Transformers Generation 3; chapters 2 and 3

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    Transformers Next Generation
    Episode 2: So the Battle Begins Again Part 2

    “Last time on Transformers The next Generation: After Megatron comes up with a scheme to steel the Plasma energy from Cybertron, Optimus and The Autobots quickly make a defense effort. Unfortunately the Decepticons get away to earth where Megatron has discovered that more Plasma energy is yet to be found. Now it’s up to Optimus and his team to make sure the Decepticons can not collect this energy, or it will cost them everything.”

    - In the loading bay on Cybertron next to a brand new Autobot ship -

    Motor Master and Towline are throwing boxes of supplies into a golden colored spacecraft. Outside the loading by, Ultra Magnus is approaching at moderate pace in his alternate form, also a hovercraft. Motor Master then stops and yells out a low grunt.

    Motor Master
    “Aw why are we stuck here doin all of the heavy lifting while everyone else is on the ship discussing our strategy”

    “ Will you shut up and start loading, the quicker we get this shipment in the cargo chamber, the quicker we can get to Earth.”

    Motor Master
    “I just can’t wait to give those Decepti-creeps whats comin to em”

    “And lets hope that Optimus knows what he’s doing”

    Motor Master
    “ Are you kiddin? Optimus Prime has been our leader for over 9 million years now, and I don’t see any Decepticons on Cybertron right now.”

    -In the ships command center –

    Optimus Prime “Alright, here is what we need to do. This will be a long journey for us so I think it’s time I played my trump card. I have a hidden Autobot base in the same area where out sensors picked up Megatron’s fleet. We can stay there until we can come up with enough power to over throw them. We must collect all of the plasma energy from Earth and the Decepticons and maybe find another source of energy that can help us regain Cybertron. Any questions?”

    Four Wheeler
    “If we leave fro Earth, won’t we leave Cybertron in harms way for an ambush?”

    Ultra Magnus blurs in and Transforms in to his robot mode.

    Ultra Magnus
    “That’s why I will be staying behind as second in command of the Autobot army.”

    Optimus Prime
    “With what little preserves we have left, it’s going to be a miracle if we pull this off. But keep your gears strong; we have a source of power stronger than any Decepticon gun, The Matrix of Leadership. Its wisdom has been able to guide us through the harshest of times. Now is when we need it the most.”

    - Moments later, the engine begins to erupt and the count down begins. –

    “5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast Off!

    The ship takes off with a fire-blazed explosion and heads straight for outer space. And so, the Autobots begin their voyage to save Earth.

    - Meanwhile on Earth –

    Megatron “In order to blend in with this Earth filth we must all take alternate forms custom to the surroundings. We will pick only the strongest of design to suit our purpose”

    The computer on top of the ship begins to send out a homing beacon. It took mechanical samples from all over the continent. The device then streams itself into each of the eight Decepticons. Each of them transformed into Earth like vehicles.

    Megatron – a black, stealth jet fighter with 2 mega cannons on each side.

    Starscream – F18 Jet Fighter

    Sky Warp – F17 Jet Fighter

    Thundercracker – F17 Jet Fighter

    Air-Crusher – Supreme Fighting Tank

    Relapse – An Air Defense Truck

    Bullet Break – Able to Transform in to a car, plane, and robot.

    Wild Rider – An Arsenal Tank with many artillery capabilities.

    Sky Warp “Yes I can feel the power of my new form. It will strike fear in those who appose me”

    Wild Rider “Yeah! you can say that again, I have more guns here than a whole military base.”

    “Alright, lets not make hast in finding all of the plasma energon. Starscream, take Thundercracker and Sky Warp and excavate the area for any type of equipment that can be used for our base, then we will begin our operation.”

    Starscream “Whatever, Lets Go!”

    - Out side Earth’s atmosphere -

    The Autobot ship makes it into the Earth’s gravitational pull.

    Optimus Prime
    “Begin landing preparations. North West 40 degrees.”

    Quick Jump
    “Where am I landing this thing Optimus”

    Optimus Prime
    “In quadrant C to the South of the mountain” The computer screen reads Nevada Desert “That is where I have kept our base hidden all these years.”

    Quick Jump
    “Commencing landing”

    The ship slowly catches into the atmosphere with fire surrounding it.

    -In the air above Nevada –

    Starscream “Humph, Plasma Energon, it’s just an other one of our brilliant leader’s meaningless plans. If I were the Leader things would run differently.”

    Sky Warp “Yeah, we’d all be dead”

    Starscream “Once I’m the Commander that attitude will not be tolerated Sky Warp. I shall vanquish Optimus Prime with my bare hands.”

    “Hey look up there, it looks like an Autobot ship.”

    Starscream “What!’ Starscream Transformers. “Open fire!”

    The three Decepticons start firing at the Autobot ship just setting threw the clouds. The ship’s guns start a counter attack. The ship slowly lands on the ground and the doors open. Each Autobot exits and starts to wage battle over Starscream.

    Optimus Prime “Put up the cloaking device for about 300 yards. We don’t want any humans to see.”

