle of fluid where his torso and legs were separated.

    The next second Zane was standing next to the dying robot, seeing up close the pain in its eyes as it twitched with nerve-like impulses. The robot looked up to Zane, with a look in his eyes begging for help before they went dark. Zane felt a tear rolling down his cheek for this robot, and a sense of familiarity near the presence of the mechanical being. He wiped the tear away wondering why it was shed. He heard a commotion inside of the building. He snuck up to the vast doorway to stick his head in to listen to what was being said.

    Despite their booming voices, he could not understand what was being said. Yet, it still sounded familiar to him. He tried to understand what was happening, but the tone and inflections of the voices carried enough meaning to get an idea of what was being said. Apparently the big mean robot that flew in wanted what was in the glowing cubes, but the smaller and stubborn robot would not give it to him. So the bigger robot took it by force, shooting this one in the head disintegrating it. The body of the smaller robot stumbled a bit before it collapsed under it’s own weight. The other robots inside ran off, letting the more heavily armed ones take what they wanted and needed. As they transformed, yes transformed, they ran away! Zane thought they were Transformers, but wasn’t certain until he saw them change. The Brutes, as Zane was calling the bigger, meaner, robots transformed as well and carried off the entire large pile of glowing cubes. He caught a good glimpse of the large robot’s face only to be terrified by what he saw. He saw his own clean-shaven face!

    From this, Zane awoke in a cold sweat wondering what he had dreamt about. He looked around the room for a clock, noticing it was now dark in the room, not to find one. He saw the glow from the remote control and picked it up seeing if it would tell the time. It did and said it was now four thirty AM. He felt drained, but didn’t think he could go back to sleep with dreams like that abounding in his head. The prison psychiatrist would’ve had a field day analyzing that dream of his.

    One of the things Zane had learned in prison, through books obtained in the prison library, was yoga. The prison did not allow weight lifting. Yoga helped him clear his mind before the day and help to keep his muscles toned and stretched. Thanks; in a twisted sick way to his drug abuse, he never turned out to be the fat pig his father was. As far as Zane was concerned, he never had a father. At the age of 10 when his mother died his father slapped his butt into a military boarding school. He was small for his age and that didn’t help matters any. It was there he was exposed to cocaine and marijuana and became hooked. His life was a mess, going from school to school, from one juvenile hall to another one until he was 16. He had gotten out of a juvenile hall in Maine, and was working in a computer shop trying to learn computers and get clean with the help of a good friend and sponsor. He learned everything he could, down to the transistor level on how computers worked. He spent days on end reading books, getting little sleep. Zane also prided himself on the hacking and cracking skills he learned on the Internet. He was pretty good, and had even written a few viruses that garnered a CNN headline or two.

    Things were looking up for him until he turned 18. Zane believed, almost naively, that everything bad that could happen had happened to him. He was sadly mistaken. The day the robber walked in, he knew his life was going to be forever changed. Once he committed to save the store and confront the burglar his life was changed. Despite his slim frame, Zane was quite strong. He easily disarmed the robber, and shot him in the arm. The police showed up, and took the robber to the hospital and him to jail.

    In jail, the police had found through a search warrant of the store and his apartment, his laptop and desktop computers that still contained the source code for the viruses he had written. After all was said and done, they had decided to put him away for twenty-five long years, with the possibility of parole on good behavior. He was sent to a federal prison due to his computer crimes, to serve his sentence. All of the jokes of federal prisons being country clubs were lies. His first week there he was raped, only to later turn on the guy who violated him and almost kill him with his bare fists. Zane, although a reserved, quiet, individual had a deep-seated rage within him that could be unleashed at the drop of a hat. He always tried to combat it, but at times it consumed him. Since being freed by the Autobots, being implanted with a radio and a passkey device, and trained for three weeks in military techniques and skills he had not had an explosion of anger.

