Transformers Fan-Made Series (Special Edtion)

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    If any of you guys Remember my Casting, and Episodes, this is the Whole thing put together. But this time, I brought you humans, and the Crew for this series. Enjoy :) 

    PS: If You Remember, I Made most of the names (EX: MotherBrain), Accents (EX:Biltzwing is Brooklyn, Blackout, is French, Snowcat is Dutch, Skywarp is English) and the voices to the Characters (EX: Ratbat can now Talk, Thunderwing is like Dormmamu, Ransack is like Master Shake from ATHF, Starscream is voiced by a Black Guy, Cyclonus is Faceless, Bumblebee is still the kid member and is like Robin, and Shockwave has the likeness of Genreal Grevious)

    PSS: The Only reason I did not add Tara Strong back then, is because she is the next voice of Harley Quinn in Arkham city. Dont get me wrong, she was Batgirl before and now Quinn? Come on. The "sexist" thing, was a typo.

    PSSS: I Now Put Up a crew for the series. Director Michael Bay will be serving as Executive Producer, along with Bruce Timm and Sam Register. Do you think Warner Bros. Animation and Hasbro Studios should work together on this?


    Kevin Conroy - Optimus Prime
    Lex Lang - Orion Pax ​
    Neil Patrick Harris - Bumblebee
    Diedrich Bader - Ironhide
    Nolan North - Sideswipe
    Robert Foxworth - Ratchet
    Darius McCrary - Jazz
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Bulkhead
    Nathan Fillion - Cilffjumper
    Tom Kenny - Skids
    Brian Bloom - Hound
    Jason C. Miller - Rollar
    Tim Russ - Jetfire
    John DiMaggio/Peter Cullen - Sentinel Prime

    Elite Guard
    Xander Berkeley - Ultra Magnus
    Wallace Langham - Perceptor
    James Remar - Mirage
    Roger Rose - Blurr
    James Horan - Leadfoot
    John DiMaggio - Wheeljack
    Chris Cox - Brawn
    Brian George - Seaspray
    Bill Fagerbakke - Topspin
    Tom Kenny - Twin Twist
    Edward Asner - Kup
    Alan Tudyk - Prowl
    Mark Hamill - Windcharger, Omega Superme
    Lex Lang - Metroplex, Tomahawk
    Dave Fennoy - Breakaway
    Dwight Schultz - Stratosphere

    Team Rodimus

    Neal McDonohugh - Rodimus Minor
    James Arnold Taylor - Hot Shot
    Phil Morris - Crosswise
    Michael Leon-Wooley - Inferno
    Mark Hamill - Red Alert

    The Wreckers

    Brian Bloom - Springer
    Carlos Alazaraqi - Warpath
    Clancy Brown - Roadbuster
    Robin Atkin Downes - Fallback
    Philip Proctor - Downshift

    Female Autobots

    April Stewart - Elita-1
    Vicki Lewis - Shadow Strike
    Grey DeLisle - Arcee
    Vanessa Marshall - Firestar
    Jennifer Hale - Flareup
    Gwendoline Yeo - Moonracer
    Susan Eisenberg - Override
    Tricia Helfer - Chromia
    Julianne Grossman - Minerva
    Kari Wahlgren - Botanica


    Rick D. Wasserman - Silverbolt
    Nolan North - Air Raid
    Brian Bloom - Fireflight
    James Horan - Skydive
    Chris Cox - Slingshot
    Brian George - Superion


    Clancy Brown - Megatron / Galvatron
    Robin Atkin Downes - D-16 ​
    Peter Jessop - Space Case
    Dana Snyder - Ransack, Rumble
    Mark Hamill - Crumplezone
    John DiMaggio - Sideways, Cyclonus
    Diedrich Bader - Barricade, Ravage
    Gary Anthony Williams - Tankor
    Richard McGonagle - Shockwave
    Reno Wilson - Frenzy
    Jonathan Adams - Soundwave
    Keith Szarabajka - Laserbeak
    David Sobolov - Ratbat
    Arnim Shimmerman - Ramjet
    Dwight Schultz - Igor
    John Kassir - Tarantulas

