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  1. † Sunstorm

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    May 23, 2006
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    i hated the music, it aint good enough, seriusly hire Hans zimmer, hes a constant legend, it was decent and not adrenaline kicking and the same goes for the action scenes, sure it was action but (again) good enough, i must say im a bit dissapointet, it was the two best movie makers in the world and they got the best ideals to use but only used the B team instead for the A team (lol) and this is the best they could come up with? the voices on the autobots where good, almost G1! but the cons one sucked, no TF feeling at all, it was boring watching it twice compared to pirates, OYEAH btw, its obvios bay is mirroring after pirates by making this movie so darn "funny" cause everyone loves pirates of that reason but TF didnt turn out that funny, in fact it was more silly and unserius than funny.

    and the armor/strenght/firepower where low, megatron for example wherent just a transtech ugly looking monster but a weakling as well, hes armor where weak and hes strenght wasnt impressive, stevens war of the worlds where impressive, this wasnt, bay made them weak, it may be me that have grown up with the comics to much but isnt that what TRANSFORMERS really are?! extremely mighty big robots so powerful that only autobots and autobots ALONE had the firepower enough to stand against the decepticon might?! almost all the cons where killed and the humans clearly didnt need any autobot help this time, the coolest part of the music showed up only when the famous shiny artellery of the americans showed up, its just like a typical "god bless america, nothing will stand in our way, not even aliens!", it was a damn independence day movie, just that this time the humans alien technology had a brain! (and the bad guys where alot weaker and the story FAAAAR away epic!)

    what annoyed me the most was that marine that killed blackout! yeah thats right, a puny human against a hitech monsterbot with technology and armour millions of years beyond our techlevel where taken down by a simple grenade in the "balls" cause it seems that was their weak spot as well! and that they gave frenzy a tom and jerry voice was depressing, ive given TF more respect than bay all my life, heck, the two best movie makers in the world with shitloads of money just HAD to hire the B team instead of the A team and they was there for the taking and they all togheter couldnt make anything better than this, im really dissapointed mr Bay, for over four years with intense waiting and fantasying about awsome and possible battles ye couldnt do anything better than this! im a TF fan, not a bay fan so this movie dosnt purly counts as long it was noobs who never made any TF story before that made this movie, they could hire simon furman in my point of view, that would turn intresting and that would make it officially TF, all in all: i liked pirates better.

    i hope ye guys will like it better than i did and wont feel the terrible feeling after the show that i recieved :( 

    oyeah, almost forgot, SPOILERS! wait after the credits, it contains clips that guides you into a hope for a sequal and there where never any real review of cybertron! the start starts with the cube floating in space and a quick talk of prime himself, thats all, and when prime show us a piece of "cybertron" it is NOTHING like that website where you see that impressive techno-organic planet (that dissapointed me) and ye will see a nokia transform into a funny little thing that got a minigun placed on a unspkeable place (i admit that scene where a bit fun(not the placed part))

    have a GREAT time at the cinema guys :D 
  2. Blackarachnia

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    Sep 20, 2002
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    I'm a very happy spider! I still can't believe it finally happened!

    I really bonded with Bumblebee -I felt really sad when they were torturing him :(  I never felt that way about the G1 version!

    Not happy with:
    The special glasses not fitting to scale, also I had an obnoxious drunk that sat too near and some younger males behind me that made crap comments

    I plan to see the movie at least once a week until it is yanked from the cinema. I hope the when released to DVD, it is unrated. I was happy to see the film wasn't geared towards 7yr olds.

    I went in there expecting no more than eye candy and came out an extremely happy spider :D 
  3. Blackarachnia

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    Sep 20, 2002
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    I wish mine was that empty. I was truly surprised, I know Vegas is a big city, and every cinema was playing it at 8pm -where did all these people come from??? I saw the first trailer that mentioned the monday showing during Fox's Family Guy the night before. How did so many non vetrans know??? (non vetrans because you can tell by their comments)

    I would had prefered less people, with less lame comments to hear.
  4. Valkysas

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    Sep 1, 2003
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    The abundance of humans was a good thing to me. made the TFs stand out more, made every scene with them in it special. the last thing I ever wanted was to see the TFs turn out plain or boring in this movie.

    I HATED that prime and megatron's final battle happened mostly off-screen. What the hell? even the "one shall stand, one shall fall" line happened off-screen.

    the battles were hard to follow with the camera moving around so much, but what could they do about that? having a stationary camera would have made the battles look very, very strange.

    Every transformer had a close-up but jazz. Jazz got barely any characterization. Its very obvious they were setting him up to die (the black guy always dies first, it seems). I assume they didnt want kids liking his character a lot and then freaking out because he dies. Having him die showed just how menacing Megatron is though, which was great. he tore him in half without a problem. a Megatron that doesnt kill anyone would be awfully boring. Just glad that Prime finally survived a TF movie.

    despite not talking much, the decepticon's personalities came across great in the action. starscream's assault on the F-22s was great, especially how he had everyone convinced he was air force until he came in to attack. and true to character, he ran away in the end.

    Brawl/Devastator just standing in one spot shooting everything in sight was neat too. dude didnt care that he was being shredded up by ironhide and ratchet's fire, he just wanted them dead.

    Bonecrusher going out of his way to destroy random cars/bus on the highway did a damn good job of expressing his "I HATE EVERYTHING" personality.

    Barricade toying with Sam and loving every second of it. loved it.

    Blackout annoyed me. yes, he's menacing as hell, expecially in the entire intro scene leading up to his transformation, but the only thing made clear was that he's completely loyal to Megatron. We don't know anything else about him. No personality at all expressed through his actions. maybe that's just a hold-over from him being Soundwave, who rarely spoke or showed any real personality in any of the series he's popped up in.

