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    Juggler, an autobot triple changer whos alt modes are a speed boat and a helicopter both armed with hellfire's and plasma guns. His basic job is to kill any decipticon he can find.
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    As a proper child of the 80s, I had dreams of every possible crossover with any and every other 80s property: Ecto-1, General Lee, KITT, the A-Team van, the Delorean from BTTF, etc.

    Plus, I've always wanted to have a TF of whatever car I'm currently driving. Hasn't happened yet. Guess I need to drive cooler cars... :) 
  3. Juggalo_Prime

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    90's child here so i have a G2 original. Gunamas Maximus, a combiner made from 5 robots with Liefeld status guns as alt modes.

    and that kids is why Image comics will never get to do TF, The Bay has done enough damage with ROTF
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    I had an idea a while ago in which the body of a tank (Abrams or another sizable MBT) would turn into a warhorse and the turret into its rider, using the main cannon's barrel as a lance. They would also combine into a centaur mode for added badassery. If I ever get the parts, tools, and technical experience together, I'm going to make this a reality.

    Also, I'd like to see a motorcycle Transformer wherein the rider makes up a substantial part of the robot mode, but isn't just a guy wearing a motorcycle suit like in Mospeada.
  5. Superquad7

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    I think you might be pleasantly surprised if you browse Radicons and the Radicons Customs Gallery, as many artists have done exactly this :) 
  6. Rigas

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    They do have a Splinter that transforms into a Turtle Van. I had one as a young 'un.

    It was pretty small a tad bigger that scout size, and Splinter was as Brick as you can get, but it was awesome!
  7. blunghole

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    Dec 23, 2007
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    You, sir, I like the way you think! Your idea is incredibly cool!
  8. tf_4_lyf

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    I grew up with and the unicron trilogy so I always wanted a perfect r.i.d. prime, armada, or cybertron(even if that toy was awesome). Maybe masterpeice figures outside of G1 is what I'm trying to say.
  9. Coeloptera

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    There we go:

    I knew I'd seen that design before.

    General Lee fighting Jazz:
    Some...subtext there, maybe?

    Oh. and a KITTbash:
    With working light: 100_1974.flv video by druid13013 - Photobucket

    A-Team van pities the fool:

    But now, I'm OUTATIME:

    Don't say I never did anything for ya.

    - Coeloptera
  10. Latias Prime

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    I have always liked Pokemon, so I would have liked to have seen Animated Bumblebee modify his alternet mode in Along Came A Spider to resemble the Pikachu-themed VW Bug.

    Actually, if Hasbro had the rights to make the Pokemon toys they could do another crossover toyline, but instead of having them turn into these sort of mech-suits for organic characters I want the Autobots and Decepticons to turn into the Pokemon. It would be cool to see Optimus turn into an Entei or Arcanine.
  11. IronPrime92

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    Jul 27, 2010
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    i love your ideas
  12. IronPrime92

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    Jul 27, 2010
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  13. Kaymac


    Apr 28, 2009
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    I think a cool idea for a TF Crossovers line would be Halo. There are TONS of vehicles to choose from in the series. I'd prefer if the traditional Transformers characters were used rather than how they've done it with Marvel and Star Wars, however.

    Warthog: Hound
    Scorpion: Warpath
    Rhino: Guzzle
    Elephant: Optimus Prime
    Gremlin: Ratchet and Ironhide
    In Amber Clad: Omega Supreme
    Mongoose: Bumblebee
    Hornet: Whirl
    Longsword Fighter: Star Saber

    Phantom: Megatron
    Banshee: Starscream and the Seekers
    Wraith: Brawl
    Ghost: Breakdown
    Spectre: Soundwave
    Chopper: Cy-kill
    Scarab: Scorponok
    Locust: Kickback
    Shadow: Long Haul
    Spirit Dropship: Shockwave
    Covenant Carrier Ship: Trypticon
    Serpah Fighter: Cyclonus

    Forerunner Dreadnaught: Vector Prime
    Forerunner Shield World: Unicron
    Forerunner Enforcer: The Fallen
  14. tf_4_lyf

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    That is absolutely briliant!!!
  15. Tigermegatron

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    Jul 30, 2010
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    It so happens I've got a decent sized list saved on my computer of what new TF toy ideas I'd like to see get done.

    here's goes my TF new mold/repaint toy ideas:
    (1) Overlord: a updated homage new mold based off the character/toy
    designs from the Japanese Takara Masterforce 1988 toyline/cartoon

    packaging,both voyager sized toys will be packaged together & sold in
    a leader sized box+price point.

    A voyager sized black long nose stealth jet similar in design to the
    1988 masterforce overlord black jet.

    A Voyager sized dark brown+white tank design similar in design to the
    1988 materforce overlord tank design.

