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    Soundwave and the guy who swore a lot. The guy. Who swore a lot. YEP, THAT'S MY BOY. Lawlz, I need to reiterate my love for Barricade for the thousandth time. I love hearing his dialogue, he's just so grouchy and angsty and he has no idea how adorable he is. That's why he's one of my two adopted children along with Starscream. And I think I'll adopt Sounwave too, just to hear him and Barricade snark at each other.

    -Increasingly more concerned about Bumblebee- Let's be honest, this is quite plainly the most incompetent thing he's done so far in the series. It's in his nature, it seems, to be a bit distracted and ditzy (for lack of a better word), but it seems like he has this crazy one-track mind. His inexperience has never been more evident before now, since he fell for Soundwave and Barricade's trap so easily, whereas I would suspect that the other Autobots wouldn't have been duped as fast. I can only grant my best wishes to the scout, but in a parental way, I'm disappointed in him for being so blindsided and going for such a ridiculously far-out endeavor that has a little bit of defiance, if you look at it a certain way. He has that rational side, as we can see, but he blatantly chose not to regard it. I'm waiting to see how this confrontation plays out with apprehension. :I

    Also wondering who else will get sucked into it. Grimlock? Hound? Only time will tell.
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    BumbleBee will get beaten and Grimlock will lose his cool and kill almost everyone.......yep :popcorn 
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    Hound was getting worried now, wheels anxiously spinning as he repeatedly tapped in the same command into the console. No matter how many times he had sent out a hailing, Bumblebee still wasn't responding to his communication requests. Had the scout shut off his communication systems? Was he purposely ignoring him? If it was the former, that possibly meant yet another problem for Evac to deal with. If it was the latter..... Well, why would he ignore repeated messages?

    He just didn't understand; Bumblebee had left the ship for no discernable reason, had left behind even Grimlock and was totally ignorant of the jeep's multiple attempts to contact him. It made no sense, it was out of character and Hound was getting even more worried.

    Now he knew how Ratchet felt. That Bot was always getting scrap about being overtly paranoid, especially regarding his own apprentice and said apprentice's flight worthy vehicle form, but to be honest, Hound couldn't blame him for such habits right now, considering he felt just as uneasy.

    "Oh, Bee." He murmured softly, shaking his head slightly. "What's going through your head right now? Why aren't you answering?"

    At least Bumblebee's Autobot beacon was still online; Hound was tracking the consistent signal moving across the display with impressive dedication, constantly noting its direction, location and rate of movement. Bumblebee was going at a fast rate, which indicated he was in a hurry, either to find something or to get away from something.

    Was he being chased by Decepticons?! No, Bumblebee would at least call for help if that was the case. Had Grimlock sent him on a.... what's the term? Oh yes, a snipe hunt. Had Grimlock sent him on a snipe hunt for a prank? No; crude as he was, Grimlock never included Bumblebee in his cruel or demeaning intentions.

    Speaking of which, the tanker truck seemed as intent on tracking the scout as the lieutenant was, constantly following the Beetle's path. It appeared Grimlock was as stumped as Hound was on why Bumblebee had pulled a roller. Not that Hound could ask him, though; Grimlock was just as silent to his attempts to contact him as Bumblebee was, though the berserker was at least more obvious in his lack of care for the concerns of others. Perhaps it would be more prudent to-

    Beep beep! Beep beep!

    Hound jumped at the noise, before the display brought up a new signal; an Energon signature, located in some rather remote area, in what the local geographical database designated as an abandoned newspaper factory.

    "Energon?" He murmured, confused at this. "Surely not."

    He was perplexed and briefly distracted from his musings on the younger scout; how on Cybertron could there be an Energon signal emanating from some old human building? It was a weak signal, but even a weak signal meant energised activity of some kind. The question was, who was overseeing said activity?

    Hound knew there was only one answer to that particular question; Decepticons.

    They were up to no good again, and it appeared they were hoping to see if Earth machinery might be powered up by Energon for some devious purpose. Were they intending to convert the factory into some sort of temporary base or supply depot? It seemed unlikely; they wouldn't risk the possibility of human discovery, nor would they be so foolish as to positively broadcast that signal for all scanners to note.

    "Very obvious." He muttered, glaring at the Energon signal with distaste. "Why would you show it off like that, Starscream? Even you're not that stupid....."

    But then, he understood exactly why they would so lax in cloaking such a signature; the Decepticons were hoping to attract Autobot attention, lure them into a trap of some kind, or distract them from the Con's true agenda. It was a common tactic to try and lure out scouting parties with stray signals. Hound himself had ended up in a few such traps over the years, but he'd always manage to escape from those.

    In this case, on an obscure planet that had absolutely no stockpiles or native knowledge of the energy source, he almost felt like laughing at the Decepticon's underestimation of basic common sense-

    Why was Bumblebee heading towards it?

    The scout's signal was on the move again, having briefly paused for a moment, and it was definitely changing course, heading as fast as it could towards the source of the Energon signal.

    In short, Bumblebee was driving straight into an enemy operation.

    Hound gaped in utter incomprehension at such a risky and foolish endeavour, wheels limply spinning in shock, body sagging slightly with the weight of it all. He could not believe his apprentice was heading into what should clearly be seen as a trap; he'd told the youngster plenty of stories regarding this old trick. But yet, Bumblebee seemed ignorant of the possible danger; was he intending to take on Decepticons by himself? Was he trying to prove something?

    Hound didn't know. All he did know was that he had to go after him

    This conviction inspired a powerful defensive instinct to burn brightly in his spark, the defence of the young, the defence of those he cared for, and Hound instantly stood up from his seat, growling: "No. For all they've taken, they won't take him as well."

    He left the display as it was, in case Jazz finished making that call and returned to the control room, and promptly exited the room, moving down the corridor at a brisk pace that reflected his intensity. He considered asking Jazz or Evac to come with him, but the former had to make that call to Iacon if their new plan could take shape as quickly as it could, and the latter need to get Ratchet and Wheeljack back up to full strength as soon as possible.

    With any luck, though, as much as he might feel loathe to admit, he could at least depend on-

    But before he could exit the ship, before he could finish his thought, the jeep was halted by Wheeljack exiting the med-bay, nursing his reattached and thankfully clean appendage while muttering about crazy helicopters. Evac must have taken time off of helping Ratchet to fix up the tow truck so quickly, but then again, decontamination and a quick reseal wasn't the most difficult task in the universe.

    Finishing his quiet rant, the tow truck glanced up, noted the jeep standing before him, and said: "Oh hey, Hound. My arm's all better now, thanks for asking. Where are you off to? You seem kinda tense."

    "Where am I off to? To save Bumblebee from a Decepticon trap." The jeep replied calmly, or as calmly as he could when preparing to potentially run right into Decepticon territory after his wayward apprentice.

    Wheeljack blinked repeatedly, utterly surprised for a moment, before he shook his head free of the confusion, flexed all three of his arms, and, surprisingly casual, said: "Okay. If the little guy's in trouble, and you're gonna go save him, then I'll come with you."

    Hound was both pleased at Wheeljack's understanding of the severity of the situation and a tad relieved he would have back-up in this mission, and, after nodding in thanks, promptly moved along, the tow truck quickly following, and promptly opened the ship's side-hatch. The ramp lowered to the ground, and they leapt forward, shifting into their vehicle forms in an impressive twisting of metal, and the jeep and the tow truck were off into the night, off after the little scout who was so unaware of the dangers he was heading towards.


    Bumblebee couldn't shake the feeling that he was heading towards a whole lot of danger, but quite honestly, his sense of pride and curiosity outweighed his caution. If this was the chance he needed to prove himself to Grimlock and Hound and the others, then he needed to take it, no matter what.

    "Sometimes you gotta run before you walk. Or in my case, drive before I run. Oooh, paraphrasing, nice one."

    Besides, that Energon signal was tantalising in the possibilities it offered. If it was a random supply hidden on the planet by some other ship's crew long ago, then he could secure a fresh batch of power for the Zeta-1 and his comrades! And if it was Decepticon shenanigans, as that sense of caution told him it was, then he could discover and foil their plot! Call in Grimlock, Hound, Jazz, the whole ship, and defeat them!

    The temptation of glory and success tickled at his neural net, and he urged himself to drive faster. Human roads were typically clearer at night, and though he had to take care not to aggravate speed cameras and night patrols of those police people, he was making good pace towards the source of the signal.

    Yes, when he succeeded in this endeavour, the Autobots would have to take back their implications of him not being helpful! Even though only Grimlock had said anything even remotely similar to that, and only out of concern as well.

    But he chose to ignore that in favour of nursing his own hurt pride and the possibility of healing said pride. It was bad enough his best friend didn't think he could take on Cons like Starscream, never mind turning around and looking foolish for reacting like he did.

    "Well, Grimlock will take back what he said when I uncover this mystery! He'll say how sorry he was for not thinking I could be helpful, and then I'll say, no problem, everyone makes mistakes, and then we'll play video games!"

    At this point, closing in on the signal as he was, it was all or nothing now, and Bumblebee was determined to turn this situation around to his favour. Part of him was still fearful at the idea that Decepticons could be surprising, but Bumblebee was confident that he could easily sneak into the place, avoid any guards and uncover their plot, if there was a plot at all!

    The trip to the abandoned factory where the signal was coming from was fairly quick; he was soon at the bordering fence of the decrepit place, a huge series of structures that, while impressive in size, were rather shoddy in its state of disrepair. All in all, a rather foreboding place to hide an Energon signal, but Bumblebee wasn't scared of any old factory!

    He drove around the boundary, hoping to find a way in without having to revert to robot mode, and eventually found a broken gate next to an equally broken sign. Judging by the snapped stem of said sign, and the faint hint of tire tracks on the ground, he figured a car had made this gap. Was it a Decepticon car? Possibly.

    Still, it was a way in, and he slowly drove into the grounds of the facility. He had to be sneaky about this, like an Earth thing they called a ghost. His headlights switched off, he wheeled over, sticking close to the shadows of the nearest building, slightly regretting his bright yellow colours in this context. Regardless, according to his scanners, the Energon signal was coming from the main building, the one with all the printing presses inside it.

    If Decepticons were behind this, then he felt a bit sorry for them that they had to resort to making newspapers for whatever plan they had rolling. How embarrassing!

    But his scanners weren't picking up any trace of Decepticons in the area. Nothing on the motion sensors, no odd sounds or any other tracks, nothing at all. It appeared the Decepticons, if they had ever been here in the first place, had left. Huh.

    The possibility of the place being deserted granted him confidence, and thus he laughed a bit, and decided to transform; his robot mode would be better suited to extracting the Energon from the machines they must have uploaded the stuff into, and it appeared he no longer need to be a stealth ghost anymore.

    "Must be feeling silly, I bet." He mused to himself, the headlights on his arms turning on and providing additional lighting. "Having to resort to using printers and then not even being here to keep an optic on them! Hound would laugh if he saw this, old human tech running on Energon and not even being managed by anyone, it's kinda silly, really, what if Bees like me came to get it?-"

    He wheeled over to the structure, noting the large hole in it that could only have been made by a Cybertronian, one that was close to him in size, hearing the subtle rumble of the activated machine inside the dark building, and continued his outward thinking: "-shame to have to put their ideas to use in some old factory, maybe their ship is running out of supplies or something and they're trying to make something with this stuff, or maybe-"

    "Or maybe you're an fragging idiot."

    Bumblebee spun on the spot, unsheathing his stunners and firing a blast of electricity. But the bolt struck nothing; there was no-one there. His headlights flashed this way and that, in search of the source of the growling voice, but there was nothing. He hesitated slightly, and lowered his arms. Had he just imagined it-


    The scout was jerked to the side by the force of something striking the side of his head; he teetered dangerously before regaining his bearings and, in shocked defence, fired his stunners again at where the blow had come from, but alas, the second shot yielded even less results than the first-


    The next hit was to his chest, sending him rolling back and struggling not to fall onto his back. Thankfully, he managed to catch himself before he fell, but then whatever unseen force was attacking him stepped it up a gear; a third hit struck his shoulder, disorientating him and leaving him open for the blow that hit his hip, before a fifth strike, even heavier than the others, knocked him right back onto his bumpers, the scout scraping the ground from the power behind the hit as he grinded to a halt, yelping in pain and confusion.

    The voice from before sounded again, laughing cruelly, right in front of him, before sneering: "Well, look at what the Driller dragged in; a nosy little rookie who strayed away from his friends. Oh dear, what a horrible situation!..... For you!"

    In panic, Bumblebee raised his stunners, a small part that wasn't overcome by fear wondering if he was being attacked by actual ghosts, but then his arms were grabbed by the invisible force and forced to aim at the ground. He struggled as hard as he could to free himself from whatever had him, only to freeze when the voice chuckled mere inches from him and suddenly, there seemed to be a sort of blurring crackle of light and-

    And the crimson Decepticon he had fought before in the forest suddenly appeared before him, the waves of a personal cloaking device dissipating and revealing the cruel smile of the savage shock trooper who restrained him, and who seemed very eager to continue with the whole hurting concept.

    "Hello, Autobot. Remember me?"

    Bumblebee could barely even squeak a reply, too horrified at this turn of events, too stunned at his inability to have predicted this obvious outcome, before the Decepticon threw him bodily across the clearing, the scout rolling across the uncaring ground in a rev of pain. As he rolled to a stop, and struggled to get back up, the cloaker laughed and declared: "You know, I considered just snapping your head off or something while you were peeking around, but then I remember how you tired my face, you little fragger, so I figured I might as well draw this out a bit."

    He paused, grinned wider, and added: "And when I say draw this out, I mean I'm going to pummel you to pieces and make music out of your screams. You'll regret you ever tired me, scraplet, but you won't regret it for long. Because, you know, soon you'll be too busy being dead to regret stuff."

    Bumblebee managed to get back to his wheels, as the Decepticon idly pulled out a lethal scythe blade out of a back-mounted compartment, and, gripping the handle tightly, promptly extended a long chain attached to the blade, like some kind of crazy sharp whip.

    Such a deadly tool made Bumblebee nervous, but even more disturbing was the fact that his communication system wasn't responding. He'd turned it back on, but his attempts to send out a distress signal weren't being acknowledged. Was something jamming him?! If so, uh-oh.

    "So, any last words before I kill the Pit out of you?" He sneered cruelly, slinging the chained blade in a small circle in preparation for the inevitable struggle.

    Bumblebee supposed he probably deserved to get caught in this kind of unfortunate circumstance, but regardless of the conundrums that had let him here, he was not going to just give up! If he had to fight, even without back-up, then fight he would!

    "Well, just a few; cloaking is for cowards!" Bumblebee hollered, and fired his stunners at the Con, who effortlessly deflected the bolts with his scythe before swinging it around his head and throwing it at him, the scout quickly forced to duck as it flew right over his head.

    Skilfully, Barricade retracted the blade, swung it round again and sent it arching straight for the scout's legs; this attack was evaded as well with a quick jump and Bumblebee fired back with some darts of electricity that struck Barricade's torso armour. While it made him growl, it wasn't strong enough to disable the neurals in that area, and thus the Decepticon was free to swing at him for a third time.

    This wasn't really going anywhere, Bumblebee noted. He could dodge these attacks all day, but he wasn't able to muster up a big enough charge to stun the Decepticon when he had to focus on evasion. Gah, it was as frustrating as fighting Starscream, the huge Decepticon's size granting him resistance to his stunners-

    But wait! When faced with a stronger force, what do you do? Find the weak spot!

    Grinning widely, as the scythe came down again, he called out: "Hey, Decepticon! I have shocking news for you!"

    He evaded the blade and swiftly jabbed his stunner forward, the sharp points of the tool latching onto the chain, and with as much power as he could muster in the moment, sent his electric charge right through it, all the way back to the Decepticon's hands, who dropped his weapon in a snarl of annoyance as the electricity bit at him.

    "Argh, you shocked me! And you didn't even tell me what the news was!"

    Bumblebee hesitated: "Um, there is no news. I made a pun."


