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    Hello to all...Ihat to part with the following collection But I need to sell the following Transformers. You can send me you're offers! Please send me offers you know you can pay.And payment needs to be ASAP as possible! Oh and please dont low ball me. Remember that alot of these are now hard to find! If you offer to by the hole collection as one I can give you a good deal! Shipping is not included! Soemail me with you list and I can find out shipping cost...So here is my list of items I need to go part with:
    Revenge of the fallen line:
    Supream Class: 1)Devestator
    Leader Class: 2)Optimus Prime
    3)Jet Fire
    5)Shadow Command Megatron
    K-Mart Exclusive
    Voyager Class: 6) Nebulon Starscream
    TRU Exclusive
    The Gathering of the Nemeses 3pk
    7) Megatron (Recolor TFM1 Ice Crystal)
    The Fallen,Soundwave (Recolor G1 Blue)
    Back Road Brawl 2pk
    8) Hoist vs MixMaster(Recolor g1 Green)
    Master of Metallikato
    9) Autobot Whril Vs Decepticon Bludgeon
    Shangai Showdown 3pk
    10) Autobot Skids,Mudflap (Icreamtruck Twins)
    Vs Demolisher (Recolor White)
    Target Exclussive:
    11) The Fallen (Recolor Orange)
    Ultimute Class:
    12) Bumblebee
    Universe Line
    20th Ann
    13) G1 Optimus Prime
    Target Exclusive
    14)Leo P[rime (Recolor Cybertron Leo Breaker to Beast
    Wars II Leo Convoy)

    Master Piece
    15) SkyWarp
    Animated Line
    Supream Class
    16) Optimus Prime
    Voyager Class
    17) Optimus Prime (w/ Autobot Loggo)
    18) Optimus Prime (w/ out Loggo)
    . 19) Grimlock
    20) Shockwave
    21) Skuwarp
    Deluxe Class
    22) Optimus Prime (Cybertron Mode)
    23) Sentenal Prime
    24) Bumblebee
    25) Bumblebee (Elite Guard)
    26) Autobot Blurr (Elite Guard)
    27) Autobot Jazz (Elite Guard)
    28) Autobot Jazz (Off Road)
    29) Prowl
    30) Prowl (Samurai)
    31) Ratchet (TRU Exclusive Cybertron Mode)
    32) Arcee (TRU Exclusive)
    33) Swindle
    34) Snarl
    35) Oil Slick
    36) Black Arachnia
    37) Lockdown
    38) Soundwave
    39)Soundwave (Electro Static)
    Target Exclisive Vs Set
    40) Sunstorm (Voyager Class) Vs Ratchet (Activator Class)
    41) Shckwave (Voyuager Class G1 Purple) Vs Bumblebee
    . (Activator Class)