Transformers Lot for Sale

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    Sep 14, 2011
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    ROTF Devastator. No box or Manaul. All six supreme combiners. Sound works but lights do not. Mixmaster is missing one ear flap and bonecrusher is missing his smokestacks. All in good condition and form devastator. Also include is Scattershor and Sureshort G1. Both in very good condition. No boxes or weapons and no target master for sureshot. Also included is Long Haul ROTF. Missing weapons and trailer cap. In great condition. Octane and another target master. These are recommedned for parts but still work. Octane in bad condition. Looking for $120.00 for the lot. Devastator in his condition sells for a 100 or more easily. Willing to trade for a bruticus G1, menasor g1 or Devastator g1. Let me know. Shoot emails to [email protected].