    Ratchet hits a yellow button on the outside that sends a beam of electricity up and then outward.

    As the battle raged on Starscream noticed the odvious advantage that the Autobots have and contacts Megatron for reinforcements.

    Starscream “Megatron the Autobots are here, we need back up.”

    Megatron “Er. Autobot scum. I’ll wipe them off of the face of this planet. Decepticons move out and attack!”

    Megatron and the remaining Decepticons then charged towards the location.

    Sky Warp “Some fearless leader you are, always behind Megatron right?”

    “Just shut up and fight.”

    After a half an hour of fighting Megatron and the other Decepticons arrive on the scene where they continue the all out war.

    Megatron “So Optimus I see you were able to fallow me, but your journey ends here. This is one plan that will not be foiled by the likes of you.”

    Optimus Prime “I don’t think so Megatron, with the Matrix as my whiteness I will never surrender to a Decepticon. Now hand over that fragment of Plasma Energon or I’ll have to use force”

    Megatron “Never! Not until I have all of it, then you’ll be in the scrap heap”

    Optimus Prime “There’s more! But that’s impossible. If there is more then I will have to make sure you don’t get your hands on that either. Optimus shoots a blast going right through Megatron’s shoulder.

    Megatron “Well Prime, why don’t you try my new form on for size?”

    Megatron Transformers in to the Stealth Fighter and borages Optimus with his double laser cannons. Optimus dodges the attack and makes a run towards Megatron with full force.”

    Optimus Prime “It takes aim to conquer all Megatron.”

    With one shot Optimus wounds Megatron right in the center and sends him falling into a barrel role. He lands in the sand and Transforms only to feel the pain of the direct attack.

    MegatronWe don’t have time for this, if I’m am ever going to rule Cybertron I have to vanquish Prime one and for all

    Megatron then hits Optimus with every thing he has. Because of the battle on Cybertron previously, Prime’s systems and weapons were damaged. Unable to correctly defend himself Optimus fell to the onslaught.

    Megatron “It’s over” Megatron swoops over to Optimus and points his gun at Optimus’ head just as he was getting up. “Now I will show you the true power of a Decepticon leader.”


    Transformers Next Generation
    Episode 2: So the Battle Begins Again Part 3

    Last time on Transformers Generation 3, The Autobots set out for Earth while the Decepticons gain their new forms. After coming through the atmosphere The Autobot ship is attacked by Starscream. Megatron arrives as backup and is able to take down Optimus Prime. With Megatron’s gun pointing right at Optimus’ head, what will he do now…?

    Megatron “Now Prime, feel the full force of a Decepticon.”

    From behind Megatron Quick-Jump starts to charge so that he can tackle Megatron before he gets a chance to kill Optimus.

    Quick-Jump “Out of the way Megajerk!”

    Quick-Jump sends Megatron flying into the air and then quickly shoots him in the back. Optimus s able to regain strength and get up. Just as Megatron is about to retaliate, Optimus pulls his gun out and shoots it square in the same place on his chest where he shot earlier.

    Megatron “Arrrrrgggg. Damn you Optimus Prime. Decepticons retreat.”

    Starscream “That’s the difference between me and Megatron Skywarp, inside he’s a coward.”

    Skywarp “Whatever Starscream, let’s just get outa here.”

    Optimus let’s the Decepticons get away. Only because he knows that his comrades wouldn’t last much longer without using the supplies on the ship.

    Optimus Prime “This isn’t over Megatron. Autobots, regroup to the ship.

    - Back on the ship –

    Ratchet “What now Optimus, we can’t risk being seen by civilians, other than that this thing doesn’t have much power left in it, Starscream shot out one of out parcep electrolytes.”

    Optimus Prime “Put all reserve on the cloaking device and the bottom hover thrusters. Move slowly forward about a hundred yards and we’ll be at the base.

    The ship started to move towards what looked to be nothing but more sand. Optimus then put a code into the computer that made something happen in the middle of the sky. Another cloaking device was placed over the base, which was at least as high as one and a half empire state buildings. As the entrance opened the Autobots were amazed, as they looked at the most well structure piece of machinery they had ever seen. It was surrounded by grass and one paved pathway. It was as wide as a football field.

    Afterburner “I can’t believe it. It’s huge, Optimus how did you keep this hidden for so many centuries?”

    Optimus Prime “The cloak has censors so that when something hits it, the object goes straight to the other side.

    As the ship landed the Autobots got out and had a look around. After a quick look at the setting, Optimus called al of the Autobots in to the base and into the command Center located at the very top. It was a very powerful looking room with a huge monitor. Under the monitor it read “Telitran 3”.

    Optimus Prime “Alright Autobots, it’s time to make our selves blend in with the the humans as not to be seen. Using these disguises we can maneuver around the Earth in search of the plasma energon. A team on Cybertron has already supplied us with a tracker for it Telitran, Run diagnostic 4391, search for alternate forms.”

    Just as the Decepticon base did, a beacon was sent out and received forms for each Autobot.

