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    Season One, Episode One "The Many Trails In Space Part One"

    On the deeply metalic land and world of Cybertron - silver in its own rights in the highest towers - blueish towards the bottom, near the streets. Ion lights blaze upon it, while some areas covered deeply with trees and grass. Autobots, Maximals and Monimals all roam the area as the protectors of the world.

    On the north of the planet, Primus Terion stand clear, along with his five allies. Primus Terion stood tall, while he held out his silver rifle in one arm, along with a stun blaster in the other. Glaring towards the end of the grassy field - all the way across towards the end, Galactic stood with his Galaxicon allies.

    Primus Terion: The world of Cybertron shall...and always be, ours. No con in the past - there will be long as we all stand together...bringing out our light upon the world...fighting all of you evil deeds to the end.
    Galactic: Lets see about that one, shall we, Durious?
    Durious: An excellent idea, sir! Our air attack will do most nicely.

    Centerspeed transformed into his space ship mode, followed quickly by Starlight and Light Wave. They flew towards the western end of the grasslands, while Durious and Lightspeed followed behind them in their own space modes.

    Centerspeed: Go for their mid-sections!
    Light Wave: What if we don’t have the right motive, sir?
    Centerspeed: It’s better then nothing.
    Light Wave: Are you on the energon juice again sir? That’s a high and deadly stunt.
    Starlight: Don’t just hover there without a reason, Light Wave! The boss has given us a full order and we’re to follow it.
    Centerspeed: Quite right, Starlight.
    Light Wave (whispering): Kiss bot.

    The three space ships flew clearly towards the grass filled building, while they edged quickly towards the top. Durious and Light Speed fired their ion lasers straight towards them, while they were able to fly quickly and safely towards the back-end of the building.

    Centerspeed: We’ve got them where we want them.
    Starlight: How so, sir?
    Centerspeed: They’ll be expecting a full attack while they swerve quickly around the buildings edge. That’s when we attack them.
    Starlight: Well…that sounds good.
    Light Wave: I agree as well, sir.
    Centerspeed: That’s good to hear.

    The three Monimals transformed into their robot modes, while their thrusters pushed hard against the bottom of the fifteenth floor. They took out their bio rifles, while they aimed it towards the two sides of the buildings edge. Durious came from the left side, while Light Speed from the right. Against the rain drops of the grass, their reflection was given off, while they saw the Monimals pointing their weapons towards them. They weren’t able to act quickly enough.

    All three of the Monimal allies shook their heads. One by one, they fired their blue lasers straight towards the oncoming Galaxicon crew. Durious fell first, and then Light Speed. They both fell towards the ground, while they sprawled face down, along the grass - while their face was fully covered with the bright green grass.

    Durious waved his hand in front of his face, as he pushed away all possible coverings. He looked up, while the Monimals thrusts was seen clearly from the distance. They flew towards the edge of the grass lands, as they joined with the now fighting Primus Terion and Galactic.

    Durious: Slaging hell!
    Light Speed: You can say that again, sir.
    Durious: Don’t just stand there, you idiot!
    Light Speed: Oh…yea.

    Light Speed transformed, as well as Durious. They flew quickly forward, while their thrusters burnt out bright red…towards the east.

    Monimal Base:

    The Monimal base was covered heavily in swamp lands, while four main auto-weapons were placed around it. Inside, the base was fully covered in organic/metallic substances. It held a highly form of calculations from within…millions of times quicker as the old Autobot Teletran One could have been able to do so.

    In the middle section of the base, two different Monimals stood, with their tools in hand. One of them was known as Mouser, and the other was known as Ratchet Synthesizer. Mouser was a short Monimal, who committed on anything that was wrong with anyone but himself, while Ratchet Synthesizer was there as maintenance.

    Mouser: Why do I have to do this work?
    Ratchet Synthesizer: Primus Terion was quite busy at the moment. He wanted as many on the field…as well as in the base, in case the base was ever attacked.
    Mouser: I still don’t like it.

    Mouser rolled his eyes, while Ratchet ignored him.

    Ratchet Synthesizer: Hand me a nine inch light transmetal ray.
    Mouser: Do this, do that! Is that all I’m ever good for?
    Ratchet Synthesizer: By the way you’re helping me at the moment…I’d say so.
    Mouser: Always the welcome bot, aren’t you, Ratchet?
    Ratchet Synthesizer: Don’t ever call me that, Mouser! I’d sooner like to disconnect your systems.
    Mouser: Well…I was only kidding you, Ratch. I’d never dream…
    Ratchet Synthesizer: Then get back to work!

