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    Hey fellow writers, here's the first chapter of my fanfic. Tell me what you think in your comments. Enjoy. :) 

    EDIT: Here's my poster. Courtesy of Barricade24.

    Transformers: Legends of Prime

    Chapter I

    The Beginning

    Cybertron. Metal. Living. Inhabited.

    This is the home world of Cybertronians, who have lived in peace for millions of years.

    But all is not well, the planet's Golden Age has long ended and it has since been replaced by a world full of corruption.

    Nova Prime is doing his best to keep peace & order, but a good portion of the public has turned against him.

    And in the city of Kaon, a darkness grows like a cancer.

    This darkness is the Decepticon movement. A group of Cybertronians who believe that power is everything and only the strong should rule. The public word as spread about them, but most are not worried.

    They currently operate in an underground network of gladiatorial pits where they fight to death every day growing in strength and numbers.

    The only reason why they haven't been found and apprehended, is due to Straxus, Governor of Kaon, covering up there crimes and convincing the rest of the council that there is no threat. All at the promise of power.

    In the main arena in the center of Kaon, a fight rages.

    Blackwall, a large black con with slotted eyes, is fighting Lugnut. All while Megatron, King of the pits and Leader of the Decepticons, watches from his throne.

    The two are equal until Lugnut headbutts Blackwall and then proceeds to punch his face in, much to the crowds delight. The fight is now over as Megatron gets up from his throne and retires to his quarters.

    ?: Lord Megatron.

    Megatron: Enter.

    The door opens to reveal a blue Decepticon with a glowing red visor, with a bird like creature sitting on his shoulder.

    Megatron: Soundwave, what is it?

    Soundwave: Everything is in place for the attack, all you need to do is rally the troops.

    Megatron: Excellent, have all our followers gather in the main hall.

    Soundwave nods and leaves, Megatron heads over to the center of the back wall of his quarters and presses a button. The wall opens to reveal a large black cannon, which Megatron proceeds to attach to his arm and then heads out.

    In the main hall, hundreds gather as Megatron arrives and begins to address the masses.

    Megatron: Decepticons! Now is time for us to rise up, and reclaim our planet and crush the weak Prime's who have driven it into the ground! Tomorrow the Age of the Decepticons, BEGINS!

    The crowd uproars in agreement as Megatron looks on.

    The next morning in the city of Iacon, Nova Prime prepares to address the public on the planets current state. He arrives in the public square while a crowd gathers.

    Just before he steps out on to the podium, he is stopped by his protege Sentinel.

    Sentinel: Nova, are you sure a simple speech will be able to sooth the public's tension, some believe you've gone soft.

    Nova: I may not be the Prime I used to be, but I'm still am one. Change is coming Sentinel. For good or the better. I can feel it in the Matrix.

    Nova pats Sentinel on the shoulder and steps onto the podium. The whole planet watching.

    Nova: My fellow Cybertronians, I am here today in response to our planets current state. And I can assure you, I will not rest until our planet is restored to its former state. Change...

    ?: He's right!

    All eyes shift towards the front of the crowd to show a generic looking bot, with a peculiar insignia on his chest.

    Bot: Change is upon us! It's the end of the Primes!

    All look on in confusion.

    Bot: The Primes have had their time! But now a new age is upon us! The Age of the Decepticons!

    Sentinel: Remove him!

    When security guards move in the bot puts out his arms and screams.


    An explosion.

    And for a moment, Cybertron seems to stand still.

    For it had begun.
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    Nice bro, thing's are getting awesome already!
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    It's off to a nice start! I like it!
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    Here's the next part. Enjoy. :) 

    Chapter II


    Editors note: this takes place before, during, and after Chapter I

    In the Hall of Records, a young, red, and blue bot scans through the records of Cybertronian history. Shaking his head at how the planet has changed. Worried at where things could be headed.

    The bot is Orion Pax, an Archivist in the Hall of Records. Over the years he as read every entry to a T and has amassed a ton of knowledge.

    Pax shelfs the entry he was reading and heads out. Once outside he transforms and heads towards the docks.

    Once there he spots an orange and blue bot helping unload shipments. The bot is Dion, Pax's brother, even though they look nothing alike. The two couldn't be more different actually. But the have a split spark so they are.

    Pax: Dion!

    Dion: Orion!

    The two walk over to each and then head over to a park where they then sit on a bench.

    Dion: Something's on your mind, I can tell. And don't deny it. Your my brother, I know you too well.