    Optimus Prime – A Tracker Trailer 18 wheeler DUH (A real looking one, not some crappy looking one like in Armada or Energon)

    Afterburner – A silver Delorean

    Towline – A green tow truck

    Quick-Jump – A red fast looking race/sports car

    Prowl – A modern police vehicle

    Motor Master – A Blue Lamborghini

    Four Wheeler – A dark green jeep with no top

    Ratchet - An ambulance

    Wide Load – A Hook line construction vehicle

    Optimus Prime “Remember, our goal is to destroy the Decepticons and take the Energon without being seen or hurting any humans. Now we just have to figure out where the Decepticons are going to strike first.”

    Out of every corner of the base, the alarm sounded. On the monitor there was a picture of what looked to be an abandoned oilrig out near the ocean.

    Telitran 3 “Alert, Decepticon attack spotted at quadrant G85. Plasma Energon also spotted in the facility.”

    Optimus Prime “You heard him men. Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!”

    Afterburner “Alright it’s time to party.”

    Motor Master “Finally a little action for my optic censors.”

    The Autobots each transform and drive out of the base and into the desert. Meanwhile on the coast of Northern California, The Decepticons are gathered at the oilrig about to plunge into the water.

    Megatron “Starscream, you and the others go down there and get that Energon, while Wild Rider and I stay guard up here.”

    Starscream “Why do I have to do the dirty work Megatron.”

    Megatron -In a stern voice- “Because I’m ordering you to. Now get going before I scrap you.”

    Starscream and the Decepticons dive into the water. Meanwhile in the distance come the Autobots, hovering above the water. Autobots are able to fly on Cybertron, but while on Earth they slowly loose that capability until they can’t use it at all.

    Optimus Prime “Autobots dive into the water. Afterburner, come with me as back up against Megatron and Wild Rider.”

    All of them “Yes sir!”

    As most of the Autobots dive into the water, Optimus and Afterburner attack Megatron from behind. With a directly aimed shot, Optimus is able to hit Megatron on his wing. As Optimus lands on the platform with the sun shining on his chest plate reflecting an enormous glare, Megatron and Wild Rider start their attack.

    Wild Rider “Autobot scum, I’ll take you on”

    Afterburner “Any time Cannon head>”

    Wild Rider transforms into a tank and starts to shoot at Afterburner, who transformers into his car form and dodges every blow. Optimus Prime and Megatron begin to fight as well, shooting back and forth at one another.

    Optimus Prime “Your hatred clouds you Megatron. You can never win.”

    Megatron “Oh really” Megatron Transforms and goes straight up. “Take this Prime.”

    Optimus and Megatron continue to exchange fire, bit little do they know, Optimus and Megatron are standing on millions of gallons of raw oil. One wrong shot and they would both perish.

    - Down below the ocean surface –

    The Decepticon and Autobot forces are also in the heat of battle. Although, there is one less Decepticon, meaning that Towline can sink to the bottom and get the Plasma Energon first. At the bottom Towline searches for a good minute and then on radar spots it.

    “Oh no. It’s in the middle of that huge oil pipe. If I can just get it out with out polluting this area.”

    Skywarp spots Towline down at the bottom noticing the radar in his hands. He then uses his heat seeking missiles and fires them directly at towline. Just before he fires though, Thundercracker is pummeled in to him and he misfires. The missiles then shoot directly in to the oil pipe spreading it everywhere, luckily not catching on fire.

    Four Wheeler “Oh no, the oil is spilling everywhere.”

    - Back up top -

    Optimus and Megatron have subsided and where starring each other down. Then Megatron noticed the oil rising from the water and came up with a plan.

    Megatron “Say goodbye to your precious Autobots Prime. Hya!”

    Megatron fires at the oil and it erupt in an invincible fire around the whole oilrig. The Autobots and Decepticons down under are able to make it up and out of the water back on the platform. As Megatron and the Decepticons retreat thinking that the Energon was destroyed, Optimus makes hast to form a plan of action.

    Optimus Prime “Autobots, this oilrig is unstable and could blow at any moment. We need to put out this fire in a hurry.”

    All of the Autobots then try there hardest using what ever they had to put out the fire. But the flames were too big and getting stronger.

    Motor Master “Prime the flames are up here now we can’t stop them in time. We have to get out of here, no humans are in the area so it’ll be alright.”

    Optimus Prime “I’m afraid that’s the only option we have Motor Master. Autobots! Move out!”

    Then each of the Autobots hovers to the beach nearest to them about one half of a mile in. As soon as they got to the sand the oilrig exploded with a colossal bang and an even bigger wave of debris. All of them could just watch as the ocean is being polluted and Megatron slipped away.

    Prowl “Decepticons…. Always bent on destruction.”

    Optimus Prime “It’s a concept I’ve learned many times Prowl, but it’s far from over. We now know that the Decepticons will stop at nothing to win this war and gain power. It is up to all of us to stop them, one day at a time. From here on out it can only get worse, who knows what they’re plotting next.”

    Narrator “And with that said, Optimus Prime and the Autobots begin their Adventure on Earth. Will our heroes ever be able to stop the Decepticons once and for all, find out next time on Transformers, The next Generation.”