Transformers: Heart Of Cybertron

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    Transformers: Heart Of Cybertron (Act I: First Encounter)

    Rating: PG-13 for Fantasy Violence; Mild Drug Use; Romantic Moments; and Mild Language
    Summary: Aliens don't exist. Neither do super spies. That's what Kara Traynor and most of the world has been told. But after an encounter with beings known as Cybertronians, those facts become fiction. The arrival of Optimus Prime in her life sends her into a high-octane adventure that takes her across the planet, and brings her to surprising revelations about herself, her past, and the world she lives on. New friends and new enemies are made. And when the final strike begins, can she and the last surviving Autobot of the Atheron save the galaxy before the evil Decepticons' plans of conquest become reality?

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