    Zane had been focusing on his Yoga exercises and his controlled breathing listening to some nature sounds he found on a channel on television. He was in a bent-over position where his head was touching his toes when he heard a doorbell type sound. He slowly got up, looked at the television on the nature sounds channel to see a clock in the upper-right hand corner. It said it was currently seven AM. He got up and walked over in the sweats he had found and was currently wearing with and EDC logo on the shirt, and a blue strip down the right leg to answer the door.

    Outside the door was a young man, Zane would’ve estimated to be about twenty-something outside a good foot shorter then Zane’s six-foot tall frame. “Hi,” proclaimed the young man sticking out his hand proudly. “I’m Corporal Derik Faireborne!” Zane stepped back and pushed a button on the wall to close the door. The last thing he wanted was to be around any Faireborne for an extended period of time. He was leaning against the door when he heard a muffled voice on the other side saying, “hey, if it makes a difference sir no one likes my older sister, Marissa, myself included. I just happened to be stationed here, under her command. Can I please come in?”

    Zane let the stranger in and they talked for a bit. Apparently Zane’s training, along with Derik’s was far from complete. Derik had brought in a large folder for Zane of reading material and an itinerary for the next six weeks. According to the itinerary they would be training together for the entire time. The first three weeks, to start in a couple of days on Sunday would be academic studies in electronics, computers, communications, mechanical repairs, basic Cybertronian technology, and repairing Cybertronian technology. This last one fascinated him. Even during the time he spent with Jazz, Jazz would not let him look at his inner systems, or “under his hood.” Zane understood one of the “conditions” of his release that he was to be trained under the cover of a newly “recruited” EDC technician.

    All EDC technicians, with the exception of Zane, were young military individuals with at least one-year’s hands on experience in a high-tech field. Derik explained to Zane he used to be a sonar technician on a nuclear submarine. Now, he was selected to be one of the elite, an ARRT, or Autobot Repair & Replacement Technician. The ARRT core worked closely with some of the Autobot medics in the regular maintenance and emergency repairs. Zane looked closely at the itinerary again and noticed the last three weeks were not scheduled, or at least did not appear to be. He asked Derik about the oddity and he apparently knew as much as Zane as to why. Soon there was another ring at the door.

    Zane opened the door to see a robot carrying two large packages. He took them away from the humanoid shaped robot, who saluted, then walked off without saying a word. After looking at Derik with a puzzled look he went into the kitchen looking for a utility knife. He came back in a few moments with one and opened the larger of the two boxes. What was inside came as a shock to him.

    It was a uniform, but unlike anything either one of them had seen on any military personnel domestic or foreign. It looked more like a wetsuit then anything, yet such as fabric may, it didn’t make any sort of sound as it was manipulated. Inside of the box were additional items to attach to the suit, including a harness that could carry various pieces of equipment. It felt and looked like it was made from the same material. While they stood looking over the suit and the items, Derik’s watch rang. It didn’t beep; it rang like a cell phone. Zane wasn’t familiar with all of the technology around, but it appeared Derik had a similar implant because he reached behind his ear for the same activation spot. He wondered why, but didn’t say anything about it, why Derik had a signal watch. Zane’s radio implants were subcutaneous, but were short range. Derik said he had to go, but he’d come back by later before Sunday. Zane didn’t have anywhere he could go, or anyway that he knew of to get out of this place, wherever it was.

    Zane looked towards the smaller yet heavier of the two boxes to see what was inside. He opened it, and was very surprised to find some sort of helmet, along with other strange looking pieces of equipment. At the bottom of the case was a small black case with a single metal plate on the front for the lock with two lights underneath it. Following a whim he placed his right thumb on it, and the case popped open. He was very surprised to see what was inside. It looked like a heavily modified 9MM type pistol. In his initial EDC training he had some firearms training, but didn’t care for guns. He made sure it wasn’t chambered, and checked the clip to notice it didn’t have any standard ammo. The clip looked like some sort of battery pack. Upon closer examination he realized the gun, or laser pistol, or whatever it was, was carefully designed to look like a regular 9MM with imitation cocking mechanisms to simulate the real deal. Zane carefully and respectfully put the gun back in its case and put the gun case along with the rest of the gear in the closet near the kitchen.

