Transformers Crossover with itself and Star Trek?

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    OK so I had this really weird dream last night and it was like a dream with some remnants of an actual plot.

    It started out in the Beast Wars erra with the death of Dinobot (the first time) only Dinobot didn't die during the Beast Wars. Some how he was pulled threw a worm hole just before his death and no one noticed because he came back in the same moment that he was taken. So basically Dinobot was allready dead before he came back to the Beast Wars.

    Meanwhile in Transformers Animated continuity after the end of season 3, Bulkhead has Swindle on an exam table is pulling a bunch of random items out of his transwarp hammerspace. (If you aren't familiar with Animated see the episode "Decepticon Air" for more info on this.) Optimus Prime ordered it to be shut down so no Decepticons could use it to gain weapons or excape from their Cybertronian prisons. After a while Bulkhead finally finds what he thinks is the "off switch" and Swindle warns him not to touch that. Of course Bulkhead does it anyway and the two of them get sucked into Swindle's transwarp hammerspace.

    Now here's where this dream gets even weirder. For some reason, right in the middle of a perfectly good dream about Transformers, these 3 characters end up right in the middle of Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9. Of course they're not simple cartoons anymore. The designs are the same but they're all in more realistic CGI to better fit their real life surroundings. To make things even weirder, aperently in my dream Swindle and Quark know each other. Like the entire time Swindle's Transwarp Hammerspace was linked to a storage area inside DS9 where Quark would supply him with all his merchandise.

    Bulkhead and Swindle of course are much larger than the other characters aboard DS9 and Bulkhead alone caused enough trouble with his massive size to draw the attention of Odo and Jadzia Dax.

    As it turns out while in the DS9 universe if you pass threw his Hammerspace again you end up back in the TFAnimated universe. Swindle talked Odo into letting him stay if he got rid of the big guy. Odo pointed out that there was another unknown alien reptile in the bar at which point everyone turned to Dinobot. For the rest of this scene there's allot of Dialog so I'll switch to a script format.

    Swindle: What, this little guy? He didn't come in with us, I assumed he was one of yours. If you want me to get rid of him for you-

    Odo: That won't be necessary, but the big guy has to go there's no room for him aboard this space station and if you're staying here you need to go in the cargo bay area, I'll have chief O'Brien transport you to one that's available.

    Swindle: (opening his Transwarp Hammerspace) All right big guy, get in.

    Dax: How is he suppose to fit in that drawer?

    Bulkhead: Oh, it's not really a drawer, it's some kind of a special transwarp generator thingy. (Leaning twards Odo.) Hey, I wouldn't trust this guy, he's a Decepticon.

    Odo: Don't worry, I don't. Especially if he's a friend of Quark's.

    At this point Bulkhead climbs into Swindle's "drawer" as the cast of DS9 and Dinobot try to figure out how this is physically possible and it seems that if you pass threw again while in the DS9 universe you end up back in Animated universe where Bulkhead is greeted by the Elite Guard of which Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Bumblebee are now members of.

    Bumblebee: Bulkhead, you're back, where'd you go?

    Sentinel Prime: More importantly, where's Swindle? You were suppose to shut down that device not talk a joy ride in it!

    Optimus Prime: Calm down Sentinel. Bulkhead, are you OK?

    Bulkhead: I'm fine Optimus but that device of Swindle's, I knew there was something different about it. It uses a mixture of our own Space Bridge Technology and technology from another universe.

    Prowl: Another universe? What's it like?

    Bulkhead: Oh much more detailed than this one. Three dimensional almost, actually it was. There were all kinds of aliens but they acted like they never seen a Cybertronian before. There was another guy there, kinda like Blackarachnia and Waspinator, but different.

    Ultra Magnus: Different how?

    Bulkhead: Like more, I don't know, just different.

    Meanwhile back on DS9 inside Odo's office, Dinobot sits having a chat with Odo about Swindle.

    Odo: So what can you tell me about the two robots or whatever they were?

    Dinobot: I don't know them personally but I saw their faction symbols.

    Odo: What do you mean by faction? Like rival gangs or something?

    Dinobot: No, something much worse. In my universe the Maximals and Predacons are the modern day decedents of the Autobots and Decepticons. We come from the planet Cybertron.

    Odo: We've never heard of such a planet.

    Dinobot: Cybertron is where I come from, you see I am a robot, not a reptile. I took this form to protect me from an Energon overload.

    Odo: Energon, what's that?

    Dinobot: It's the fuel source for everything Cybertronian. That big one who left, he was an Autobot. The guy you have in your cargo bay, he's a Decepticon.

    Odo: And exactly who am I suppose to be trusting.

    Dinobot: (As Worf happens to be walking by the office.) Decepticons have no honor.

    Worf: Who has no honor?

    Odo: Our visitor in the cargo bay apparently. Worf, sense you and our friend here are seem to have so much in common with each other how about you show him around the station.

    Worf: Certainly, right this way.

    Later in the cargo bay we find Odo walking in to find Dax and Sisko allready there.

    Odo: What's this? Where'd that robot go?

    Dax: You're a shape shifter Odo, you figure it out.

    Sisko: Apparently this is Swindle and aside from the fact that he transform into a giant robot he looks like an old Earth jeep.

    Odo: You saying humans built this thing.

    Swindle: Excuse me but I am not a "thing", my name is Swindle and I was built on Cybertron.

    Odo: So Dinobot was telling the truth about where you came from but if you're from such an highly advanced alien world why do you have this Earthern vehicle mode?