    Scorponok, well, I didnt like him one bit. Whats with the warnings on him that are on the toy too? "no step" "danger" wtf? he didnt scan anything on earth (because he's a scorpion) so why does he have english on him? he existed only to add some more menace to the decepticons, and get the military aware of what they were fighting. he was wasted.

    I really hope they fix the subtitle error with Brawl/Devastator during the theater run. Jazz calls him Brawl out loud. Michael Bay is furious that this error happened, Brawl had the name "Devastator" dropped almost a year ago. It'll be fixed for the DVD though. this screws up so much. if the constructicons do show up in the sequel as the writers want them to, and they combine into devastator, a lot of people are going to be confused.

    Was the movie perfect? god no. it has problems. Maggie (aussie computer person who I dont think is actually named in the movie) serves no purpose. Anthony Anderson's character serves no purpose. he's brought in to do something that he never gets the chance to do. He exists only to be a hungry black man who sends a message on a computer. he and maggie could have been cut out completely, and the movie would have been so much better for it. They actually cut out 20 minutes of content for the movie because the studio said it was too long, and this crap stays in? BAH.

    But it's still FAR better than the first movie (which honestly isnt that hard, it fell apart after they leave earth), better than anything the G1 TV show had to offer, crushes RID and Armada/Energon/Cybertron. For the first time ever, TFs were treated with a true sense of wonder. I got excited whenever they were on screen. They were used just enough to make them really special. Michael Bay and his team did something for transformers that has needed to be done for 23 years. in the past, the TFs were just "there". There was no excitement to see them because they never went away. The "Robots in Disguise" aspect went to waste prior to this.

    Michael Bay and Spielberg are the saviors of Transformers as far as I'm concerned.

    Oh, Shia rocks. I know a lot of people hate him, but he's perfect in this.

    Megan Fox is terrible though. Movie would have been better without her. she can't act for shit.

    overall, it wasnt perfect, but its the blows the first movie away and makes traditional transformers and the traditional way of telling TF stories look kind of lame.

    Seeing it again tomorrow.
  5. clownfeet

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    May 25, 2006
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    From my blog:

    It's been four years since it was first announced that Transformers would be made into a live-action theatrical film. I've followed the online banter among the fanbase about story details, characters, voices, visual designs, and drinking habits of these Robots in Disguise. I've even tossed in my two cents now and again.

    Last night, I sat with my wife and two stepdaughters (the girls were just a eager to see the movie as I was, I swear!) and saw the result of so much sweat, anguish, and 147 million dollars.

    It was.... loud.

    To be honest, all the anticipation probably built my hopes and expectations a little too high. The film has some great visual effects. Michael Bay was smart to keep the effects practical whenever possible, relying on computer animation only to do what couldn't be done in real life. Ten years from now, I'll probably see all the seams in the effects. But for now, it looks great.

    Still, this is a Bay film. The Allspark, the characters, even the gimmick of shapeshifting extraterrestrials are still just an excuse to blow stuff up.

    One of the points the fans have been most insistent about, is that they love Transformers because of the characters (I would argue that it's the ensemble among the characters that we loved most). Bumblebee is pretty successful as a character, which is more or less by design. He gets a generous amount of screen time, and the audience has the chance to build empathy for him.

    The other characters are less successful. Optimus is Optimus because he orates a lot; it honestly wouldn't matter if it were Cullen providing his voice or someone else. Jazz is Jazz because he has a couple of lines that make him sound like a "brutha" (and he breakdances while he transforms -- that's actually pretty cool.) Ironhide has big guns and is a bit too eager to use them, so that makes him Ironhide. Ratchet is Ratchet because... Optimus tells us he is.

    The Decepticons are even less developed. The enmity between Megatron and Starscream is expressed in a single line, "Again you have failed me." That's it. Blackout is big and menacing, and Frenzy is hyperkinetic. But those are attributes, not character traits. And the other Decepticons... again, it wouldn't matter who voiced them.

    As I said, the story is pretty much an excuse for Bay to blow stuff up. Some story points just don't make sense, like when Optimus is ready to jump in and save the day when he's supposed to, but is conveniently off screen and out of the action when something else is supposed to happen. Then there's the ending, when Shia's character does something that he would have no idea will work, and is completely the opposite of what Optimus is telling him to do, and brings everything to an abrupt halt. Time to stop blowing stuff up now, the movie's over.

    So, is the film any good? S'okay. Is it worth seeing? Sure. Was it worth paying for opening night instead of waiting for a matinee or a dollar house? Yes. And I'll probably get the DVD too, if my stepkids don't get it for me first. But I have a feeling that I'm going to get more emotional satisfaction when I see Ratatouille.

    A lot of fans have insisted that the new Transformers film is wrecking their childhood. Many Star Wars fans had the same complaint when Lucas made Episodes I, II, and III. Maybe it's time we stop putting our myths in other people's hands and start creating our own.
  6. jazzmasta32

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    Jun 24, 2007
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    "sam's happy time" lol
    anyway, i liked the movie and it deserved 4/5 to me. there were lots of plotholes and things that could have gone better, also had some rushed and slow areas but overall it was great! thank you Michael Bay!
  7. KA

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    Jul 23, 2003
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    it didnt suck.

    the movie rolled really nicely up til the ending, even the boring expository bits in the middle were okay-ish, but then the ending, in spite of the visual feast that it was, lost momentum midway, and really brought down the movie a notch, for me at least.

    anyways, the review proper:

    the 1st act of the movie was actually really good, hitting all the right notes. by the end of it, you cared for humans and wanna know more abt the robots.

    btw frenzy is crazy frog. just so you know.

    anyways, going into the 2nd act, my fave part was barricade/bumbles chase scene: despite already having seen blackout and frenzy in action, watching barricade fluidly transforming into car mode in hot pursuit did it really dawned on me - OH SHIT THIS IS A TRANSFORMERS MOVIE.

