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    I haven't wrote a fanfiction in a long time (since I was like 11) so if this comes off as amateruish, I'm sorry. This will be just a one parter.
    There are two Optimuses in this story so I'll call them Optimus-1 and Optimus-2

    I think It came off as somewhat amateurish and bizarre but I had fun writing it.

    Even though Megatron was dead, the war on Cybertron was still continuing with all its brutality. The numbers of both of the factions were declining day by day.
    Optimus was recharging in Autobots' base.
    "Will this ever stop Optimus?" said Hound.
    "Do not be hopeless, my friend, we have dealt a severe blow to our enemy last day." Optimus said, trying to comfort his friend.
    Meanwhile, an unknown spaceship was getting close to Cybertron.
    "Optimus, we have detected an unknown spacecraft heading towards Cybertron."
    "Activate Astro cannons but do not open fire unless the spacecraft is hostile."
    Spacecraft did not try to attack the base and Autobots let it land in just outside the base.
    The bot who got off from the spacecraft had a similiar shape.
    Jazz asked the bot to identify himself.
    "I am Optimus Prime, old friend and I have returned."

    Autobots were left confused, he has got to be an imposter; they thought, a clone maybe.

    Meanwhile, Optimus-1 was observing the events from a screen. He quickly left the base to meet with this new "Optimus Prime".
    "Who are you?" he asked.
    "I was just going to ask the same thing. Tell me, did Jhiaxus made you from scratch or used some dead Autobot body to create you?" the newly arrived bot asked.
    "Jhiaxus? What are you taking about?"
    "I am here to reclaim what I lost from you and your kind Decepticon."
    "You're trying to replace me? Decepticons tried this trick several times before. And the imposters all gave away themselves. You will too."
    "Autobots, you have to believe me. Jhiaxus kidnapped me years ago, the bot you have known as me was nothing but a duplicate, a spy for Jhiaxus. I just took a look at the history archives and it was unbelievable. I wasn't around for a few thousand years and the shape I found Cybertron in... it was spark breaking. The reason we are in this badly of a shape, that our numbers are decreased was all because of him, It is clear he sabotaged several missions. And I don't believe for a second he actually killed Megatron. He's a Decepticon in disguise."
    All of a sudden, Optimus-1 snapped and attacked Optimus-2.
    "I won't let you do this. I'll rip out your head!"
    Optimus-1 violently ripped off Optimus-2's arm, Autobots were too shocked to help any one of them. But one thing was for sure, they have never seen Optimus like this. Just before Optimus-1 was going to kill Optimus-2, all of a sudden, Sunstreaker shot O-1 without hesitation.

    Optimus-1 was dead.


    That night, Wheeljack was examining Optimus-1's remains. He was comparing its CNA with Optimus-2's. They were identical.
    "They're identical, there's no way we can identify the real Optimus." said Wheeljack.
    "Well, it seems this is an exercise in futility" Perceptor said.
    "I'm really worried Perceptor."
    "Me too Wheeljack, me too."

    (From now on, I will refer to Optimus-2 as only Optimus.)

    Optimus was healing in the Statis chamber. Optimus asked the guards to bring Sunstraker to him. SS arrived shortly after.

    "You wanted me Optimus?"
    "Yes. I just want to ask one thing. How did you know I was the real one?"
    "I don't know, I guess it was because I never saw Optimus-I mean the real one- so violent as that impersonator and then I looked at you... I just don't happened too fast."
    "Thank you for believing me, Sunstreaker..."
    "Yeah, no problem."

    That same night, Ratchet and Ironhide was also talking about this incident.
    "Do you think SS shot the false Prime?"

    "I don't know Ratchet. How come Sunstreaker is walking freely in the base? he should be locked up until this case is solved. We don't know if the one he shot is actually the impersonator. What if it was the real one? What if the reason Optimus -the dead one- was so violent was because of the slanders the other Optimus spoke about him. What if the real Optimus is actually dead? Killed by one of our own? What if we're being led by an impersonator, a Decepticon spy?"

    "Obviously, I also have suspicions about all this, Ironhide. I don't trust this new Prime at all. Let's hope I'm wrong and he's the true Optimus."

    Next day, Ironhide paid a visit to the slowly recovering Optimus.

    "Hey Prime, what'cha doin'?"

    "I'm fine Ironhide."

    The next few minutes were silent until Ironhide decided to speak.

    "Look I don't know who you are but I don't believe you for a second. The real Optimus was killed because of you. Congragulations, you have done it. Autobots will lose the war since none of these dumb idiots has the ability to lead this cause as good as Optimus, not even me."

