Transformers Cybertron and Energon 4 sale!

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    I have the the following:
    Costco Optimus Prime and Wing Saber set opened but MIB with instructions and DVD. $150 or B/O

    Cybertron Supreme Class Starscream Loose/complete with crown and both Planet keys.- $60 or B/O

    Energon Omega Sentinel loose complete w/box.- $100 or B/O

    Energon Quickstrike MISB- $40 or B/O

    Energon Megatron and Optimus Prime TRU 2-pack MIB.- $60 or B/O

    Pics soon!
    if you live in central NJ or by the Jersey Shore we could meet up and save on shipping.

    Only trades I need are a Hasbro MP Grimlock.