    Barricade lunged forward, fists swinging angrily at the scout, who wheeled backwards out of range, before darting forward and throwing his own punchs, catching the Decepticon across the face with several quick blows. Oh, the excitement of battle course through his neurals! He was actually punching this Con in the face! Again!

    And just like before, Barricade swung his arm up and caught the next punch with ease, sneering: "Ha, you don't learn from your mistakes, do you?"

    Bumblebee quirked a brow and grinned widely: "Actually, I do!"

    His stunner promptly fired again, zapping the restraining limb and forcing Barricade to release him in a snarl of frustration, before Bumblebee darted forward and threw up his knee as hard as he could into the other car's abdomen. But though it jerked his frame a little, it wasn't enough to inflict any decent damage, and Barricade responded with a headbutt that sent the scout withdrawing in brief disorientation. By the time he regained his bearings, the Decepticon brought his arm and backhanded the Autobot, knocking him off-balance, before bringing up his leg and delivering a powerful thrust kick.

    Bumblebee was knocked backward, over his head, and landed on his front, scraping against the ground in a flare of sparks, rather stunned from the power behind such blows, before managing to press himself up slightly, in time to see Barricade tauntingly flick up his hand and flex his fingers repeatedly. The message was clear; c'mon, bring it.

    Bumblebee did not like being the one getting taunted by someone. He revved his engine in a challenge, span his wheels rapidly and charged. Barricade braced himself just in time; the scout rammed into him as hard he could, and the Mustang's claws tore into the ground in the struggle to maintain his footing from the force behind the collision.

    But unfortunately for the more inexperienced of the two, this was exactly what Barricade had wanted; reaching down, he wrapped his arms around the Autobot, and with a rev of effort, hauled him upwards, the scout yelping in surprise as he went upside-down from the sudden lift, before realising what was going to happen just as it began.

    As hard as he could, Barricade piledrived the Autobot headfirst straight into the ground, the unfortunate rookie's head cracking the gravel on impact. As the stunned car flopped to the floor, Barricade seized him again, swung him around and bodily threw him across the clearing, sending him rolling across the ground before he finally ground to a stop, dazed and certainly on the losing end of the fight.

    Feeling quite smug, Barricade idly walked over to his discarded chain-scythe and picked it up, noting: "Maybe you've got some tricks in you, Autobot but you don't have any fires brewing in your pathetic little spark. C'mon, where's a desire to win? A desire to hurt, to kill?! You can't beat me unless you stoke the fires, you little scraplet!"

    Struggling to his wheels, strongly wishing that Hound or Grimlock or any of the others were here right now, Bumblebee retorted: "I'm not a Decepticon; I don't take pride or pleasure or joy or happiness or comfort in hurting bots!"

    "Bah, naive little idiot. Well, much as I'd love to discuss the moral standards of our factions, I'd love cutting you apart even more!"

    With that, he lunged forward, swinging the scythe over his head and bringing it down straight towards its victim. Or it would have, if Bumblebee hadn't swiftly rolled to the side, avoiding the weapon that impaled itself into the ground, and quickly lashed out with a leg, kicking Barricade in the face, jolting the Mustang to the side slightly.

    As the Decepticon wrenched his weapon from the ground, determined to exact payback, Bumblebee finally had the opening he needed; his stunners raised up, charging up power, ready to fire. Even as Barricade saw it coming, optics widening in shock, Bumblebee grinned. There was no way he could miss-

    Something latched onto his head, and before he could even react, even note the sudden sensation, he could feel only agony; a terrible shaking in his processor that rattled every neural in his frame, as if his very receptors were all simultaneously breaking down. His whole body seemed to have caught on fire, and his processor could longer tell up from down, left from right, pain from terror from failure. He would have screamed, if his vocal components would ever respond, and then-

    Then there was blackness.

    Barricade relaxed his posture as Soundwave released the Autobot's head, the Lamborghini's arm glowing with sonic power, the rookie falling limp and slumping onto the floor, offline.

    "Such an inferior." Soundwave said distastefully, flexing his hand and powering down his vibrational amplifiers. "I'm surprised you didn't slaughter him when you had the opportunity."

    "The scraplet tired me, remember." Barricade snapped, stalking over to their victim and spitefully kicking his side. "I wanted to draw out his pain."

    "Of course you did." The Communications officer replied coolly. "What better way to justify his near-victory than the good old fashioned wanted-to-make-him-suffer excuse?"

    Barricade roughly shoved the other Decepticon, snarling: "Shut your fragging face, Soundwave! I had him where I wanted him!"


    "Besides, we got ourselves our first victim at least, so my plan worked out great. If his friends weren't eager to find out what our Energon signal is, then they'll definitely come running to save their little rookie! And when Hound comes, I've have the pleasure of showing him his mutilated friend, and when he screams in horror, I'll pull out his spark!"

    "You are very intent on making the scout suffer, aren't you?"

    "What gave it away, Mr Observant?"

    Soundwave rolled the light of his visor around, before hauling the limp Autobot up by the limb and dragging him to the nearest building, where he propped him by the side and opened a panel on the scout's head, one of his fingers splitting apart into a probing tool that promptly delved into the offline Autobot's systems.

    "What are you doing, Soundwave?"

    "Setting his beacon to urgency mode; all the better to prompt the other Autobots to move faster in their efforts to locate their missing friend. I'm also disabling his weapons chip and mobility systems, so if he comes back online before he should, he won't be able to do attempt escape or resistance."

    "Ah, cool!"

    "There, it's done. If the Autobots weren't in a hurry before, they definitely will be now."

    "And when they come, we'll take them out as easily as this one!"


    Samuel Parker was never particularly fond of camping, especially in dark forests on dark nights that just screamed horror movie setting. But his friends had insisted he join them on this particular trip, and he had relented, so long as he got the lion's share of the beer that they had lugged with them in that crazy big cooler.

    To be fair, it had been fun so far, laughing and telling jokes and stories around the campfire, roasting some marshmallows (Well, when Hannah wasn't hogging them, that is), eating the crisps and sandwiches they had packed and occasionally throwing another stick into the fire just to enjoy that brief increase of heat it brought. Maybe camping wasn't as bad as he always assumed.

    But alas, nature soon made its call, and Samuel had to excuse himself from the little circle to go do his, ah, business. Maybe he should have brought a potty or something, like the one his baby nephew was currently using. Hannah warned him not to go too far, Paul just laughed and told him to keep an eye out for any bears and Joe was too busy raiding the cooler for some more beer to make a quip.

    Anyway, he quickly sorted himself out at a rather crooked tree a fair distance from the camp, and he sighed in relief as he buttoned up again. A grumpy bladder was definitely not the best thing in the world-

    The ground shook. A tiny minute little shake that barely even wiggled his toes, but it shook alright. He hesitated, unsure of what had caused it. Earthquake? Mother Nature got angry? Some kind of horrific monster? He nervously looked around him; the forest suddenly seemed to get a whole lot more foreboding.

    The ground shook again. More noticeable this time, a more prominent vibration. Okay, he was feeling a bit freaked out, especially when it shook again. There was sound to it now, a low sort of crushing sound, like a giant footfall, and the aforementioned idea of a horrific monster flared up in his increasingly fearful mind. He backed away nervously, but ended up bumping into the tree just as yet another shake, followed by another one, louder and in quicker succession.

    Something was coming. Something big and fast and capable of shaking the ground was heading his way. He pressed himself as tightly to the tree as he could, muscles tensing and brain totally panicked, heart racing in fear as his eyes desperately tried to find out the source of the noise in the darkness, the rumbles getting louder, closer-

    It passed him in a blur of titanic blackness, a huge form that smashed aside the trees in its path, moving in massive strides, as big as a house, longer than a bus, and all topped off with the brief flicker of a blood-red eye. For a split second, that eye seemed to stare straight at him, straight into his soul, and Samuel Parker had never felt so small in his life, a tiny terrified morsel staring into death itself.

    But, astonishingly, mercifully, it didn't kill him. It was gone as quickly as it had passed, disappearing into the darkness, leaving a faint rumble and a trail of uprooted dirt and crushed trees in its wake. Whatever it was, it must have been in a big hurry.

    When the ground finally stopped shaking, when it was truly gone, Samuel Parker needed a moment to reassure his frantic heart he was still alive, regain control of his muscles and peel himself off the tree, deep and guttural breaths trying to refuel his terrified lungs. He heard Hannah calling, asking what was taking him so long, utterly ignorant of the unknown horror he had just witnessed.

    Thankfully, his voice managed to call back that he was fine, on his way back, but before he did, as he tried to regain his composure, not seem so terrified when they would have no idea why, he nervously shifted forward, to the path where the monster had passed, and, even in the darkness, he noted the huge three-clawed footprint pressed into the dirt.

    He gulped. He took back what he had thought before; he'd never go camping again. Ever.
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    Yeah so, didn't go well. Here's what's weird: your two favorite characters beating each other up. The battle in the forest before, while full of action, was actually kind of lighthearted compared to this fest. I don't know if it was implied before, I only just got that Barricade is a cloaker? Not sure if he used that in the other battle that he was in, but now that I've clearly seen his special ability in action, I have to say, that's really cool, and it suits his brutal nature to not want to, let's say, "play fair." I mean, really. Barricade just got 20% cooler, that little quick invisible aggressive cutie.

    You know, it's kind of funny: I wasn't expecting to, but I really identified well with Bumblebee in this chapter. I've been in similar situations, if you take out the grand Decepticon scheme and the energon and the newspaper factory. Simply put, it's that feeling we get when something really upsets us and we abandon all of our regards to ration (in a situation where it would be best to apply it, ironically) in favor of acting on extreme actions or ridiculous scenarios when I know that it's not completely logical. Then if I don't convince myself otherwise before I act on these things, it ends with consequences--like this clearly did for Bee. In fact, that feeling I described happened to me just recently because of a really bad setback. I really hope the little guy gets out of this one okay, and hopefully his self-esteem will be intact...though I'm not sure how much getting beaten in this grand scheme will help. At least he'll learn from his mistake, right?

    By the by, I'm sensing a revelation! I feel as though that this is the episode where we at least get a hint of what's driven Barricade to hate Hound so much; and I'm extremely eager to know, believe you me, because I love them both to the high heavens and it's conflict between two characters that I love that makes me happy. Hound's sentiment is cute, not to mention, in an appropriate-for-the-situation kinda way. Seems like this is the first time he's been genuinely worried about his student, and it seems like a touch of character development. Especially when it helps him empathize with Ratchet, which brings me back to when Hound confronted one of the other characters concerning the way Ratchet had reacted to Evac's--shall we say--swim.

    Overall, seems like this is going to be a great episode full of exciting things. Once again, best wishes to the Autobots. Can't wait for the update!

    EDIT: Oh, and Wheeljack. Honestly, wasn't expecting for him to come. Now that he is, I'm excited to see how it plays out between him, Hound, and Grimlock on their way to try and help their little buddy. D:
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    The Emerald Isles
    Nice UP reference there with the snipe.

    And at the very least, Bumblebee gave it his best shot in trying to beat Barricade, and were it not for Soundwave's intervention, I like to think there's a strong possibility he could have done it. But in the end, it was two experienced Decepticon soldiers against one inexperienced Autobot scout. The odds were never really in Bee's favor.

    And Wheeljack's all better too, that's cool. It's also nice to see him wanting to help Hound in finding Bee. I loved how casual his reactions were.
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    The three toed monster is Starscream.
  7. Wars

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    The Emerald Isles
    Grimlock, more likely...
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    Agreed to the above poster, thought it was Grimlock on his way to kill a couple of cons.
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    Some may consider it a very strange sight indeed to see a yellow robot propped up against the wall of an old factory building, the mechanical humanoid's body slumped pitifully and head sagged against the left shoulder. Most definite would be the questions it would raise in the minds of any who did see it; what is it? How did it get there? Is it even functional?

    Of course, the hole in the side of another structure, the largest one, and the various scrapes against the ground would indicate some sort of battle had taken place here. Had the yellow robot fought something here, and if so, what? Another robot? Something else entirely? Something strong enough to defeat it and leave here like some sort of trophy, certainly.

    Indeed, to the uninformed, this would be a strange sight indeed.

    But to Barricade and Soundwave, it was the sight of what promised to be the start of a successful evening. Though the scout was offline, there was still the sound of a quiet repeating beep emanating from within the yellow torso, the subtle auditorial cue of a distress beacon. Any Autobot ship within four planets of Earth could pick up the potent signal, which meant the ship definitely planted here on Earth would definitely be aware of it.

    Barricade, hidden in the shadows around the side of a nearby bunker, his dark colouring easily blending in, chuckled cruelly: "Ooh, when they all line up to make sure their little friend is okay, I'll jump in and cut all their heads off! Even that damn monster and the Lieutenant won't be able to see me coming!"

    "Let's not get overconfident." Soundwave replied, waiting patiently upon the roof of the smaller structure their prisoner was propped up against. "We could potentially face all six Autobots, assuming they bring the helicopter and have fixed the medic. This must be executed with precision-"

    "Ah, shut up, Soundwave. They'll be too busy fussing over the scraplet to see us coming. Swipe of the scythe, send them all to the Pit! Hey, you know what's funny?"


    "Apparently humans believe in this thing called a Grim Reaper, and it has a scythe too, like me! So, if the Lieutenant can be the Lieutenant, then you can refer to me as-"

    He leapt from his hiding spot, rolled into the open, swung his scythe around impressively, holding it skywards and dramatically declared: "The Reaper! Harvester of Autobot sparks, ruination of Autobot lives and the grand and glorious killer of that damnable Hound!"

    He posed dramatically, confident in his ego and self-proclaimed title, as if nothing in the world could ever hope to challenge his might and power!

    "You're such an idiot."

    "Frag you, Soundwave, don't ruin my moment."

    "Get back into cover before you disrupt our ambush."

    "Alright, fine, you rust-faced killjoy. But understand that under normal circumstances, no-one commands the Reaper!"

    "One Starscream is enough, thank you."

    Angered at such a demeaning comparison, Barricade cursed Soundwave with as many disgusting terms as he could imagine, and knowing the shock trooper, that was a lot. Nevertheless, he returned to the shelter of the shadows, and they resumed waiting for the Autobots they sought to destroy.



    Some more waiting.


    "Load it up, Seekers, we haven't got all night! If the Autobots were to happen upon us now, our operation could be set back!"

    Starscream barked out orders to his Seekers, who were carting large hunks of rusted cars and broken machinery from the scrapyard into the Darksyde's loading bay. Their choice of luggage was a wide range, from huge piles of scrap that required two Seekers to carry, to tiny bits of twisted metal that even Waspinator could lift up by itself. The more material, the better!

    Nighttrace was buzzing around the air around the ship, her sharp optics and sensory antenna keeping a look out for any possible intruders or passers-by, flicking her tail now and the as she maintained her vigilant post, while Waspinator buzzed around its master, twittering to the jet now and then in the insectoid vocals that only he could understand.

    "Yes, the moon is bright tonight." Starscream replied idly, examining the silver curve of the crescent shape with mild interest. "But nevertheless, I would prefer it to be less bright; I don't want any more illumination upon our activities than is visually acceptable for humans to not notice us."

    "Commander, we've filled the loading bay." A Seeker reported, striding over and standing beside the slightly taller Decepticon, as the last piece of scrap was dumped inside the ship. "The ship is ready to depart at your command."

    "Excellent work. Have Slipstream start up the engines and exit the atmosphere as quickly as you can before the Autobots have time to react. Hopefully our decoys will be keeping them too preoccupied anyway, but still, better safe than sorry."

    "Yes sir." The Seeker, and promptly headed over to the bay. Noting the preparation of departure, Nighttrace flitted downwards to Starscream’s level, watching the Seekers securing any last materials, before eyeing the larger Decepticon with a questioning glance.

    He snorted at her unspoken question: "No, I haven't checked up on them yet. If they had anything worthwhile to report, they'd have called me themselves. Besides, it's better to keep com-link silence in case the Autobots are trying to listen in. Now, back to the ship, Nighttrace, and you as well, Waspinator. I'll catch up in due time."

    She tilted her head slightly, raising a brow, but nevertheless obeyed, gesturing the insectoid drone to follow as she hovered to the ship, Waspinator buzzing after her with its usual eagerness.