    the rest of the movie went along great. people were in actual awe when the autobots were 1st introduced. my brother was like 'zomg dude im gonna cry'. the VA was great, even when the characters were hokey. there was actual drama. you really felt for the connection between bumble and sam during the intense scenes. when the big scenes started to happen - with primes and bonecrushers fight on the highway, youll be like, oh it is on now.

    but then you get to the prime and megs supposedly climactic battle scene. i think bay basically lost me somewhere around where the jet fighters began their attack on megsy. you get this big buildup and the action flows non stop but for some reason i didnt get the payoff i was expecting. i think its prolly due to the editing, where they had to balance scenes of bumble n mikaela/duhamel and soldier dudes fighting/prime, megs and sam - i just thought they feel disjointed and couldve flowed better.

    still, us fans had lotsa fun, whoopin and hollerin along the way, ooing and aahing at the effects and being OH SHIT GUYS THE AUTOBOTS THEY BE ROLLING. so overall, it was okay really.

    like i said, it didnt suck.
  8. Soundwave27_old

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    Jun 30, 2007
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    The movie was amazing!!

    The beginning of the movie was ******ed and I had chills while watching it. I'm glad they had Peter Cullen back on for Optimus because he was excellent. The rest of the autobots were amazing as well (voices / personalities) As I said before they did need some more Decepticon dialog but it was still ok. The few voice you did hear were great (i.e Megatron, Starscream, Barricade) and there was a little bit of hostility between Megatron and Starscream as you can imagine. I'm sure there will be more in the 2nd film (which was set up nicely)

    The battle sequences were fantastic and I thought they picked the perfect guy to play Sam (Shia Lebouf) and after all that there was a great sense of comedy in it too. I heard in the 2nd theatre there were only like 10 people or so who really got the inside quote's and were hootin and hollering while everyone in theatre 10 were clapping and loosing there minds hahah , so to top it all off it was a great night last and my buddy actually wore our Optimus Prime helemts to the movie haha (by the way they actually have the Peter Cullen voice and not that shitty copy cat voice.....we did get them at Wal-mart, they are in the same packaging, you just have to try the voice to see for anyone interested.

    Anyone who was maybe thinking about seeing it, def will not be dissappointed.
  9. mrkillerrabbit

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    Jul 3, 2007
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    Good Movie

    1st half...A+

    2nd Half....C

    Total= B-

    I think it became cliche some of
    what Optimus said.

    I loved the chases between BumbleBee & the Mustang

    I loved the Mustang Decepticon the Best for the bad guys
    and Bumble Bee for the Autobots.

    I think there was too much dialogue with the robots.

    I do think they were trying to personify them, but
    just over did it a bit for me.

    I did enjoy them, but the whole war scene in the city and
    the Dam head quarters wasn't impressive.

    Too abstract and too fast you couldn't see half the shite that was happening.

    Frenzy was dope.
    All that shite was great. Once the Big Hellraizer Energon cube shrunk down it
    was going downhill for me a little.

    I think slow motion would have help out a little more some other parts.

    They did do it alot, but too much stuff was happening all over the place.

    No place to stop and regroup.

    This is all the second half comments.

    The end with all the robots hanging out while they were making out on the
    car was also like a little cheesey.

    There wasn't any character development between the bad guys.

    THey all seemed to be kind of all the same.

    Remember the bickering between the decepticons?
    I do think they had lots of dialogue between the autobots.

    I liked a lot of it you know.

    But there is so much to it that should have been done.
    I think the cube making anything into a robot is a bad idea
    cause it makes the other robots look less original and unique.

    But I'm a harsh critique. I don't go in there wanting to bash anything.
    I go there with the idea I'm going to love it.

    I told a friend next to me I thought it was an A the first half.

    My biggest complaint is the abstract too fast motion blur action sequences.
    It kind of leaves you like, "okay, What did I just see?"

    Cool though I like it.
    I think it was close to what I imagined. I just always see something more.
    I'm a creative person.
    Maybe why I'm picky or just I know the Transformers well and expect a little more
    though like I said I still did enjoy it.
    I might see it again just for the first half.

    Scorpinox just went in hidding.
    Starscream is still alive.
    Jazz is dead which sucks, but Frag it.
    They should have killed one of the other
    obese Autobots.
    Yep Starscream scene was bad ass.
    Fraggin' up shite left and right.
    I just thought the one shall Rise and one
    shall fall thing was too like the cartoon

    I think they should have gone a bit more war of the worlds.
    Like they came for energy like the cartoons it would
    make more sense to me.

    What goods an army of robots without energy?
    How do they have power to move and do all that complex stuff.

    Things like that would have been interesting.

    I think there should have been a series of battles where they
    regroup and have casualties until they defeat Megatron.

    There wasn't alot of power struggle.
    Prime didn't Frag around at all when it came to fighting.

    The Sam and chick scenes were essential and what kept me interested, but him having the cub and getting chased wasn't at all suspenseful.
  10. Mcdurg

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    Aug 19, 2006
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    THat was amazingggg!It was also really funny. I loved the part were right before Frenzy dies he says "oh shit!" That was the best evar. Starscream was the shizzzz! He was way cooler than the G1 Starscream. I like how they kinda left him the only one alive.(Scorp and Barricade could also be alive I think) Barricade was cool. I like how Megatron dies. He wanted the cube an he got it but ka-boom. Dead. Megatron was really cool. You kinda get over the new head thing.

    Things I didnt like at all: I didnt care for the fact Bonecrusher wasnt in it long. He was just kinda there, then bleh. And what happend to Scorponok and Barricade? You saw Barricade with Bonecrusher on the chase part but after that he was gone! Scorp just kinda went away I guess. So I am gunna guess Scorp and Barricade may be in part 2 with Starscream. But in the comics Barricade is killed by prime. So I dunno, maybe they forgot to put that in there. I also didnt like how Prime always had his face showing. Arg. But yea.