    Keeping true to the 1988 materforce overlord neither vechicle will
    have a seperate/individual robot mode.

    each voyager sized vechicle will have a animal alt mode. I'd envision
    the black stealth jet would be able to transform into a T-rex/
    brontosauras type dinosaur. while the tank would be able to transform
    into a lion.

    they'll be a combined mode like the 1988 masterforce overlord has.
    both the tank & jet will combine to form a huge robot. i'd envision
    the combined process will be similar to the energon 2-in-1 voyager
    combiners. the black jet will form the upper robot mode,while the tank
    forms the lower robot.

    The main reason I decided to add a animal alt mode. was because I
    figured the kids would find a jet or tank with no individual robot
    mode booring. just trying to make the original concept more exciting
    for the kids.

    they'll be 2 mini-con that are included with this figure. they'll be a
    few mini-con ports on the toys. they'll be 2 mini-con ports on the
    left & right upper chest of the combined overlord robot mode. for each
    mionicon to attach to like breast plates. similar to what armada
    tidalwaves minicon does.

    I'm not certain if I want both minicons to have vechicle or animal alt
    either way both minicons will combine to form a gun for the combiner
    robot overlord to hold in his hand.

    repaint idea for overlord: Starscream & megatron combine to form
    autobot recolor idea for overlord: sky & lynx combine to form skylynx.

    (2) Trypticon: a updated homage new mold based off the 1986 trpticon
    G-1 designs.

    A $27 ultra size toy or leader sized toy. toy would transform from
    robotic T-Rex to battle station & then a robot mode.

    the robot mode would have a outer dinosaur skull helmet with a inner
    robot head with fanged robot teeth.

    the T-rex would split down the middle like the G-1 1986 trypticon toy
    to form the battle station alt mode.

    maybe include a purple minicon sports cars that plugs into trpticons
    dinosaur chest like the 1986 toy has.

    please delete the electronic walking dinosaur feature that the 1986
    trypticon toy had. instead add more poseability in robot & dinosaur

    repaint ideas are as follows: 1986 overkill,grimlock, 1992 takara
    brave dino-geist,BW Megatron.

    (3) Victoryleo & starsabre combine for form victorysabre: a updatted
    homage new mold based off the 1989 Takara generation 1 toys.

    Victoryleo & starsabre would be sold seperatly as voyager sized toys.

    Both voyagers combine to form starsabre.

    victoryleo would still transform from a lion into a robot. starsabre
    would still transform from a jet to a robot.

    I prefer victoryleo split up into combining armor pieces similar to
    the was the year 2004 energon voyager sized "wingsabre" does.

    (4)Takara Master piece Rodimus Prime.

    a voyager or ultra sized race car/bot hotrod that plugs into a
    trailer. the trailer can break up into combining armor pieces to
    attach to hotrod's robot mode. to turn the figure into Rodimus Prime.

    trailer would split up into the following combining armor pieces:
    boots,forearms,chest+new head. back pack wing with rocket pack or flip
    down shoulder canons.

    toy would come with the following accessories: matrix of leadership.
    hotrod's & rodimus prime's hand guns. attachable saw blade hand.

    (5) 5 liscensed vechicles that combine to form menasor.

    use either new mold alternators,new mold alternity,new mold movie
    liscensed vechicles.

    basically I envision 4 deluxe sized liscensed sports cars & one
    voyager sized vechicle.

    they'd be 2 color variations released: decepticons colored versions
    would be stunticons that form menasor. autobots colored versions would
    get those popular 1984 car autobots as a combiner.

    (6)Predaking: 5 updated homage new mold 1986 G-1 Preadcons that
    combine to form Predaking.

    4 deluxes & 1 voyager sized toy.

    keep all the original alt modes,robot designs & colors. add the much
    needed poseable joints,higher sculpt & more paint apps.

    I prefer there be no pop on/off accessories. instead have the combiner
    pieces built internally inside each individual figure.

    (7) G-1 Galvatron: there needs to be a actual updated homage new mold
    based off the cartoon animation designs of 1986 G-1 Galvatron.

    the galvatron robot will transform into a laser canon alt mode.

    the toy will be either voyager or $27 ultra size. the toy will be
    beyond super poseable & G-1 cartoon colored accurate.

    (8) Sixshot: a updatted homage new mold 1987 sixshot toy.

    the toy needs to be either $27 ultra sized or leader size due to it's
    transforming 6 alt modes.

    toy would be a super poseable 6 changer. maybe get rid of a original
    1987 vechicle mode in favor of a new animal alt mode.

    perhaps the toy could transform into more realistic better designed
    alt modes.

    my 6 alt modes would be as follows: robot mode,winged
    & gun

    i'd prefer a perfect infusion of rounded off parts infused with blocky
    parts. the upper robot arms & upper robot legs would be all round &
    muscular looking. the robot forearms & lower legs would be more
    blocky. the wolf claws would be more sharp & claw like. the wolf head
    this time would look more organic & would have wolf ears & fanged
    teeth. the robot upper chest would be blocky while the lower stomach &
    waist is more rounded off.

    weapons the toy would come with would be as follows: 2 huge hand gun
    riffles & one large sword that could also form the wolf's tail.