    Swindle: To blind in of course. I have been to Earth you know. A place the humans called Detroit.

    Sisko: Are you from the future? What year was it?

    Swindle: How should I know, we measure time differently on Cybertron. I don't understand your Earth years.

    Sisko: The vehicle mode would suggest that you're from the past but how is that possible?

    Dax: We've traveled to the past before with no one knowing.

    Sisko: Yeah but he's a robot that drives around without anyone at the steering wheel.

    Meanwhile, in the holodeck Worf is showing Dinobot what his home world is like.

    Dinobot: (Growl) You are quite an impressive warrior.

    Worf: As are you. You say you are a machine yet you act more Klingon than most other machines I know.

    Dinobot: You know of others like me, others from Cybertron?

    Worf: No, not from Cybertron, from Earth. Androids built by Doctor Noonien Soong.

    As this story Progresses Swindle, with Quark's help, manage to frame Dinobot for sabotaging the space station. Because of this Odo orders that Dinobot be forced to leave the same way Bulkhead had left. Of course at the same time they're also trying to figure out how to get rid of Swindle because he's just taking up space in the cargo bay. Finally Dax figures out that Dinobot was let on the station by a worm hole and they can get rid of Swindle the same way.

    Back in the Animated universe, Dinobot is now hand drawn and rather cartoony looking.

    Sentinel Prime: It's organic, get rid of it.

    Sari: Hey!

    Optimus Prime: Someone get Sentinel out of here. Who are you?

    Dinobot: I am Dinobot and you look different than what I remember but you must be Optimus Prime.

    Optimus: You know me?

    Dinobot: Not personally, but I've read about you in the Great War.

    Ultra Magnus: You must be confused, this young bot wasn't even around during the Great War.

    Dinobot: And you are Ultra Magnus, and in my world he was. Optimus Prime lead the Autobots against the evil Deceptions lead by Megatron.

    Ultra Magnus: I lead the Autobots, you are right about Megatron though.

    Dinobot: You? From the records I read, you couldn't even open the Matrix of Leadership that Optimus passed to you when he died.

    Ultra Magnus: What is a Matrix of Leadership?

    Optimus Prime: I don't know either.

    Ultra Magnus: Here we have the Magnus Hammer.

    Dinobot: Do you at least have Transwarp technology here?

    Bulkhead: Yeah, how else would we have gotten to that weird place.

    Dinobot: You're the big guy from the Space Station, I don't know your name.

    Bulkhead: It's Bulkhead and I think I matched the energy signature to your universe but I don't think I got the time right. I can probably send you home.

    Dinobot: No, first, I've got a score to settle with Swindle. Can you track his drawer portal thing.

    This is a long dream... so anyway the next thing that happens is Dinobot climbs out of Swindle, they're both in a live action inviorment again, and Quark is also there but it's not on DS9 anymore. Nope, they're in the Bayverse at some unspecific time between the two movies. Swindle is being attacked by the newly formed N.E.S.T. and Dinobot is cimbing out of his drawer, jumping to the ground and landing next to Quark.

    Dinobot: (Growl) Quark, where are we?

    Quark: They sent Swindle threw a worm hole after they found out who really messed up the station and he kidnapped me. I don't even know where we are.

    After the battle Swindle excapes, Quark and Dinobot are taken to N.E.S.T. HQ for questioning.

    Lennox: You guys don't look like Autobots or Decepticons, who are you?

    Dinobot: My name is Dinobot, I am a Maximal, a Decedent of the Autobots.

    Lennox: Decedent huh? How come we saw you coming out of a Decepticon then?

    Dinobot: I came out of a Transwarp gate.

    Lennox: Transwarp, what is that? Ironhide, do you know what he's talking about?

    Ironhide: I do but Ratchet knows more about this stuff than I do.

    Lennox: Yeah, is he still trying to fix Bumblebee's voice box?

    Ironhide: Yes, they're with Sam.

    Quark: If I may interject, I'm not even from Cybertron, I'm a Farangi. If you just let me go we can forget this whole thing ever happened.

    Dinobot: He was working with that Decepticon. Supplying him with advanced technology from his universe.

    Lennox: We'll let Optimus decide what to do with him.

    Optimus Prime: (Transforming) This Farangi is of no threat to us but the technology he's been supplying Swindle with might be. We need him to tell us everything he knows about it. Dinobot, you will be a welcome addition to our team.

    As this story progesses more Dinobot helps N.E.S.T. hunt down the Decepticons the entire time looking for Swindle. Who is never found again. Dinobot in the end dies in a fight with Blackout or Grindor, whichever you want to call him. John Keller sends out a search party to look for his body which is never found but instead they end up finding G1 Sludge.

    Dinobot of course after being killed by Blackout/Grindor was sucked threw another worm hole where he ended up back in the Beast Wars.

    And I woke up before I could find out what happen to Swindle or how G1 Sludge appeared there.
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    It's spelled "Ferengi".

    Also, Dinobot and Worf can never exist in the same universe at the same time.
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    I think this may find a better home in TF Fan Fiction.
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    I actually tried looked up the spelling before I posted to make sure I had it right and the spelling I used popped up in the "Did you mean" on the search.

    Except it's not a fan fiction. lol It could be but this was all just some weird dream I had.
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    I think this guy must have read my Star Trek thread before he went to bed....I mentioned how it would be cool to see Worf and furman-esque Grimlock together.

    Is Quark that dude with the big ears and kind of looks like a rat-creature?