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    So I had this idea of an Alternate G1, Unencumbered by the restrictions of the toyline and the Cartoon, all the way back when Dreamwave had the Transformers License, but the IDW happened, there was a transformers resurgence and the aligned continuity came out. ad my failing health and other issues I decided to shelve it, and the outline sat on an old hard drive for over a decade.

    until I found it last week.

    so I went over the outline, and with over a decade of new ideas and lore, I whipped this up.

    Transformers Generation Realigned
    Arc One: Before the Earth War

    The Planet Cybertron, In a galaxy far, far away, Millions of years ago.

    Iacon was the seat of the Autobot faction, heavily Fortified it was the one City, the Decepticons Had never been able to take.

    within the Great Dome of Iacon the Leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was Meeting with his Sub-Commanders and laying out the particulars of an important mission.

    “You can’t be serious Prime!” Ultra Magnus roared in anger

    “Magnus, It's the only way! Cybertron is hurtling out of a stationary orbit towards an asteroid field I’m going to lead a team out In the Ark-1 to clear a path through the field and then we’ll begin the secondary missions we will search for a new source of Energon--”

    “No!!! It's not the only way! I should take this mission! Not you! You’re the leader of the Autobots we need you!”

    “As much as me hate to admit it… Magnus right. You Autobot leader, you needed to inspire the Autobots!” said Grimlock leader of the Dynabots.

    “I've made my decision, I will take an 11-bot crew and begin the secret mission I have faith that you can hold everything together while I’m away Magnus.”

    Ultra Magnus snorted got up and walked away.

    “You make big mistake Prime,” said Grimlock, also getting up and walking away.

    “Maximus? Saber? Are you going to add to my detractors?”

    Maximus shook his head "I have nothing to say Prime.” He got up and left as well.

    Saber sighed. “You’re not going to tell us the real reason for this mission, are you? what the others don’t see is you’re painting too large of a target for Megatron to ignore. he probably already knows your flight path.”

    Prime looked at Saber silent for what seemed like minutes, finally, he replied, “If our security is so flimsy then you know I can’t answer.”

    “Whatever it is you’re going to sacrifice 11 bots who trust you.”

    Optimus leaned forward “If it works out they will never know. Saber, I’m handing over the codes for our deep cover agent. he’s in deep and I fear for him if you need to, extract him.”

    Saber nodded and turned to the window, “you know Maximus is looking to flee the war.”

    “when the time comes, help him achieve his escape.”

    Saber looked at Prime and frowned, “Another Vision?”


    Saber sighed, “and you're not going to tell me, are you?”

    Prime put his arm on Saber’s shoulder. “To do so would take away your future destiny.”

    “Damn it Optimus we’re going to lose Cybertron!”

    “Yes, but there will be the chance to get it back.”

    Saber pushed Optimus's arm away and stormed out

    Optimus turned and looked out of a window… “They don’t understand mentor.”

    “No, they don’t,” said a robot from the side door “The Matrix has given you a vision, more of a directive that you have to follow you have to lead this mission you have to go into space or everyone is doomed…”

    “It doesn’t make this any easier Alpha Trion.”

    “I know Optimus, I know.”


    In another part of Iacon, there was a gathering of Autobots

    Grimlock looked at the robot that was almost his identical twin as he explained Prime’s declaration. “That size of it Ares.”

    “You’re not serious Grimlock!” Said Ares in shock

    “Me absolutely serious Ares. Prime running off on some mission.”

    “This is insane! Prime knows we’ve been losing serious ground to the Cons they have 60 percent of the planet to our 25 percent!”

    “The reasons for Primes mission is sound,” said Ironhide to Ares and Grimlock. “The asteroid field will destroy Cybertron, Prime has to clear us a path as the Decepticons aren’t doing anything about it. on the plus side our scientists surmise once through the asteroid field we’ll be snagged by the star on the other side of that field and finally regain a stationary orbit, and once that happens Prime can find us a new source of energy as our reserves have dwindled badly and the Decepticons hold 5 of the six Energon plants.”

    “You miss point. Prime himself lead mission. He needed here. He should have sent someone else to deal with mission.” snapped Grimlock, his optics glowing red.

    “Yeah, him flying off like this weakens our position further.” said Cerebro

    “You know Prime, never willing to let others do something he can do himself.” Ironhide turned and left

    “Maybe I should go and watch his back,” muttered Ares.

    “No, you need to finish Cobalt mission.” said Grimlock.


    Helex, the Capital of Megatron’s Decepticon Empire

    Megatron looked at the transformer on-screen, "Are you sure Triton?"

    "Absolutely my lord. Optimus Prime is leading the expedition itself…"

    "Very well," said Megatron, "Continue with the mission Triton. Megatron out." The screen went blank. Soundwave said Megatron turning to his trusted lieutenant "Contact my generals!"

    "As you command Mighty Megatron," Soundwave turned to a terminal and started typing commands.

    Megatron grinned this time he had him, this time he had Optimus right where he wanted him! he had been planning to clear a path through the asteroid field but the Autobots would do it for him depleting their paltry power reserves even further, and then he would strike, destroying Optimus Prime and return to Cybertron with his carcass breaking the Autobots spirit. The door opened and his 6 generals entered. Starscream, Shockwave, Deathsaurus, Scorponok, Megadeth, and Abyss.

    “Mighty Megatron,” said Scorponok as he knelt down “what is your bidding?”

    “Optimus Prime has made a fatal error, which I plan to exploit…”


    Ares walked into a shuttle and looked at his crew. Zaus, Phantom, Ravor and new member X-Tasea a quiet young femme who was a survivor of Kalis, well officially that was the story Ares knew otherwise he also knew what had really happened had twisted her and left her with a curse but she had proved herself despite this hindrance.

    “Boss?” Said Zaus looking up from where he was seated

    “Cobalt is a go,” said Are.s

    “Excellent, this is!” exclaimed Ravor a large bulky fembot and the member of the crew Ares knew the longest after all he rescued her from the vicepires

    “Too true Ravor too true!” Said Ares taking his seat “It’s about time we caused some hurt on the cons for a change, X-Tasea, Phantom complete prep…”

    “Aye, aye boss!” Said Phantom typing in some commands on the terminal in front of him

    “What he said,” muttered X-Tasea, as she flipped a few switches on the controls above her head “I have clearance from the tower we’re good to go, boss!”

    “Okay, let's do this Phantom…launch!”

    The shuttle shot into space.

    “Rumour, we hear,” said Ravor looking at Ares

    “Yeah, something about Prime leading some sort of expedition,” said Zaus. “Is it true?”

    Ares sighed. “It's true. Prime and his specially selected crew are going to clear a path through the asteroid field, and then search for fresh sources of power…”

    “Well good luck to him!” said Phantom. “We’ve been fighting on fumes for centuries. the quinterson occupation took a hell of a lot out of us, and left the cons in power, clawing back 30 percent of the planet was hard enough as it is…” Phantom flipped a switch “Ah here’s our entry point.” the shuttle streaked back down to Cybertron and into a deep chasm Phantom manoeuvred the shuttle through twists and turns for what seemed like hours until they came to a cavern. “Okay everybody this is our stop!” Phantom opened up the loading bay and got out of his seat as did Ares and the others, they went through the loading bay picking up their weapons and other heavy-duty tools and disembarked from the shuttle.

    “Okay X-Tasea, Zaus follow me,” said Ares. “Ravor, Phantom prep the bores…we got one full Solar cycle to complete the job after that we’ve got to get out of here as this cavern gets flooded.”

    Ravor put down a large cylinder she had been carrying and Phantom quickly secured it to the ground. Ravor then let go and went back to the ship and brought out a second bore and Phantom repeated the process of securing it to the ground, Meanwhile, Ares and the others were assembling a bomb.

    “I get the feeling you're not pleased with Primes decision,” said X-Tasea softly.

    “I’m conflicted X, I admire that Prime has the guts to put himself on the frontlines like that and he won't send a bot to do a job he could do himself…but we’re at a serious disadvantage the Decepticons came out of the occupation on top. It's been an uphill struggle all the way, with Prime as the rallying cry without him the Autobot cause would have died. He’s put himself on the line many a time but this time it feels, it feels like a very bad move. Prime is needed on Cybertron right now I’m not sure we can afford for him to be absent for too long.”

    “Prime’s been gone before, remember?” Said Zaus.

    “Yeah, but the Decepticons didn’t control 60 percent of the planet and Megatron was gone as well!” said X-Tasea. “So the Decepticons were in disarray as well as the Autobots--there the first bomb is set. Zaus take it over to Ravor to load into a bore I’ll start on the second bomb.”

    “Do you think this will work Ares?” asked Zaus.

    “It's sound. This cavern is directly below the Polyhex power refinery really deep beneath their scanners the bores will drill up a good distance and then the bombs will detonate the resulting detonation will cause a massive chain reaction taking the refinery out and the cons will lose one of their major power sources.”

    “Well then let's hurry up and get out of here I don’t want to be here when they go off.”

    Ares nodded and continued to construct a second bomb with X-Tasea.

    *************** ​

    Prime looked at the Autobots gathered around him, on one side was his Chosen Crew, the other their Comrades and loved ones

    • Bluestreak
    • Hound
    • Ironhide
    • Jazz
    • Mirage
    • Prowl
    • Ratchet
    • Sideswipe
    • Sunstreaker
    • Trailbreaker
    • Wheeljack
    • Cliffjumper
    • Gears
    • Huffer
    • Windcharger
    • Brawn
    • Bumblebee
    • Hauler

    Jazz turned to his brother “Vanquish Keep an eye on the Twins, bro.”

    “I will! I will! No need to worry Jazz, What do I tell Roadima?”

    “I’ll talk to her before I leave I’ll probably be gone for about 2 Stellar Cycles that’s the time Primes set.”

    “Well good luck Bro,”

    “Thanks, Vanquish.”

    Across from the two brothers, Ironhide was talking to an old buddy. “Kup old pal no need to get so grumpy I’ll only be gone for a short while.”

    “But you’re the only one who can shut Wrangler up!”

    Optimus watched his chosen crew make their goodbyes and begin preparations, the Decepticons had been awfully quiet.


    Megatron looked at the newly constructed Ship before him “Scrapper--”

    “She’s a beaut isn’t she?” said Scrapper “I call her the Nemesis.”

    “Excellent scrapper… excellent! her capabilities?”

    “She’s an extremely Fast starship, built its thrusters run on 70% of the energy conversion that other ships in the Decepticon fleets use for exactly the same yield, it contains three shatter cannons, one on the underside and one on the port side with the last being on the starboard side, twenty las-coils guns, a camo cloak, plus standard sidewinder and heatseekers.”


    “Be careful you don’t blow yourself up with all that ordinance Megatron… we wouldn’t want anything to happen to you!” said Starscream mockingly.

    “You should be concerned for yourself Starscream after all you will be joining me on this expedition!”

    “What?! you can't be serious Megatron!”

    “Very serious Starscream, Very, very serious!” said Megatron his eyes glowing ominously…


    “Roadima calm down!”

    “Calm down? CALM DOWN? How can I calm down you’re leaving me Jazz?!”

    “Roadima it won't be forever! I've been chosen---”

    “Decline!” said Roadima venomously.

    “You know I can't do that Roadi!”

    “I don’t want to lose you Jazz! We were supposed to get Conjunx Ritus! Declaring we are one!”

    “I know! I know! and when I get back it’s the first thing we’ll do!”

    “What if you don’t come back Jazz?”

    “I’ll be back Roadi I promise…”

    “Just go Jazz! just go!” Snapped Roadima storming away…

    “Well… that went well,” said Jazz his shoulders slumped as he turned and made his way to the ark…


    A shuttle shot out of a ravine and into the Cybertronian sky it landed on top of an abandoned building

    “X-Tasea activate chameleon cloak, we may be out of range of the Cons long-range sweep drones but we don’t want to chance it,” Said Ares.

    “Done boss!” said X-Tasea as she flipped a switch the outer shell of the shuttle shimmered and suddenly blended in with its surroundings

    “Activate spy cam,” said Ares.

    “On it,” said Zaus the monitor came on and the Polyhex refinery appeared on screen

    “3…2…1…0!” Said Phantom. “Wha? Boss the bombs haven’t gone off! Maybe X-Tasea didn’t calibrate it right!”

    “I calibrated it right!”

    “Then why hasn’t it gone off?”

    “I don’t…” suddenly X-Tasea stiffened and frowned. “Did you feel that?”

    “Rumble, I felt.” Said Ravor

    “So did I,” said Zaus.

    Suddenly there was a tremendous boom as the Polyhex refinery exploded, the whole area shook violently as the refinery’s Energon deposits exploded. There were Decepticon body parts flying everywhere, Decepticons were burning, Decepticons were running around in panic

    Ravor whistled as she observed the carnage from the shuttle’s long-range scanner “Better than expected, this is!”

    “You got that right!” Yelled Phantom. “Look at the Cons scurry around!”

    “Even if they pulled out all the stops it’ll take em at least 300 Vorn to get Polyhex back up and running at full capacity!” said Zaus.

    “Bots and femmes we’ve just destroyed the second largest refinery under Decepticon control. reports from command just in, Impactor's team successfully destroyed the Sornek refinery and Autobots have managed to take Gortelec.” Said Phantom

    “I guess that means Cobalt mission is a bonified success,” said Ares. “let's get back to auto base!” The shuttle took off heading to safe haven


    “I don’t believe this!” Starscream snarled smashing a fist into a wall. “Megatron is dragging me away from my troops to chase after Optimus Prime!”

    “It is sound reasoning,” said Shockwave. “Megatron intends to finish Prime off for good and in doing so win the war.”

    “But why take me? why not take Scorponok or you?”

    “Because Megatron doesn’t trust you,” said Megadeth.

    “What’s that supposed to mean skull face?”

    “Ever heard of the adage: keep your friends close but keep you’re enemies closer he wants you where he can keep an eye on you!” grinned Megadeth

    “Pah! A sign of paranoia on Megatrons part!”

    “Not paranoia, common sense,” said Shockwave “I would do the same in his boots---” suddenly the ground shook throwing the generals to the ground

    “What the?” Starscream tapped his lower arm revealing a small screen. “Ratbat report!”

    “The Polyhex refinery has just been destroyed”

    “But how there was no viable way the Autobots could mount an aerial assault nor could they mount a ground assault!” Said Shockwave

    “Underground.” said Starscream, “They attacked from underground!”

    “Impossible! all underground networks under Polyhex are monitored there are no feasible attack points…”

    “How about unfeasible?” said Megadeth

    “What do you mean?” Asked Shockwave. “The odds of anyone finding a way past all our sensors and setting up such an attack are zero--”

    “How’s about you run over the odds counting for an elite Autobot attack team say the Autobot Elite Team Red and Blue, Dynobots, Wreckers, Rook’s Crushers or Strike Force One?” Said Starscream.

    Shockwaves eye glowed violently “The odds increased significantly in their favour.”

    “It is nothing but a distraction!” said Megatron storming down the corridor. “Prime is going to use the resulting network downtime to launch his expedition we must go now! Decepticons! To the Nemesis!”


    It took a Stellar Cycle for the ark to reach the asteroid field and half a Stellar Cycle of continuous work to clear a wide enough path for Cybertron to pass through…

    “Jazz sighed as he looked at the readings on his monitor

    “What’s got you so down Jazz?” asked Tracks.

    “Roadima, I miss her and we parted on a bit of a sour note.”

    “Don’t worry buddy we’ll be finished in 14 months and then we get to go home and you can make up with your gal!”

    “I hope so…hmmm, that’s not right--Tracks do you see that funky reading?”

    “It looks like, it looks like a black hole but it's not,”

    “A transwarp corridor,” said Wheeljack in wonder.

    “A transwarp corridor? Those are the stuff of legends!” said Pipes

    “Well, it's there,” said Wheeljack. “Prime do we explore?”

    “No Wheeljack,” said Optimus Prime, “We have no idea how stable it is.”

    “Primus!” Gasped Ironhide from his station.

    Optimus Prime spun round to look at Ironhide “what is it Ironhide?”

    “A huge Con power signature just manifested on sensors!”


    Megatron grinned at the sight of the Ark, “Open fire!” He roared. he watched as the Nemesis scored direct hits on the Autobots ship

    “Their hyper-thrusters are disabled!” gloated Starscream

    Megatron nodded and gestured to the Reflector Trio “Prepare tethering hooks, we’re going to board the Autobot's ship!” Suddenly the Nemesis was rocked by several direct hits on the hull, “Damage report!”

    “We’ve lost the second aft thrusters!”

    “Manoeuvrability drop of 40%”

    “Megatron grimaced weapons?”

    “Fully operational,” said Skywarp.

    “Well, fire them idiot! snapped Megatron.

    Skywarp hastily fired away hoping Megatron didn’t tear him limb from limb…

    “See Starscream,” said Megatron, “The Autobots depleted their gun batteries destroying the field now Cybertron is safe but they are at our mercy!”

    “Don’t be too sure Megatron surely Optimus isn’t that stupid not to have prepared for such an attack?”

    “It doesn’t matter what he planned for Starscream, this time I will finish Prime off! Spyglass deploy tethers!” Ordered Megatron


    the side of the ark exploded as Megatron and his Decepticons boarded the ark “Autobots! Prepare to die!” roared Megatron.

    Optimus Prime pulled out his gun and opened fire “You first Megatron!”

    The fight was fast and furious the Autobots, although drained from extensive work to destroy the asteroid field fought like there was no tomorrow they refused to lie down and die

    Suddenly alarms went off. “warning! Warning!” Came the automated call.

    Wheeljack struggled to the computer and gasped “The transwarp corridor is expanding! Optimus! We’re caught in its gravitational field! It's going to suck us in!”

    “Decepticons!” Snapped Starscream, “Retreat!” They turned to run only to get thrown to the floor of the Ark with a tremendous jerk

    “It's too late! the corridor has us!” screamed viewfinder before he was thrown to the ground once more.

    The ark and the Nemesis were thrown around the transwarp corridor like coins in a spin dryer the force of the turbulence causing the two ships to separate before being ejected into the orbit of an unknown planet in an unknown area of space, Optimus Prime struggled up and took control of the arks propulsion systems, he typed in a command and turned to see Megatron charging toward him. “It's over Megatron he said in triumph your reign of terror is at an end!”

    “What are you talking about Prime?”

    Suddenly the ark went into a sharp dive straight through the planet's atmosphere

    “Are you crazy Prime?” Screamed Megatron, “At this speed we’ll go up like a sparkbomb upon impact!”

    “That’s the plan Megatron!”

    in that moment Megatron had a revelation: this was the plan all along. “Curse you Prime!” bellowed Megatron lunging for his opposite number.


    “We have lost contact with Megatron and the Nemesis,” said Shockwave.

    “Don’t you think I know that you one-eyed freak!?” Snapped Scorponok, “The Decepticons are panicking once again! We can’t afford to slip back into civil war!”

    “Then might I suggest we form a pact here, and now.” Said Megadeth, “We put aside petty differences to ensure we keep hold of what we have…”

    “Agreeable.” Said Shockwave

    “I…can live with that,” said Abyss

    Scorponok nodded

    “Besides,” said Abyss “My spies tell me the Autobots are in a worse state once again they lost Prime!”

    “Yes the Autobots will squabble and fall into despair,” said Shockwave, “Making them easier to pacify.”

    “Pacify? You mean eradicate.” said Scorponok.

    “Negative, we do not have enough Energon for a sustained campaign of eradication.”

    “Are things that bad?” Asked Abyss.

    “Affirmative. With the Polyhex refinery's destruction, we have lost over 30% of our already dwindling Energon production and at the rate of consumption the production lines will dry up in the next 500 Vorn.”

    “What? This is bad!”

    “What we’ll do, is not panic,” said Abyss. “We will try to find ways to curb Energon consumption and acquire new power sources.”


    Iacon, the central chambers a towering bot of red white and Blue looked at the Static on the large Screen before him


    “Don’t say it!” snapped Ultra Magnus, “Don’t say a word Maximus! Once again my brother is lost to us! and we just have to soldier on without him!”

    “But Megatron is gone as well as are at least two other essential components of the Decepticon war machine.”

    “Big deal! So Starscream and Soundwave are gone without Prime unifying us we won't be able to capitalise!”

    “You were able to unify the various factions before…”

    “But I don’t know if I can do it again Maximus! I’m not a leader… I’m just a soldier.”

    “You can do it you have to Magnus. You and Prime were the ideal, Autobots look up to you, especially after what happened at Tauturus.”

    Magnus clenched a fist, “if they knew the full story of what went down that day, I was beaten Maximus, only freak chance saved me!”

    “All I’m saying is don’t throw in the towel just yet.”

    Ultra Magnus sighed “I guess you’re right he stood up and looked out of a window. Assemble all the various faction leaders and let's get down to business--”

    Suddenly there was a beep and a hologram of Optimus appeared.

    “Ultra Magnus if you’re seeing this, I’m Lost, the Ark and my crew are gone.

    “Brother, that was the plan all along.