    Pax: I've read through every entry in the Hall of Records. And with the way things are now. I've got a feeling something's going to happen.

    Dion: You worry to much, so things are changing a bit and people are disagreeing. It's not the end of the world.

    Pax: Your not worried about the Decepticons?

    Dion: Those are just a bunch of guys angry at the world. I don't think they'd actually have the guts to do anything.

    Pax: We really are different.

    Dion: Ha! Ain't that the truth.

    The two get up and start to leave. But then they hear people running and yelling.

    Pax: What's going on?

    Dion: I don't know.

    Bots are running past the two and Dion stops one of them.

    Dion: Hey, what's going on?

    Bot: There's been an explosion at Nova Prime's speech! Apparently it was the Decepticons.

    Both are in shock.

    Dion: Primus.

    Pax and Dion then look at each other.

    Dion: Primus, you were ri...


    Another explosion goes off near the two brothers. Dion is closer to the blast. Orion is also caught in it and is heavily damaged. But he was further away.

    Orion's world goes black.
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    woah... that was.... poetry:cry 
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    Dang.......two chapters in, and already things are heating up! Great job dude, I'll keep an eye on this one for sure!
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    And the transformation from Pax to Prime begins.
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    Here's the next chapter, sorry if it's too long.

    Chapter III


    The city of Vos.

    One Cybertron's greatest cities. A thing to behold.

    It's also the energy capital of the world.

    And on this day, the entire planet is in mourning. As the Decepticon bombings in Iacon have left dozens dead, including Cybertronian leader Nova Prime.

    The civilian's go about there daily business. Heading out to their daily jobs.

    There's a certain feel of sadness in the air, not surprising.

    News Reporter: The whole planet is in a state of shock after yesterday's attack and some are wondering, what happens next?


    The days silence is suddenly broken by a loud explosion in the public square.


    Another explosion!

    Bot: Look! Up there!

    Optics look to the sky and see several planes flying towards the city.

    Starscream: Seekers, lay waste to the city! Let's pave the way!

    Thundercracker: With pleasure.

    Sunstorm: Time to burn!

    All the Seekers; Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Sunstorm, Acid Storm, and Red Wing, swoop down into the city and start reeking havoc.

    Starscream blows up all of the cities defense towers in one fell swoop. Leaving nothing in his wake.

    Thundercracker's sonic weapons blow whole blocks up into the air.

    Skywarp teleports from place shooting anything and everything in site.

    Sunstorm unleashes his heat abilities on a crowd and in an a flash of light, all that's left are twisted, melted shells.

    Acid Storm files to the center of the city and using lasers, burns the Decepticon insignia into a nearby building.

    Acid Storm: Either join us or perish!

    Red Wing, using his cannons, takes aim at the office of the cities governor, who is helpless to do anything.

    With one shot, the office explodes leaving nothing but a burning mass.

    As Vos burns, the city of Tarn undergoes a more downscaled takeover.

    Tarn, is home to the largest prison on the planet. Holding some of the planets worst offenders.

    Guards are currently processing an incoming prisoner.

    Guard 1: We found guy trying to hack the cities power grid.

    Guard 2: Guy was pretty careless I must admit.

    Guard 3: Just get him ready.

    The prisoner is Soundwave and he wanted to be captured. All in order to orchestrate the largest prison break in the history of Cybertron.

    They remove Soundwave's shoulder cannon while the third guard starts scanning him.

    Guard 3: Wait, he's got something in his chest.

    All of a sudden, a small blue bot jumps out of Soundwave's chest.

    Guard 1: What the...

    At that moment the bot unleashes a sonic pulse that has the guards clutching there heads and withering on the floor, Energon flowing out of their mouths.

    Frenzy: That never gets old.

    Soundwave then ejects the rest of his minions; Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Rumble, Ratbat, Overkill, Slugfest, Squawktalk, and Beastbox.

    Soundwave: Minions, execute Operation: Prison Break.

    Soundwave: Rumble, the door.

    Rumble: Finally, I've been wanting to smash something!

    Rumble gets out his pile drivers and breaks down the door with one hit. Causing the alarms to go off.

    Soundwave: Show no mercy.

    The Minions split into groups and head torwards their objectives.

    Soundwave reattaches his shoulder cannon and sends out a signal that puts out that jams all communications out of the prisons, the possibility of help is now zero.

    In the control center, Warden Fortress Maximus rallies the guards.

    Fort Max: (over the intercom) All guards, do not let the Decepticons reach the prison blocks at all costs.