    The loading bay closed with a heavy rumble, and the ship's engines activated in an impressive flare of fire, the bottom thrusters heaving it upwards, angling the front of the Darksyde towards the moon, before the main thrusters gave a mighty roar and it was off into the night sky.

    Starscream watched it go, before huffing some heat out of his thrusters and stretching slightly. Despicable as the planet was with its organic populations and plentiful mud pits and swamps and other disgusting habitats, he did acknowledge that the cool night air serenaded by the light of the moon was rather nice. He'd seen better, of course, but he could take what he got.

    Finishing his brief stretch, feeling his hydraulics hiss in satisfaction, he smiled and noted: "Well, moon, as you can see, our activities on your planet are progressing nicely. Soon enough our operation will see completion, and when it does, you will witness the true glory of the Decepticons."

    He paused, and then added: "Well, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll be on the other side of the planet, hidden from view, when our plan comes to its climax. I wouldn't blame you; when the Autobots die, I'll make sure it's something no-one will ever forget."

    He spends a few more minutes there, standing, observing, contemplating, before he finally mutters a low promise to himself, a promise to triumph, and then he is gone into the night, the Raptor speeding off into the sky, as fast as sound and many times more powerful.


    Boulder is a friendly and endearing Autobot, and Jazz is quite pleased that it is him who answers his communication. Iacon's main headquarters typically had rotating shifts amongst those who waited for calls from outer-territory scouting teams, and the Lieutenant considered himself fairly lucky that this bot was the one to answer, instead of that surly soldier called, what was it, Chrome? Chromia? Something like that.

    Regardless, Boulder is now saying: "Well, I've checked with the storage unit, and they say they can spare a chunk of Solanor. It's not that big, but I'm sure your ship can absorb enough light energy to initiate replication."

    "Boulder, you have no idea how good this news is." Jazz says cheerfully, stretching back on his chair slightly as his engine revs with relief. "That Solanor's gonna make our job a Pit of a lot easier."

    "What do you intend to use it for, anyway?" The construction worker asked, yellow optics brightening with curiosity. "The reports you've been sending us says the planet you're in is inhabited. You don't mean to build a solar plant on someone else's planet, do you?"

    "No, we're not that obvious." The Solstice chuckled. "It's a risky manoeuvre, possibly, but we're willing to try. We're gonna use it to enhance human technologies, allow us to harvest the additional energy without them ever noticing."

    Boulder gave a low rev. "Daring. You sure you can pull that off?"

    "No problem at all, Boulder. After all, I'm the Lieutenant."

    "Of course you are, how could I possibly forget?" Boulder replies, rolling his optics in amusement and causing the other Autobot to laugh. "Well, we'll send you space bridge coordinates for the delivery based on the time zone of your planet in due time. Those uploads of the native’s 'Internet' you’ve sent have been very useful, and really interesting too! When this mess is over, maybe I'll pop over and see it myself."

    "I hope you do! It's a nice planet, Boulder. Did I tell you I actually interacted with a native in my alternate form?"

    "Really? Wow, you are daring."

    "True that. Thanks a ton, Boulder; this mission's gonna run a lot more smoothly when the Solanor arrives."

    "No problem, Lieutenant. Oh, by the way, I've been instructed to pass on a message to you. Well, not me personally, but everyone running the outer-territory communications is to pass on this message from Zeta Prime to the Lieutenant."

    Jazz paused, suddenly apprehensive, and asked: "Okay? What's the message?"

    "It's literally just: How goes your objective? I guess he's just checking up on your energy run."

    "Yeah, that'll be it. Well, tell Zeta that my objective is coming along well. Just need some clearer aim, is all."

    "Well, it'll be plenty clear when your request gets there. I'll pass that onto him. Good luck, Lieutenant."

    "And to you, Boulder. Thanks very much."

    The screen went black, and Jazz revved in slight annoyance. The last thing he needed was Zeta Prime himself continually sending messages to check up on his progress. Too much hassle, honestly, particularly with appearances that needed to be kept up.

    "Well-" He snorted, flexing his doors slightly. "-That's what happens when your car isn't the only disguise."

    Still, regardless of Zeta's little check-up, this was very good news. All he needed was a message that would state specific time and coordinates to pick up the Solanor, and at last they would finally be able to carry on with their mission. He'd better go tell the others about this, particularly Grimlock, who should at least be satisfied with a defined goal.

    But then, knowing Grimlock, he would never be satisfied. Jazz shook his head and chuckled slightly, before heading off to the control room, intending to summon every able body and inform them of their situation.

    He entered the room, and was immediately perturbed to note that no-one was present. Hound was gone, Grimlock and Bumblebee evidently hadn't returned yet, and the other three- Well, actually, they were still stuck in the med-bay, so that was fair enough. But Hound, Grimlock and Bee? No sign.

    Even more perturbing was what the holographic display, a gleaming image of the Earth, was displaying; a highlighted purple trail, heading skywards, the instantly recognisable trail of Energon-nitrate.

    “So, the Decepticons were up to something again.” Jazz growled, moving over for a closer analysis. “This is getting to be quite frustrating. I’ll have to-“

    He stopped short as he noticed the second highlight upon the display; the flashing signal of an Autobot distress beacon. And according to the characteristic signature, the beacon belonged to none other than Bumblebee. No wonder Hound was gone; the jeep would not hesitate to move to the aid of his apprentice.

    As he realised that fact, Jazz remained frozen in horror at the continuous flashing of the signal, frozen in horror at the very concept of the rookie out there on his own, in danger, in a position threatening enough to warrant such a call for help, and then he regained his sense of mobility, spun round and raced out of the room.

    Never mind Zeta’s message. Never mind the need for Solanor. Never mind whatever the Decepticon ship had been up to.

    His Autobots needed him.


    His optics are fuzzy when they come back online, only registering blackness, but eventually the painful remnants of vibrations are gone from his processor, and his vision returns to him. It's still blurry, but as far as he can tell, he's still at the factory, sat up against a wall or something, staring across the clearing with the occasional scrapes in the tarmac where his battle against that cloaking guy had done some environmental damage.

    He briefly wonders if the Decepticons have left him here, or they've been chased off by his friends, or if he's actually dead and the Allspark just happens to look like some factory setting. He hopes it's the middle option.

    His systems are sluggish and reluctant to recalibrate, so he has time to think, and think he does, about the colossal amount of trouble he was in. Bad enough he’d pretty gone against basic Autobot principles, bad enough he’d been lured right into this mess, and to add the grease to the cog, he was still stuck, possibly damaged and certainly vulnerable, in hostile territory.

    Oh, if only he hadn’t overreacted! If only he had listened to his rational side! If only he had just fled from the Decepticon, fled from the communications block, and found help! But no, he had done none of those things, because he’d been silly and prideful and zealous.

    Hound always said the overconfident were the first to become confidently dead, and he now understood all too well the meaning of that phrase. Were he human, he would have choked out a sob and maybe a foolish tear or two, but he wasn’t, so he could only dim his optics in shame.

    But at least the Decepticons hadn’t killed him, right? Always look on the bright side; he was still alive, and could still go and find his comrades! So, that was what he would do! He would get away from this ominous place, go back to the ship and apologise profusely to the others for worrying them like this-

    Disturbingly, however, any attempt to move anything other than his optics, mouth or stiff neck is met with nothing. He can feel the aches over his frame, but he can't move them. He can't move his legs! Or his wheels, or his arms, or anything! He was paralysed! He struggled against his own indifferent frame, but yielded no results, none at all. He was totally and utterly incapable of movement.

    But before he could panic about this horrifying setback, he hears the one voice he really does not want to hear right now, that makes him become even more still, a cruel sneer that said: "Hey, he's coming back online. I though you said he'd be offline for a few hours, you incompetent piece of slag!"

    "Really? Interesting; I suspect his in-built insulation systems required to prevent backlash from his stunners are compensating for the aftereffects of my attack. Regardless, it's of no concern; his processor and non-essential systems may be quick to recover, but his mobility systems will take much longer, long enough for us to complete our mission without interference."

    The cold metallic tone of the reply not only indicated the presence of a second Decepticon, but also the true scale of their plot. They hadn’t left at all; oh Primus, the Decepticons were still here, still waiting, using him as a prop, as.... as bait! They were using him as bait, just like they'd used the Energon, and now he was bait too, bait for the other Autobots!

    Words could not describe the sudden and brutal flush of failure that flowed through every neural in his helpless frame. Not only had he wheeled right into this awful situation, but now he was going to be used to bring in his friends into this awful situation! Oh no, just let him be the one to pay for his mistakes, not the others! He was the one who disobeyed the basic rule of caution; the other Autobots didn’t deserve to get lured into a trap over him!

    He wants to protest, but his vocal components can only formulate garbled protests and beeps, which seems to amuse the first Decepticon, the crimson cloaker who he had fought; he steps into the Beetle’s view, observing his prisoner with a cruel amusement, and sneered: “What’s the matter, Autobot? Driller got your chords?”

    Bumblebee struggles to force his vocal components into forming something coherent, humiliated and indignant and unhappy with the pitiful sounds they make and the way the Decepticon laughs at them, taunting: “Aw, the poor little scraplet can’t even talk now. Good thing, really, having no voice is an excellent improvement for annoying pieces of scrap like you-“

    “Barricade, get back into position-“

    The Autobot suddenly notices; the second Decepticon sounded intense, almost… scared? But the other one, Barricade, ignores him, snarling: “Shut up, Soundwave! Can’t you see I’m enjoying myself here?!”

    But then Bumblebee hears it; the approach of an engine, a large and powerful engine getting closer and closer. But Barricade, caught up in his cruel mockery, is unaware: “Do you know what would be an even better improvement, you pest? No ugly face on that yellow head! So I’ll just-“

    What Barricade intended to do, Bumblebee never found out, given the sudden plethora of noise, ranging from Soundwave’s shout of warning, the sudden increase of the engines noise and most prominent of all-


    -The sound of a Cybertronian getting hit by a truck.

    Barricade is rammed out of sight, the crimson Decepticon utterly knocked afar by the brutal force of the brown Mack tanker truck that so effortlessly dispatched him. Even as Bumblebee realises exactly what just happened, realises who just saved him, and feels a surge of relief light up his frame, he hears the truck transforming, unfolding claws slamming into the ground and hoisting up the huge frame as metal splits apart, extends, whipping into a tail, unfolding into jaws, locking into an animalistic body-

    Grimlock stands tall and proud, and he rears up and unleashes the loudest and most terrifying roar Bumblebee has ever heard in his life, spewing fire into the sky as he asserts his fury; most creatures would flee from the mere sound of the berserker’s wrath, but to Bumblebee, it is as sweet as the greatest music.

    But it is also terrifying; Bumblebee has seen Grimlock mad, but he had never seen him truly enraged; crimson optics glowed intensely with a fire that clouded any and all rational thinking, whole frame shaking and revving with savagery, tail whipping violently around with its blade slicing through the air, and flame spewing out of his mouth like a monster straight from the Pit.

    But this monster has not come to claim the spark of a rookie; it has a nobler intention in mind, and a far more satisfying target in sight.

    Barricade was desperately scrabbling back to his feet, trying to regain his footing and either escape or retaliate, but Grimlock is already upon him, jaws clamping down on the Decepticon’s abdomen, Barricade howling in pain as the teeth sank into him-

    But then the Autobot releases him in a roar of pain in a flash of blue light, and Soundwave joins the fray, repeatedly firing upon Grimlock with his sonic shock rifle, the concussive weapon impacting the truck’s head and torso repeatedly. As the Mustang seizes the opportunity to make his escape, scurrying away to a safe distance, Grimlock switches targets, unfolds his hip-mounted blasters and returns fire, forcing Soundwave to jump from the roof as missiles all but obliterate where he just stood.

    The Lamborghini lands gracefully, rolls into a shooting position and continues firing, but his weapon proves ineffective at even hampering the larger Cybertronian, as Grimlock lunges for him, fire bursting from his mouth in waves of heat that was making even Bumblebee’s frame, away from the blast as he was, start to warm up.

    Soundwave is forced to leap away from the threat of the flames, forced to relent in his attempts to overcome the Autobot with repeated firepower, and Grimlock steps defensively in front of the prone rookie, snarling and snapping his jaws in a clear threat; touch the Beetle, and face the consequences.

    The Decepticon retreats to a safe distance, joined by Barricade, unsure of how to continue with the plan now; chances were, they had no hope of overcoming Grimlock, no hope against the monster at all, and every logical circuit in his processor screams at him to declare a retreat. His firepower didn’t hurt it, he doubted Barricade could do much to the berserker either, and it was clear that Grimlock would stop at nothing to kill him or Barricade, not when the other Autobot was at risk.

    Both sides faced off, Grimlock standing before Bumblebee, the two Decepticons waiting at a distance. Grimlock repeatedly snarled and hissed at his foes, his massive body blocking off their view of the Beetle, his savage mind intently focussed on the victims before him, yet intensely dedicated to the defence of his helpless comrade.

    It was a defence the two Decepticons had no hope of overcoming, and surely they must realise that.

    “That escalated quickly.” Soundwave muttered, a hint of fear in his otherwise mechanical inflection. “What now? We don’t stand a chance against him-“

    “Yes we do, you cowardly fragger.” Barricade snarled, flexing his claws in readiness. “He’s just a dumb monster; we need to outsmart him. So, make yourself useful for once and distract him, and I’ll handle the rest.”

    With that, Barricade suddenly turned and ran away, ran off across the clearing and disappeared behind a building. Grimlock watched him go, being sure to send some shots after him, before focussing his full attention on the remaining foe, his entire frame aching to rip apart the fool that had dared attempt to harm his friend.

    Soundwave was understandably hesitant, now alone against the monster, but he nevertheless summoned whatever courage he could, raised his gun, and began firing on the Autobot again, hoping that whatever plan Barricade had would be a good one. Alas, his blasts remained ineffective against the sturdy beast, whose heavy armour easily withstood the force of his attack, and with that, Grimlock charged up an intense heat in his mouth and unleashed a titanic fire ball.

    The Decepticon cursed and threw himself out of its path, as the ball of flame struck where he had just been standing and exploded in a potent plume of fire. Grimlock’s defence was not only impenetrable, but his offence was terrifyingly effective; in short, Soundwave would not be inflicting any worthwhile damage at all to the Autobot. Urgh, what a depressing turn of events; their plan had been effectively ruined, all because Barricade had chosen to taunt the scout despite an oncoming truck heading for him.

    From behind Grimlock, Bumblebee was finally feeling a sense of security and positivity building up in him; though he couldn’t quite see the Decepticons from behind the truck, it appeared that Grimlock’s awesome firepower was more than enough to keep them at bay, or even chase them away! His friend had always been known as one of the best Autobot warriors, and here as yet more proof of how well he deserved that claim.

    Grimlock’s mighty defence filled the scout with hope that maybe this night had not ended in a gross failure on his part, that the berserker could make it alright again, that the Decepticons would never dare to try anything like this again, and maybe Grimlock might even forgive him for his silly behaviour, given he had come after him and saved him in the first place!

    On the other side of the berserker, Soundwave considered his options, as his foe prepared to fire on him again, unsure of whether to continue trying to distract the monster or just retreat, still waiting on whatever plan his comrade had, before ultimately deciding that Barricade had probably made a run for it, and thus a retreat would be the best-

    With a roar of anger, Barricade suddenly decloaked and leapt from the roof of the building his target stood before, bearing his lethal scythe, and he lands upon Grimlock’s back, catching the monster unawares and brutally digging his blade and claws into wherever he could reach on the Autobot’s frame, Energon spurting out of the sudden wounds.

    The Lamborghini was surprised; so the Mustang hadn’t run away after all. Huh.

    Bumblebee tries to call out a warning, a protest, a scream, anything, but still his vocal components refuse to work, and he only watch in horror as the frenzied Decepticon repeatedly stabs and stabs at his friend, his saviour, Grimlock roaring in furious pain as he lurched violently in an attempt to dislodge this new threat, Energon splattering out from the wounds Barricade was inflicting, intent on causing as much pain as he could to the Autobot.

