transformers for sale g1 classics

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    Jun 29, 2010
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    i have several tfs for sale i have :
    mib jetfire box is worn on edges has a flap crease very nice toy complete nothing broke 250 shipped
    classics rodimus missing gun 45shipped
    g1 prerub prowl unused toy 275 shipped AFA GRADEABLE
    titanium prime misb 25shipped
    titanium megatron misb 25 shipped 45 shipped if you want both
    titanium g1 ultra magnus box is opened and he was on display 75 shipped
    alternators optimus prime loose complete 25 shipped
    animated dinobots 50 shipped loose set complete
    encore omega supreme mib box was opened and contents checked and then put back for display in box 115 shipped
    encore skylynx mib box was opened and contents checked and then put back in box for display 75 shipped
    encore megatron mib box opened to inspect toy and contents and then returned to box for display no orange plug every in this one 115 shipped
    g1 mib unused hot rod japanese version original NOT REISSUE 275 AFA GRADABLE
    henkei thrust with packaging 65 shipped
    henkie dirge misp 75 shipped
    if you are interested in any of these that i have for sale please contact me via email at [email protected] and i will respond asap i will be posting pictures soon
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    man thats the good price for thrust and dirge especially the henkie's