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    Home planet of the race of intelligent living robots known as Transformers, beings able to change their form at will.
    A once peaceful planet under the ruling of the high council and a prime, who carried with him the Matrix of Leadership, a staple of Cybertronian leadership passed down from the first thirteen forged in the Well of Allsparks, to the current leader.
    During that time Cybertron was bound by a cast system which placed bots in certain places, who they could be, where they could work, and where they could go, it was system that could, and would only benefit the high society of Cybertron.
    Eventually, spurred on by a Gladiator known as Megatronus ne Megatron, talks of revolution began to unfold, and once the talks expanded talks of war broke out, and once talks of war began breaking out, a war began.
    Megatron was ruthless, he wanted the Matrix, to make a Cybertron under his leadership, his might and one that could be free, but over time it became evident that he just wanted power and he wouldn’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.
    Cybertron’s only hope, was Sentinel Prime and his group called the Autobots who opposed the Decepticons, and fought in the name of honor.
    Over a millennia of war, Cybertron was ravaged severely by the fighting and the once proud planet was reduced to a complete Warzone.
    Eventually the war took one of its greatest losses Sentinel Prime was killed at the hands of Megatron, the very Spark torn from his body.
    Megatron tired to claim the matrix, but a skilled warrior who had fought the war with the Autobots since day one of the war, attacked Megatron, he was Orion Pax, The two fought in a one on one match, but in the end Megatron managed to land several blows that took the brave young warrior down.
    As Orion Pax lay there dying the Matrix called out to him, and as such he made one last desperate attempt, he grabbed the matrix from Megatron, and he put it inside his own body. The Matrix rebuilt him, gave him new size, power , and a new will to fight. Orion Pax was gone, and in his place was a new leader.
    Optimus Prime.
    Optimus Prime and Megatron fought their first battle that day, which ultimately ended in a draw but it still proved to not just Megatron but the young Optimus, that he could be a leader , after this the Autobots and Decepticons grew to be on equal footing, but the war has still lasted another two hundred stealer cycles.
    Now both sides are at a draw, as Energon is now scarce, but in the twisted mind of a Decepticon scientist he has found a way one that could change the fate of the war, forever.

    The city of Kaon, was an unruly town, even before the war it was known for crime, gladiatorial matches and factory accidents, it was also the Birthplace and home for the Decepticon Empire.
    A Silver flier flew over the city, with hints of red, and Black, the flier was a symbol of Importance to the Decepticons, it was their leader Megatron.
    Megatron flew towards a large tower on the outskirts of Kaon, one that housed the laboratory of the scientist Shockwave. Next to Megatron flew three of his personal circle, a large flying cargo transport, about half the size of a building, a flier decked in Dark Blue, Grey, and Gold, and another flier decked in Blue, White, Red, with some hints of yellow.
    The Four fliers went flying upward to the Tower’s top room, where the wall had been blown open ages ago by stray Autobot gunfire. All three fliers flew in, and transformed.
    Megatron was tall, and silver, easily imposing, but the most notable feature was the large cannon on his right arm, that served as his primary weapon. Next to him a shorter bot, was a Maroon, Blue, White, Black and Yellow Decepticon with large wings on his back, of the Seeker Body type, and this one was in fact the most well known too, Starscream Decepticon second in command.
    On Megatron’s left, was a tall Blue Mech, with a chest with what appeared to be a door on it, a rocket launcher , a blocky head, and a mouth plate. The mech was called Soundwave and he only spoke when Megatron spoke to him, or when he felt the need to speak.
    And behind them, was a Mech larger than life about half the size of the room itself. Dark Grey, Brown and Black Colored Bristling to the teeth with missiles, enough weapons to slaughter a thousand Autobots. His name was Blackout. One of Megatron’s strongest and most loyal troops.
    The Four strode into the lab, looking around for a sign of the Decepticon mad scientist.
    “It appears that there is a vacancy in here Lord Megatron.” Starscream said.
