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    Got quite a big selection of Transformers for sale. Hannah's interest in Transformers has changed quite a bit over the last year or so and she's moved away from collecting toys now and she's really only interested in the movies and meeting the guests at Auto Assembly so she's decided to sell her collection with the exception of a few of her autographed toys so if you want to help a 10 year old make some extra pocket money...

    There are a few additional ones from mine and Trish's collection too but here's the list (which I'll be adding to daily with photos!):-


    Pepsi Convoy (MISB) - SOLD
    11 Assorted Micromasters (loose, some with paintwear and loose joints, one has missing arm, no instructions) - £10

    Beast Wars

    Cheetor (green eyes) (loose, missing water pistol, no instructions) - £10
    Cheetor (blue eyes) (loose, complete, no instructions) - £15
    Cheetor (Japanese first release) (MISB) - £20
    Transmetal Cheetor (Fox Kids repaint) (loose, missing tail, no instructions) - £10

    Beast Machines

    Cheetor (loose, complete, no instructions) - £10
    McDonalds Cheetor (loose) - £3
    Snarl (loose, complete, no instructions) - £10

    Robots In Disguise

    Supercharge Sideburn (loose, complete, no instructions) - UNDER OFFER
    Prowl (loose, complete, no instructions) - £10
    10 assorted Spychangers (loose, no instructions) - SOLD
    X-Brawn (loose, complete, no instructions) - £10
    Supercharge X-Brawn (loose, complete, no instructions) - SOLD


    BT-13 Laserwave (MISB) - £50


    G1 Scorponok (3") (MISB) - £5
    G1 Scourge (6") (loose) - £20


    Aveo Swerve (MISB) - SOLD


    Hoist (loose, complete with Minicon, no instructions) - £10
    Hot Shot (loose, complete with Minicon, no instructions) - £10


    Optimus Prime (cab, loose, complete, no instructions) - £8
    Snowcat (loose, complete, no instructions) - £8
    Battle Ravage (loose, no instructions, no missile and missing one weapon) - £5

    Transformers Animated

    Grimlock (loose, missing weapon, complete with instructions) - £12
    Snarl (loose, complete, no instructions) - £8
    Optimus Prime / Megatron "The Battle Begins" Twin Pack (loose, complete, no instructions, missing DVD) - £15

    Live Action Movie

    Starscream (loose, complete, no instructions)
    Jazz (loose, complete, no instructions)

    Revenge Of The Fallen

    Devastator (loose, complete, no instructions) - £50


    Convoy (MISB) - SOLD

    Lucky Draw

    Perfect Choice Digital Orders Cheetas (Beast Machines Cheetor, limited to 60 worldwide) (MISB) - £250

    Miscellaneous / Third Party

    Justitoys WST Dinorobot Snarl (MISB) - £15 (free UK shipping)

    Video Games

    Beast Wars Metals - Nintendo 64 (Japanese version, cartridge only) - £10
    Revenge Of The Fallen (Playstation 2) (PAL version) - £6
    Playstation 2 console with cables and DualShock 2 controller (slim version, UK PAL) - SOLD

    * * *

    All prices exclude shipping. We're happy to ship them worldwide. Payment is via PayPal only.

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    A few more items and photos added as well as prices and sold items updated.