Transformers Live Movie Figures Leader Class and Human Alliance

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    I have the following Transformers Live Action Movie for sale. I accept payment via PayPal and will ship to continental U.S. only. Email me for shipping quotes. Figures kept on display in a cool smoke free room. Leader Starscream and Leader Optimus are custom dry brushed to highlight the metal parts. The main truck and plane parts have not been painted.

    Human Alliance Barricade (Original (complete with Frenzy. Not Knock Off) $50.00 + shipping
    Human Alliance Bumblebee (Complete with Sam) $15.00 + shipping
    Human Alliance Jazz ( Hasbro version with blue visor missing Cpt Lennox) $20.00 + shipping

    Leader Starscream (Custom paint) $30.00 + shipping
    Leader Battle Blades Optimus Prime (Custom Paint) $30.00 + shipping)

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