    “As you know the Matrix imparts visions to their bearer, you shared one vision with me in the past. I had a vision, Magnus, we were at a crossroads the matrix showed me that within five thousand Vorn Megatron would have eradicated the Autobot Race and pulled the Key to the Gate of Eternity from the Guardian’s body and in doing so, gain the map to the hidden colonies. within ten thousand Vorn he would ravage and destroy the colonies unless I took him out of the picture for an extended period of time. the Matrix showed me how.”

    Ultra Magnus gaped in shock at what he was seeing.

    “The mission will remove Megatron from the war for over forty-eight thousand Vorn. if all goes to plan the Decepticons will collapse into civil war, as Straxus will not stand for a percentage of the pie, he’ll make his play for power.

    “Magnus the nurseries are going to become active in response to something I do not know of, you have to get the new protoforms off the planet, use plan second Cybertron.”

    So this is one of the Main Protagonists of the first Arc:
    [From the Datatracks of Optimus Prime]

    [​IMG]aresalpha1 by DeathsheadX, on Flickr

    Name: Ares
    Allegiance: Autobot
    Alt Mode: armoured transport
    Primary function: Strike Force One Commander
    Secondary function: warrior
    Size: Leader Class/ as big as Grimlock
    Motto: " If history has taught me anything, it's that you can maim anybody."
    Theme Music: bodies by drowning pool

    Strength 9
    Speed 5
    Agility 7
    Intelligence 9
    Fighting Skill 9
    Firepower 8
    Endurance 9
    skill 7

    According to Ratchet, this one-mech wrecking machine is the closest thing there is to Grimlock's son. Ares was once known as Mk 2. He was created prior to the war, via an experimental spark cloning technique. His spark was created from 2 Cybertronian gladiators, one of these warriors was the mech that went on to become the Dinobot commander Grimlock, the other is known only to his creators. However, Mk 2 would not activate and was consigned to the smelting pools. It was on his way to the smelting pool that he finally came online. Mk 2 destroyed his captors and escaped. Renaming himself Ares he wandered the wastelands not participating in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict until a run-in with the Decepticons his capacity for destruction and pain elevated him to the status of an urban legend. The fact he was a dead ringer for Grimlock drew the attention of Grimlock himself and the two warriors met. And after a hard-fought fight between the two, they came to an understanding. Ares joined the Autobots becoming commander of a small 5-bot special ops outfit named Strike Force One. Although Ares loves adulation, he chooses not to rise through the ranks despite several recommendations we've had to give him a higher command position, he will only temporary lead larger groups than his normal quintet. Ares is known to have a sense of humour, which is a sharp contrast to Grimlock, and loves a good time but never lets it interfere with a mission. Ares is a collected and focused warrior, one of the best close combat/hand-to-hand fighters I have ever seen. I'm just glad he's on our side.

    Ares is a powerful warrior able to lift huge weights and destroy many a transformer with his bare hands he has one of the most toughest hides known to bots he can take a full salvo of missiles with only the slightest hint of damage. he is a seasoned master of axe combat and having lived so long he has gathered knowledge of several martial arts styles which he has pulled together into a unique fighting style His primary weapon is his power axe. A very powerful energy axe which cuts through matter on a molecular level. his power axe is configured so if it leaves his hands for more than 2 minutes it returns to his personal subspace pocket for carrying items. his exhaust pipes double as mortar launchers and he has a corrosive tipped missile launcher, usable in either mode. he carries a grapple launcher as well as a global placement system he can find out where he is anywhere on a planet by hacking into a planet's satellite network. and is armed with a long-range radio communication array

    over-reliant on his close combat abilities he sometimes forgets he has weapons other than his power axe. his armour is vulnerable to hi grade armour piercing missiles. Ares sometimes forgets he isn't as nimble as smaller more lithe opponents in hand-to-hand combat situations this can leave him vulnerable to a good counterattack from a seasoned warrior.
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    Arc One: Before the Earth War

    Chapter Two

    The ship known as Eight Track floated in orbit above Cybertron, its stealth systems hiding it from the Decepticon planetary sensors. Within, Thunderclash formerly the leader of the Prime Vanguard looked at the Autobots gathered before him.

    “This mission is Dangerous we have found the Decepticon Darkthorn Facility, the Decepticon’s primary Prison. Within the Facility is the Last of the Autobot High Command Emirate Xaaron.”

    “Xaaron’s alive?” The gathered Autobots murmured amongst themselves in shock Emirate Xaaron was a legendary Autobot, one of the last survivors of the ancient Autobots, having walked alongside the Primes themselves. He had left Cybertron during the decadent age and was integral in the formation of the lesser colonies. He had returned at the beginning of the third civil war

    “Megatron believed him to be one of the gatekeepers to the Core of Cybertron. Fun fact: he is.”

    The Autobots looked at each other in shock.

    “Now the problem is, without Megatron to hold him back Megadeath has started his experiments again. We need to get Xaaron away from that prison before they take him apart.

    “That’s why we’re going in. this mission will be an all-out assault with one goal that must be achieved, Xaaron must be freed.”

    “Couldn’t we sneak in?” asked Counterstrike.

    “There is no time for an infiltration and extraction mission. We hit hard, we hit fast, and we get out of there.

    “Luckily we have an opening to make it easier, Straxus is attacking Megadeth’s Energon stockpiles, he has to defend them with everything he has.”

    Thunderclash turned to a screen and a series of headshots appeared, each headshot representing one of the gathered Autobots before him “Okay, the primary fast strike team will be Boss, Hurricane, Flash, and Scorch.” four headshots lit up.

    “The secondary fast strike team is Speedstream, Aquafend, Deluge, and Jetstorm. Engineering team, You're going to be airlifted to sector Krigo once there you have to switch on and reconfigure the old transport link to an alternate route which will allow us to evacuate the prisoners fast, for the evacuation a transport team will be waiting at Junction terminus zero five. The Transport Team will be Team G-Liner, and the engineering team will be led by Skyfall, Gizmo, Counterstrike and Fizzle will accompany you. I’ll be leading heavy-Assault-Team One Pyro, you’ll be leading Heavy Assault Team Two.”

    Suddenly the screen changed to an image of the Autobot Communications Commander, “This is Blaster, Straxus’s forces have engaged Megadeath’s Forces!”

    Thunderclash turned to the gathered Autobots, “That’s our cue, Landshark, open the launch bays!”

    “Alright, Autobots! Thanks for flying air Eight Track!” came the voice of the Ship’s pilot. The Autobots launched themselves from the ship.

    Stanix, Decepticon Occupied Territory

    Stanix was the Ruined City that Megadeath had claimed during the war, he had planned to Nuke the location as part of his urban reorganisation experiment, only to find himself stopped by Megatron himself, Megatron Charged him to administer the City, and it became the Center of his Territory, but now it was a City under siege.

    Megadeath snarled as Straxus unleashed his War Golems on the left flank. “Primus dammit he roared where did he pick those up!”

    “Most likely found a factory unit,” said Thunderwing.

    Megadeath snorted and turned to his Air Commander, “Thunderwing, Relocate the third bomber wing, and get some barrier warriors for the left flank!”

    “As you command my lord!” Thunderwing transformed and Flew into battle.

    Wreckage, Megadeath’s Ground forces Commander frowned and turned to Megadeath, “Lord Megadeath, I have lost all communication with the Darkthorn facility!”

    “Only the Darkthorn Facility?”


    “We can’t do anything about it right now, we’ve got to push Straxus back!”

    Megadeath grimaced and once again wished Megatron had killed Straxus. Straxus was trouble, a powerful Decepticon, he cofounded the Decepticon movement, alongside Megatron, they were unstoppable, but they had a falling out over Straxus’ massacre of the Autobot Council. They fought and Megatron won, but instead of killing him outright, Megatron opted to Exile him.

    And now he was back to reclaim what Megatron took from him.



    Boss and his team blew the shield generators for block delta and made their way into the section of the prisoner, “Xaaron’s up ahead said Flare as she looked up from her scanner.”

    Boss nodded and made his way up to the cell in question he examined the cell door and pulled out a device which he placed on the locking mechanism. There was a whirling sound followed by a clunk and the door swung open.

    “Emirates Xaaron, we're here to get you out of here!”

    The ancient Autobot, his once shiny golden form smudged and scuffed by dirt and grime shakily got to his feet and looked over the rescue group his optics settled on Boss and Widened in surprise. “Ah, I see one of the line of Convoy, it does my spirit good to know the line thrived.”

    “Boss?” Asked Flare.

    “It doesn’t matter we have to get-- crap, we have incoming.” There was a bang as a wall collapsed and a group of Decepticons charged in. “Get Xaaron to the rendezvous point. I’ll deal with these guys.”

    “Autobot Worm snarled the lead Decepticon, I’ll crush you.”

    “You’re Krackfist, supposedly the next great Crystalocution Master.”

    “You’ve heard of me?”

    “I heard how you slaughtered the disciples of the Temple of Diffusion.”

    “Those fools were no match for my Art!”

    Boss snorted and raised his arms in a familiar stance

    “Are you mocking me?” snarled Krackfist.

    “Oh no, I trained under master Yoketron himself before the start of the war, I just saw no need to brag about my skills.”

    Krackfist snarled and pointed at Boss, two Decepticons charged forward blades outstretched.

    Boss Barely twitched as the two Warriors screamed out as the abdomens imploded tearing them in half.

    Krackfist gaped. “You really are a practitioner! This will be glorious! Stay back! He’s mine!”

    “But Krackfist, the Autobots are escaping!”

    “You fool, you can’t get past him he’ll kill you before you took a step!”

    One of the Decepticons charged forward and Boss flip kicked him and as he finished his rotation grabbed his head smashing it into the ground.

    “See what I Mean? Call Helloc squad to chase them down, I’m going to fight him and none of you fools get in our way.” He turned to Boss and smirked, “Well Autobot, shall we engage in the old formalities?”

    Boss nodded and made a sign of acceptance, Krackfist did the same and they took battle stances.


    Within the Tunnels beneath Darkthorn

    “We should have gone back!” Yelled Flare.

    “No, complete the objective!” snapped Scorch.

    “I’m afraid you’re going to fail,” said a voice as a group of Decepticons swept in to attack the group, only before they reached them, they were torn up by multiple missile strikes.

    Hurricane looked round and gasped “Speedstream!”

    “Glad to see you! Where’s Boss?” said the aforementioned Speedstream.

    “He stayed back to give us time to reach the rendezvous point.”

    “Damn, may the Primes guide him to safety! Okay come on we’ve secured a route to the Rendezvous point! Good to see you Emirate Xaaron, You officiated my naming said SpeedStream.”

    “Ah yes, I remember that day! Speedstream, Tailgate, and Pointblank were named on that day!”


    Krackfist and Boss exchanged blows, it was just them now, the other Decepticons were either dead or having fled to safety from the bombing run by Thundeclash’s aerial support.

    Krackfist grinned after a series of tremendous blows caused Boss to give ground. “You're good Boss, but I’m stronger, which means that I’ll overpower you eventually!”

    “Ah, but I know something you don’t.”


    Boss stepped back, shuffling his feet feat back and forth quickly, basically hopping on the spot, then he jumped up in the air and on his descent lashed out with rapid descending kicks at an incredible speed, each hit was a tremendous blow, he moved so fast it was like the shadows of his kicks were also hitting Krackfist. As Krackfist collapsed Boss grabbed his head and raised a hand in a stabbing stance

    “I’m also a master of Mueikyaku,” he said as his hand tore through Krackfist’s head. He stepped back and watched Krackfist’s headless body collapse. “That was for all those you slaughtered at the Temple.” Boss turned away, transformed and made his way out of the ruins of the prison.

    Sector Krigo.

    The Technicians had worked miracles to reconfigure the old transport link to be compatible with the G-Liner group. G-Liner had transformed and was carrying the wounded and the rescued inmates of the prison when there was a thud on the roof of one of the Carriages which opened up to reveal Boss who dropped in and was quickly surrounded by his team.

    “You made it!” crowed Flare.

    “Of course, I did!” Boss replied hugging his teammate.

    “Impressive most impressive Mach Convoy.”

    Boss stood still and looked at Emirate Xaaron.

    “It took a while for me to place you’re naming day, but I remembered when you rose from the Sentio Metallico.”

    “My name is Boss, Mach is my past he died when the Convoy Clan was massacred.”

    “Magnus and Optromix survived, and there are branches of the Convoys in the colonies--”

    “Why? Why are you digging up my past?”

    Xaaron sighed, “Because you hide, you continue to hide from yourself. Right now Cybertron needs the Convoys to rise once mo--”

    Boss snarled and punched Xaaron, cutting him off. “Hide? The only reason My brothers and I survived the massacre was that We hid! Optromix hid as Orion Pax, Magnom became Ultra Magnus hidden behind the Ultra armour, and Me? I lay there beneath the bodies of my clan, and no one came to help me, I gave up Mach Convoy, the naive Autobot whose faith in the council of elders, had left him ill-prepared for the reality!”

    “It was a tragedy we were unaware--”

    “Gigus Convoy appealed to the council about Straxus’s ambitions the council dismissed his concerns! We were slaughtered like cattle! We decided it was best for the line of Convoy to stay dead. It was a mistake rescuing you!”

    Hurricane grabbed Boss, “Boss! Calm down!”

    “I’m Calm,” snarled Boss, “I figured out his game. He wants to use me as a rallying point! Thats why he publicised my old name. I will not be used by you Xaaron! Not by you, not by anyone!” Boss stormed off to another carriage.


    Iacon, the Autobot’s final stronghold.

    Ultra Magnus looked at Emirate Xaaron. “It’s only Optimus Prime’s respect for you I don’t shoot your steel-plated aft. Trying to make my clanmate your pet Convoy? How DARE you!”

    “Yes I dare, the Convoy clan is the closest thing to royalty on Cybertron, known for being the most suited to bear the power of the matrix, 80% of the Primes were of their line! The Autobots need symbols to rally behind.”

    Ultra magnus grimaced and handed Xaaron a file. Xaaron scanned the file his eyes widening in horror he dropped into his chair as if he was a puppet with his strings cut. “Why? Why are we fighting if the war is lost?”

    “The War for Cybertron is lost, but the war to protect our race is still ongoing. The longer we can keep the Decepticons on Cybertron, the more time the colonies have to grow in strength and flourish.”

    “You’re plan for the nursery, it will be impossible to carry out.”

    “How so?”

    “Cold casting bodies for the Sparks require the Mechanux, which was destroyed.”

    “I do not plan to construct new bots on Cybertron, they will just be thrown into the grinder, I plan to drain the Birting lake.”

    “You know of the Birthing lake? You wish to Forge new Cybertronians?” Xaarons optics “widened in shock. You’re taking the Nursery and leaving Cybertron.”

    Ultra Magnus Looked at Xaaron. “Prime gave me a mission, I will complete it, but I will return after I complete it.”

    Xaaron sighed “That's why you got me out, you need the location of the birthing lake as it’s one of the few things that only the Ancients would know, and you need me to keep the Autobot cause running, to fight an already lost war.” Xaaron looked at Ultra Magnus in anger. “Surely I, with my knowledge and seniority would be a better choice to usher in a new generation.”

    “No. Prime knew you too well, it was under the Ancients' tenure that the Decepticons were reborn under Megatron and Straxus. He personally blames the council for what happened to Tro-Magnum and his line.”

    “That was a mistake.”

    “A mistake? I knew Tro, he was a dedicated good Autobot, his Torture and re-education turned a humble bot who was trying to expose corruption into Shockwave! Prime knows you won’t be able to resist shaping the newborns into tools to throw against the Decepticons, that's why he’s not willing to allow you anywhere near them.”

    Xaaron sighed, shaking his head. “How long do you think you’ll be gone?”

    “At least a thousand vorn.”

    “Then I need Mach--”

    Ultra Magnus was suddenly standing his Gun in Xaaron’s face.

    “Enough!” said a new voice. The duo turned to see an ancient robot.

    “Alpha Trion!” Gasped Xaaron dropping to his knees.

    “Xaaron, of all the firstborns, you have disappointed me the least, and yet you have still disappointed me, you were too passive when things started to descend, and then you became too aggressive towards the end. And now you have started to become manipulative. I need you to be the righteous leader that lead Cybertron during Quintessa’s betrayal.”

    “I don’t know is i can be that Bot again Alpha.”

    “You can, I know so. Now none of this planning to manipulate young bots into a false crusade, you are fighting to keep the Majority of the Decepticons on Cybertron, not to win the war. Cybertron will be reclaimed in the future, but we must all do our part.”


    The city of Tarn

    “You lost Xaaron!” Roared Skorponok.

    Megadeath stood up in fury, “Straxus hit my holdings and I had to focus on that, I had no idea the Autobots even knew I had Xaaron in my possession” he snarled.

    “The Autobots obvious knew or tricked Straxus into attacking at that point in time, so they could break through your weakened defence.”

    “Shockwave something must be done about this insult!” Megadeath roared.

    “I am in the Middle of some Major operations that can not be put aside.” replied Shockwave, not even looking up from the Data Slate he held.

    “Not even to stop Straxus?” asked Deathsaurus.

    “Onyx Prime and his followers had unique Altmodes that made them more versatile in combat, I am looking into ways to replicate such transformations. If successful we can increase the effectiveness of our troops. Right now I’m aquiring suitable test subjects.” he turned the Data Slate towards Megadeath, revealing a group of Autobots.

    “Ohhhh,” said Megadeath his face twisted in a rictus of joy. “I totally waver any frustration I have over Straxus!”

    On the Screen, was the Elite Autobot Strike Team: The Dynabots


    Ultra Magnus stood before a holographic map of Cybertron and frowned. “Shockwave Hit the Dynabots Cell.”

    “Frak! He got Grimlock and the others said Vendetta has anyone told Ares?”

    “No, and no one will tell him.”


    “Because Ares will drop everything to go rescue him.”

    “Are we leaving him to die?” Asked Maximus.

    “No, I need Ares to continue His current mission,” said Ultra Magnus we will mount a rescue. He pressed a button and Blaster appeared. “Get me Impactor,” he ordered.

    A short while later Impactor stood before Ultra Magnus and looked at the Data that had been gathered, “He took them with overwhelming numbers and he didn’t destroy them? Something’s
    Up Magnus.”

    “Our spy in the Con Ranks has revealed Shockwave has secluded himself from the Daily runnings of the Decepticons, and has been conducting experiments. I need you to get in there and get them out, the longer he has them, the more time he has to twist them into some abomination or outright kill them.”

    “You can count on the Wreckers to get the Job done.”


    Deep below the surface of Cybertron

    Ares walked along a darkened corridor with the rest of Strikeforce One following behind him. Boss what are we looking for and why are we carrying this long aft pipe?

    “What do you know about reproduction?” Ares asked

    “We don’t reproduce,” said Zaus with a snort.

    “Not exactly true, if not there would be no Cybertronians. I didn’t say sexual like the Hurocks, but there is or was multiple forms of reproduction, the Allspark the Pit, The Creation Matrix, The Underbase, the Overbase, the Matrix Flame. In the Golden age, all were functional part of creating new Cybertronians.”

    “So what happened?”

    “A lot happened, the pit stopped birthing new Sparks and Overbase and Underbase was lost. The Alspark was hidden and the Matrix thought lost.”

    “When did this all happen?” Phantom asked.

    “During the war of the Twelve Tribes. A very Bad, very violent war, the way I hear it, it nearly drove Cybertron into extinction. That's when the Nursery awakened, it was like a stripped-down pit, its rate of producing new Sparks was abysmal compared to what had been pumped out in the first age.”

    “Something bad I sense,” muttered Ravor.

    “Yeah” said Phantom, “what happened next?”

    “The council started experimenting on the Matrix,” said Ares as he looked around. “With the location of the Allspark unknown, they forced the matrix to spawn Sparks at an unnatural rate, however, the Sparks spawned that way had no bodies so they constructed full bodies for the new Sparks.”

    “The Cold Constructed.” X-tasea mused.

    Phantom tilted his head and turned to Ares “Is that why there are so many--”

    “No,” replied Ares seemingly reading Phantom’s mind “Sideswipe and the others are forged but the multiples of the same forms are due to an earlier experiment in Spark splicing and formatting,

    “They used a singular spark to reformat other Sparks, only the original split creating the twins and the imprint affected the other Sparks forged at that time it’s why some look like Sideswipe, and others look like Sunstreaker.

    “The same Spark Splicing reformating produced Prowl, Bluestreak, and the others who share his form.”

    Ravor shuddered “Vicepires?” That was all she managed to utter.

    “Yes,” said Ares. “A Faulty attempt to recreate Spark splicing formatting technique caused the Vi-cepire plague.”

    “And seekers?” Asked Phantom wanting to move on from what was a traumatic subject for Ravor

    “They’re not related or the result of the Spark Splicing formatting technique, The first through third gens was reformated to the seeker form, and the bulk of the fourth and fifth gens are Quintesson clone troopers.”

    “Weak Sparks,” muttered Zaus.

    “They certainly have short lives,” muttered Phantom.

    “Yeah, it’s estimated they will only live a fifth of the lifespan of an average--- ah we’re here,” said Ares.