    Cybertron Based Decepticons

    James Horan - Sonar
    Dwight Schultz - Skyquake
    Scott Cleverdon - Wreckage, Dirge
    Miguel Ferrer - Scourge, Thrust
    David Sobolov - Grindor
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Piranhacon
    Michael T. Wiess - Thunderwing
    Graham McTavish - Thundercracker
    Larry Cedar - Skywarp
    Brian Bloom - Biltzwing
    John DiMaggio - Trypticon

    The Masters Of Deception

    Gary Anthony Williams - Starscream
    Oliva D'abo - Slipstream
    J.B. Blanc - Blackout
    Michael T. Wiess - Scorponok
    Robin Atkin Downes - Hailstorm, Terradive
    Henry Rollins - Bonecrusher
    George Newbern - Breakdown
    James Arnold Taylor - Crankcase
    Keith Szarabajka - Crowbar
    Diedrich Bader - Hatchet

    Science Division

    Rene Auberjonois - Obsidian
    Phil Morris - Jet Storm
    Lance Henriksen - Razorclaw
    Mark Hamill - Snow cat
    John Kassir - Skyfall
    Danny Trejo - Lockdown
    Diedrich Bader - Project Gamma/Nemisis Prime

    The Dreads

    Jeffrey Combs - Dreadwing
    J.B. Blanc - Runamuck
    James C. Mathis III - RunAbout
    Nolan North - Reverb
    Gary Anthony Williams - Run-over

    Prison Guard

    Wade Williams - Skull-grin
    George Newbern - Sky Shadow
    Phil LaMarr - Knock out
    Nicholas Guest - Overcast
    Dana Snyder - Buzz-saw


    Khary Payton - Onslaught
    Carlos Alazaraqi - Swindle
    Robin Atkin Downes - Vortex
    John Kassir - Blast off
    Earl Boen - Brawl, Bruticus


    Tom Kenny - Scrapper
    Nolan North - Mixmaster
    Diedrich Bader - Long Haul
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Rampage
    J.B. Blanc - Hightower
    Gary Anthony Williams - Demolisher
    John DiMaggio - Devastator

    Female Decepticons

    Vicki Lewis - Roulette
    Hynden Walch - Fracture
    Gina Torres - Blackarachnia
    Gwendoline Yeo - Strika
    Kari Wahlgren - Thunderblast
    Nika Futterman - Flamewar
    Edward Asner - Motherbrain
    Jennifer Hale - Flatline
    Vannesa Marshall - Airazor

    Others, The Orginal 13 Transformers, Leader's Predecessors, and Gods

    John DiMaggio - Primus
    Mark Hamill - Sentinel Maximus
    James Horan - Nova Prime
    Miguel Ferrer - Omega Prime
    Larry Cedar - Amalgamous Prime
    Nolan North - Zeta Prime
    Clive Revill - Alchemist Prime
    Robin Atkin Downes - Vector Prime
    Michael York - Beta Prime
    Kevin Michael Richardson - Nexus Prime
    Gabrille Carteris - Solus Prime
    Rick D. Wasserman - Prima
    Wade Williams - The Leige Maximo
    Dave Fennoy - King Atlas
    Richard McGonagle - Alpha Trion
    James Arnold Taylor - Megatronus Prime/The Fallen
    Clancy Brown - Shockrat, Unicron


    Autobot Allies
    Will Friedle - Alan Rosen (Main Human)
    Steven Blum - Jamie Andru (Alan's Best Friend since Childhood)
    Grey DeLisle - Tricia Marston
    Vanessa Marshall - Mikaela Banes
    Kari Wahlgren - Serena Spencer
    Nolan North - Major Reynolds
    David Kaye - Dr. Francis Marston
    Jim Cummings - Bruce Brazos
    John DiMaggio - Col. William Lennox
    Greg Eagles - Lt. Robert Epps
    Tom Kenny - News Reporter Richard "Ryder" Spencer
    Tim Russ - Solomon Kane
    Ernie Hudson - Agent William "Bill" Fowler