    Guards run to each prison block to defend them, but little do they know that they are out matched.

    They are then set upon by Soundwave's minions, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw pelt them a flurry of laser fire.

    They try to shoot them, but they both swoop by them and the next moment they fall down decapitated.

    Rumble sends several guards flying with his pile drivers and Frenzy brings whole groups to there knees with his sonics.

    Overkill and Slugfest ferociously tear through droves of guards.

    Ratbat and Ravage move so fast that guards barely have time to react before he gets there throats torn open or get a laser blast to the face.

    Squawktalk and Beastbox work in tandem, blasting their cannons and slashing and smashing guards as they go. Blowing whole groups back with their cannons.

    Soundwave calmly follows from behind. His eyes were set on a different target.

    Eventually the cassette's reach their target, the cell blocks.

    Blowing the doors open, they enter rooms full of dangerous criminals.

    Rumble: Freedom awaits you brothers, a new age is upon us.

    Frenzy: The Age of the Decepticons, join Megatron and the get power you've always wanted.

    Opening the cells, prisoners flow out. Any remaining guards are overwhelmed.

    And in the control center...

    Fort Max: Come in, can anyone hear me?

    Guard: They're at the door!

    Fort Max: Prepare yourselves!

    The door explodes open and a crowd of cons fills the room. Fort Max is pinned and a large purple and green con with claws for hands stands over him.

    ?: Lights out.

    Meanwhile, Soundwave enters a lift and descends into a lower level of the prison, exiting into a corridor with a door down on the other end with to guards by it.

    Guard: Stay right where you are! Don't take another step!

    Soundwave let's out a sonic pulse that disorients the guards, allowing Soundwave to shred them with his shoulder cannon.

    Soundwave shorts out the control panel and enters the room which has a figure hanging in cuffs.

    The figure lifts his head.

    ?: Who are you?

    Soundwave: I am Soundwave. I have a proposal for you.

    ?: I'm listening.

    Soundwave: A new age as begun. And we could use someone like you.

    Soundwave: Megatron as heard a lot about you and your experiments.

    ?: They don't see what can be. They fear evolution.

    Soundwave: The Decepticons are the future of Cybertron. And you can be part of it.

    ?: It only seems logical.

    Soundwave: So we have a deal then, Shockwave.

    Shockwave's eye glows as he looks at Soundwave.

    Shockwave: Indeed.

    Outside, with their ranks swelled, the Decepticons march on Tarn and take the city.

    The Decepticons march continues into Helex and Tesarus. Both cities overwhelmed by the sheer brute force of the army.

    And in Kaon, atop Darkmount, Megatron and Straxus watch as a new age unfolds.
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    Here's the next one. Enjoy :) .

    Chapter IV

    A New Life


    That's all Orion sees. Nothing.

    He couldn't tell where he was or whether he was dead or not.

    He was about to get his answer.

    Pax: Ugh...

    Orion wakes up, strapped to a table.

    Medic: He's awake.

    Pax: Where am I?

    ?: You've been saved.

    Pax: How long have I been here?

    ?: One Deca-Cycle.

    Pax looks around the room.

    Pax: Where's Dion?

    ?: I'm afraid your brother is dead.

    Pax: No, No, NO! I don't believe you!

    Orion tries to get up from the table, but he is tied down.

    Pax: DION! DION!

    Medic: Please you must calm down.

    The Medic holds Orion down till he calms.

    Pax: Dion.

    ?: I'm sorry about your brother.

    Pax: We should've both been killed.

    ?: And yet, fate let you live.

    Pax: Wait, who are you?

    ?: I am a sage.

    The figure steps out of the shadows. Orion's optics go wide.

    Pax: Alpha Trion?!

    Trion: So you've heard of me.

    Pax: I've read the stories about you.

    Trion: I know, I've been watching you a long time Orion.

    Pax: You have?

    Trion: Yes, and I can see greatness in you Orion. You are destined so much more.

    Pax: What makes you so sure, I'm just an archivist.

    Trion: A war is upon us Orion. And the time has come to choose a side.

    Pax is in disbelieve.

    Pax: War?!

    Trion: Nova Prime is dead and the Decepticons have taken over five cities. Sentinel Prime is readying the Autobots for a counter attack.

    Pax: Autobots?

    Trion: The faction that Sentinel Prime has made in honor of Nova.

    Trion takes out an Autobot insignia and shows it to Orion.

    The Medic then releases Orion from his bonds and allows him to get up. Immediately Orion feels different.

    Pax: Why do I feel different?