    Zane noticed that there was something odd about the back of the closet. It almost comically appeared to be a hidden door of some sort. After a quick inspection he found what looked like a carefully hidden latch that popped open the door. He went back to the larger box where he recalled seeing a small flashlight. He aimed it at the wall opposite from him and turned it on. In the flashlight’s small package was a bright enough light bulb to almost light up an entire room. Just to be safe he grabbed the pistol too, and made sure it was “loaded” or fully charged. Zane proceeded carefully down the narrow hallway, assuming a tactical position with the light and pistol and moved carefully down the hallway, pistol at the ready.

    At the end of a long, narrow, hallway was another door with no apparent mechanism. He, foolishly, tried the “open sesame” trick. He took a step closer and like the door to his room it slid open. Inside was a medium sized room, with two people in it. Well, one person and one Autobot. The large Autobot, with what looked like pieces of a Dodge Ram sticking off of him, spoke first. “Hello, Zane, I’m Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. This gentleman here is the human commander of EDC, General Faireborne.”
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    Transformers: Operation Lone Wolf

    Chapter Three

    Zane had taken the seat offered to him by General Faireborne. They had briefed him as to the main reason he was brought in. He was to break into various organizations both physically and remotely to steal data and various items. Also he was to install various tracking and recording programs on their computers. The Autobots were not trying to be deceptive, but some of the organizations Optimus Prime wanted surveillance on may be trying to countermine the Binaltech program that his current frame, along with the other Autobot’s had been built through and with. General Faireborne shared some of the same concerns.

    Another one of Zane’s new tasks, as recently discovered and believed, was to see if there was a traitor amongst them. General Faireborne didn’t want to think anyone would do anything to countermine the safety of the entire planet that the EDC, or Earth Defense Command was responsible for. Optimus Prime didn’t want to believe it either, but some recent Decepticons had apparently shown up with newly rebuilt Binaltech frames despite extremely tight security at all of the facilities. The suit that had been brought to him, as well as the General’s son, Derik, were all part of the cover they had developed within the EDC to help hide Zane’s background and real purpose there. Only a select few knew the truth. The suit was to be worn on infiltration missions, as well as some of the equipment provided.

    Optimus Prime explained in more detail as to why they chose Zane, instead of someone with a more desirable background such as from the military. The five counts of grand theft auto Zane had against him were for some high profile cars he had stolen while he was a teenager. They were cars some believed to be impossible to steal, such as various Porsche models, Ferraris, and one extremely rare Bugatti that Zane would admit was a blast to drive before he “unfortunately” totaled it. The other criminal acts he committed were also aimed at some of the same companies the Autobots wanted him to infiltrate, such as Simultech. At 13 Zane had written a crude but basic program before he knew a lot about computers that he thought Simultech had stolen from him. So, he wrote a virus and put it on their systems. At 16, while he was out for a work release program for two years, he learned even more about computers. His natural, almost instinctive skills brought Zane to the attention of not only the Autobots but the United States Government as well. Seeking a way to get him out, with the EDC’s government contacts and the assistance of some of the Autobot computer specialists helped to get Zane out early.

    General Faireborne had taken Zane’s pistol to show him something about it. “Zane, this pistol is a weapon developed by the EDC with the Autobot’s assistance and their technology. It is a multi-phased energy projection weapon that is practically useless against organic systems, such as humans. At high power levels it can incapacitate someone, but it is more useful against Transformer technology. We’ve tested it on a captured Decepticon and it worked quite well. Use it carefully and responsibly,” with this the General handed Zane his weapon back and Zane put the safety on and holstered it in his waist. Optimus Prime asked Zane to come with him so he could show him something.

