transformers masterpiece 3rd party all new items

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    paypal goods 3% paypal gift no extra fee
    all items here in stock ready to ship in usa no middleman
    re stock of xtb eligos 145 shipped in usa 2 day shipping

    Here the list what i have in stock now
    any combined shipment i take 5 off listed price
    bc lory 90 shipped sold out
    bc speed bump 90 shipped
    ft16 galvatron 145 shipped THURSDAY WILL BE AVAILABLE
    YM 05 06 95 EACH OR 180 FOR THE PAIR
    ace cliffjumper 70 shipped
    ft16 lupus 125 shipped
    dx9 hanzo 140 shipped dx9 best toy
    kfc dumpyard 85 shipped
    sunsurge 85 shipped
    xtb arkose 65 shipped last one SOLD AND IN HOLD
    xtb boost 65 shipped
    xtb ollie 56 shipped v2
    loose items but are new from factory
    kfc doubledeck 85 shipped 100% complete
    xtb v2 apollyon 80 shipped
    gt jazz 75 shipped SOLD
    old stock
    mp25l loudpedal 65 shipped last one SOLD
    xtb hoss 40 shipped
    xtb axis and shafter 50 each

    also around thrusday a small restock of ft16 sovereign galvatron 145 shippe alone together with eligos i do 280 shipped and on some cases 275 if a third item is added.
    also receiving on thrusday the pre orders of tfm carnage 85 shipped in usa,
    and restock of ym06 dirge and ym05 thrust 95 each shipped 2 day shipping. together for 180 shipped

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