Transformers, Marvel legends, icons, Games, and dvds for sale

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    For Sale List!!

    Items only available for 1-2 days and then up on ebay it goes.

    If you feel something is priced too high let me know and we may be able to deal. Make only reasonable offers and don't try to lowball. I will definitely give discounts to people who buy large amounts of items!

    I'm currently not looking for any trades. I can accept paypal or money orders, but prefer paypal. I have feedback on multiple forums as well as paypal and ebay all 100% positive.

    All figures were used for display only and come with no packaging, but are complete unless noted otherwise.

    Prices DO NOT include shipping and shipping will be calculated after a buy list is PM'd. I make it a rule to make purchasing delivery confirmation mandatory.


    Extremely Rare Mcdonalds toys made in 1985 and only test marketed in St. Louis. These are very rare and I have only seen them once on Ebay. I have two and here's a picture of them


    I have the two on the outside the one in the middle has been sold. $30 each or both for $50

    Japanese beast wars VS-40 Transmetal Megatron and Primal. This version is show accurate and Primal is molded in translucent purple plastic which looks incredible! I had a hard time deciding to sell this set or not. Comes with box (torn in front) and bubble packaging/cards. $40

    Claw Jaw $8
    Claw Jaw UK transmetal version $30 or best offer
    Transmetal 2 Cheetor $14
    Transmetal Dinobot $10

    Marvel Legends:

    Colossus (Not ML series 5, but Toybiz new X-men version. Complete with metal bar) $10
    Iceman (not ML, but Toybiz new X-men version.complete with ice stand) $9
    ML Nightcrawler (doesn't have accessories I don't think) $8
    ML Green Goblin (complete with glider) $10
    ML Spiderman (Sentinel series) $6
    ML Storm Cloud/Lightning BASE $4


    Venom (regular) $14

    Video games and DVDs:

    Super NES (these are old and I have no system to test them)
    Zombies ate my neighbors! $4
    Earthworm Jim $6
    Lemmings $5

    Zelda replica sword and shield from Master Replicas $30
    Castlevania DS pre-order bonus (sealed) $25
    Metal Gear Solid vol. 1 Saga DVD (sealed) $40

    Voltron DVD box set BLUE $20


    -Solomon Grundy from SDCC (outer box opened, figure packaging still sealed) $30
    -Naruto Nine Tail Fox Statue from SDCC $85

    -Micromasters Devastator set $18
    -Micromasters Sixwing reissue $15
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    Removed sold items and added new items at the bottom!
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