    Optimus Prime transformed into a Dodge Ram SRT-10, and General Faireborne got into the driver’s seat. Zane stepped in the passenger side as they drove off through a similar corridor like he went down with Jazz. There were several turns and Zane started to realize the scope and the size that the complex must be. It was expansive, and most likely underground. It must’ve covered many square miles. Optimus Prime asked his passengers to step out as they approached a large door. There were two separate palm readers on the right of the door. One was at Autobot level, the other human. Optimus Prime had his hand read first, then General Faireborne. Apparently access to this room required high-level access. Both went through an optical scanner next.

    Once the requisite security measures had been passed the trio entered the vast room. Inside was a scene beyond description. There were Autobots in there, being kept alive by various wires and hoses plugged into them as their bodies slowly oxidized. The room was freezing, but Zane was used to the cold after spending seven years in a Minnesota prison. He looked over towards the older General Faireborne who was shivering a bit. “You okay, sir,” Zane asked the General with a look of concern on his face. “Yeah, Zane, I’m fine. Just not as young as I used to be.” They proceeded into the room, going deeper into it, letting Zane see the Autobots. Some were more heavily affected then others. After several minutes of uncomfortable silence Optimus Prime spoke, his voice wavering a bit, “Zane, these are my friends, my fellow Autobots who are infected with a Decepticon engineered plague. It is a biomechanical microphage that oxidizes, rusts, our Cybertronian based metals and some alloys. We tried a cure for the disease, Cosmic Rust, when we first encountered it many years ago called Corrostop, developed by one of our fellow scientists. It failed. Thanks to the EDC’s help, Zane, some of the Autobot’s have been rebuilt using the new human developed Binaltech process.

    “Sadly, despite the graciousness and generosity of many automotive manufacturers and sympathetic companies the Binaltech process is an expensive and time consuming process. Some companies that initially showed a strong willingness to help have later turned around to not complete their agreement. In one instance, one company agreed to assist us with rebuilding one of our warrior’s, only if he wasn’t equipped with a regular weapon. We agreed only to secretly develop a weapon for him that they don’t know about.”

    Optimus Prime was proud of his Autobot warriors and friends, like a father would be of his sons. It brought him great pain to see his friends in their current state. He held his head up and spoke with a new refreshed strength to his voice. “Those who were initially saved by the Binaltech process were those who would serve a humanitarian role first and foremost. I know you’ve met Jazz, and I’ve heard you had a brief encounter with Hound. Please follow me and I’ll take you to meet the other Autobots who have been saved so far.”

    Prime transformed back to his sleek truck mode as General Faireborne and Zane got back in. As Prime drove off, the General reached over and cranked up the heater rubbing his hands together. He looked over to Zane and smiled as Prime led them back down a different set of corridors, occasionally passing an EDC vehicle. They drove into a large Autobot sized room where two large Autobots greeted Optimus Prime. One appeared to be welding a part or piece on another one who was sitting on the edge of a large operating type “table.” General Faireborne, who was quite warm, now thanks to Optimus Prime’s heater got out, as did the almost baked Zane. “Zane, I’d like you to meet one of your Autobot contacts, Wheeljack. The red guy here, getting fixed, as usual, is Windcharger. He is the one I mentioned to you we had to build the gun for.”

    Zane looked up to Wheeljack who appeared to be reattaching a panel to Windcharger. Wheeljack knew of Zane’s technical background. Introductions were shared when Hound came driving in, making a sputtering, and grinding type noise. “Hey, Wheeljack, could you help me out here? The EDC idiots ‘trying’ to help me can’t seem to fix the problem with my drive train.” He transformed and looked over to see Optimus Prime and General Faireborne giving him very displeasing looks. “Uh, sorry, sirs, I did not mean any disrespect by that. They’ve been trying to fix the problem for a week and it keeps coming back.”

    “Sorry, Hound, but I need to finish with Windcharger here before I can get to you.”

    Zane spoke up. “Hey, Hound, if you’re willing maybe I can try to help. I’m pretty good with computers and not too shabby with automotive repairs.” Hound hedged and didn’t want to commit, but based on the looks he was getting from the General and Optimus Prime he finally agreed to give Zane a chance. Wheeljack stepped away from Windcharger for a couple of minutes to give Zane a human sized Autobot repair kit. Most of the tools looked very familiar, others were very alien yet felt familiar in his hands.