    Fast Trip: The Monimal base! Even if we had to cross this dank swamp…it was all worth it.
    Darkseige: What do you mean by that?
    Fast Trip: The certain infiltration of their base, my dear friend. A way to get inside their energon cells.
    Darkseige: Do we go in then?
    Fast Trip: Not yet. We’ll have to wait for Galactic at the moment. Lets go back to the base!
    Darkseige: That’s the best news I’d heard all day!

    Fast Trip transformed into his space ship mode, while the Galaxicon symbol shinned brightly off of his black space ship mode. He flew clearly towards the northern end of the planet Cybertron. Darkseige transformed into his manta ray mode, while he hovered quickly along the waters edge.

    From behind, two Maximals stood, while they glared straight towards their two flying enemies.

    Ironhide: There they go then!
    Landslide: What do we do about them, sir?
    Ironhide: Improvise! Lets get after them.
    Landslide: Good idea, sir.

    Ironhide transformed into his stegosaurus mode, while Landslide into his Rhino mode. They ran quickly, while water from the swamp splashed hard against their iron plated beast modes. While they ran, a couple of jets in the air flew by, but did not take any notice of them. They had Decepticon symbols across their wings, while their thrusters beat hard against the starlit sky.

    One jet was a huge purple carrier jet, another a blue carrier and the last one was a yellow.

    Wingglide: Watch for them!
    Galactic Shredder: You don’t think they’re still after us?
    Wingglide: I hope that’s all they’re doing.
    Chrome Sledge: Then don’t look behind you!

    Three Autobot tanks transformed from their robot modes into their tank modes. They aimed their mortars straight up after the Decepticons, while they took them out, while the jets were driven hard against the grass below.

    Primus Terion: What was that?
    Galactic: A good time to get out of here…I’d say.

    Galactic transformed into his space mode, while he flew towards the air. Primus Terion ran over, while he stood in front of the Decepticons. He came waste high against the standing Decpticons, while they glared deeply towards him.

    Wingglide: This has nothing to do with Monimals! The Autobots and Decepticons…
    Primus Terion: Are supposed to be over with the wars.
    Wingglide: Times may change on that, Monimal.
    Chrome Sledge: Lets go, sir!
    Wingglide: Good idea. Decepticons, to the air! Lets go to Cyber Central and seek out the chancellor.
    The three of them transformed, while their thrusters hit the grass hard. Primus Terion turned around, while the Autobots followed.


    One day later, Galactic, Durious and Light Speed took to their ship. Fast Trip and the Predacons were taken on the second ship (as they were the second wave of fighters to follow -- if the Autobots were ever to attack) and then, the ship quickly left, while the Monimal ship followed behind.

    Mouser: What about the Maximals?
    Primus Terion: They’ll be following us pretty soon. They’re ordered to fight off the Predacon ship at all possible times.
    Mouser: Well…it’s not the best thing. I was hoping for the best attack…
    Primus Terion: That is the best…for now, at least.
    Centerspeed: The Galactic ship is attacking us, sir!
    Primus Terion: What?!

    Planet Cybertron, Decepticon council:

    Decepticon chancellor: We’re quite glad you could have made it, Galacxicon chancellor.
    Galaxicon chancellor: What is it?
    Decepticon chancellor: A further proclamation upon the war of the Galaxicon/Monimal war.
    Galaxicon chancellor: Well…and what would you propose upon it?
    Decepticon chancellor: A three allied parties against the Maximals and Monimals. As you’ve already known, your team has already fought. Why not us as well?
    Galaxicon chancellor: Well…it does sound like a great idea. Lets do it then!
    Decepticon chancellor: You won’t be sorry, chancellor!

    Planet Cybertron, Cyber Central:

    In the middle of the city of Cybertron (the capital) known as Cyber Central, hundreds of Decepticon purple and red tanks rolled hard against the streets, while their mortars gleamed brightly from the surrounding moons.

    Tank leader: Almost there men. The time for our waiting for battle is at an end. NEO GREAT WAR COMES FORTH! With the aid of your leader that is.

    Over head hundreds of Decepticon jets flew close by, while they swooped from the left and right side of the planet. They all opened fire, while gleaming red lights of lasers blazed and leveled the planet of Cybertron. Citizens screamed, while they jumped inside hiding areas.

    Jet leader: Frontal barrage attack!
    Tank leader: Mortar cross-fire strike!

    The jets fire-power made a second attack on the edges of the grass lands, while taking out two Maximals. The tanks fired their mortars to take out the side of the Autobots council building. All fire-power continued, while both of the sides fired their weapons straight across the mid-section of Cyber Central.

    The end of Epic Wars season one episode one.