    "Ironhide, I'm sorry you think I'm a lier, I don't know how to convince you that I'm not in fact an impersonator."

    "You'll have to convince me and that is a really hard task to do."

    Ironhide left the room.

    Optimus was always genuine in his words, it was really spark breaking for him that his allies, his best friends were turning their backs on him. But even he was starting to doubt himself, what if he really was the clone and Jhiaxus made him believe that he was the real Optimus Prime? What if the real Optimus was still held captive by Jhiaxus? What if all his life was a lie? Paranoia was starting to consume him.

    Next day, Prowl (who was currently in charge of the Autobots, since none of the Autobots were sure that this new Optimus was the real one.) commanded the Autobots to ready the Ark, they were going to bring Jhiaxus to Autobot justice.

    Jhiaxus' base was located in Kaiba-5, everybody knew that but Jhiaxus didn't think of moving to another planet since no one was foolish enough to face him.

    Prowl wasn't even sure why they were going after Jhiaxus, for all they know, he might not be the real mastermind behind all this mess, they didn't know this Optimus is the real one, he could be lying. It might be a trap, he thought but since they had pretty powerful weapons in their arsenal that could easily brought down heavy hitters, he wasn't so worried.

    The ship was well guarded, thick armored with powerful weapons, in other words, it could take a lot of punishment and still would be in working condition. They were expecting a Decepticon ambush, so they put a lot of guards to protect the ship before its launch.

    As expected, Seekers were seen in the horizon but Decepticons were in it for real, there were thousands of them. Autobots weren't expecting them to be this many. Ark had to be launched earlier than expected. Aerialbots and Protectobots stayed behind to hold the Decepticons off while Ark left Cybertron, it was a suicide mission, they knew that but they were Autobots, they knew they were dying like a real Autobot.

    "It seems we're going to make it." said Sideswipe.

    Just then they finally realised a few of the Seekers tracked them.

    "Activate the cannons." Prowl said.

    Brawn and Sunstreaker had good aim and they succesfully eliminated all the Seekers.

    "This is easier than I actually expected" said Brawn.

    Unfortunately, Seekers actually managed to damage the ship and the ship was crashed in a desert planet.

    "So much for the thick armor" Ironhide said.

    "Hey don't blame me, I didn't know Decepticons upgraded their guns to this extend." said Wheeljack.

    "Autobots, it will take time to repair the ship. We are basically stranded here." Prowl said.

    Next few hours, in a nearby cave, Optimus still couldn't escape his though, he still had doubts about himself, about him being actually a clone.

    "Primus, if you can hear me, please answer, am I the real Optimus Prime?" even thought he knew no one was going to answer.

    Just then a voice came from the dark;

    "Primus can't help you, no one can."

    Before Optimus could ask who's talking, Prowl revealed himself, holding his gun.

    "Prowl, what are you doing? Are you going to kill me?"

    "Look, -whoever you are-, I don't know if you are the real Prime or not but I won't take that risk, for all we know, you are a potential spy. The news of your death will affect Autobots greatly. Only years later that they will realise I actually did them a favor, too bad I won't tell anyone that I was the one who killed you, they won't know I'm the hero."

    "Put the gun down Prowl, I won't ask again." said Sunstreaker.

    "Sunstreaker? Just after I finish killing Optimus Prime, I was coming for you.

    Anyways, you're going to pull the trigger, aren't you? I always knew you were a Decepticon spy you punk! I just didn't had enough evidence. Tell me it's true! Tell me you're a Decepticon!"

    "...You're right, I am a Decepticon."

    "I knew it! Pull the trigger you slag! If you have the spark."

    SS pulled the trigger without even a remorse. Prowl was dead in a moment.

    Optimus was in shock but he was too weak to do anything after the beat up he received from that other Optimus.

    "Sunstreaker, how could you?"

    Sunstreaker didn't say anything.

    "Tell me it's not true! Tell me you're not."

    "...Look you idiot, we all know you're not the real Optimus Prime, you're a clone. You may genuenly believe you are him, but you're not. It's all a lie, you're just programmed to believe it."

    "The push of a button." SS said. "All it takes is a push of a button and you go rampage mode. You have the power to kill everyone in here."

    Optimus was speechless.

    "You care about your little Autobot friends, aren't you? If you do, you'll do as I say, you'll obey me or else I'll push that button. With you, I'll bring down every Decepticon warlord in the whole universe."