    “Hound, when Zane is done with you, could you show Zane around a bit more before he has to report in for duty on Sunday?” This wasn’t the regular cordial request from Optimus Prime, but General Faireborne. When the Old Flint, as he friends called him as his nickname, asked you to do something like that you did not say no to him. Hound didn’t either.

    Optimus and General Faireborne left Wheeljack and Zane behind to tend to their repairs. Zane took an initial cursory look in Hound’s engine bay and on his undercarriage. Being a Jeep, with some lift, Zane could inch under Hound to see things there. Zane couldn’t explain it, but he reached for a tool feeling like he was working from memory. He undid some bolts, removed a medium sized part and set it aside. He proceeded to disassemble it and reach for some gears inside. There was a very small gear, about three sixteenths of an inch in diameter that Zane reached for immediately. It appeared stripped and like a round wheel. Zane got up, placed the gear in his palm feeling it over examining it like a child would a new toy.

    He stood up and with the part in his pants pocket immediately proceeded for a cabinet at his level. He opened it, reading the labels until he found the right sized gears. From there, within a few moments he found what he felt to be the right part. He returned to the removed assembly replacing the worn gear. He proceeded to reinstall it, only to sense, like a weird sixth sense, that there was another problem closer to the engine bay. Zane surprised himself when he noticed there was. There appeared to be a crack on the bottom of Hound’s engine.

    “Hey, Wheeljack, could you come here for a minute. I think you need to find something I found on Hound”

    Hound replied with a concerned voice, “Zane, what did you find?”

    “Don’t know yet, I’d like Wheeljack to see something, first.”

    Wheeljack finished with Windcharger as they both came over. Windcharger helped to prop up Hound carefully in vehicle mode as Wheeljack helped Zane point out what he found.

    ”Here, look at this crack on this part. This isn’t normal and should’ve been noticed, Wheeljack.”

    “Yeah, it should’ve. Blasted amateur EDC technicians! I miss the good old days with Sparkplug. He knew his away around Autobot technology. Some of the guys around here could care less, its ‘just another paycheck.’”

    Wheeljack was very upset with the find, and surprised both Hound and Windcharger with his display of anger.

    “Well, Wheeljack, if you can get me the tools I know I can fix Hound.”

    “What? Why should I believe you? You aren’t even an officially trained EDC technician, just some messed up computer nerd.”

    This comment upset Zane a bit, and he snapped back.

    “Listen you ungrateful box of bolts! I can’t tell you why, but I know I can fix Hound. Unless you want one of those ‘amateurs’ near him again I strongly suggest you give me a shot.”

    Wheeljack relented and mumbled something under his breath as he walked off down some hall to tend to something else he was working on. Without saying a word, Windcharger gently placed Hound back down, transformed into a sleek convertible Honda S2000 and sped off.

    “What’s wrong with those two, Hound?”

    “Zane, there are only five of us Autobots operational under the Binaltech project.”

    “Five, why so few?”

    “It takes time to build one of us a new frame. There are more Autobot’s being rebuilt, it is just taking time.”

    Zane went back to repairing Hound, and with Hound’s help, found some additional necessary tools such as a welding helmet and welding/cutting torch. He worked for hours on end, occasionally exchanging a few words with Hound as he worked on him. Zane like Hound, he was a generally a reserved individual who was polite and had a pleasant sense of humor. Zane didn’t know how long he worked with Hound, but it seemed like hours on end. He pushed himself through exhaustion, hunger, and even thirst a bit despite a water fountain nearby in place for humans. After what seemed like hours, upon hours on end he felt confident he was finished. Zane was covered from head to toe in dirt and oil, and his pants were a bit singed from the welding work he had done.

    “Okay, Hound, I think I’m done. Could you transform for me?”

    Hound did as Zane requested and stood up, and with a loud snap from his waist. Hound was about to say something derogatory when he twisted a bit.