    Out of 5 stars I would give it 3 1/2 or 4.
  11. Rogzilla

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    May 5, 2007
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    YouTube (Legacy):
    As I got my snacks, I looked at the Palm Pilot I got only several months ago. I discovered that at sometime during the day, the screen had become cracked, creating a large dark blotch on it and rendering it unusable. (People ask me why I clip my phone and iPod to my belt...THAT'S why). Yet, within the first few moments of the film, I forgot all about it.

    For the first time in a long time, I have had a resonating experience at the theater. If you are going to see Transformers, if you have any desire at all, see it in theaters. Don't wait for it to be on TV or DVD. See it in theaters and see it now. It doesn't matter how good your system is, if you have Blu-ray or HDDVD, a perfect surround system and the biggest HD TV money can buy. Nothing can replace seeing this movie with a crowd. Cheers come as a semi truck passes by camera and an identical one appears behind it. More cheers when, after said truck drives up to the two young stars it transformers into a 30' robot. Yet, the biggest cheers come when, as it leans down, it states in a deep, grumbling baritone "My name is Optimus Prime". Cheers, applause, so loud that you may loose the next line. This is why you go to see movies, this is what has been missing. I laughed (a lot more than I expected), I gasped, I even cried.

    The plot is simple (a pleasant change from previous films where everything single character, object and location is given an expanded back story and plot line) and the characters are archetypical. Some of the dialogue is corny but in all the right ways. You simple can't go wrong with "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." Humor abounds and pleasantly breaks the tension that builds throughout the film.

    If you are of the pseudo-intellectual and cynical persuasion that feels every single film needs to be pure artistic perfection, don't see this film. Yet, this film isn't made for you. Bugger off, no one likes you party pooper! This film is made for the rest of us. Those of us who go to the movies to be entertained, not be preached to. This film is a loud visual spectacle!

    Any complaints? Sure. I felt the score lacked a strong theme and was almost too generic. This doesn't mean it wont hit the right emotional beats, but don't expect to be coming out of this humming some catchy new tune. Plot holes can be spotted and some characters end up being far too one dimensional...but you really wont notice. The movie rocks and it rocks hard.

    The basic plot follows a search for a MacGuffin. This is an artifact called the Allspark, capable of giving the gift of "spark" to machines. It populated the planet Cybertron with the Transformers. The planet was torn apart in civil war, the heroic Autobots trying to protect the cube from the evil Megatron and his Decepticons who seek the Allspark to swell their forces and ultimately dominate the universe. The cube was lost millions of years ago, as was Megatron. Both factions learn that it has come to Earth and seek desperately for it. The only lead is a pair of glasses Sam Witwicky inherited from his great grandfather, an arctic explorer who went crazy after finding a giant "Ice Man."

    The Autobots choose a passive approach, sending their scout Bumblebee, disguised as a beat up 70's Camaro purchased as Sam's first car. The Decepticons choose a more... aggressive approach, attacking an army base to try find more information about the location of the Allspark. There are three story lines in the film which converge in an almost overlong climatic battle.

    At the end of the film, if you didn't have a good time, check your pulse cause you might be dead. This film is more awesome than the most awesome thing you can imagine being awesomely celebrated on Awesome Day in the great nation of Awestonia! Confused? Well, my eloquence fails in finding just the right word to describe the experience I had. A word will have to be made...something like... incredulawesome.

    Bottom line-this is the movie of the Summer, the one people will be talking about for years to come. Don't be the one person who missed sharing the experience. ***1/2 out of ****. Not a perfect movie but a damn good experience.

    Easter Eggs-There is no reason to wait until the end of the credits to see a little extra scene. There will be three short clips at the start of the credits but after that, unless you are a freak like me and enjoy seeing who did what, feel free to empty your full bladder.

    An interesting note that has nothing to do with the film. There was a trailer for some unknown movie I have heard nothing about. All we are shown is a home video recording of a party that is interrupted by slight impact tremors and a loud roar. People run outside to see a large explosion deep in the city and exclaimations "OH MY GOD! THAT IS HUGE!" "From J.J. Abrams" (creator of A.L.I.A.S. and LOST) pops on the screen and a quick credit card that I just didn't have time to read. What is it? I don't know but I heard rumblings of "Godzilla." Now, I don't think so, since Tristar lost its rights to make Godzilla movies in 2003 and Toho has retired the monster for a few years to rebuild interest. Not to mention, above all else, the roar was not the trademarked "Skreeeeonk" of the King of the Monsters. What is it? I don't know, but I WANT TO SEE IT!
  12. DocZero

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    Dec 21, 2006
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    What can i say that many already had said? I enjoyed the movie entirely... yes it had some weak spots here n there but what movie doesn't? i was so into it, from the best opening scene ever to the end, which felt more rushed than spiderman3's ending.... 4.5/5 stars if that means anything......

    - CGI was sweet, the camera shots were great, the driving was spectacular, i like the music they were playing when the autobots came to earth, infact the whole scores in the movie was great (if anyone knows the names please inform me!!!) i thot character development was fair enough, and the gathering of the decepiticons gave me da chills..... fav. scenes were Blackout taking out the military base, the aerial shot of the bomber plane taking out scorpnok from afar was nice! starscream's attack on the fighter jets while transforming was sweet. I LUV SEEING DAT HUGE ASS TANK ROLLING THRU THE STREETS LIKE HE WAS ABOUT TO BRING THE RAIN! lol.... im a fan wat can i say....

    Con - rushed fights, not enough megatron, atleast for me......autobots had a good exposure but them Decepiticons did seem like just cannon fodders.....

    Overall, great movie... definitely an appropiate one to set up the following sequels...... cause this wasnt a one time movie, this was the first to pave way for its sequels and with autobots and the surviving decepiticons still on earth, many battles yet to come! sweet.....
  13. Grimlock_13

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    Dec 7, 2002
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    Boise, ID
    As a Movie I'd give it 2/5 stars. The script was pretty piss poor, and the acting was 'meh' at best. I chalk it up to the sub-par director though.