    "That's funny Sunstreaker. That you really think I'll be your slave. That you think this is all just a game."

    "You're pushing your luck, clone." He showed the button to Optimus. "If you ever threaten me again, I'll push this button."

    But then, within seconds, Optimus ripped off Sunstreaker's arm that was holding the button. Sunstreaker screamed in pain.

    "You were saying SS?"

    Some of the Autobots that heard the scream immediately rushed to its source.

    "What's going on Optimus?" Ratchet said.

    "Today I have found that Sunstreak is actually a Decepticon spy, he also killed Prowl."

    "You mean YOU killed Prowl, right?" Ironhide said.

    "Ironhide, please." said Bumblebee.

    "P-please, he's l-lying." said Sunstreaker who was in pain on the ground.

    "That's it! He killed Prowl and clearly injured Sunstreaker, he's also accusing SS of being a Decepticon spy!"

    Just then Ratchet shot him off with his non-lethal paralyzing weapon.

    "I had no choice..."

    "I'm sorry Optimus, we have to lock you until this case is solved. Not personal."

    Optimus didn't comply. He didn't say anything. Because he knew he was dangerous. He wanted to say that SS said he was a clone but he wasn't sure it was a good idea.

    He just couldn't believe what he heard from Sunstreaker. He just hoped that it wall a lie but deep down, he knew he was telling the truth, in any moment he could snap out and try to murder his friends. Even though he destroyed that button, he knew Jhiaxus also had another one in his possesion.

    A few days later, they fixed Ark and continued to travel to their destination. Cliffjumper was sure that they will be succesful in bringing down Jhiaxus. He knew even him couldn't stand against the legendary Ark.

    After a few more months of traveling, Kaiba-5 was finally could be seen in the distance.

    "Stand ready Autobots." said Ironhide (who was the new leader since Prowl's death).

    "Fire the missiles." Ironhide said.

    The exploded with such force that the force field protecting the base was shut down.

    "What? Who dares attack me!? Destroy them." Jhiaxus commanded his G2 Transformers.

    With this a fleet of G2 Cybertronians started to attack the ship, the ship was barely enduring the attack with Autobots desperately trying to destroy G2 bots with the ship's cannons.

    "Get to the pods." commanded Ironhide.

    Ironhide quickly went to Optimus' room.

    "Ironhide, what's happening out there?"

    "No time to talk. Come with me if you want to live."

    They barely escaped before Ark finally gave up and exploded.

    Pods went straight to Jhiaxus' base.

    "You fools! You couldn't even deal with a bunch of Autobots, because of your incomptence, they're inside the base. I'll have to deal with them myself." Jhiaxus said.

    "We're inside the base." Bumblebee said.

    "Kill everyone in sight Autobots, except Jhiaxus. Also keep your eyes open for -the real- Optimus Prime, he might be in here somewhere." said Ironhide.

    Just then Jhiaxus and a horde of his minions showed up.

    "What brought you Autobots here? You really think you can stand against Jhiaxus."

    "Yes I do." said Ironhide. With that he shot his cannons straight in Jhiaxus' face.


    "I'm surprised you're even alive."

    "Incompetent fool! just like any other Autobot!" with a powerful punch Jhiaxus threw Ironhide into the other side of the room.

    "I'm going to enjoy killing you Autobot." He ripped both of Ironhide's arms with ease.

    "What're you waiting for? Finish it. Someone will finally put you down, maybe not me but eventually someone will."

    "Honestly, why was I even waiting for you to beg for your life. You're obviously tough as nails. Don't worry, this won't take long."

    Jhiaxus punched straight through Ironhide's chest. He was dead in the moment.

    "You Autobots die so easily." Jhiaxus laughed.

    While he was slaughtering Ironhide, he realised Autobots have bested his army.

    "Upped your weaponary, it seems." Jhiaxus said.

    "C'mon Autobots! It'll take more than your petty weapons to best me!"

    "I'll be enough."

    Jhiaxus looked at the direction the voice came from.


    "You'll pay for what you've done Jhiaxus! You won't clone anyone ever again."

    "Clone? Are you out of your mind? What clones are you talking about?"

    "Don't play fools with me Jhiaxus."

    "You're definitely insane Prime. You have come all this way just because of a slander? I haven't played a role in the Cybertronian conflict since thousands of years!"

    "If you continue lying, I'll use deadly force."

    "I'd like to see you try that Prime."

    With that, Optimus punched Jhiaxus in the face and stabbed him in the arm.

    Autobots didn't interfere the fight.