    “Silence Starscream, Shockwave would not have called us here with such urgency if he wasn’t here ready for us to present us with his new idea.”
    “A new idea that could end up like the last one, our troops are still being hunted down by those beasts!” Starscream replied with a grunt. “If you ask me we ought to dismantle this place, and lock the mad scientist up, so that way no other creations of his can cause us harm.”
    Blackout, not one to take insults to his leader personally, suddenly reached out and grab Starscream and pulled him up to Optic level. “What Lord Megatron desires he gets, and he desires Shockwave to continue his experiments, to help us win the war. You’re just mad because you can no longer continue yours!”
    Starscream squirmed in the giant’s grasp. “I understand Blackout, your blind devotion to our leader is inspiring.” He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
    Blackout didn’t respond, instead he dropped Starscream to the ground. “Ouch.” The seeker groaned. “Can you let me down a little more gently next time, unless that is a problem?”
    Blackout leaned in close and got into Starscream’s face. “Yes, it is a problem, want to make something out of it?” Blackout challenged.
    “STARSCREAM! BLACKOUT! STOP THIS BICKERING AT ONCE!” Megatron commanded, “As for you alone Starscream it would be wise to hold your vocal processor or I may just let Blackout do whatever he wants to you.”
    Starscream partially wilted under Megatron’s glare. “y-yes my liege.” He said and then let out a huff, and began mocking Megatron under his breath. Megatron suddenly turned toward Starscream.
    Before the seeker could React, Megatron suddenly punched him in the faceplate and knocked him back, Blackout stepped aside as the seeker flew into the wall.
    Starscream groaned and looked up at Megatron, who let out a grunt and then continued walking, Soundwave and Blackout both behind him.
    Starscream snarled and stood up, his optics glaring at the back of Megatron’s head. He raised his arm, and pointed his null ray cannon. IT would be a clean shot, his blaster would fire through his skull and give him enough time to run and blast out his spark, he had the best shot ever he could do it…
    Than his face fell Soundwave had turned around and was now staring at him. Starscream blinked. “Uh um..” he then raised up both arms and twisted around. “Just checking for shell damage, nothing more he. eh…”
    Starscream then ran past Soundwave who turned back and followed Megatron and the others. Soon they came into a large chamber, one filled with computer’s lab tables and rows upon rows of tools and parts, energon was spilled on the floor in many places.
    From a table, an Autobot, with a gold Chest, Grey Body, with some Black and Red high lights as well as a black head lay. He was struggling against the restraints, his visor, which was red gazed upon the Decepticons.
    “Megatron…you slag heap.” The bot said with an angry glare. Megatron let out a laugh. “Well well professor, good to see that Shockwave managed to restrain you once more.”
    “Indeed Lord Megatron,” The Decepticons turned to see a Dark Purple Mech with Black accents and Highlights walk into the room, He was tall, not as tall as Megatron but almost as tall, his face was nothing more than a singular Red Optic, though in certain lights it did look yellow, his most noticeable feature other than that was that his arm was a giant cannon that extended from the elbow to the floor.
    “It took a while but I managed to subdue him once again and bring him under control…somewhat, but that is not why I’ve called you down here to my lab.”
    Shockwave gestured toward a computer consul and he led the others toward it, as they went closer, Shockwave activated the Computer and soon images flashed onto it’s monitor.
    “I do not need to tell you how low our energon levels are getting and how little energon Cybertron is producing since the war began, which is why I have come up with a plan that will allow us to gain more energon.” The scientist said as he turned to Megatron.
    “I have dubbed it Project regencies.”
    On the screen appeared an Image of 14 Missiles. “I shall load 14 Missiles that I have created and designed with Raw Unrefined Energon, from there I shall seed a planet with the energon, upon which If my calculations are correct and conditions right the Energon shall continue to produce on the planet of which I seed.”
    Starscream cocked an eyebrow. “You can’t be serious can you?” He asked.