    Trion directs him towards a mirror.

    Trion: See for yourself.

    Orion immediately sees the changes done to him.

    He is taller, bigger, and now has a faceplate.

    Trion: Your damage was extensive. So I had you rebuilt.

    Pax: I don't know what to say.

    Trion: You don't need to say anything.

    Orion turns around and faces Trion.

    Trion: The Autobots currently consist of security forces but they require more recruits. There's a recruitment office in the city.

    Pax: In honor of my brother I shall join the Autobots and help bring an end to this conflict.

    Trion: Your journey begins here Orion.

    Pax then shakes Trion's hand and turns to leave.

    Pax: Thank You Alpha Trion.

    Trion nods in response and Orion leaves.

    Trion turns to the Medic.

    Trion: Is the other one ready?

    Medic: Yes, he's been rebuilt and the armor has been constructed. No one will know the difference.

    Trion: Good, no one knows he died in the attacks and the Autobots will need him. Wake him up.
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    Ok... what do you mean dead if he's alive?
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    I'm completely confused...
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    Here's the next one.

    Chapter V

    Building an Army.

    Atop of Darkmount, Megatron looks over Kaon.

    And Straxus enters.

    Straxus: Quite a view isn't it?

    Megatron keeps looking out.

    Megatron: Indeed, this is the victory I promised you all those Stellar Cycles ago.

    Straxus: And now we shall rebuild Cybertron, together.

    Megatron turns and faces him.

    Megatron: Side by Side.

    Straxus: The rule of two.

    The two shake hands as Soundwave enters.

    Soundwave: Lord Megatron. Shockwave requests your presence.

    Megatron: Then let's not keep him waiting then. Coming Straxus?

    Straxus: I'll stay here. I'd like to soak in our success.

    Megatron: If you insist.

    As Megatron leaves, Straxus gets a sinister look in his optics.

    Straxus: Enjoy your rule for now Megatron. For it will not last.

    As Megatron and Soundwave head down to Shockwave's lab, Starscream comes running over.

    Starscream: Lord Megatron. It's honor to be in your presence.

    Megatron: Starscream, I was told of how swift you and your seekers took Vos. I must admit that I am impressed.

    Starscream: Thank you, my lord.

    Megatron: You will be a fine Air Commander, Starscream. And soon you shall have a whole armada to command, with your seekers at the forefront.

    Starscream: I look forward to raining fire down on the Autobots.

    Megatron: Don't we all.

    Starscream: I won't let you done, my lord.

    Starscream leaves as Megatron and Soundwave continue on.

    They eventually reach Shockwave's lab and they enter to Shockwave tinkering on something.

    Megatron: Shockwave.

    Shockwave turns around.

    Shockwave: Megatron, I am honored to meet the one who engineered my escape.

    Megatron: I too am honored to be in the presence of such a brilliant mind.

    Shockwave: Likewise.

    Megatron: Now what is it you wanted to show me?

    Shockwave: Do you believe you have a powerful army, Megatron?

    Megatron: Yes, I know that every soldier behind is dedicated to the Decepticon cause.

    Shockwave: True, but how can you be sure that some of them will stick with you to end? What if I can give you a better soldier? One that will follow orders without question and defend the cause to their last bit of Energon.

    Megatron face turns to a look of intrigue.

    Megatron: Go on.

    Shockwave points towards a machine kind of like an operating table with a bunch of arms hanging above it.

    Shockwave: With this machine, we can construct the perfect soldier. Soldiers that will serve you throughout this new age. All it needs is a volunteer.

    All of a sudden, two civilian bots are thrown from the shadows.

    Shockwave: Ahh, perfect.

    Bot 1: Where are we?

    Shockwave grabs the bot and drags him over to the machine.

    Bot 1: Wait! What are doing!

    Bot 2: Brother! Please stop!

    Shockwave: Don't worry, it will all be over be over soon. You should be honored to be a part of this.

    Shockwave magnetizes the bot onto the table and starts the machine.

    Shockwave: You shall be the first in a new army.

    The bot is still as the machines table goes level and it's arms descend with armor plates.

    In an instant the lab is filled with the bots screams as the machine drills armor into his body. Arms, shoulders, chest, legs, are all drilled into the bots body and become a part of him. All as Megatron, Soundwave, and Shockwave, watch and the bots brother looks on in horror.

    An arm in the center of the machine descends with a mask.

    Bot 1: No, No, NO!

    The bot can do nothing as the mask is placed on him and drilled into his head. And then, all tentacle descends from the machine attaches to the bots forehead.