    “Hey, hey! Thanks, Zane, you’ve fixed a problem with one of my waist bearings that the EDC guys never paid any attention too! Wow, I haven’t felt this good in a long time. You did a marvelous job kid.”

    Zane was exhausted and Hound could tell. “Hey, Hound, what time is it?”

    “It is currently seven AM, Saturday morning.”

    “Do you know when I started by any chance?”

    “Of course I do! All Autobots have an atomic built into us that are accurate to one-millionth of a second. You started at 1400, or two o’clock PM on Friday. Hey, when was the last time you had anything to eat, Zane?”

    “Too long ago.”

    “Well, then, lets get you some right quick then get you to your quarters so you can get cleaned up and some rest.”

    Before leaving Hound helped Zane clean up a bit. After the chore was done, Hound transformed and drove Zane to what looked like a large Autobot sized commissary. The cafeteria portion was closed, but there were some fruits, muffins, and other items outside. Zane had himself a couple of bananas, an apple oatmeal muffin, and a small bottle of orange juice. Hound proceeded to explain that due to the remote nature of the facility that all services were provided free of charge to the human staff. Zane sat down with Hound pulling up an Autobot sized chair nearby. Some of the early morning workers looked at the mess called Zane as he tiredly masticated his food. Hound kept him talking between bites to help keep Zane awake. One the ride back to his room, Zane dozed off a bit despite Hound’s attempt with polite conversation to keep him awake.

    Once in the main entrance area to his room, Hound had to radio one of the humanoid human sized robots from inside to help Zane to his room. Once in his room, Zane took a long hot shower and cleaned the dirt and grime off of him as best as he could before climbing naked into bed and falling fast asleep.

    He was too exhausted to remember any of his dreams, and he slept for about seven hours, or until two PM. Someone woke him up, and it wasn’t from a phone, door or anything immediately familiar. He heard a familiar beeping in his right ear and knew it must’ve been an Autobot nearby calling him. He pushed the activation membrane behind his ear and replied with a sleepy “Yeah?”

    “Hey, Zane, wake up! Time to get moving so you can sleep tonight. Hustle, hustle, hustle! Slap some clothes on and get on out here!” By now he new most of the Autobot’s voices he had been introduced too, and knew it was Hound. “Alright, I’ll be out there in a few minutes!” Zane tried to get just five more minutes of sleep, but it was useless. Hound was persistent and through his coaxing finally got Zane moving about. Zane cleaned his face a bit in the bathroom, washing the sleep out of his eyes. He had put the gear that arrived the boxes earlier in the closet, noticing the door he had opened had been closed. In the low-slung dresser he found some clean underwear, socks, and an EDC embroidered sweatshirt and matching pants. He put the clothes on and found his boots nearby. He needed a new pair, and hoped a new pair would arrive shortly as did his regular uniforms. His radio started to ring when he responded to Hound again who was making sure Zane indeed was moving and not back to sleep.

    He stepped out eventually, in about fifteen minutes and got in the driver’s seat. “Come on, Zane, we’ve got some errands to do!” Hound definitely was in a good mood, must’ve been the work he’d done on him Zane thought. Hound pulled up to the main doorway, and instead of taking a right as every time before, Hound took a left. “Where we heading, Hound?”

    “Oh, to the tailor so you can get your clothes you’ll be wearing for the next few days and wear to take them to wash them, the shoe shop to get you fitted for some boots and to the barber to get you cleaned up.”

    “What’s wrong with my beard?”

    “So that is what you call that matted mess of hair on your face.”

    “Ouch, Hound, point taken.”

    Hound drove Zane to the “shopping center,” or the centralized area where the self and full service centers and kiosk were. Hound explained it was about two blocks away from his quarters, and provided a place where he could get more food, clothing, and other essentials taken care of. Everywhere they went, Zane noticed who ever designed this place had taken great effort to build it to Autobot sized beings. Occasionally Hound would notice someone he knew, and would introduce them to Zane. Hound explained he had just come off an assignment and didn’t have time to cleanup before arriving. Zane didn’t question the cover story Hound had for him and just surmised that Hound was part of his cover for his assignment and stay here with EDC.