    “What’s here?”

    “Well it has to do with reproduction. You see the Sparks can be born from multiple artifacts and locations, but until the advent of Cold Constructed, the newborn Sparks would all Migrate to the Chamber of Solus Prime where they would gain physical form. Their bodies were formed out of a pool of liquid metal known as Proto Matter, or in the old Tongue Sentio Metallico. When the Allspark was lost and The Pit ran dry the Chamber of Solus Prime also ran dry, however, what wasn’t known to most was the Chamber was not the Source of the Living Metal from which our bodies were formed, it was a control node to focus the process of newborn Cybertronians. Most didn’t know where the Source was, but Xaaron did.”

    “That's why Ultra Magnus sprung him?”

    “Truthfully Yes. Xaaron was a symbol of Autobot resistance, but he was also a symbol of Autobot arrogance. I personally thought he did more for the Autobot cause as a symbol of resistance than on the battlefield. Ah, here we are--” Ares moved a panel to reveal a large cavern with a lake of Liquid Metal “Were draining the lake.”

    “Why? Why would we drain the lake?” asked X-tasea.

    “Because the Nursery is becoming active and Magnus is removing it from Cybertron.”

    “Why would he remove the chance for new Cybertronians--”

    “He’s setting up a new colony,” said Zaus.

    “The way I hear it, the reasoning is he won’t condemn a new generation to the war.”

    “Get behind that reasoning, I can.” Muttered Ravor

    Suddenly Ares let out a shriek of agony.

    “Boss bot?” Ravor asked in horror.

    “Something has happened to Grimlock,” Ares managed to gasp out.

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    Arc One: Before the Earth War
    Chapter Three

    Deep below the surface of Cybertron

    It had been three full solar cycles and Ares spent every day in agony, but he continued on, he had to complete the mission.

    “Bossman, you can’t go on like this!” Zaus groaned as he helped Ares up.

    “I---I--hurghhh--I have to see the mission through! The codes which give us access are tied into my CNA, I’m literally the Key.”

    “Damn it then let us speed up the process!”

    “We can’t, too fast and it destabilises. I WILL Endure!” His optics glowing red

    “What's got the Bossman ticked off?” Caliber asked.

    “Besides the pain? Timing” muttered Ravor.

    Caliber looked at Ravor in shock. “What?”

    “Want to contact Dynobots for backup, he did. Wanted you to rest up a little longer. Just sent out on deep mission Magnus claimed.”

    “You think Magnus lied?”

    “know Magnus lied we all did, but unsure about what, till now.”

    “Primus! You think he sent Ares out, knowing Grimlock was in trouble?”

    “Bet Credits on it.”



    Maximus was in his private chambers looking at the reports. He suddenly stiffened and his head popped off his body and transformed into a smaller robot. His body shifted and a new head extended out of his torso.

    “What is it now Gran?”

    “I can’t believe you Cerebros!”

    “Is this about---”

    “Yes! Your plans to leave the War!”

    “You disagree with the war as much as I do, we fight out of necessity but there is no end in sight! I can’t do this anymore!”

    “And I have no issue with that, I too am tired of the warring brother, but you plan to persuade others to desert with you!”

    “It would be wrong of me to leave and not help others leave as well.”

    “There’s a difference between us quitting and a mass exodus! Have you thought of what that would do to the War effort!”

    “Gran, the war is lost.”


    “I got hold of the data on numbers and resources, we tipped past the point of no return 25 Vorns ago. We don’t have the Energon, or boots on the ground to take back and hold Cybertron. I will not be a party to leading troops to their eventual deaths.”

    “You can leave without me.”

    “Why are you being so stubborn!”

    “Because while I agreed with leaving, what you plan is a betrayal. Rather than be upfront about the mass exodus, you plan to leave in secret.”

    “Because Magnus would never allow us to leave!”

    “In his place neither would I!”

    “So are you going to blow the whistle?”

    Gran looked at Cerebros with a glare, “Of course not, you’re my brother Cerebros, we came out of the Creche as one.”

    “Thank you, brother.”

    “Don’t thank you if you weren’t the bigger bot, I’d kick your aft.”


    Wrecker Stealth ship, just outside Iacon

    Impactor looked at the data “Shockwave is Rumoured to hold two territories, his official territory and the Wildlands”

    “Odds that he does his experiments in the Wildlands?” Springer asked

    “Sound reasoning but do we know if he’s experimenting on the Dynobots or just Torturing them.” Topsin mused

    Impactor shook his head, “Magnus sources say experimentation, also, Shockwave is not one for Torture, he’s capable but he finds it beneath him, anyway, we know his prison is in his main territory and his labs are rumoured to be in the Wildlands.”

    “The Wildlands are where he’s stashed the Dynobots?” Twin Twist asked

    “Send me in,” said Roadbuster.


    “I’ll travel down the Sea of Rust into the Wildlands, I know the place like the back of my hand, I can get pretty close to Old One Eye’s base and use a resonator to check for Autocrests.”

    “Do the Dynobots even have Autocrests?”

    “Even Better, they have faulty Autocrests.”

    “Ooooh!” said Topspin.

    “For the uninitiated?” Sandstorm asked.

    “As you know, Autocrest are unique markers that aren't just pasted/branded on a shell like an Autobrand, they’re infused with a unique energy becoming part of a bot, not just a decoration. They also resonate with a certain energy and sound frequencies, Decepticons have the means to block an Autocrest, so it’s no use as a beacon, but what isn’t known is there was a batch of Autocrests with a fault it caused the Energy resonance frequency to be different enough that the Decepticon’s normal detection methods don’t pick it up. When Grimlock found out, the Dynobots, Strike Force one, and a few members of Rook’s Crushers got the faulty Autocrests, I also got a faulty Autocrest.”

    “Do it, we’ll send Whirl towards Shockwave’s prison with an adjusted resonator.”

    “Hopefully it won’t take too long as we’re going to have to use the old tunnels to get us past Deathsarus’s territory just to get to Shockwave’s territory”

    “That's at least a Deca-Cycle on foot!” groaned Whirl.

    “Then we best get moving.”



    The transport hauling the Sentio Metallico arrived at Autobase one, Magnus’s sub-commanders quickly took the transport away to prepare for the next part of Ultra Magnus’ plans. Ares stomped off the transport and marched into the base.

    “Ah crap,” moaned Zaus.

    “He’s gonna kill him,” muttered Phantom.

    “What's going on? Ares was in full plasma vent mode!” Vanquish asked the members of Strike Force One.

    Phantom sighed, “Magnus held critical info from Ares that nearly imperilled the mission.”

    “Oh crap!” muttered Vanquish

    There was a loud bang, then a series of thuds and crashes, suddenly Ultra Magnus came flying through a window and fell roughly to the ground, he managed to roll out of the way of an aerial stomp from Ares.

    “Ares! Stop this!” Magnus called out.

    “No.” snarled Ares, the vents on his faceplate opening as he vented pure plasma. “The mission hadn’t even gotten to the point of no return, we could have turned back and helped get the Dynobots back!”

    He blocked a haymaker from Ultra Magnus and with a mighty Heave, ripped the arm Armour off. Causing Ultra Magnus to stagger back in pain.

    “You chose to not inform me, I had to figure it out when Shockwave tortured Grimlock’s Spark! I felt it, it nearly debilitated me! If that had been in the middle of a battle we would have been in trouble! If my Squad wasn’t so loyal to me, they could have abandoned or wrecked the mission in panic at my sudden condition! And it’s not like it isn’t known I have a Strong resonance with Grimlock! It’s in my file for Primus's sake!” He headbutted Ultra Magnus, then grabbed his head and dragged it into his raised knee.

    Suddenly Ares seized up and froze. Ultra Magnus looked up to see Alpha Trion.

    “I locked his motor systems, get Magnus out of here! Ares calm--”

    “Raaghhhh!!” Roared Ares punching Alpha Trion. Alpha Trion skidded back managing to brace himself and stop himself from falling over.

    “You overpowered my lock, Impressive!” Alpha Trion mused “But I can’t let you continue--” he raised his hand only to find himself face to face with Caliber and Phantom’s guns.

    “Neat trick with the remote Motor lock, I’m functionally immune and I can put a slug in your brain casing if you so much as twitch.” Phantom snarled. And that's not counting the Fact Caliber is the Quickest draw on Cybertron. “I respect you but Magnus had that beating coming Alpha, Interfering like that--”

    “Maybe so, but I was fearful Ares would go too far and Cripple Magnus when there is too much to do.”

    “And everything else is secondary? We need to be able to trust our leader Alpha, and Magnus betrayed that trust.”

    “Strike Force one, Stand down we’re going after Grimlock and the Dynobots.” snarled Ares. “If we lose them Alpha, I’m gonna come back and stomp both your hides into plate metal.” As one Ares and Strike Force one turned and left the base.


    Xaaron looked at Magnus’s battered form

    “You’re amused by this aren’t you?” Magnus muttered dryly.

    “Oh yes, so self-righteous about me being a manipulator, and then you poorly attempt to do the same.”

    “I didn’t want to do it, but Alpha Trion told me the odds of a successful completion of the mission if I sent anyone but Strike Force One.”

    “Ah, Alpha Trion, Magnus have you not realised where I learned to be manipulative from? Alpha is a masterful Manipulator, only he manipulates us through telling and using the truth. He told you the odds were greater if Strike Force One took the mission, but he didn’t tell you by what percentage, it could literally be a margin of 5 to 10 percent, but because of how he worded it you never thought to weigh up if the difference in odds was really an issue.”

    “The lesson you have yet to learn, one I know your brother learned early on, is Trust, but verify.”

    “I-- I never wanted this role, I’m just a soldier.”

    “And I was just a librarian once. You are about to embark on a crucial journey a massive undertaking, one that is crucial to the survival of our race. You can not allow yourself to be lead, instead, you must Lead.”


    Roadbuster trudged through the Sea of Rust towards the signal he had been tracking. He climbed over a wrecked Tanker and looked downwards. It was Ripscar, the Dynobot heavy gunner, only his chassis had been heavily warped. He was also heavily damaged and leaking fluids

    Roadbuster jumped down and slowly approached the fallen Autobot. “Rip, my bot, what did they do to you?”

    “Shockwave---Sho-ack!” Ripscar started to make a choking sound. “He’s trying to recreate Onyx Prime’s traits. We’re not alone.”

    As he spoke a monstrous worm-like mechanoid rose out of the Rust sea its head opened to reveal a maw of jagged grinding teeth that rotated at a monstrous speed.

    Roadbuster reacted by raising his massive riffle and shooting it in the open maw. It screeched and reeled back and Roadbuster switched out his Rifle for his rocket launcher and fired into its neck which caused it to collapse back into the Sea. “Come on Rip let's get you outta here--”

    “Roadbuster, I’m not going to make it the only reason I got out, was because I developed a terminal case of shudder-core.”

    Roadbuster stepped back in shock, shudder core is when the spark becomes destabilised and proceeds to violently shudder at random intervals until it shatters. “Primus dammit no!”

    “I’m sorry, guess there’ll be no more shooting at the range.”

    “Screw that, you’re going to live,” said Roadbuster as he pulled a long cable off a shoulder cannon and punched it into his own chest.

    “Wha? What are you doing?”

    “Saving you.” He looked at Ripscar’s side and with his bare hands pried it open he then shoved the other end of the cable right over Ripscar’s spark chamber, he then lifted him up and started to carry him back from where he came.

    “Roadbuster, no! Don't do this!”

    “I’m doing this buddy.”


    The Wrecker’s Stealth Craft.

    Whirl groaned as shards of metal were pulled out of his leg.

    “What possessed you to go further into Shockwave’s territory? You were given specifics on the maximum distance the resonators would pick up the Autocrests!” Impactor snapped at Whirl.

    “Boss man I switched to my standard Autocrest Scanner and I was picking up no Autocrests. I had to check!”

    “And you found out?”

    “The prison is empty it’s a trap.”

    “It’s worse than that, the prisoners were used as fodder for his experiments,” said Twin Twist. Twin Twist was seated in front of multiple screens tapping and swiping the data on the screen. “Our data showed that up to half a Vorn, that prison was active--” he looked at a new image and turned to Impactor. “Impactor, Roadbuster managed to retrieve a Dynobot. He had to use his own spark as life support.”

    “That means Roadbuster’s going to need time to recover, not an optimal situation. Twin Twist put me through to Sandstorm.”

    Twin Twist nodded and flicked a screen to his right. Suddenly the large wall-mounted screen lit up with Sandstom’s visage

    “Impactor, we’ve secured a route into Shockwave’s Lab, but we’ve got a problem.”


    “Clonetroops, Shockwave has these beast-like clone troopers he calls the Insecticons. It’s not that they’re tough, the sheer volume is the issue.”

    “Topspin,” said Impactor not looking away from the data Sandstorm was sending to Twin Twist.


    “Get the Artillery.”

    Topspin opened a panel pulling out a rack of guns.

    “No, The Heavy Artillery.”

    Topspin’s optics widened and he pushed the rack upwards revealing a second rack of guns

    “No, THE HEAVY, Heavy Artillery.”

    A vault rose out of the ground and sprayed on the front, were the Words, ‘When Roadbuster’s loadout is not enough’


    Shockwave’s Lab, Wildlands

    Shockwave was in his office looking at the results of his experiments. He was… frustrated.

    The Dynobots' new forms had increased their power exponentially, but they were brutish, the lacked the elegance of Onyx Primes' creations.

    He knew he could technically count the results as a success, but truthfully he was not satisfied. He wanted to wipe the slate clean and start again, but Megadeath had managed to discern the results of his work and deemed the adequate and told the council. Both Skorponok and Deathsaurus had undergone the process and sported new beast modes. They had also brought in Razorclaw’s Elite Attack Squad and the many other Decepticons to gain said enhancement. It loathed him to put out a substandard Product.

    He noticed that a silent alarm had been tripped and realised Autobots were attacking the base. He could defeat them, but he stopped himself from bringing the full might of his forces onto them.

    This, this was an opportunity, a chance to rid himself of a substandard product and shift the blame elsewhere. So a few Decepticon warriors were killed in the process, they were acceptable losses for the greater good.


    The Wildlands

    The Wreckers were blowing through the Insecticon troopers when they were surprised by a roar and a platform rose up to reveal a gargantuan Cybertronian straight out of a bot's nightmares, the bot had very little in the way of Plating on its body instead its pistons, wires, sinews and endoskeleton were all exposed, hits head was a horned Skull like form with fuel and Lubricant leaking from its razor teeth filled mouth.

    “Crap it’s a Berserker! I thought they were all destroyed!”

    “Well, Shockwave found one!”

    “Actually I recreated it.” came Shockwave’s voice via the Speakers

    “Crap, what a time for Roadbuster to be in CR.”

    “I got this!” said Springer dropping his gun and pulling out his sword

    “No, We’ve got this,” said Broadside pulling out his Axe

    Impactor nodded, “Kill that abomination!”

    The duo dashed forward ducking under swipes and kicks, hacking and slashing at a Berserker.

    Springer lept over a punch ran up the berserker’s arm his sword extended behind him tearing into the Sinew and wires in its arm he flipped over the berserker’s head thrusting his blade back into the spinal collum of the Berserker. it screeched and tried to reach back to where Springer had stabbed him, only to get Broadside’s axe to the neck.

    Impactor whistled as he watched the duo felled the berserker then tapped the side of his head as a private message popped up. “Heads up Bots! Scrounge has completed his task!”


    At that moment from a hidden location.

    “Hmmm a pity,” Shockwave muttered. “Speed and resilience are less than 50% of a Historic Berserker. The next--” he stopped as he noticed a camera flicker he tapped a button and stood up, his security had been hacked! He switched to his secondary security circuits and the image on the screen changed to show the Pens were open.

    Came a guttural roar.

    “Oh dear, the test subjects are loose.”

    In that moment a Robotic T-Rex’s head Smashed through the floor Grabbing Shockwave by the Leg and pulling him down through the floor. He managed to smack Grimlock away only to find himself smashed into a wall by Sludge. As he bounced off the wall he was grabbed by Swoop and flipped into another wall.

    He saw Snarl charging for him and acted pressing a button on his arm.

    The Dynobots Spasmed in agony and fell to the ground. “Did you really think I didn’t have contingencies for your escape?” He tapped his arm again and a few of the Dynobots screamed. “Well, now I guess I should deal with your friends, I’ll awaken the Decepticon beast-formers to tear them apart!”

    He went to press the button again only for there to be a flash of movement and Shockwave realised his lower arm was gone. He gasped and realised that Grimlock had managed to get up and rip his arm off. Shockwave managed to fall back through a door and scramble away.

    Shockwave slammed his remaining fist into a panel on the Wall and the very walls of the base started to shift.

    “Let's see them deal with Labyrinth mode!”


    “Impactor!” yelled Twin Twist, “We’ve got rapid movement!”

    “More Insecticons?”

    “No, scans are picking up larger class bots.”

    Just then a wall popped up in front of Impactor and the floor shifted.

    “Scrounge what’s going on?”

    “Shockwave transformed the base into a maze!”

    “Scrounge I need real-time Tracking of all wreckers!”

    “Working on it--oh! We’ve got incoming, something just smashed through shockwave’s defence grid-- oh I know that heat signature, it’s Ravor, which means--”

    “Strike Force One is here.”


    Shockwave made his way to the reactor room and looked to activate the reactor, only it was already running with the safeties off.

    “This should not be happening, I designed those safeties they should have held. Sabotage!”

    He quickly made his way to the terminal and looked up where the Reactor’s excess power was being routed to.

    “The Dimensional Bore? The teleport grid?”

    Suddenly a window popped up on the screen, revealing Ratbat. The image became animated as Ratbat started speaking “Ah, Shockwave, if you’re observing this vid, then my little present is active. Of course, you are probably raging at my betrayal, but the truth is, I have never been loyal to you, I loathed Serving under you! I, a senator of the High Circle serving weak little lower circle Tro-Magnum? Preposterous! I have always been loyal to Lord Straxus!

    “Lord Straxus needed you out of the way, as you are the only thing holding the council together. So I rigged the system to overload the reactors and your Teleporter, I also locked your Tethers so even if you managed to get out of the base you’ll get dragged right back. I would say it’s been an Honor, but that would be a lie and an inefficient use of fuel.”

    Shockwave smashed the monitor in a rare fit of rage.


    Impactor was fighting Snaptrap when he noticed Snaptrap Suddenly spasm and for a brief moment become translucent. He noticed it was happening to all the beast formers, even the Dynobots.

    “What in the name of Primus is going on?”

    Grimlock smacked Snaptrap away and made his way to a wall monitor. After a few button presses a prompt appeared. “Tsk! Tethers.”

    “What?” Asked Ares

    “Shockwave Clever bot, left one last trick, his base is mobile, to ensure when he moves his base, that nothing gets left behind, he implants Tether device. we’re tethered. It’s how he prevents escapees he just calls them back,”

    “You’re being teleported?”

    “The whole base is, what's worse, the teleport isn’t set to a destination.”

    “And since the teleport grid is actively sucking everything up, you’ll be pulled along with the base!”

    “Do we have time to remove the Tether?” Asked Impactor.

    “No time, it would need invasive surgery.”

    “Then we have to shut down the teleport grid!”

    Grimlock shook his head. “No, what you do is evacuate your troops.”

    “You can’t be serious!” said Ares.

    “Me serious, it’s no use all of us getting dragged into the Jump, My Dynobots will cover your retreat!”

    “Let's not give up yet! We can take out the drive!”

    Grimlock growled, “Fine, Ares you with me, Slag, cover Impactor as he gets everyone else out.”


    Ares and Grimlock made their way to the uppermost chamber of Shockwave's base, the roof was retracted and the Dimensional Bore was active causing a rift in Space-time.

    Ares shot the Bore and looked on in horror at the glowing orb that still floated above.

    “Teleport has been snagged by the rift.”

    NO!” Ares roared as he rushed over to the controls for the teleport grid and Tether system and tapped the shutdown sequence, only, nothing happened “By the Primes, it’s too late to shut off! It’s all self-perpetuating! You’ll be dragged into the portal!”

    Grimlock nodded, “Guessed that already, there is a chance Me and others Survive, and if we survive, Shockwave and his forces survive too!”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Wherever me and others go, we can’t allow Shockwave to regroup and recover.” Ares was suddenly grabbed from behind. “I’m sorry Ares, said Grimlock, you need to survive.” He was hefted up and thrown off the platform through a nearby building.

    Ares pulled himself up and ran back towards the opening he fell through only to see Shockwave’s lab get sucked into the collapsing portal.


    Autobase, Iacon, one Solar Cycle later

    Impactor stood before Ultra Magnus. “Total Mission Fail, we freed the Dynobots, but were unable to extract them due to Shockwave’s Tethers.”

    Magnus grimaced, “You did your best, we were unaware of the teleport grid.”

    “We were winning Magnus, then someone snatched it away from us at the last minute! However, Scrounge managed to pull the files before we were forced to bug out.”

    “Good, we can build Tether blockers or disrupters.”