    "You've become more skilled since we last meet, Prime."

    "And you have become weaker. Not in your prime, huh?"

    "I still have some fight left in me!" Jhiaxus punched Optimus so hard that Optimus' chest piece fell off.

    "I think I can agree with that." With that he shot Jhiaxus several times. Jhiaxus was severely injured.

    "I t-thought you a-always played fair."

    "Time for fair plays is over." said Optimus. With one uppercut, Jhiaxus was down.

    He opened his eyes in one of his spacecrafts Autobots stole.

    "Now that you've woken up. I'm going to ask you again. Are you going to tell the truth or not?"

    "What are you? Nuts? I said several times that I didn't have anything to do with any of this clone nonsense. I don't lie, if I did something like this, I wouldn't hide it from anyone. I'm not a coward."

    "Nonsense. I have clear memories of escaping from your base. I'm even doubting I'm the real Optimus Prime. Autobots couldn't find any evidence of -an- Optimus in your base. Who am I? A clone?"

    Jhiaxus just laughed.

    "You really think you could find answers to any of these questions in here? I'm gonna be honest with you Prime, I like seeing you doubting yourself. By all means, continue.

    Maybe you're not the Prime I know, eh? This posibility is eating you away and I hope it will continue to be so, I hope that you won't find answers to your questions."

    Prime didn't respond and just left the room.

    Jhiaxus sure seemed like he wasn't lying. Were the memories of him escaping his labs all false? If Jhiaxus wasn't the mastermind behind this, then who was it? If Jhiaxus isn't responsible for this, this would mean Sunstreaker is lying, maybe him being the clone was also one of his lies? So many questions.

    Prime decided he couldn't live with all this. He couldn't live on with the possibility that all his life was not a lie. He wanted to end all of it here and now.

    He put the gun on his head and pulled the trigger.


    He strangely woke up in an abandoned Cybertron. He didn't know what was happening. The last thing he did was attemping sucide and there was he. He traveled a few miles and there was no signs of life, Cybertron was a war zone but it wasn't this bad. Was he dreaming? Just then he saw someone trying to hide under some debris. He pulled his gun just in case.

    "Who are you?" he asked.

    "Prime?" said the bot.

    "Jazz, is that you? What happened?"

    "How come you're alive?"

    "I was just asking myself the same thing. I can't believe I did this but I decided to kill myself."

    "You did what? I don't even know what you're talking about. I saw you die in Megatron's hands."

    "I just attempted suicide and the next thing I know I'm in an abandoned Cybertron. Where are the others?"

    "They're no more Optimus. It's just you and me."

    "This is impossible! Surely more of us survived."

    "No, we're the last Autobots in the universe."

    "Jazz, I'm so confused. I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or not. But can you tell me how all of this started? Was it Megatron? You mentioned Megatron killing me."

    "It was Jhiaxus, Optimus. We learned that Megatron was nothing but a pawn in the great scheme of things, it was all Jhiaxus' doing."

    "I knew it. Is Jhiaxus still alive?"

    "Yes, he's very very alive, I assure you."

    "Then what are we waiting for? We have to finish him off."

    "It's not possible, since we've lost the war, Jhiaxus has upgraded himself again and again. He's undefea-" Jazz stopped.

    "I'm not even sure why I'm talking to you, I don't even know you're the real deal -since you always cheat death-, just another clone or just an imagination of my mind. If this is just another one of Jhiaxus' doings, if you can hear me Jhiaxus I don't fear death. Kill me now and be done with it already."

    "Relax Jazz I won't harm you."

    "I'm not sure about anything anymore."

    "Don't worry old friend."

    All of a sudden, Jazz growled in pain.

    "H-hey Prime, I-I also f-forgot to tell you; Jhiaxus a-actually captured me years ago, exp-perimented on me. The result is an abomination. It's hard to hold the urge to kill and I C-CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE!"

    "That slag head Jhiaxus! You have to fight it Jazz, we can do this together!"

    "It's t-too late f-for that..."

    In seconds, Jazz' metal skin shifted into an deformed abomination.

    "Oh, Primus... Jazz I don't want to hurt you, if you can hear me, fight it."

    But all the monster who was once known as Jazz did was growling and attacking Optimus Prime.

    The monster were stronger than Optimus. With little effort, he ripped off Optimus' right arm.

    "Jazz, please listen to me. You have to fight it. Don't make me do this."

    Jazz was clearly not in control, he couldn't hear Prime, Optimus had to do what needs to be done.

    He readied his gun and fired at Jazz' head point blank.