    As Grimlock swung round furiously, jaws and tail attempting to rip the attacker off of his back, Barricade jammed his blade into the Autobot’s neck, shrieking: “Freak! Animal! I’ll rip out your valves, you monster!”

    Grimlock roared again, defying the threat, and suddenly rolls over, Barricade howling in horror and pain as the berserker crushed him between himself and the ground, removing the Decepticon from his back, but before he could finish off the shock trooper, Soundwave had decided to take advantage of his distraction and started shooting at him again, the sonic waves dispersing over the truck’s armour in concussive impacts.

    The berserker switched targets at the interference, utterly consumed with rage now, and fired a flurry of laser blasts at the Decepticon that had him evading the blasts as the ground around him, but before Grimlock could follow up this attack, Barricade, dented and still battle ready, latched onto the truck’s leg, tearing at it with as much ferocity as he could, shouting: “We’re not finished, you fragging abomination!”

    Bumblebee could not believe such outright brutality from the Decepticon, whose zealous attempts to harm the truck made for a grisly sight, optics wide in utter shock, as Grimlock swung his head round and this time managed to snag Barricade’s own leg in his jaws, flinging the Decepticon off of him, the Mustang landing and rolling back to his feet a fair distance, before, roaring in fury, the berserker charged at him, his raging mind focussed completely and utterly on destroying the impudent attacker.

    But in his Energon lust, Grimlock had forgotten his key objective.

    Bumblebee’s neck, though still slow and sluggish, jerked up at the sound of an approach and allowed him to look up at the sudden presence of Soundwave, taking advantage of Barricade’s distraction and prepping his rifle for a fully charged shot. But it wasn’t Grimlock that was his target.

    Soundwave aimed the glowing weapon straight at the scout's head, whose optics widened in utter terror, and coldly noted: “Your comrade spoiled everything; even if we bring him down, we’d be in no shape to face the others. But at least I can remove at least one Autobot from the equation tonight."

    Bumblebee's optics were flickering and horrified as he stared, paralysed and helpless, into the barrel of Soundwave's rifle. This was it. This was the end. In his quest to prove himself, he had only proved himself as target practice. He wants to scream for Grimlock, for anything, to save him, but it's no use. Grimlock had only wanted to help; that was all he'd wanted to do, why he’d warned him in the first place and why he was here now, battling the enemy, and yet Bumblebee, in all his selfish idiocy, would force his best friend to behold his corpse.

    Maybe a silly rookie like him deserved this punishment-

    "Goodbye, Bumblebee." Soundwave said dryly, as if cold-Energon slaughter was as casual an activity as commenting on the weather, and the Autobot snapped his optics shut tightly-


    A sudden and shockingly close collision of metal sounded with a mighty clang, and the sound of the charged rifle was gone, replaced by the furious pummels of fists upon frame, and a familiar and merciful and lethal voice snarls: "GET AWAY FROM HIM!"

    Bumblebee's optics open in surprise, and when his neck finally manages to twist itself to the side so he can see the source of the noise, he feels a sudden sense of security, matched only against Grimlock's arrival.

    Hound is furiously attacking Soundwave in a storm of fists and kicks, one punch slamming the Decepticon's head hard enough to jerk his mouthplate to the side, another blow to the abdomen denting the black plating, declaring that the Decepticon would never, ever touch his protege, would regret ever daring to try and harm him!

    But to his credit, the Decepticon is not yet overcome by such a vicious assault; he lashes out, retaliating against his attacker, emitting sonic pulses that briefly disorientate the jeep, forcing the fight from one-sided to an even match-up as Hound nevertheless powers on through the car's sonic defences.

    Even as Hound and Soundwave grapple and wrestle, Bumblebee finds himself being shifted into a larger Cybertronian's arms, and before he can protest or panic, Wheeljack declares: "C'mon, rookie, we're getting you out of here!"

    Grimlock and Hound and Wheeljack. They all came for him. They'd fight Decepticons till the end to help him. Bumblebee has never truly been struck by the loyalty of soldiers being shown on the battlefield, but now he has, and it courses through him like the strongest of all lightning bolts.

    Barricade and his savage foe remain unaware of the new arrivals; Barricade's arms and legs are wrapped around the berserker's head and neck, struggling to keep the flaming maw shut and attempting to dig his claws further into the monster's head, while Grimlock ruthlessly drags his clinging foe against the ground, grinding the car between metal and earth in his efforts to dislodge him.

    Wheeljack saw this as he carries Bumblebee away from the conflict, and states: "Bear with me, Bee, just gotta help out our grumpy chum."

    He shifts the paralysed Autobot in his arms slightly so that his unfolding plasma cannon can appropriately aim at the struggling warriors, and fires a bright blue blast of power. The projectile flies straight and true, and strikes Barricade's side, earning a yelp of pain as the sudden attack causes him to lose his grip; this is the opening Grimlock required, and with a violent shake of his torso, finally throws the shock trooper off of him with a terrifying roar.

    But this moment of triumph does not last; even as Wheeljack cheers, Soundwave kicks Hound back and brings his rifle round, aiming right for the tow truck and firing a precise blast of sonic energy right at the rookie in his arms-

    But the inventor hears it coming and attempts to throw himself out of the way, angling himself so that his comrade is out of harm’s way, but the blast strikes his side, dealing a impressive tear in his armour, and the tow truck goes down with a yelp of pain, dropping Bumblebee to the floor as he struggles to regain himself from the hit.

    "NO!" Hound roars and throws himself at Soundwave, knocking the gun from his hands as he tackles the Decepticon to the floor, grabbing his foe's head and ramming it into the ground: "No more, you coward!"

    But even as Wheeljack struggles to his feet, desperate to get the helpless rookie out of danger, Grimlock is already on hand, his tail coiling around the tow truck and hoisting him upwards with ease, before he snarls: "Grimlock will get Bumblebee out of here. Finish these Decepticons, and leave their corpses as an example."

    Wheeljack is a tad disturbed by that, but he knows better than to argue with an angry Grimlock, and he quickly agrees, promptly hoisting up the scout and settling him onto the truck's back, Bumblebee offering much apologies, thank-yous and good lucks, before the berserker was already darting off. It was a good trade; Grimlock was a much faster runner than he was, already smashing through the fencing and disappearing into the night, taking the little guy with him, and now Wheeljack had the pleasure of taking down these Decepticons himself!

    Well, with Hound as well, but whatever.

    Speaking of which, the scout had finally laid the critical blow, smashing Soundwave into the wall with a powerful kick, the Decepticon slumping amidst the rumble with a groan, visor flickering randomly as he struggled back to his feet, but he freezes when Hound unsheathes his energy pistol and aims it right at his head.

    "If you know what's good for you." Hound rumbles coldly, blue optics flashing with righteous retribution. "You'll stay down-"

    "Hound, LOOK OUT!"

    The warning comes too late; Hound cries out in pain as savage claws dig into his shoulder, and he is thrown roughly to the side, his pistol falling out of his hands and clattering uselessly onto the ground. As the jeep regains his footing, he looks up, and his optics widen in horror as Barricade steps forward, dented, optics flaring with deranged malice, claws coated in the jeep's Energon, and growls sadistically: "Ah, Hound, it feels good to see you again, and it feels even better to see you bleed. Now, you fragging hologramming waste of spark, you get the unmatched honour of being torn apart BY BARRICADE!"

    Notes: After spouting much crap, Barricade finally faces off against Hound. Huzzah!

    A crucial flaw of Grimlock was exposed here; did you spot it?
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    Crucial flaw: I think I did see it. When he was going all out, and had forgotten what he was doing; this is insinuating that when he rages, he sometimes goes irrational and forget his objective. Not sure if that's exactly what you had in mind, but that's at least what I picked up on. Makes me wonder how it'll effect certain circumstances in the future, if/when it happens again.

    Ugh, man this chapter was so bittersweet to me. I waited in anxiety for a really long time (okay, it wasn't a really long time, but it felt like it) for it to get posted and was thrilled when I saw it today, and am satisfied that Bumblebee managed to get out of it and all else, but it looks like we have to wait for another chapter to get some hints at revelations pertaining to why Barricade holds a grudge against Hound. I guess you're trolling me for lulz. But, I'll get into the serious part of my analysis:

    The dynamics in the relationship between Hound and Bumblebee was obviously brought out, and let me tell you, I just reveled in it. While I don't like it when things start to get sachherine in instances where fangirls typically between the ages of nine and sixteen oversell family-oriented bonds (and there is a fine line, I'll emphasize), it was the perfect amount of implication and it was in character and very, very sweet with the right amount of drama. Hound getting all defensive over Bumblebee, saying the things he said to Soundwave, beating the bloody heck out of him, it was a great execution in showing the strength of protectiveness and compassion. I'm sure Bumblebee will be thanking him later once he regains control of his limbs. Same goes for Wheeljack, whom it was awesome to see the compassionate side of, even though he was an alleged distaste for "chatty rookies." He's defensive over the youngun, wants to help keep him safe, it's all just awesome shizz and Transformers has missed this type of friendship subtlety since G1.

    Of course, what to say about Grimlock? Of course he showed up to be the first in saving the day, that big lug. I don't know if it was intentional, but I found that there was an implication of his deep-rooted affection when he blatantly walked out of battle so that he could bring Bumblebee to safety: Grimlock backed out of a fight specifically to make sure his friend was okay. That's some deep stuff. There's also Jazz, which I'm excited to see arrive on the scene. I was very happy when he dropped everything with the knowledge that his Autobots were in trouble. So far, we've mostly seen stoic, commander Jazz, but this was our first really big hint at his own caring side for his soldiers.

    So, inevitably what makes this chapter great is that it gave us a lot of relationship-based characterization.

    And speaking of which, we're four and three quarters episodes in, so I'm going to list my officially established BroTP's that have been conjured over the chapters up to this date (they're all platonic because I usually don't ship romance):
    1. Bumblebee/Grimlock
    2. Soundwave/Barricade
    3. Slipstream/Barricade
    4. Evac/Bumblebee
    5. Hound/Bumblebee
    7. Jazz/Hound
    8. Barricade/Bumblebee-I don't ship these two as friends. Their relationship is strictly hate/hate, but I like to delve on them because I feel like their opposing personalities and factions could bring up funny chemistry. As you saw in that one *ahem* drabble...:D 
    9. Hound/Ratchet, a kind of weird one.

    They're canonical for the most part (and there are obviously other ones they're just not up there with my faves), but I like to delve on the listed ones the most.

    Oboy, I'll be hanging by shoe strings until the next chapter. I can't wait to hear Barricade's logic behind hating Hound. I can't wait to see Jazz storm on to the scene. I can't wait to see how the three get out of it. And I can't wait to see how this whole things effects everyone, and if it effects the characters that I think it will in ways that I predict. Particularly Bumblebee, Hound, and Grimlock.

    Oh, and the whole Reaper scene. That was perfect. I'm going to start nicknaming Barricade: Reaper.
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    The Emerald Isles
    Wow, I have to admit, that was a pretty intelligent plan of attack on Grimlock on Barricade's part, attacking where he was most vulnerable and unable to reach the Decepticon. Clever.

    Poor Hound, he's in real big trouble now..
  12. Ømnidrive

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    OH THIS JUST GOT GOOD........I don't understand how a scout class took down? If Grimlock is as bad as you've made him then he should be fighting then Barricade tries to kill Bee leaving Hound and Jackie to come in!!!!

    ..............OTHER THAN THAT GOOD JOB!!! :D 
  13. Meta777

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    Note: Grimlock is insanely powerful, hence why both Barricade and Soundwave's combined efforts failed to damage him much. But like an actual T-rex, and as Transformerwars noted, he struggles to repel attackers clung to his back, since he lacks the arms or mobility to just reach up and pull them off. Barricade took advantage of a dinosaur's biological vulnerability :D 

    It also helps that it was two-on-one, in that every time Grimlock had one on the ropes, the other would distract him.

    And now, the final chapter! Enjoy!

    Hound was struggling, really. Barricade was much faster and more voracious than Soundwave, constantly lunging in, claws bared or fists clenched or legs kicking, and he had to work hard to deflect and block this brutal assault.

    Barricade grabbed a blocking arm and forced it down, giving his free fist a chance to punch Hound in the face, before swinging his other arm back for another blow. But Hound recovered quickly and struck back with his own punch that staggered Barricade slightly; the jeep may lack his foe's brutality, but he did have the size advantage.

    The Decepticon was persistent, though, and struck back, kicking at Hound's leg to knock the jeep off-balance, before delivering a powerful uppercut that staggered him, the Mustang lunging forward to follow up the attack, knocking Hound back. But even before they hit the ground, the scout was ready.

    His arms rotated back, his hands catching the floor, and with a swift lurch of his legs, both flipped himself onto his feet and flung Barricade off him, the car crashing to the floor behind him.

    But for what it was worth, the Decepticon was durable too; he instantly scrabbled back to his feet, drew out the chain-scythe, and swung it at Hound, aiming right for his head. Hound ducked the swipe, deflected the next and side-stepped the third, but the fourth finally found purchase, embedding itself into his side with a flare of agony.

    Barricade had no triumph from this injury, however; Hound simply seized the chain and wrenched it towards, pulling the surprised Decepticon right into his fist, before he brought his leg up and kicked Barricade away, pulling the blade out of him and throwing it to the side, out of the fight.

    "You lack subtlety, Barricade." Hound criticised, prepping his fists for the next bout. "Your style is brutal and incapable of adaptation. Take it from a scout; know your enemy's terrain."

    "I don't need scouting to figure you out, Hound." Barricade snarled. "You're just a worthless hologramming pile of scrap, and it'll be my delight to rip you apart!"

    He lunged forward, bringing his arms together with the intent of a dual crushing attack, but Hound quickly raised his arms to block this. Unfortunately for him, the Mustang had gambled on that, and in the brief second their limbs were locked, the doors on his hips suddenly extended protrusions of ragged metal, rotated around and ruthlessly stabbed into Hound's sides, the uneven points ripping at his armour.

    Hound howled in pain, and Barricade laughed: "Don't know every inch of the terrain, do you?!"

    As they wrestled, Wheeljack had taken it upon himself to finish off Soundwave. The Communications officer was slow, weakened from his previous bout, and he was struggling to avoid or deflect Wheeljack's wild punches, particularly when his third arm occasionally jabbed at Soundwave's head. The tow truck clearly had the advantage, and the Lamborghini needed something to give him the edge.

    Wheeljack's fist came at him from the right, and thus he raised his hand and caught the punch with a sharp squeal of hydraulics. Seizing the opportunity, he reared his free hand back, and his vibrational amplifiers immediately began charging sonic energy to deliver a devastating blow. However, Wheeljack had had the same idea; his own arm also reared back, unfolding the in-built plasma cannon, building up energy.

    Simultaneously, they threw their energised punches, and plasma and sonic energy collided in an epic shockwave of power that sent both fighters flying back, crashing along the ground from the force of their clash.

    Wheeljack was the first to get up, and grimly noted his plasma cannon was quite damaged, dented inwards and leaking slightly; still, it could transform at least, and he unfolded his hand, opened a compartment on his back, reached in and pulled out a metal object, which promptly unfolded into a lethal sword.

    Struggling to his feet, Soundwave dully noted that he was quite unable to finish this fight. His arm was cracked and damaged from the collision, and his systems were starting to suffer from exertion. Not to mention his foe was fresh to the fight and had a new weapon ready, and he estimated his chances of success had all but gone down the Pit.


    Soundwave reacted quickly, powering up his uninjured arm and punched the ground, a pulse of sonic power instantly cracking it, sending out a potent quake that knocked the tow truck off-balance, giving Soundwave time to run for his discarded rifle and retrieve it.

    Wheeljack noted his foe had gotten his gun and grumbled: "Aw, and I wanted to slice him up as well. Welp, guns it is!"

    Unfolding his other cannon, he raised his arm and fired, Soundwave returning the gesture with his own weapon.

    As they exchanged projectiles, Barricade and Hound were still locked in melee combat. The Mustang had retrieved his scythe and was swinging it around violently, attempting to cut at whatever he could reach, while the jeep ducked and dipped to avoid the wild attacks.