    Impactor nodded, “The only reason Ares isn’t here is that he’s recovering from being thrown off a high ledge into a building, or rather through a building, so he’s in CR. he’s not going to believe that he couldn’t have saved the Dynobots, and honestly, he may have had a better chance than my Wreckers.”

    Magnus nodded, “I believe I have lost his trust and his team’s loyalty.”

    “True, you’re on shaky ground with all the Autobot Elite Attack Teams.”

    “All? Even you?”

    “Yes, even me. Magnus, you essentially sacrificed Ares’ progenitor and team for an easy win.”

    Magnus looked at his hands. “You, you are right, I do not like what leadership is making me become.”

    “It’s not leadership, it’s not holding yourself to a higher standard.”

    “Be Better?”

    “I didn’t say it, but your position has been damaged by this, you have to do right by us or we’ll abandon or remove you.”

    Magnus looked at the list of Mission Lost: Grimlock, Slag, Slug, Swoop, Slog, Scorn, Slash, Snarl, Skar, Grimstone, Sludge, Paddles, Strafe, Repungus, Doublecross and Grotusque.

    He needed to do better.


    Alpha trion walked into the Medbay. Roadbust was in a CR chamber, he would be out of action for at least a solar Cycle, but he had saved Ripscar which, opened up a new path, Ripscar would be out of action for at least a Vorn. he moved onto another CR chamber and tapped a command causing it to open to reveal Ares. “Ares, I have something to tell you.”

    Ares optics lit up slowly as he came out of sleep mode “What old Bot?”

    “The Dynobots survived.”

    “What?” Ares snarled his optics brightening showing full awareness.

    “They ended up on the planet Sol in another Galaxy, it just so happens that it is the same planet where Prime and Megatron fell.”

    “How do you know this?”

    “I have means of checking possible futures, I have seen the Dynobots rise once more--”

    “Are you saying all this happened to send Grimlock to Prime?”

    “The Dynobots are always at Prime's side during the Sol Wars. How they get there isn't always clear.”

    “You're talking alternate timelines.”

    “In some, the Dynobots are built on earth, in others, they are part of the Ark's crew, in some timelines they arrive on Sol before Prime. I know not the future, but I know possibilities.”

    “Then what's my role? My possibility?”

    “Ah,” said alpha trion with a grin, “You are something new in the Tapestry. Your existence births new possibilities.”

    “Possibilities, timelines, is that all we are to you?”

    “Never, each Cybertronian life is precious to me. I, my brothers and sisters helped birth you all, and we taught and nurtured you all, which is why it hurts so much watching you fight, why even killing Decepticons while necessary, pains me.”

    Ares snorted and flexed his hand. “Motor Controls still impaired,” he muttered. His hand shot forward at blinding speed grabbing Alpha by the neck. “Alpha, understand this. There will be a reckoning between us.”

    “Oh?” Alpha choked out.

    “Because I know you manipulated things to create this outcome. You deliberately lied to Magnus about the probability of mission success, to remove us from the field, you knew that if Magnus had told us, we would have immediately gone after the Dynobots, and since my team is Thee Base Busters team, we have a good chance of stopping the outcome, or ending up going with Grimlock to Prime.” He let go of Alpha’s neck. “Manipulate my people again and I will hunt you down, and PUT. YOU. DOWN.” He pulled his body completely out of the CR chamber and stormed off.

    Alpha sighed and looked to his left as time stilled. “That could not have gone worse Brother.”

    An ancient Cybertronian of white and gold appeared in the room. “There is still much to do, but I would advise you to avoid Ares for the next thousand Vorn at the very least.”

    The flow of time restarted, but Alpha Trion and his Brother were gone.
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    So, Quick Question.

    as I looked up my original plans I noted I had included at least one other Hasbro property. my question is should I leave the other property in or keep this pure Transformers only
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    Transformers Generation Realigned
    Arc One: Before the Earth War

    Chapter 4

    A Vorn is approximately 83 Earth years
    A Groon is Roughly equivalent to an Earth hour.
    The CR in CR Chamber stands for Cryogenic regeneration,

    249 Vorns Post Ark Launch

    Skorponok smashed a fist into a terminal.

    “My lord,” said Mindwipe, “Calm! All is not lost!”

    “Maximus has escaped me Mindwipe! My rival turned tail and ran!”

    “We can track him, my lord, we can find him.”

    “How! His trail will be cold! And the Hypergate is too damaged!”

    “Ah, but even if they used the gate the trail is still there and recoverable, the only issue is travelling without the Gate takes time.”

    “Bah! I can be patient find me his trail Mindwipe!”

    “Aye, Lord Skorponok.”

    “But what of the War against Straxus?” Skullcruncher asked

    “What do I care for this civil war? It is a waste of time, Decepticons killing Decepticons is not the way. The only reason I fought was due to my obligations to the council, but where is that council now?”

    “Oh,” muttered Skullcruncher.

    “Exactly!” Skorponok replied.


    Iacon, The base of the Autobot army

    Ultra Magnus was hard at work, plotting out a series of attacks to cripple Decepticon Drone-Trooper production when his door opened and the Commander of Strike Force One strode over to his desk and loomed over the seated Ultra Magnus.

    “Magnus, tell me why?” snapped the angry Bot


    “I notified you that Maximus was planning to desert, yet you ignored the warnings and now Maximus and the Whole seventh arm of the Autobot army have grabbed one of the Arkus clone Titans and bailed! Why!”

    “Because I was told to let them escape.”

    “Another edict from Alpha Trion?”

    Magnus nodded, “But I knew Maximus was broken after the Massacre of Garius four. It was only a matter of time before he left.”

    “So once again we are manipulated by the whims of Alpha Trion.”

    “Ares, walk with me.”

    Ares looked at Ultra Magnus and nodded.

    “Ares, there is a reason for Alpha’s meddling.”

    “He wants a certain future and FRAK all the little Bots?”

    “No, he’s trying to fix a damaged timeline.”


    “There was, an interloper, a time traveller with an agenda, he managed to get past the sentinel of time--”

    “Vector Prime still exists?”

    “Yes.” Magnus tapped a wall panel to reveal a room with strange holograms showing images and diagrams. In the middle of the room was an image of a purple and grey Bot wearing a Decepticon insignia.

    “I know not his name, we call him the Dark Traveller. All we know is he came back, and over a period of time changed things to ensure an ultimate Decepticon victory.”

    “Such as?”

    “He’s behind Straxus’ massacre of Clan Convoy. He was behind the Vi-Cpier Plague that took out the cities of Celestica Tetracornacapria and Dodecahex, he was the one to provide the Drone army that Megatron used to bolster the Decepticon forces. He was trying to corrupt the Allspark Cube when Alpha Trion, Optromix and Vector Prime caught up to him.”

    “Did Alpha or Vector Prime kill him?”

    “They tried but he was empowered, all they could do was grievously wound him and break his time machine, he was sent to a random point in the future, and there is a fear he could still cause trouble.”

    “Ares, a lot of what Alpha and Vector are involved in, is to put things as close to back on course as possible, it’s not perfect, did you know by the time the Dynobots ended up on Earth there were only five members, but due to timeline changes that number is more than doubled, they could have manipulated things till there was only those five, but they are trying to get things to go in the right direction, not micromanage everything to replicate the original timeline properly.”

    “Was your impending long-term mission part of the original timeline?”

    “Not exactly, the interloper’s actions cut short millions of lives, and sometimes by cosmic fluke the balance is maintained, what happened is the Nursery started to reactivate. Optimus Prime decided he couldn’t allow newborns to be dragged into the war. That reminds me, Ares, I need you and Strikeforce one to join me on my initial exodus--”

    “You want me to leave the war?”

    “Yes and no. The issue is there are Decepticons that have deserted and headed into space, I want strikeforce one to ensure they can not consolidate their forces out there, also I need you to find Commander Jetfire and the Autobot Air Wing.”

    “They’re still alive? I thought Starscream’s Wormhole bomb killed them!”

    “They survived, I need you to find them, revive them, and head to Earth. Along with the mission against the Decepticon forces in space, the mission will take thousands of Vorns, but it will ensure the Decepticons don’t find the colonies or return to aid the Decepticons on Cybertron.”

    Ares looked at Ultra Magnus “And if I don’t do this?”

    Magnus shrugged, “I’ll use someone else to smash the Decepticon runaways.”

    “Fine, I’ll do it, but if I’m not really essential, why me?”

    “Because there is a real chance you will kill Xaaron after he takes charge.”

    Ares stilled and looked at Magnus in shock, “You’re leaving Xaaron in charge?”

    “We need someone to lead the Autobot remnants in a holding pattern, we can’t win right now but we need to bleed the Decepticon war machine. Xaaron is the most Senior Autobot in the Autobot command circuit, and he’s the guerilla warfare expert.”

    “Yeah, the first time he sends a group off to their death, I’d execute him.”

    “Surely Xaaron isn’t that bad?”

    “Magnus, He’s responsible for the death of the original Strike Force Alpha. Only Myself, Grimlock and Jazz survived that nightmare. We later discovered it was an unsanctioned mission and the reason we were there was to act as bodies to slow it down til Xaaron could send in an Airstrike to destroy the facility. The fact you are allowing him to take command makes me want to kill him immediately.”

    “He is needed,” said a new voice. Ares spun round to see Vector Prime.

    “Really? REALLY!”

    “Yes Ares, he’s the only one that will hold things together long enough for certain pivotal events to happen.”

    “Surely Thundeclash or Saber could do a better job!”

    “True, but Thunderclash and Saber will be off Cybertron during the relevant time.”

    “What the pit! Is everyone abandoning Cybertron?”

    “Saber is chasing after Deathsaurus who has stolen the Scythe of Amalgamous Prime.”

    “Deathsaurus has the Scythe?”

    “Yes, and his reign of terror across the galaxy would be horrendous.”

    “Okay but what about Thunderclash?”

    “He will be fighting a long war against an invasion from the Dead Universe.”

    “The what?”

    “You do not need to know, Thunderclash will handle it.”

    “Fine, but you better make sure Xaaron and I never cross paths ever again.” and with that, Ares turned and walked out of the hidden room.


    529 Vorns Post Ark Launch

    Ultra Magnus looked at the construction going on below, after the war of the Three Fold Spark, the Titan Citadel was severely damaged and thought destroyed, but the truth was its Spark Chamber was removed and hidden away.

    Optimus found the Spark and with access to a titan graveyard set about building a new body for the Titan, however, it was known that due to the construction utilising the remnants of dead titans the structural stability would be weak, but with access to the Sea of Sentio Metallico, the parts could be infused and brought back to life.

    The end result was Citadel Secundus which would carry a new nursery, a reactivated hot spot, and the Sea of Sentio Metallico to a new location to create a new Cybertron.

    He looked to the side at a chamber with a floating golden key, the final component of the Project, one of the 13 keys to Vector Sigma.


    11083 Vorns Post Ark Launch

    Xaaron looked at the empty room and sat down, putting his head in his hands. All of the Autobot Generals from prior to the loss of Optimus Prime were gone. Maximus, Saber, Grimlock, Thunderclash and Ultra Magnus. Grimlock and Thunderclash were lost to events out of their control, Saber was leading a task force to hunt down Deathsaurus and his forces, and Magnus was on a Special Mission. Maximus was a traitor in his mind.

    There was a beep and Xaaron straightened up. The door opened to reveal his Generals

    Blaster, the Communications and Counter-intelligence expert.

    Hot Spot, the Search and rescue operative.

    Roadima, the Haulage and Logistics Manager.

    Kenzan the Skirmish Expert.

    Finally, Hardspark, The Siege expert.

    “Lord Xaaron,” said Hardspark, “Megadeath has essentially surrendered to Straxus’s forces.”

    “Scrap,” groaned Xaaron, “Our efforts to prolong the Decepticon civil war could only go so far. How long will it take him to consolidate his forces?”

    “A Deca-Vorn,” Blaster replied.

    “Hardspark, how long can we hold out?”

    “Straxus is almost as old as you, he knows Cybertron like the back of his hand, he’ll quickly deduce our hiding spots and overwhelm them, our forces can not withstand a concerted effort to annihilate us.”

    Roadima snorted “You aren’t taking into account Megadeath’s Frak you to Straxus, he tainted the planetary Energon supply with that so-called Anti-Energon.”

    “Oh, why was I not notified of this?”

    “I sent you the report five Vorn ago.”

    “That’s why you’ve been stealing and stockpiling Energon!” Said Hot Spot.

    “Yes, Xaaron, are you telling me you haven’t read the reports I sent you?” Roadima asked, disapproval showing on her face.

    “No, I was distracted by the Dark Cult’s movements.”

    Roadima scowled. “The point is Cybertron is heading for a Big Shutdown.”

    “Has that been confirmed?”

    “Confirmed, the Great Mechanism has been slowing down.”

    “What do we do? Evac?” Blaster asked

    “What we do, is keep fighting to occupy Straxus’s attention, to prevent his forces from leaving Cybertron. Getting them caught in the Big Shutdown.”

    “That’s suicidal,” muttered Hot Spot.

    Xaaron slammed a fist into the table silencing the growing murmurs of discontent. “You all know why we haven’t abandoned Cybertron Vorns ago, I told you myself, the mission has not changed, we need to keep the Decepticons here, we can not afford for them to become space capable and stumble across the hidden colonies.”

    Kenzan nodded “We are devoted to that course, but so many under us do not know or understand that! we are sacrificing lives--”

    “I know! But what choice do we have?“

    “What we need to do,” said Hot Spot as he tapped a dataslate and then passed it to Xaaron. “Is hold on till the Big Shutdown, but when it’s upon us hunker down, go deep into Cybertron, and allow Cybertron to restore itself.”

    “Can we hold on till the Shutdown?”

    Blaster stroked his chin, “If we break our forces into the smallest viable teams and focus on sabotage and hit and run, the number of casualties would be reduced by 18%”

    “So we’re doing this?” Kenzan asked.

    “We have no choice.”

    “I have an ace in the hole, that if I’m right will reduce the number of casualties further. But it’s top secret, I can’t reveal it till all the pieces are in place for maximum impact,” said Xaaron.


    11144 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Xaaron entered a secret chamber and looked down at the small Bot that was waiting for him.

    “Minimus Ambus of the Ambus line, it’s good to finally meet again.”

    “It’s an honour Lord Xaaron. What do you need of me?”

    “You are a Load Bearer, which is a special type of Bot, able to withstand the rigours of major enhancements. I have a project that would require you to undergo such enhancements and for you to undertake the role of a lifetime.”

    “My lord, I will do anything for the cause.”

    “Good,” Xaaron opened the door to the innermost chamber, and what was revealed within, struck Minimus dumb.

    It was a red and blue armour.

    “Is that--”

    “Yes,” said Xaaron.


    11167 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Straxus grimaced as he looked at a live broadcast of Hydrax Plateau, it was on fire. As he watched the Spaceport burn he saw a singular Bot walk out of the flames.

    Ultra Magnus had returned.

    He slammed his fist into the armrest of his Throne, “How long would it take to get forces to Hydrax!”

    “Five Groon!” said a technician.

    “He will be gone by then!” Straxus snarled.

    “We can’t let this stand,” muttered Ratbat.

    “You think I don’t know that? Bring up a map of the Iacon region!” A holo materialised and Straxus examined the image, dragging his finger along a line only he could see, finally, he stabbed a point outside the city. “This point was where the Galuvex Iacon power plant stood. The plant was destroyed in the early stages of the war, but the line it served is intact. Flood it, and send 12% of the planetary power to that line, it will be magnitudes above what that line can take, and the main Iacon power lines are connected to it, the resulting collapse and power surge will damage their main lines dropping their internal power, and the resulting city-wide explosions should weaken the Shields enough that we can get through. At that point, we attack and break Iacon!”


    Xaaron smirked as Straxus’ retaliation failed, the Powerlines had been modified long ago, to prevent the exact type of attack Straxus was trying to pull.

    The Ultra Magnus Gambit had worked the Decepticon forces were driven into shock by the return of a legend.

    He looked over to a Screen at a different armour and an image of another load bearer.

    What worked once, could work again.


    11205 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Deep beneath Kaon.

    A lone computer activates. On the screen is a countdown. As the countdown hits zero a mechanism winds up and slowly a pod rises out of the middle of the chamber. There is a hum and the chamber is bathed in energy. It slowly opens and a single Bot stepped out.

    "Hmmm. My activation means the prime has been out of contact for over 20 thousand Vorn."

    The Bot moved to the computer and typed in a series of commands. “So it was Ratbat who worked for Straxus, that should have been obvious as they were in the same faction, back in the days of the Senate, the fact I failed to account for that fact is an indication that my habit of locking away most of my memories from before I embraced logic, was detrimental in my cognitive process.” the Bot changed the files on the screen. “Ah, My theory about the Cybertron sleep protocol has been proven true. I must prepare.”


    11231 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    The Scar of the Fallen was a ravine that went deep into Cybertron, not many ventured that deep, but that had changed as there were multiple Cybertronians at the Bottom of the ravine.

    Tarn let out a chuckle of amusement as Grindtooth tortured the Bot before him, he turned to a Restrained Bot. "Hey, Stormcloud, GrindTooth is really fired up, he’s going to Kill all your Friends and then he’s going to kill you!"

    "You monsters!" Screamed Stormcloud.

    Tarn shrugged. "funny you say that, I remember how you tore those poor little Autobots up back when you ran with Megatron."

    "I've left that life behind!"

    "I know that's why We’re here, see Grindtooth hates deserters and so he talked to Straxus, who gave him a mission to hunt down all the deserters and kill them."

    "Tarn, you talk too much said a lithe Bot."

    "I have to get my kick’s somewhere Hardslice!"

    "You always were a sadist Tarn," Hardslice muttered, looking up in annoyance, suddenly he stiffened his optics switching to magnification.

    "We’ve got--" he never finished as a missile smashed into his face exploding and throwing Tarn and the others flying.

    Grindtooth spun around and barely managed to dodge a missile strike. There was a large thud as a big Bot landed before the Decepticons and their victims the Bot stood up to reveal Ultra Magnus. He spun round knocking a lunging Decepticon over and fired a blast off from his gun that felled another.

    Magnus roared Grindtooth as he lumbered forward. Only for Magnus to lean to the side and bring up a knee straight into Grindtooth’s abdomen. He then grabbed Grind tooth by an arm and swung him around into a wall, while firing another Missile into the chest of another Decepticon. He then turned to Grindtooth and pulled his arms spread eagle while placing a foot on his chest, he pushed down with his foot while pulling Grindtooth’s arms further apart.

    Grindtooth let out a scream as his arms were torn from his body. He then used the severed arms to bass Grindtooth’s head in.

    Ultra Magnus turned to Tarn who stepped back and fiddled with a device on his hip.

    There was a flash and Tarn was gone, leaving behind a half-melted leg.

    "Hmmp, a personal transmat device, the fool didn’t calibrate it properly." Ultra Magnus Muttered. He walked over to Stormcloud and broke his restraints.

    "T-Thank you," Stormcloud stuttered out.

    "Don’t thank me, I should frag you for your crimes in the War, but you seem honest about your pacifist path. So I’ll leave you and your followers be for now, step off the path and I’ll make what I did to Grindtooth look like a slight tap."

    Stormcloud nodded and motioned to his surviving followers and they made their way out of the ravine.

    Ultra Magnus looked around and made his way to climb out of the Ravine when there was a boom and a burst of air pressure from behind him he spun round to see a Bot he had never seen before, he was purple and grey, and the Decepticon Symbol adorned his chest. He was also Flickering between translucent and solid.

    Ultra Magnus raised his gun ready to do battle, when the Stranger noticed him. "Ultra Magnus! I should kill you where you stand-- wait I sense-- " the Stranger snarled: who are you? You wear Magnus’s face, but you are not him! I will rip the truth--No! I must complete my plan! I need to go back further!" The Stranger faded away.


    11245 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Straxus roared in a fury.

    “My Lord?” Ratbat asked fearfully.

    “Do you feel it Ratbat? We are moving slower even with topped-up energon reserves!”

    “I had been checking for contaminants in the fuel as a way to explain it.”

    “It’s none of that… Xaaron, Magnus, I know what you did!”

    “My lord?”

    “They kept us on Cybertron!”

    “Why is that important?”

    “Ah Ratbat, think back to your ancient legends.”

    “I never put much stock in stories--”

    “I know you heard the same stories as I did, the Story of the great machine of Cybertron, and what happens if Cybertron’s lifeblood drops below a certain point.”

    Ratbat became agitated “The Big Shutdown?”

    “The Big Shutdown, Xaaron kept us occupied and planetside so we could not escape the Shutdown!”

    “Surely if we got off the planet--”

    Straxus chuckled pointing to a dataslate. “That is the report on a secret launch I planned. The ship was untouched but functional, the fuel was pure. It failed to launch, the very mechanisms failed to function. There’s some sort of undetectable frequency that is shutting down Cybertronian Tech.”

    “How long do we have?”

    “It’s already started, we’ve lost contact with 20% of our bases.”

    11299 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Cybertron was grinding to a Halt.

    Cybertronian lifeforms literally went into Stasis lock in the Streets.