    (9)Takara brave 1992 Dinogeist. a updated homage new mold based off
    the takara "brave" toy line dino-geist toy.

    have the toy be in the leader class size level.

    basically follow the original 1992 toy designs down to the letter.
    only add the much needed poseability like as follows: poseable wrist
    +fingers,universal shoulder joints that go up/down & split/extend out
    to the sides in/out. universal hip upper leg joints that enable the
    legs to walk forward/backward & split/extend out/in. elbow,knee &
    ankle joints. rotate 360 degree swivel joints in the arms & legs. ball
    jointed robot head joint. rotate 360 degree swivel waist joint. tons
    of poseable added to the dinosaur alt mode in the dinosaur legs,feet
    head & upper arms.

    YOU MUST KEEP & DUPLICATE THE 1985 Grimlock T-REX dinosaur head+neck
    that the 1992 dino-geist toy has. have the mouth open & close,with
    fanged beast teeth.

    Jetmode,robot mode & dinosaur mode must look similar to the 1992 dino-
    geist toy. with the same pop out/flip up weapons & accessories.

    same colors from the 1992 dino-geist toy must be used on this
    upadatted homage version.

    (10)shockwave,a updatted homage new mold based off the 1985 shockwave
    toy designs.

    a robot that transforms into a laser space gun.

    voyager sized with tons of poeability. modeled after the 1985 toy &
    cartoon designs. proper honage colors used.

    please no electronic sounds or light up features. there just annoying
    & take up too much of the sculpt+poseabilty toy design budget.

    (11) 1987 "horrorcons" apeface & snapdargon: updatted homage new molds
    based off the designs of the 1987 trippple changer "horrorcons"
    headmasters apeface & snapdragon.

    individually sold voyager sized toys. they wont combine with each

    each figure will include a headmaster that transforms from humanoid
    form to robot head then to beast head.

    snapdragon & apeface will look very closely like there 1987 G-1 sculpt
    designs. perhaps round off parts more,make e'm sleeker looking.

    definatelly make e'm more super poseable than what there were in 1987.
    keep the colors schemes true to there 1987 toys.

    snapdargon will transform into a dragon,then robot then jet. apeface
    will transform into a ape then a robot then a jet.

    jet cock pits will open for headmasters to sit in. the robot chest
    will flip down to show a tech spec reading when the headmaster becomes
    the robot head.

    repaint ideas: a recolor using the apeface mold could be 1998 optimal
    a recolor using the snapdragon mold could be grimlock,overkill,bw

    (11) a masterpiece style Sixshot updatted homage new mold toy.

    toy would be beyond super poseable.

    have realistic vechicle alt modes.

    very sleek & ninja designed.

    leader sized figure.

    comes with tons of cool weapons like: sword,chinese stars,riffle guns.

    (12) Energon 5-in-1 styled combiners for menasor/stunticons,technobots/computron,predaking,abonimus,piranaking & dinoking.
    basically one deluxe & 4 basic sized limbs.

    (13) Thundercats cross overs transformers. where voyager sized 4 legged beast transform into 2 leg humanoid forms. I'd prefer the toys be robotic animals.
    the villians could be mumra & his henchmen.

    (14) starwars cross-overs that have actual transformers characters transform into star trek styled alt modes.

    (15) Starwars guns,light sabers,riffles,transforming into transformers characters. like megatron,shockwave,sixshot,quickswitch & some targetmasters
  16. Geminii

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    Hell yes!
  17. Xabungle

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    Dinozone/Dinozaurs did exactly that. But there are some major problems with the line. Their plastic feels very brittle, there's little imagination in the transformations, etc. Still, you might like it if you check the line out.
  18. Tigertrack

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    Awesome shit man! I love KITT! I'd love to see him in alt-mode if possible.
    I've always thought it would be cool to have KITT and Airwolf as Autobots, and KARR as a Decepticon.
    I have a few die-cast model cars of KITT and that Transformer KITT would be killer to own! :D 
  19. jgoss

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    i don't know if thet have had it yet but a shelby mustang gt-500 a new one.
  20. Goatboy

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    A beast former combiner team where the gestalt form is a giant beast mode instead of a big humanoid robot.

    Always thought a redo of the pretenders using a system like Takara's Trans-scanning movie figures would be cool.