    Eventually, he caught one wild swing and deliver a powerful punch to the car's abdomen, stunning him, and the Autobot growled: "Regardless of our history, you shouldn't have brought Bumblebee into it!"

    He emphasized this with a punch that had the Mustang staggering backwards, but he caught himself and retorted: "Well, that's just the point, Hound! Our history coerces me to harm and kill your little friend so I can cause you more pain!"

    He lunged then, again kicking out his foe's leg to bring him down, before jamming his blade into Hound's shoulder, earning a cry of pain, as Barricade sneered, digging the scythe in further: "And believe you me, I'll enjoy his death as much as I'll enjoy your pain!"

    Hound glared up at his tormentor with optics clouded with pain, as a powerful anger rose up within him, and prompted him to growl:

    "Enjoy this."

    He grabbed the arm that had embedded the weapon in him, and with astonishing ease, dragged Barricade's blade out of him, crushing at the black armour as the Decepticon howled in pain, before bring his leg up and kicking him back, before the jeep flung himself forward, ramming Barricade back with his shoulder, then swinging his fist right into the car's torso, declaring: "That one was for my sake-"

    As the Decepticon reeled from the blow, clutching his dented and cracked chest, the scout roared: "-But this one is for Bumblebee!"

    His fist crashed into Barricade's face, brutally damaging the metal and spourting Energon out of the Mustang's mouth; he was sent flying back from the force of the punch, and crashed to the ground at Soundwave's feet, groaning in pain as the Lamborghini jumped back in shock.

    As the two Autobots rounded on their foes, Soundwave, keeping a tab on them with his rifle, pulled Barricade to his feet and noted: "Good effort, but our mission has failed. Time to retreat."

    With that, slinging his gun into its compartment, Soundwave spun and transformed, twisting into his vehicle form and driving off as fast as he could, as Barricade, wiping the lifeblood from his mouth, snarled: "Fine, win this battle, Hound, but know I'll never rest until your Energon paints a battlefield, and your head hangs on my wall! I swear it to the Pit, you'll die at my hand!"

    "Nice sentiment, Decepticon." Wheeljack snorted, bringing his gun up. "But better Cons than you have tried to kill Hound, and I don't think they did any better."

    Barricade simply roared in anger, before the waves of his personal cloak engulfed him, and he was gone even as Wheeljack attempted to shoot him.

    For a moment, there was silence, as the two Autobots took the moment to recuperate slightly, before the tow truck asked: "So, what's up with that Con swearing a mighty vendetta against you? You have a nemesis you never told us about?"

    Hound shook his head, glaring after the way they had retreated: "Maybe another time, Wheeljack. Right now, Bumblebee's our top priority."

    "Making sure he's okay, or scolding him?"

    The jeep turned to face his comrade, and coldly noted: "Both."


    Once they had reached the shelter of the nearby woods, Grimlock gently leaned to the floor and rolled Bumblebee off his back on the ground. Turning and grasping the smaller Autobot with his arms, he arranged him into a sitting position, and noted: "Well, not quite the way Grimlock wanted to find you."

    Bumblebee attempted to say something, but his vocaliser still refused to cooperate. Sensing this, the berserker gently said: "Don't try anything right now. Grimlock will sort this out."

    A panel on Grimlock's underbelly flipped open, and a transfusion tubule slithered outwards, arching towards the prone scout; upon reaching his abdomen, it tapped his side, automatically opening a recieving port, and attached itself, locking firmly into place.

    "Initiate neural link." Grimlock rumbled. "Activate Energon transfusion."

    "Acknowledged." His data chip beeped, and, Bumblebee's own data chip confirming the link, the truck promptly immersed himself into the scrambled neural network of the smaller Autobot, the tubule glowing blue as the truck's Energon promptly flowed into Bumblebee.

    With the added energy to the other Autobot's systems, Grimlock was able to quite quickly manually recalibrate the neurals of the Beetle, evidently disorientated by some vibrational pulse or something similar. All Cybertronians had to the capacity to access another's network in this fashion, and medics found it very useful for sorting out problems that lacked a specified cause or actual physical damages.

    He was no medic, but it was only a minor disorientation, and thus he managed to reboot it successfully. Bumblebee's data chip confirmed restoration, and Grimlock disengaged the link and transfusion, his tubule retracting as he stood back and watched Bumblebee finally jolt his limbs back into motion and yelp: "Whoa! That was weird!"

    "Very weird. Almost as weird as the fact you seemed to have somehow ended up in the clutches of two Decepticons."

    Bumblebee froze. He didn't even need the cold tone in the other Autobot's voice to know he was in the true deep end of the Energon pool now.

    Nervously, shamefully, he glanced up at the cold optics of his friend, which spoke volumes of just how much Grimlock was unimpressed, and attempted to mutter: "I.... Grimlock, I'm.. I'm sorry! I didn't... I didn't think-"

    "No excuses now, Bumblebee." Grimlock rumbled coldly, before nudging the scout to his wheels with his tail. "You'll have plenty of time to explain yourself to Grimlock- and everyone else- back at the ship."

    And that was it. Bumblebee hung his head in shame as the berserker made his way back to the road, slowly following the larger Autobot. To be honest, this was exactly what he had expected. The disappointment of his comrades was the logical outcome of this event, and though remnants of that burst of pride informed him this was unfair, that he had only tried to prove himself, he definitely knew now the consequences of overconfidence and ignorance.

    At the road, Bumblebee was both relieved and terrified to see Hound and Wheeljack waiting for them. The tow truck seemed rather casual, but the jeep's arms were folded, posture tense and his optics were narrowed at the younger scout, who averted his own optics and hid slightly behind Grimlock.

    The three subordinates awaited the lieutenant's words, whether an order or a thorough scolding of the rookie, and he said, far more calmly than they had expected yet with an undertone of severity: "The Decepticons are repelled. Just another distraction on their part. We'll return to the ship now, report to the med-bay to fix ourselves up."

    As they nodded and moved to the road, Hound coldly added: "And afterward, I'm sure Bumblebee will be all too happy to tell us exactly what he was doing out here engaging Decepticons by himself."

    The scout winced at his words, but nevertheless nodded and meekly whimpered: "Yes sir."

    But they were in for a surprise; speeding down the road came the gleam of a silver Pontiac Solstice, which instantly braked the moment it spotted them, transformed and Jazz hollered: "Autobots, what the frag's going on? I saw the distress beacon on the display and the Decepticon ship's trail and, and Hound, you were missing and... and.....-"

    He paused, staring at the injured Autobots, then blandly noted: "I missed it all, didn't I?"

    "Yes, yes you did." Wheeljack stated in as helpful a tone as he could manage.

    "Well, would someone mind explaining what happened?"

    "Right after we've been to the med-bay, Bumblebee will tell us." Hound replied coolly. "I'm sure he has a very good reason why he left the safety of the ship and engaged Decepticons by himself."

    Jazz froze, astounded by both this revelation and Hound's severe intonation, before he finally nodded and said: "Alright then. Autobots, let's roll home."

    With that, he, Hound and Wheeljack transformed and drove off. Bumblebee hesitated, almost overcome by how badly he had failed and the resulting trouble he had caused, when Grimlock noted: "Well, if it's any consolation, Grimlock won't scold you now. You'll have more than enough from them."

    He paused, then added: "You know, Grimlock never implied you weren't useful, if that was your motive. Just that some Decepticons are just out of your league right now."

    Bumblebee simply murmured: "Yeah. Guess I learned that the hard way....."

    "We all learn things one way or another. Question is, do we remember them?"

    With that, he too shifted to vehicle mode and idly set off. Revving sadly, accepting his fate, Bumblebee transformed and drove off after the others.


    Needless to say, Evac was surprised at the amount of injured Autobots reporting to his med-bay; Bumblebee was slightly dented, and his neural net seemed a bit unstable, Grimlock was bearing multiple scars and claw marks on his back and neck, Wheeljack's right arm was quite crumpled and he had a tear on his side, and Hound bore quite a few cuts, gouges and rips in his armour, and all but Bumblebee were leaking Energon.

    "Wow. What did you bots even do?" Evac asked, honestly shocked that four Autobots were in such bad shape.

    "Bumblebee ran into danger, we ran after him." Wheeljack grumbled, already annoyed that he was here for the second time today. "But hey, at least old Ratchet gets some company, right?"

    Evac glanced at the other medic, currently offline and resting on his berth, and replied: "Well, he's offline right now while some of his valves realign, but, yeah! Company for Ratchet, isn't that great?"

    The four patients stared blankly at him, and Wheeljack indulged in a facepalm. Evac suddenly felt just a slight bit awkward.

    ".... Um..... okay, rhetorical question, got it..... Right then! Grimlock, you first, those tears look kinda nasty, so I'll get some patchwork on that, then Hound, 'cause he's still leaking a bit, then Wheeljack, that arm does not look nice, then Bee-"

    "How come I have to go last?"

    "Never mind that, how come I'm not first?!"

    "Why does Grimlock have to go first?"

    Evac sagged dejectedly as an argument over medical priorities began, Hound just shaking his head at them as the helicopter muttered: "Train to be a medic, Moonracer said. No problems or hassles at all, Moonracer said."


    Aboard the Darksyde, Slipstream was playing a game with Waspinator, throwing a rounded lump of Cybertanium around the control room for the little drone to excitedly whizz after, collect and bring back to her. It was a simple and amusing little activity, and the Internet informed her that humans loved to play such a game with their pet dogs, a four-legged organic renowned as 'Man's Best Friend.'

    Still, it was nice to just sit back and have a bit of fun with the little buzzer; contrary to Barricade's outright hatred of the drone, Slipstream found it quite endearing, and certainly very useful, and currently a good way to pass the time until-

    "Slipstream, come in."

    Oh! Until Soundwave called.

    Setting the lump down, Waspinator settling onto her knee, she answered: "Ah, Soundwave. We've been waiting-"

    "Yes, I know, but Barricade and I need you to come to our current location immediately."

    Years of medical experience activated instantly on the request, and she stood up straight, Waspinator taking to the air in surprise at the sudden movement, professionally declaring: "I'm on my way. Stay low, soldier."

    With that, the com-link went silent and she darted off, telling one of the Seekers to inform Starscream of where she was going if he asked, speeding out of the control room, down the lift, to the underside hatch, which opened at but the tap of a button, and she was a jet now, an F-117 Nighthawk speeding away from the orbiting ship towards the planet.

    Re-entry was boiling, but her shields withstood it well. The sheer speed of her movement all but tore the air around here, and her sensory systems were in supersonic overdrive, analysing the sky around her with all the efficiency required for a flyer to keep track of their surroundings even whilst breaking the sound barrier.

    In no time at all, she reached the designated coordinates; some old factory's parking lot or something like that. With no humans around whatsoever, the jet could appropriately slow down to a hover, scanning around for the location of her wayward comrades.

    "Soundwave? Barricade? Where are you two?"

    "Below you."

    The jet flared a bit in shock, before shifting forward into robot mode, landing neatly on her feet as the rest of her configured itself, before turning. Ah, there they were. Well, one of them at least.

    "Soundwave, were you jamming my sensors?"

    "Short-range jamming field, just in case the Autobots were hanging around." The dented and battered Lamborghini replied coolly. "Better safe than sorry."

    "And I assume Barricade is cloaked right next to you?"

    "No slag, Miss Obvious."

    The Mustang, equally as damaged as his comrade, decloaked and added: "Now are you through questioning us or will you actually do your job?"

    "I don't know, Barricade." Slipstream replied coolly, already prepping her Energon ray and bathing a thankful Soundwave in the regenerative beam. "Maybe it's just too obvious to heal you."

    "...... Words cannot describe how much I vehemently dislike you, Slipstream."

    She simply grinned.

    Notes: Hound and Barri be hating, but why?! Well, don't worry, folks, I'm not gonna pull a Bulkhead/Breakdown on you; we'll find out their beef soon enough :D 

    I'll spare Bumblebee the awful horrors of being told off in front of the other Autobots and the audience, but rest assured, he won't be pulling this stunt anytime soon ;) 

    Transfusion tubules are introduced here, a useful means of providing Energon to injured Cybertronians and checking their neural net, as Grimlock displayed.
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  15. Jamocha101

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    I knew it. I just knew it. I should have called it. I knew you were going to hold out on us for this episode. Learning about vendettas within the first five episode really was too good to be true. Especially when it involves two of my favorite characters. >_>

    Yeah. Not on my watch. *goes to write drabble*

    Anyways, this was another great episodes, among my favorite along with maybe the first episode because we got to see some different sides of a few characters, especially Bumblebee. Words can't describe my appreciation in how much I really do genuinely identify with him in this particular episode; I really felt his contempt when he was saddened and intimidated by the cold tones of Hound and Grimlock, something I've gone through quite enough times with my parents when I was around the equivalent to Bumblebee's age. Still sometimes, actually. Nothing's better in literature than when you feel what the character feels, so I reiterate that this was a successful episode and great for characterization.

    And can I say how much I love Hound? He's a perfect robotic being. He's so compassionate, and it's apparent how that affects him in battle and drives him, which is contrary to his otherwise amiable and even a little timid nature. Then of course he's got sweet moves and persistence, and he knows his motives and moves to execute them with a lot of drive. I feel like if I were on his team, I would be completely secure. I love characters that I can look up to like that. Like I told you, Hound is the Autobot that I would just love to be friends with. I might have promoted him to my favorite character when before he was tied with both Bumblebee and Barricade. I don't know, they're all so close.

    I see that Barricade got owned again, by the by. These occurrences infinitely amuse me. Being loud and using explicit language doesn't win the battle, Barricade. I was infinitely amused by Wheeljack's snarky remark toward Barri as well, just before the latter departed.


    Bumblebee'll surely be more cautious in the future, I presume. We shall see how and when these revelations will affect him the future, perhaps. Like always, can't wait for the next episode! :) 

    EDIT: Poor Evac. :lol 
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    Episode 5: Star's Screams

    Synopsis: An old rival of Starscream arrives at the Darksyde, bearing powerful new weapons for the Decepticons, while the Autobots decide to train the rookies in combat.

    Notes: Fair warning; this episode may cause a bit of controversy. You'll know it when you see it ;) 

    The comforting relief of darkness was suddenly disrupted by the abrupt and incessant beeping of his data chip's in-built alarm. It repeatedly seared throughout his audio sensors, reactivated his systems and with a jolt, Starscream yelped into consciousness, optics wide and bright in slight shock, limbs flailing a little and his thrusters puffed out some smoke.

    He flopped back down and lay there for a bit, staring with confusion at the ceiling of his quarters as his alarm continued to wail, before he revved slightly and shut it off, the return of silence almost overwhelming in its relief. Ah, quiet. Such a lovely thing.

    He lay there a while longer, honestly contemplating if he should bother getting up today. The decoy plan was over, the two ground-bound Decepticons having returned to the ship, and they had the scrap they needed and the Seekers were refining it, so really, he didn't have to get up! He had nothing pressing to attend to, so really, he could just go back to a recharging state!

    But alas, he knew he should. If anything important popped up, the Commander of the Darksyde should be there to witness it, and it was also good to set an example to his troops, the example of a disciplined and on-time leader! So, stretching his long limbs and flicking his tailfins a bit, Starscream slid off of his berth, onto his feet and declared to himself: "Ah, another good morning to be me! Time for the routine!"

    He jumped over to a compartment on his wall and flicked it open, revealing a huge mirror, which he gleefully examined his awe-inspiring frame in; yes, metal was gleaming, cockpit was polished, tailfins were sharp, optics bright, claws lethal! In terms of appearance, he might as well be perfection; not a scratch or a mark or a smudge on him!

    And now a quick systems check! Yes, weapons chip optimal, alternator circuits functional, processor active, essential systems feeling good, neural net responsive! Ah, no-one had such delightful systems as he did!

    His personal check-up finished, the jet strode over to a tall perch in the corner of his quarters, upon which Waspinator was perched, soundly recharging with the occasional unconscious twitch of its wings. Starscream affectionately tapped the drone, noting: "Good morning, Waspinator! Time to get up, we have a busy day ahead! Maybe."