    The furnaces Dimmed

    Cybertron was shutting down

    11300 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Cybertron was silent, the Furnaces were no longer lit, and the lights were all out.

    12748 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Secondus Cybertron

    Ultra Magnus looked over the recreated Forge of Solus Prime.

    New Cybertronians were being forged.

    “12 thousand Vorns,” muttered Ares.

    “And I thank you for giving us that time.” Ultra Magnus replied.

    “I think your buddy Alpha Trion is somehow prodding me to get a move on.”

    “I have not seen Alpha Trion or his brother in over 8 thousand Vorn.”

    “I’ve been catching him at the threshold of my vision.”

    “Heh, maybe he’s afraid you’ll gut him.”

    “True, I do intend to keep that promise. So why won’t you let me key in my crew?”

    “Ares the gate to neo-Cybertronia Space will only open in your presence, I know you trust your crew, and I personally know you would die before allowing the Decepticons to pull our location from your mind. But I don’t know your crew's thresholds personally and right now there is no time to gain that knowledge. ”

    “FINE. I Trust my crew, but I know operational security Magnus. How long do you think the barrier around Neo-Cybertronia space will last?”

    “Without external and internal stresses? 20 thousand Vorn approximately. I’ll be fading into obscurity and leaving long before that point in time.”

    “Will you head to Cybertron or Earth?”

    “I want-- I want to stand at my brother’s side once more, but I have to find out the state of Cybertron.”

    “Then do that, Check. You will not have the forces to fight to liberate Cybertron.”

    “You’re right, Ares I need a small favour while you’re out there.”

    “What do you need Magnus?”

    “I need you to find something out there and bring it to me.”


    21878 Vorns, Post Ark Launch


    Kronicus smirked as the World Bore began its work drilling into the planet to create a Shaft to the planet's Core which will allow him to implant a World egg. 100 Vorn later the Egg would hatch transforming the planet into a Mini Cybertron from which he would build a new Decepticon empire.

    Suddenly there was a Beep

    "Commander! We’re picking up fluctuations that correlate with a Cybertronian Slipspace drive."

    "Slipspace Drive? No one uses Slipspace Drives--" Suddenly a small bit of ancient Trivia floated to the forefront of his mind. His optics widened, the Second Generation of explorer ships used Slipspace Drives.

    There was a burst of light as a starship exited Slipstream.

    "Battlestations!" Roared Kronicus.

    "Incoming!" screamed one of the troopers on the Scanner controls.

    “Fire Everything!” he roared.

    “It’s dodging our fire!” Yelled another trooper suddenly they were all thrown off their feet as there was a massive boom.

    “What was that?” Kronicus snarled.

    “Something just went through our left engine! Completely shredding it and causing explosions on decks 5 to 8!” yelled a technician

    “Sir!” a helmsman yelled in a panic, “I’ve identified the missile it’s not a missile but an Autobot! She’s shredding our weapon mounts!”

    Kronicus looked at the Data and Stepped back in shock. Femmebot, Macromaster markers.


    If Ravor was here, the Autobots’ most efficient butchers since the loss of the Dynabots were inbound.

    “Wake the Drones and the Heavy Assault Troopers, Prepare for combat!” he roared.

    “Kronicus.” came Ares's Icey voice over the Comms. “We’ve seen your work with World Egg implantation. Surrender now and we won’t render you all down into Scrap.”

    “Never!” Roared Kronicus.

    “Very well,” replied Ares.

    The Starship started to close in on Kronicus’s ship

    “Ravor’s blown the bore to pieces!”

    “The Autobot ship has forcibly docked!”

    “Prepare for boarders!”

    Several Decepticons made their way through the wrecked Deck 6 when they heard a creaking sound. They turned around and out of the fire came a massive arm which crabbed one Bot and then swung around slamming another into a wall. Slowly the attacker was revealed to be Ravor with her free hand she pulled out her weapon and blasted a hole through a third Decepticon.

    In a panic, the remaining Decepticons opened fire.

    On deck 1 in the command centre of the ship Kronicus and his troopers looked up as there was a singular thud. Then they could hear heavy thuds above them.

    “He’s on the outer hull?” Muttered a Trooper suddenly the thuds stopped following the sounds it had stopped outside the Command Center then there were a series of booming thuds.

    And moments later a fist tore its way through the hull it then gripped the edge of the punched hole and Tore the hole, Wider.

    “Hey Kronicus, where did you get this cheap aft ship? Swindle?” Said Ares as he stared down through the hole.

    Kronicus screamed and pointed, motioning his troopers to open fire. As they opened fire multiple Troopers collapsed headless. Kronicus turned to see Phantom materialising out of his cloaked mode.

    He snarled pulling up his weapon to gun down the stealth Bot only for Ares himself to drop down in front of Kronicus.

    “Kronicus… I remember you when you served Ratbat. You killed 4000 NAILs with your energy efficiency experiments.”

    Kronicus couldn’t help himself, “it was worth it, the Decepticons became 6% more fuel efficient.”

    Ares optics glowed Kronicus suddenly felt severe pain in his legs he fell forward only to realise his legs didn’t follow his descent and were still standing upright. Ares reached down, grabbing his head in a vice grip and hauled him up.

    “The only reason I haven’t killed you yet is because I need to know where you hid the astral key of Halonix Maximus.”

    “What--what do you want with that useless relic?”

    “Never you mind that now then where is it?”


    “While I’m glad that Kronicus and his thugs are dealt with and his World Egg project was stopped, what’s with the Key?” Melodicus asked.

    Ares looked over at the Bot on his left. “Zaus?”

    “Fine,” groaned Zaus. “Back in ancient times there were more Titan Sparks being spawned than there were available bodies, and Titan Production slowed the production of normal Cybertronians. It was decided to limit the amount of titan sparks that gained bodies. In order to pull it off they used the Thirteenth Prime’s Titan to act as an incubator/ stasis craft to hold the Excess sparks till the numbers throttled down. But then the war of the Primes happened and rather than let Liege Maximo gain control of those sparks, the thirteenth Prime ordered his second, Halonix Maximus to take the titan away and hide it. A couple of Vorn later Halonix returned but claimed to have no memories of his mission.”

    “Then he vanished once more but all he left were five relics. The Astral Key is one of those relics.”

    “Which Kronicus stole, so why do we need the Key?”

    “Simply put the Key is needed to unlock the fully assembled slipstream gate to the Titan’s hiding place.”

    “Why not leave the Titan in its hiding place?”

    “There are rumours that Deathsaurus is hunting Titans, Ultra Magnus wants the Thirteenth Prime’s Titan moved to Cybertron Secondus.”

    “Oh, that makes sense.”


    33878 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Melodicus transformed and examined the Spatial Anomaly. She was picking up Energon, Sentio Metallico, and Spark Radiance.

    “Melodicus to Caliber, I think I’ve found them.”

    “Okay, I’m sending the big probe!” A large spherical probe flew forward and started moving close to the Anomaly. The probe started to spin only to shut down immediately.


    “I confirm liquid Forestonite. It’s them, I’m signalling the Boss.”

    Melodicus hummed a tune and watched the probe work, “Hey Caliber why did you sign up with Strike Force One?”

    “Hmm? Well, I was following my big Bro-bot Roadbuster and he got snapped up by Impactor, but I didn’t make the cut. There I was all depressed when Grimlock and Ares walked past. Ares stopped and looked over at me then he walked over. I looked up and he said to me, I Quote: Failure is not the end, you pick yourself up dust your Chassis and move on.

    “I snapped that I wasn’t good enough.

    “Ares laughed! He laughed at me and told me that sure I failed now, but there would be another chance, in fact, he would help me out he called me the intern and had me working with his team and Grimlock. About 15 Vorn later Impactor had an opening, an opening which I aced, but just as Impactor was about to offer me a spot on the Wreckers, I realised I preferred working with Ares so I accepted joining the Wreckers then quit immediately and asked Ares to make me an official member of Strike Force One. how about you Melodicus? I remember you were among those that fled the war, so why come back and Join up?”

    “I was a Music Idol, Melody X, the Celestial Songstress, and my music, my songs were heard all over the galaxy. When the war started the people around me made me believe it was not my war, so I left to continue my Music Career. And then Squadron X happened. They captured my crew and tortured us I broke more than once, and then I was Saved, as I was Rehabilitated, I realised it was always my war. So I joined Autobot intelligence, but after Prowl screwed over the execution of a mission I had set up, I had to take action I went in and got the team out. Ares was impressed and since Prowl had officially disbarred me, I signed up with his crew.”

    There was a Slipstream light burst and Starship Xantium appeared above the Scoutship

    “Caliber! Melodicus! Great work!” came Zaus’s voice over the comms,

    A large drone flew to the anomaly and fired off a missile into the Anomaly. It shuddered and shattered revealing a group of badly damaged Transformers “let's get them aboard,” said Caliber.


    39838 Vorns, Post Ark Launch

    Commander Jetfire tried to sit up only to find himself restrained

    “Commander, code: Onyx-Delta-Holo-Opim-Decus-Kordite.”

    Commander Jetfire relaxed in his restraints, which opened up as the lights in the MediBay grew brighter revealing Ares.

    “Ares, you have the Commander Code what happened?”

    “The Wormhole Bomb trapped you and the Autobout Airstrike group in a spatial anomaly.”

    “By the Thirteen,” murmured Jetfire. “how long?”

    “Too long. The damage was so bad we had to place you all in a long-duration CR Chamber.” Ares handed Jetfire a small disc-shaped device. “I have a video from Magnus, your eyes only.”

    Ares left the room, as the door closed Jetfire pressed a button on the device which projected a holo of Ultra Magnus.

    “Jetfire I need you to travel alongside Ares to Earth, it’s the location of Optimus Prime, he’s been in stasis mode for a long time but he is scheduled to awaken, but when he awakens, Megatron will also awaken and the War shall begin anew on Earth.

    “Earth is a crucial battlefield, it’s situated in an Energy rich star system, IS an Energy rich planet, and according to the reports that exploration team three managed to Send, the location of a huge deposit of Forestonite. if Megatron manages to win on Earth he can return to Cybertron and revitalise the Decepticon War Machine.

    “I’m asking you to join Ares on Earth, is because over the years since Starscream betrayed and detonated the Wormhole bomb, the Decepticons have perfected their Aerospace Combat Doctrine. It gives them a massive advantage over Prime’s forces.

    “The other reason I need you on Earth is to balance out Prowl, Ares, and Grimlock…”

    A short while later on the bridge of the Xantium.

    Jetfire walked over to Ares and looked out at the Stars. “So Earth.”

    Ares snorted. “Way I understand it, some faraway planet is going to be the Nexus of the endgame of the Great War? I’m not sure I believe it.”

    “But?” Jetfire asked.

    “I know that Prime will be there, Grimlock will be there, and Megatron will be there.”

    Jetfire nodded, “And not being there may mean the difference between Victory and Defeat.”


    "Even before Prime and Megatron fell to Earth Cybertronians have been to Earth."


    "Part of the reason you're heading to Earth is because of Grimlock. Part of my reason is the fact that Explorer Team Seven visited Earth and only Starscream came back."

    "Wait, your brother--"

    "Was part of Exploration Team Seven. I find out what happened to Skyfire."

    “Well then, onwards to EARTH!”

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    Arc Two: The Earth War

    Chapter Five

    The Ark, Mount St. Hilary, Oregon.

    Optimus Prime came online and helped drag more Autobots into the repair beam “AUNTIE?” he called out.

    “The AUNTIE system is offline due to damage, the Teletraan 1 system is running.”

    Optimus Prime groaned, That was not good. Teletraan was a slower system. Not fully integrated into the Ark’s systems “Time till AUNTIE is Functional?”


    Prime would have Ratchet and Wheeljack take a look.

    A short while later the Autobots were all reactivated and standing next to Optimus as he looked at the Holographic image before him. Planet Earth, the world Alpha had told him would be the battleground for the resolution of the great war.

    “Optimus, we need to find the Decepticons and Stomp them down!” yelled Cliffjumper.

    “Calm Cliffjumper, neither side is ready for open conflict, we are barely functioning. In fact, if I know Megatron he’s shifted to infiltration protocols”


    “Infiltration Protocol, he’s going to go to ground, assess his needs and how to get them, he won’t act openly until he knows the lay of the land.”

    “Why would Megatron do infiltration?”

    Optimus looked upwards and let out a soft sigh. “Because we wrote the book on infiltration.”

    “Say what?” Asked Cliffjumper

    “You guys wrote the Deep Infiltration 01 protocol?” Jazz asked in awe, “Dang my Bot, I studied that Protocol religiously even before the war!”

    “Back when I was an archivist, there was a terrible incident where we lost a whole task force, Megatron, Dion, Elita One, Roller and I worked out a protocol for infiltration. We submitted it, and it got approved. In Hindsight that was a mistake as it brought us into the sights of Straxus, and he got his hooks into Megatron. Anyway, Megatron will use a modified Deep Infiltration 01 Protocol. We will do the same.” he turned to Jazz “Jazz assemble a team of Infiltrators.”

    Jazz saluted as he was given the order.

    Optimus turned to the other autobots/ “Hound, you’re our best tracker, I need you to try and track the Cons.”

    “Ratchet, you and WheelJack assess the Damage to the Ark. We also need Holoprojectors to Hide the Ark.”

    “Will do Prime!” replied Wheeljack

    “You can count on us,” Ratchet added.

    “What about the rest of us?” Prowl asked.

    “Prowl, I need you to access this planet's data communications. Brawn, Hauler, and Trailbreaker I need a resource survey, with mining viability, Gears, Huffer, check the armoury, windcharger check the storage bays because I need to know what stocks we have left and the resources of the planet because you can bet your left aft, Megatron is doing the same.”

    Decepticon temp base

    “Why are we stopping here? We should be looking for the Nemesis, and getting back to Cybertron!”

    “Starscream, lower your tone!” snarled Megatron, “We are perilously low on power and resources, a protracted search is not viable right now. Soundwave I need you to access this Primitive planet’s data flow.”

    “As you command Lord Megatron.”

    “Starscream, I need an analysis of this planet’s energy conversion Potential.”

    “Scrapper, I need you and the Constructicons to start base construction protocols.”

    “We lack the materials--”

    Starscream let out a gasp. “Rxlv49!”


    “Lord Megatron, I was part of the exploration corp before the war, My team observed many planets, Rxlv49 was the planet where I lost my team.”

    “I remember reading the report on that mission,” said Soundwave.

    “How bad?” Megatron asked.

    “Bad,” muttered Starscream.


    Three bots watched the events unfolding before them, they watched the Autobots and Decepticons. Begin to make stealthy moves

    “This is not what I expected,” muttered Vector Prime.

    “You expected the war to go hot my brother?”

    “Yes, the Decepticons rampage, bringing the Autobots out to fight them and gain their human allies.”

    “The interference changed them, Vector. both Prime and Megatron are more than warriors leading a War, they are less headstrong and reckless in their actions, Straxus’s rabid actions caused Megatron to learn patience, and he learned to pull back from savagery.”

    “And Prime?”

    “Having to hide after the Massacre caused him to build up a range of skills he never had before.”

    Vector sighed “The war will still go hot, but it will take time.”

    “Time that works in our favour.”

    “There is an issue with the Dinobots, they will not awaken when they were supposed to.”

    “We will not interfere with their awakening.”

    “That’s not the issue, the issue is Wheeljack.”

    “How so?”

    “He’ll try to recreate his supposedly fallen friends using Psudo-Sparks.”

    “Why? The Dinobots aren’t dead!”

    “Its timeline resonance, the echo of what was, the Dinobots would have been awakened by that point, but since they will sleep longer, wheeljack’s Spark feels the void and he tries to fill it.”

    “If he succeeds, That would be confusing.”

    “Master, I do not understand why timeline resonance is affecting Wheeljack.”

    Gigawatt, the Earth war is the closest thing to a fixed point in time. There have been slight variants but there are general immutable points in this period, such as the Ark crashing, meeting the Whitwickeys, and the Dinobots being created/awoken. When it gets disrupted, sometimes the timeline tries to correct the issue. For example, Straxus’s actions during the war, alongside the Dark Traveller’s actions killed millions and slowed the birth of newborns. The correction came years later when the nursery awoke.”

    “So couldn’t we just wake the Dinobots?”

    “We can not interfere to that degree.”

    “Surely a subtle push--”

    “No, my student.”




    Decepticon temp base

    “I wish I had paid attention to how Shockwave set up the Clonebots device!”

    “Why?” Asked Soundwave.

    “We could Sweep this planet in mere Deci-Vorn.”

    “Such impatience Starscream, you do not understand the Thrill of Winning without stacking the deck!” Megatron turned to Soundwave. “Report!”

    “At once Mighty Megatron. Infiltrating the planetary databases shows a Fractionous World. Individual nations in tentative alliances. We are currently on the Landmass called the Americas, it is seen as a Global Superpower, the nation with the most influence.”

    “Can we influence these nations?”

    “It is possible”

    “Then I want a report on the best nations to influence.”

    The Ark

    “Planet Earth is an ellipsoid with a circumference of about 40,000 km, an atmosphere primarily Nitrogen and Oxygen. The dominant Species of the planet, Human, the Human Population is 4.7 billion. The population is split between 173 separate countries.”

    Optimus had to push down his mounting horror at the realisation of the lives that were now in the firing line. Alpha Trion never mentioned all those lives were on the line! Was he supposed to sacrifice the lives of this world to save the lives of his people?

    He felt a twinge in his chest and he was assailed by a vision of the earth burning.


    “I’m okay Wheeljack I was just distracted, do go on.”

    As Wheeljack continued Optimus’ thought mulled over the vision he was here to save the Humans as well, but from what?

    “Jazz, you have cultural analysis training, I need you to analyse local culture and customs.”

    “I’ll get right on it prime!”


    Decepticon temp base

    Scavenger knelt before Megatron. “My lord, I have some news gathered by an independent survey.”

    “Independent survey hmmm? I sent the Constructicons out on a specific mission, how is it you have had time to complete this independent survey?”

    “My lord I have not strayed from the mission, however during the times when we acted as earth vehicles, I observed the humans decorating their bodies with metal further analysis revealed the humans seem to place a certain value on some types of metal and rock, these metals and Gems hold value.” he held up a holo of the gathered data which Megatron perused

    “Yesss. Soundwave, take the Reflector team to find veins of these precious metals and stones. Have a few tonnes mined and stored.”

    “Why would we store useless earth metals?” Starscream asked.

    Megatron shook his head, “So simple-minded Starscream, did you not hear? Humans place value on those materials, and anything that has value, has use. After all, Politicians are the same no matter the Species, always open to a bribe.”

    “The sooner we get off this planet the better,” murmured Starscream.


    The Ark


    “Optimus as you know I’m patched into Law enforcement systems of this continent, I’ve picked up reports of a series of thefts from construction sites.”

    “Hmmm, what was stolen?”

    “All the metal, and equipment.”

    “The Constructicons.”

    “My thoughts exactly. I can have a team ready--”

    “No, we send Bumblebee to observe and track them.”

    “Bumblebee? Prime--”

    “Prowl, Bee is an infiltration specialist, just because he’s never been part of your command structure, does not mean he doesn’t have the skills.”

    Prowl looked like he wished to argue but he held it in and nodded. He then turned and walked stiffly away.



    “What is it Jazz?”

    “If we’re following infiltration protocols we need a base within the nearest human city. Through my studies, I have discerned the appropriate location.”

    “Show me what you’ve got.”

    Jazz walked up to the main computer and pulled up a series of images. “Our alt modes are human transportation vehicles, humans leave their Vehicles parked on the side of the road, in personal Garages, or in what is called a car park.”

    “Of these car parks, the underground Car park sticks out, we can build a base under an underground car park and humans would be any wiser to the fact as all they would see is vehicles coming in to park. What's more due to the underground nature of the car park in comparison to an above-ground car park moving in and out of a secure location would be away from human eyes.”

    “You run into the issue of humans and ownership.”

    “Bluestreak has that handled he’s set up a human identity with a disguised Drone unit, we use it to purchase a location, then build the Car Park, to keep humans out of at least the lower levels we stoke the car park with prop cars.”

    “Actually, I have an idea,” said Wheeljack, “how about we create Drone cars to act as an active scout patrol system for the chosen city?”

    Prowl sat forward, “I wish to suggest that if this plan is successful we repeat it for each state in America so we can have safehouse-base operations away from the Ark.”


    “It stands to reason, the Decepticons won’t limit their actions to one state, and travelling from state to state without access to supplies, recharges, and repair facilities, until we drag ourselves back to the Ark, is not a cost-effective method of running operations.”

    “You have a point, but we do not have the resources to build up such a network of bases at this time, and the more we build, the more chances of discovery by the humans.”

    “You know, maybe I could get a variant of the old Spacebridge tech up and running, then we wouldn’t need a base in every city, just a doorway.”

    Optimus thought about Wheeljack’s suggestion, “You can research it but it’s not your highest priority.”


    Bumblebee sat in alt mode on the side of a street within a few hundred meters from an untouched construction site.