    Optimus couldn't take it anymore. He can't believe he was in this mess. His life all went down to hell in a matter of months. He didn't even know what was happening anymore. All he knew was that when he confronts Jhiaxus, he was going to kill him...

    He reattached his arm but he needed a doctor to fully fix it. He continued his search for Jhiaxus.

    After a few days of traveling in vehicle mode, he finally found it. Jhiaxus' base was visibile from far away, it was massive. He knew Jhiaxus was prepared for everything, he had no other option but to hope that somehow Jhiaxus wouldn't detect him trying to enter his base. After all that is happened to him, he was ready for everything.

    For some reason, the base doors were open, there was no guards, no automatic cannons. Optimus entered the base with cautation. All of a sudden, he heard a voice;

    "I know you're in here Optimus. Come I'll explain everything."

    "Show yourself Jhiaxus!"

    "All will be revealed my friend. Have patience."

    Optimus continued walking, the hallway was massive.

    A door opened, the door leaded to a hall. The hall was even bigger than the hallway.

    In the other side of the hall, Jhiaxus was sitting on a throne.

    "Why are you alone Jhiaxus? Where did others go?"

    "I didn't need any of them, so I just killed them. Except for Jazz of course, but he was alive only to welcome you here."

    "You said you would explain everything. I'm waiting. Explain it all before I kill you."

    "Don't be so mean Optimus! Whatever. I'll explain all of it.

    First of all when you killed yourself, your mind and spark was transported into this new body I have made for you.

    Second, as you can see, I have killed every Cybertronian on this planet. There's no left except me and you. Nowadays I spend my days meddling with alternate universes. To see that where would changing some bits of history would lead to. Your reality was only one of many. Your all history is a lie! You all were my playthings! You're also searching the answer for your clone question. The truth is, no you're not a clone, the Optimus who died was. But do not be happy over this news. Your entire life was shaped by me and me alone since the time you were protoformed. Sunstreaker was also my men, he specifically said you were a clone to torment you. I arranged the events that would lead to this very moment. I have the technology to change the history of a universe! It was true Jhiaxus was behind all of this, it just wasn't the one you knew. He's a simpleton, unlike me. Now you know all the answers. Be honored though, none of my playthings had the honor to meet me in person."

    "All my life...It was all a game to you..."

    "Honestly, yes it was. Any requests before I kill you?"

    "Yes, just one...Come here and fight me."

    "You're joking, right?"

    "No, I'm very serious."

    "You can't win this fight you know, I could have given you a painless death but if a fight is what you seek, let's fight."

    Optimus tried to punch Jhiaxus but he was too fast and got punched in the belly. He tried to attack Jhiaxus again but it was an exercise in futility. The only option he had was to open the matrix but before he could do that, Jhiaxus ripped it from his chest. Optimus was helpless and losing energon.

    Out of a sudden two bots attacked Jhiaxus; Wheeljack and Ironhide.

    "Wheeljack, Ratchet, you're alive!"

    "Yes, we are Optimus, we succesfully invented a cloaking device to hide us from Jhiaxus and we also upped our games with our new weapons!"

    "You survived for this long, eh? Too bad it all ends now!" Jhiaxus said.

    "I don't think so." said Ironhide and fired his cannons at Jhiaxus.

    "It will take more than you three to defeat me!" he said and charged at the Autobots.

    They were trying their best to stop him, Jhiaxus felt a real threat for the first time in years.

    "I'll kill all of you pathetic Autobots!"

    "Optimus, quick! Get the Matrix and finish this!" said Wheeljack.

    Optimus quickly rushed to the Matrix but nothing happened.

    "You're pathetic Optimus Prime! I have hacked to your Matrix, you won't be able to use it for quite some time!"

    "I don't need some Mcguffin to finish you off anyway!"

    Optimus readied his blade and went straight at the weakened Jhiaxus. He cut Jhiaxus' arm but Jhiaxus endured the pain, it was a mistake for him to brought Optimus here, he realised that but it was too late, Optimus finished him with stabbing him through the spark. Jhiaxus died, it was over.

    "It's over, he's done." said Optimus.

    "I always wanted to be the one who finished him off but I'm still glad he's dead now.

    So...what now?" Ironhide said.

    "We'll send Optimus to his home universe. Permission to move to that universe, sir. There's nothing remaining in this hellhole anymore." Wheeljack said.

    "Permission granted old friend."

    "It's good to see you again Prime." said Ironhide...

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    Also sorry that Optimus is a little out of character.