    However as a sit-back-and-just-enjoy-a-fucking-movie it was great. That may sound hypocritical, but the effects made the movie to me.

    A few thoughts:

    +I truly felt sorry for Bumblebee when Sector 7 was capturing and experimenting on him, and when he got crippled. The animators have a LOT to be proud of. I haven't connected with a digitized character like I did in those two scenes since Gollum.

    +The humor was well placed. Bumblebee 'lubricating' on John Turturro was classic, and the Autobots in Sam's backyard was better done than I thought it would be, even after seeing the short clip preview of Optimus stepping on the fountain. Ratchet had the best line of the entire movie: "Judging by his high pheromone level, it appears he desires to mate with the female"...genius.

    +The one thing I can say about Michael Bay is he can choreograph a fight scene and set off some great explosions. He definitely delivered above his standard in the film.

    +I was actually a little impressed with Shia LeBouf. Not the best actor ever, but he did his job quite well. The only delivery I felt was forced was "I'll never give you this Allspark!"...the interaction with the Witwicky family in Sam's room was entertaining and pretty credible.

    +Frenzy was MUCH cooler than I thought he'd be.

    +It easily left it open to a sequel. I'm sure they could easily think of a way to bring back at least Megatron, empowered by the Allspark as Galvatron (personally I'd wish they'd save that for a third movie and bring Shockwave in with his Marvel comic persona in the 2nd), and Starscream, Barricade, Frenzy and Scorponok are still debatably at large.

    -I knew what I was getting into before even sitting down in the theater but I was still disappointed by the lack of characterization. With the exception of Optimus and Bumblebee, none of the Transformers made me connect with them at all.

    -I'm glad Welker didn't get the part of wouldn't have been worth his time. The few lines Megatron actually spouted were forced and pretty ridiculous. "I am Megatron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when he woke up reminded me of Franken-Vader's "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" in Epishit 3. I did however grin when he said "You fail me again, Starscream..." and his threats to Sam on top of the building were nice and evil.

    -Even avoiding spoilers, I knew Jazz was going to die. However I was amped up for him to make some self-sacrifice by going up against Megatron to save Sam or give the Autobots a chance to escape. But no. He gets punched by Megatron, squashed by Megatron, says a fucking ridiculous line, gets a retort with an equally fucking riduculous line, then torn in half. It's a good thing there was nothing about the character that made me feel sorry for the death.

    All in all, it met my expectations. With Michael Bay at the helm I knew I wasn't going to be treated to fantastic dialogue, just great effects and explosions. I'll see it again and buy it the day it's released on dvd in spite of it's many shortcomings.
  14. tk111prime

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    As this is my first post here I want to say thank you Hasbro, thank you for finally giving us the fans a movie that has both action, and heart, I took my son (he's 10) to the screening last night at the local Cinamark and when the lights went dim and the movie started the first voice that you hear is that of the Legendary Mr. Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) And all of the sudden I felt like I was a kid all over again, here I was sharing a great movie with my son about right vs. wrong, good vs. evil. I looked over at my boy several times during the movie and his face said it all, because I felt the same as I watched it. Some of my personal fav. parts were When Bumblebee took off his gascap and "Drained fluid" on the SectorSeven Agent Simmons. I Won't give anymore away, but this, sit throught the end credits, otherwise you miss some excellent words by the Witwicky family, and you'll see Starscream once more! Thank you Mr. Bay and Thank You Hasbro, now all I'd want are some great follow ups to this movie that expand on what I know will be a great epic!
  15. Brickman1000

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    Saturday night, after the Botcon concert (which ended up being a hell of a lot of fun in the end), was too amped to just head up to my room. As I still didn't know many people besides the friend I came with (who was already done for), I headed to the lounge in the Agora restaurant in the Westin. Surprisingly, there were few people there, and no one from Botcon that I could tell, but I still sat down to have another beer. The one guy at the bar asked me if I was with the Transformers conference, and did I have an opinion on the movie. I proceeded to give him my opinion of it, which I summed up in the phrase: A Great Big Glorious Train Wreck. I told him that I loved it, of course, and the CGI was great, very worth watching for that alone. However, outside of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee the TFs got little characterization. And of course I had to throw in that "the movie had plot holes big enough to drive a semi through". The guy was very interested in all of this, and we chatted about a few more things.

    Of course, the topic of the real world came up eventually, and he asked where I was from and what I did for a living. I asked him in turn, to which he, rather subtly replied "Oh, I'm a screen writer out in Hollywood". I looked at him in detail for the first time, and replied "Oh yeah, you are aren't you?"

    So Roberto Orci thanked me for my honestly, bought me another beer, and we eventually proceeded to try to figure out how to get the dinobots into the next movie.

    So far, that was the only review I've actually given, so I thought I'd just repeat it.
  16. Stevejr

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    I'm one of the people who pretty much have hated everything about this movie from the point Bay jumped on and we started getting leaks about the designs and plot points, i also wasn't afraid to voice my opinion on these boards in sometimes heated conversations with my fellow fans. That being said i always hoped for the best and said i would go in with a open mind and see it once which i did last night. I'm not going to lie i enjoyed the movie very much and teared up a little when i saw blackout transform the first time. Was it the movie i always wanted no but was it better than 99% of the garbage that passes for licensed property movies HELL YEAH. Bay didn't rape anyones childhood, he made a pretty darn good flick. My only 3 complaints where some of the humor (but i'm sure kids will love the peeing Bumblebee etc. so who am I to complain lol) too much code cracker characters taking up spots of the movie, and the decepticons except for Frenzy might as well have been drones, just no feeling for there characters they where just there to die. Still maybe this gets addressed in the sequel so go see this movie with a open mind so we can hopefully see some real decepticons in the next one.
  17. urabob

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    My wife wrote a review about the movie. I think she offers a unique perspective considering she is not a big fan or even a casual fan of the property. My sentiments are pretty much hers and my reviewing it would be redundant. And so...