    The Constructicons arrived on day four blending in and replacing the human Construction Vehicles

    If this follows predictable patterns 72 Earth hours and then they ransack the place he had tagged some of the metal with a chemical tag he could scan for which meant he could track them.

    As he observed the construction site and the humans going about their work, he couldn’t help but admire the humans, who had come so far in 2400 Vorn or using the common vernacular, 200,000 earth years, he hoped to see what they would be able to do in another 200,000 earth years.


    Decepticon temp base

    “This is Secretary of Defence, Jefferson Rhodes. Investigating his finances shows he is a bribable human.”

    “How will we approach this human?”

    “Soundwave do you still have the special infiltrator unit?”

    “It was on the Nemesis.”

    “Drats! It would have been perfect!”


    Bumblebee raced through the desert, Laserbeak on his tail. He should have just reported his find to Prowl and retreated, but he had wanted to show Prowl he could handle it, only he was spotted by Laserbeak, who gave chase.

    Suddenly he felt something hit his chassis, his internal systems screamed as he realised what he’d been hit with, a T-Cog shocker, his T-Cog was frozen, he couldn’t transform! He needed to shake Laserbeak before he got another hit because it could be the lethal hit. He made a desperate spin and dashed towards the city. Suddenly had an idea, and he sped up pushing his speed as fast as he could. Laserbeak sped up to lock onto him and at the last moment, Bumblebee shot over some train tracks.

    It was at that moment Laserbeak realised he had been tricked, he had over-committed, hyper-focused on Bumblebee, and Bumblebee had led him into the path of an incoming train. Laserbeak frantically pulled up managing to limit the collision with the train to a glancing blow.

    Laserbeak crashed into a side ditch, the damage from the glancing blow would need serious attention, realising he couldn’t allow himself to be discovered he painfully forced himself to transform back into a microcassette form, where he would lay until Soundwave found him.

    Bumblebee had no time to bask in his victory, the jump over the tracks had shredded his suspension and he had punctured his fuel tank. He needed to get far away from Laserbeak in case his fellow Decepticons came to find him.

    Bumblebee realised he had to conserve power which meant he couldn't self-repair at his normal rate. He would have to go into sleep mode just to conserve enough energy to repair the fuel tank.

    Bumblebee detected a location with lots of cars some with the same altmode as his own. Within minutes he was hidden alongside the other cars.

    The Ark

    “Bumblebee did not report in,” said Jazz.

    “I knew Bumblebee couldn’t handle--huuurk!” Prowl was unable to finish due to a punch to his vocaliser from Cliffjumper.

    “You shut up you Sanctimonious aft licker!” Cliffjumper snarled.

    “Cliffjumper back down!” Snapped Jazz, “Prowl, go see Ratchet!”

    “I--I should re-re-report you for insubor-dun--ack!” Prowl stuttered out.

    “Let's not. You were out of line Prowl, you have spent the last few days disparaging Bumblebee if Cliffjumper hadn’t gotten to you, I know plenty of bots that were just as irritated with you and would react just as harshly! So you’re going to take this lump with grace, and that will be the end of it. And before you open your trap and whine, I’ll Tell Prime what happened and he’ll discipline Cliffjumper.” Jazz turned and left Prowl’s quarters. But he stopped at the Doorway and turned back. “I haven't forgotten Tarkus Mission Prowl, I kept my trap shut, but we both know you set us up. The only reason I saved you from Grimlock’s wrath is that we could ill afford to lose a high-ranking Autobot at that time.”

    Prowl stood still for a full minute after Jazz and Cliffjumper left then he moved forward flipping his desk in rage.


    Optimus sighed as Jazz reported the incident between Cliffjumper and Prowl. “Cliffjumper, you will be on fuel residue cleanup for an Earth month.”

    Cliffjumper frowned but nodded. And left the room.

    Optimus shook his head. “I knew Prowl, from before the War he used to be the laid-back brother of the Quintet.”

    “I guess the war changed him?”

    “No, the war just made him worse, he changed after he was betrayed by his partner and nearly died from a botched Spark extraction.”

    “A botched Spark Extraction?”

    “The Scalpus incident.”

    “Oh,” said Jazz in shock. “I can see how such an event changed him, but Prime. Prowl is a problem, he’s one step away from being as bad as the Cons we fight.”

    “I know, there is a reason why I selected Prowl for the ark mission, I couldn’t leave him to his own devices on Cybertron.”

    “That can’t be the only reason why.”

    Prime chuckled, “Saw through me, didn’t you?”

    Jazz shrugged, “I know there’s a lot you didn’t tell me about the Ark mission but I figured out that you wanted this outcome, you wanted us on this planet.”

    “Am I that Transparent?”

    Jazz shrugged. “I’ve known there was another agenda since before we left Cybertron, Ironhide and Ratchet figured there was a secondary reason as well, the info coming from your generals and the fact you were adamant to lead this mission sent up flags as they say.”

    Prime nodded, “There is much I can not tell you but on the subject of Prowl, by pulling him from his networks and bringing him to earth I hope to give him the chance to unwind and heal. In fact, the truth is while I knew who I had to bring on the mission, I didn’t regret those choices as I wanted us all to heal, to give us all a chance to decompress from the level of war we had been fighting on Cybertron.”

    “I owe Ratchet 50 Shanix,” groaned Jazz.


    “Ratchet bet me that you were working off a plan handed to you by Alpha Trion. I didn’t believe him but your phrasing tells me that you were following a plan laid out by another. And since Ratchet claims you were seen conversing with Alpha Trion more frequently running up to the Ark Mission, he surmised Alpha Trion was behind it.”

    Optimus chuckled. “Sometimes I underestimate you guys.”

    Jazz nodded. “I’m sending Hound to try and track Bumblebee down.”

    Optimus nodded, “I need you and Wheeljack to scan for Decepticon frequencies hidden in the planetary Satelite network.”

    “Ah, Sub-protocol 3.9, understood Boss Bot.”


    Bumblebee came back online and realised he had been moved his sensors pinged that he was in what Earthlings call a Garage. His sensors picked up three youthful humans, he tuned his audio receptors to hear what they were saying

    “Charlie don’t be like that!”

    “Like what Sam? When were you going to tell me you signed up to join the Navy?”

    “Yeah, Sam, I know you haven’t told Dad, because you know Dad would kick up a fuss. He just got you that Job on the Oil Rig!”

    “Buster, Dad didn’t ask me what I wanted to do, he just decided I would work the Oil rigs like him, I want to travel, I want to serve my country!”

    “And I’m your girlfriend, you didn’t think to discuss this with me?”

    “I was going to but things came up, like your dad dying!”

    The Human female identified as Charlie bit back a sob.

    “Not cool big brother!” groaned Buster.

    The Trio walked out of the Garage leaving Bumblebee alone. He did a self-diagnostic and realised his suspension had been replaced. He needed to leave the human dwellings and signal Optimus


    Decepticon temp base

    “Lord Starscream.”

    “Thundercracker, you haven’t been that formal in years.”

    “This is too serious for informality”

    “What do you wish to ask?”

    “What has you so ready to flee?”

    “This Planet, this Earth, I have been here before, Millions of years ago before the war. I was a scientist and an explorer, it Was Me, Skyfire, Bantor, Thundablast, Crunchwheels, Hydraclap, Negalock, Drawshot, Oculus, and my brother Sunstorm,

    “We had catalogued over 500 worlds, discovered wondrous new life and seen such strange organic geology.

    “When we arrived on Rxlv49 we discovered two unique signatures we travelled to the nearest and discovered a structure, some sort of seal. Hydraclap was against opening it but Skyfire and I were curious, Negalock and Crunchwheels agreed with us so Negalock lockpicked the Seal. something shot out of the seal and it hit Negalock. Negalock screamed it was a terrible scream, we pulled him from the seal and made it back to camp. We didn’t know what we were bringing back was not our friend.

    “For three planetary Solar Cycles, we fought until it was just Four of us left. My brother had a plan, he would use his power-draining abilities to drain the abomination's power and Skyfire would shove a fusion bomb into the beast’s maw. It all went wrong and I alone survived.”

    “Do you believe the Seal is still here?”

    “Yes.” Starscream replied.

    “Does Megatron know?”

    “Not the details,”

    “And you’re not telling him.”

    “If he knew about the seal he would seek out that power Thundercracker.”

    “He won’t hear it from me, my lord.”

    “I fear it’s only a matter of time before he finds out anyway.”

    “STARSCREAM!” Came Megatron's call over the comms

    “Yes, Lord Megatron?”

    “Laserbeak hasn’t reported in, he was observing the Constructicon operation and he’s suddenly gone silent.”

    “What do you want me to do?”

    “Take Soundwave and do a flyover, soundwave should be able to pick up his shortwave beacon.”

    “As you command Mighty Megatron.”


    Hound grimaced as his camera drone sent back an image of a flying craft that transformed into Starscream, he was accompanied by soundwave. They walked up the train tracks and retrieved what scans showed to be Laserbeak. He listened to them debating their next move and sighed in relief as they took off the way they came. After a short while hound made his way to the tracks the Decepticons vacated and scanned the area he detected tyre tracks that matched Bumblebee’s tyre marks on both sides of the train tracks and deduced Bumblebee had jumped the tracks somehow injuring Laserbeak. He knelt and examined a few metal fragments, Cybermetal not from Laserbeak. He then noticed and scanned what looked like fuel spillage.

    It was. It was the low-octane mix Bumblebee and the other mini bots used. Bumblebee had lost a lot of fuel. He was damaged and low on fuel Hound ran the Calcs and set his drone up to search the approximate area where Bumblebee would be forced to stop. Analysis of the images sent back revealed a faded tyre mark that matched Bumblebee’s tyres at a car lot with broken down cars.

    He sent out a short-burst communication ping but got no response.


    Starscream flew through the sky. Within his cockpit sat Soundwave in his earth alt-mode, a microcassette recorder, with a special extension plugging himself into Starscream “Do you think we’re far enough away?” Starscream asked.

    “Affirmative, we are out of Autobot drone range,” was Soundwave’s reply.

    Starscream’s communicator screen lit up to reveal Megatron. “Foolish Autobot! To think he would remotely control a drone in the vicinity of the master of communications and transmissions.”

    “What is your command Mighty Megatron?” Starscream asked.

    “Two Autobots, one of them wounded, in a Human settlement? It’s tempting-- yes, let's deprive Prime of some of his assets. I’m sending the Constructicons to Join you, I want you to proceed with a Purge stratagem, Purge Stratagem 7.”

    “No witnesses?” Starscream asked.

    “No witnesses,” Megatron confirmed

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    Transformers Generation Realigned
    Arc Two: The Earth War

    chapter Six

    Delford Creek, of Delford County, was a former port/mining town in Oregon, currently home to 5875 citizens. Nothing much happened in the town, most of the men worked at the Oil rig. it used to be a prominent location to transport Coal along the west coast of America. The town's most famous claim to fame was Archibald Witwicky and Fredrick Althorn were born in Delford, both were part of the National Arctic Circle Expedition in 1897.

    Chip Chase was wheeling towards the Witwicky house when he noticed a Jeep parked on the side road, at first glance, he thought it was a Willys MB, but then he realised it was a Mitsubishi J59, which was a little strange as he remembered the local dealership spouting ‘buy American’ but he dismissed the oddity. He wheeled into the driveway and saw Judith Witwicky in overalls working on the frame of a truck.

    “Morning Mrs Witwicky!”

    “Chip! Go right on in!”

    Chip wheeled himself in and came across Buster working on repairing a radio, “So is Spike up yet?”

    Buster put his screwdriver down and Chip saw tears in his eyes, “He snuck out last night, he’s long gone.”

    “He left? Without telling his folks?”

    “Yeah and when they figure it out, who are they going to shout at?”

    Chip looked at the angry teen and came to a decision, “I’ll tell them. It won’t have to be you. Just don’t mention that you knew he had snuck out.”


    Down the street from the Witwicky house.

    Hound managed a short-range communication burst “Bumblebee are you okay?”

    “The transformation cog is damaged and locked, long-range comms are fried, and there was some damage to my fuel line,” Bumblebee replied.

    “How long before self-repair is finished?”

    “One Earth Solar Cycle.”

    “I’ll contact Jazz.”

    “Prowl must be gloating---”

    “Naw, Cliff smacked him down and then Jazz had a word. Say send me your data I’ll send it to The Ark.”

    “Cliff amassed him down?”

    “It was glorious.”


    The Ark

    Prowl and Jazz were standing before Teletran-1 looking at the data that Hound had transmitted.

    “Oh that’s very interesting," murmured Prowl.

    Jazz nodded but suddenly jerked slightly in surprise. “Wait, Starscream did a flyby? Hound give me your whole sensor records”

    Prowl’s optics widened and he looked at Jazz

    “Sending,” Hound replied, "what's wrong?”

    Jazz started scanning the data. “Hound, Starscream and his Seekers have specific patrol dogma patterns, Starscream had no reason to fly over the town if Laserbeak was taken out before Bumblebee reached the town and retrieved after you reached the town--” Prowl pointed to a section of the data, “Crap level 4 sonic ping burst, that's why he didn’t double back and overflew the Town.”

    “Sonic ping?”

    “It is how Soundwave detects Cybermetal, Soundwave was with Starscream, they know where you and Bee are.”

    “Then why didn’t they attack?”

    “Laserbeak was the priority, but you and Bumblebee need to get out of town immediately, tow Bumblebee if you have to, because they will be back.”

    “Understood. Hound out.”

    Jazz tapped the keypad and three images appeared, “C-04A, C-04B, C-98 I need you to do me a favour…”



    Charlie, Chip, and Buster were at Gordon Point, a popular hill overlooking Delford Creak “So Mom is driving down to the recruitment office to talk to Sam.”

    “She’s dragging him back?” Ask Chip

    “Nah,” Buster replied, “Mum really hasn’t been so hard on Sam about wanting to go into the Military so she’ll probably ream him out for running, but not stop him.”

    Chip frowned “Charlie, isn’t that the car you and Buster were working on being towed by that Jeep?”

    “What the fuck?” Charlie jumped onto her Bike and tore off after the jeep while Buster helped Chip into his car and followed behind.

    They followed the Jeep that was moving faster than expected and eventually caught up with the jeep as it passed close to the train line. Charlie was able to cut the Jeep off.

    She watched as a man in a Military police uniform stepped out of the Jeep. “Just What do you kids think You’re doing?”

    “You’re stealing our car!”

    “It's not your car, this Car was involved in an accident and abandoned two days ago, I’m taking it to be impounded as evidence!” Said the Man.

    “Really?” Asked Charlie skeptically.

    “Really.” Replied the man, “Now, if you excuse me--”

    Chip frowned. “What are you?

    “Pardon?” The man asked.

    “Your walk is weird and I’m sure I just saw you clipped through the grass.”

    “I don’t know what you’re--”

    “Holy shit!” yelled Buster, stumbling back. “I see it, it's like you’re a ghost!”

    The Man sighed. “What I am doesn't matter, you don't need to know.” he frowned and turned around. “what the-- by the primes! They wouldn't!”

    “Mr, what is it?”

    “Jamming Field just came down, Deceptions.”


    The Man wasn't responding and suddenly he flickered and vanished. The hitch connecting the Jeep to the VW detached and the Jeep started moving on its own.

    “What the hell is going on?" cried Buster.

    Three F-15 Eagles suddenly swooped over Delford Creek and unloaded bombs and missiles

    “Why the hell is the Air Force bombing our Town!” Yelled Charlie.

    “Not the USAF,” said a new Voice, a voice the trio had not heard before, “those are Decepticons! Hound, what are we going to do?”

    The voice of the Military police officer came out of seemingly nowhere, “Bumblebee how’s your T-cog?”

    “It’s 75% repaired.”

    “Then I have no choice, every minute I hold them off is another life possibly saved.”


    “Stay here Bee I've got some seekers to fight.”

    “Hound No!”

    “Protect the Humans here and get them to safety.” And with that Jeep raced back towards the Town.


    90 minutes later

    Hound leaned against a broken house, his right arm was scrap and the servos in his right leg were badly misaligned

    Using his holograms he managed to slow down and thwart Starscream’s attack long enough to get a couple of busloads of people out of town using his Military Polices officer hologram, but Starscream caught on, and he paid dearly for that act. The broken house exploded and Skywarp kicked Hound into the street face first.

    Coughing up lubricants and other fluids Hound struggled to stand only to be slammed down by a foot on his back.

    “Blasted Autobot! To think you gave us trouble!”

    “Heh, you’ve gotten lazy Scream, sitting behind a desk dulled your edge.”

    “Shut up!” Snapped Starscream blasting Hound in the back.

    Suddenly there was a boom and Starscream went flying.

    “Not today Descepti-bums!” Came a voice Hound knew.

    Ironhide. If Ironhide was here, the cavalry had arrived.

    “What?” snapped Starscream in shock at the sight of the twins Sunstreaker and Sideswipe flying through the air on jetpacks.

    “Blasted Autobots! I'll crush you---”

    “We're just the vanguard, Prime is a few miles out.”

    “Starscream, return to base immediately!” Came Megatron’s voice over the internal comms,

    “But Lord Megatron!”


    “At once Lord Megatron.”

    -------------- .

    The Decepticon's makeshift base

    “Starscream, why did you only take Skywarp and Thundercracker To eradicate that town, instead of diverting the Constructions?”

    “It was a small habitat, I thought they would not be needed, not to mention the constructions tend to be obstinate when it comes to my command.”

    “It ignores purge doctrine, doctrine I trained you in. Because you waited for your elite seekers you allowed the autobots enough time to react! The ground operation was non-existent, what's worse is you exposed yourself before ensuring the humans were all dead!” He slapped Starscream to the ground. “When I give an An order I expect it to be followed without deviation! If you were of lower rank and I was not so limited in troop options I would have scrapped you right now! But you get a little leeway as first I realise that you haven’t been a front liner since before we left Cybertron and second, Buzzsaw confirmed the Constructicons insubordination. I will deal with them later.;Now leave my sight, Starscream, I grow wary of seeing your ugly mug. Go to Soundwave for refresher recordings of proper skirmish and purge doctrine.”

    Starscream pulled himself up and stormed out of Megatron’s makeshift throne room


    Outside Delford Creek

    “Start talking, what are you guys? What happened to the town?”

    Bumblebee sighed “We are Cybertronians, autonomous robotic lifeforms, or Autobots for short.”

    “Did the government create you and you’re on the run?”

    “No, look I shouldn’t be telling you this, but we crashed millions of Earth years ago and have only just awoken, unfortunately so did the Decepticons.”

    “Those jets?”

    “Yes, they are dangerous. They will devastate this world, conquering it and draining it of all resources, unless we autobots stop them.”

    “How can a car be a robot?” asked Chip

    “We transform, It’s an ability most Cybertronians have, unfortunately, I can not give you proof my T-cog was damaged which was why hound came to retrieve me.”

    “Hound, the Jeep?”

    “Yes--” Bumblebee gasped. “By the Primes reinforcements!” A cabover semi-trailer truck, an ambulance and a small red car drove up to Bumblebee.

    “Bumblebee report, where is Hound?” Came a voice from the truck

    “Optimus, Hound went back to the town to fight by himself!”

    “No!” Came the voice from the truck, filled with despair.

    “Ratchet, Cliffjumper--”

    “We're on our way, Prime!” The ambulance and the red car headed towards the town.

    “So you're robots who can transform?” said chip.

    “Bumblebee! What did you tell them?”

    “The truth Prime, because of my actions their home has been destroyed they deserved to know why.”

    “Hmmm.” Suddenly there was a thunk and a whirring and clicking as parts of the red truck shifted and folded away while other parts fiolded out. To the trio's shock where had once stood a truck now stood a tall red and blue robot. He kneeled down before them.

    “I am Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots.”


    The Ark, a short time later

    back at the Ark Prime walked over to Ratchet

    “How bad is it?”

    “It’s Bad, he had a spark casing rupture, and Microfractures throughout his entire structure.”

    “What would it take to heal him up?”

    “A Cybermetal bath and Nano surgery, something we don’t have.”

    “Then what’s our other option?”

    “A long time in the CR chamber. With how damaged he is we’re talking 18 earth months to heal the microfractures and 36 earth months to heal the damage caused by a ruptured spark chamber.”

    “We have no choice, put him in the chamber.”

    “Prime, why did we let the humans go?”

    “Do you suggest we hold them prisoner to keep our secrets?”

    “When put like that, it’s just we’re not ready to deal with the humans.”

    “I know Ratchet, I know.”


    Bumblebee sat on a rock outside the Ark, deep in contemplation, he became aware he was no longer alone. “I screwed up.”

    “Did you?” Prowl asked.

    “I should have reported back immediately with what I had found, I decided it wasn’t enough and didn’t pull out which led to Laserbeak making me and that led to a path with a human town destroyed and Hound critically injured.”

    “Yes. I didn’t have faith in you to complete the mission, Jazz did but I knew you were too immature to not mess up.”

    “Thanks, Prowl,” Bumblebee snarled.

    “Don’t thank me, I was… Wrong, you completed the mission, it was just bad luck Laserbeak caught you.”