    Shockwave turned his head to face Starscream. “You see fault in my plan Starscream?” He strode over to the seeker, and bent downward, to face him at Optic level. “By all means Starscream, share your criticism.”
    Starscream sneered at the scientist. “As you have pointed out Shockwave, we are already low on Energon, and you would expect us, to load large quantities of it into warheads so you can try a seeding experiment that could lose us even more Energon?´

    Shockwave glared at him. “I have taken all possible calculations Starscream, and I have tested the planet myself, it can be used to grow stores of energon.”
    “Everyone has the chance to be wrong Shockwave, especially you!” Starscream snapped. “How do you know it will work, what if it becomes unstable for us to use without proper shielding?”
    “Then I will make proper shielding Starscream, this project is one that I have weighed all options on this being a success.”
    “Oh really then?” Starscream mocked. “And tell me, how much more energon will it take for us to use proper shielding!?”
    Shockwave stepped up to him, the taller mech looming over him, as Starscream backed away nervously. ‘perhaps, it would take less Energon to power your if you were a lifeless husk.” Shockwave seethed. ‘After all, you seekers use about 16.7 Gallons of energon per day, so tell me Starscream, would it save much more energon for the Decepticon cause, if you were out of the picture?”
    Starscream shrank back a little bit. ‘You can’t be serious can you/” he pleaded.
    Shockwave, charged up his cannon. “Let us see how serious I can truly be.” He reached out and grabbed Starscream, and threw him to the ground, and stomped on him, but Starscream, grabbed his foot and scratched into it, Shockwave stepped off, and grabbed Starscream by the neck.
    Right then, a blast from Megatron’s cannon sent the two sailing away from each other. “Enough, both of you stop squabbling like sparklings!” The Decepticon leader ordered as he walked over towards the two, he first grabbed Starscream by the throat.
    “I grow weary of your attempts to better improve my Decepticons Starscream,” Megatron said, slamming the hapless seeker against the wall, “,continue to do so, and I shall see that the punishment that you failed to deliver to the traitor Ironhide is brought onto you!”
    Megatron then punched Starscream right in the chest plate, letting him fall to his knees the Decepticon warlord then reached his hand back and backhanded the seeker across the face sending him falling to the ground in a daze.
    Megatron then turned towards Shockwave and narrowed his optics. “if I go along with your plan Shockwave, can you give me full assurance that it will work?” The Decepticon leader demanded. Shockwave, let out a nod and he approached the computer screen and pulled up several test results from the target planet . “if my calculations are right then there is an 88% chance of this working to our advantage.”
    “And the other 12%?” Megatron asked, crossing his arms and narrowing his optics toward the Scientist.
    “The remaining 12% is that the planets that I have chosen will rather be annihilated then produce fertile energon stores. However I have chosen planets that once seeded shall grow energon rapidly, already I have a sample from one of the planets that I have chosen.” He said, walking over to a large brown clump. He turned back towards the other Decepticons, gently, Shockwave pulled out a dropper filled with Energon, and he squeezed it and a few droplets of Energon fell into the sample of matter. Shockwave stepped back, and then Soundwave strode up to it, walking past him.
    Starscream’s smirk grew in size. “Now we shall see if that 12% is the 88% percent.” Blackout grunted and then slapped him upside the helm. Starscream growled with anger but then held himself back and watched.
    Soundwave walked up to the sample and a beam shot from his visor that passed over the sample several times over, scanning it until it faded, then his chest lit up as data began pouring over it rapidly, until finally it showed a digital copy of the earth sample, Soundwave turned around and faced the others. What they saw rendered them all speechless.
    On his screen, was the sample of matter, showing that Energon was slowly starting to spread through it, and develop more little particles of Energon along the way. Megatron walked over to the sample and picked some of it up, showing the glowing blue inside of it. Megatron then held it above his mouth and turned his head up, squeezing it, energon fell from the clump in streams and poured into the Decepticon leader's mouth. Megatron kept it up until the clump was drained and he placed it back with the rest of the sample.