    Obediently, the drone awoke, and eagerly twittered at its master, before darting into the air, buzzing around in a circle, and settling on his shoulder, compound optics alight with eagerness.

    "Ah, yes, my little drone, I feel the same way! I think we have a good day ahead of us!" Starscream said cheerfully, before striding out of his quarters with all the confidence one of his stature would bear.

    Indeed, he did have a sense that today would go well for him; the Autobots were helpless against his machinations, Operation Harvest was coming along wonderfully, humanity remained blissfully unaware of their presence and his armour looked especially shiny today!

    The last part was the most important, obviously.

    Anyway, as he strode down the corridors towards the control, he noted one of his Seekers talking to Nighttrace, the UAV bearing a look of contemplation from whatever the jet was telling her. Curious, Starscream stopped when he reached them and asked: “Ah, Nighttrace, Seeker, what seems to be the conversation about?”

    Nighttrace flicked her antenna at the drone, who took the cue to speak: “Commander, I regret to inform you that the refining process will be delayed for a time; the forge has suffered from a malfunction, and repairs are being carried out. Regardless, it will take some time for it to recalibrate before the refining can continue.”

    Starscream seemed surprised, almost astounded at this news, the very concept of a fluctuation in his smooth plans, before he revved a bit, waved his arm airily and said: “Very well, Seeker. As soon as it is repaired, continue with the schedule.”

    The drone bowed, and went on its way, as Starscream moved forward, Nighttrace fluttering to accompany him to the control room. As they went, he grumbled: “Well, Nighttrace, I woke up this morning expecting a very good day and now I have received slightly inconvenient news. Not that it matters too much, I suppose, given the forge will be up and running again soon, and we’re in no hurry, but still, sooner is better than later.”

    She waved her hand in a so-so gesture, and he amended: “Well, most of the time. Sometimes. Whenever. “

    She did nod at that, and thus the two carried on, both musing on the subjective nature of some statements. On entering the control room, Starscream noted Soundwave at one of the consoles, performing his daily task of monitoring Decepticon communications, and he saw Slipstream by the observation panes, gazing out at the Earth with a musing expression on her face, and Barricade was loitering in the corner, shooting dirty looks at everyone. Starscream responded to the one sent his way with a sneer, and strode over to his chair.

    Ah, despite the news about the forge, it was still going to be a good day, as he sat down with a lazy bump, Waspinator twittering cheerfully to itself as it buzzed over to sit beside Soundwave. The view outside was nice, a lovely expanse of blackness dotted with bright pinpricks, the huge blue-white curve of the Earth at the corner and the gleam of sun on the other side. A lovely view for Starscream.

    “Ah, Decepticons, I feel today will be a very good day.” He declared cheerfully, folding his arms behind his hand in a casual manner, crossing one leg over the other. “I feel we’ll get much accomplished on this very good day! Do you not agree?”

    “Oooh, a very good day indeed, sir!” Slipstream agreed, eagerly wagging her tailfins as she watched the white layer of clouds shift on the planet below. “I definitely share your sentiment.”

    “As do I.” Soundwave added casually, one hand idly patting Waspinator's head. “Communications from Cybertron bear good news; another one of the scouting teams located a planet filled with plentiful fluids that can be used as fuel. In short, any load upon our shoulders has been somewhat lifted.”

    Starscream perked up at that: “Oh really? Excellent! More time for us is always a beneficial gift.”

    The medic added: “More time to also admire the planet’s beauty, I may add!”

    “And more time for some street races once I get bored of you boring lot again.” Barricade snorted.

    Starscream just laughed: “And most importantly, more time to spare some effort in hunting those miserable Autobots. I’m still aching for the glory I will receive once I present the corpses of the Lieutenant and his savage enforcer to Lord Megatron.”

    “Is glory all you ever think about?” The shock trooper sneered, flexing his claws and spinning his wheels in distaste. “A bot with an ego as big as yours needs as much glory as any organic waste on that mud ball.”

    “I’m in a good mood, Barricade, so for your sake, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear anything from you. Not that you say much intellectually engaging statements anyway.”

    Barricade was about to retort, Slipstream glancing around in case either one of them attempted physical harm, Nighttrace looking apprehensive, when suddenly, Soundwave declared, his tone suddenly focussed and mechanical: “Starscream, I’m receiving a specific transmission from Shokaw; it’s a communication request, wishing to speak directly to you.”

    Starscream, previously confused at Soundwave's sudden seriousness, was stunned into silence at this news, optics wide and mouth falling agape, as if frozen by a Null Ray, as Barricade, confused, asked: “Shokaw? Isn’t that the planet where....”

    “Where the Abominus Initiative was established? Currently the personal headquarters of Conciller Shockwave? Absolutely.” The Lamborghini answered, before he turned to the shocked Raptor and added: “You need to answer, Starscream. It must be important if Shockwave himself demands to talk to you.”

    The jet shook himself out of his reverie, suddenly tense and agitated in his motions, optics flashing wildly, surprising the other Decepticons, and he snapped: “Fine! Bring it up on the main console, Soundwave.”

    The holographic display was brought, bearing the Decepticon logo for a moment, as Soundwave tapped in instructions onto the console, the other Decepticons gathering around for a closer look, curious as to why such an infamous individual was contacting their commander, when the display changed and shifted into the form of a Cybertronian.

    However, this Cybertronian was not Shockwave, and all of them were surprised at that. It lacked the single eye and the bulk and the intriguing cannon of the Conciller, and was thinner, with more protrusions and lanky double-jointed legs. But then, both Starscream and Slipstream understood, and the former was the first to speak in a brutal hiss even as the latter's optics brightened in pleased recognition: "Oh, Airachnid. What an utter delight to have to hear from Shockwave's errand Con."

    "Why so sullen, Starscream? Not happy to hear from your old friend?" The holographic avatar of the Decepticon on Shokaw stated, sardonically biting in her taunt, idly examining a long claw in disregard to the angered jet.

    Shockwave may have his reputation, but most high-ranking Decepticons were also well aware of the Conciller's current primary assistant. Apparently Airachnid had trained in the Flight Vector as an aerial soldier, but a passion for dissection and a curiosity in the procological traumas of war led her to the role of a scientist, eventually becoming Shockwave's right-hand Con. And no-one was ever pleased to receive a message from her; nothing pleased her more than tormenting others.

    But as Starscream was about to retort to her jibe, Slipstream suddenly cut in, certainly annoying the other jet, eagerly exclaiming: "Airachnid! Oh, it's been too long, old friend!"

    The hologram looked at the jet in surprise, before- astonishingly- she smiled and adopted a much more sincere tone: "Ah, Slipstream! Good to see you. I must say, I'm surprised they stuck you with this Con."

    Before the medic could cheerfully respond, probably devising a witty reply, Starscream snapped: "Slipstream, you are not part of this conversation! Now, understand, Airachnid, that your commander is no friend of mine, and neither are you! Speak your peace, so I can get back to ignoring your existence."

    Airachnid simply smiled sweetly, too sweetly, as the Nighthawk withdrew in annoyance, and said: "Well, since you asked so nicely, I will relay Shockwave's message for you; our scientists at Shokaw have developed a new enhancement technology, that we currently wish to test on active soldiers to see if there are any flaws we can correct or any improvements to make. And Shockwave has chosen your crew to try it out. Congratulations, Starscream."

    Starscream was absolutely astounded by this, before he took on a very ugly expression and snarled: "I have no care at all for whatever twisted slag you experiment loving freaks have concocted! I refuse, point blank, to take part in any test of Shockwave's! So, you can take my refusal to him, and be sure to stick it right through that single optic!"

    "I would adore carrying out your request, but alas, I cannot. You see, once the Conciller makes his decision, all those of lower rank cannot disobey."

    "You listen here, Airachnid." Starscream snarled, actually getting out of his chair and stomping over to the hologram, jabbing a claw at the image. "I don't care how high a rank Shockwave has. I refuse to let him send potentially dangerous items to MY crew-"

    "Starscream, don't be difficult." Airachnid replied, patronising, her tone being that of one telling a grumpy sparkling to cheer up. "You wouldn't want to end up dragging Lord Megatron into this, do you? Such blatant refusal of a Conciller's orders can lead to severe punishment, I hear."

    The other Decepticons, admittedly, were quite uneasy about this whole conversation. They all knew what it was like to see Starscream angry or indignant, but never had there been such focussed and searing hatred in his tone, such blatant disregard for a Conciller, such a forceful refusal of the task assigned to his unit. They exchanged glances, nervous and unsure, as Starscream outright backed away a step at the threat of drawing in the Decepticon Lord.

    He seethed for a moment, glaring vehemently at the smug Decepticon scientist, flexing his claws, flaring heat from his thrusters, flapping his tailfins, before he stood up as tall as he could, adopting a dignified pose, and stated in a forced calm: "No thank you. I shan't waste our Master's time. I will accept Shockwave's request. When can I expect delivery of the new technology?"

    "Oh, within a megacycle. I should know, since I myself will personally arrive to oversee the testing process. I look forward to seeing you all very soon."

    Slipstream seemed pleased, Barricade seemed annoyed, Soundwave seemed curious, Nighttrace seemed casual and Starscream? He just sagged in utter dejected horror, shock and defeat, muttering: "You're coming here?"

    "Yes, yes I am, Starscream. Does that displease you? Oh well, it doesn't matter to me much. I'll send you a message when it's time to bridge. Have a good day."

    And with that, the communications was severed and the hologram vanished.

    For a moment, there was silence, and every Decepticon turned to look at Starscream.

    The jet was shaking. Shaking so violently that his metal frame was clattering slightly, his optics burning brutal crimson in barely withheld fury, fire boiling at his feet, his claws scraping into the console, before he outright screamed: "FRAG SHOCKWAVE! FRAG HIM TO THE UNICRON-DAMNED PIT!!"

    With that, he stormed out of the room, roughly shoving Slipstream aside, attempting to kick Soundwave out of his way, forcing the smaller Decepticon to dodge, and was gone behind the door, leaving a faint trail of smoke against the floor from where his boiling thrusters had brushed against it.

    They stared after him for a moment, quite shocked, before Barricade snorted: "Heh. Never seen him quite that kind of mad before. What's his damn problem? Other than, you know, being alive?"

    "He and Airachnid don't get along, I presume." Soundwave guessed. "Or rather, he and Shockwave don't get along."

    The Communications officer turned to Slipstream and asked: "Speaking of which, how do you know the Conciller's primary assistant?"

    "Hm? Oh; Airachnid and I are old friends, even before the war began. We both joined the Flight Vector, and trained under Commander Blackout together. Even after we went our separate ways, we still keep in touch. I have to say, I'm quite happy she'll be coming here, regardless of what Starscream feels; I haven't seen her in the metal in ages!"

    "Too bad Starscream doesn't quite share that sentiment."

    "Yeah, about him-" Barricade said, glancing up at Nighttrace with a condescending expression. "-Nighttrace, you're a predictable sycophantic suck-up. Go talk to him, find out what's up, otherwise he's just gonna be intolerable for ages or some slag like that."

    Regardless of her rather distasteful expression towards him, Nighttrace nevertheless seemed to agree with his logic, and thus hovered off after the commander. When she was gone, Slipstream moved to follow, noting: "Well, I better prep the med-bay. It's always nice to make the place look good when guests arrive."

    When she too was gone, Soundwave shrugged and moved back to his console, pushing Waspinator off of the screen, and got back to work. Barricade stalked over and plopped down beside the other car, noting: "Well, regardless of Starscream's hating on the one-optic freak, I think this could be pretty good. We're gonna get some new toys to kill Autobots with, and Slipstream gets to hang out with her girlfriend."

    Soundwave turned to stare at him, perplexed: "Since when do you consider Slipstream enjoying social company a good thing?"

    Barricade seemed stunned, raising a brow and optics opening wide, before he shook his head and patronisingly patted his fellow Decepticon on the shoulder, drawling: "Soundwave, that comment has enlightened me in just how sad and lonely a piece of scrap you be."


    Bumblebee jolted awake with a slight squeak when he felt himself get shifted slightly; the very motion had rebooted his processor, and now was his body already geared into preparation in case whatever moved him was a threat. Anxiously, he glanced around his quarters, but, despite his thorough scanning, he saw nothing, no sign of intruders anywhere! Confused, he turned his head to see the motionless head of Grimlock, optics shut and clearly still in recharge.

    Oh yeah; Grimlock had stayed with him after Jazz-

    His frame shuddered slightly and he shook his head; he didn't want to think about that.

    He leaned back slightly, into the warm torso of the larger Autobot, and figured that the truck must have shifted slightly and that was what had disturbed him. Well, not that it mattered; his internal clock informed him that it was eight thirty-five AM, a typical time for humans to start waking up. Well, the Autobot ship was active much earlier than humans, given Cybertronians didn't require as much 'sleep' as organics, but the older Autobots could handle things without the rookies, hence the 'lie-in'

    However, he didn't hear any of the other Autobots moving about or anything; in the dark space of his quarters, the only sound he could hear was the faint gurgle of Energon running through the truck he was leaning upon. It was a soothing sound, the sound of life flowing through his best friend, and Bumblebee was content to just settle back and listen to it.

    Grimlock had kept his word, at least; after Hound, and certainly Jazz, had all but torn him apart for his stunt, the berserker had neglected to add his own scolding to the mix; instead simply keeping Bumblebee company while the poor scout had been wrapped up in his shame, and comforting him with the knowledge that, whatever problems may occur, he'd still be there for him. Guess Grimlock hadn't been bothered to go to his own quarters once the pity party was over, and for that, the scout was grateful.

    And he had needed the support too! Bumblebee would rather face those Decepticons again, a hundred times, the whole Con armada a hundred times, than face the anger and disappointment of the Lieutenant and his mentor.

    He wished Jazz could have just screamed at him. Called him stupid, foolish, ignorant, anything. That would have been much better than the cold and lethal quiet voice he spoke with, the voice he would use to threaten even the nastiest scariest meanest Decepticon, a voice riddled with such brutal authority that, quite honestly, Bumblebee thought only Grimlock would ever be able to take in stride.

    It was like he would just boil up and melt under the Lieutenant's words, having to tell them about his foolish burst of pride, having to deal with the cold summation of the trouble he had caused, and finally, Jazz had declared him banned to his quarters; unless absolutely necessary, Bumblebee wasn't to leave his room until Jazz decided to lift the ban.

    And when the Lieutenant had finished his judgement, Hound took up any slacks and added his own disappointment, and he had just wanted to vanish, be swallowed up by a Driller and never have to face the consequences of his foolishness again!

    He didn't know what was worse; seeing the normally relaxed and friendly Solstice go all out commander on him, or his beloved mentor follow up the vicious punishment. It made his processor quake....

    But at least it was over now, and it was now the start of a new day, and he supposed he should at least be happy none of them were badly hurt over his stunt, right? A few scrapes and cuts, but Evac had fixed them. No permanent damage! So, he smiled softly, focussing on the positives, and with that, he stretched out slightly and gave a contented rev.

    Though he'd been quiet, his brief sound woke up Grimlock, whose head shifted slightly with a rumble, and a red optics blearily opened, dim with a lack of full alertness, and it locked onto the scout with a slightly curious stare, before Bumblebee giggled slightly at him and thus Grimlock muttered: "Morning, Bee."

    "Good morning, Grimlock! Do you think it'll be a good day today?"

    Grimlock blinked once, and blinked again, keeping it closed this time, as he muttered: "Sure, sure. So long as Grimlock can recharge a bit more...."

    "You're very lazy sometimes."


    He fell silent now, and honestly, Bumblebee wished he would have stayed up a bit longer to chat. He really felt like he needed to talk, and Grimlock was currently the only one he could talk to, since he doubted any of the other Autobots would take the time to visit him. Evac might have, if not for the fact the poor medic was still stuck handling Ratchet.

    Bumblebee revved slightly in disappointment. Well, he supposed he would just have to make it up to his fellow Autobots; whatever opportunity he got to redeem himself, he'd take it!

    And then someone knocked on his door.