    The bot let's out one final scream as he is electrically shocked and then goes silent.

    Shockwave: It is done.

    The table then goes upright and the bot steps off of it.

    He stands there. His new face expressionless. Just a glowing red visor.

    Bot 2: Brother?

    The bot turns his head slowly and looks at his brother...

    And shoots him dead.

    Megatron: Most impressive.

    Soundwave: Indeed.

    Shockwave: I present to you, a Vehicon. He now had no emotions whatsoever, and has been programmed to follow your every command.

    Megatron: Excellent, Shockwave. How long will it take before you will be able to make more?

    Shockwave: I've made other machines ahead of time, all I need is more volunteers.

    Megatron: You have permission to start "recruiting".

    Shockwave: I shall send my team to get more from the local population.

    Shockwave turns towards the shadows, and from them, step seven figures. All have strange appearances, almost organic looking.

    Shockwave: Go forth, my Instecticons.
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    well... you made vehicons waaaay better than Prime did.
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    Sorry if it took so long, kept getting sidetracked. Enjoy.

    Chapter VI

    Boot Camp

    Orion Pax steps out into a city street, his optics readjust to the light. He looks up and sees an Autobot propaganda poster.

    Pax: Alright, the recruitment center.

    Pax looks around until he spots the recruitment center and walks over to it.

    There are two Autobots sitting at a desk out front. They appear to be brothers.

    Sideswipe: A war's starting and we're stuck doing recruitment.

    Sunstreaker: I'd rather be doing this then risking my paint job.

    Sideswipe: All you care about is you're paint job! If you didn't want to join the force then why'd you sign up?

    Sunstreaker: Cause you talked me into it!

    Sideswipe: I did not!

    Sunstreaker: You did to!

    Sideswipe: Did not!

    Sunstreaker: Did to!

    Sideswipe: Did not!

    Sunstreaker: Did to! You specifically said...

    The two continue to bicker as Orion comes walking up.

    Pax: Uh, excuse me.

    Both: WHAT!

    Pax: Uh, I'd like to sign up.

    The brothers look at each other, and then look at Orion, looking at him up & down.

    Sideswipe: Guy like you, should've been on the force already.

    A few mega cycles later...

    Orion finds himself on a transport ship with several other recruits. Eventually arriving at the Autobot base.

    Autobot Pilot: Alright recruits, this where you get off.

    Orion exits the ship with the other recruits and enters a massive complex. One that contains barracks, a medical facility, a science facility, a massive weapons depot, and a large building in center for the high command.

    As Orion takes it all in, his trance is suddenly broken by someone calling to him.

    ?: Hey!

    Orion turns around to see a small yellow bot running over to him.

    ?: Hi, I couldn't help but notice you on the ship, names Bumblebee.

    Pax: Orion Pax.

    Bee: So, why'd you join up?

    Pax: It's a long story, you?

    Bee: I wanted to fight the good fight, and I wanted to show that my size doesn't matter.

    Pax: That's quite the drive.

    Bee: Thanks.

    The two continue to talk as an announcement comes on over the intercom.

    Teletran: Attention, all new recruits are to report to the training grounds.

    Bee: Guess that's our cue, come on.

    The two head towards the training grounds, a large open area surrounded by various training facilities and bunks.

    The two stand in the center of the grounds along with about twenty others.

    Bee: So what happens...


    Everyone immediately gets in a line and stands still. An old greenish-blue bot enters as everyone stands still.

    The bot stares at the recruits, scanning from one end of the line to the other.

    ?: I am Sergeant Kup, I am going to be your drill instructor. You will either address me as Sir or Sergeant. Do you I make myself clear?

    All: SIR YES SIR!

    Kup: Good, and if I hear any one of you call me an old timer, I'll kill you.

    All: SIR YES SIR!

    Kup: War is coming bots. The life's you once had are now gone. Now, you become soldiers.

    Kup: In the coming cycles you will learn how to fight, shoot, and survive.

    Three targets then emerge from the ground behind Kup and he quickly spins around, draws a pistol and shoots all three in rapid succession.

    Optics go wide and mouths hang open.

    Kup: Anyone wanna show off?

    Bumblebee speaks up.

    Bee: I will. Sir.

    Kup walks up to Bee and hands him the pistol.

    Kup: Show us what you've got kid.

    Bumblebee aims the pistol steadily at the targets, and fires.

    The shot hits the far side of target. Bee fires again, hits the other far side.

    Kup: I've seen worse.

