Transformers: Landfall

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    In a post-apocalyptic setting, this story does what most do, but the other way around. Instead of taking the Transformers to our world, it takes us- to theirs.



    The year is 2125. Earth has been cleaned of life due to pollution. The few hundred thousand humans left alive fled the planet in space colonies. Each taking to another corner of the galaxy, they search for a new life-sustainable planet to inhabit.

    Aboard the "Light of Day", one of the military-class space colonies, an alarm was sounded.

    "All personnel, this is a level 1 scenario. We have been caught inside a planet's gravitational pull. It's too powerful to overcome. Please remain come and enter your respective cryosleep pod."

    First Lieutenant Evan McCoy stood in shock. Before the launch, they said these things never happen. That the only thing to worry about was weather the toilet was available. And now, he's stuck in the middle of a catastrophe.

    "Lieutenant McCoy!" Evan heard the voice of one of his friends, Private Samuel Cross. "First Lieutenant McCoy! We need to go!" Samuel pulled his shirt, which knocked him back into his senses. They ran towards the cryosleep chambers, looking at the debris from the atmospheric pressure. "We need to run!" Shouted Evan. It was getting incredibly hot, as a combination of the space suits, the pressure, and the fire, as the ship was entering the atmosphere, on a crash course.

    The two finally made it to the cryosleep chamber. Two pods were free, with each of their names written on it. Evan grew weary of the upcoming hibernation. Will he ever wake up? That's what he wondered. They entered the pods, and it was sealed automatically. From there on, all Evan could do was pray for it to be over with. Everything turned black, as the freezing cold and the sleep gas rendered Evan unconscious.

    "Come in, Light of Day. This is the Equestria." Evan heard as he woke up. "Any survivors on board?"

    He pushed the pod's door as strongly as he could, prying it open. He couldn't breathe normally, as a result of the blood pressure going down to extremely low levels. Since he lacked the knowledge on the planet's atmosphere, namely the amount of oxygen and toxic in it, he could not even take his helmet off as he vomited into his own suit. He felt like he's just been through three deaths.

    He looked to his left, to the rest of the pods. Most were filled with dead humans, some were crushed under the rubble. Only several remained functional. Evan ran to the nearest one, and pulled the lever to open it. A man with no suit was inside. He choked to death. At least Evan now knew that the air is not safe to breathe. He opened to the next, out came a woman.

    Evan gave her some time to calm down. After the vomiting and coughing fits ended, he reached to her.

    "First Lieutenant Evan McCoy." He said formally, as if it's not a matter of life and death now.

    "Staff-Sergeant Kelly Hamilton." She said with a rough tone.

    "Nice to meet you." Evan tried to lighten the mood, "Let's open the rest of these. There may be more survivors."

    "Right." Said Kelly. She ran over to the more distant ones, leaving Evan with the closer ones.

    He opened another pod, and another, and another. No survivors. It was pure chaos. He was then struck with a thought. He sprinted to Samuel's pod. It was in good condition. As he was about to open it, he remembered that Samuel wasn't wearing a suit either when he entered the pod. Problematic.

    He opened some other pods, but only two other people were left alive. One he knew. It was Private Michael Sanders. They met back at training. The other was a new face.

    Once again, "First Lieutenant Evan McCoy." Was formally spoken. He did not receive a reply. "Uh, aren't you going to tell me your name and rank?"

    The man was still silent.

    "Whatever." He brushed it off. "Kelly, Michael, we need to search the surface. See if anyone else survived, and assess the situation."

    Kelly entered awkward eye contact with him. "What?" He said after a few seconds.

    "I outrank you, Lieutenant." Kelly said with a flat face, "I give the orders around here."

    Evan clutched his hands into fists. She was creating a conflict he couldn't allow himself. "Listen. I don't see if you've noticed, but we're stuck on an alien planet. We need to contact another ship, but all the radios are jammed. So it's either we start working if we want to live, or keep arguing and die.

    Kelly grew silent in understanding.

    Evan walked back towards Samuel's pod. He looked at it, and felt powerless. "I'll get you out of this, Sam. I promise."

    They went back inside, and entered an oxygen-filled room. They each changed into combat suits, for safety reasons.

    The squad of four: Evan, Kelly, Michael, and the silent one, walked to the ship's exterior. What stood before them, they could never believe. A metallic plain, with what appeared to be architectural structures in the horizon.

    "Where do you think we are?" Evan asked, shocked.

    "Damned if I know." Michael said with equal surprise.

    They walked out, and dispersed in order to scout the area.
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    Interesting change up, please do more :popcorn