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    items for trade
    -fansproject insecticons shrapnel and bombshell include boxes and instructions(not ko) 1 of bombshells hands has the bottom 2 fingers broken off(this prevents him holding his weapon well in that hand), and a small peg on shrapnels leg is broken off(it pegs the leg in insect mode, but doesn't effect him to badly). other than that they are good, tight joints good condition.

    -ko masterpiece Lambor complete with box, instructions, weapons and ko chrome pile drivers. 1 of the small windows that folds out to complete the roof broke off at the clip(i have no idea how or when and the paint on top of roof is flawed, some of the red is rubbed off revealing the clear plastic. other than that he's solid

    -revenge of the fallen bludgeon (voyager tank) mib

    -revenge of the fallen? mindwipe (voyager stealthbomber) lose but pretty sure he's complete

    interested in chug figures or related 3rd party, no animated mp or movieverse. any reasonable trades considered. ps I smoke, not that I blow smoke on my toys all day but fyi. Also I haven't been on these boards long but I am an ebay seller for over a decade w/ 99% + feedback.