    He turned back towards Shockwave and a grin crossed his faceplate. “Shockwave, I will give you the full benefit and allow this project to go ahead. “If this small sample can produce Energon quickly, what might an entire planet like it become?
    “That my liege, is what I intend to find out.” Shockwave said. “If given time I summarize that we can go and find a world with nothing but Energon, enough to rebuild Cybertron and make it a Decepticon controlled one.”
    Megatron nodded, and then turned towards the other three Decepticons present. “Soundwave, I want a quarter of our Energon supply given to Shockwave for his experiment, and then I want full lockdown on the site of the launch.”
    Soundwave gave a curt nod as Megatron turned toward Starscream and Blackout. “I want full patrols on the area around the missile launch from now on; I want no Autobots finding out about this.”
    “Yes my liege!” Blackout said, snapping up a salute that Knocked Starscream to the ground. The seeker gave an indignant cry as he face planted on the floor. Megatron held back a smirk as he let out a chuckle as he saw his Second in Command get to his feet growling.
    “Starscream, I want your seekers to patrol the skies above Kaon, tell them to shoot down anything that even resembles an Autobot Sky Spy, Ship or an Autobot itself.”
    Starscream nodded. “Oh yes my master, no one shall come within flight range of New Kaon, not while my seekers are on patrol.”
    “Don’t break your struts patting your aft Screamer.” Blackout said.
    “Blackout, I want you to help Barricade’s scout team in patrolling the areas near and in the badlands, shoot to kill all targets!”
    “Yes Lord Megatron!” Blackout cried.
    “Go my Decepticons to your duties!” Megatron ordered and Blackout swiftly transformed and shot through a wall in the lab before anybot could stop him, leaving a large gaping hole, which Starscream chuckled and ran out of as well, transforming and blasting away.
    Megatron, Soundwave and Shockwave all stared at the large gaping hole that exposed the lab to the outside, several Decepticon flies patrol’s raced past, and Megatron scowled. “Shockwave, next time Blackout comes in for repairs make sure to do some more tinkering with his processor would you?”
    Shockwave gave a curt nod. “Of course my liege, I had been planning to do that for some time, however I was awaiting your orders.”
    Megatron sniffed and turned toward Shockwave. “So tell me Shockwave, how long is your estimate until you have your project up and running?”
    Shockwave turned towards his leader and gave it to him bluntly.“At my current projections, little over a month, provided that I can get access to some Planet Buster missiles, minus the warheads of course.”
    Megatron stared at him in shock, the planet buster warheads were a testing project, missiles that upon impact would shatter everything thing in a 3 kilometer radius, as of right now, the weapons had been only in the test phase. Megatron pondered this and came to a conclusion. “Alright Shockwave, you will have your missiles, but they are mostly incomplete.”
    “That will not be a problem,” Shockwave said as he gestured his good hand toward another door, which opened revealing a room full of larger green and purple mechs. “For my Constructicons shall be more than able to get the job done.”
    Megatron and Soundwave looked toward each other confused. “Constructicons?”
    Shockwave placed his arms behind his back and called out, “Scrapper unit 01 March forward!” As he said the words a Constructicon drone marched forward towards the Decepticons. Bulky yet slim, it looked a bit generic, with bits of vehicle mode and armor that identified it as a construction vehicle, a squat grey and black face with a blue visor and a hardhat like helmet was on it’s head. It stopped inches in front of Megatron and remained still.
    Megatron, turned his head toward Shockwave . “Another one of your projects?”
    “Yes my liege Construction drones , they have heavy armor but however, I have managed to enable them to waste less Energon than the average Vehicon trooper, they will help me with this project.”
    Shockwave turned back toward the drone and raised his cannon toward it, and fired point blank into it’s chest, and then moved revealing nothing more than a small burn mark.
    Megatron’s grin widened. “Excellent, simply excellent.”
