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    August 9, 2005

    Breaking news: Autobot City on Earth under attack!

    As of 13:37 hours, Central Standard Time, Autobot City and the Ark have come under direct assault by unknown number of divisions of Decpticon forces.

    Reports are sketchy at this point, as communications from and to the city have been jammed by invading Decepticon forces, but initial indications are that the attack is being personally commanded by Decepticon Supreme Commander Megatron and seconded by the commander of the Elite Seeker Squadron Starscream.

    An emergency recall has been issued to Autobot forces stationed over the planet and on the Luna Moon Base. The Luna Moon Base reports that Optimus Prime, Commander of the Autobot forces, has been made aware of the situation from the Autobot outposts on Cybertron's moons and is on his way with reinforcements. It is unknown at this time how the Decepticons were able to bypass the complex sensor network and security checkpoints of the Luna Moon Base, which was founded as a dual Terran-Autobot outpost protecting against such incursions in 1997.

    Several wings of Veritech Jetfire JVF-1 fighters (based on the design of the Autobot scientist Skyfire, deac.) and divisions of various ground based vertiech mobile assualt vehicles from Blackrock Joint Military Base (formally ANGB Portland) in Portland, Oregon have been dispatched and are proceeding enroute to the battlefront. It is known that the Airialbot Commander, Silverbolt and his team of Airialbots, who had been providing training to the joint Army and Airforce units at JMB Blackrock in effective counter Decepticon combat, will be commanding the JVF-1 fighter squadrons against, what has been to date, the superior air power of the Decepticons. Two divisions of veritech mobile assault vehicles have also been sent to provide support for skeleton crew of the Autobot's secondary base, The Ark, and its titanic guardian, Omega Supreme.

    President Bush has placed military bases across the country have on highest alert. Several foreign countries have pledged whatever military aid neccessary to route the Decepticons, fearing another Transformer war that collectively resulted in nearly 10,000,000 lives lost from 1984 to 1995.

    More news at it develops.


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