    Grimlock shuffled slightly, and growled something that sound suspiciously like 'go away', which caused Bumblebee to giggle a bit, before he called: "Hello?"

    The door slid open, and Wheeljack was there, blue optics brightening slightly into the darkness as he peered in. Noting the scout was awake, and the somewhat active tanker truck behind him, the tow truck said: "Ah, cool, there you are, Grimlock. Jazz and Hound need to talk to you."

    The truck flicked his tail irritably, and Bumblebee, sensing his friend's displeasure, answered for him: "I don't think he wants to talk right now."

    "I don't think so either, Bee, but unfortunately, he really does need to go see them now. I hear they've got some new projects or something to chat about."

    The scout nodded in understanding, and got to his wheels, patting the larger Autobot's back and stating cheerfully: "Well, you heard him, Grimmy. You gotta go talk to the others now, and find out whatever new stuff's going on, ooooh, maybe it'll be something really cool, like upgrades or anti-Con plans or-"

    "Okay, okay, Grimlock's getting up." The truck grumbled, claws gripping the floor as he reluctantly hefted his frame upwards, shaking himself slightly and huffing out a breath of flame. "The Lieutenant better have a good reason to disturb Grimlock's recharge cycle."

    Wheeljack, quite rightly deducing a bad mood in the other Autobot, made it his business to execute a quick retreat, as Grimlock stomped out of the room. When he entered the corridor, he turned and spoke to the scout: "Hopefully this won't take too long, Bee. See you later."

    With that, he headed off, and as the door shut behind him, Bumblebee revved softly and muttered: "See you later."

    Grimlock arrived at the control room, smoke idly rising from his exhaust pipes; combine this with the flash in his optics and the rapid flexing of his tail, it was a clear indicator that he was not at all pleased with being called here when he'd been trying to relax. Still, if it was something important, like an actual plan of retaliation against the damnable Decepticons, he supposed he could deal with it.

    Jazz and Hound were discussing by the main console, and upon looking up and noting Grimlock's presence, the lieutenant declared: "Ah, Grimlock, good. We need your opinion on something."

    "Whatever it is, state it quickly. Grimlock does not appreciate interruptions to his recharging time."

    Jazz muttered something quietly, probably a retort intended to remain unheard, as Hound nevertheless took it in stride and replied: "Well, Jazz and I were discussing last night's events, and how the Decepticons were able to effectively bring in five of us simply by fooling Bumblebee."

    "And we certainly don't want a repeat of that event. The Decepticon's trap nearly cost us an Autobot, and to be honest, that's not the best way we can expose Bee and Evac to the full scale of the War." The Solstice added. "So, we've been discussing this for a bit, and we both agreed that perhaps it's time to start the rookie's formal combat training."

    There was silence for a moment as Jazz leaned back to await the response, Hound looking a tad curious as well, and Grimlock blinked in slight surprise, before he snorted: "Right. And how exactly do you propose to begin combat training when this ship lacks any kind of appropriate simulator?"

    "The old fashioned way." Hound replied, tapping a button on the console and bringing a holographic display of their local area, then highlighting what appeared to be a small canyon, located a few miles away into the dusty wilderness. "I've highlighted this area as an appropriate spot to train Bumblebee and Evac; it's remote, and reasonably well-covered. I can use my holographic generators to also put up a cloaking barrier of sorts, to prevent anyone, or any Decepticon, seeing what we're up to."

    He paused, and added: "Plus it will give them a head's up on what to expect later in their careers. Help them to learn more about our enemy, and make them more aware of whatever tricks the Decepticons might employ, make sure last night never repeats itself."

    Grimlock considered that, contemplative, before tilting his head at Jazz and snorting: "While Grimlock may agree with combat practice, why start now, when you have yet to intitiate an energy-gathering plan?"

    Jazz tilted his head and smiled coldly at the larger Autobot: "Didn't you know? Ratchet already sorted that part out out for us. I've got the strategy for energy gathering sorted."

    He folded his arms behind his head and added, a tad mocking: "Not that it bothers you or anything, right? Or did you have, say, another idea?"

    The berserker saw the implication well before it was hinted at, and growled threateningly at the Lieutenant, flexing the blade on his tail, clearly wishing for nothing more than to jam it wherever it would hurt the Solstice most.

    Seeing the rising of hostile feelings, Hound promptly stepped in to diffuse the conflict, stating: "Well, so, we're all agreed that we will being formally training the rookies in combat scenarios?"

    "Agreed." Jazz said smoothly, never shifting his gaze from Grimlock, who also nodded his affirmitive, crimson optics flashing angrily at the car. "Hound, you and Grimlock will take Bee and Evac out to the canyon later today, just to start them off."

    The jeep hesitated: "With... with Grimlock?"

    The truck instantly shifted his lethal gaze onto him: "You have a problem with that, scout?"

    "No, not at all, I just thought you wouldn't be interested-"

    "Grimlock lives to fight. It would be productive to ensure the less experienced fighters may share in the efficiency of war that has allowed Grimlock to live this long."

    Hound nodded at that, and Jazz stretched back and said: "Well, glad that's sorted. Hound, you're dismissed. Thanks for taking up the responsibility."

    "No problem, Jazz."

    The jeep exited, leaving the other two alone. Grimlock watched him leave, before he slowly circled around the console, optics fixing onto the Lieutenant with annoyance, grunting: "So, Grimlock suppose you wish to boast about whatever energy-gathering plan you gleaned from our medic."

    "No, not really. There's not much to boast in opinionated differences." Jazz replied coolly, examining his fingers, as if disinterested in the very conversation he had arranged. "I was just curious about something, Grimlock."


    "That whole idea of yours, about extorting humanity's resources? I was just wondering if Bee knew about it."

    Jazz didn't need the sudden hiss from the truck, the verbal threat and the burst of hostility, to know exactly what the answer was; obviously, Grimlock hadn't told the young scout anything about his own views on this matter. Why would he? For all his flaws, Grimlock did value his friendship with the idealistic Beetle; why botch that by admitting to his own disregard for another species?

    But Jazz, while Autobot through and through, was no stranger to pragmatism, and thus, he said: "Okay then. Well, Grimlock, my curiosity is satiated. You're dismissed."

    Grimlock stayed there for a moment, looking for all the universe as though he wanted to rip the satisfied Solstice apart there and then. Heats billowed from his mouth, his engine revved furiously and his body shook with a barely restrained desire to maim, but finally, Grimlock snarled, regained control of himself and moved to storm out of the room, briefly reminding Jazz of their first confrontation over humanity's matters before they had even made planetfall.

    But then, Grimlock paused, and turned around, his optics taking on a sadistic quality that indicated he had found a better method of attack than outright violence, and the Solstice was suddenly struck by a thrill of unease when the truck growled: "You may have all the satisfaction and triumph in knowing Grimlock's secrets as you wish, Lieutenant. But Grimlock is no stranger to that sensation."

    And if he could smile, he would have, a brutal and cruel smile, as he concluded: "Grimlock knows what the message says, Lieutenant."

    He turned then, and exited the room, his threat wavering behind him.

    Jazz slowly turned back to the console, his processor woefully stunned. Any and all feelings of perhaps climbing a level over the berserker had been evaporated. All there was now was a feeling of dark musings, and a sense of dread.

    Part of him now expressed a great deal of hatred towards Grimlock. Part of him grew paranoid and wondered on whether or not this mission might succeed, even with the Solanor due later today. And most of him just felt a tad viral.

    Hesitating slightly in his movement, visor glazed as if in a trance, he tapped a button and the display was gone, replaced by a black Autobot insignia.

    And it played a message;

    "Your mission is clear. You know what to do. Do not fail."

    Notes: Episode 1 reference, huzzah.

    The Decepticons may be the enemy faction. Starscream may be the self-appointed nemesis. But it seems Jazz's worst enemy so far is Grimlock.....
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    Man, poor Bumblebee. Departing on punishment after getting reprimanded by authority figures is one of the worst things in the world, especially with the closure missed. At least Grimlock was there to keep him company in his dark hours, faithful as he is to his little buddy. And naturally, there's Bee, being optimistic despite recent plights, always quick to look at the bright side; on the other hand, he is appropriately upset, but he at least examines the better aspect of the dilemma. Not everybody's capable of that kind of logic.

    At least Wheeljack's still being nice to him, amirite? Seems like he just goes with the flow no matter what. :p 

    I kept going back to the conversation we had about this episode and all the little hints you dropped about it, so the first thing I thought when I read the synpsopsis in the very beginning, "The rookies are grouchy because they have to train! Hurururururu!" I imagine that they'll probably have some trouble, especially when, among their administrators, is Grimlock. Then hopefully Hound'll be patient with them...Wondering what kind of things they'll learn. Seems like Bumblebee and even Evac have somewhat decent combative skills, maybe it won't be so tough. Then again, maybe it will.

    Inasmuch, I hope Hound and Grimlock can keep it together. But we can clearly see that it's mostly Jazz who the latter doesn't exactly get along with; they just can't see eye to eye with everything, and it looks like both of them know where each other's soft spots are. Jazz hits Grimlock with his friendship, and Grimlock hits Jazz with his mission. It's a very unsettling relationship, certainly, it makes me nervous to think what it might lead to in the future. I wonder if these two will every really get along, I sincerely do. That sure would be ideal.

    As I read along later, I also thought, "So Slipstream is happy because she gets to see her friend, ohhhh!" I'm glad she's not getting some kind of sick twisted satisfaction out of like, killing anybody or whatever. Like I said, not that I would expect that to come of her, but you never really know, right?

    "OH AND LUK THE HELICOPTER MUST BE AIRACHNID," at first I thought it was Shockwave and I was like, "Huh, interesting," but then I was disappointed in myself for having not guessed Airachnid earlier. Great re-purposing of the character, by the by. We haven't seen much of her yet, so I guess I'm reluctant to make any set judgments, but I'm suspecting she'll be better here than she was in Transformers: Prime. But, on the chance that you throw a curve ball and the helicopter isn't actually Airachnid...welp then.

    Soundwave with his pokey-pokes at Barricade. I just love those two together. If I hadn't listed them before, they're definitely one of my BroTP's. Pretty sure they were on the list...

    Can't wait for the next chapter! I'm most anxious to see what happens with Evac and Bumblebee's training. Hopefully it goes well. :I

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, I had a weird feeling about this chapter. Like a sort of forboding, a bad feeling. I'm pretty sure it's because there's a lot of tension, with Bumblebee wallowing in his shame after Jazz and Hound nail him, and then later Jazz and Grimlock are at ends with each other. If you were trying to set a bleak atmosphere, you succeeded...the situation with the Autobots just wasn't as lighthearted as it usually is. Maybe it'll eventually turn around with some luck. :/
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    "Okay, Ratchet, here we go! Take a step forward."

    The Hummer, one hand gripping the berth for support, the other hanging loose, optics a tad dim with uncertainty, slowly raised his damaged leg, which was clad in a series of advanced braces that were assisting and stabilising the movement. His hydraulics whined somewhat, but he managed to move his leg forward in a slow step.

    Evac nodded happily, optics brightening a bit in hope, as he typed in the results on a data-pad, pleased at a successful motion, and then said: "Alright, this is kinda the tricky bit, Ratchet. Can you put some weight on your leg and move the other foot? Please?"

    Ratchet smiled slightly, quite amused with his apprentice's youthful take on vocalising medical requests and yet impressed with the younger medic's professional manner, and, inwardly readying himself, a tad unsure of the possibility of success in this endeavour, prepped to move his other leg.

    However, the slight fear within him became reality; the second he took his other foot off the floor and put more weight onto his other appendage, his hip groaned in a painful flare, his leg buckled in a squeal of uncooperative hydraulics and the brace mechanism instantly locked up, preventing him from tripping as he quickly put his other foot back down.

    Evac had darted over to help his mentor when he saw the downfall of the attempt, and promptly ushered him into a sitting position on the berth, a tad shaken by his mentor's physical inability, and he hurriedly asked: "Ratchet, are you okay?!"

    The older medic revved slightly, hip and leg still hissing with pain, but he managed to an enduring smile and replied: "Ah, fine, Evac. The brace works, at least; managed to actually help me move this darn limb. I'm definitely mending."

    "Oh good! I was kinda worried that maybe I missed a valve or strut or something, but it's okay, nothing went out of place! Phew!"

    Ratchet chuckled, before extending his hand, asking: "May I look at the data?"

    Evac nodded eagerly and handed the data-pad over to the smaller Autobot, who promptly perused the readings upon it, optics rotating slightly and expression contemplative as he went over it, before he nodded in satisfaction and handed it back to the helicopter, whose rotors were clacking together slightly in apprehension for his mentor's review.

    Ratchet leaned back slightly and cheerfully noted: "Excellent. I lasted several milliseconds longer on my injured leg than before. We're certainly improving, Evac! Maybe later I can go a whole second longer!"

    They both laughed at the Hummer's joke, Evac pleasantly surprised at a rare joke from his mentor, before Ratchet continued: "At the rate of regenerative recovery, plus with the addition of manual repairs, I should be fully operational within two days! I have to say, Evac, you've outdone yourself with the speed, focus and efficiency of your work. I can't think of a single medic who wouldn't benefit from you as their apprentice!"

    Evac all but bounced up and down in joy at the praise, pleased to have earned his mentor's appreciation, and cheerfully replied: "No problem, Ratchet! Glad to help, very glad, super glad!"

    The Hummer chuckled slightly, as he shifted himself to lie back on the berth, and noted: "Well, I think that should do for now. Give it another hour to keep up regeneration, and we'll see if I can go further afterwards."

    "Oh sure, no problem." Evac chattered, promptly typing it into the data-pad. "In a hour, got it. It was really good I found that brace mechanism in the storage, wasn't it? I didn't even know we had some!"

    "Very good indeed. It will certainly help with-"

    Someone knocked on the door. The two medics exchanged a surprised glance, since the other Autobots generally preferred to avoid the med-bay unless requiring a fix-up or, in Wheeljack's case, some spare parts for inventing, before Evac called: "Come in!"

    The door slid open, and Hound entered, looking quite contemplative, before his expression brightened on seeing a more alert and active Ratchet and the mechanism attached to his leg, and he asked: "Hey, Ratchet. Are you feeling any better?"

    "Much better, Hound. Evac dug up this old supportive bracing structure, and it's certainly improved my leg's ability to actually, you know, do leg stuff."

    He paused, considered his sudden lack of depth in vocabulary, before he shrugged, figuring his processor might still be a bit blurry. Maybe.

    Hound, pleased, smiled and nodded, before he said: "Well, since you seem to not require any dramatic operations or anything like that, I need to talk to Evac about a new plan Jazz and I concocted."

    Evac hesitated, glancing at his mentor, whom asked: "What sort of plan? Nothing risky, I hope? It was bad enough when four of you had to come in here last night."

    "No, no, nothing like that again. This is just a quick exercise, really. Do you mind, Ratchet?"

    The Hummer hesitated, glancing at his bewildered apprentice, and considered. A moment's silence, a moment's musing, before he revved and replied: "Oh, very well. I don't need any specific repairs now anyway. Go on, Evac."

    Evac seemed a bit worried about leaving his mentor, but the older medic simply smiled and tapped his leg slightly, indicating he was fine, thus prompting the helicopter to quickly say: "Okay, no problem! See you later, Ratchet!"

    Hound smiled, satisfied his fellow Autobot had agreed, and promptly exited the med-bay, Evac following him while waving a goodbye to his mentor, who waved back, before lying back down on his berth to think a bit.

    He wonder what Hound wanted with Evac, and he wondered the exact time he could finally walk and transform again. To be honest, though it was his workplace, he was getting a little bit viral of the med-bay. It would be nice to get out into the sun again when he was fully healed, feel its warmth on his armour, and perhaps the smooth tarmac under his wheels.

    Provided some new anti-Cybertronian disease hadn't somehow infested the Earth air, of course. One had to be careful, after all!

    Meanwhile, Grimlock had been equally successful in his recruitment; when Hound and Evac exited the med-bay, Grimlock was waiting by the hatch, Bumblebee wheeling around beside him, cheerfully nattering about something or other to the larger Autobot, asking questions about what this new task was, before the truck took notice of the approaching duo and motioned for the scout to stand still.