    Decepticon City Limit Outpost B-12
    Commander: Barricade
    Despite being one of the smaller Decepticons, Barricade had gained a distinct notoriety for himself earlier in the war for Cybertron, when he charged a full assault by the Autobots, smashing through their barricades and weaving in and out of their weapons range. This earned him his name and the respect of the other Decepticons. Though it is very clear to most that Barricade is a very unhinged kind of Con. Sometimes having fits of Insanity and is prone to sometimes suffer mental breakdowns on the field of battle. What most don’t know is that it’s an illusion to make Autobots think he’s an easy target before attacking them. By doing this Megatron had sought to give Barricade an honorable status for his valiant efforts and made him squad commander, of Outpost B-12 just outside Kaon, and on the border to the badlands that lay between Kaon and many other cities including Iacon.
    Barricade himself stood outside the outpost, watching the skies, a tall and monstrous looking figure with claws for hands, a Black, White and Sliver Pianthob. Usually he lead the troops of raids of Autobot Convoys or scouting, his squad of seven was well known for racing around Autobot patrols.
    Today however he was waiting for someone, he watched the sky above Kaon, as debris from fallen buildings, the badlands, and the ever occasional dead body part flew past him. He scowled as a grey, white and blue slim mech came toward him.
    “Any sign of Blackout yet?” He said walking toward his outpost commander, and stood next to him.
    “None.” Barricade said in his deep gravelly voice. “I’m almost convinced that Grindor has pulled another fast one on us again.”
    The Mech next to him chuckled. “After Megatron threatened to smelt him down after he almost sent the Combaticons on a wild goose chase.”
    “Yes Deluge, but I just got a com from Thundercracker, he said that Starscream got orders from Megatron to increase patrols, something about Shockwave and a project.”
    Deluge slapped his helm. “Primus did Grimlock escape again!?”
    “I hope not, I’d hate to have to deal with that beast again.” Barricade said with a scowl. Suddenly he heard the sounds of jets and he and Deluge looked up to see a large Gunship approaching, armed to the teeth with weapons.
    “Well, Blackouts here.” Deluge put simply.
    “MM yes looks like Grindor isn’t getting smelted after all.” Barricade Commented as the larger than life Decepticon dropped down and landed, quickly transforming into his large robot mode. The giant Decepticon stood tall over Barricade and looked down and Barricade crossed his arms and stared right back. “I’m going to assume this isn’t a poker re match, and that you're here on orders from Megatron.”
    Blackout grabbed Barricade and threw him, slamming him into the side of the outpost. “You will address him as Lord Megatron whenever you speak his name.”
    Deluge blinked and backed away raising his servos. “Well i’ll just let you two talk it out and-” He didn’t get very far before Blackout fired a missile behind him. “Stay.” The giant commanded and Deluge stood rigid in place.
    Barricade grunted as she stumbled to his feet. “Oh Blackout, forgive me for mocking the great name of Lord Megatron.” He said sarcasm in his voice. He got up and stared at the giant once more. “So tell me, what has Lord Megatron, ordered you here to inform us about?”
    Blackout stood tall and ridged and his voice became clear. “Lord Megatron wants more scouting patrols for the area, no Autobot is to get into the borders of Kaon.”
    “More?” Barricade asked. “Blackout, We Patrol in shifts, and we run them for all day, and every Megacycle the ones who patrolled come back and-”
    Blackout stomped his foot into the ground silencing Barricade and sending out a small shockwave blast.
    “Lord Megatron doesn’t care about how much you accomplish already Barricade, what he wants he gets, is that understood?”
    Barricade glared at his larger and higher ranking officer, more than one con had wanted to remove Blackout’s head and pin it on the Autobots, however it was virtually impossible to take on the titan, t5he only bots who could were Megatron, and Ironhide and only the pit knows where he went after his “betrayal”, which may Decepticons are still in doubt over.
    “May I ask as to why we are increasing patrols?” Barricade asked, as a Dark Blue Cybertronian and a yellow one drove up and swiftly Transformed.
