Transformers For Sale in UK

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    PM if interested - i can send any photos over. Prices don't include postage - for most postage will be £3 royal mail second class. May change slightly depending on quantity and coverage of value. All weapons and accessories included, unfortunately i do not have any of the character cards.

    Titans Return
    Legends Bumblebee £5
    Legends Roadburn (Chase) £5
    Deluxe Chromedome £20
    Deluxe Hardhead £20
    Deluxe Highbrow £20
    Deluxe Hot Rod - part of spoiler had been broken off and glued £10
    Deluxe Mindwipe £20
    Deluxe Misfire £20
    Deluxe Skullcruncher £18
    Deluxe Triggerhappy £13
    Deluxe Twinferno £10
    Deluxe Weirdwolf - cabin has worn - red clear plastic has been glued to the white plastic £10
    Voyager Broadside £20
    Leader Sixshot £30

    Takara Legends
    Slugslinger £37