    As Bumblebee halted, bearing both a tiny bit of apprehension at Hound's approach and a cheerful optical glint at the sight of Evac, the lieutenant said: "Ah, Grimlock, Bumblebee, you're both ready, good."

    "Ready for what, Hound?" Evac asked, Bumblebee echoing his question whilst jumping up and down a bit, apparently thrilled to be out of his room so quickly after the lockdown had been set. "Are we going on a mission or something?"

    "Sort of, kinda..... Well, perhaps it's better if I tell you when we get there. Save the surprise for later and all that." The jeep replied cheerfully, patting Bumblebee on the shoulder when he reached the duo, earning a particularly happy expression from the smaller scout, and exchanging a knowing glance with Grimlock, who flicked his tail in some hidden amusement. "Well, let's get to it."

    He pressed the button beside the hatch and it opened, extending the ramp for them to exit the ship. It was a beautiful day today, a blue sky occasionally dotted with a bright white cloud and highlighted by the gleaming sun. All four of them briefly paused simply to take in the gorgeous sight, before Hound grinned at them and declared: "Autobots, roll out!"

    He was the first to initiate the shift, but Bumblebee reached vehicle form first, easily and swiftly compacting into the Beetle just as the final pieces of the jeep snapped into place, as Grimlock retracted his legs and tail into the tanker and its wheels, the cab of the truck coming together as his head folded away, and Evac leapt into the sky, rotors flaring outwards into a spin as he lengthened into the Sea King helicopter.

    Wheels spinning, Hound took off away from the road, into the dusty wilderness, followed by the other three, the helicopter ascending as the other two land vehicles flanked the jeep, and made their way towards the distant crags.

    And barely a few seconds into the drive, Bumblebee asked: "Are we there yet?"


    When Nighttrace reached the door to Starscream's quarters, she paused for a moment and considered that perhaps it was best to leave the jet alone. The way he had reacted at knowledge of Shockwave's agenda, at Airachnid's incoming arrival, was unlike the usual tantrums he threw. This was a reaction driven, not by mere frustration, but by utter hatred.

    Nighttrace had to wonder; what had Shockwave ever done to earn such a brutal dislike from the jet?

    But, even as she again turned her thoughts to actually visiting Starscream right now, she figured that it would be better to head off his temper now, before he ended up doing something rash. And when Starscream did something rash, it was pretty damning.

    So, she steeled herself and entered.

    She hadn't really known what she had expected, really. His room torn asunder in a deranged fury, perhaps. Or the jet himself immediately jumping up at her and screaming for her to leave. But she did not come across any kind of carnage, thankfully; in fact, the atmosphere in his quarters was honestly peaceful.

    Starscream was sat on his berth, one hand encircling his chin in a thoughtful pose, optics dimmed with contemplation and posture rather lax, certainly less upright than his usual demeanour. He glanced up upon hearing the door slide open, and stared at her for a moment with a touch of annoyance, before he revved slightly and muttered: "Yes, yes, I knew you would come to see what was up with me."

    Since he didn't seem particularly hostile or rejecting, Nighttrace ventured inwards, the door sliding shut behind her, and fluttered over to the jet, flexing her tail slightly as she flicked her antenna, silently questioning him.

    The jet huffed heat out of his thrusters, not particularly happy with his soldier's silent insistence, before he swatted her tail away and stood up, growling: "Bah, let me guess! You want to know what's making me so angry right now? You want me to tell you about it to see if I feel any better? Fine! I'll tell you the whole damn thing, Nighttrace! You'd just keep getting on my case if I didn't anyway, so whatever!"

    She narrowed her optics slightly, perhaps insulted at the idea she would just pester him, as he revved heavily, steadying himself slightly, flexing his claws as his processor wondered how to being whatever story he had to tell.

    Finally, the jet turned to her, his flare of anger degenerating into a sombre disappointment, and he said: "You understand the power that a Conciller wields, correct? They are second only to Lord Megatron, individuals of much influence and power, so efficient in their command that our Master has seen fit to grant them privileges beyond most Decepticons."

    Nighttrace nodded; she was as aware of the Decepticon command structure as any other soldier, and Starscream continued: "It was my ultimate dream; to achieve that grand position, and prove myself as a true herald of the Decepticon's power. Back then, Shockwave wasn't a Conciller; he was just a scientific assistant to Lord Megatron, reporting to him on the progress of the Abominus Initiative, which he had been assigned to monitor, while I was at the apex of my career, bringing victories to our cause left and right."

    There was now a smile on his face, a pride on his optics as he remembered past achievements, the images of those times fresh in his processor as he recalled: "Ah, those victories. I was the one who finalised the Conquest of Crystal City-"

    The normally divine city, its buildings infused with glowing blue and green crystals, is damaged and scarred, fires burning unchecked and dead Cybertronians littering the streets, though it remains mostly intact. Surrounding the Crystalline Archives, an armada of victorious Decepticons cheer for the proud Starscream who stands atop the structure, holding a gleaming golden Decepticon insignia high in the sky, claiming Crystal City for their cause.

    -"the one who led the assault upon Critico-"

    A battalion of Decepticon warships engage an equally large force of Autobot ships. As the mighty vessels fire upon each other, smaller units darting around the larger vessels in intense chases and assaults, Starscream easily soars through a storm of firepower, and turns around smoothly, aiming his weapons at the back of one unaware Autobot ship; his missiles fly true, and impact the vulnerable thrusters, destroying them. Without propulsion, the ship is helpless against the gravity of the gas giant the battle takes place by, and falls into the depths of the titanic planet.

    "-And it was I who had destroyed the Autobot's most powerful Aerialbot!-"

    Heavily damaged, one side of his face brutally scarred and Energon dripping from gaping wounds, Starscream nevertheless stands victorious over the mutilated corpse of the one they called Silverbolt, holding the Autobot's severed head in one hand proudly.

    "-Decepticons spoke highly of my successes! Any day, I knew that Lord Megatron would summon me before him to grant me the greatest reward; the rank of a Conciller!"

    He gestured dramatically, surprising Nighttrace into retreating slightly, and held his pose for a moment, as if he could recapture those past moments of victory. And then he slumped slightly, dejected, and muttered: "But it was not to last. When the Abominus Initiative failed, when the Decepticons required a new edge in the war, Shockwave took up the old project, finalised and perfected many of its failed processes. His science provided results, provided warriors with unique and powerful abilities, and Megatron was so pleased."

    Starscream suddenly flung out an arm and punched the wall hard, hard enough to leave in a dent in the metal. The sound of the impact echoed through his quarters, and Nighttrace's optics dimmed slightly in sympathy for the grim end she would surely hear now.

    "After all I had done for our cause, all I had accomplished in Lord Megatron's name, the position of Conciller went to Shockwave!" Starscream snarled, frame shaking with fury. "No, never mind the battles I had won and the warriors I had slain; Megatron decided that Shockwave's scientific advancements were so much more worthwhile! So much more delightful than any battlefield competence I had displayed! Shockwave stole my position, not with skill, not with brutal efficiency, but by simply sitting in a lab and pumping out monsters!"

    Starscream, proud and tall, stands beside Shockwave and a number of other canditates before the throne that Lord Megatron is seated upon. Nearly all other competitors to the rank have been rejected, and only he and Shockwave remain. His smile is wide, his optics are bright, and his very posture seems to glow with anticipation and triumph.

    And then the shadowy figure of their Master raises a hand, which lingers for a moment, and points at Shockwave.

    And Starscream's world crumbles.

    He revved heavily, thrusters flaring out fire, shaking violently from the awful memory, before he bowed his head in mourning, and whispered, his emotional shifts honestly quite shocking to the UAV, and yet brutally saddening: "I had tried so hard. I fought and clawed my way to glory, and then it is taken from me, just like that. Shockwave took the easy way, and he received everything he could want, and I was tossed back down to the bottom of the pile...."

    He slumped then, overcome by this perception of failure, to his knees, claws scraping against the wall as he let out a low rev of emotional turmoil. Nighttrace stared at him, pity in her optics, before she hovered over, a tad apprehensive, and gently put a hand on his shoulder, reassuring and comforting.

    Physical gestures were rather rare amongst Cybertronians, so it was no surprise that Starscream jolted slightly at the touch as if he'd been shocked, head whipping around, optics wide, caught off-guard by the touch, but Nighttrace kept her hand there, maintained a knowing glint in her optics, and he relaxed.

    A moment's silence, before he nodded, and Starscream stood up straight, Nighttrace fluttering back a bit, as he declared, maintaining a dignified tone: "Yes, Nighttrace, you are right. Regardless of the past's oppression, I must maintain my efficiency and dedication to the cause! One way or another, I will reach the rank of Conciller one day, and show all Cybertronians the glory of Starscream!"

    He revved a bit, perhaps surprised at his own intensity, a rare feat indeed, before he huffed a bit and said: "Well, now you know why I hate Shockwave as much as I do, why he prompts such anger within me. For all I had achieved, it was rendered moot, and I was rendered a joke, when he took my rightful position from me."

    Nighttrace tilted her head, a tad curious, and he replied: "Airachnid? Well, to be honest, I don't actually hate her personally. I can deal with sardonic wretches; I have Soundwave, Slipstream and Barricade on my ship, after all. It's just, I hate what she represents. No, rephrase, I hate who she represents. She and all others who work for Shockwave are tainted with his filthy views and perceptions, and I find them all intolerable. And to think, Slipstream calls her a friend! Bah, in a ideal world, no soldier of mine would ever associate with Shockwave's minions!"

    He revved again in anger, adopting a rather indignant expression as he went over his distaste in his processor, just as the UAV fluttered next to him and gently spoke: "In a ideal world, would we ever encounter challenges that coerce us to learn from and overcome?"

    He was stunned at actual speech from her, as usual, before he shook his head, regained his thought-track and admitted: "Well, you have a point there. Shockwave may have ruined one chance, but he can't stop me from trying again, to keep on fighting and winning, until I achieve my dream. Yes, he nor anyone else will stop me next time!"

    And then, his pride switched to a sincere and humble thankfulness, as he said: "Thank you, Nighttrace. Thank you for listening."

    She nodded, optics brightening a bit, before tilting her head to the doorway, which he replied to with: "Yes, I think I can handle going outside again, Nighttrace. Who knows? Perhaps they'll tell me Shockwave decided against this test of his, or that he somehow died horribly of a malfunction of some kind. I can dream, of course!"

    With that, the two of them exited his quarters, Starscream grinning widely as he entertained the delightful thought of a perfectly healthy Shockwave suddenly flopping over dead.


    Ratchet was suddenly struck by a desire to get up. He didn't know exactly why, but there was a sudden unease in his processor that demanded him to go to the control room and investigate certain circumstances.

    He hesitated, unsure of whether to act on it or not, considering his limb wasn't quite operational, but then the sensation grew too potent to ignore, and thus he revved in defeat and attempted to manoeuvre out of his berth. It was tricky, since, even with the brace, his injured leg was quite reluctant, but he managed to sling his lower appendages over the edge, place his feet on the floor and push him upright, being sure to keep a hold on the berth.

    Somewhat shaky, he aimed for the doorway and cautiously stepped forward on his injured leg. The brace held it firm, and he managed the step. Remember how the last time he tried to support his weight on it went, Ratchet adopted the trick of simply sliding his other foot along the ground, a slow shuffle that made sure he didn't have to put any more pressure on his braced appendage then he had to.

    When he had shuffled his left foot as far as it could reasonably reach, he repeated the process, bring the right foot forward, shuffling the left, lift the right, and so on until he reached the door and opened it.

    In the corridor, he could at least keep a hand on the wall, and continued his awkward walk to the control room, always aware that at any moment his hip may possibly seize and leave him paralysed and helpless in the middle of the hall! Oof, what an awful thought! He shuddered a bit, but nevertheless pressed on. The need to understand something kept him going, and he would not rest until it was satiated!

    Eventually, he managed to reach the door to the control room, which slid open, and he entered, where he came across the most bizarre sight.

    Jazz and Wheeljack were playing a game of some kind, passing an empty cube from one to the other at a rapid pace, always performing some kind of odd hand gesture before or after they did so, occasionally with one throwing the cube up as the other had to quickly perform a specific motion before they could catch it, and whoever dropped it would groan and complain as the other laughed at them.

    He stood there, utterly bewildered and momentarily forgetting why he had come here in the first place, before he shuffled over to the main console, leaned upon it for support and asked: "What in Primus' name are you two doing?"

    They turned in surprise to look at him, the empty cube hitting Wheeljack on the head due to the distraction with a little clink, and as the tow truck grumbled a bit, rubbing his head, Jazz asked: "Ratchet, what are you out of the med-bay?"

    "Don't worry, my leg has a supportive brace and it's much better. I didn't botch any repairs to get here. Now, seriously, what were you doing?"

    "It's a cup game!" Wheeljack hollered cheerfully, holding up the empty cube to show the medic. "The Internet has tons of them, and we were trying one out, to kill some time before Jazz goes to fetch the Solanor that we'll be getting later."

    "Solanor- Ah, for our energy gathering, good! Excellent news. But before we continue with that topic, I have to ask something."

    "Sure, what?"

    "Hound requested Evac go with him on an exercise of some sort, based on a plan you and he had. I wanted to know what it was."

    Maybe it was his paranoia speaking, but Ratchet did not like the quick glance the other two Autobots exchanged, before Jazz chuckled, a little bit nervously, and replied: "Well, after last night's rather negative shenanigans, Hound and I thought that maybe the rookies could do with some practice on strategy and such. So, Hound and Grimlock have taken them out for a training exercise, combat and such."

    The silence that followed was disturbingly potent, and Jazz and Wheeljack suddenly felt quite awkward, and quite nervous, as the Hummer absorbed this knowledge. The silence dragged on, growing more and more tangible, as if one could slice it with a blade.

    Ratchet finally provided that metaphorical blade, systems slowly revving up into an aggressive rumble, optics flashing dangerously, and he muttered, low and lethal: "Let me get that straight. You, Jazz, the Lieutenant, sent my apprentice, and another rookie, on a combat exercise, with Grimlock. Grimlock, the Autobot renowned for immolating and mutilating and eviscerating everything that so much as resembles a fight?"

    Wheeljack gave a low hum and backed away nervously, as Jazz slowly and cautiously answered: "Um. Yes?"

    Ratchet moved so fast Wheeljack couldn't believe his optics; one moment he was staring at Jazz in utter disbelief and incomprehensible anger, the next he pulled a medi-kit out of his backpack and threw it right at the Solstice's head, banging against his face with a loud clang! Jazz was knocked onto his back with the sheer force of throw as the kit clattered to the floor, quite possibly rendered unconscious, with Ratchet instantly howling violent curses and declarations of total idiocy at the Lieutenant as he flailed his arms around in a frenzy.

    Wheeljack simply said, quite awestruck: "Damn, he got knocked the frag out."

    Notes: More screentime for Ratchet and Evac! Poor chaps have dumped in the med-bay since episode 3 :lol 

    Poor Starscream; for all his egotism and overconfidence and occasionally hitting someone else, the chap did have his desired goal totally undermined by some guy sat in a lab. Poor fellow.
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    Hey a drabble refernce!!!! :D 
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    I DIED.

    Hahaha. ^_^ But anyway, yay, Ratchet's coming along, that's good.

    And, it seems as though Hound's gotten over what happened yesterday, that's also good.

    I really like Starscream's motivation. Not his typical mindset that Megatron is corrupt; he never actually indicated that, he was just disappointed that he didn't get elected into a higher position. I rather like this take on what drives his persistence. It's different and more comprehensible.

    Man, every time Jazz makes a decision, somebody's got to get mad.

    Nothing much more I can think to say; awesome chapter like usual, though I manage to keep myself from rambling. :3 Excited for next part as always!

    EDIT: Also, I can't seem to imagine Ratchet being voiced by Jeffrey Combs anymore. I'm not sure who, then, but Combs is too...I don't know, "old" or "stiff" for this Ratchet. :/