    “Still doesn’t change the fact that my actions led to all those deaths.”

    Prowl shrugged. “Then next time do better.”

    “Next time?”

    “Bumblebee, you did well on the initial mission, better than some agents I had to field, the scans and data you put together were more than we could have imagined, and the fact the Decepticons can’t repair the damage to the Nemesis is a major coup for us. So go and refine your skills, and do better.”


    Delford Crisis Camp

    William R. Witwicky a.k.a Sparkplug Witwicky, and Butch Witwicky made their way through the camp frantically looking for Buster.

    “Dad!” Came a call and William saw his son among a group of teens.

    “Thank god you're alive," William whispered as he held his son.

    “I'm glad to be alive dad, home's gone.”

    “We can rebuild. Heck Delford Creek has been moved twice, once due to a mudslide.”

    “Did mom catch up to Sam?”

    “Sam was a step ahead of us, he signed up a week ago and shipped out last night.”

    “He lied to us," Buster groaned.”Charlie is gonna be mad.”


    The Pentagon.

    A group of men sat in a room, a door opened and in stepped the Secretary of defense. He sat at the head of the table.

    “Gentlemen," said the secretary of defense looking around the room at the generals and intelligence agency heads. “At 16 hundred hours the town of Delford Creek was razed to the ground 5000 lives were wiped out with 300 making it out in the Evac.”

    “According to descriptions, it was three F15 eagles.” said an agency chief.

    “That's not possible, our jets are accounted for!” Snapped an Air Force General

    “So,” the Secretary of Defense asked. “Which faction is behind it? Cobra? The Red Shadows? The Curse? Or some other terrorist faction?”

    “None have claimed responsibility, we're sent in our forensics and one of the first things we were able to confirm is exotic weaponry.” Replied the CIA chief

    “How exotic?” Asked a general

    “Something had the piercing power of 50 cal but no residue or casings.”

    “Are we talking… energy weapons?”

    “That's what it looks like.”

    “Gentlemen, I want you to use your considerable connections to shake the terror/counter-terrorism tree and see what falls out.” The secretary of defense stood up and exited the room.

    As the rest of the men left, Brigadier General Lawrence J. Flagg looked down at a folder with a single grainy picture of a bipedal giant.
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    Transformers Generation Realigned
    Arc Two: The Earth War

    Chapter Seven

    The Decepticons temp base.

    Megatron paced his throne room before turning to his soldiers “Soundwave! Report!”

    “Farms 7 and 9 have been destroyed. But farm 9 is still functioning.”

    “Optimus is getting too good at hunting our farms down, if he keeps this up he’ll figure I’m distracting him from something.”

    “You’re distracting Prime?” Starscream asked in surprise

    “Why yes, Starscream, I am distracting Optimus. After all, we created Deep Infiltration Protocol 01 together. He thinks that’s the protocol I’m using, and that would be true, with our low numbers and resources Deep Infiltration Protocol 01 would be our only option, we would influence this planet's nations by setting up incidents that point at rival nations, but Scrapper gave me a different option.”


    “Exactly Starscream! Soundwave, bring up the influence matrix chart.” The hologram of America appeared with a series of glowing dots connected in a web of sorts.

    “What am I looking at?” asked Starscream.

    “The red dots are the location of those directly under our influence. The yellow dots are those we influence through those red dots.”

    Starscream touched a red dot, and a human male face appeared, he tapped another red dot and a female face appeared. “What does influencing them give us?”

    Megatron smirked, “Soundwave?”

    A series of holograms of human newsreaders appeared, reading the same statement “The Energy Act has been voted in, the government will devote a considerable part of their budget to the development of energy-producing facilities to lessen the burden on the current network of Power Plants around America, while more funding is devoted towards alternate energy development projects--”

    “Oh. Oh!” Starscream gasped out in realisation

    “Exactly Starscream, while Optimus shuts down our farms, we will be siphoning energy from these human-made facilities. While Prime runs around playing by the rules we’ll be directing the humans against them!”

    Suddenly Thundercracker snorted. The room became quiet as a tomb.

    “Do you have something to say?” Megatron asked Thundercracker, his voice frigid.

    Thundercracker raised his hands, “It’s just, you and Prime created Deep Infiltration Protocol 01 right?”


    “What if Prime isn’t playing by Infiltration 01 rules as well?”


    “I’ve been wondering how the Autobots are finding and hitting our farms so fast.”

    Megatron looked at Soundwave who stiffened his optic visor glowing.

    “Thundercracker is correct, the rate of discovery and destruction is outside projected parameters,” Soundwave responded to Megatron's unasked query.

    “Optimus, you’re being sneaky again. Oh, old friend what ARE you up to? Thundercracker, good point, as a reward, I won’t discipline you for your disrespect, Starscream!”

    “My lord?”

    “Discipline him.”

    Starscream stiffened then sighed, “As you command Mighty Megatron,” he spun round and slapped Thundercracker hard enough to make him spin a full 360 through the air before landing on the ground hard. “Skywarp, drag him out of here.”

    Skywarp lifted Thundercracker up off the ground and carried him out of the room.


    The Ark

    Optimus Prime entered Lab 03 to see Ratchet hard at work. “Ratchet how goes the recycling process?”

    “This still feels disrespectful,” muttered Ratchet.

    “I would not ask this of you Ratchet if it was not necessary. The fact that the cybermetal was still living was a miracle and with the damage done to the Ark, the Cybermetal would go a long way to getting the Ark functional. We also have to deny Megatron access to such a resource.”

    Ratchet sighed, then nodded. “The cultivation of Cybermetal, from the Decepti-clones is slow going as the CNA has to striped. Oh, I know why they couldn’t be revived, Their sparks spluttered out 500 hundred thousand Earth years ago.”

    “What? Pseudo Sparks despite being fragile and not lasting as long as a normal spark, their life span can be measured in millions of Earth years!”

    “Cybertronian produced Pseudo Sparks, we actually have some in storage, but from my examinations, they were not Cybertronian but Quintersson.”

    “So I was right, Megatron did gain support from one of the colonies to turn the tide of the war.”


    “Do you remember the Space Bridge accident where Megatron was gone for a thousand Vorn?”

    “Yeah, when he came back the Seeker corps massively increased.”

    “We thought it was Shockwave’s clone trooper project, but the increase in numbers never added up.”

    “So he made a deal with the Quints.”

    “It seems so, my worry is, what was he to give in exchange, and when will the Quinterssons decide to collect?”


    The Ark

    Ironhide was holding a meeting going over the general day-to-day operations of the Autobots

    “We now have 20 stable Ground bridge nodes throughout the American States,” said Wheeljack,

    Ironhide nodded “That’s Excellent. Bluestreak whatcha got?”

    “We have set up 32 observation bases.”

    “How long before full coverage of this continent?” Prowl interjected.

    “Acquisitions slowed down, it’s looking like 24 Earth months at most.”

    “That's okay Bluestreak, we’re ahead of projections,” Ironhide turned to another Bot at the table “Huffer, how goes the construction of the satellite?”

    “Not as fast as I like, I don’t get why I have to build to Earth standard, instead of good old Cybertronian--”

    Ironhide shook his head, “Huffer buddy I already told you, Humans have enough knowledge to observe the space around their planet, they will notice a non-human satellite. And the Decepticons would recognise one. By going low tech the Decepticons will overlook it and the humans will think it’s one of their own.”

    “Optimus you look troubled” Jazz stated looking over at the leader of the Autobots.

    “Jazz you’ve got files on the Usage of Deep Infiltration Protocol 01, I need you to run all of them concurrently and tag discrepancies.”

    Jazz shrugged, “Sure thing Prime!” His optic visor glowed “Done.”

    “Now compare it to his actions on Earth,”

    “Already ahead of you Prime, he’s producing the fams too fast.”

    “I thought something was off.”

    “To be fair if it wasn’t for the Landbridge Network, finding the farms would have taken longer and we wouldn't have detected the discrepancy.”

    “This needs to be investigated further.”

    “But where do we start?” Asked Wheeljack.


    Observation base 04, Portland

    Bumblebee was watching the traffic in the city when he saw a familiar face.

    Chip chase. He diverted one of the drone cars to follow him at a safe distance. Within 20 minutes Chase stopped at an expensive building. Bumblebee was impressed by how the vehicles unfolded a primitive robot arm and pulled out chips Wheelchair allowing him to get out of his car by himself.

    Bumblebee pulled up the data on the building Chase had entered Hamada-Chase Robotics

    Chip was related to Malcom Chase the millionaire industrialist/weapons manufacturer. Bumblebee was glad Chip was okay, but he wondered about Charlie and Buster.


    Hamada-Chase Robotics


    “Hey, dad.”

    “I'm glad you're here.”

    “I'm glad Mom let up.”

    “Your mother sent you to your aunts because you got too deep into your projects.”

    “For three years?”

    “I know it pained me to do it, but do you regret making friends with the Witwicky family?”

    “No,” Chip groaned.

    Suddenly there was a bang and screaming as black-clad men stormed the building


    The Ark

    Mirage came running up to Optimus Prime “Optimus! I picked up an Autobot distress beacon!”

    Optimus spun round to look at Mirage “What?”

    “It’s pretty weak, but it’s there. I triangulated the location.”


    “Stansham, England.”

    Optimus nodded and turned to the other Autobots, “Wheeljack, assemble a team, Take the Ground Bridge to England and retrieve those Autobots as soon as possible.”

    “Prime, what's the rush?”

    “If we picked up the Signal, Odds are Soundwave also picked it up.”

    “Primus! we’ll be ready to go in milliseconds!” Wheeljack activated Inter-Autobot Radio “Hauler! Brawn! Find Sunstreaker and Windcharger! And meet me at the Ground Bridge Terminal, Huffer I need you to grab a Trailer!”

    “Screw you Wheeljack! I’m not helping with your crappy experiments!”

    “Not an experiment Huffer, we’ve got an Autobot Distress Beacon, which means--”

    “Autobots in need of Rescue! I’m on my way!”

    “Wheeljack,” said Ratchet, “I’m coming too, we’ve no idea what state those bots are in.”

    Soon the group was gathered before the ground bridge.

    Prime stepped forward, “Autobots, Find the Beacon, retrieve the bots, and be prepared for Decepticon attack.”

    “Understood Prime, Roll out!”


    Observation base 04, Portland

    Bumblebee watched as a group of Men Dragged three Men out of the Hamada-Chase Robotics building. His first instinct was to follow protocol and not become involved in Human issues, it was awful but it was the mission, all he could do was observe but then he realised something,

    One of the hostages was Chip!

    Bumblebee was frozen with indecision he wanted to help, but Protocol!

    His mind searched for a solution and then he hit an exception Chip, due to knowing of Cybertronians was an intelligence asset.

    Bumblebee transformed and raced out of the Observation post. He raced through the streets tracking the Van with the Hostage takers, soon he had located the Van but they had noticed him. They started shooting at him.

    Bumblebee targeted the Van’s engine with a power lock pulse causing the engine to stall and the van to skid out of control

    Activating his targeting solutions he identified the hostage takers, differentiating them from the three Hostages a panel opened up and he shot his targets with hueral disruptor bullets knocking them cold, he picked up the sounds of the police closing in so he withdrew, satisfied that Chip was safe.



    The sun had long set over Stansham, England when a convoy of vehicles drove down a country lane towards a castle.

    “Are we there yet?” Huffer whined.

    “Yeah, I’m locked onto the signal,” Wheeljack replied. “it’s coming from that structure up ahead.”

    “It’s called a castle,” said Hauler.

    “What? How did you know that?”

    “Because I took the time to research,” replied Hauler, “I like strange architecture and these humans have built such wonders with primitive tools.”

    “Fine, Brawn, Windcharger, set up these holo dome projectors and the cognitive adjustment field. we need to disguise our extraction, Sunstreaker takes Overwatch. Ratchet?”

    “Two life signs.”

    “Okay, I think I know what we’re looking at. It’s a small ship we need to excavate the entrance. We best get to work!”


    Decepticons temp base

    “Lord Megatron an Autobot Holo dome just went up in the UK.”

    “What could they be doing in the UK?”

    “Scans detect Autobot beacon.”

    “Well now,” muttered Megatron. “it’s always a good idea to deny the Autobots potential assets. Starscream, take Thundercracker and Skywarp and Destroy whatever is in the UK that the Autobots want.”

    “And the Autobots that we find?”

    “Tear them apart!”


    The Ark

    “Prime! Three flying objects were detected leaving American shores, moving at speeds outside human norms.”

    “Starscream. If Starscream is leading them, the rescue team stands no chance! Ready the Ground Bridge!”

    “You’ll arrive after the Seekers!”

    “The extraction team will have to hold out till I get there!”

    “Bridge is charging!”

    There was an explosion of light as a glowing tunnel appeared Optimus transformed and raced towards the UK


    Stansham, England

    Sunstreaker sat on a hill overlooking the extraction site when he suddenly had a beep on his long-range comms, “Ironhide?”

    “Sunstreaker, Starscream is heading your way!”

    “Gotcha Ironhide!” He transformed and took a crouching stance, as he pulled out a heavy-duty rifle. “Wheeljack you need to hurry up!”

    “I know! We’ve got the Hatch open Ratchet is heading in!”

    Sunstreaker’s optics caught sight of the seekers his inbuilt rangefinder placed them at 60 KM out, He locked on and fired.

    The shot hit Thundercracker at 40 KM he knew that the seeker's chassis was hardened against Snipers so he hadn’t bothered trying to hit their bodies he was targeting their weapon’s power packs Thundercracker was sent spinning from the explosion of the hit power pack. Sunstreaker reorientated and fired again, this time at Skywarp only Skywarp teleported out of the way.

    Moments later he rolled down the hill to avoid being hit by a salvo of missiles

    The trio of Seekers overflew the castle looping around and swooping in for an attack run,

    Windcharger transformed and raised his hands launching metal scaffolding beams at the Seekers

    Thundercracker transformed unleashing a wave that caused the metal beams to crumple midair

    Skywarp swooped low firing on Hauler, Huffer and Windcharger when Suddenly a hatch opened and a figure covered in Dirt, rock and Rusty plates rose up and slammed a fist into Skywarp causing Skywarp to crash.


    “One of the bots was actually outside the ship!”

    “I can see that!”

    Starscream transformed and drop-kicked the awakened Autobot. He moved to tear one of the other Autobots apart only to take a hit to the Noggin from Sunstreaker, he snarled taking to the air, followed by Skywarp and Thundercracker, they closed in on his position when suddenly there was a blast of light as Optimus Prime exited the Ground Bridge and was launched out at an angle, launching him into the air he smashed into a surprised Skywarp and then transformed, dragging Skywarp to the ground with him

    Optimus Prime growled in frustration as he was notified by Ironhide more Decepticons were heading to England, Megatron was willing to break protocol to claim the ship

    He was about to order the ship destroyed when his optics widened at the sight of Alpha Trion’s ghostly form shaking his head.

    Just then he saw Starscream blow up the dirt and metal plate-covered bot, as he blew up there was a wave of energy that was familiar to Prime his optics widened, as details clicked

    “Ratchet! Wheeljack! take the stasis-locked bot and vacate the ship immediately!”

    “Prime?” Hauler asked.

    “The bot Starscream destroyed isn’t a real Autobot, it was a puppet drone, we’ve got a projector!”

    “A Projector?“

    “The Ship is the real bot!” As Prime said those words the Ship transformed

    Starscream pulled back in shock he flashbacked to a battle on Cybertron where his whole squad had been torn to shreds by one bot, the very bot before him “F-Flameburst!”

    The newly revealed bot looked over at Starscream his optics glowing eerily “I have to thank you Starscream, I got glitched in the crash I couldn’t pull myself out of the puppet bot, destroying it freed me. So I’m going to Kill you Quickly!”

    “N-No. NOOOO! Retreat! RETREAT!” Starscream shot into the air and flew away at top speed

    After the Seekers retreated, Flameburst dropped to a knee. “By the Primes, I'm Glad Starscream is still too afraid of me to call my bluff. Optimus? Oh thank Primus I found you!” he raised a hand and a device shot out of his hand into space, and with that, Flameburst collapsed.

    “Hauler, Brawn load him and the other Bot up on the trailer and prepare to head back to the ark.”

    “It’s a shame we don’t have the time to fix this mess,” muttered Ratchet.

    “I can partially fix it,” said Wheeljack “I was working on bio flora organic regeneration!” he pulled out a device which he set down and tapped a button moments later a wave of energy rushed out and all the plants and trees in the surroundings grew rapidly, unfortunately, they grew past their original state the field suddenly became a small forest. “Oops!”

    “Wheeljack,” groaned Optimus, “What have I said about using untested tech in the field?”

    “Not to?”

    “Engine Scrubbing duty for one month when we get back.”

    “Yes Prime,” moaned Wheeljack

    Prime nodded and pulled out a device which glowed and then pulsed as the Autobots turned towards the opening Ground Bridge

    As the Autobots left, the device started beeping and then imploded releasing a wave of energy that removed all traces of Cybertronian presence leaving an overgrown forest and a slightly damaged castle behind.


    A hospital Room, Portland, Oregon

    Malcolm Chase sat in a hospital bed looking at a four-star general of the United States Marine Corps “What the hell happened,” he snapped tensely “No one knows about our special project outside of you Morshower!”

    “And luckily they still don’t know, as for what that was, while they acted like mercenaries, advanced interrogation revealed the leader was a COBRA plant. Recently Dr Mindbender Fielded his new creation, the Battle Android Troopers, G.I.Joe was able to take them down due to some glitches and function issues.”

    “So Mindbender tried to grab us to fix his robot issue?”


    “So what now?”

    “Well you’re an important asset, and Mindbender may try again, we think it best to give you a detachment of G.I.Joe operatives to act as bodyguards.”

    “Do we know who saved us?”

    “No, we have no idea of the driver of that VW beetle.”


    “The same Vehicle was at Delford Creek before the attack that levelled the town.”

    “You think this has something to do with Chip?” Malcolm suddenly became furious, “you stay away from my boy! He’s not involved in our business!”

    “Fine. we won’t dig, for now.” And with that, the General Morshower turned and left the hospital room.


    The Ark, Repair Bay 02

    Jazz frowned as he looked at the two bots that joined Hound and Gigawatt in CR chambers. “How bad is it Ratchet?”

    “They are suffering from Enegon deficiency and Fuel system poisoning from tainted Energon.”

    “By the Pit, Flambe what you must have gone through!”

    “You know them?” Huffer asked.

    “Yeah, Flambe, or rather Flameburst was nicknamed the Third Fire Brother; he rose from the Well of All Sparks at the same time Skyfire and Jetfire did. I mean he was tested, he’s not a brother Spark, but the trio were so close it made no difference.”

    “Landquake is the youngest of the Land Bros forged Triplets from before the hotspots and the Pit shut down. They were always down to party. Flameburst and Landquake were both left behind on Cybertron.”

    Flameburst optics lit up, “J-Jazz? Of the Meister Clan, I recognise that voice. I have truly found the Ark crew.”

    “Flamebe bud, you’re dangerously low on good Energon and you’re in serious need of repairs!”

    “Jazz, we were sent out to search for the Ark, we got lost and energy was depleting rapidly, most of the bots went into voluntary stasis while Landquake and I searched. I launched the confirmation beacon, the rest of the crew is coming!”

    “They’re coming?”


    Whitehall, London

    “So wait, three F-15 Eagle fighter jets are shown entering UK airspace?”

    “Yes sir, and before that all cameras and mics died in a ten-mile radius of Stansham?”


    “Shit. look, Harry, over the last 18 months there have been instances of between one and three Unmarked F-15 Eagle fighter jets flying around the US. In their wake, they leave destruction, and none of the terrorist factions claim responsibility. We think there is an unknown faction out there.”

    “Sir, if that’s the case who is this mystery faction fighting? And just what can turn an empty field into a forest overnight?”


    “You Ran, you ran like a COWARD!” Megatron roared, as he kicked a cowering Starscream. “However I know Flameburst, I have fought him in the Gladitorial Pits and during the war, You would not have been able to handle him, as it is, the Autobots now have at least one new powerhouse among their number. Short of finding the Nemesis, we’re severely outnumbered!”

    “Mighty Megatron, I have something.”


    “A report came in of a Hydroelectric dam in South America collapsing, normally it would be of no interest but there was a radiology report, they picked up the residue of an energy signature that I recognise.”


    “It matches the residue of Energon fuel burn emission.”

    “A Cybertronian?”

    “Yes, but there is more, I recognise the Residue Mix due to Ratbat passing me a sample during the war on Cybertron. My Lord, it’s Shockwave’s unique fuel mix, the one he uses in his experimental subjects, specifically Project Swarm.”

    Megatron grinned, “You mean to tell me the Insecticons are on this planet?”

    “Yes, Lord Megatron.”