    A war re-erupts on Earth between two robotic clans, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, leaving the fate of mankind hanging in the balance. Starting as a toy line in 1984, Transformers has never completely lost momentum, spawning numerous spin-offs in the form of cartoons, comic books, a theatrically released animated feature film, countless more toy lines, fan fictions and a die-hard following that refuses to let go of this unique property. There’s never been anything quite like Transformers. Sure, there’s been copious copycats, but none of them have ever been successful at recapturing the spirit of one of the most unusual franchises in American history. Now CGI special effects and movie making techniques have finally surpassed the threshold required to believably bring Transformers to life in a live action movie. Will the revamped designs turnoff hardcore TransFans? Or will Michael Bay manage to win them over and break the 2007 summer movie curse? Thanks to a special early preview sponsored by Keith’s Comics, we were able to watch the movie nearly one week before it’s official theatrical release and pass on our opinion to you.

    Unless you’re deaf, dumb and blind living under a rock deep inside a cave, you know a little (or a lot) about Transformers. Chances are, it was your favorite afternoon cartoon back in the ’80s, your favorite comic book from Marvel or you’re a tween who enjoyed Cybertron not long ago. Transformers is one of those anomalous phenomenons that is truly unparalleled in any entertainment medium. The concept of sentient robots has endured since its first inception and Transformers manages to tap into the childlike spirit within us. A live action adaptation has been a long time coming and many felt Michael Bay couldn’t handle it. The collective “hush-hush” on leaking any photos on the internet had people suspicious. Typically when a studio freaks out over leaked footage, it’s a very bad sign about the quality of the film. Dedicated fans of the franchise are infamous for their echoing discontent with all incarnations of the series, save for G1. Never mind the fact that Transformers manages to be financially successful in almost any form, fans are steadfastly loyal and whiny.

    So the real question is, can Michael Bay appeal to the masses and the TF niche in one fell stroke? The answer is yes. Oh, hell yes. For a property based on a toy line, Transformers has always had an unsurprisingly shallow plot. The principles are basic and clear: moral vs. corrupt. The universal concepts of how we define art and life are rooted in these two opposing forces. Us against an unknown threat and good triumphing over evil. We respond to this dynamic because it’s innate in our species. Conflict, in whatever form, is the propulsion of entertainment. For this very reason, Transformers has substantial thrust and never lets up.

    Shia LaBeouf (I, Robot; Constantine; The Battle of Shaker Heights) plays Sam Witwicky (Witwicky being the name of the kid from G1), a young man whose first car turns out to be a living, transforming robot named Bumblebee. Of course, this is a great shock to Sam but there’s no time for introspection. The Autobots and Decepticons are quickly gathering their respective factions in order to obtain the All Spark cube. The power of the cube is life itself and the ability to create worlds. Sam and his crush Mikaela Banes (played by Megan Fox, who is quite the fox) must now assist the Autobots in locating and protecting the All Spark from Megatron and his followers.

    LaBeouf is charged with a hefty responsibility and I’m not referring to the narrative. Transformers has been one of the most anticipated films in some time, so the human lead was crucial. The “kid befriends robot” cliché is a hokey bit of fantasy leftover from a bygone era and there was a real danger of making the kid too young or annoying. Previous representations of Transformers have occasionally suffered from severely dumbed down human leads or from an overt imbalance of airtime for robot and human. Thankfully, LaBeouf has perfect comedic timing and oodles of charm. His awkward yet sincere chemistry with Fox makes him a genuinely likable Witwicky (or “Wickety,” a running gag). Additionally, the dynamic between him and the robots is pitch perfect. He carries the entire human cast effortlessly and has the makings of a real action star.

    The next character to steal the show is Bumblebee. Due to a previous injury, Bumblebee spends almost the entire movie speechless. His method of communication is picking appropriate music and sound bytes, a la Herbie (or Christine, but Bumblebee doesn’t go on a killing spree). The initial exchanges between Witwicky and the Transformers are nothing short of hysterical. Each Autobot has a distinct voice and personality, affording a great deal of humorous moments that had the audience howling in their seats. So much of Bumblebee’s persona is articulated with gestures, facial expressions and mimicry. Nevertheless, there is one somewhat inappropriate joke that should have been a deleted scene. It doesn’t take away from the film, but it borderlines on slightly tasteless. Guys will probably find no fault in the gag while girls might.

    Kudos to the studio for hiring Peter Cullen to reprise his role as Optimus Prime. Originally, I didn’t think it was that important to cast him. But after having watched the movie, I now know otherwise. In order to faithfully embody the spirit of G1, there are some things you just don’t deviate from. With that said, the absence of Frank Welker as Megatron is not entirely noticeable for the simple fact that Megatron hardly speaks. Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings) does an apt job as the leader of the Decepticons. But he doesn’t bring anything distinct to the role either, which begs the question: why not hire Welker? It’s apparent efforts were taken to make Weaving sound almost exactly like Welker. Voice aside, Megatron is bestial and monstrous. All of the Decepticons are frightening and show no regard for human life. There is a body count in this movie but no blood.

    All of the Transformers are engaging or terrifying in some way. Frenzy is another character who delighted the audience with his quirky antics. Barricade, a menacing Decepticon, is quite horrific both in manner and speech. Prime is the butt of a few jokes, playing on his fatherly age among the Autobots (”my bad” being an especially funny moment). The prominent paradigms remain faithful to their original archetypes; Prime is self-sacrificing; Megatron is single-minded; Starscream is a boot-licking failure; Bumblebee is closest to the humans. Everyone is true to form and should manage to satiate devotees of the original cartoon.

