Transformers: Decepticons Rising (Season 1)

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    Hooray! Another Fanfic! Onward To The Episode 1 Bios!

    Wheeljack, the inventor, has often been both the cause and solution to many problems. His laboratory, where he pursues engineering and scientific innovation, needs to remain isolated because of its high probability of blowing up...regularly.

    Wherever the fight is, Warpath is there. With his upper heavy armor and powerful weapons, he doesn't worry about orders and tactics. He heads straight for the thick of battle, and pours fire into the enemy until none are left standing.

    Jazz is the ideal special operations commander for the Autobots. He is tasked with planning the most sensitive missions, as his keen mind and natural leadership abilities enable him to accomplish even the most dangerous objectives.

    Optimus Prime is the powerful, wise, and courageous leader of the Autobots. He is tasked with leading Autobot forces against the menacing Decepticons, and his leadership has turned the tide in many battles throughout the Great War.

    Blast Off has no respect for anyone who can't reach orbit under their own power. From miles away, he can destroy his enemies with powerful x-ray lasers, or descend to join his fellow Combaticons in forming the mighty Bruticus.

    Bumblebee is the most cunning scout that the Autobots have ever seen. His small size allows him to sneak in and out of enemy territory without being detected. In spite of his small stature, he is one of the toughest Autobots in a fight.

    Before the war, Sideswipe was an aspiring champion in the Cybertron race circuits. His reckless nature, and desire to win at all costs held him back from achieving true glory. He's in with the Autobots for a chance at redemption.

    The best place to find Cliffjumper is wherever there's likely to be a fight. The tough agressive robot loves nothing more than pounding Decepticons into scrap.

    Ironhide is always ready for anything, as long as "anything" involves a fight. Surly, tough, and spoiling for battle, he's made a career out of obliterating his enemies. His laser-proof armor makes him a tough opponent for even the most powerful warriors.

    Starscream was once an honorable soldier who fought for the defense of Cybertron. Long isolation aboard an orbital platform made him greedy and ambitious. Given the opportunity to once again lead troops, he gladly joined Megatron.​
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    Episode 1: Clones