    “What's this about an increase in patrols?” The Yellow mech said as it drove up toward Barricade, the mechs alt mode was that of a strange mix of a racer and a drilling machine, and he transformed into a tall mech, with purple highlights, and drills on his forearms.
    The Blue mech next to him pulled up as well, a cybertronian racer with a sleek design, it’s front split in half and became shoulders as arms folded out of it’s sides the back of the car becoming a pair of slim legs, and a slim body as well, as a head with a helmet emerged.
    “Yeah, I already can barely stand it here.” The Fem said as she crossed her arms, glaring at her commander.
    “Blackout, I trust you know Groundhog and Counterpunch?” Barricade said gesturing toward the new arrivals, as Counterpunch crossed her arms.
    “I already had to deal with a few Megacycles of Groundhog trying to make the move on me, and I don’t want to have to deal with another!” She shouted.
    Groundhog chuckled. “Hey you end up protofrom with a body like that you're goanna have ,bots coming after ya, might as well saddle yourself up with the one most interested.” he said, flexing his arm.
    “I’d rather become spark mates with Blackout.”
    Blackout scowled as Barricade ran over to him. “Easy big guy, she’s my best scout and you wouldn’t last very long with her anyway, she can make a mech go to bits.”
    Blackout looked toward him and Barricade smirked. “She knows where to get ya.” he said with a teasing smirk.
    Blackout looked back at the angry femme and the equally angry Groundhog and the shocked Deluge.
    “Alright, I need to make this short.”
    “I’m all audios.” Counterpunch said, as Groundhog laid a hand on her shoulder. “Do you want that drill of yours stuck in your skull”
    Groundhog grunted and chuckled.
    Blackout rolled his optics under his visor. “Lord Megatron has requested that scouting patrols increase in order to keep the Autobots from discovering Shockwave's new project.”
    The other four Decepticons started at Blackout, optics wide. “Oh Primus what is it now/” Groundhog asked, backing away stunned, “, and should I be concerned that if could potentially cut my life short?”
    Counter Punch rolled her optics. “Wimp.” She said placing a servo on her hip. “So any dirt on Shockwave’s new project?” She asked staring up toward Blackout with a sly smirk. The giant grunted. “Details are classified by Lord Megatron, I will only tell you this once femme, do you understand?”
    Counterpunch crossed her arms and glared toward him, though her optics displayed a sense of disappointment. She turned away and began walking back toward the badlands. I'll take first shift.” She said a with a growl. Groundhog gaped. “But we just got back from our last scout-”
    “And odds are Roller Force and Motorhead are probably recharging!, we’re out here now, might as well saddle up and get right back to it!” She snapped at him.
    Deluge walked toward Barricade and leaned into his audio receptor. “Does she always get this cranky when things don’t go her way?”
    Barricade looked at him. “Sometimes, though I’m not willing to question it again,” He turned and looked up toward Blackout. “,I’ll inform our last two members and have patrols increased from several sweeps to seven per trip.”
    “See that you do,” Blackout said and then sharply stopped before he began to shake a bit and sparks flew from his head catching everyone including Counterpunch off guard. The Decepticon warriors fists clenched and he let out a loud roar.
    “Oh slag we’re gonna die.” Deluge said backing up as Ground Hog ran. Counterpunch however stared wide optical as Blackout stumbled back. “Shockwave, plans, Energon seeding, planets, URGH, must break free….” He said as he tried to stabilize himself, then a large electrical shock was sent through his systems, and then he paused and returned to normal and shook his helm.
    “I must go and inform the other Outposts of this matter, do your jobs as Shockwave is our last hope for survival.” He then sharply turned around and pointed his weapons toward the Decepticons there. “If any of you speak a word about my malfunction just now I will offline you all understand?” He threatened, in a dull monotone voice.
    The four Decepticons looked up at the sky and watched Blackout recede.
    “Our fates depend on Shockwave?” Groundhog said with a shudder. “That doesn’t sound too good.”
    “It rarely does, what do you think happened with him there?” Deluge asked, and Barricade responded with a shrug. “Do you really think that I would know?” He inquired.