    Decepticon Allies
    Rick D. Wasserman - Dylan Gould (Secretly)
    Philip Proctor - Dr. Llewelyn Mason
    James Horan - Congressman Simon Fell
    Tom Kane - Dr. Jaques Bougainville Duvall
    Dave Fennoy - Wallace Weaver
    Robin Atkin Downes - Alexi Voshlod (Secretly)
    James Sie - Jerry "Deep" Wang (Secretly)
    Keith Szarabajka - Agent Silas
    John Kassir - Old Snake
    Dwight Schultz - Dr. Arkeville
    Arnim Shimmerman - Col. Wolfgang "Scarface" Falsworth
    Adrian Pasdar - Mr. Big


    Season 1

    1. The War Begins
    2. The War Continues
    3. The War Ends
    4. No Place Like Home
    5. The Fast and the Furious
    6. Escape from Dixon High
    7. The People’s Champion
    8. The Odyssey of Optimus Prime
    9. Snow Point
    10. The Bee’s Sting and the Spider's Bite
    11. The Man in the Machine
    12. The Return Part 1
    13. The Return Part 2
    14. Legends
    15. Robots In Disguise
    16. Meet the Family
    17. Flashpoint
    18. Spark Of Darkness
    19. Enter Shockwave
    20. Whatever it takes
    21. The Omega Robot
    22. Soundwave’s Wrath
    23. Spark world Part 1
    24. Spark World Part 2
    25. Revenge Of The Fallen Part 1
    26. Revenge Of the Fallen Part 2

    Season 2

    27. The Elite Guard
    28. The Masters Of Deception
    29. The Wreckers’ Coming
    30. Female Fury
    31. Lost Memories
    32. Night of the Dreads
    33. Deep Six
    34. Project Gamma Part 1
    35. Project Gamma Part 2
    36. Reinforcements
    37. Triple Torture
    38. The Terror Of Trypticon Part 1
    39. The Terror Of Trypticon Part 2
    40. Men In Black
    41. Ultimate Combat
    42. Eye in the Sky
    43. Prison Break
    44. Repo Men
    45. Home For the Holidays
    46. Clash Of The Titans
    47. Pure Payback
    48. Charging Wind
    49. Beyond Good And Evil Part 1
    50. Beyond Good And Evil Part 2
    51. Beyond Good and Evil Part 3
    52. Beyond Good and Evil Part 4

    Season 3

    53. The Five Faces Of Darkness Part 1
    54. The Five Faces Of Darkness Part 2
    55. The Five Faces Of Darkness Part 3
    56. The Five Faces Of Darkness Part 4
    57. The Five Faces Of Darkness Part 5
    58. I am Bulkhead
    59. Nemesis
    60. War Dawn
    61. Tales of the Unusual
    62. The Two Sides Of Justice And Injustice
    63. The Dark Side Of the Moon Part 1
    64. The Dark Side Of the Moon Part 2
    65. The Dark Side Of the Moon Part 3


    Bruce Timm - Executive Producer/Developer
    Paul Dini - Story Editor/Developer, Writer
    Alan Burrnett - Writer, Producer/Developer
    Giancarlo Volpe - Producer
    Andrea Romano - Casting and Voice Director
    Phil Bourassa - Lead Character Designer
    Sam Liu - Supervising Director
    Greg Wiesman - Supervising Producer, Story Editor/Developer
    John Diaz - Production Manager
    Jhoanne Reyes - Editor
    Michael McCuistion - Composer
    Lolita Ritmanis - Composer
    Kristopher Carter - Composer
    Sam Register - Executive Producer
    Michael Bay - Executive Producer