Transformers: Fallout

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    A little something I've come up with. Hope you like it!

    Chapter 1: Breaching the Ark

    "All Autobots, battle stations!" said an Autobot from the bridge of a large ship.

    "Optimus, I'm counting 3 'cons catching up to our ship!" said another rapidly typing on a keyboard.

    "Wheeljack ,get the Aerialbot's out there and stop those Decepticons!" Optimus said as he recieved a transmission.

    "Roger!" Wheeljack said as he continued to type away.


    "Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive, Slingshot! Let's get out there and show those 'cons whose the sky kings!" said an Autobot as he flew out of the hanger bay in his cybertronian jet mode.

    "Yes sir Silverbolt!" said the other four Aerialbots as they flew right behind him.

    "Seekers! Form up! Take down those cursed Autobots!" said a Deception jet as he flew towards the Aerialbots, with 2 similar jets behind him.

    "As you command Starscream." said a bluish grey jet named Thundercracker.

    "We've got the advantage in this battle." said a purple and black jet, Skywarp.

    "Of course we do! Now eliminate them!" Starscream yelled as he fired off a series of missles towards Silverbolt.

    "Evasive manuevers!" Silverbolt said as he barrel-rolled out the missles path and fired off a burst of lasers from his gun turrets.

    "Eat slag Decepticons!" said Air Raid as he unleashed a mass of lasers and missles at Thundercracker.

    "Hahaha!! You can't even lay a scratch on me Autobot!" Thundercracker said as he suddenly transformed and landed on top of Air Raid.

    "Get off me Seeker!" Air Raid said as he rolled left and right.

    "Whatever you say." Thundercracker smirked as he jumped towards Slingshot, suddenly turning and firing two blasts from his null rays and striking Air Raid from behind.

    "I'm hit!" Air Raid said as smoke poured from his thrusters, he began to veer off-course.

    "I've got you Air Raid!" said Skydive as he managed to transform and catch Air Raid.

    "Thanks Skydive. Owe ya one!" Air Raid said as he transformed.

    "Two bot's with one blast, I like the odds!" Skywarp said as he fired off a single missle towards the two.

    "Look out!" Air Raid said as he pushed Skydive out of the way only to be hit by the missle and float motionless in orbit.

    "Aerialbot's fall back, we can't risk losing anymore soldiers!" Optimus said over their headsets.

    "Roger that Optimus, makes sure we have a clear space to land." Silverbolt said as he covered the Aerialbots retreat.

    "After them!" Starscream said chasing the Autobots.

    He began to fire off several bursts from his null rays, with Thundercracker and Skywarp soon following his lead.

    "Stop fools! This is no time to be wasting energon on insignificant Autobots! Fall back and prepared to breach their ship!" said a voice over the Seeker's headsets.

    "Yes 'Lord' Megatron, falling back." Starscream sneered in false joy as he and the other Seeker's transformed and flew back towards their ship.


    "They've stopped," Wheeljack said, "And they're turning around!"

    "That must mean their ship is not too far behind us." Ironhide said coming into the bridge.

    "You're right Ironhide. Get the crew ready for a possible hijack." Optimus said as Ironhide ran to signal the others.


    Onboard the Nemesis, the Decepticon Warship, a tall and shadow casted Decepticon stands before the main vis-screen.

    "Lord Megatron, we are in ramming distance of the Autobot Vessel!" said a decepticon at work at a series of moniters and keys.

    "Excellent, commence ramming!" Megatron declared pointing a finger towards the Autobot ship.

    The thrusters on the Nemesis roared as the ship raced towards the Autobots. It suddenly came out of cloaking and slammed into the ship.

    "We have breached the hull sir!" said the decepticon.

    "Good, now, board their ship and find the Matrix!!" Megatron said.

    That's the first chapter, and I hope you enjoyed it! There's more to come this Friday!