Transformers exclusives and Toynami Robotech Masterpiece

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    Looking to raise some funds so letting go of some goodies. All Toynami Robotech Masterpiece have never been played with nor removed from the box
    1) Volume 1 Rick Hunter
    2)Volume 2 Bed Dixon
    3)Volume 3 Roy Fokker
    4) Volume 4 Max Sterling
    5) Volume 5 Miraya
    6) Volume 6 JacK Archer

    Also in sealed boxes
    Japan Exclusive Black Animated Optimus TA-01
    Japan Elite Guard Optimus TA-01

    SDCC Bruticus

    I will have more stuff coming up but selling one toy line at a time. (If you are looking for anything else animated i have the entire line including Japan exclusives just digging them up)

    I haven't looked up prices yet but please send in offers (i will look up eBay going rates and it will be somewhere below that.

    I live in Barrie Ontario and can meet up or mail out.

    (though if your a collector close by and need tons of toys i have basically complete lines minus from Diaclone (missing only a few), g1, machine wars. etc etc.... up to war for cybertron... you are more then welcome to come over and spend your money (note i am not really interested in selling diaclone or g1 though but money talks)