    Kup takes the pistol and looks at Orion.

    Kup: How 'bout you son?

    Pax: Me?

    Kup: Do you see me looking at anyone else?

    Pax: I've never fired a blaster in my life.

    Kup: There's a first time for everything and you're not the only one, now shoot.

    Orion aims the pistol, and pulls the trigger...

    The shot hits the target dead center.

    Everyone is in shock, including Orion.

    Kup: Now are you sure you've never fired a blaster?

    Pax: No sir.

    Kup: What was your occupation?

    Pax: I was an archivist in the Hall of Records, sir.

    Kup is in disbelieve.

    Kup: An archivist?! Big guy like you?

    Pax: Yes sir.

    Kup: Why does someone like you sign up now?

    Pax: Long story, sir.

    Orion gives back the pistol and Kup resumes addressing the recruits.

    Kup: Alright, like these two have shown me, the rest of you, show me if you can shoot. Blaster's are in the rack behind you.

    All: SIR, YES, SIR!

    Kup walks off as targets pop up in of the recruits as they all go to the rack to get a pistol.

    As the recruits start shooting, Sentinel Prime watches from a platform above, with his Lieutenant Prowl, next to him.

    Sentinel: All so young.

    Prowl: And inexperienced.

    Sentinel: They'll learn, Prowl.

    Sentinel notices Orion shooting with surprising accuracy.

    Sentinel: Who is that? The red and blue one?

    Prowl looks at a recruitment list.

    Prowl: Orion Pax, he used to be an archivist in the Hall of Records.

    Sentinel: Hmm, interesting, Prowl.

    Prowl: Yes sir?

    Sentinel: I want you to keep a close eye on this one for me.

    Prowl: Uh, of course sir, why?

    Sentinel: I see something in him.

    Prowl: And would that be sir?

    Sentinel: Potential.
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    You should have a show by now :popcorn 
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    For a librarian Pax sure can shoot.
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    Here's the next one.

    Chapter VII


    Vos, a once bustling metropolis, now a place of ruin and fear. The once happy citizens now under the watchful eye of there new rulers.

    The citizens fearfully wander about their daily lives, little do they know that some of their lives are about to change forever.

    In the public square, the citizens hear a familiar fluttering and they look to the sky with a look of fear in their optics.

    "Oh no, there back."

    "Everyone run for your lives!"

    They all start to run in numerous directions, seeking somewhere to hide.

    And as they do, the reason for their fear becomes known.

    Seven figures appear in the sky, their appearance, insect.

    Sharpshot: Ha,ha,ha,ha! Look at em run!

    Venom: Stick to the mission Sharpshot, you all know what we are here to do. And this time, no going off doing whatever you please, that goes for ALL of you.

    Sharpshot: Kill joy.

    Ransack: We've got orders Sharpshot, and we've got to follow them.

    Kickback: I don't know about you guys, but I love chasing down recruits.

    Venom: Enough talk, get going.

    Hardshell: Hey, Chop Shop, try not to steal anything this time.

    CS: I didn't steal anything.

    Barrage: Heh, sure you didn't.

    The seven cons descend into the city, their objective, 'recruiting' civilian bots to become Vehicons in the growing Decepticon army.

    A few mega-cycles ago, after the creation of the first Vehicon.

    Megatron: Insecticons?!

    Soundwave: There supposed to be extinct.

    Shockwave: They were, until I brought them back.

    Megatron: How?

    Shockwave: I unearthed Insecticons remains and extracted the CNA from within them. I found three volunteers, and injected the CNA.

    Shockwave: The original Insecticons were primitive and savage. I turned them into elite warriors.

    Megatron: Impressive.

    Shockwave: Of course the first three were driven partially insane due to the change.
    And were a bit defiant, but I managed to perfect the process and create four more loyal ones, which also preserved there original personalities.

    Megatron: Hm, I'm sure this seven warriors will be excellent additions to our army.

    Back in the present day...

    A civilian bot runs for his life as Hardshell pursues him down an alley way.

    He quickly finds a door to a warehouse and ducks inside it.

    Hardshell lands and transforms.

    Hardshell: Do you really think you can hide from me?

    Hardshell enters the warehouse where the bot is hiding behind a crate somewhere in the warehouse.

    Hardshell: Come on, your going to be part of something great.

    Hardshell transforms and starts crawling all over the warehouse. The bot just barely manages to avoid him at every turn.

    Hardshell: Your only making this harder for yourself.


    At that very moment the bot runs out and hits Hardshell on the back of the head with a rod.

