transformers live action score soudntracks +yuusha brave bvideo's = awesome

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    seriously i am surprised no one on youtube has acutally texplored the idea so far

    when it comes to the instrumental music from the score soundtracks to both live action transformers movie some of it is downright epic in its own right

    i actually think some of it would work incredibly well as msuic in a yuusha brave youtube vidoe especially if the the brave scenes in the youtube video happen to be be epic in its own right storyline wise oriignally

    i tried something like that myself this morning watching this video on youtube

    YouTube - ‪The Oath Sworn through Courage‬‎

    the oath sworn throug hcourage

    while listening to arrival to earth

    change the timing somewhat to pari up thscenes with the msuci a bit better and that would totally rock