    A little while later, Counterpunch was driving along a ledge on the edge of the badlands which was on a lower plateau to Kaon,out of all the cons in Barricades unit, she had the smallest amount of trouble paroling the infamous badlands of Cybertron. In their golden age, it was just a large expanse with canyons, energon resources and cities; eventually it became a ruined place, due to in part to rust storms that came in from the Sea of Rust. Kaon was registered as inside the badlands, however it was only located on the edge of it, Blaster City, Slaughter City and Polyhex. It was filled now with looters, neutrals, scavengers, and all of Cybertron’s new low life.
    Many cybertrionians from Autobots to Decepticons had a sever problem with even looking i the place, only a few Autobots were brave enough to scout in there and less so the Decepticons, especially because Shockwave used it as a dumping ground for failed experiments, ones that the Autobots had no idea about, and some the Decepticons didn’t even want to think about, and ones that no one had any idea about.
    Counterpunch was one of the few that dared to scout the inside of the badlands, as she drove along the edge however he mind was elsewhere. She soon approached an older structure, covered in rust, and looking severely run down. Across the badlands from a canyon, she heard the sounds of a rust storm beginning to pick up, and she charged for the door’s entry way.
    As she neared she began transforming, except now it was different.
    The Back of her car mode began folding in and a pair of arms sprouted out, and the cockpit area split in half as well, as the hood folded up to her chest, and her alt mode front became her legs nw, soon a slim figure once again stood, but now radically different, with a feminine looking yellow face and a black helmet, and a primarily yellow body. Off to the west the sound of a rust storm blowing in was heard.
    She walked briskly toward the doors, as a scanner came out, and ran itself over her form. She stood there and waited until it retracted and spoke.
    “Greetings Autobot Spy Punch.”
    The femme Autobot scowled and gave a ssh, motion to it, as the doors opened and a scowl crossed her face plate. “Why is it that every Autobot seems pit bent on blowing my cover?” She asked as she walked toward the doors, which opened quickly and she raced inside, just as the rust storm hit, shaking the entrance.
    “Well this one’s a real pit banger.” She said with a small grin, as she walked through the entrance and into a tunnel, that sloped down and she walked down even more underground, where she walked into a room, as the rust storm, was heard blowing hard outside.
    Punch was special for an Autobot, she had a very unique ability of being a triple changer, except she had two robot modes, very rare among Cybertrionians. She had been used as a scouting spy for the Autobots, in order to get close to Decepticon information.
    She walked into the room, and she heard a voice shout, ‘Hey Punch!, how’s your spark mate Groundhog today?” A voice shouted and she turned to her left, to see a Blue and Red Femme next to a yellowish Orange and grey mech.
    “He’s not my spark mate Override.” Punch said with a small smirk, Override was the only other Autobot fem that she could get in contact with, she was glad to have company besides mechs though Overrides sense of humor was a bit wary at times.
    “The Security Camera could have fooled us.” Backstreet said, with a taunting grin.
    “Ah blow it out your exhaust ports you guys.” Punch said with a laugh, and then paused and looked around. “I have something for Jazz, is he here today?” She asked her real teammates, who chuckled. Jazz was the commander of the hidden Autobot Outpost here, though he was in and out in part because he was also Third in Command of the Autobots, the Outpost itself consisted of, Override, Backstreet, Dogfight, Shock, Ore, Siren, Bluestreak and Powerglide, most of whom were in recharge at the moment.
    “Haven't seen him yet, whatcha need to contact him for?” backstreet asked.
    “Something that may change the outcome of the war….according to what Blackout accidentally spilled.”
    “You got Blackout to spill?” A voice from above said. “Man you're one tough little fembot.” It said as a grapple line was shot out next to her and a White, Blue, Red and Black. He landed and spun around on his wheel feet facing the fem.
    “Well hey there punch, glad to see that you're still online.” He said, as Punch giggled a little, that was a good thing to hear during the war so it became a natural greeting. SHe then snapped off a salute.