    The idea of seeing humongous robots transforming and fighting seemed impossible, but Bay makes it happen. The Transformers are poetry in motion; watch Jazz and try not to be amazed. The hand-to-hand combat is rampant and intense. There’s no break in the action and no waiting to see the robots. Bay gives ‘em to ya without repent. It’s evident Bay understands what TransFans and action movie fans alike want to see: big robots duking it out. Transformers is one of the most exciting action movies I’ve ever seen and certainly Bay’s best film to date. The pacing is merciless and you’ll feel pleasantly exhausted by the end. Yes, there are gigantic Transformer-sized loose ends, making way for plenty of sequels.

    Transformers benefits from a rock n’ roll based soundtrack, a brilliant amalgam of CGI and practical effects, stunning organic visual revisions to the TFs designs and a very basic plot. This movie may not score high among critics because the plot, while highly unusual, is fairly simple in nature. Good vs. bad, remember? But what’s wrong with that? Sometimes entertainment needs to be entertaining; an action movie needs to be an action movie. Bay attempted a sci-fi action movie in the past with The Island, which was a huge pile of crap. Unlike that tripe, Transformers never tries to become more than what it is. It’s never preachy or overly cerebral. Tacking on pseudo-intellectual undertones would undermine the reality of this property because, let’s face it, Transformers was a cartoon series based on a toyline. It’s not Shakespeare.

    This movie may not be for everyone, but it’s for almost everyone. If you like having a good time at the movies, go see this big, fun popcorn flick. You will see things you’ve seen before in a movie and that’s saying a lot. Transformers is like a roller-coaster; don’t analyze the motion, just enjoy the ride.

    Final Grade: A+

    Original review on our site.
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    I caught it today at a matinee and really enjoyed it. Yeah, there were large plot holes, and silly bits, but I knew that going in since I read the leaked script, so I wasn't disappointed. Instead, I was actually pleasently surprised at how Micheal Bay worked through the really weak bits of the script and made them stronger. Even the middle part at Sam's house was more for comic releif than anything else. The camerawork was amazing (typical for a Michael Bay film - if anyone could make Transformers sexy, it's him) and the action scenes mind boggling.

    For 147 million, this film is amazing! He certainly made the most out of his budget and I really enjoyed the 2 hours and 20 minutes I sat down in the theatre for it! I picked up my wife a ticket for tonight's showing and it's going to be hard not to talk about it with her until she sees it. LOL Hearing Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime again was a geek's dream come true and he sure stole the scenes he was in.

    Things that stick out:

    Frenzy's "Oh $hit" line (his last line) had the whole audience laughing, Hugo as Megatron was excellent, and the pacing was done well and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Even the geek squad was handled 10 times better than the script would suggest those scenes would be like. The scene between Bernie Mac and his mom was priceless! Transformations were great! I went looking for Optimus's matrix, since somebody said it was in the movie that reviewed it here, I believe. That was overzealousness on their part. Prime says "my spark", when he opens up and we see the glow inside of him, so it's his spark, not the matrix. But the scene was cool, to see his inner workings. The part where Bumblebee gets offended by Michaela and becomes the new Camero is great and had us laughing. Starscream's air assult against the F15's was great! The humanity shown by the `bots was great...

    For a summer blockbuster popcorn flick, I give this easily an 8.5 out of 10. The camerawork and the surprisingly good performances out of most of the actors really pulled it up. As I said, I read the weak script, and the movie really made the most out of it and fixed most of the lameness with it.
  19. Eric

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    Time to post my review of this movie. Here we go...

    When I sat on my seat in the theater, I had two voices chatting in my head. One said that this movie will rape your childhood (the old me, movie-hater), and the other voice said that this movie has to be good. it says TRANSFORMERS for a damn good reason. Well, I'm going with the latter on this. It IS Transformers; just not the way I'm used to. So, armed with a large cherry Icee slushie, and my Transformer child within me, I watched the movie. On the opening day. One word can just describe this movie:


    I mean, WOW! This movie is actually pretty decent. When it comes to Michael Bay and action scenes, he delivers. This is perhaps one of his better films, like Bad Boys (not the sequel, the first movie). But it still doesn't help remove that permanent scar on humanity that takes the form of the movie known as Pearl Harbor. But anywho, Michael Bay's action scenes were just AWESOME. Blackout's attack on the base in the desert, Barricade fighting Bumblebee, Frenzy battling government dudes on Air Force One, all of it. Just freaking fantastic.

    Speaking of Frenzy, this Decepticon is hilarious. Great comic relief. He sounds like a Jawa from the Star Wars movies, but that's okay. He's hilarious as hell. When I saw him walking out of the Air Force One, I just laughed at his way of just casually walking towards Barricade in plain sight, where everyone could see him. And when he's talking inside of Barricade on how they're gonna get Sam, I bet the "hologram guy" was just saying "Dude, WTF?" :lol  Now I've definitely gotta get his Fast Action Battlers version, just to recreate such moments. :p 

    I too noticed Brawl's little name error when he said he was Devastator. Eh, every Transformer series has been through it. Watch the Unicron trilogy (Armada, Energon, Cybertron), that trilogy has a LOT of errors.

    I actually liked Megatron and Starscream's small chat about the Allspark's wherabouts. When Starscream tells Megatron it's not at the dam, I could see Megatron saying to himself "Oh GOD DAMMIT STARSCREAM, YOU ASS!" :lol  And then he just says that Starscream failed him. Priceless.

    All the Autobots had good screentime, both speaking and not speaking. Jazz's transformations definitely make me think he's been watching a lot of skating movies. When he transformed for the first time to robot mode I couldn't help but notice that it looked like he was doing some sort of skating trick on a halfpipe or something.

    Peter Cullen definitely pulled off Optimus Prime very well. This is the Prime we've been hearing for 20+ years, and I'm glad he's back. :D  Hugo Weaving as Megatron ain't half-bad either. Definitely villainous, and yet I hear somewhat of a faint resemblance to Frank Welker doing Megatron.