    Wheeljack Picked Up His Subsonic Repeater. Him And Warpath Were Going To Prove They Weren't The Ones Who Shot Down The Autobot Ship, Omega.
    Wheeljack: "Warpath, Let's Do This."
    Warpath: "Yeah! Whoever Did This Is Going Down!"
    Suddenly, A Mysterious Figure Was Spotted In The Distance, It Was Dark Red And Had A Dark Yellow Visor.
    ???: DIE!
    Wheeljack: "Of Course! They're Clones! That's How It Happened!"
    Warpath: "But In The Meantime, You Hide, I'll Fight!"
    Wheeljack Transformed Into Vehicle Mode And Drove Into His Lab.
    At Warpath's Post, Suddenly, Wheeljack's Clone Came out Of the Shadows, Pretending To Be Wheeljack.
    Warpath: "Back Already?"
    Wheeljack Clone: "Affirmative. We Should Locate The Clone."
    Warpath And The Clone Walked Into Wheeljack's Lab, Spotting The Real Wheeljack.
    Wheeljack Clone: "Clone Spotted."
    Wheeljack: "I Am Not A Clone!"
    Warpath: "Oh Really? What Does Teletraan 1 Have To Say About That?"
    Teletraan 1 Scanned Wheeljack.
    Teletraan 1: "Not A Clone."
    Immediately After, Warpath's Clone Jumped In And Shot Warpath. Wheeljack Transformed Into Vehicle Mode And Hightailed It Out Of There. With His Clone Still Following Him, Wheeljack Transformed back Into Robot Mode And Destroyed His Clone, Only to Be Knocked Out By Warpath's Clone Soon After.
    When He Awoke, The Warpath Clone Was Looming Above Him.
    Wheeljack: "Oh Primus!"
    Wheeljack Picked Up His Gun And Shot The Clone, Powering It Down Temporarily.
    Jazz And Optimus Drove up To Wheeljack And Transformed Into Robot Mode.
    Optimus: "Wheeljack, We're Going On A Mission To Foil Whatever The Decepticons' Plans Are. We Heard About The Clones."
    Jazz: "Oh, I got something real flashy in mind!"
    Jazz, Wheeljack, And Optimus Transformed Into Vehicle Mode. Wheeljack Spun Around To See That The Warpath Clone Was Back Online, With It's Visor A Deep Yellow. Wheeljack spun Back Around To catch Up With The Others.
    Wheeljack: "We Gotta Boost Outta Here!"
    Wheeljack, Jazz, and Optimus Boosted Their way to The Base, Which Was Guarded By 3 Tanks. Because they Boosted, They Avoided being Caught In An explosion Caused By The Warpath Clone.
    When They Approached The base, Blast Off Came Out of The Tank On The left And started Shooting. Jazz And Wheeljack Hid In The Tank on The Right. Jazz Took Out His Sword And Stabbed The Tanker. Optimus Was Outside, Fighting Blast Off, He Missed A Punch, Which Hit The Warpath Clone, In Which It's Visor Flickered A Deep orange. He also Kicked it, And Wen He did It's Visor flickered bright orange, And Then He Uppercutted It. It reactivated shortly After, With It's Visor Red. Blast Off Transformed And Escaped, And the Warpath clone Shot Optimus, Stunning Him. Jazz and Wheeljack Got Out Of the Tank, And Warpath Shot Wheeljack And Jazz, Knocking Them Out.
    Bumblebee Transformed Into Vehicle Mode And Headed To The Decepticon Base.
    Bumblebee: "Speed Is The Only Thing I Need!"
    Bumblebee Saw Sideswipe Blow Up A Decepticon Tank Cannon.
    Sideswipe: "Slag, I'm Good."
    Bumblebee Drove Up To Sideswipe And Transformed Into Robot mode.
    Bumblebee: "Nice Moves!"
    Sideswipe: "Thanks! My Mission Is Completed Now."
    Bumblebee: "So, Prime Sent You To Destroy That Tank?"
    Sideswipe: "Frag Yeah He Did!"
    Bumblebee Saw the Warpath Clone Behind Sideswipe. He was About to Warn Him, But He was transported To Base.
    Wheeljack: "It sure Is Nice When One Of My Inventions Actually work!"
    Bumblebee: "Because Of You, Sideswipe's gonna Get Taken Out by That Warpath Clone!"
    Wheeljack: "WHAT!?"
    Bumblebee Rushed Back, Only To Find Sideswipe and Jazz Laying on The Ground, Knocked Out. Wheeljack Arrived At The Scene, And Brought Them Back To Base. The clone shot a Missile at Bumblebee, but Bumblebee Ducked, and It missed. Bumblebee Ran past Buildings, Dodging Missiles That Were Everywhere, Until Optimus Came Back online And Blasted The Clone's Head Off With His Path Blaster.
    Optimus: "Bumblebee, Are You Okay?"
    Bumblebee: "Yeah, I'm Fine. You Might As well Head Back To base."
    Optimus Headed Back To base And Bumblebee Approached The Middle tank.
    Bumblebee: "Let's Finish This."
    As Bumblebee Leaped Up To Destroy the Tank, with His Sword and Scatter Blaster In Hand, The tank Fired It's Cannon, Knocking Out Bumblebee and destroying his voice box. Starscream Came Out Of the Tank, grabbed Bumblebee, flew up into The Nemesis, and threw Bumblebee into the cell.
    Starscream: "Such a Fool."
    Cliffjumper went online, expecting to see Bumblebee next to him after going online in the morning. Since He Always goes online Before Bumblebee, He Gathered The Autobots That Were Awake.
    Cliffjumper: "Jazz And Ironhide, We're Going On A Search Mission For Bumblebee."
    Jazz: "Alright, I Know Bee's Missing, But Why Just Us?"
    Cliffjumper: "You're the Only Others Online."
    Ironhide: "Why Are We Doin' This, Anyways?
    Cliffjumper: "I'll Do Anything To Save Bumblebee."
    Jazz: "I'm In."
    Ironhide: "When Are we Gonna Start Bustin' Deceptichops?
    Cliffjumper: "When We see Them. In The Meantime, Autobots, Roll Out!"
    Jazz Started Grappling Building-to-Building, And Ironhide went to the bridge. Cliffjumper headed to the tanks, and Jazz changed his direction to follow. Warpath went Online, And followed The Two. When Cliffjumper approached the tank and saw Bumblebee's weapons, Cliffjumper picked up Bumblebee's Scatter Blaster.
    Jazz: "What the Frag Happened to Bumblebee?"
    Warpath: "Cliffjumper Killed Him! He's a Slagging Traitor!"
    Cliffjumper: "WHAT!? No I Didn't! He Was Captured By The Decepticons!"
    Warpath: "Yeah, Right..."
    Jazz: "If He Were A Red Backstabber, He wouldn't Search For Bumblebee!"
    Cliffjumper: "Yeah!"
    Jazz: (Sigh) I Miss Bumblebee Already.
    Ironhide (On Communicator): "I Got An Idea, They Could Be Holdin' Him Captive In The Decepticreep Base!"
    Cliffjumper (On Communicator): "Great Idea Ironhide! Let's Go!"
    Jazz: "I'll Stay behind. Not Leaving This Place."
    Warpath: "Your Choice."
    When They Entered All They Saw was a computer and a disc for Call Of Duty: Terrorcons.
    Cliffjumper: "I'm Taking This Back To Base. Let's Roll Out!"
    Starscream Dropped Down From The Nemesis, Spotting Jazz.
    Jazz: "Guys, I'm Getting Really Nervous! Where Are You?"
    Starscream Cloaked and Snuck Up On Jazz.
    Starscream: "Another Victim..."
    Starscream Punched Jazz In The Face, Knocking Him Out. Starscream grabbed Jazz, flew up into The Nemesis, and threw Jazz into the cell.