Transformers job competence evaluation

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    Basically, this is about TF characters who have either proven to live up to their function or whatever they are proclaimed to be, or then turned out to be rather abysmal for one reason or another (whether its incompetence or having some flaw they can't really help).

    Of course, there are a lot of TF's who've never seen doin' the stated function, though some of those jobs aren't probably too interesting to be shown on a saturday cartoon anyways.

    I'll start with G1 Hook of the Constructicons; his anal accuracy is both a blessin' and a curse, as while it may bring nigh-perfect solutions, it can also slow down the progress. And I don't recall him screwing up big time in the cartoon myself, though it may be because I wrote this in a hurry.
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    Warpath: Although his enthusiasm for his work is admirable, his outbursts are disruptive to other workers and make for a difficult work environment. If company health plan covers it, reccommended he consult a speech pathologist.

    Wheelie: Upon meeting with Mr. Wheelie after numerous complaints about pranks in the workplace, noticed a definate lack of professionalism in how he carries himself. I question whether or not the age of "several million years" on his application is correct. Consider terminating his employment quietly as soon as possible to avoid possible youth labour law infraction.