    Hardshell doesn't even flinch and looms over the bot.

    Hardshell: Was that your best shot?

    Hardshell grabs the bot, his face full of fear.

    Hardshell: Here's mine.

    The horn on Hardshell's then lowers and delivers a shock to the bots forehead, knocking him out.

    Meanwhile, Sharpshot and Kickback corner a group of bots into a corner.

    Sharpshot: Time to fry!

    Sharpshot then unleashes a massive electrical current, fry the bots and rendering them offline.

    Kickback: You do realize now that we'll have to carry them all back.

    Sharpshot: So we'll have to make a few trips, shoot me.

    Meanwhile, a bot hides in his shop as the Insecticons fly by.

    When they seem gone the bot breaths a sigh of relief.

    Only for a loud bang on the door to follow a second later.

    "Oh no!"

    Another bang and the door falls down.

    And in the door way stands Chop Shop.

    CS: Let's go.

    Bot: No, no, no!

    The bot tries to fight back, but Chop Shop proves too strong for him and throws him out into the street.

    And just Chop Shop is about to exit, he grabs a model ship off a nearby shelf.

    Meanwhile, Venom, Barrage, and Ransack, take turns swooping in and grabbing bots off the ground.

    They all carry them to ominous looking facilities scattered on the outskirts of the city, and drop them in via a hatch at the top.

    A few cycles later...

    Venom: Alright that's enough for today, Shockwave will be very pleased.

    Sharpshot: At least you didn't have to carry multiple bots.

    Barrage: Ugh, stop whining will you Sharpshot.

    Venom: And before we leave, Chop Shop.

    CS: What?

    Venom: You know what I mean.

    CS: No, I don't know what you mean.

    Ransack: Come Chop Shop, cough it up.

    Ransack holds out his hand.

    Venom: We know you too well Chop Shop, now give it.

    Chop Shop's face strains.

    CS: Doh, fine.

    Chop Shop reluctantly takes out the model ship and places it in Ransack's hand.

    Barrage: You need help, Chop Shop.

    CS: Like you don't have a problem.

    Barrage: What problem?

    CS: Really, mister overkill!

    Barrage: I am not!

    CS: You are to!

    Barrage: That was one time!

    CS: One time, and then another, and another time.

    Barrage: Why you I'll...

    Venom finally steps between the two.

    Venom: Now that's enough!

    Venom: We all have problems! And we need to learn live with those problems, got it?

    Both: Got it.

    Venom: Now that that's resolved, let's go.

    The Insecticons then depart Vos, as the facilities are filled with the screams of the dozens of bots that the Insecticons caught for the day.
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    Nice Prime references to explain the creation of the Insecticons.
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    Holy hell this is dark.......I really want to read more
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    Here's the next one.

    Chapter VIII


    Kup: Rise and shine recruits!

    Bright light fills Orion's barracks as Kup barges in.

    Bee: Yah!

    Bumblebee falls of his slab and onto the floor with a clang.

    Silverstreak: Smooth.

    Kup: Stow it, on your feet recruits.

    Everyone in the barracks gets up from their slabs (and Bumblebee from the floor) and stand in two straight lines.

    Kup: Over these past few mega-cycles you've learned how to shoot, but there's a lot more to war then pointing and shooting a weapon.

    Kup: Today, were going to test your combat skills.

    They all grab their weapons as Kup leads them outside and over to an open area.

    Then all of a sudden, four giant walls rise up from the ground, surrounding the group in a large arena.

    Kup: Welcome to the combat simulator.

    Bee: Woah.

    Kup: This machine will give you a bit of a taste of what you'll experience in the field.

    Kup goes over to the side of the arena and steps onto a platform which lefts him up to the top of the arena. Once there he walks over to a console.

    Kup: Let's get started.

    Blurr: Woah, woah, aren't you going tells us what were expecting, Sergeant?

    Kup: In battle, you don't know what to expect.

    Kup then presses a button on the console and the arena roars to life.

    Several walls, varying in size, rise up from the ground.

    The whole group stands at the ready.

    In an instant, two turrets come out of the walls and open fire.

    The recruits all try to find cover as they try to avoid being hit by the stun shots.

    Blurr and Windcharger are able to use their speed to avoid the turrets fire. Silverstreak and Skids aren't so lucky and find themselves on the ground of the simulator, incapacitated from the blasts.

    Huffer: Why did I sign up for this!?

    Gears: My thoughts exactly.

    One of the walls then spits out a round looking object.