    Bumblebee pissing on Agent Simmons was funny. I LOL'ed.

    Ironhide was a badass, though I kinda didn't like his British accent. Ratchet sounded like Worf from Star Trek for some reason, I dunno. Jazz sounded cool. Street smart accent. Nice. :)  Did anyone notice that Bumblebee himself got a few lines near the end? He said that he wanted to be with Sam as his guardian.

    Again, the action scenes were awesome. And the musical score for the whole movie was just ACE.

    I compared the final product with the Feb. '06 script. It was about...oh, I think 70% the same with the script, though a few scenes were switched around (a good example would be the "Archibald Witwicky discovering Megatron scene", when we see Megatron frozen at Sector 7 in Hoover Dam), and some scenes were just deleted in general (the "Maggie stuck in traffic scene" was gone, she just pops up at the Pentagon without explanation).

    I kinda wished Bonecrusher, Starscream, and Brawl had more screen time. Bonecrusher was just there for a good few minutes before getting turned into scrapmetal by Optimus and his blade. Brawl was just THERE in the city, killing stuff, and gets killed about 5-10 minutes later.

    LOVED Mountain Dew bot, or should I say...Dispensor? Hasbro better make a toy of him. I'd buy it. :D 

    Now, here are a few things that I DIDN'T like.

    Barricade. Where the hell was he during the final battle? The last we ever see of him is on the highway with Bonecrusher, and then he just disappears. That's it, no more Barricade. We never know where he goes or anything. They'd better get him straightened out in Transformers 2.

    Scorponok. Like Barricade, he's never seen again. Doesn't die, just goes away. He's still swimming in the sands of the Middle East, having no clue what's going on with his Decepticon buddies. Without a tail. I bet he's just sayin' "Hey, where's Blackout? Brawl? Starscream? Anybody?" Hopefully he comes back in Transformers 2.

    The "Glenn" character. He just wasn't funny, end of story.

    Some scenes in the movie were just cheesy. And I mean it.


    Sam's personality is cheese-arific. He acts like the stereotypical nerdish guy who ends up getting the hot chick in the end, and makes out on Bumblebee's hood. I feel sorry for the yellow Autobot.

    Is it me, or does Sam act REALLY paranoid? His lies when the Transformers are at his house are just lame.

    Trent? Stereotypical muscle-headed jock.

    Mikaela? Stereotypical hot chick/bad girl.

    Simmons sounded like a total dick throughout his screen time in the movie. Kinda like my teacher Mr. Kovach at my school, who also happens to be a dick.

    I've never seen a Transformers movie that says the word shit more than two times. Only once in the animated movie. :lol  Even Tyrese's character said "motherf-" but got cut off when Scorponok attacked (Good thinking, too).

    And another thing that pissed me off: the Transformers/human ratio. Respectively, it was about 40/60. More human screen time than the Transformers getting screen time. Eh, can't be helped, I guess.

    Plus, the Allspark changed size. Wait, WHAT!? Yep, it changed size. Mass-shifted. A gimmick that was SUPPOSED to stay away from this movie. Again, can't be helped. I mean, it is a giant magical box that grants machines life. :p  Duh.

    However, if there's one scene that's worth remembering, it's the scene where Jazz battles Megatron. He didn't have much, but at least that Autobot went out fighting like a champ:

    "You wanna piece of me!?"

    "No, I want two pieces!"

    Sigh. Jazz, you'll be missed. I bet a lot of Jazz fangirls cried over his death. Am I right?

    Also, there were lines that redefined the definition of "corny." When Sam's parents are talking to Sam while the Autobots are at his house, Sam's mom just thinks he's masturbating, thinking it's Sam's "happy time." Oh God. I know this is rated PG-13, but the masturbating part just made me realize that the kids that were watching this movie when I saw it are gonna have a LOT of questions for their parents. "What's masturbating?" "What's shit?"

    Too many hints of sex jokes.

    Sam's mom is just as annoying as her son.

    Some characters like Glenn and Maggie just REALLY didn't need to even be in the movie AT ALL. I know Maggie's the one who got a match from Blackout's screech and Frenzy's screech, but that should just be it. Just have her match the two, and not come back. But she IS hot, especially with the Aussie accent. I guess I'm a sucker for hot girls with accents.

    Overall, this movie is decent. And it leaves a few doors open for the sequel. Great action scenes, AWESOME CGI, and Frenzy alone was just funny. A lot of corny lines, though, and scenes that were just cheesy. But at least this movie definitely says Transformers, and not "transforming Bionicles." I recommend it if you're into action movies. 7/10. You won't be disappointed. Or maybe you will. I dunno.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, one more comment:

    Starscream leaving Earth's atmosphere? Ooh, I might know where this is going in the sequel. :D 
  20. Bahamut Prime

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    After watching the movie yesterday, it was certainly worth taking away my worries and bad days away! Though the Decepticons could do with more screentime, it was still pretty awesome! The action, the humour, the interaction between two species, and the final battle, it all kicked ass!

    Here's the top seven scenes that excited or humoured me!

    7. Jazz's last stand against Megatron. (Fought a warrior, died a hero. You will be missed.) :salute
    6. Ratchet's line, 'Judging by his high pheromone level, it appears he desires to mate with the female.' Classic!
    5. Frenzy speaking in English 'Oh Sh*t!' for the first time before being decaptitated for the second time. Along with meeting with Barricade, that's amusing!
    4. Bumblebee leaking lubricant on Agent Simmons! Ah, toilet humour!
    3. Blackout blowing up the army camp.
    2. The final battle!
    1. And Optimus and Megatron themselves! Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving performed well! Cudos to the humans played by Mr. Shia LaBeouf and Miss Megan Fox too!

    Even though there are still some other movies I have yet to see, Transformers is a definate must-see for this year! And I'm glad I got to see it! Thank you Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Hasbro - you made it worth my while! ***** out of five!

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