    Hound helped Zane carry some of the boxes and that containing his new clothes, boots (which took an hour or so to get them fitted properly), some extra food from the grocery center, some of which Hound examined and puzzled over. He looked with intent curiosity at the canister of shaving cream Zane had picked up and placed in his cart he was pushing down the oversized aisles. “Hey, from what I can of this product, Zane, it doesn’t look like you use it very often!” Hound was alluding to the fact they hadn’t gotten to the barbershop yet. “Zane, I’m sorry if I may’ve offended you earlier when I didn’t feel comfortable with you working on me. After losing some friends, and recent anti-Transformers protests and rallies I’m not as trusting of most humans as I used to be.”

    “No problem Hound, I know how you feel.” They continued Zane’s shopping, and Hound stepped aside as they “inventoried” or checked out his groceries to keep track of what and how much he would’ve figuratively spent. Chalk it up to the United States government to try to pinch every last penny. The next and final place they walked too was the barbershop. It was comical that this place, with such a human function, was still Autobot-sized. Hound sat in a one of the large chairs, trying to read a Sports Illustrated magazine with his large hands without much success. Zane sat down in the chair as they draped their cloth over him and trimmed his hair and beard, giving him the standard military style crew cut that all of the men were wearing. Zane remembered wearing them in his military boarding schools, and never liked them now and didn’t care for it now. Once his beard was gone he’d been growing for two years, he saw the face he had been trying to hide. He now looked like a slim, clean cut and presentable version of his father. A man Zane hated, and never wanted to have anything to do with.

    The barber brushed Zane off and said he was finished. He got up and proceeded to walk out right past Hound so he couldn’t see him without his beard. Trying to sneak past Hound though appeared to be a pointless task. He could sense the slightest changes around him and knew Zane was done without having to look up from the same magazine he was fumbling with earlier. “Let me see what you look like cleaned up, Zane. Hey, not too bad. Now, let’s go get you some food from the commissary. I hear they make a fantastic Chicken Marseille.” Zane was actually feeling a bit hungry. Hound transformed and Zane placed the bags and boxes full of supplies, clothing and other acquisitions from the various stores in his backseat. Once loaded, Zane hopped in the driver’s seat as they first stopped by his room. Hound had radioed ahead for a couple of robots to help Zane with unloading. Within a few minutes time, with the assistance, everything had been brought in and put away.

    Once that was done, Zane rode with Hound back to the commissary where it was now six PM and dinner was starting to be served. Zane had the Chicken Marseille, with a vegetable medley and a dinner roll per Hound’s recommendations and was pleasantly surprised on how delicious the food was. Hound explained that despite being underground a large percentage of their time at this facility, the EDC did everything they could to make the place as much like home, including hiring quality chefs. Hound explained he had tasted some of the food himself. “What, I thought Autobots, being machines, didn’t eat?”

    “Oh, we don’t. I’ve been equipped with different sensors and equipment that enhance some of my sensory equipment to be more attuned to that of a human’s. I may not be able to digest it, but I’ve learned to discern different flavors and ingredients and I’ve developed quite a taste for some human foods.” Zane could only imagine what it would’ve looked like to see an Autobot sized serving of food similar to the half eaten plate he had before him. By the time he finished his food, and a short drive around the place learning its layout and where he had to be tomorrow morning by 0600, or six AM it was 7PM. Zane could feel the sleep catching up to him, and Hound knew it too. Hound bade Zane a good night as he went to his room. He took another quick shower, put on a clean set of EDC labeled pajamas and climbed into bed. For some reason he had a strange feeling he’d have another one of those bizarre transformer dreams.
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    I'm still working on this, going back and fixing errors and typos in previous chapters. I'm trying my best to try to write some sort of "background" story to the Binaltech project. The characters are out of order versus their release, but I felt they fit the continuity better to come out in a specific order.