    “Sir I have some very sensitive information that is detrimental to the war as of right now.” She said, and then pulled up a screen, showing her conversation with Barricade and Blackout, and played the video feed.
    “Lord Megatron has requested that scouting patrols increase in order to keep the Autobots from discovering Shockwave's new project.”
    “Shockwave, plans, Energon seeding, planets, URGH, must break free….”
    The other three Autobots were agape, especially Jazz.
    “Odd, Blackout usually is tightlipped about everything except his praise of Megatron,” He said, and then pointed toward the screen. “,play back the part where his body lit up”
    Punch was confused but did replay it showing the Decepticons body sparking with a roar like he was in immense pain. and then from her device sprang a small card like object that she handed to Jazz. “Here's the footage Sir, I need to head back out before Groundhog gets suspicious.” She said nodding, and then looked back toward Override and walked over to her, because she was giggling, and then smacked her upside the helm prompting laughter from both.
    “Punch, you keep up the good work, and take care of yourself.” Jazz said, concern on his visor, as he watched the Fem leave.
    “Don’t worry,” She said with a smirk, he body shifting down into her vehicle mode. “I haven't been caught yet.” And with those parting words, she roared out the door.
    Override and Backstreet watched her drive off. “I don’t even think that if I was in her position, that I would even be that brave, though I probably would just end up killing the cons, right Backstreet?”
    Backstreet let out a laugh. “Oh yeah, I don't think the cons would stand a chance, especially if you’re over energized.”
    For that Override punched him in the chest plate, prompting Backstreet to grab her from behind and tackle her, Jazz sighed.
    “I’d better get this to Op and Prowler, this is something big…” he said, making his way toward the door. “And I don’t want to come back to find out that ya’ll let the cons discover us, cause you two malfunctions wrecked the base!” he said.
    Override and backstreet gave Jazz looks of “Who us?”,and jazz smirked as he rolled out the door. As he made his way to the surface he walked out into the rust storm, seeing no sign of Punch, or Groundhog. A smirk crossed his faceplate, and he ran for the ledge at the same time, tapping his com and sending out a quick burst Signal, as he leapt off the cliff and into the rust storm.
    A few seconds passed and nothing happened, and then a large white and Blue ship appeared, a streamlined design that was nice and slick, atop the cockpit stood jazz, as it slid open and he jumped in, behind him was a door, and beyond that, a cargo bay area, for troop hauling, construction materials you name it, it’s how the bots got to their outposts anyway.
    As the Canopy shut, Jazz grabbed the ships controls and with a blast from the thrusters, the ship was soaring through the Cybertronian sky.
    As Jazz flew through the rust storm, trying to keep himself stable, he punched in a few buttons on the control pad and a screen appeared to his right.
    “This is jazz to Iacon, jazz to Iacon anybot reading me?”
    From the other end something crackled and then a voice spoke. “This is Jetfire Jazz, what’s the problem?”
    Jazz scoffed. “Why is it that whenever I call in ya’ll assume that it’s a problem?”
    “Cause we know you Jazz.”
    The Autobot let out a sharp laugh, and then continued. “Jetfire, get the big boys ready for some news, cause I’ve got some big news for them.”
    “What kind of news?”
    “Good or bad, depending on how ya look at it, I’ll tell ya’ll when I reach the landing pad.”
    “Alright Jazz, Jetfire out.” The jet Autobot said and in a blip, his image vanished and Jazz let out a sigh.
    “Though knowing Shockwave, it’ll be all bad.” He said under his breath as he continued to fly his ship through the rust storm.
    I think i just set a new personal record for the amount of words I have written in a chapter.
    So everyone, welcome to Transformers Lifeline my first attempt at my own version of Transformers, expect things you're familiar with and things not so Punch being a fem XD
    Remember to read and review everyone, your reviews help the story (and my self esteem) XD
    And prepare yourself, because this as always is just the beginning!
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