Transformers MasterPiece Grimlock signed by Greg Berger

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    Up for auction is the ToysRus exclusive masterpiece Grimlock. This particular toy is part of the early release, done at Comic-Con. The toy is signed by Greg Berger, the voice actor for generation one Grimlock. This is a rare opportunity not only to get one of the best Grimlock figure ever made, but to have it signed by the voice of Grimlock, himself. The signature on the front of the packaging reads "MeKing! Greg Berger". Also included in the auction is Greg Berger's photocard which shows not only the voice actor but many of the characters he has played over the years, along with his my space and face book Pages. The auction also includes a second bottom for the packaging.

    Many of you may be wondering why this auction includes the extra piece of the toys packaging. In fighting the crowds at Comic-Con a thoughtless person ran into me and unfortunately damaged the backside of the the cardboard box. There is a dent and a tair. I included the extra box bottom in case you wish to replace the damaged portion of the packaging. The box bottom is only held on by clear tape and could easily be replaced. The reason I am not changing the bottom myself is that a collector might prefer to have the toy factory seals and would prefer just to leave the dent and tear. After all they are on the back and the signature is on the front.

    I shipped to all 50 states priority mail, I do combined shipping and I do shipped internationally however you will need to contact me for rates.

    This is a rare item and most likely a one-time opportunity if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you for your time and good luck!
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