    Windcharger: Grenade!

    Gears and Huffer are too late to react and the grenade sends out an EMP pulse that incapacitates them both.

    Wind: I'm going for the turret.

    Windcharger transforms and speeds towards one of the turrets, swerving to avoid it's shots. Just when he transforms to shoot the turret, a bolas shoots out the wall and wraps around him, shocking him and rendering him out.

    Beachcomber: Can't just stand here, gotta do something.

    Beachcomber tries to help, but gets knocked out by the turrets.

    Bee: Orion, what should we do?

    Pax: Uh, let me think for a nano-sec.

    Pax: I got it!

    Orion quickly runs over to a red, yellow, and blue bot on the other side of the simulator.

    Pax: Smokescreen, you produce smoke right?

    Smoke: Yeah so?

    Pax: So, what if this turrets can't see us?

    Smoke: Gotcha.

    Smokescreen transforms and speeds around the simulator, laying out a thick cloud of smoke. The turrets stop firing, unable to find targets.

    Pax: Now!

    Pax, Bumblebee, Blurr, and Smokescreen all fire their guns from within the cloud. One by one the turrets get blown away by the barrage.

    The smoke settles and the recruits stand victorious.

    In the moment of peace, Orion doesn't notice a panel open up behind him.

    And it fires an electric bolas straight at him!

    Bee: Orion look out!

    Pax turns around....

    and bends backwards far enough that the bolas misses.

    He does it so quickly that it leaves everyone in awe.

    Blurr: Wow, that was fast even for me.

    Bee: How you'd do that?

    Pax: I don't know.

    The knocked out bots regain their senses and line up with the rest.

    Kup: Alright recruits, that's enough for today, hit the slabs.

    And as everyone turns to leave.

    Kup: Except you, Pax. You stay right there.

    Everyone else leaves as Orion stands where he is, confused.

    Pax: Uh, did I do something wrong, sir?

    There's no answer.

    Pax: Sergeant?

    A door then opens on the side of the simulator. And through walks Prowl.

    Prowl: Orion Pax.

    Pax: Yes.

    Prowl: Come with me.

    Prowl leads Orion out of the training camp and all the way up to the top of high command.

    He's finally lead to a door being guarded by to big bots with hammers.

    They stand aside at the sight of Prowl as he stops in front of the door.

    Prowl: Go in Orion, he is expecting you.

    Orion wearily goes through the door, and enters a large office with statues down both sides.

    And the end of the office is a desk, where Sentinel Prime stands with his back turned, looking out of the window.

    Without even turning.

    Sentinel: Have a seat Orion.

    Orion does so, still not sure what he's doing here.

    Sentinel then turns around and sits down at his desk.

    Sentinel: Tell me Orion, what made you, an archivist of all people, want to join the Autobot army?

    Orion thinks for a moment.

    Pax: I uh, wanted to fight the good fight.

    Sentinel looks at him for a moment.

    Sentinel: I can see it in your eyes Orion, you're lying.

    Orion tenses up.

    Sentinel: Tell me the REAL reason.

    Orion loosens up and tells the truth.

    Pax: My brother, Dion. He was killed in the attacks. I joined cause I wanted to honor him.

    Sentinel leans back in his chair.

    Sentinel: I know how you feel Orion. I lost my mentor, my friend. Before he died, Nova passed the matrix to me, telling me his time was done, and that it was now my time.

    Pax: Why did you bring me up here?

    Sentinel: I've been watching you Orion. From the moment I saw you fire that first shot I knew you had potential. And today you proved it to me.

    Pax: Proved what?

    Sentinel: That you are my apprentice.

    Orion's optics go wide as he takes in the meaning of the words.

    Pax: Me?! Be your apprentice?! I may have signed up for war, but not this. I'm not a leader.

    Sentinel gets up from his chair and places his servo on Orion's shoulder.

    Sentinel: You may not be now Orion. But in time I will teach you what it means to be a Prime. And then one day, you'll carry this matrix. And the wisdom of the Prime's with it.

    Orion ponders for a moment, thinking of Dion, and what Alpha Trion told him.

    Pax: Ok, I will be honored to become your apprentice.

    Sentinel: Excellent, let's get started.

    Pax: Wait, now???

    Sentinel: When your learning to be a Prime you have a lot to learn.

    Sentinel presses a button on his desk. And two drones materialize behind Orion.

    Sentinel: First, show me how you fight.

    Orion gets up from his chair and faces the two drones.

    Orion: Oh scrap.