    “Co-Ordinates now!” snapped Megatron still grinning, “If what I remember about Project Swarm is correct, the odds are about to increase in our favour!”
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    Chapter Seven Extra Info

    Cybertronians live long lives and before the war, they have met and observed many races, this has led them to develop tech to facilitate their operations, and they utilise some of this tech on Earth

    Neural disruption bullets.
    A projectile Designed to apply a shock to a biological nervous system, causing the target to collapse unconscious. It comes in two forms: an energy bullet or a small soft rubber-like bullet

    Cognitive adjustment field generator
    A device that generates a field designed to subtly influence organic minds to be directed away from a location, it also dulls perception making organics dismiss anything outside of normal perceived reality. In human terms, or rather to use Harry Potter: a Muggle-repelling charm and a subtle Confundus Charm

    Cognitive erasure field generator
    A bastardisation of the Cognitive adjustment field generator utilised by Decepticons on covert missions. The device erases human recollection of a certain period of time, if improperly calibrated it can erase all of a humans memories or scramble them, this can lead to things like giving a human total amnesia, reducing their mental state to that of a newborn baby, or driving them mad

    Holo-dome Projector
    a series of small devices that when set down and activated generates a holographic image hiding a location

    Erasure device
    a device that erases all evidence of a Cybertronian's presence within the local environment. It breaks down physical residue like Cybermetal fragments and degrades energy emission

    Ground Bridge
    created by Wheeljack, based on Spacebridge technology, the Ground Bridge is the generation of a dimensional corridor, which compresses time and distance between two points on Earth. It is the Autobot’s primary means of travelling long distances around the planet, it is energy-intensive to operate so to lessen the burden, Ground Bridge Nodes have been built and are in the process of being seeded throughout the United States of America



    Clones Drones and Pseudo Sparks
    There are two types of clones Alpha Clones, also known as true clones and Fast clones.

    Alpha Clones are clones of existing templates created by a process that causes a blank protoform and blank spark to take on the same characteristics and resonance of the original bot, an example of this is Covert Clone Sideswipe of the Autobot Alphastrike Counterforce.

    Fast clones are usually Bots Cold Constructed to the general specifications of an existing bot and a pseudo-spark sheathed in a programmed character shell placed in the newly constructed bot’s body. An example of this is the Decepti-clone troopers an army of identical troopers based on the generic seeker form, while the seeker corps is made up of bots who all look the same, most Seeker-bots had their forms altered to look the same, unlike the Decepti-Clone troopers who are built that way. Also, Decepti-Clone Troopers are constructed by substandard means which makes them weaker than the average Cybertronian. Decepticons tend to treat their fast clones as fodder and thus don't even give them a name, just a designation

    Drones are Sparkless Bots

    What is a Pseudo Spark?
    A pseudo-spark is an artificial construct, an artificial recreation of a spark, they were created in the age of the false primes and the knowledge was lost until the great war, essentially A pseudo spark is energy forced into a configuration that resembles the structure of a natural spark. It’s extremely fragile in comparison to a normal spark and prone to issues like rapid degradation. While it can be placed in a bot they have shorter lives(long by Human standards, short by Cybertronian standards). However, a Pseudo spark can be shifted/evolve into a true spark via exposure to another spark, or the energy of a relic like the Matrix

    The Decepticons that were on the Ark when it crashed and were subsequently revived in 1984


    The reason why Megatron initially has such a small force on Earth? When Storming the Ark, Megatron used his Decepti-clone troopers and left most of his forces behind on the Nemesis,

    Wait what is Gigawatt doing there? A.K.A Gigawatt is seen on the Ark, how did he get there?

    Gigawatt(currently in CR) was involved in the events depicted in Transformers/Back to the Future this is earlier in Gigawatt’s timeline than the version seen with Vector Prime and Alpha Trion

    The Third Man
    Three people were taken hostage by the Cobra agent, Malcolm Chase, Chip Chase, and the Third victim. The third victim is the man behind the special project that Malcolm talks about. His name is Doctor Fujiyama.
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    Transformers Generation Realigned
    Arc Two: The Earth War

    Chapter Eight

    “This is verbal speech”

    This is Text Speech//

    This is Thoughts

    Alpha Centauri

    A craft floated in orbit around Proxima Centauri, within, everything was darkness, except for a small panel with a blinking light.

    Suddenly the blinking light turned red.

    Slowly other lights flickered on, and the Craft shifted its trajectory and moved out of the orbit of the star, it moved through space moving towards the edge of the star system.

    The Signal had been received, the Ark had been found.

    Reunification was imminent.

    An undisclosed location

    Megatron grinned as he looked at the Subdued Insecticons. “The thing about Shockwave which always worried me was his long-term thinking. Because he knew he was a target of the Autobots, he would hide copies of essential projects in the databanks of his creations, so he could later find it and restart.”

    Soundwave nodded, “While their main memory is scrambled, I have found Shockwave’s Fast clone chamber schematic, his efficiency fuel mix, and his revised Spacebridge schematics.”

    “Excellent! But how did they get to earth?”

    “It is in their memory but it's scrambled.”

    “Then it can wait.”

    “Are we abandoning the facade of Deep Infiltration 01?”

    “Oh no, we’re going to lean into it harder!”


    6 months later, late 1986,

    The Ark

    Wheeljack looked over the Data Flameblast had on the years after the Ark left Cybertron, and when the exploration teams were sent to search for the Ark.

    “What’s on your mind Wheeljack?”

    "I was just going over the after-action report of what happened to the Dynabots.”

    “Damn shame that.”

    “Yeah, but I was thinking,”

    “Wheeljack--” groaned Ratchet.

    “Hear me out, Those new forms the Dynabots sported were powerful, I bet I could recreate them!”


    “We have the Pseudo Sparks I can build a team to homage our fallen comrades and give our team a leg up in the combat stakes.”

    “I must be crazy to even consider this idea. Talk to Prowl or Jazz to get the Okay--”

    Suddenly a wounded Cliffjumper, Mirage, and Hauler stumbled out of an ark shuttle pod.

    “Cliff what happened?”

    “We hit Farm 13 today, only it was reinforced by some bots I’ve never seen before!”

    “Wait, the Decepticons got reinforcements?”

    “I guess so,”

    “Let's get you guys to my Med bay, I’ll have Optimus meet us there.”


    Portland Oregon

    “The Libya-America war has entered its third month, as all attempts by the UN to initiate a cease-fire has failed--”

    Chip Chase was relaxing in his lab listening to the news while he examined a design, when a beep and a prompt appeared on the screen.

    “Hey Bee,” he muttered before activating his speech-to-text program “Morning B-127, how are things on your end?”

    //Tense,// came the reply

    “Oh, what’s up?”

    //Somehow Megs got reinforcements//

    “That’s bad!”

    //Yeah, but we’re looking to adapt, so what are you working on?//

    “The New Power generation systems the Government are rolling out, I was looking to miniaturise it to use in our projects”

    //Interesting idea//

    “Yeah, but the system is confusing.”

    //How so?//

    “So many redundancies and parts which make no sense.”

    //Really? That looks like a mess.//

    “Yeah I mean look at this,” Chip opened up a 3d mockup of the power generation unit

    //Wow, it’s pretty advanced compared to most systems out there!//

    “I know!”

    //Hey Chip?//

    “Yeah B-127?”

    //Can you remove all the known relevant parts of this design?//

    “Okay, what is it?”

    //I--there is something-- Oh. Oh, that's not good.//


    //Chip why am I looking at a Cybertronian haxion power Siphon?//


    //The parts you don't recognise form a Power Siphon, what is Cybertronian Tech doing in Earth creations?//


    Durango, Colorado

    Matthias was sitting at his workbench listening to ‘Like a Dream’, the latest Jem single while calibrating a holographic projector when his phone rang. “Hello?”

    “Hey, Matthias!”

    “Chip, what’s up?”

    “Got a weird issue come up”

    “What do you need?”

    “I need a Hack buddy.”

    Matthias stiffened “It’s that bad?”

    “Yeah best not to say over the phone but It's possibly trouble.”

    “Okay, what are we looking for,”

    “I need to find out exactly who is involved in America’s new Energy plant project and all connections to said project.”

    “When do you need it?”

    “Can you get it in 48 hours?”

    “I only need 24.”

    “Thank’s Matthias.”

    Matthias got up and made his way out of the room, heading to his way to his study he noticed his cousin was on his computer again.

    “Scott Trakker!”


    “What have I told you about using my computer?”


    “Exactly, now get off, I need my computer.”

    Scott pouted but got out of Matthias’ chair.

    Matthias ruffled Scott's hair before sitting in his chair and typing away. “Hey, Veritas.”

    “Hello Matthias”

    “I’m going to be doing a deep Dive, I need you to kill any trackers as I search.”

    “Understood Matthias.”


    Hoover Dam

    Beneath Hover Dam was a facility men and women moved around working on computers or with machines. A young man rushed up to an office and knocked on the door.

    “Come in!” Within the office were two men, one dressed in lab overalls, the other in Military fatigues. On the wall was a large touch screen, and images, the first image was a grainy image of a giant, the image was tagged as Delford Creek, the Next was a series of images of strangely deco'ed F-15s and the final series of images was of a yellow VW beetle in various locations “Seymour?” asked the man in labwear.

    “Director,” said the young man known as Seymour Simmons, “We have movement on the observation project.” Seymour handed the Director a printout which he perused before putting down.

    “So Chase is confirmed to still be in contact with the Non-Biological Extraterrestrial Lifeform?”

    “Yes sir, but he recently contacted Thunderwolf.”

    “The Hacker?” Muttered the man in military fatigues

    “The Nephew of Matt Trakker?” Mused the Director

    “Yes sir. it was not just a friendly conversation, soon afterwards Thunderwolf started an intense hack and Search.”

    “Do we know what he was looking into?”

    “The Energy plant project.”

    “Really? Bring up everything we know about the project.”

    “Yes sir,” replied Seymour as he moved to a wall-mounted screen and tapped it, manipulating the interface on screen with a touch, Moments later data and images rushed across the screen.

    “Stop,” the Director called out his voice slightly strained, “Show me the diagrams for the main generator again?” Moments later the Director shook his head. “Burns, arrest Agent Drake Morrison.”

    “Sir?” Said the man in Military fatigues

    “He’s in charge of examining new tech, and he is familiar enough with Non-Biological Extraterrestrial that there is no way he missed what I’m seeing.”

    “What are you seeing Director?”



    “The threat we were afraid of is already here. Shift all operations to Orange Alert!”

    “Yes, Director Sumdac!”

    As Seymour Simmons and Jack Burns left the office, Dr Sumdac, Director of Sector Seven, looked out the office window into the cavern below, where a giant alien cube resided.


    Durango, Colorado

    “Chip, what am I looking at?”


    “Favour trading and bribes to senators and congressmen to push through this project, but its weird.”

    “How so?”

    “It's perfect.”


    “Yeah usually a scheme like this involves redundancies when bribing people, people bribed as a just in case or due to proximity to the true target. This has no redundancies, whoever's behind this knee exactly who to bribe and who to manipulate.”

    “Yeah, that sounds sketchy.”

    “Chip, does this have to do with the power generation system?”

    “Have you seen it? Revolutionary!”

    “Yeah, what's the issue?”

    “It's designed to do more than specified.”

    “This sounds a bit like the stuff my uncle is involved in. Whoever’s behind this went outta their way to avoid their identity from being exposed.”

    “That's what worries me. Can you send me all the data?”

    “Already sent. Should I tell my uncle?”

    “Hold off on that, there are a few things that need to be confirmed on my side of things.”

    “Fine, don’t wait too long.”


    The Decepticon’s Temporary Base

    Soundwave had logged in to the planetary information network and browsed the information flows.

    The conflict with Libya had taken a life of its own, all it took was a few misworded commands and memos and a fiery speech of condemnation from those bought and paid for, and the Decepticons were able to sit back and let it run by itself, the beautiful thing was America was wasting resources, and the demand for fuel was rocketing, which meant more advance power-generation plants were scheduled to be built.

    Maybe the Decepticons should give Karbomia a push to get involved.

    Suddenly he noticed some anomalous behaviour, searches linking names and projects together. Normally, it would mean nothing, but the names being pulled up were those the Decepticons had influenced. Soundwave was surprised as he knew the Autobots had brought no Data Warfare specialist with them.

    It was almost inconceivable to Soundwave but he could only conclude human action. He activated a video chat window which opened to show Megatron and Starscream.


    “Lord Megatron, the humans have stumbled across our web of influence.”

    “Are you sure it's not the Autobots?” Starscream asked.

    “The data sieve lacks Cybertronian accents and complexities, but I cannot rule out Autobot influence.

    “Let's assume Autobot influence. In fact, let us assume Prime caught on faster than I anticipated,” Megatron mused.

    “Is--is that wise?”

    “Starscream, I am reminded of an old Cybertronian adage: always plan for the worst if it turns out to be so, at least you prepared, and if it is not so, it's good to be pleasantly surprised.”


    “As of now Deep Infiltration Protocol 01 is officially done. We will probably lose access to the siphons, Soundwave what is our Energon capacity?”

    “65% my lord.”

    “Switch to full drain, and see if we can’t get closer to 100% before the Autobots move to shut us down. Starscream! Begin Operation Ransack!”

    “Finally!” Starscream crowed.


    The Ark

    “YOU COULD HAVE PUT OUR WHOLE OPERATION IN JEAPODY!” Startled the Autobots throughout the Ark.

    “Crap, I gotta go see what caused Prowl to blow his lid!” Jazz mused before racing to Prowl’s office

    He met Prime and Ironhide along the way. They soon arrived, to find Prowl’s office in disarray, his desk thrown to one side while Prowl was radiating anger while standing menacingly over Bumblebee who had fallen out of his chair.



    “Prowl buddy, Prime said to stand down, don’t make me drop your Aft!” snarled Ironhide.

    Prowl looked at Ironhide in surprise and stepped back visibly forcing himself calm.

    “So what did you do to make Prowl blow a gasket?”

    “I--I” Bumblebee looked down, “I broke protocol, I stayed in contact with the Human Chip Chase.”

    “Oh, Primus groaned Jazz, that’s a big one. We’ll get into the whys and what for later, what made you tell prowl now?”

    “We discovered something that’s of vital importance!”

    Prowl Snorted, “Human business is none of our business.”

    “But that is just it, there is an indication that this is our business!”

    “Oh? Go on Bumblebee,” Prime prompted.

    “The New Energy production system has these generators, but they’re really advanced, a bit too advanced by human standards, a deep examination revealed there is a siphon system hidden in the generator, specifically a Cybertronian haxion power Siphon.”

    “W-what?” said Prowl in shock.

    “Oh that’s bad,” groaned Jazz.

    “It gets worse!”

    “How could it get worse?”

    “Parts of the American government are involved which means--”

    “The Decepticons are influencing the American government.”

    “Call Everybody in for a meeting!” snapped Optimus Prime


    San Luis Obispo County, California

    Starscream smirked as he took in the target. Diablo Canyon Power Plant, LA’s Largest Powerplant. He launched his latest invention, the Neural Scrambler it would short-circuit organics neural pathways knocking them all out. After he was sure the humans had been knocked out he motioned for the Insecticons to begin their work.

    Shockwave was a genius, creepy, but undoubtedly a genius, but Starscream was smart enough to work out how to exploit his work. 30% of the energy, Fuel, and Matter they consumed would actually be converted, stored, and regurgitated, which the Decepticons could later Retrieve.

    Soon, they would have the means to leave this wretched world


    The Ark


    “Decepticon activity in California”

    Optimus looked at the image on the screen and then turned around “Bumblebee, Windcharger, head to Observation Station 07 and find out what’s going on! Trailbreaker assemble an assault team!”

    Within moments the team was assembled: Trailbreaker, Bluestreak, Gears and Brawn were armed and ready for action

    “Bumblebee? Windcharger?” Prowl asked

    “We’re at 07, we’ve got a major drain on the human’s nuclear powerplant and Energon emissions in the area!”

    “I don’t understand why the Decepticons are doing this?” Muttered Ratchet

    “It’s a trap,” muttered Jazz.

    “We don’t know that!” snapped Prowl

    “Trap or not, we have no choice but to respond,” Replied Trailbreaker. ” Let's roll team!

    “Hey! Oh, I wanted to show everybody my newest creations!” Wheeljack moaned as he watched Trailbreaker and his team leave.

    “Well you can still show the rest of us,” said Mirage.

    “That’s right! Everyone follow me to bay 02!”

    Ironhide looked at Mirage as if to blame him for dragging him into Wheeljack’s latest disaster. But moments later most of the active Autobots were gathered together.

    “Go on Wheeljack, show us whatcha got?”

    Wheeljack pressed a button and a wall slid away to reveal five robotic representations of Dinosaurs. “Autobots I present to you-- the Dinobots!”

    Jazz looked at the bots in confusion “Dino? Sounds a lot like Dyna.”

    “That's because--”

    The Dinobots transformed and Jazz stumbled back in shock. “Wheeljack to borrow an earth phrase what the Hell are you playing at?”

    “I built the Dinobots as a homage to the lost Dynabots and to boost our numbers as the cons just got reinforced.”

    “It feels like you’re stomping on the graves of my buddies!” snarled Ironhide

    “What he said!” snapped Jazz. “Wheeljack those powerful forms you are emulating were forced on Grimlock’s crew via torturous experimentation! Why do this?”

    “They were my friends too!” snapped Wheeljack. “I wanted, I wanted to make the Decepticons pay for taking my friends away! I wanted a tribute to Grimlock and his crew, that despite what The Cons did to them, they were strong! I imagined Grimlock owning what was done to him and making it his own, making the Cons pay!”

    “You know this isn’t okay Wheeljack,” said Cliffjumper “It’s why you didn’t tell Prime or Jazz.”

    Jazz looked at Prowl, “But Wheeljack had to get permission from somebody.”

    Prowl looked at Jazz, “I gave permission, we need reinforcements now. Have you not realised what the Decepticon reinforcements are? It’s in the file, Project Swarm! Shockwave made a group of warriors designed to create Fast Clones without degradation, Megatron could field an army of hundreds when everything is set up!”

    “Without cybermetal, those clones break apart like human tissue paper.”

    “True, but in this case Quantity could outstrip Quality!”

    “We’re getting reinforcements, the search team Flamebast was part of is on its way!”

    “Who’ll actually be worse off, they’ll be in as bad a state as Flameblast and Landquake!”

    “ENOUGH!” Roared Optimus Prime. “What’s done is done, Ironhide from now on, every Earth day you are to check exactly what Wheeljack is working on. And report to either myself or Jazz, until I say otherwise.”

    “Optimus I don’t need a--” Wheeljack stopped still at the pure rage emanating from Prime’s chassis. But then the rage left him and Optimus Prime looked so tired.

    “You let me down Wheeljack. You were to busy doing, that you didn’t think about Should or shouldn’t. Prowl, your command privileges are revoked.”

    “What? Optimus--”

    “Prowl you deliberately facilitated Wheeljack’s actions without telling me. You report to me, you don’t get to run operations without my approval, not after the last time! So I’m officially demoting you.”

    “I’m the Best Military strategist you have!”

    “The demotion stands.” Prime turned and walked away.

    Moments later Prime was in his quarters, alone. “Alpha Trion, why did you tell me to stay my hand?”

    Alpha Trion appeared “Because this is not Wheeljack’s fault, not completely. He was wrapped in a timeline echo.”

    “A timeline what?”

    “Optimus, the Dinobots are supposed to be at your side, in some timelines they travelled on the Ark, others they were created on Earth. It’s the echo of a fixed point, the timeline’s way of trying to restore what was broken.”

    “You’re saying that Wheeljack was influenced?”


    “How many more Timeline Echos will influence my Autobots?”

    “We’re working behind the scenes to disperse any other Timeline Echos, they won't be as prevalent as this one was.”

    “But there will be a chance an echo slips past you”



    San Luis Obispo County, California

    Starscream looked at his internal chronometer. The Autobots should be aware by now, it was time for phase two. He raised an arm and opened a panel. He pressed two buttons and he watched as all the lights in California shut off in response to the EMP devices he had set off.

    The EMP devices were constructed to mimic the devices used by some Earth terror group that Soundwave had observed, not even the Autobots would be able to link it to the Decepticons.

    His trip wire system picked up movement towards his location. The Autobots were coming. He motioned and the Insecticons started leaving while more Insecticons arrived on the scene. The Insecticons that were coming in were different in coloration than those that left, the ones that left were colored red and black while the arriving insecticons were purple and Black.

    You know what to do he ordered as he transformed and flew away with the leaving Insecticons

    Within twenty minutes the Autobots had arrived.

    “By the Primes, there are at least 500 of them!” Gears stammered out.

    “Yeah, this looks like an all-hands-on-deck mission, Bumblebee, radio the Ark.”

    “Got it Trailbreaker!”

    “Okay, bots let’s make every shot count!”

    The group opened fire shooting the insecticon swarm.

    “It’s not had to knock them down,” murmured Brawn.

    “There's just so many of them!” Gears snarled.

    Suddenly Bluestreak’s optics glowed. “Oh no!”


    “I’m picking up rapidly rising radiation levels!”

    “Rapidly Rising-- the Nuclear Reactor! It's going critical! It really is a trap!”

    Moments later the night lit up as if it was noon as the Nuclear reactor exploded.